[Resolved] Logins Unavailable/TP

[Resolved 3:48PM] The problem has been resolved. Thank you for your patience with this issue.

[Update 3:48PM] The database log has become unhappy again and logins are affected. Some regions are also experiencing TP difficulties. We are aware of these issues and are working to correct them.

[Update 2:16PM] Our engineers have made the database log happy again. Logins are available.

We are experiencing a database log error which has blocked logins. Our engineers are working on this now. Please check back to this post for updates.

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146 Responses to [Resolved] Logins Unavailable/TP

  1. Khiara says:

    Glad this was spotted as i was just wondering why i couldnt log in after second life crashed on me for the 4th time today.

  2. great when where there every be a day without so many problems!!!!!

  3. tinker Hax says:


    im due to be djing now!

  4. Strangel Bade says:

    Good, quick timing on this. The crashes and lockouts lately, though, have got me pulling my hair out…

  5. Troy says:

    Just when i decide to log on that so happens. geee….

  6. why isnt this posted on the viewer so we can see problems. ive spent the last 5 mins trying to login over & over!!!!!

  7. Ephyu Reino says:

    It seems logins go through if you keep trying until you get the “Second Life may appear to be frozen..” message and leave it there for 2-10 minutes. After that, though, you’re treated to an in-game world where profiles will not load, item/money transfers fail, and teleports crash you.

    Something’s wrong, guys.

  8. sinkovacs says:

    Please hurry! My builder can’t log in! D:

  9. squiz says:

    So thats why i cant get on the grid……..sigh

  10. Thanks for keeping us informed… I thought my computer was to blame, I was deleting useless drivers and applications, and I wondered if I had just managed to delete the one that “made Second Life work” πŸ™‚

  11. Millie Thompson says:

    I was wondering if the asset system went whackadinghoy. Prior to this notice I found teleporting to be very sketchy.

    Thanks for the heads up Kate!

  12. Riy Jacks says:

    Why Can’t I log In At The momment its really annoying me….LoL

  13. Khiara says:

    lol well my screens stating “logging in” and has been for past ummm…. 15 minutes or so :-/

  14. Carol says:

    I’m wainting for that! πŸ™‚
    I can’t enter 😦

  15. Yrol says:

    Β°wonders, why people get angry when not being able to do things in SL,
    as everybody should know, that SL and the internet arent something like
    a lightbulb that works until it pops from the moment it is switched onΒ°

  16. Khiara says:

    #12 We are experiencing a database log error which has blocked logins. Our engineers are working on this now. Please check back to this post for updates. <<< thats why you cant log in. i just got in tho…

  17. Linda Brynner says:

    One thing is for sure…
    All that stuff about a more stable sl…
    Geeezzz… Just do it !

  18. Reggus Reggiane says:

    Well time to get myself some tea while lindens are working it out πŸ™‚

  19. silke gausman says:

    well cool. just crashed when tried to fix a building. how can i expect to be back before midnight (europe)?

  20. alessandra pontecorvo says:

    Ahhhh! I hope this fixes soon! I have to work! Why not put this on the login page?

  21. masqerade damask says:

    Grrrrr i am djing music is running but i am off line

  22. Nay Darkstone says:

    oh Hurry!!! I’m supposed to be in world at an event …:( – This is a bummer

  23. weedhopper2386 says:

    re:logins, for the money second life is getting these rolling restarts an inability to login are becoming way to comon, Why cant you fix these problems?

  24. Joker Opus says:

    yay, its fixed

  25. Rob A says:

    Strange, I couldn’t login but now I can. I couldn’t see this blog post until I went through the forums also. Very odd.

  26. Anthony77777 Bandit says:

    Before this my land changed name by himself too……

  27. Yrol says:

    @24 : cheater! ;oP

  28. Has there been a day since Cory Linden left LL that there has not been an issue? Hire some people that know what there doing and stop beening in non paid interns and blaming them for all the problems.
    Who is the new CTO anyway?

