New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.0 RC1 Available

We’ve updated the 1.19.0 Release Candidate Viewer with fixes based on issues reported in RC0.

Don’t forget that Release Candidate viewers are optional updates that contain the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features. Please visit the test software page to download the Second Life 1.19.0 (RC1) Release Candidate viewer. Source code will be available for download shortly, too.

Changes since 1.19.0 RC0 follow…

NOTE: Based on feedback from the 1.19.0 RC0 blog post there are still plenty of issues to work out. We’re planning for an RC2 early next week with additional fixes.

Release Notes for Second Life 1.19.0(1) February 7th, 2008
* Added second set of translated strings
* Region info message is now a passive notification
* Changed default SL window size to 1000×700, to allow buttons in UI to have proper labels

* Preferences > Web has truncated text in the Address: section
* Korean viewer crashes on startup
* Stand up button etc dissapear offscreen after using mouselook
* Client-readme-voice.txt missing from open source distribution
* Clicking on another users classifieds ad then closing asks you to save changes
* Checking to select a role does not enable the apply button
* Stray ‘Done” on the Profile Web tab

Again, this is in addition to the many other fixes present in 1.19.0 RC0.

Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.19.0 Release Candidate“. Your participation is welcome at our weekly (Wednesdays @ 3pm PST time) inworld bug triages, too!

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118 Responses to New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.0 RC1 Available

  1. Ren Diqui says:

    Great work, guys 🙂

  2. Alyx Sands says:

    It can’t be TOO difficult to move the relese keys button somewhere else, can it? I had to delete it from the xml file because it was so annoying….

  3. Ren Diqui says:

    The current downtime is welcome here…
    Time to write the Gentoo Linux ebuilds for the SL Viever RC 🙂

  4. armanna says:

    Woot fast fixes!
    Update the PJira’s : )

  5. Hal says:

    I’m still getting regular freezes with ALL the current SL clients – the Release Version is the least freeze-y but version 1.19 of the Release Client was by far the worst yet. You get a freeze for about 10-20secs every few minutes, nothing moves, keyboard keys stick-pressed

    Difficult to tell what triggers it, cam movement possibly. Makes building virtually impossible. Not helpful!

    Running an intel iMac, ATI grfx.

  6. Tycho Beresford says:

    * Added second set of translated strings”
    Could we get an explanation of what this means please?

    Also, does this mean there will be a new Windlight tomorrow?

  7. Shai Khalifa says:

    … and still no fix for the known bugs relating to groups and friends lists for macs.

    … so I’ll still be sticking with 1.18.3 – at least it’s stable (to a point) and things work.

  8. Latif Khalifa says:

    Putting “Release keys” where “IM received” used to be is a really bad design choice. People who actually use the viewer will be annoyed looking at who has send them a new IM, just to find useless “Release keys” there.

  9. Zha Ewry says:

    When you touch this again, especially windlight, could you please do something about the fact that highlighted tabs in the chatterbox are currently rendered in white on silver, with almost no contrast? If you are going to select user hostile color schemes like that in defiance of all common user interface guidelines, you should at least allow users to customize them. I am not ranting here, this is really, really horrible to see done as part of user interface improvements.

  10. Digital Digital says:

    Thanks linden lab keep up the great work, 🙂

  11. Hevenz Vansant says:


    i cant believe you guys didnt fix the drop down menus in the debug settings, on my system they suddenly do not allow me to select true or false on the settings and ya guys dorked up windlight with the 1.19 code too, you guys were on the right track and someone goofed up.

    damn you lindens damn you!


  12. Vivienne says:

    Time for a new CTO, obviously. These guys release one big buggy piece of software after another within days instead of working on the details until they WORK. Calm down, LL guys!! Alternative: Restrict this to the beta grid again. Too many ppl go for these clients which are far away from acceptable status and get utterly disappointed (including myself). And only release them for the main grid when all the most horrible bugs are killed.

  13. Yeah there’s still MAJOR lag issues, or pauses when any friend information is changed (

  14. New CTO or no new CTO, this RC is way less buggy since it has a lot of bug fixed. I know I’ve been trying them. And it’s nice to be able to test and discover bugs without having to go to a beta grid. I like the new communication ui changes.

    I also think the “release keys” buton should be moved back towards the middle.

  15. No matter what LL does there will always be major lag issues. Blame it on all the horrible LSL scripts running on the grid.

    Noobs need to quit wearing 10 diff things running scripts on them too!!!!

    Go to a empty sim & there is 0 lag runs perfect. Every sim should run full good just like a empty sim runs!!!!!!

