Knowledge Base Article of the Week #15: Comments … Off?

This week’s Knowledge Base Article of the Week answers a question that some of you have no doubt been pondering at length: Why are comments closed on some blog posts? (click on the link to view the article directly, after providing your Second Life login or guest credentials) As a certain comic-book journalist from the future might have told you, “There is a reason.”

Jeremy and I will be at our Documentation couch pier at 2pm SLT on Friday for our usual office hour; feel free to stop by and chat with us about your experiences with Second Life documentation or whatever else is on our agenda. (as always, support requests are for the Support Portal) Enjoy the rest of your week!

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90 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #15: Comments … Off?

  1. Devo Pedro says:

    I’d like to freely express my appreciation for comments being enabled on this particular blog post.

  2. kenny Stringer says:

    It Don’t matter what We Think eny more to Linden Labs That s why look
    At what Umnik Hax is getting Away With !

  3. mimi says:

    What would be a nice next knowledge base article of the week: How safe is identity verification?

  4. Rob A says:

    Yeah, well, that’s all well and good, but you should never disable comments. It’s something that when you do it, it seems like you’re being Nazis and doing it ‘just because you can’. I have never before seen a blog for a service like this which disables its comments entirely for no better reason than “Oh, it’s an announcement, it doesn’t require feedback…” or “It’s not an accurate sampling of the entire in-world population, so the feedback is invalid…” That’s a load and you all know it.

    The blog is much easier to get to than anything else(given the links on the login page – when it loads), and having taken away the general forum as a place to seek recourse, you leave people nowhere else to turn but away when you close their ability to respond to your infuriating ‘news’.

    Instead of being service Nazis and closing off the comments, why don’t you leave them open and simply ignore them if you don’t value their content? That way, the people get to vent about you continually breaking stuff which shouldn’t be changed in the first place, and you seem to be much more tolerant than you actually are for ‘listening’ to people who you angered.

    I assume from the need for this post in the first place that you have received a lot of complaints via other means about the comments being disabled, and rightly so. It’s not fair to charge a population (or even a percentage of a population) a fee for the service, then constantly break or lack support for parts of the service, and tell them that you don’t care what they have to say about your performance as their service provider. I would, at best, give LL a 1-of-5 star rating for their overall performance in managing the grid and their public relations.

    It’s a creative product, yes, you made a difference – you created something incredibly innovative and cool – but if you don’t step up regular maintenance and actually FIX the problems that already exist as they arise, instead of creating new ones, nothing will ever improve and you will eventually alienate everyone who would be a potential client. Sorry for the rant, but there it is.

  5. Kristopher Handrick says:

    There is a reason… HOG WASH! The Lindens do what they want, when they want and how they want. **starts to wonder** hmmm… Linden = SL GOD?

  6. Ciaran Laval says:

    I’ll be damn impressed if you find a way of receiving feedback that is representative of the whole SL community, so will the people behind almost every other product in the world.

    The point about status reports not being the place for feedback are largely correct, you’re passing information, maybe a link to the forums for people to comment would be more useful and heck, then if some of the issues are still around people will be discussing them. I think that’s the main reason people complain about not being able to comment on status reports, when an issue is stating its resolved but it isn’t.

    “we’d rather spend our time fixing the problem!” is a technical excuse for not having a good customer service policy. Information is key, even if that means a fix takes a few minutes longer. Customers react better to service when they are kept informed, something you’ve definitely improved upon, but that line really does emphasise some of the failings of your customer service attitude.

  7. Vidal Tripsa says:

    It does amuse me to see comments such as #5, decrying you guys at Linden Lab for managing your own product, the beast you spend every working day taming. I’m afraid I do agree to a fair extent with the notion that disabling comments on particular news items is a little frustrating, though. Sometimes it’s an obvious move, which I agree with, but more often than not I’ve found I actually have something to say (a rarity, I can assure you), and yet I’ve no alternative other than to ‘take the fight’ to my own blog or communities of which I’m a member. Though I don’t command such power in my own spaces, it seems to me that this branching of rants and whatnot to the wider community might actually do more harm than letting people have their say here.

  8. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    Yes, we are all well aware of Linden Lab’s “reasons” for turning comments off. The problem is of course, that what LL arbitrarily feels doesn’t warrant comments is quite often not the case. I have seen many issues that might have been resolved if LL had left comments open to allow user feedback.

    THERE IS NO GOOD, VALID REASON FOR DISABLING COMMENTS IN THIS BLOG. It is sending a strong message to your customers that Linden Lab doesn’t want to hear what the customer has to say. I’m not the first nor only person who has told you folks this.

    Looking back over the history of Second Life, one thing I am painfully aware of is that Linden Lab seems amazingly unaware of the value of communications, both with your customers and even within your own company.

    While I doubt that any of these comments here will have any effect on LL (none have to date, so why should we expect anything different?), I think that the comments posted before this one, and which will be undoubtedly be posted afterward, will leave little question as to how your customers feel about the issue.

    But… don’t pay attention to the customers. We just pay the bills. What do we matter?

    Can hardly wait for Open Sim.

  9. Damen Hax says:

    I think it’s common sense to anyone with a brain. Naturally you can’t leave comments open on some blog entries, as they are simply informing us of things, not asking us things.. ie no input is required.

    Everyone that reads these blogs entries will in time see that LL does indeed take notice of the ‘valid’ things we say and respond when necessary.

  10. Bobo Decosta says:

    Closing comments is part of the nanny politics “shut up we know what is best for you”. This should stop! You should at least let your paying customers comment an involve in decision making. This world can not live without people who pay for this services. People with sims make it possible for all residents to be able to escape tutorial island or having to tour linden land. But that is the big problem. People that pay every month a big amount of money will be much more easily frustrated than people who use SL in a no-expense basis. People that don’t pay say things like “give them a break, they don’t force you to pay” and all the sweet honey companies like to hear. But if we didn’t pay big amounts where would they go on second life? Hopping on a few sims and start complaining there is nothing to see at second life.

    Every blogpost should be open for comments at least for concierge level customers, because they to make or break second life!