  29. India Cortes says:

    Thanks to God it’s not my PC!! I believed that I was placing badly my fingers, but I see that we are a lot! Lol

  30. Kristina Pfalz says:

    I’m afraid mine’s not and i had a date

  31. Ann Otoole says:

    Why does this keep happening? Don’t the DBAs know how to manage logs with simple cron jobs and alerts?

  32. its their damn servers SL needs to buy better SERVERS!!! any problem we have all comes down to their freakin servers failing!!!!!!! quit buying used JUNK servers on eBay LL & buy some NEW ones with warranties!!!!!!

  33. d.spitz says:

    @18 Reggus, real good idea πŸ™‚
    will do the same, just a good cup of fine tea and some cookies.
    Btw, i think that SL is getting much more stable (and i only use a beta client, windlight) and the downtime is much less than previously.
    Thanks for your hard work Lindens
    keep on singing and working πŸ˜‰

  34. [Update 2:16PM] Our engineers have made the database log happy again. Logins are available.

    Now if only you could make the residents that actually pay to use SL happy, and not just the camping bots that waste server space. Sl might be fun again.

  35. Tillie Ariantho says:

    * TP disconnects client very often
    * prims in ass after TP are back
    * when TPing the old location is vanishing prim by prim, then the new one is appearing

    * snapshot window has several new bugs (try uploading a 512×512 part of the screen, or saving a 2550×3300 portion in windlight, that’s just not working, it always grabs the whole screen and distorts it)
    * opening map is REALLY slow
    * search has been faster, either

    Something is pretty bugged right now (RC client and latest Windlight)

  36. Raven Primeau says:

    Admit it SL is screwed again, I couldnt log after crash after crash and half logons and noe I cant do anything, chat is lagged to buggery, nothing rezzes I sure am not gonna risk a relog to clear the Sh@t LL is dishing out tonight

  37. Nagrenol Flanagan says:

    Sigh…..another frustrating day on Second Life. Getting less and less value for my dollar.

  38. Tinks Etzel says:

    My loggin issue is sorted but Im still either crashing after 5 mins of entering SL or froze on entering SL….been like this for 3 days now and I know sum other people it is happening to!….is anyone else I dont know having this problem too? It sooo frustrating, as I hardlies ever crash when using SL πŸ™‚

  39. Dave says:

    Ok, it’s finally time for me to aggregate all the posts that I’ve had the same problem as. *ding ding ding ding ding* Well, it seems like less than five percent of the posts than whine about some problem or other have been replicated on my machine. Multiply out by some factor to cover the different hardware between machines, lets say a factor of 10, and your still left with %50 of complaining ninnies that don’t realise that a) their hardware isn’t up to snuff, b) their connection sucks or c) they are too dim to set their machine up correctly. WOOT! PLD you %50, you win the internets!


  40. la le lu says:

    you say in the blog they are available again but they aren’t. apologize for it.

  41. les says:

    You’re right dave. It’s the users fault the service sucks.

    Maybe you can get a job with LL?

    Perhaps they will fire the useless tech lead Joe Miller and hire a genius like you.

  42. Jordana Heron says:

    Er… pretty sure it’s not as resolved as you think it is, Kate. A couple minutes ago I got tossed out on my arse, and I haven’t been able to get back in since.
    I’m getting the DNS cannot resolve host name message, but I can get onto the site just fine.

  43. bayley boucher says:

    Er…..It is 3:44 pm and I cannot log in.

  44. William says:

    And Mister Love machine Kept all the Problems away?

    Havok4 project is in FULL TILT MODE

    Windlight, though I personally hate it, Is bein updated regulary

    Lindens are ACTUALLY RESPONDING on the Blogs more than EVER

    The actual problems are bein Liste now, not just an ASSET SERVER prob as a blanket excuse

    Ditchin That Hippified Open Source evrything, Let the Crackers, and Griefers have free Reign, Screw the Money people invest, let`s smoke another one and just let it ride man, Dumbass!

  45. Bejar Kohime says:

    it seems after logging Us out with a restart now We cant get back online, what is going on

  46. aSwede says:

    I can’t help but wonder what goes through the heads of people complaining like this.

    SecondLife is a distributed system with lots of components and as soon as you combine those two things, you end up with exponentially more possibilities for trouble.