  16. Vivienne says:

    “…this RC is way less buggy…”

    yes. less buggy.


  17. Jan Horsforth says:

    Heh heh, I like the blurb on the login screen saying we have a choice about taking the update then followed by a FORCED update when you login.
    Please get rid of, move, hide, the Release Keys button!

  18. Spiritwolf Darkstone says:

    Why is it every time there is a new download, I can not get on for awhile after that as I keep getting a message saying DNS could not resolve host name? It seems to be a rather big problem with each new download.

  19. Darling Brody says:

    “* Stand up button etc dissapear offscreen after using mouselook


    The buttons still move up the screen when you come out of mouselook. It is a lot slower now so you need to go in and out a few times before you notice the buttons have moved up.

    When will groups with over 1000 people be able to open group chat again? I thought that was going to be part of this fix, and its still broken 😦

  20. Darling Brody says:

    Also, please post the JIRA references to the bugs you fix so we can comment on any issues in the fix.

  21. Anny Helsinki says:

    Welcome Darling :))

    you are fully right.

    hope they listen to one of the most genius Scripter SL has….. but am not sure, hun.

  22. Rascal Ratelle says:

    NOT resolved.

    Login’s still unavailable, unable to log in.

    NOT resolved.

  23. Lorrie says:

    yes i cant log i either and cant leave a comment on the proper blog also why bother telling us to use support when we cant even access the main web page. this is really boiling me over now its been 2 hours since we was told it was resolved yet we still cant log in and it apears that the LL are incapable of updating the blog to let us know whats going on. maybe they sound start thinkin about the ppl that make SL what it is.

  24. Kitten Harrop says:

    How about the crashing when trying to teleport? I get that an awful lot, happens a few times a day! Then when I log back in, I have to relog again…

  25. Margo Oliva says:

    This is crap. I feel like nothing is being done about the log in issue,and I don’t even know what they are even talking about all these updates. Why waste time and memory on my hard drive downloading all this crap if I can’t even sign in. What a waste of time and money.

  26. Elbereth Witte says:

    Well, I positively love the reverted login UI in 1.19.

  27. Lorrie says:

    im going to bed now as im had enough of being messed around as the LL dont even have the decancy to tell up the residents of SL what going on. time they strated to get there priorites in the right order. I jst hope when i get up in a few hours time that this will all be sorted and if not i hope to see an update to let us know whats going on. good nite all and i hope this gets sorted soon so we call all log back in and continue the joy of SL.

  28. Chaos Markstein says:

    Hi, there seems to be a bug that prevents you from changing anything in the Client>Debug Options menu from False to Ture and vice versa. this has been tested on 2 different PC’s using 2 different operating systems (XP and Vista)

  29. Argent Stonecutter says:

    When are we going to see action on VWR-3089?

  30. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Oh, yes, defpos, getting rid of the gecko-based login makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

  31. Shaelan Rechkalov says:

    It’s all broken still, guys. Here’s a list of things to, um, actually fix:

    – Alt+LEFT ARROW , ALT+RIGHT ARROW in the chatterbox no longer moves between the tabs. Tooltip still indicates this key combination is valid.
    – IM tabs in the chatterbox need to flash when a new IM has arrived. They did that before, right?. Please put it back how it was. You have a significant number of users who are more responsive to less stagnant visual cues. Especially those of us with enough RAM to run SL and other applications.
    – Get rid of ‘release keys’ entirely. We can remove the inventory item ourselves, thank you.
    – All issues outlined by the posters above. Especially put the IM Received buttons back how they were.

    happy happy happy!!!

  32. Starfire Desade says:

    I’m still waiting for a fix where parcels that are paid to appear in search do not appear in the new ALL search. This has been going on for some time!

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  35. Cat Gisel says:

    Alyx Sands Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 5:13 PM PST

    It can’t be TOO difficult to move the relese keys button somewhere else, can it? I had to delete it from the xml file because it was so annoying….
    (An option to just turn it off would be great….explaining what it was before dumb blonde me learned the hard way what it was there for (I still don’t know) would have been even better, LOL)

    Alyx, I prolly wouldn’t understand what you did to get rid of it, but I bet you could make some money at it.

    Also, is there still no way to snapshot windows so when you log out and back in they stay the way they were the last time? Sigh.

    Thanks for all you folks are working on 🙂

  36. tee choche says:

    9 hours of downloadtime ?
    probably RC2 is avaiable before I completed RC1 download 😉

  37. Not sure if this is a bug or what. Both the this RC, the last RC, and the current Windlight have this problem. All were a fresh install on a new machine. When I go into the debug menu and then into debug settings, any boolean value cannot be changed. The dialog will not allow you to select the other value.