  11. Storyof Oh says:

    one value of enabling comments is if even off topic the communication portal is open to sometimes answer ‘is it just me’. I have had horrendous lag last couple of days and although it doesn’t cure it at least its nice to read in unrelated blogs (1.19) that others are suffering too. If i hadn’t read this i might be tearing my system apart but now i know its SL.
    Enabling more comments must surely reduce the number of tickets too….i.e. login problems…the first port of call is blog.
    How about an openended blog on ‘immediate problems SL might be unaware of as we are global and they are sleeping whilst we are trying to move…’ here…..

  12. Vital Organ says:

    @9: Asking us things? I doubt they would ask us for anything on the blog…

  13. coventina dalgleish says:

    There are many notices that require no user input as they are informational and would elicit the inane one line comments that only take up space and someones time to read.

    As for improvements resulting from the comments posted in this Blog I have rarely seen anyone post a complaint then offer a way to resolve the problem. Most of this Blog is used to Linden bash, call names, and make comments, in relative anonymity, that most could not make in person.

    I do my share of ranting here but lets be realistic about this situation. Comments are not needed, or required, from the general public on many subjects.

    For the most part I can only guess at a solution to the problems that plague the game as I do not have the information required to make a rational decision. I suspect most of you also have no idea what causes the problems but do the thing we enjoy the most, yelling at the Lab.

    This forum is also not a good cross section of the population as most do not take the time to read the Blog. Personally I do not blame them as there is so much irrelevant information posted, by the responders, making it a challenge to filter the pertinent comments.

    Oh and yes I love to swear at them in the bug reports calling them all the humiliating names I can think of for a lack of system performance.

    It seems to me that this platform could be used much more effectively rather than a place to just spew emotional content.

    Oh and the Nazi comment should get you banned as you have no concept of what you are speaking, angels fear to tread where fools venture.

    I do pay a significant amount of real money every month, mainly because there is no other platform such as this, even with the flaws.

    It started as a game but I think we all know it evolves very rapidly beyond the simplistic into a more interesting and complicated experience.

  14. Calin McKinney says:

    Turning comments off takes away a great opportunity to get feedback on each and every issue you post here. There really is no reason to do so ever. You should want to hear from your subscribers as much as possible so you have the best understanding of how every move you make and post here effects folks. Those who care enough to take the time to type comments should be considered valuable assets and sources of information for you on your product. Granted, many may be negative, but it takes special employees to review these comments and summarize good points to share with your management. If your employees who review these comments are tired of being “yelled” or feel like they are always dumped on with negativity…then you need to select other employees to review these comments who are more customer service oriented and better suited and able to handle all feedback, positive and negative.

  15. Shai Khalifa says:

    Maybe there should be a separate site for Notifications – things that will not have comments available. The blog should be for people to interact with LL in some way as well as with each other.

    By not allowing comments, this form of interactive communication – the reason for a blog – is negated.

    So separating the two quite clearly would ‘resolve’ any misconceptions

    🙂 Shai

  16. My 1st question is: When comments are disabled. How come some comments appear anyway ?

    2nd Question: How do we do that? or is it only for the ‘Choosen few’ ?

  17. Wyald Woolley says:

    The concept that “you are simply informing us of things, not asking us things.. ie no input is required,” is absurd since your “announcement” so often is as bug ridden as your coding.

    Frequently an “announcement” tells us a new viewer is available, then the links to that new viewer are borked, and without a way to TELL you that they are borked, a terrible amount of confusion, unnecessary chaos and ill-will is created.

    Frequently gross typos reverse the intended message meaning causing confusion, unnecessary chaos and ill-will. More times than I care to count the “announcement” makes reference to the wrong jira number, or the jira number is scrambled bringing on more confusion, unnecessary chaos and ill-will with no way to TELL you that something is amiss.

    The often poorly thought out “announcements” that offer no way of posting on-topic comments seeking clarity or further detail leave us customers in the dark triggering confusion, unnecessary chaos and ill-will.

    While your “reason” for closing comments looks valid on paper, your abilities at writing announcements are so abysmal that until you can improve your writing skills you need to hold off closing comments.

    As a certain comic-book journalist from the future might have told you, “There is a reason” for keeping comments open.

  18. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “There are many notices that require no user input as they are informational and would elicit the inane one line comments that only take up space and someones time to read.”

    Closing the blog entries doesn’t make responses go away. It just makes them go to other blog entries, they still take up space, and if they’re inane time-wasters they end up wasting the time of the wrong person, and if they’re NOT (and you can’t tell until they’re posted) they end up wasting the time of the wrong person AND may not get to the right person.

    Closing comments doesn’t prevent wasted time and space, then, instead it guarantees more of it.

  19. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Oh, and to get rid of the inane and rarely useful “release keys” button that has been moved to a really really stupid location in Windlight and the new RC, edit “panel_overlaybar.xml” and put an XML comment block (that starts with ) around the third button section (the one that contains the string “Release Keys”).

    It’ll end up looking like this:

    <!– –>

  20. Argent Stonecutter says:

    OK, the XML comment block got commented out, so, let’s try that again.

    The block starts with <!– and ends with –>

    It ends up looking like:

    <!– <button bottom=”1″ follows=”left|bottom” font=”SansSerif” halign=”center” height=”20″
    label=”Release Keys” label_selected=”Release Keys” left=”229″
    name=”Release Keys” scale_image=”true”
    tool_tip=”A script has taken control of your keys. Click here to release them.”
    width=”102″ /> –>

  21. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Thanks, Linden labs. 😦 You ought to just ampersand-encode everything people type in here. Where it’s showing single dashes, those are supposed to be two hyphens. Like so:

    <–– comment ––>

  22. Ryanna Enfield says:

    In complete agreement with comment number 5. So much so that I sent a support request to ask that the Linden’s please not disable comments for the same various said reasons listed above. The reply, I can assure you was very personal, and very unprofessional. It included that they often close the comments as they have no desire to hear how much they “suck” from the community and that allowing us to vent is not productive. I would post their support reply here to demonstrate exactly what I mean, however, I’m afraid they would ban my account for sure. I’m almost afraid to quote here, except for the fact that I’m angry and dissappointed with LL for allowing such a personal and unprofessional correspondence to “sour” our business relationship. When I sent a reply pointing out the unprofessional, and personal response, the LL Representative sent his sincerest apologies pointing out that he did use the term “You” once instead of actually using “the Residents” which could be deemed personal. Let me correct them further to say that I’m not only a Resident but also a “Customer” who spends money for a premium account as well land tier fees. In addition, the end of the apology was simply a, I’m sorry but it is your fault. This is not the way to treat your long standing Customers… Specially one who has been with your company since 05 and was paying money into your company since January of 06.