    Since I’m pretty new, I have some trouble saying anything about the past but so far, I’m more surprised by how *well* SL works, and not the opposite. I’m not paying to play, I make my money by creating things and selling them, so perhaps it’s hard for me to put myself in the shoes of paying customers but the level of complaints and the incredibly unfriendly tone do make me wonder.

    People seem to think of LindenLab like one big, and sometimes ugly, creature and not the multitude of people it really is. And all too many seem to view the technology like “just something to fix” when, in reality, it’s the result of many years work with all the inherent problems you get with evolving systems.

    The design decisions made three years ago might not have been too great making it hard to do big changes now or the hardware used might have been great at the time but now it’s a pain to upgrade or replace without making people suffer.

    And when it comes to the developers, they’re not likely to be a group of clones either. It’s rather very likely that it’s very different people taking into account the nature of the service. I’m just guessing here, but it seems like this started out as a great hack involving people from many backgrounds with a shared will to create something fun and interesting. And now the workforce has changed and the ones doing the work now are left with the legacy of their forerunners.

    Just take the problems with the database log, the reason for the problems to log in. I can only guess, yet again, but it’s not too unlikely that the database supplier issues updates and patches and if it’s not LindenLabs themselves that develop it, they’re pretty much at the supplier’s mercy when problems turn up. Either do a rollback, possibly ending up with a database with bugs the patch/update was to address, or keep it and wait for a new patch fixing things. This is the way it works.

    I just now downloaded the RC2 client and after one surprise crash, it’s been working fine for hours, teleports and all. Yet again I’m surprised by how well it works, taking into account the system that SL runs on. I’ve seen some small bugs, but nothing major, and since I don’t don a plethora of HUDs or walk around with a collar, the placement of the buttons doesn’t disturb me. At all. I will just have to relearn a bit and so far it’s going well.

    As I see it, LindenLab is in this to make money, just like any company, and they add features to add value to the service. So far I’ve only seen interesting features and since the new client asked me if i wanted to enable voice and treated everything but my preferences well, I’d say many of the comments made here are noted and taken into account during development and that’s all in line with a company wanting to make money.

    So, instead of ranting and banging the hate drum, why not try to be constructive and keep the complexity of SL in mind? I for one think we will all benefit from it.

  47. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well if I have ever see a blog topic that didn’t need comments open this one is at the top of the list. This is an example of an informational topic that really does not warrant any comments. If you don’t believe me go spend some time reading them. It does give people a nice place to vent though but maybe those should have the heading VENT )).

  48. leswhite says:

    hey aSwede, how about looking at facts instead of imagining and creating your own history of LL out of thin air. Nice story though.

  49. one year in SL says:

    /me applaudes @46

    I absolutely argee with #46.

    During the last month i more and more became angry, even enraged about what people post as comment here.

    75% of them seem to have less brain, imagination and KNOWLEDGE than an empty 4sqm parcell has.

    Sure, there is the argument: “i pay for the service, so i expect that it works”…
    …but hey, really: how many computer games are bug free from start ? most need patches.
    …what usability guarantee ISP/telephone providers ? 99% ?

    NOTHING in our (RL) world is 100% perfect…
    /me shakes head: “nothing !”

  50. Trev Kline says:

    No idea how or where to report this, but cannot get log in from any of Windlight, RC1 or the current client, messages vary between ‘can’t resolve dns, see if you can get the website’ – I can, and ‘despite our best efforts etc’ This from the uk in case it’s a country thing? Oh! and sometimes, no message, just a client crash.

    Never mind, bed time anyway πŸ™‚

  51. Walentine Andersson says:

    Is the database unhappy?

    Well then the database is just like lindens customers…and by the way..’
    Groups are down again

  52. Gennifer Meredith says:

    So, even though the issue is resolved, when I try to TP to different places, and SL just crashes on me, I shouldn’t be worried, because the problem is fixed?

    Maybe it’s just me.


  53. Shifty Centaur says:

    Resolved my butt.

