[Resolved] Logins Unavailable

The database log is happy again and logins are available.

We have a database log error which is blocking logins. Our engineers are working on it now. Please check back here for updates.

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150 Responses to [Resolved] Logins Unavailable

  1. Leila Larkham says:

    Thanks for being on the ball and letting us know guys 🙂 lol

  2. Hewitt Huet says:

    Yes that was a fast posting. Thanks. Please hurry I was in the middle of soemthing XD

  3. sirhc deSantis says:

    Ok thought it was just me. TPs failed first too which is why i logged out

  4. Demeter Slade says:

    *sighs* so much for my sheduled meeting….

  5. march Korda says:

    my client freeze at “Logging in. Second Life may appear frozen. Please wait.”
    Have a good day!

  6. claudia says:

    good luck guys

  7. Atlwolf Blabbermouth says:

    Please update the status page !!

  8. Ren Diqui says:

    Whew… I just started taking my router apart…

  9. Daten Thielt says:

    GOGOGO Linden labs, your on the ball, dont roll off now!!

  10. adamstheman writer says:

    oh please not tonite!!! i see a live rapper every thurs

  11. Calico Indigo says:


  12. Giz Heying says:

    Thanks for the quick update please hurry though i was in the middle of building

  13. Adec Alexandria says:

    lol at least i know why .. thanks for the blog .. damm that was a bad time to crash

  14. mstorm09 stransky says:

    Please fix it rapidly. I too was in the middle of something.

  15. Indigo Izumi says:

    Guess it’s time for me to catch up on the Lost episodes I’ve been meaning to watch 🙂

  16. Sasha Holden says:

    Yeah please hurry and fix it LOL i was building :/ god i hope sl dont eat
    it :O

  17. Mecahella Koba says:

    OH BOY!!! Hope it isnt gonna be a all night thing, but thanks for the fast heads up!!

  18. Sherry Greggan says:

    You could have told me before I started randomly tugging at cables behind my compootah.

    Thanks for the info anyways…

    Place your bets, Place your bets…
    How many comments will be posted before this turns into an “everyone hates LL” discussion???? I reckon 5 max :-p


  19. Lesheran says:

    Oh that’s what is going on? heh I’ve spent he past hour rebooting all my stuff :/ Lets hear it for the engineers! They never get any love when things break.

  20. Alyx Sands says:

    Oh DAMMIT. My DSL killed itself repeatedly today and now was the first time I’d have been able to get online…ONLY I CAN’T. Dang.

  21. Jezebelle Voom says:

    The one time I try to login today. Man, AWESOME.

  22. malificobade says:

    Why does this always happen when i relog? -.-;

  23. Lady Lopez says:

    lost 1100 because of this..

    how long will it take?

  24. Jmengate Kawabata says:

    Wow, incredible. I was trying to login, it was taking forever, then I saw this. Although I’d much rather be in RL right now, it’s great to know what’s going on. Keep up the good work!

  25. Manticore says:

    I have naked pictures to take! hurry! lmfao

  26. Sleven Hathaway says:

    I was having tp issues so i logged off to try to fix it. Im regretting doing that now…what to do…what to do…i guess i will just refresh this page until it says i can go back…i need to get some work done on my holodeck.

  27. Dj Barracuda says:

    Ok well that explains why I can’t get into world. It doesn’t however, explain why I get logged out in the middle of a tp. 😦

  28. Marx Dudek says:

    Thanks for the quick update!

  29. Nalin Nungesser says:

    Appreciate the info.

  30. Adec Alexandria says:

    @18 am hoping post 151 which didnt quite make it … hope everyone gives them a break for a change 🙂

  31. MCM Villiers says:

    Yes I was quite busy doing something please hurry!

  32. Dino Hallard says:

    😦 Plug it back in please 🙂

  33. Adec Alexandria says:

    am back in! wu wu!

  34. Alyx Sands says:

    Um, i just GOT online…whazzappening?

  35. Deeii Jashan says:

    ok i tht it waz jus me dat couldnt logg in

  36. Michelle Glass says:


  37. Lilly Vellhi says:

    Please fix it!!!!

  38. 1Angel Barrymore says:

    any idea how long it may take?

  39. Brianne Cuttita says:

    Whew! Thought it was me!

  40. Aric Roux says:

    Haha, thats awesome.
    i was sitting at my comp thinking “great, my comp is messing up AGAIN”
    good to know im not alone out there!

  41. Jordon Jensen says:

    Very good and fast…Thanks LL!

  42. Ambrose Dyrssen says:

    Thanks for the prompt post. I had just downloaded the latest update and thought there was something defective after trying to log on unsuccesfully several times. Good work.