  23. Di Jun says:

    @3 I very much agree. I have researched Aristotle/Integrity and am very skeptical about trusting them. I’ve been down this road on the blog before, and here it is again, I still don’t trust them anymore then I did a month or so ago with such sensitive material.

    One thing is certain, you must make an informed choice!

    Research it for your own well being. One place you can start is here:

    And don’t stop there, google it yourself, and google it on youtube too. And then ask yourself if dishing out a plate of personally sensitive material is worth it for a game, any game.

    Personally I say protest Aristotle/Integrity as the age verification, and join others that are doing the same

    xox Di

  24. FLeeF says:

    While experiencing the worst of LL’s bug ridden coding, frequent TP failures, inability to login, unexpected logging offs, inventory losses, rezzing/retrieving failures, sim crossing screwups, wacky polygon explosions, crashing to desktop and completely freezing my PC, I used to give you the benefit of the doubt and say to myself, “They must think we’re stupid enough to pay them for this defective software.”

    Well, after reading your condescending impersonation of your customers…

    (To quote you): “NO!” you cry out, “this is unacceptable! Linden Lab is not listening to me and I have something very important to say!”

    …it’s no longer a euphemism. With this latest blog post of yours you have proven undeniably that you think we are all morons, dupes for your amusement and ripe for fleecing.

    Blogs by definition have a place for reader comments. Disable comments and it is no longer a blog; it’s a proclamation station. If you really feel that readers comments aren’t useful to you or it troubles you too much to receive our venting of frustrations, don’t have a blog.

  25. Razrcut Brooks says:

    @ all the crybabys above and below who get bent out of shape when SL closes comments: Really? Please get a First Life.

  26. this has to be the dumbest topic of the week. what LL can’t think of anything else stupid to tell us.

  27. Coon Surya says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the comments are disabled on some posts to reduce the amount of negative feedback, which is bad for P.R. and Lindon Lab’s image as a whole.

    Especially since they didn’t start doing this until public opinion of them amongst their own residents took a major nosedive.

    Second Life encompasses thousands of residents though, and you rarely see over 100 posts to this blog, so Lindon Labs is right about posters here being something of a vocal minority. This blog is limited by nature, so it does not lend itself to being more than a snapshot of residential opinion at best. Still, it would be nice to know it were a snapshot that was at least taken into consideration.

  28. Isabeau Imako says:

    I fully agree that it IS LL’s product and blog and they can do as they wish. I also prefer that they turn comments off when they do not need any feedback instead of leaving them on just to make us feel better, then not read anything we post. I understand how difficult it is to wade through the insults and comments that don’t have anything to do with the subject put forth (believe me, I work in customer service). It’s hard to take the criticism seriously when some (most) are so belligerent. I can think of one regular poster who keeps saying ***shakes his head***, I wish his head would just fall off from all that shaking…

    BUT, customer service is just as important as the product itself. One can not survive without the other. Giving customers a chance (a place) to vent and speak among themselves about a product or service can be a valuable tool, especially since you can always steer the conversation, or nip false information in the bud, BEFORE it goes awry. Keep in mind, some people were never meant to be happy.

    Maybe you could open up a place in the forums? Point people to it when comments are off. Call it ‘Resident Venting’. Okay, maybe not. How about ‘Blog Continued’ ? Customers need to feel they are important in the eyes of a company. Just having a Linden pop in once in a while will get loads of residents on your side. They might even ‘fight’ your battles for you, at times…

    Just a suggestion 🙂

  29. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    @25 Razrcut

    To the crybaby mouthing off at those who voice their opinions here on this blog: get a life period. Freedom of speech and all that you know. This IS a blog. Just because someone disagrees with your personal opinion doesn’t make ’em a crybaby. I’d say their posts are a LOT more valid than yours. If you don’t want to read them… don’t. 😉

  30. Ryanna Enfield says:

    @28 I disagree. It may be a product that LL created, however they are also providing a service to many of us who pay a decent amount of money per month. If they no longer wish to provide us with the service, then they can stop accepting our money each month. Maybe they would like to work for free? If LL wants to simply make announcements, then why not call this Announcements and not a Blog? Also, I think LL has forgotten about what they said in “the rules” for posting. “We love connecting with our community and value tolerance and free expression!”

  31. hugsalot says:

    i think the reasons were obvious with anyone with a functioning brain could figure out. It’s either a topic that really needs no discussion, or they want to avoid the obvious hate that the majority of ppl spew on the comments.

  32. FLeeF says:

    @31 I got news for you, dude: intimating that people don’t have a functioning brain because they complain to the manufacturer about shoddy merchandise and poor customer service is also spewing hate — and what’s more, it’s a personal attack, something those here complaining about a “product” have not even resorted to.

  33. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @31 hugsalot: “It’s either a topic that really needs no discussion, or they want to avoid the obvious hate that the majority of ppl spew on the comments.”

    Yes, we KNOW that’s the argument. Over and over again that argument has been proven WRONG. So quit parroting it.

  34. Fox says:

    “We value free expression. However, stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment.”

    Closed comments on blog posts, a closed forum, in-world ‘meetings’ that cannot be attended because either A) it’s in the wrong timezone or B) you can’t get to the meeting because of technical issues or a full sim.

    By all means prevent your users from giving feedback. Nanny them until the pillow you press on their face causes them to stop breathing.

    Open the blog
    Open the forum
    Open the office!