    I’m STILL having issues TP’ing and logging in. LL needs to dump Time Warner. It’s widely KNOWN that Time Warner has had issues for the past couple months from overloading their nodes.

    I’ve been monitoring the traffic from my computer to the IP’s SL is trying to send data to. A traceroute provides me with the reason I’m having issues…the upwards to 2300 ping on routing server IP’s from Time Warner.

    This is also the reason my friend hasn’t paid for his Time Warner internet for the past 2 months, and who knows how much longer.

  54. Zak Escher says:

    You say this problem is resolved, but I am still having a lot of problem teleporting.

  55. Lucas Fairweather says:

    I have a high end machine, 64 bit vista 4 gigs of ram, gforce 8800 gts with 640 megs of video ram
    Dual core athlon 600+
    Now don’t tell me its my system. I get lock ups, disconnects when my AV flies off on his own
    Loggin issues and low frame rates
    SL needs to recode the client to work better , sometimew when building objects revert back on me
    They need some good code writers at SL and some one that can run a web server and get some good networking hardware
    Maybe run the servers on Linux

  56. Veda Comet says:

    I have not been able to Teleport for over 2 weeks now…consider yourselves lucky, I am pulling out my pixelated hair.

  57. KellyM Watlins says:

    Can I make a suggestion here…may not get noticed but can you guys at LL sort out the current problem such as Crashing when Teleporting instead of adding new ones… thank you so much πŸ™‚

  58. Shifty Centaur says:

    hmm…seems I don’t have any of my groups either…useless I tells ya…useless

  59. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    [Resolved 3:48PM] The problem has been resolved. Thank you for your patience with this issue.

    Alas, this notice seems to have been premature.

  60. BeeBee Brouwer says:


    I have been trying to log in fpr well over an hour now, would someone please be kind enough to reset the log in servers?

    I’m an SL addict, currently suffering hellacious withdrawal.

  61. Antoinette Rabeni says:

    I have tried to log in for days and it will not let me. I am new here and am wondering what the problem could be.

  62. Wake up in SF please says:

    what a totally dork attitude about failure…when will sl take reliability seriously?

  63. Lao-Tzu says:

    Back to the Public Works blog post (comments are full) : I hope that at least one of the 10 builders is from Rezzable ….. Expand their awesome talents into mainland please.

  64. Majnuun says:

    new resident, first time trying to log in..

    i cannot log in through the SL application… but i CAN login when i go to sl.com site.. of course, that doesn’t do me any good..

    please help – very confused..

    thank you..


  65. As a paying member of Second Life , I cannot understand why there are so many constant issues that go on unresolved, overlooked, miss handled or not given enough attention to. Would it be a problem to start rembursing your Members for time unused? May sound silly, but it’s not to those who lose money everytime there is an issue. Thank you and hope you take my suggestion under consideration. ~Lanai jarrico, The SL Enquirer

  66. U M says:

    The teleports have been really messedup. sometime they don`t even so a telepor statas bar and POOF your ther. Then again crashing out in teleprting is still happening. As sidewinder Liden said there indeed is a problem. This is not new its jsut been happening for months now. Why the linden even posted remarks about this is still …………..never mind typical.

  67. Wyald Woolley says:

    Kate Linden, thank you so much for leaving the blog open. So often things resolved either don’t stay that way or are not as resolved as they first appear to be. It is through the blog that you can see if problems remain and we can feel we have a good chance of communicating what we are experiencing that are different from what you may see.

    I just logged in and while I haven’t tried to TP tonight, everything else is working fine.

  68. Majnuun says:

    no luck yet.. still CANNOT login…

    nice first impression – i am not so sure that i want to be a resident any longer after 2 hours of trying to login…

  69. Wayne Letov says:

    I’m glad this has been fixed. This means that the 7 re-log’s that I had to do in just the last hour for TP timeout’s, server disconnects, and 1 login timeout, means that the problem is with my system. Now I can look forward to re-installing XP, upgrading my Dualcore to a QuadCore, my 4 GByte of memory to 8 GByte [useless since XP can’t access more than 4GB], my NVida 7900 to and 8650, and my DSL from 6mb to 10 mb, in order to experience these same problems much quicker. Thanks for the fast response and clearing this up!