  43. Convey says:

    wow. Great to see Lindens on the ball after 5pm PST. Quite refreshing. SL Runs 24-7, so should the lindens….

  44. mstorm09 stransky says:

    I guess this will be an all nighter – isn’t the database resilient ? I guess not

  45. Nemesis Greatrex says:

    I got logged off in the midst of a TP – and now can’t get in, this is more than just a login bug!

  46. Aric Roux says:

    as long as you open it by 10 my time, ill be happy.
    im meeting a friend

  47. kayden Oconnell says:

    Well, it is Wednesday. No wait, it’s Thursday!! Geez.

  48. DaQbet Kish says:

    Well I will just take advantage of the moment and download the newest RC update :p

  49. sirhc deSantis says:

    Well that was a quick fix 🙂 way to go lindens

  50. Nemesis Greatrex says:

    LOL – and just now got in! Thanks for the quick fix! :)P

  51. Adec Alexandria says:

    dammit got to the ‘tumble weed’ soundtrack and no further 😦

  52. maya says:

    OMGG pleasee hurry!! i need to see my babe tonight cause i wont see him the whole weekend! LOL
    /me dies

  53. Estella Paulse says:


  54. Sherry Greggan says:

    Wow it’s fixed… and before all the sharks reached the comments and started hating on LL…

    Hats off to a speedy resolution!

  55. MCM Villiers says:

    It let me in then kicked me back out lmao

  56. Sue Nieuport says:

    Yes ….. Logged in, can get ready for the event. WOOHOOOO
    And guys, congrats with the speedy solution!

  57. HoneyBear Lilliehook says:

    /me sobs

    Please guys, for the love of God, quit screwing around with new things and give us some stability!!

    I put over $1,000USD into this game last month…and a minimum of $500USD every month…PLEASE just let me enjoy it!

  58. Burton Munro says:

    TY for letting us know good luck with the database :o)

  59. Viper2k Rogozarski says:

    Please hurry, I have alot to take care of before my shift starts tonight. Absolutely imperfect time for this to happen

  60. Adec Alexandria says:

    ok REALLY am back in now .. just relog

  61. How are ppl getting in?
    Oh, today has sucked so hard. I’ma go break stuff.

  62. rick says:

    ah that sucks

  63. jenny says:

    booooooo and i crashed in the middle of a fight and now i cant log back. i had 3 kills in a row and was close to my 4th
    i want to login pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  64. Ryanna Enfield says:

    Okay, I’m often not postitive enough, sadly. However, I have to say that the communication here was on the ball and I’m more than willing to give you the time you need to get things resolved here. I also have to say that I’m very happy that the blog was left open, simply for the fact that I wanted to say something positive. Great job on this!

  65. Melanie Milland says:

    WOOT I’m back in!


  66. Aric Roux says:

    i know you guys are trying to do whats best. Trying to get us the best stuff, most up-to-date grids or whateevr.
    thanks for doing that! ^_^
    i mean, yea it causes some downtime, but i mean, take the good with the bad

  67. rick says:

    ist workin now

  68. Bubbs Zenovka says:

    I cant get on either, shame – i was just eating my virtual cheese and drinking my binary wine

  69. Vine Villota says:

    I am so glad I found this…thought I had another problem with my computer.

    Thank you for posting this; and thank you for your prompt service!

  70. Erron Darkstone says:

    I only tried to log in twice before I saw the message. Good work on getting the news out in a hurry. Now, instead of wondering what’s going on, I can simply wait out the problem. Thank you.

  71. Beast Mauvaise says:

    Eeek! And I have a DJing gig in 40 minutes!

    Good luck with the fix, guys… lotta residents suffering withdrawal pains here

  72. Leila Larkham says:

    ok… Im scared to tp now., will I be booted off again in the midst of it again?

  73. Aric Roux says:


  74. Viper2k Rogozarski says:

    TY for a quick fix. I was panicing I have a shift in 40 minutes

  75. HollywoodKing Nightfire says:


  76. Ronnie Telling says:

    Lets all go party at Linden Labs till it gets fixed.

  77. Vine Villota says:

    Just tried it again, whoops! Either it went down again, when I wasn’t looking, or too many at one time are trying to get on the grid.

    Ah, well, tomorrow’s another day…

  78. Annalyse Dragonash says:

    seems to be back up now

  79. KL says:

    I just got on! it must be back

  80. Jossy Joffe says:

    well,…i’d better go to bed now.

  81. Manticore says:

    I logged! wewt!!

  82. Yanik says:

    I’m on!
    Sticks tongue out!

  83. shirlee iuga says:

    Ohh Plz:
    Do not Hurry. Take your time and fix it the right way.
    I’d rather wait some more minutes than having to wait again several times within the next hours.