  35. uh-oh says:

    “What would be a nice next knowledge base article of the week: How safe is identity verification?” A lot safer than having a bunch of sex offenders out here running around without anyone knowing who they are. This latest crack down on pediphiles and sex offenders in the RP sims is a good example of why it is needed. Next time they will know whose door in RL to knock on as well as if we have across the board IDV then once they are banned they wont be coming back in a new account. Why should all of us risk losing everything out here by LL being shut down by some law enforcement agency over a few sex offenders that make up a small worthless percentage of the population out here doing things that are against the TOS and laws in many places.
    Bravo to LL on their latest clean up of the filth out here. 🙂

  36. kenny Stringer says:

    Linden Labs Are Treble About Hear us On Any Thing ! Gamming ban ,Bank Ban! What Need to Be Ban like Ad Cutting it Yet to Be Tacken Care of ! OOO “We cant do That ” Nazi A little to Harsh guy! IT OSMA BINLINDEN 🙂

  37. uh-oh says:

    Like this why is this still out here?

    Place: The Crack Den – Street Role-Play / Urban FF –

    Category: (Mature content)
    Region: Hathian

    We’re stoned like Jesus! Experience a corrupted city based on realistic, dark & graphic roleplay — RPG w/ Crime, Street Violence, Drugs, Gangs, Police, Medical, Hobo & Trailer Trash!! Forced Fantasy RP, Rape Victim, Sex, Capture, Kidnap
    Linden Labs flat out says
    “The diversity of things to see and do within Second Life is almost unimaginable, but our community has made it clear to us that certain types of content and activity are simply not acceptable in any form. Real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depiction of sexual or lewd acts involving or appearing to involve children or minors; real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of sexual violence including rape, real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of extreme or graphic violence, and other broadly offensive content are never allowed or tolerated within Second Life”
    see that? so why is the above place still allowed out here? it advertises rape. Clean it up.

  38. Winter Ventura says:

    “There is a reason.”

    The reason its not “good enough”.

    When the Blog was created, it was touted as a “2 way communication system”. It was unveiled at a time when Linden Labs was killing off Live Help, crippling and ignoring the forums, and literally dismantling EVERY method for residents to inform “the powers that be” of emerging issues like massive inventory losses, major griefing campaigns, gridwide failures of the asset server, etc.

    LL stiuck it’s collective fingers in it’s ears at that time, and said “we don’t want to hear about it”. The “Bug Reporting” system was all but removed in favor of the glitchy “geeks-only” Jira, and the inworld “Abuse Report” system became a true joke. This is when Linden Labs also decided to institute it’s tiered “Support Portal” where 95% of the population couldn’t even submit a “Region Down” report.

    Linden Labs has a LONG way to go in the area of Customer Service, and communications. Robin, Phillip, and Torley all come across as aloof royalty, woefully out of touch with the feelings of the general populace.

    People WANT to be heard, even if it’s on the subject of “Darn there’s some regions down”. If Linden Labs wants to improve it’s public image, it should welcome the chance for it’s customers to comment.. EVEN on the downtimes and restarts etc.

    If you stopped preempting our speech, you might find that many of us would say “Thanks for all your hard work”.

  39. Tegg B says:

    Why would LL care about what goes on in sexplaces when they allow a slime ball land shark to sell land with houses on it covering 16m plots in the middle of the land that they then offer to you afterwards at extortion prices, warn everyone you know and send something to out Lindens who allow this to go on unchecked, full story on the forums.

  40. Very Keynes says:

    Closing comments also make it harder to stay on topic in places where users may be able to assist each other and provide valid feed back.
    Today this blog post came out “Inventory Issues : Top Level folders from Library” but comments were closed.
    Following your posting this one came active “[Update 3:18 PM PST] The rolling restart has begun and should be completed by 8pm PST.” And naturally jumped to the top.

    In the comments several people queried the Inventory issues and got this reply
    “Inventory issues are not related to the rolling restart or to the bugs fixed in the rolling restart. They are actively being worked on right now, and have their own blog post.

    So we have a Linden close his blog and the next one telling us don’t post in my blog post in the closed blog.

    I get the impression closed blogs are being used as a buck passing system and that your people should be made accountable, not only to their peers but to there customers too.

  41. The Inquisitor says:

    Yeeehaaaaw 🙂
    Good morning all together…
    (grabs his coffee and stretches)

    So let’s start:

    @5 Your world – your imagination but NOT your Blog
    (didn’t you realize that LL wants to hide everything uncomfortable which could keep new residents off SL?)

    Hey honestly – if comments would be left on, Linden Lab would
    have to set up a direct Link to the Blog for newcomers like:

    Before you sign up for a new account make sure that you read
    all the ranting about our inability to:

    A) Get a hold of old known issues on the Grid
    B) Get a hold of our constant website issues
    C) Get a hold of our supporrt Portal System
    D) Get a hold of our Phone System
    E) Get a hold of the “Teenager on SL” Problem
    F) Get a hold of the main Problems with their Viewer

    I could go on like that – but these were the most important

    With the new TOS Linden Lab allows everyone to have alts
    no matter what.

    So now – have I been a fool and paid money to register my
    alt I have on SL just bec. I didn’t want to breach the TOS?
    Does that make me a fool now? Obviously yes – since LL changes
    their TOS like and how they want.
    What comes next? LEGAL CONTENT THEFT? Oh wait a second
    the new TOS is already making a sharp turn directing to legal
    content theft.

    @35 I wouldn’t mind to send all my personal info to Linden Lab
    or to a third Party – since I have NOTHING to hide.
    I’d prefer an immediate AGEVERIFICATION to get finally rid of
    all the kids – human trash and moochers with their camping bots.

    Everyone who has a problem with the age verification has more or less dirt to hide under their carpet.
    About not knowing your Identiy on the net….
    Have you ever heard that an IP adress can be traced right back
    to your PC and that your ISP has to keep records of your connection
    and what sites you visited for legal purpose?
    So… if you think that you’re anonymous – LOOOOL – cummon unplug your PC – slam your door – lock it – close the windows and blindfold them bec.

    WE ARE WATCHING YOUUUUUUU (insert creepy sound here)

    Oh and don’t worry – Daddy won’t be called by Linden Lab…
    cuz their phone system is down (insert goofy sound here)

    In my opinion the best would be to turn SL back to that what it
    was: A portal for paying residents…
    Close SL for all non paying residents
    Stop the no payment info on file politics
    Age Verification with a valid credit card – that should satisfy a lot
    of residents.
    And this would stop the ongoing content theft.

    OK now I’m public enemy #1 of the day – but honestly….
    I don’t give a wet fart if a no payment noob is upset that I don’t
    want to see their face on SL.