    I can file a bug report if this sounds like a real bug.

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  39. Iskar Ariantho says:


    The flashing tab can easily be put back, they put in a Debug setting ‘ButtonFlashCount’ which counts the number of times an IM tab flashes before staying selected. Default is 3, but if you change it to like 9999 you have a good approximation of the old behaviour.

  40. Faith Giadelli says:

    I find it annoying that every time I download a new version I have to wait an hour to log on. I repeatedly receive DNS could not resolve the host name or there was an error trying to log in. Also, I don’t ever have the option of not downloading the new version. I can’t log in if I don’t download the new version. I find this irritating and unexplainable especially since I’m logged into and my internet connection is always fine.

  41. Zi Ree says:

    Please vote for the bugs in PJIRA if you want them to be fixed.

    TRUE/FALSE bug:
    Release Keys:
    ALT Key not working:
    IM Tabs don’t blink:

  42. skywalker scofield says:

    The new versions of Second life have a new radio player.
    It was possible before to change radio with juke box(scripts menus) without having each time to push again the “play” button.
    Now, because of the new versions, it is always necessary to push EACH TIME the “play” button after having selected another radio…. This is not a progress, this is bad.
    Thank you for please updating that as soon as possible.

  43. Zi Ree says:

    Joshua, please approve my posting #41, so people can see the URLs to the PJIRA entries they commented on in this blog posting. Thanks! The wordpress spam filter seems to be a little overexcited about multiple URLs in comments.

    One addition:
    Need to Press Play:

  44. Eduard Korhonen says:

    WHY IS THE “RELEASE KEYS” BUTTON STILL THERE!?!? Are you even listening to people? No-one wants that damned button!! It serves no purpose at all!! Everyone wants it dead!! Listen to the people who pay your wages LL!!!!

  45. Aimzy says:

    I never reply to these things, but PLEASE, PLEASE move the release keys button over! I’m so used to having my AO there and constantly miss the damn AO and remove all of my HUDs. PLEASE, move it over!

  46. Deeso Saeed says:

    I Hope these fixes (and the ones from the upcoming RC2) are soon merged within the WL viewer. After the ATI fixes WL works much better for me.

  47. kjhm says:

    Here is an issue I have found :

    1. At the log in screen if you open the preferences, it set to a weird placement and you can only move it left to right not up or down.

    Linux version.

  48. bigmoe whitfield says:

    I hope that wind light is not going to be main stream as there are some of users who still have low end hardware and are not in a place to upgrade anytime soon. so please remember us that are not able to upgrade.

  49. harry quijote says:

    what is up with all the crashing since last week!!?? it isnt even funny anymore!! fix the stuff please. and why after one year Apple notebook users still cant use sl?!?! fix the stuff please!! sl went upwards the past months imo, but february is hell again!

  50. harry quijote says:

    @44 indeed, this i forgot to mention. It is so annoying this new viewer. I know we have and will get used to it, but…. at least make it work properly, this viewer is one big mess!

  51. Balp Allen says:

    @37 Veron: Don’t file a bug, vote and comment onm the open one instead.

  52. pantaiputih korobase says:

    why is my camera controls panel always moving to a position, I don’t want….
    in former viewers, it stayed at the position I was moving it to, now it always moves somewhere to the right up.
    not to mention the position of the release keys button and some strange behaviour of the communication UI. Also would favor to have back IM blinking whenever new IMs arrive.

    Please reconsider.

    But: once I am able to log in (there were some periods with constant failures), I am quite happy with the new viewers for WL and no WL

  53. Anny Helsinki says:


    Dear REAL creators ( not asking for the thieves, because i didnt buy their stuff if it is too cheap) , could u please DONT use the word “worn” in any case in the name of you sellings?

    thank you :))

    Anny Helsinki

  54. Anny Helsinki says:

    #35 Cat Gisel Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 9:46 PM PST

    Also, is there still no way to snapshot windows so when you log out and back in they stay the way they were the last time? Sigh.

    /me says : that would give u a chance to wonder, from what your home is walking arround …..

  55. Diana Balhaus says:

    Having trouble with RELEASE BUTTON, please make it fixed like the sound buttons while trying to open ims i find myself releasing huds instead, everything else is cool, just that RELEASE BUTTON keeps moving. ty

  56. Caitlyn Oh says:

    In general i like the new Release Candidate…Just getting frustrated with the release button and is anybody else having trouble with their friends list not coming in?

  57. William says:

    Release Button SUX!