  70. Klaus Demonia says:

    Well – i cant get in at all. Client opens and midway through the login i crash everytime. Have tried at intervals for the past 8 hours with no success.


  71. Kugel says:

    Come on LL … SL was (relatively) stable until you released WL 77495.. then crash after crash after crash …especially if you try moving the camera (using Alt-Mouse). But it now crashes on the ordinary viewer ( ..AND the RC ( SOMETHING has changed for the worst SOMEWHERE. SL has become a total dog to use, and a lottery as to whether moving the camera around flings you out of SL back to desktop. Lets put it this way… one thing IS working from my POV… I am sending PLENTY of crash reports.. but.. I wonder if you actually receive them 😦

  72. Majnuun says:

    still no luck – and this really is like 3 hours later…


  73. Wyald Woolley says:

    Wayne & Klaus, I wish I could help you but I’m not having a problem and my system is really sub-par. I’m using the regular latest version of the viewer on a 1.5Mb DSL connected wirelessly to an older Apple Airport, so my actual connect speed is not good. I’m using a fast (2.33Gb) Intel MacBook Pro with the not-so-good ATI Radon X1600 graphic card and 2 Gb of memory. All my settings in my viewer preferences are stock, nothing tuned back. In truth, I should be having some issues, but (cross my fingers) I’ve been logging in tonight and TPing all over. I’m wearing a tom of prims and running scripts and life is still good.

    I doubt it is your hardware, but it sure could be your connection. Wish I could help more. Make sure your virus protection is off and not too many background tasks are running. Good Luck!

  74. U M says:

    wow you all this fixed? oh this is sad………..

  75. Glory Takashi says:

    TPs are not fixed I can’t even tp on my own land from the ground floor up to my sky house at 400m. Perhaps you should actually fix something for once before claiming it resolved.

  76. U M says:

    Ok, I using a 100 mbps connection 6000+ amd 125watt 7900 gtx extreme, 4 giga of memory and teleporting and otehr issues are only a imagenation?

  77. U M says:

    Oh boy! loading in linden balance is occuring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this is what i call Jira special vote fixing at its best! Nothing changes :/

  78. Pace Jonesford says:

    Everything is really been acting funny now.

    IF You get into Second Life everything is acting funny of Profiles arn’t working,Groups arnt working, Teleports are still not working.

  79. anonymous says:

    @ Dave….
    It’s people like you that NEVER cease to amaze me…. YOU think YOU know it all. SL has its fair share of problems (as it IS beta, DOH!), and for you to simply pass it off as end user problems is simply obtuse πŸ˜‰ Ignorance is BLISS…

  80. Pace Jonesford says:

    And Balance is Loading

  81. Totem Flow says:

    Linden balance not loading…TP’s not available… yeah it’s fixed alright!

  82. Pace Jonesford says:

    YOU think YOU know it all. SL has its fair share of problems (as it IS beta, DOH!), and for you to simply pass it off as end user problems is simply obtuse

    anonymous have you been in SL at all the last few days?? Everything is getting worse it just hasn’t been today that were having troubles with Profiles,Teleports and Linden Balance showing it has been going on for a few days now

  83. Tsu Goodliffe says:

    As well as Profile issues, Buying stuff issues, and slight slingshot like effects, they should also mention that instead of saying the only issue is “Tp’s” Because thats completely falsified. x.x

  84. Pace Jonesford says:

    I even tried relogging 5 times now and everytime I come back

    Linden Balance is Loading, Teleports are not working, Groups not working and Profiles not working

  85. Pace Jonesford says:

    Okay everyone thats still here


    everything is working for me once more, hopefullly it will for you too

    Back to camping i go, Night

  86. anonymous says:

    Yes Pace; I am in world for MANY hours a day. Nothing in my statement was pro LL. Dave simply stated that it is the end user who is at fault, and through his post abolished LL of having any possible cause for these problems users are having who BEFORE an update things were working well… That is is the purest form of obtuseness, pure and simple…

  87. U M says:

    I was in and no problem. BUT grey is everywhere…..did a cashe clean and didnt help. Good Luck i wouldnt say its over yet.