    If LL keeps up thier strategy like that… you’ll see SL going down
    the drain….



    (go think about that one)

    Live long and prosper my friends and have a great day on our
    beloved SL.

    You can’t live without it…. mbwahahahaha

    (add creaking door sound here)

  42. It is understandable that blogs are closed when there is a large enough sample of replies. However:

    1) it happened that I spent time to chisel a comment, quoting sources, explaining delicate points… but when I posted it, I got “comments closed”. This is a bit frustrating, and so, please, when you close comments, do this by removing the “submit comments” button and associated fields, while letting the comments already in the pipe do their path. (this need some cautions, thought, such as not allowing the use of the navigator cache for this page)

    2) some forum topics need more thourough discussions than just pro-anti. This is for instance the case with topics which entail morality or behavioural issues. When such a topic is proposed, usually the 100 comments limit is reached in half an hour, and peoople who log in once a day never have the occasion to give their opinion.

    3) such topics as above often require a more thorough discussion than just pro-anti. However most people just express a simple pro or anti-opinion, and people with more relevant or detailed advice have no occasion to post. So it would maybe be better to allow for a simple vote (pro-anti-more detailed) so that people with a more detailed opinion will have more place to express. Often such opinions prove to be more useful, so it is really a problem to miss them.

    4) please be more strict on removing all off-topic or polemical comments, which uselessly take space on the blog. This is a delicate issue, as off-topic replies can have a relevance of their own. But once I saw a comment which just said:”I put another comment here, so that we reach sooner the 100 limit”.

    5) useless to say, please read the comments. They can be used as a poll, to have sample of opinions. But minority opinions often prove more relevant than what everybody repeat.

    6) don’t necessarily follow the majority. It is far too easy to post with duplicate identities or to start a lobbying. Another issue was visible with the example of the voice feature. Seems that a majority of users oppose it, for several very different motives. Should you abandon it for this reason? No, because some people base their SL activity on it (business meetings for instance, where privacy is not a concern).

  43. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @41, totally agree with your ‘payment policy’. I am saying this since months already. Get rid of the free accounts. Possibly let new residents try the game for a couple of weeks. Following this trial period, charge them some memebership fee. Does neither be a premium account, but rather a cheap one. As you always know where everyboday comes from, you may even have different tariffs for different countries/world areas to enable members from developing countries (if they have speedy connections and hardware available to run SL anyway) to participate (you may even think of free accounts for certain countries.

    Just my opinion.

    And: I am sometimes angry about closed comments when other blogs are already full and I would have loved to contribute to them but had no chance due to my time zone….

  44. the bat says:

    Ìf it’s good –tell your friends , If its bad tell us` <—- seen that one before anywhere ?? — allowing venting of steam here by opening all posts to comments would really actually help by reducing the amoubt of negative PR generated by people having to move outside SL’s circle to the wider community to find a place to vent. The SL crowd mostly understand that your blowing off steam in frustration but wouldnt bother if you didnt care about SL — the rest of the planet just get the “sl sucks” message without the understanding. Open the comments 😀 you know it makes sense.

  45. Sherry Greggan says:


    I think the “get rid of the release keys button” tip serves far more value to us than anything I’ve previously read on knowledgebase article of the week.

    Tellin us why we can’t comment is not what I’d call the most useful of information to know.

  46. Bradley Bracken says:

    Thanks for the Tip. It’s tiring to hear the complaints about not being able to post their comments over issues where there is really nothing to comment on.

    Also, can everyone at LL please read post #2 at least 50 times. Something really needs to be done about the individual mentioned and NOW.

  47. Kat Hynes says:

    I truly understand why yesterdays comments were closed on the issue of inventory loss. Because the simplistic solution they posted about clearing your cache simply DOES NOT work!
    I’ve tried this on several occasions with zero items ever returned.
    So rather than get 150 negative comments LL simply closed comments, as they knew the responses would all be not so good !
    At least in this instance LL SHOULD have closed comments.

  48. Not My Real Name says:

    In response to #22 about being afraid to post what LL responded with…

    I had posted some complaints a while back on here using my SL name and in the course of 2 weeks thereafter I had my account suspended FIVE TIMES. It was obvious what had happened.

    I’ve been a pristine SLer for over a year with no blemish on my record and paying $75+ per month in tier. Then I posted an exact ver batim reply I received from an LL employee, including their announcement that I was a moron.

    In two weeks thereafter my account was suspended because of a failed PayPal transaction (three times, though it had never failed before), once I was suspended for “fraudulent behavior” because I *gasp* purchased 4,096m2 of land – and they said that was an “unusually large land purchase” even tough I’d bought and sold a 16,384m2 parcel just a week before without any issue.

    And the fifth time I was suspended was because of “a glitch” in their system.

    Be wary when using your real SL name on the comments from now on. I know I’ll never do so again and I now use a proxy server to disguise my IP address too just in case.

  49. Zi Ree says:

    @47: Kat, if you look closely at the blog post about the inventory issue, you will see, that this was not about inventory loss, but about additional folders showing up in the inventory which did not belong there. So, separate issue, and subsequently, the solution might not work for another issue.

  50. Cappy Frantisek says:

    “In my opinion the best would be to turn SL back to that what it
    was: A portal for paying residents…
    Close SL for all non paying residents
    Stop the no payment info on file politics
    Age Verification with a valid credit card – that should satisfy a lot
    of residents.
    And this would stop the ongoing content theft.”

    Yes, do close SL to all non-paying residents. Then all the content creators can sell to themselves. You think paying accounts keep the economy of SL turning? You must be joking!

    And you can’t age verify by credit card. I seem to remember a dog, yes that’s canine, that was granted a credit card. Someone wanted to see just how scrupulous the credit card companies were and got a credit card for their dog.

    Wake up people, you think this platform is created for your benefit? This is a platform to show big business the capabilities of getting sheep like us to pay for something that should be free. The internet was devised for free access to information and communication. Granted you have to take all information gathered with a “grain of salt” because anyone with a computer can post nonsense to the world wide web.

    Wow I need another cup of cofee!