    Friends list is a crap-shoot of when and IF it Loads;

    And the whole IM tab not flashing, gets me in ALOT of trouble

    Other than that, kinda like the new RC, seein more detail in things it seems, and not freezin, or crashin as much as do with the Standard client.

    Other experiences will vary 🙂

  58. Ok, so once again.. when logged in a kept freezing every few seconds, now I logged in a building, so when I went out side I was depressed to find that it was NOT anything to do with windlight.
    Same freezing tho..
    I really wish at the very least that the constant freezing would be dealt with on BOTH viewers.
    I love windlight.. I use to use it in replace of the norm, but.. now I dont even bother with it, since.. well really.. what is the point?

    PLEASE do not make sl unusable in general.
    I really like it here.
    other then the dramas and such.

    I would just love to be able to have fun for a change.

  59. Sedary Raymaker says:


    Realistically, even if they are going to fix that UI atrocity, the fix wouldn’t have been in this version. It’s only been a few days.

  60. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I second Zha’s comment about White on Silver tab colors. Make the highlighted one BLUE or somethings else darker people can see better.

  61. Drako Nagorski says:

    hmm i got a question (as does everyone else)

    WHY would anyone in their right mind:
    A) fack up whats working for no reason
    B) release stuff without fixing it
    C) waste time and money developing stuff that your customers DONT want.
    D) restrict their customers from being able to comment on the blogs (which are there so we CAN comment)

    and if a linden can answer this i will mail $100 USD to them.

  62. Mechagliel Gears says:

    ok biggest issues atm, for me
    I use manny of the Debug Settings options
    RenderDynamicRelections – TRUE (why you bury such cool features I’ll never know)
    PlayTypingAnimmation – FLASE (Why you even inluded this, I’ll never know)
    thes are STILL un accessable to Me in this RC or the current Windlight, which renders them both useless (but BELIVE me when I say kudos on a windlight that does not crash 5 mins in on my Vista)

    is there a workaround for this? so I can at least make this useable? in what mystical XML file are these settings hidden, or is it perhaps in registry? please help as I love being able to give your coders the all important info they need to make things better, but I annot do that if the RC/Windlight is unuseable 😦

  63. Pericat Aquitaine says:

    Colour scheme for generated lists in dialogue boxes (lists of avatars with objects on parcel, or lists of groups in profile, etc) is borked. Either dark on dark (Top Scripts list) or light on light. Please fix asap; we need those lists.


    Second Life 1.19.0 (79185) Feb 1 2008 16:23:04 (Second Life WindLight)

    CPU: Dual i386 (Unknown) (2000 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Darwin 8.11.1 Darwin Kernel Version 8.11.1: Wed Oct 10 18:23:28 PDT 2007; root:xnu-792.25.20~1/RELEASE_I386 i386
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1600 OpenGL Engine
    OpenGL Version: 2.0 ATI-1.4.56
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 166/118919 (0.1%)
    Viewer Digest: 0d271bb7-ff01-fbc9-5bab-d78825e8e8eb

  64. PattehPh0x Katsu says:

    Could we get the old functionality for IM windows back? alt-left arrow and alt-right arrow to change windows, and ctrl-w to only close the current IM window, not the whole communicate box?

  65. Venus Petrov says:

    Uh oh, i can’t turn off the Playtyp option to stop my avi from typing while texting. Seems a bug has been introduced.

  66. Iskar Ariantho says:


    because they can? 🙂

    darn, i dont qualliy for the 100 usd 😦 not a linden!

  67. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Hm, this version just froze right now when I tried to open the map. Using up 1 core at 100% and not responding any more.

  68. Sadly, bug # VWR-4567 (“Client Pauses when a friend status changes”) prevents me totally from use either the RC or the WL 1.19.X series. Such a pity!… For several months, I haven’t been using the “regular viewer”, but only the “latest and greatest” from LL. Ah well. It seems that this constant pausing/blocking does not affect many people, so I wonder if it’ll ever be fixed?…

    For the record, yes, it’s a pain to edit the XML files just to get rid of the nasty “Release Keys” button, which I have just used on purpose… perhaps twice in four years? 🙂 I hope you’ll get rid of it, and bring the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-W is a must for the IM tabs) back, and the blinking IMs, and, well, basically I subscribe to all interface reversals that were asked so far…

  69. Anderson Philbin says:

    I downloaded this release and then came to read blog comments. I can’t say I feel compelled to install the release. The salient facts are: Release announced COB Thursday. Lots of people complain. It is now nearly COB Friday and there is not a single “yellow” comment. Does LL really expect people to use a buggy release all weekend? I see myself as a customer, not a beta tester. I know lots of others like to to do LL’s testing for them. Good Luck to them!