    And: Thx for letting us know what’s wrong with the login faults. Transparency saves a lot of time, ’cause nobody needs to file a support ticket now…

  84. Mrc Homewood says:

    could have typed this up faster xD made me waste the monkeys on the support area for nothing lol

  85. Adec Alexandria says:

    it went down again … i cant get back in … anything to do with europe ? my US partner is not having the issue

  86. Daten Thielt says:

    aww cummon england hurry up and connect to america so i can do thing, Damn good catch once again LL doing a great job

  87. Cyprs Rhode says:

    just keep trying guys, you’ll get back in, takes patience but you can

  88. Dea Mills says:

    Maybe to the first Linden that gets us up and running the fastest, I should offer a date with the model of your choice from The Modavia Supermodels? :=) Seriously guys, thanks for your hard work!
    – Dea Mills, CEO, Modavia Fashion Marketing.

  89. Convey says:


  90. armanna says:

    Yea thanx, just as I went to relog… -.-

  91. Hope Dreier says:

    really quick I’m impressed

  92. oups !!!! I ‘m glad I’m not the only one to have been so patient in front of my frozen screen…. well it’s not fun , because like hundreds of us I was busy (building) !!! hurry up please nice guys !!! I pay as a premium, I’d like to be satisfied if you see what I mean 😉

  93. elizabeth palmer says:

    Great job Lindens !!!

  94. Raven McCullough says:

    Still can’t log in but thanks much for letting us know why.

  95. Bubbs Zenovka says:

    ok LL, it seems USA have no problem, any chance of you sending some extra Linden Crushed Juice down the line so it can make the leap across the pond to us European SecondLife Addicts

  96. katerinakirax says:

    Not fixed for me! Pout

  97. perigrin merryman says:

    I know you’re doing you’re best–but please—you can do it a little quicker cant ya??—btw, tanks for absolutely everything (straight -up)

  98. Mela Ninetails says:

    This is the first time I’ve had problems like this, however, a bit earlier I had been able to log in but had purple and black squares all over the screen. Cleared cache, logged out. Logged back in THAT time but no folders would open in inventory.(I’m standing there nekkies)Tried to log in after that, about 5 times with no success. Was very bothered as I have a new job and have to be there in 33 min. BUT was glad to see I wasn’t the only one. Hurryyyyyyyyy SL! I too, spend a fortune in here and want to actually use this,maybe….. no probably will be spending more. lol Good luck!

  99. Middy Dreamscape says:

    I am back in! Havent tried tping yet….I think i am afraid to

  100. James Benedek says:

    /me wondered why his lo in was taking ages 😛

    2 steps ahead of us all, good job notifying us all.
    Get out the hammer and it hit the database really hard 😀

  101. Pyla Rubble says:

    good to know its not me. : ) i know your on top of it. : )

  102. Yosemite Aero says:

    Hey guys. Me thinks you put the RESOLVED tag up a wee bit too early!

  103. armanna says:

    /me is glad Kames isnt angry at what she did to him and that he couldn’t login! : P Get on James I need to say Bye before I leave : (

  104. katerinakirax says:

    I’m getting a DNS error and cannot get to http://www.secondlife.com/…. now where was I supposed to go to report that error?

  105. Darwinia Nightfire says:

    *Peers through the SL window with her face smooshed up against the glass*

    “Let me iiiiiin!” 😦

  106. armanna says:

    I meant James, by the way I am back in I do think it is fixed : )

  107. sirhc deSantis says:

    hmm yes – a certain lack of ability to create is a bit noticeable

  108. Daten Thielt says:

    Je everything EU is a little borked 😦

  109. CC says:

    lets see if you can understand this GET A NEW DATABASE SOFTWARE

  110. Ilmatar Balogh says:

    I have friends from the EU I would like to be able to interact with them. Could you please give us a stable system so we can have this. Please stop adding stuff and fix what we have

  111. Digital Digital says:

    Thanks linden lab keep up the great work hopefully there will be a speedy recovery!

  112. Margo Oliva says:

    Holy crap!!! I thought it was my nortons anti virus blocking sl from using internet. I had the people at synamatic trying to fix it for me for almost 2 hours

  113. Lorrie says:

    Sill cant log in at all plz get this fixed asap


  114. armanna says:

    teleport is down guys.