  51. Arbella Dragonash says:

    I feel feedback from your customers is important. Second Life needs to be a democracy for it to function healthily imho.
    What bugs me is that it’s all skewed to suit north americans…when it’s been discovered that the majority of active users are european.
    Having NCI classes when GMT and CET residents prefer to be in bed is thoughtless.
    Please watch CNN a lot more and learn more about residents on the rest of the planet.
    Thank you for trying so hard to bring us a quality service. 🙂

  52. Vivienne Daguerre says:

    You would think from the comments that the Lindens are a malicious group of people who are bent on being spiteful, cruel, malicious and whose primary goal is to make you frustrated and unhappy. No wonder they turn them off!

    Perhaps they are part of a larger conspiracy to cause short life spans through raising your blood pressure and causing frustration. (The government has the cure to aging and death you know, but are deliberately holding it back because morticians have a very rich and powerful lobby group.) 😛

    Seriously, they have made this amazing place that is very complex and the first of its kind. It has bugs, yes, and that is to be expected. They seem to be working very hard to maintain the system, fix the bugs, and improve it with new features and content. They also appear to make a wonderful effort to be open communicate with us and keep us up to date.

    However, they are human and one can only take so much angry and childish backlash and whining without it starting to demoralize them. Some of the paranoid “they could make it better, but they won’t” crap is self-replicating, setting off others to do the same.

    I repeat, it is a wonder that they ever enable the comments with some of the crap I see here.

    We are on the adult grid, are we not people??

  53. The Inquisitor says:

    As it seems you have no idea what you’re posting – I just took a look at your inworld profile… and well – maybe it’s because you smoke too much weed.
    Lemme guess the dog with the credit card came along with white mice. mbwahahahaha
    Honestly – DRUGS are no good – at least not for you as it seems.

    Now tell me – if SL should be completely free of charge…
    How shall it be run then?

    Oh I forgot… Server – Connections – Staff – Technicians they all
    smoke weed and are happy to do it for nothing.

    Oh are you also complaining that WOW is just based on “paid”

    Any other portal on the net which is quite attractive takes money
    for their service.
    So why should be SL the only exception?

    Maaaan wake up and stop killing your braincells with THC.

    For those of you who are to lazy to look up his profile:
    (This is a 100% copy and not faked):

    “Here for fun and a goodtime. Drama should be left in the rw, I hate drama! Not looking for a SL relationship!
    LA DI DA DI, I LOVE TO PARTY, I DON’T GET MAD I DON’T BOTHER NOBODY! Hey Hey Hey Hey, smoke weed everyday!”

    Awesome… really awesome

  54. Perefim Cao says:

    I know that everyone else has said all the intellegent things with the long drawn out comments.. but I want to vent my bit..

    1. COMMENTS allow people to give feedback, and if feedback isn’t important then you mean your customers are not important.

    2. if you disable comments your really only stabbing yourself in the foot by pissing off people unnecessarily..

    3. I could say all the millions of reasons why you should keep comments on all times.. but I think it is obvious that turning off comments is a very very very BAD idea, and Nothing ever good happens from it, only bad results.. PERIOD.

  55. Gil Druart says:

    Making a possibly quite futile attempt to get back on topic ….

    By all means – and I do understand it – close comments while you deal with am acute issue. That makes a lot of sense. But THEN open them.

    How *many* times have we seen “blah, blah is now resolved” and need a channel to let you know that, actually, no, it isn’t resolved at all? Or when we need to tell you that your fix has introduced another really major problem?

    A golden rule I try to beat into my RL support technicians is “a problem isn’t fixed until the customer agrees it is fixed”. That’s going to be kind of hard to determine with your fingers in your ears, isn’t it …..?

  56. nomoresecrets says:

    So, the conclusions seem to be:
    It’s our fault if we lose stuff
    It’s our fault there are bugs because we don’t beta
    It’s our fault there are bugs because we don’t use the (Beta) JIRA
    It’s our fault that the inventory loss “fixes” in the server update have zeroed out loads of our inv
    It’s our fault we can’t repro bugs, crashes, losses
    It’s our fault we don’t have a state of the art machine
    It’s our fault when our graphics card ceases to work with a new update
    It’s our fault the 1.15 update broke all the messaging with the new format
    It’s our fault there is not enough synthetic testing
    It’s our fault they rush deployment and have to rely on systems for years and years
    It’s our fault all the contact channels have gone because we use them too much to try to get real answers
    It’s all our fault…

  57. nomoresecrets says:

    sorry for opening a second post….

    but i like this definition on why blogs are closed more:
    Guidelines for Blog Comments 🙂

    it works btw. without your jira-thing…

  58. Cat Gisel says:

    Another reason why comments are off:

    Some of us out here just DON’T GET IT lol

  59. mimi says:

    @ uh-oh

    that wasnt what I was talking about. Read my post again.

    I have nothing against a SAFE age verification for us adults, but i do have BIG problem with the way SL wants to age verify us, and the company they chose to do so.

    And yes I HAVE things to hide from my real life. Its none of peoples business what kind of weird furry-sex/bdsm/whatever things I do in my SL sexlife.

    SO yes, I want to keep that part of my life private. And NO, I don’t think a country like the USA needs to know about me doing that, and certainly not a company that sells its information to big companies.

    Don’t you think it’s weird LL refuses to give a valid answer to the questions: is IVD safe for us? That they refuse to comment on the company and answer important questions with “we belive aristotele will” instead of “we made sure aristotele will”…?
    Don’t you get a feeling they have something to hide?

    Oh by the way, pedophilles and kids can still register. People have tested they can register as ‘paris hilton’ or ‘tupac shakur’. IVD is nothing but a cover up.

    We need real IDV, not this crappy one.

  60. Aislinn says:

    All of these comments, and all of LL problems thus far, is why many of us refuse to upgrade to a premium account. Why pay for the kind of BS, lies and intrusions we have all endured? LL has a tendency to play God, then say Oh well, we can’t help it, its not our fault.

    My Studio was eaten, and there was NO RECOURSE. I had to rebuild and re-buy EVERYTHING! LL response? There was not one. I, and many others, got screwed and ripped off by one of their many half-assed region restarts.

    LL offers a “service” but then fails to provide it to those paying for it. This has been a constant the whole time I’ve been in SL.