  70. Here are my thoughts on the new viewer:

    Voice enabled. Thank you. I’m an English teacher. Most of my time is spent getting prospective students to enable voice chat. It’s difficult to do when we don’t speak the same language.

    What happened to the My Last Location and Home choice on the login screen? If I crash on a sim I don’t want to go back to, that’s really going to bother me.

    The Map search function didn’t work for me when I first opened the viewer. Luckily, I could use the drop down menu to eventually find my landmark.

    I get a message saying I don’t have the updated Quicktime, but I do. My viewer is installed on a different partition. Maybe that’s why.

    Looks like I have to go through and tweak everything again to make this viewer perform like the other one. That’ll take a while. I wish it would recognize my previous preference settings. All was lost.

    It’s nice to see changes, but so far I like the old viewer better. Convince me this one is better and I will change. It’s hard enough getting my students to install it and not be frustrated. How are we to get people to accept virtual learning for other than a game for techies if it’s always pushing the envelope? Maybe make a viewer specifically for educators, one for gamers, and one for griefers. Oh, I’m sorry. There’s already one for griefers called Red Light Center. It’s full of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Check it out. Here, let me get you your coat.

  71. William says:

    Voice us should be an option PERIOD !

    This AIN`T NO SKOOL!!!

    It has been said and I agree, Defaulting the voice to be on, is an invaision of privacy to those who don`t know it`s default,
    Maybe ,someone put their MIC on becauase they intend to call som`eone shortly on VoIp, or whatever…Whoops, just Broadcasted somethin in SL, meant ONLY for my Loved one, or a thousand other things .
    It`s also just plain Fraggin RUDE, Like the majority of SL users I DON`T use voice,so WHY must I shut the STUPID thing OFF everytime I log-on, especially if I get boted to some region (home region down) where theres some Elvis wannabe doin their version of Heartbreak Hotel,soundin like a cat in heat, with her tail caught in a car door.
    There`s enuff aggravation in SL without makin my ears bleed.

    Just because some students want to NOT hear a teacher , is NO justification for intruding on others right to privacy, or mental Sanity.

    The other screwd features are annoying, this voice thing was JUST PLAIN WRONG.

    People should have a CHOICE TO USE IT OR NOT.

  72. William says:

    NOT a jab at @69
    Just made me think of an argument I had recently

  73. Not a problem William. I do believe there should be two types of viewers: one for business and one for entertainment. There is an ever increasing amount of emphasis being put on the separation so there should be no reason why this can’t be done. I would pay for such a viewer myself. I already pay hundreds of dollars, why not pay more…haha.

    As for turning off voice every time, can’t you just disable voice in your preferences. You would only have to do this one time, right?

  74. As the blog dealing with the windlight “optional” download is full I’ll have to complain here.
    The last upgrade was great. Less bugs, less lag, better colour and greater stability.
    The latest Windlight viewer is a shocker.
    After the first 15 “cannot resolve DNS” error messages, I managed to log in and oh, what joy. The lag is ceaseless… I’ve never experienced anything like it with any of the Windlight or Regular clients.
    And voice! Don’t get me started! Any stats on how many people actually use this unloved feature? I certainly don’t want it foisted upon me ~ particularly when the last viewer was working so well.
    I’d like an “optional” downgrade to the previous Windlight client, PLEASE!

  75. No offense to previous posters by any means.

    5,478,000 people are currently online on Skype. How many of them are using voice (many use text chat only)?

    45,000 are online in Second Life. How many of them are using voice?

    Those who respond to this post, how many of them like writing or have enough time to write?

    Those who can type are the ones posting comments about their dislike for voice chat. Maybe we should add audio comments to this blog. 🙂 Voice Thread.

  76. Roisin Hotaling says:

    I’m REALLY hoping next week’s fixes include the following:

    1. Fix the failure of the ESC key to release focus from the Local Chat window.

    2. Go back to the more visible flashing of the IM tab to signify new messages.

    3. Give us back the IM Received button in its previous location at the bottom left of the screen, and give me back my IM ding sound.

    4. Get rid of or move the absurd Release Keys button.

  77. Just to clarify for some people (and I may indeed be wrong in this):

    I believe there is a reason to keep WL separate from RC viewers.

    WL requires more resources for those running less-than-WL-capable machines (hint hint)

    WL has bugs of its own, separate from RC. (hint hint x2)

    Combining RC with WL would seem a bit of a daunting task for bug-reporting fanatics as the bugs would be quite more difficult to differentiate between said bug being WL related or RC related. (hence the difference in Affects Versions selections in JIRA)

    So I would hope that the two actually do not become merged as it would seem a bit counter-productive IMHO.