  88. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    49 one year in SL Says:

    …what usability guarantee ISP/telephone providers ? 99% ?

    Let’s see, when was the last time I had a phone or Internet interuption? You know what? I haven’t had one in the past 6 years I have lived here. I think that shows better than 99% reliablity and up time so I guess it is possible.

    And people aren’t complaining about the need for fixes and patches, they are very upset over recurring proplems that we have been told was fixed only it wasn’t. The endless cycle of [RESOLVED] / not [RESOLVED] must end. Do not say something is fixed unless it really is.

  89. aSwede says:

    @48, leswhite,

    I you’re sitting on the correct information, please feel free to give it. I’d really like to know more.

    And since I was very explicit as to when i had to guess, I really don’t understand your comment. I did my best to be constructive and draw on my own experience from both programming and system development and maintenance.

    So, let’s hear it, the true story about SL.

  90. Pepper Haas says:

    LOL I appreciate that you put the problem in terms us non-techies can understand: it wasnt’happy and you made it happy again. This is good!!! πŸ™‚

  91. AWM Mars says:

    Has this anything to do with the client freezing for 5 seconds every 15-20 seconds?

    It makes building almost impossible, and certainly no filming was possible.

    It’s great that an update client was released on Friday, just before the weekend, so we suffer issues when the office is closed.

  92. josh simo says:

    hi i’m new too second life and everytime i try and log on it wont work

  93. AWM Mars says:

    @79 lol…
    Newbie comes in, says oh a few problems, must be a glitch…

    I’ve been in sl for nearly 4 years… its just another day.. and this is NOT beta. Anything that stays in Beta that long is an ongoing experiement.

    My best guess is, they are only allowed for 50 things to work properly, so they keep moving the elements on the list of functions, so we can’t guess whats going to work this week.

    With people like Nikolas able to produce working clients from the open source without the prolifercation of coders and resources of LL, paid for by the populous, that speaks volumes. Consider this, if the client and the platform worked correctly, would they need all those coders? Who is the first to go? Wouldn’t you make sure your job had longevity rather than fix everything leaving a bit of fine tuning/development work?

  94. Vylixan Fallon says:

    #73 Wyald Woolley

    Your advise to turn of the virusscanner is against any normal sence. :Dwhat you can advise is to put the SL folder on the safe list for realtime scanning. so that the specificefolder is not scanned but to turn off the virus scanner πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Lol.

    For me Sl wroks pretty Ok. Not that many problesm, only log off during teleports , and a freeze every 15 – 30 minutes after using Sl for 2 hours . but i giuess thats the memory leak.

  95. Wendy Forager says:

    I never crashed as much as last days and period since SL was updated (Windlight version 1.19). This weekend when I TPed into an area I crashed out after 5 mins or get te stackheap error. Even when I rezzed my horse in the garden of my house I crashed out, never had that before. I have to log in twice because friendslist is buggy and only lets see waiting hippos. Group IM was not working. Come on Lindens, you couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery working like this. Never seen SL so bad as it now is. Oh I crashed and locked up because I TPed into an Havok 4 area using Windlight. Please give us our fun back and look at the serious problems instead of using your attention for more bling bling like putting useless buttons on the screen and moving all buttons and windows around.

  96. Ann Otoole says:

    Don’t worry folks. The database tech (not a dba) will wander in to work around 9am and manually run the scripts necessary to clear the database logs properly. then miraculously sl will suddenly start working good around 10am.

    it is a monday thing.

  97. Lalil Willis says:

    Log ins locked. Is anyone working on them this time? Please let know know if you are working on them or if we should leave our pc’s and do something else.

  98. Pingback: Massively

  99. clyde essex says:

    “Resolved” my ass…i dont think i have seen sl this bad in 18mths and while we are on the subject since when is taking a whole week to fix the friends list and having “resolved shortly” in the same sentence allowed.

  100. Hern Worsley says:

    This blog post is at least 7 days late these issues have been widespread since last monday.