    Whether my account is basic or premium, when real life money is brought in world to make a purchase, there is a legal responsibility to make that purchase safe and viable, i.e. to not “eat” it then delete and tell me to go get another one. Even in a game world you have responsibilities as a “self proclaimed government”. Care to disagree “governor Linden”. You take the title, you gotta take the heat, too.

    To simply shrug it off, is only going to cause more problems for LL and potential lawsuits, as they fail to provide services that are paid for,fail to give a reasonable service for the fees they charge (including $L exchanges), fail to protect privacy, (teetering on breaking laws and outright breaking many) and continue to kiss the ass of companies like Aristotle for profit. True, we have “no proof” they are getting paid for this information sharing they are doing, but it is in the backs of all our minds and it is a reasonable concern.

    No one in business does anything for nothing. So, what is LL getting in return for their association with Aristotle?

    How long until we are all sold out completely? And how many of us were fool enough to pay for that sell out?

    Linden Labs, you are losing money, losing residents and pissing off an awful lot of people. Your lack luster performance in ALL areas is disgusting.

    Thus far, there is only ONE of you who EVER tried to do a damn thing to help out anyone in SL, and that was Data Linden (by the way, this rant was not directed at you, as you are the only one who has helped! Thank you for that, Data.)

    The rest of you? Step up while you still have an SL to work for, or you could find yourselves looking for new jobs when you are bought out by someone else who WILL do the job right.

  61. Deunan Pink says:

    It’s becoming quite clear to me that Linden Lab’s ‘customer service’ is as fundamentally shoddy as the rest of its product. Running away from your own fora, closing blog comments, sending out surveys that are logically inconsistent all point to a company that really doesn’t want to listen to paying customers at all.

    The one single thread of complaint that has been running for as long as I have been a customer (please get away from this “resident” mind-set, it seems like another manifestation of your attitude to us), is the issue of stability. Your customers scream for stability, we are promised stability – yet what is the one thing we don’t get?

    Now, to tell us that we don’t need the ability to comment is nothing short of insulting. Go and read that knowledge base article again please and put yourself in the shoes of a paying customer.


  62. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Allow comments on all the blog entries.

    Raise the limit on the comments to at least 250.

    That would give all who want to reply more of a chance to do so, within a more reasonable time frame.

    Blog comments used to be limited to 500. That was rarely reached, unless there was ‘good reason” for it to be reached, such as an important topic.

    And as you can see, even in the recent past, many entries don’t have very many comments, simply because they aren’t the sort of thing to merit many.

    But to decide preemptively that you already know what everyone might say, and that they can’t POSSIBLY add any important little tidbit that might actually help you with something, is a bad idea.


  63. Maximillian Desoto says:

    Errr, why did we have to go to the Support Portal to get this info? It was short enough, you could have posted the whole entry as a blog post!! And you wonder why people complain about the blog?

  64. nomoresecrets says:

    Max, they need u in the support-portal to identify you :))

    and they close the blogs, because too many “non-premium”-members could reach them….

  65. n0rm4l says:

    A suggestion: require that blog commentors log in with their SL names so that there is less anonymity. It might encourage people to think about what they are saying, give more meaningful feedback, and criticize a little more thoughtfully rather than the deluge of temper tantrum spaz outs that the blog comments usually become.

  66. For Randt says:

    @25 Razrcut – Indeed and agreed! And further, it’s Linden Lab’s own business, figuratively and literally. Sink or swim, they can do whatever the hell they freakin’ want!

  67. pantaiputih korobase says:

    does anyone else experience periods with 1.19.0 when you are not able to log in for minutes, trying it 10 or 20 times, program shuts down every 3rd or 4th time sending a crash report without asking you to do so or not and once in a while, you suddenly can log in again?

  68. For Randt says:

    That was one cent, here’s the other: I go someplace and buy a burger and there’s something about it I don’t like, I don’t rant and rave at the poor sap behind the counter or write to management (and keep coming back and doing the same thing over and over again), I go somewhere else. “But there’s no place else like it!” Arguable, but even so, so what?

    You don’t like the burger, don’t buy it and just move along. There are plenty in line who want one.

  69. Ciaran Laval says:

    There are some good issues raised here.

    Having a different means of communicating updates instead of the blog.

    Allowing some means of communication regarding resolved issue so that people can easily point out problems still exist (and the Jira does not fit that bill).

    Closing comments means other issues get derailed on other blogs and that’s a lost chance of feedback.

    Most importanly LL, start thinking systemically. The support article about blog comments not being representative of the community as a whole, no feedback fits that bill, it’s churlish to say that.

    When your guys are fixing things and are saying they are too busy to feedback to their customers, it’s up to the customer service people to tell them they’re talking rubbish, because your customers appreciate feedback. Stop working in narrow filters there and make people see the product as a whole, not just their little piece of the product, everyone is working for the whole product.

    This line of thinking probably stems from the tao of Linden, but narrow minded thinking leads to poor communication which leads to the impression that your customer service is poor.

  70. Ryanna Enfield says:

    I’m a resident.. but most importantly, I’m a Customer. I *pay* for the service that LL provides me. In the real world, if I no longer wanted to accept LL’s failing Quality of Service and Condescending Customer Service/Support, I’d find another company to invest my money and time into. The problem I see here is that to date there is nothing that can compare to the Environment SL has created. Since there is no competition and no threat of some other company stepping up with exceptionional Service and Professional, quality Customer Service, LL can basically treat their Customers however they want. That is… until something else does come along. At that time, the competitor need only to be just a bit better with the Service provided and a bit better with Customer Service and you will see SL devoid of people for the first time in a long while. Keep the comments open. Promote an environment where there is open communication, not just between LL and its Customers, but also between Residents. Sometimes it is comforting as well as informative to know we are not alone with our frustrations. I see nothing unproductive in that.

  71. Kenny Devoix says:

    Actualy where I agree comments should be left open for feedback, I also think that this blog should be moderated better. When a post passes the point of intelligent adult feedback and becomes nothing more then a off topic, hate filled,insulting rant from a obviously immature troubled person it should be deleted and that poster warned and banned from posting on the blog is it continues. I also agree that all posters here should have to use their SL avatar name. That would help keep those who have banned in the past from continuing to post their BS on the blog under a nickname.