    On a side-note:

    /me goes off to JIRA to vote for the Release Keys button misplacement issue…

  78. noob nestler says:

    why is it NOT WORKING please help

  79. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Stop wasting time with new client releases….fix the crashing on TP …which is a server side problem. It has nothing to do with client software as you keep trying to suggest. I have 3 different PC’s in different geographical locations and on different ISP’s. All the PC’s are compliant with the SL specifications and have up-to-date drivers. I have tried the regular client, the RC and Windlight on all 3 machines…the problem is exactly the same. Crash on TP…..not random, not location specific as is suggested….and it is affecting thousands of residents…making the game so damned annoying. Please put more resources into fixing it.

  80. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Post #60 on the Havok4 blog this week (from Sidewinder Linden) shows that the problem with TP failing is identified…..

    quote ” The bottom line is that the symptoms of not being able to walk, teleport or fly to another simulator, in the current architecture, is a symptom of an inability to route packets correctly from one server to another, and not a problem with the higher level programming that is the simulation engine itself. This routing problem happens with Havok1 to Havok1 traversals, and has been around for quite some time. Because routing problems at the network layer can happen in one direction – not necessarily in both at the same time – the symptoms of seeing a “barrier” between simulators can also show up from one direction rather than both.

    Regards and hope this helps to make more sense of this,

    Sidewinder ”

    end quote…….

    Guess they need some good network engineers…..which are obviously missing in Linden Labs?????

  81. Eric Renneville says:

    Please People, If you don’t Like the changes in the RELEASE CANDIDATE (Because thats what it is, no one is forcing you to use it), Politely request the changes you would like, go back to the old viewer and Let LL do their thing…… We all know SL is far from perfect but then again what in Life is perfect?…..

    Please people ease up on the Bitching and Moaning….

  82. Ciaran Laval says:

    Professor Merryman if people want to use voice, they turn it on, it’s not a problem. However why should the default be on? It’s a ridiculously easy situation for LL to rectify.

    Indeed the best way would be if the new viewer on release simply keeps your existing preferences so that those who voice enabled, still have it enabled and those who don’t have voice enabled, continue to not have voice enabled. Win win situation.

    However for new residents, for umpteen reasons ranging from privacy to people who have hearing impairments, it should be defaulted to off. Voice fans can happily turn it on.

  83. RC Paderborn says:

    1.19 WL has been a disaster for me, but it’s not the WL client. I’ve found out that I crash just as often from the old. 1.18.whatever standard RELEASE client. Two computers, two clients on each, two providers, two locations yet same results. Both machines are single core 3Ghz Pentium 4 class chips with 2GB of ram. One has an ATI X1650 Pro video card, the other the “lame” Intel 945G integrated video card.

    To add salt to the wound… For the crash report, I go through the steps of entering what I was doing (generally standing there waiting for things to rez) then get told that the WL client was unable to contact either server so the crash report wasn’t sent.

    It’s no wonder more and more of the veteran residents have left SL. Prim and Proper was one of the most recent. Closed all her stores and told LL to shove it.

  84. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Debug settings are all buggered in this and the Windlight release as well. (apparently the Windlight crew are a bit too trusting)

  85. jerome colman says:

    Very nice:
    Great Job Linden Lab is doing there!

  86. concerned says:

    What a joke all Lindens here promoting new features,you have broken inventory yet again over past 2 weeks.

    voice chat wont turn off on my island,it will but if i tp out and back its on again.why isnt it off by default i thought voice was opt in?

    I want to make a statment here and i hope a linden reads it and passes it to Phillip Rosedale.

    18 months ago i was told by a linden inventory issues are temporary and we will have them solved in next updates within a few weeks.

    Island sales are being worked on to make the more secure for both party’s and simpler to complete.

    We have resources available to cope with the new traffic expected with opening the grid to free accounts.

    18 months on and who thinks any of these issues has been resolved?

    I do have the original E-mail reply if phillip wants it.

  87. concerned says:

    @82 it is not you i have Intel 945G integrated video card on my laptop it always logged in sl and ok was never great but it coped with sl.Updated to 1.19 and crashing every minute or 2 so luckily i have older versions saved i rooled back to 1.18,3 and was able to use sl without crashing once.

  88. concerned says:

    @82 and ati x1650 ok not a great card but plenty of power to run sl.

    SL was improving not greatly but past 2 months things were getting stable now even on a 8800gt im crashing.