  115. Margo Oliva says:

    I still can’t login 😦

  116. Lorrie says:

    this is gettin depressing plz sort it
    its clear that its not resolved

  117. Beast Mauvaise says:

    Umm… whatever was wrong is wrong again, guys…

  118. Giles DuCasse says:

    Cant get on:-((

  119. SlowJoe Short says:

    Let me in for a while then chucked me oout again and can’t return? 😦

  120. Lorrie says:

    it appears the database isnt as happy with logins as u guys think it is maybe another look ir required

  121. Wake up in SF please says:

    not so fast getting reports of problems right now dude

  122. armanna says:

    @121. SF have basicly finished, it’s gone 5PM : P

    I’ve sent a ticket.

  123. Lorrie says:

    wil this prob be fixed soon or is it going to be an over nite job

  124. Alyx Sands says:

    I got in five minutes after LL posted this. I am fine. i tp’d around, built a few things, too. AND I’m in Europe.

  125. Margo Oliva says:

    The Secondlife website doesn’t even load. This is pissing me off.

  126. SlowJoe Short says:

    It will be overloading because of the amount of people trying to sign back in at the same… the server will melt 😉

  127. Lorrie says:

    well its not lettin me in at all and its gettin real annoying as i was in the middle of somethng rather important. why say resolved when its not? as clearly it cant be as ppl still cant get in

  128. Lorrie says:

    also whyt bther giving us a message saying have a loko at the staus page we know it working so why rub in it. jst plz sort this out guys its 2.16am in the uk and i HAVE to get back online 2nite.

  129. SlowJoe Short says:

    yea… LOL I was lying on a beach with my….emmm… anyway, we can be patient and calm or impatient and angry. Neither will speed the process !

  130. Margo Oliva says:

    Does anyone get this message when they try to log on: Unable to connect to secondlife. the system may be down. Please try again in a few mins, or click help for more advice, and link to the system status page. Thats what I have been getting since last night.

  131. Lorrie says:

    thats what im gettin and its doing my head in as i know the grid is live and working

  132. Margo Oliva says:

    Then when u try to click any of the help links to secondlife it won’t even work

  133. Lorrie says:

    this is gonna have a serious affect on my SL love life if not sorted soon 😦

  134. Lorrie says:

    cos its gone past 5pm in the staes does this mean that i wont be fixed til working day starts 2morrow?

  135. Mike1 says:

    How long is this going to take! I haven’t been able to get on all day!

  136. Lorrie says:

    please at least give us an update there is nothing worse than not knowing anything

  137. Mike1 says:

    When is this going to be fixed. Tell us something since we are the customers that give help you to get paid!

  138. Lorrie says:

    well its been about an hour wince the suposed resolution of this prob yet ppl still can tget on and still NO update plz guys we r the ppl that keep SL going we at least deserve to be kept in the know about whats going on and why we cant use the service some of us pay so much for

  139. armanna says:

    No SF is past 5PM, but there are offices based in other locations too, and Remote staff all over the wolrd, there are always staff on : )

  140. Lorrie says:

    well iwish the staff that are on wud hurry it up a bit as this is doing my head in i wud hate to actually have to live my RL lol 😛

  141. Margo Oliva says:

    ughh Im about to give up on sl and play war of warcraft

  142. armanna says:

    haha today and tommorow are my last days on SL! I am offline for a few months due to RL needing me lol I will go insane!
    So I need some CERTAIN people to come online so I can say bye (Joppa!)
    I hope this is fixed soon though, I know how it feels to not be able to log on, especialy knowing the grid is up, I feel for ya guys!

  143. Lorrie says:

    the thing that annoyes me is they are quick at slapping resoled nxt to the issuse b4 they actually know if its resolved or not and then they dont even bother giving us an update. it wud not hurt for them to pop on do a quick update to let us know

  144. Oceanna Shannon says:

    Still login in troubles for some…myself included :/ Keeps telling me DNS error SL cannot be found.


  145. billington chaffe says:

    not true–keep crashing and after selecting new region, message says Region Restarting

  146. Lorrie says:

    cant even access the webpage come on guys dont u think its time for an update its been approx 90 mins now since u decided it was resolved but this is not the case let us know how long this is gonna take

  147. Darius says:

    Seems to me the problem is to do with the version checking that takes place during login.
    I don’t believe in coincidences and the fact that it seems impossible to access half of this website now in order to even attempt to download the new release candidate speaks volumes.
    There are also user comments on the latest blog entry relating to this Optional update being forced upon login, and many with the same DNS error.

  148. Agnetha Vuckovic says:

    Why does it say ‘Resolved’ when it isnt ?? No….the database log is clearly NOT happy yet !

  149. Lorrie says:

    i know isnt it gettin rather annoyig Agnetha they should try giving the database a cookie and hot milk that may make it happy. and at the same time update this page as it rreally dont look gd saying its resolved with commets from many ppl saying its nto

  150. Agnetha Vuckovic says:

    This is awful……………I might actually have to go to bed and get some sleep instead !

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