  101. U M says:

    Ahahhaha yea right. There is no reason for this occure in the first place you now better then that Ann.

  102. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    I did manage to get in for about an hour last night but am locked out again this morning; the freeze up seems to be related to “waiting for region handshake”.

    Ever stick reach out to shake someone’s hand, only to have it ignored?

    That’s what this feels like.

  103. La Wil says:

    Still locked logins…..whos counting the hours with me?

  104. Kugel says:

    Well… I the past few hours.. I have visted empty regions, scenic regions, class 5 regions, residential regions…. plenty of TPing… AND PLENTY OF FECKIN CRASHES.

    FFS LL … what the hell have you done to SL this past few weeks. Freeze ups, lag, crash after crash after crash, stuff up a$$, for god sake…. you REALLY have fooked something up bad with the latest releases (WL, standard and RC).

    No point in buying, no point in selling, no point in trying to build, no point in filming. If it wasnt for the friends I have and meet in SL I would really call it a day.

  105. Hern Worsley says:

    TP = Crash
    Attatchments are going up my ass
    friends list doesnt load
    rez times terrible
    chat lag
    group info not loading
    map takes forever to load and is greyed out mostly
    inventory not loading (yes ive cleared my cache several times just means i wait longer each time to find out its not all there)

    You have the audacity to say its resolved and are not even aknowledging most of the issues which have gone on for 7 days now. I understand these things will occur from time to time but the fact you are not letting us know you know gets my goat and you have “Resolved” nothing. Rant over need somewhere to vent even if its on deaf ears. blah

  106. Dingle Doigts says:

    Uh, no. NOT resolved. Not at all.

  107. La Wil says:

    We would so appreciate it if a linden just acknowledged the current problem, it’s been six hours now trying to log back on and unable, please respond Lindens.

  108. Benicus Enzo says:

    i cannot log in. i am new and havent logged in before and i dont think my password and username r wrong.
    data babe errors again?


  109. Anny Helsinki says:

    can u please try to kick the servers? its unbelieavble, that u cant run a simple database

  110. TheDandy_Schism says:

    Well, if this is resolved, then why am I crashing on the logon and TPs once I get in. I’ve tried several times today and it’s the worst that I’ve experienced. Please, please fix it once and for all this time.

  111. Ric Mollor says:

    It looks as if there was another problem with logins Monday right around the time of peak concurrency.

    This problem certainly *isn’t* resolved!

  112. Ucan says:

    i cannot log in for the past two days..i dont know what happened..should i do something to my PC or what?somebody..help me!

  113. aSwede says:

    I’ve been able to log in and out several times, teleporting and doing things without problems as late as last night, GMT+1 time. There were something like 54000+ residents online so it wasn’t during any slump.

    So, to me, this is most definetely solved.

  114. Sulie says:

    nothing is working here in Thailand.

  115. U M says:

    Login failure again! HAHhahah You have to love this!

  116. Raznold Allen says:

    Hi, this is my first comment and i have been online almost everyday since 23/06/07, Normally when a problem is fixed i don’t experience any difficulties. But now after the problem with the logins is fixed, i can’t seem to log on anymore. Please check that again, thx

  117. U M says:

    In Japan nothing is working…………..Oh yes and i believe there are that many users coming out out of japan. If there was there would be LLABS servers out here right? More and More BS

  118. Dragos Janus says:

    All I’ve been getting for the last 15min is “LOGIN FAILED”. I can’t log 😦 Checked the password and everything. Still no luck 😦

  119. cheryl filmicoloud says:

    am sad ,cannot log in , am very sad.

  120. Suzy Spaatz says:

    I didn’t have any problems when there was supposed to be one over the weekend, but this morning (GMT), I get a login error saying: “Unable to connect. Login packet never received by login server”.

    Is that what other people get? I hope this gets fixed soon!

  121. U M says:

    Still no word here. Please Grid Monkeys stop eating your banana and fix this problem.