  89. The Popups in preferences. I want to get rid of the popups for tutorial about every move I make. So I went to Popups in the preferences screen and looked for “Disable Popups for Newbies (not real of course)” but couldn’t find it. I could, however, find disable All popups and then choose which popups I would like to have. How do I know which popups I would like to have if I have never used one in the first place. For example, if I decide to make someone an an officer in the group and then by mistake click owner and there is no popup confirming my choice then It might be a problem.

    So I disabled all of them anyway and added some I thought would be useful. But then I added one by mistake I didn’t need. There’s no “Disable” button. So I had to start over again. Hmmm. What changed from before?

    Oh and BTW, I started the client up again today and it is working pretty well so far.

  90. RC Paderborn says:

    @87 Thanks… I guess that answers that. My RL Partner has an “older” nVidia 6800XT and just started crashing a lot too. Wants a new computer with PCI-E so can upgrade to an 8800GTX. Looks like I just saved a bunch of money if it won’t help.

  91. Phantom Ninetails says:

    Bring back the packet loss and bandwidth meters; those are the REAL lag meters!!

    Also. Windows 2000 support! We need it! You can’t try to force the new Quicktime upon an operating system it does not support, that could stop Second Life from working altogether!

  92. RC Paderborn says:

    BTW I was wrong, I wasn’t staying online a minute… according to stats.log in application data, last time was a whopping “Run time: 77.172 seconds “

  93. I love the volume levels bar. Once I got over the initial shock of installing it, meaning without changing the preferences back to the minimum settings, it seems to be running well.

  94. RC Paderborn says:

    Anyone have a link where I can download 1.18.3 (5) for windows? I have that version on my linux box and on my little Mac notebook and don’t have the crashing problems with that version.

  95. reacher says:

    the viewer freezes for about 10 seconds every time Map is opened.

  96. Anny Helsinki says:

    here you go RC, sorry… it takes that long, was sleeping 🙂

  97. Anny Helsinki says:

    ph rc, on my notebook i have a 18.2 … only 512 mb ram and 64 mb ati…. works fine too …. i loved the 1.14.x , all before voice…lol

  98. RC Paderborn says:

    Thank you Anny. Found a thread on the forums that tells how to get the old ones from 1.18.3 (5) didn’t help.

    I finally remembered that when I installed the 1.19.0, I followed the instructions and updated my ATI drivers again. What DID help is that I rolled back my ATI drivers from the latest (which LL says to use) to 7.12 and set the video card back to the factory defaults. ATI’s wizard had it running about 25% overclocked. The “new old” settings worked great with other OpenGL apps, but not with Second Life.

    I’ve been online for almost an hour now. Even got to log out of SL for the first time in 2-3 days rather than crash out!

  99. Yann says:

    Instead of spending time with new releases, please fix the, in the mean time aging problems, like TP and lag.
    It causes major unwanted logging out’s…..

    I’m getting fed up with these.

  100. Mark says:

    Have downloaded and installed the 1.19.0 Release Candidate Viewer but it won’t allow me to log in as i have a numeric user name. Not a major problem to most users but leaves me unable to use it.

  101. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    Personally I really like the new RC, although I know there are a few bugs that still need munching. I hope thwy roll out a WL based on this updated code soon. I need the flexibility in setting the time that WL gives me when I take pictures for my store but I crashed at least a half dozen times trying to take a few pictures. Sometimes I wouldn’t even have everything rezzed before I crashed again, supposedly with a “region restart” but I’m starting to wonder how many of those i get are really due to a region restarting.

    #99 Mark:
    You should definitely make sure JIRA knows about that so the devs can know to get it fixed.

  102. Unckie Deerhunter says:

    In Client /the debug settings/ true/false does not work when I try to change my playtyping animation

  103. Tiberias Radek says:

    Great viewer. I would like to see the buttons like, IM, Release key, and mouselook fixed to the bottom of the page again where it appears now they float just above the chat text.

  104. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Love the new WindLight 1.19.0 (79185).

    Slow loading has been resolved, I can now happily hit enter just after firing up Second Life and auto login. Fantastic! I also like the detachment of IM windows from Friends List. Not sure about the new No Biuld, No Scripts land alerts. Little hard to see at times. New Friends List looks a lot cleaner, altho I’m still greeted with (hippos) whenever I clear cache and relog. To resolve that, I must again relog without clearing cache, so I suspect it’s clear-out linked.

    Nice to see yellow land lines back too, make it easier to cut up Sims rather than relog with the normal viewer. Second Life does seem a lot more stable of late (for me anyway) so it’s all good.