    Another thing I have noticed is if someone asks for help here and someone offers a suggestion that has worked, is that if it dont involve calling LL every name in the book and blaming them for the problem the person gets called a fanboi and basicly flamed for offering a suggestion that although simple could very possibly solve the problem.

    How many other businesses in the world provide a place for people to “vent” ? Not to many from what I have seen.

  72. For Randt says:

    Having spent my 2 cents I do agree and share the general opinion that comments should always be left open, certainly for entries like @67 that could result in useful feedback from anyone. And similar posts. Hell, why not leave them open for anything constructive, off topic or not. Who does it harm? Is the bandwith LL expends here that costly? At any rate, my 2 cents was to pay towards folks like @71 Kenny describes…

  73. nomoresecrets says:

    lol for randt… laughing out loud. thats your thought of business? Keep customers away? lol, who is paying for you the SL? Who is paying your RL?

    if i didnt get at MCD the right burger, or i dont like the cucumbers on them, i tell them, believe…. or i go to the other side of the street to burgerking… so silly to send people away with your “understanding” of business… are You philip Linden? he seems to think same!

  74. Cappy Frantisek says:

    The Inquisitor Says: nothing good.

    I suppose you believe everything you read. You must also be the person that doesn’t mind paying for a service and only having it work 25% of the time. I guarantee if your cable went out, you be bitching to the cable company. And they expect that and fix it, or they give you a partial refund.

    But off the personal attacks against another resident. It seems Linden Labs has created in the majority of “residents” a sense that the platform is so complex. It’s a good thing they don’t write avaiation software, or I’d never get on a plane again!

    “This is your Captain speaking. When we took off our plane was functioning normally but as we have reached our cruising altitude we notice some performance issues. Instead of returning to the airport, we are going to try a restart. Better yet, why not throw in a untried system and see if that fixes the problem. Good luck to all. I hope to see you at your destination. And thank you for flying…..”

    Not what I would like to hear. And btw, the weed reference is from tv, I’m a cop in rl.

  75. For Randt says:

    lol nomoresecrets, perhaps you should be sure you understand a post before you reply to it…so silly to send people away with your “understanding” of my post :o)

  76. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    Closing comments is a stupid thing to do because
    – it looks arrogant and
    – you throw away information that could be valuable (like hints from the community that the reported status is WRONG.

    Anyway… why do I post this?

  77. Isablan Neva says:

    Let’s be blunt. The only reason people want comments on all blog posts is because this seems to be the only place where anyone can actually get a Linden response. If people just wanted to whine and commiserate, there is are 5 or 6 SL user forums full of company for their misery. What many seem to be asking for here is a chance to whine and have a Linden maybe actually respond.

    That is the ONLY reason people want comments on all blog posts – to maybe get an actual Linden to pay attention to them because they are frustrated and want to be heard.

  78. Stephe Ehrler says:

    One thing they need to do is ONLY allow one post per perso. several users here will regularly post 10-20 coments in one blog entry basically taking up 1/5 of the limited coments with idle “chat room” dialog. In this very entry multiple people posted 4-5 entries. THAT is what blocks other people from giving their opinions more than anything else IMHO. Post what is on your mind, then let other people post theirs instead of using the blog to debate other residents..

  79. Pepper Haas says:

    A blog is supposed to be interactive. Put your announcements on the login page, and if you ALSO Blog them, then leave comments open. Or else the tone of the comments posted on blogs where the peasants are allowed to speak, will continue to be overwhelmingly negative.

    Also the statement that those who complain never give solutions is completely false. In fact I have gotten more useful tips and tricks from reading the blog comments than from Torley. Some who comment are ICT professionals who are ready with solutions but get nobody at LL to listen to them. Others are experienced sl users who tell you precisely what they and thousands of avatars want and expect from you, with details and exlamation marks, and that sl would greatly improve if you implemented their suggestions, is beyond doubt.

    A Blog is interactive. Closing Comments is unprofessional and, frankly, hateful.

  80. Pepper Haas says:

    Sorry for taking up two posts but there seems to be room:

    “what other business allows its customers to vent?” answer: they all do. Every store, hotel, company of note has a customer service department, where you can either go in person to “vent” or send a mail to “vent” about such things as false advertising, the product not working as claimed or at all, allowing trash to heap up in the isles. Should any customer of any business actually suffer damage from a defective product, they moreover have a way to “vent” in court.

    What other business says to customers with legitimate complaints about their product, well go describe it in terms only geeks can follow and then wade through pages of that stuff to find your issue and vote and we’ll see if we will get around to it? Rather, other businesses say we will fix this as soon as we can and offer reasonable compensation for downtime.

  81. Kenny Devoix says:

    My point is that the majority of those companys you talk of do not have public forums where a person is allowed to vent and go off on a immature rant, calling those that run the company morons,idiots and other childish outbursts.Criitism is one thing a rant like that is another. Try ranting,raving and threatening most CSR’s and see where it gets you. Look at Sidewinder’s threads about Havok4, the people that present their critism and problems in a adult and intelligent manner get a response and normaly the problem is solved. The ones that just have a offtopic immature rant find their comments moderated out and that how it should be.
    I also cant remember a single time that I have been offered compensation from a electric or a phone company for instance because of a outage. If a resturant has poor food and poor service do you keep going back and complaining and venting? Or do you find another resturant?

    When push comes to shove SL is owned by LL and not controlled by the people that use it and is the persons own choice to stay or leave because of the service, its not like it is a essential service that a person can’t live without.

  82. Minnie says:

    I personally see both sides of this.
    I can understand why LL shuts off the comments a lot, most of the posts are useless for the most part and I can see where they don’t need all that nonsense using up space.

    That said, I also see how SL residents would want comments open all the time. It’s not really fair to call it a blog if the owner doesn’t allow anyone else to blog! Just call this area “Announcements” and turn off comments completely and the problem is solved.

    But, LL does need to find a way for it’s residents to express ALL comments and feelings, whether that’s email, a blog, a forum or some other online form of communication. Until that is done, comments should remain on for every post on the blog.

    Every business has a comment card, an email address, a customer support / comment line, some permanent way for its customers to give feedback. LL needs to find a method to do that and quickly before it loses it’s paying customer base.

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