  122. asiandragon Graves says:

    2/12/08, cant log in again….1:09am sl time

  123. Rieana Golding says:

    The issue must not be COMPLETELY resolved, as there are several others, including myself, that are still having login errors. One would log in, receive the standard message that Second Life may appear frozen as it logs in, and to please wait. After waiting several minutes, you are sent back to the login screen with the error message stating “Unable to connect to simulator”. Is there more gridwork being worked on that LL isn’t advising residents about?

  124. M0lly Dench says:

    Can’t login – whats going on? So much for ‘resolved’….

  125. Ivy says:

    login failed
    login failed

    cant rezz

    can rezz cant take

    cant tp
    can tp

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh gimme back my Second Lifeeeeeeeee

  126. asiandragon Graves says:

    ok which one of you left a door open…. smiles

  127. PoisoneIvy Bailey says:

    btw besides this…. Ive never had to reset filters and cleared cache as much as the last couple of weeks maybe even twice a day … to get my inventory back… Is this normal too? and im not the only one.

  128. Walpurga Rossini says:


    login faild

    since 12:00am

  129. Desiree Halderman says:

    I cannot log back into SL…….why???? just says login failed..

  130. exoticpeaches23 Whitfield says:

    I still can’t login..this problem is still not resolved. ;(

  131. asiandragon Graves says:

    well lets see, this is virtual reality, mainly computer sensitive, yes Poisoneivy, it does happen, set up a support ticket, just keep doing it and someone will answer. btw, love your name.

  132. Xayvien Rau says:

    I think this problem came back, because my Pick’s began to Lag out, and the uploading of any Texture’s bombed.

    Now I get the repeat message ‘Login Failed’ so I think the Asset Server took a dive again.

    ~ Xavy.

  133. tita says:

    I still can’t log in

  134. PoisoneIvy Bailey says:

    Only premium members can set up a support ticket and btw even if i could … friends of mine are still waiting on answers they asked months ago trough “a Support Ticket”

  135. Narah Ihnen says:

    I dont see how this is resolved when there are still some of us experiencing login problems? I’ve counted 4 of us including myself who still cannot log in. We’ve all recieved the “login Failed” Error multiple times both today and yesterday.

    To make things worse…. none of us can even log into the forums, or the website to even be able to ask for help!!! This is the only place we can get onto 😦

  136. asiandragon Graves says:

    you serious Poison, man, mine usually came back in a day or two and i did lose alot of expensive items in my inventory i never got back.

  137. Nynthan Folsom says:

    Confirmed: this issue is NOT resolved!

  138. PoisoneIvy Bailey says:

    Forum? What Forum? Is there a forum? ive not ever been able to get on that one… not once in my whole second Life mehh

    Hokay attempt 50 to loggin SL

    Mister Linden i have some birds to fead and some dogs to let out on second Lifeeeeee theyy dieee of starvations if I dontttt halppp πŸ˜›

  139. asiandragon Graves says:

    lol , oh God some hurry and feed Poisons pets….. is there no mercy.

  140. U M says:

    over a hour and no ability to login …………..

  141. PoisoneIvy Bailey says:

    omg… something is happening i can hear it… initialising world… im… in?


  142. Folker Messerchmitt says:

    Does not appear to be fixed to me.

  143. Jen says:

    so sad. not fixed for me too.

  144. Group Liabilities says:

    Anyone being charged with group liabilities too? For groups that are actually free?

    What is this gremlin now LL? Got 4 payments deducted for merchant groups last night, that should never have any charges imposed…

    WhatΒ΄s that new trick? Fix it and gimme my lindens back!

  145. Katsura Niangao says:

    Mmmh… it seems I’n unable to log in at the moment.

    It just says “Unable to connect to a simulator” 😦

  146. Anakin Angkarn says:

    I cant believe after all these years sl has gotten so bad, no friends list ,cant tp anywhere whens it gonna end the worst part is there is no one online anymore guess everyones tired of paying for a service u dont provide . this is my first post ever and prolly my last as i really find it to frustrating to try and use sl anymore its gotten way worse what happened? ive been paying you guys for a year or two now what about a refund?. its hard to leave a comment without it being negative as there doesnt seem to be any positive steps forward in sl’s development that i can see anyway am i wrong?

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