  105. paty Despres says:

    i dont know what they fix but i froze everytime a friend come online,still froze doing anything and the log out when you tp somewhere.i dont know what bug they add but look like they prefer to modify the apparence then fix the bug they have and add some bug with it.

  106. Theta Fargis says:


    This isn’t necessary to tell me I’ve switched to a region running a different version of the simulator. The relocation of my hairdo into my trousers proved noticeable.

  107. Scott Maroon says:

    Does this release fix the problem where attempting to teleport causes the SL viewer to crash? If so, I will install it. If not, I will wait.

  108. Sorry about not being able to respond to specific comments earlier. We’re working on RC2 now, and it should be out tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peek at the fixes:

    * VWR-4574: Clicking on gestures button moves open windows
    * Deutsch “System Default” is translated as “System Error” in language preferences
    * VWR-4522: Cannot use Alt-arrow to change between tabs in Communication window
    * VWR-4519: Parcel audio play setting is not remembered when crossing over a parcel with no media
    * Visible flashing of prim highlight when editing
    * Preferences window docks at an offscreen position and cannot be moved vertically
    * Login Page > SL Release link overlaps Quit when viewer resized
    * LastExecFroze not reporting when viewer crashes without complete freeze
    * Boolean Debug settings are broken
    * VWR-4157: Failure to compile beta- under Linux
    * Viewer crash just after login:
    * “LLXmlTree parse failed” with settings_releasecandidate.xml
    * Toggling voice causes layout problems in toolbar
    * VWR-4526: Pressing escape key when focused on local chat or other windows does not remove focus
    * Redocking the Contact list causes the communicate ui to get ugly
    * LLIMPanel kills the framerate for group ims.
    * Viewer freeze and delay in opening map on second and subsequent times
    * revert floater_test.xml to its default contents

    Other notes:
    * “translated strings” – our regular release note wizards were out, so you got the raw, unfiltered dev version. 🙂 “string” is dev-speak for a bunch of letters – e.g. “Cancel”, “OK”, “Are you sure?” are all strings. Since our developers are primarily English speakers, new features (etc) are typically implemented with English UI strings. When we “freeze” the code for an RC0 we run a tool that computes what strings are new, and send them off to be translated into other languages. When they come back from the translation service we need to re-integrate those into the code.
    * We plan to revert the position of the “Release Keys” button; I’m not sure if that’s in RC2 yet or not.
    * Re: VWR-3089 (rethink the search box on the menu bar) – the developers that did the Search project are not actively doing development on Search at the moment; at some point soon I expect the next rev on Search will bubble to the top of the list and get some action; whether or not that suggestion will actually result in a change I can’t predict – there is always far more to do than there is time for.
    * RC viewers (like FL viewers) have a separate settings file, so that any bugs in the RC (with new settings, etc) don’t corrupt your main viewer settings file. This means you will have to change settings when you use an RC for the first time.
    * Linden developers focused on the viewer are usually (but not always) a different set of developers than those focused on the servers. Some work is coordinated, other is independent. The developers usually work on projects that align with their interests and strengths, so calls to “stop fixing viewer bugs and fix server bugs instead” are not helpful.

    I’ll follow up on the status of other issues raised here not covered in the above list.

    And remember that Release Candidates are test software – they have bugs we weren’t able to find internally so we’re expecting bug reports and you may not want to run an RC as your primary viewer.

  109. Zi Ree says:


    Awesome set of fixes! And a lot of those were bugging people big time since the last RC release. I can’t wait to check it out 🙂

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  111. Wondering says:

    Quicktime version 7.4 also requires installation of XP SP2 which millions of Windows users have problems installing on their machines. Quicktime version 7.3.1 (which does not require SP2) was released specifically to fix the security vulnerability present with earlier versions of the software. Why are you requiring 7.4 when 7.3.1 works just fine and addresses the security vulnerability?

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  115. Blinders Off says:

    Linden Lab seems to be increasing the frequence of deleting blogs that point up LL shortcomings. Seems this is becoming less and less “our world”. I ask your company a pointed question about why you haven’t fixed the chat and group notices, and you delete the post?

    You people are a piece of work.

  116. aidypost says:

    does this fix prob of crashing on vista and ramdomly restarting vista

  117. aidypost says:

    will it sort the above help please

  118. Poizon Repine says:

    well , linden labs have truly messed me up .. i used to be able to actually USE sl , now, it wont even load to the damned login page. i double-click the sl icon , it says loading, then it crashes. EVERY DAMN TIME. god .. can i somehow use the old second life client ? at least that one actually works for me.

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