Governance Team inworld office hours

Hello Community!

Just wanted to remind everyone that members of the Governance Team will be holding office hours on Wednesdays at 10am PST and Saturdays at 12pm (noon) PST on the island in the Kremer region.

Each session we will try to have a topic for discussion which will be announced at the start of the hour. We’ll also be answering questions from the community about the Terms of Service and Community Standards, providing help on how to have an untroubled Second Life, and giving some information on how the team resolves abuse reports.

Please remember, the team can’t accept abuse reports at the meeting; tell you about the status of any reports; discuss the outcome of any reports or situations; or discuss the account status of any Residents.

Our inworld office hours are also listed here.


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31 Responses to Governance Team inworld office hours

  1. Kula Anatine says:

    can we have Governance office hours and discussion about the stability of the grid and updates of the viewer that work “i’m such a 50 us dollar a month complainer” hey that’s a lot a money to me.

  2. Sindy Tsure says:

    Do you post transcripts to the wiki, Harry?? If not, please consider it!!

  3. Chilko Tardis says:

    TSL, plz?

  4. RicanWolf Lyon says:

    wish LL would work more on getting SL to work right, rather than worrying about a few nutjobs orbiting people. The Nasty nagging Lag, The Constant viewer crashing, Failed Teleporting, & Inventory failures should be Top Priority. Just a Opinion….

  5. Ciaran Laval says:

    These meetings were great until the awful mic system was introduced but I guess that works better for you guys, makes me feel like I’m back at school.

    It’s a shame they’ve changed to two a week but in some ways this is probably more beneficial for you guys as you don’t have to answer the same questions three or four times a week and a Saturday meeting is a very good move.

  6. Bobo Decosta says:

    Open the debate on bringing freedom back to Second Life. Stop the nanny politics!

  7. Knightshade Nightfire says:

    would be helpful to have a means of reporting rouge companies thats just not swept under the table. Im into sl for $50 a month to we need a good level of service . and sevices to work. take care all.

  8. toric says:

    @4 RicanWolf – some of the nasty lagging lag and viewer crashing comes from the very people the governance team has to deal with, there is a lot more trouble and a little orbiting out there. And you understand that operations people and programmers do completely different jobs and usually have completely different education and training backgrounds, right? You don’t want the cook working on your plumbing, even if it’s a really good cook.

  9. MarkByron Falta says:

    For the past few months, I’ve observed several of the pubic sandbox simulators being intentionally spammed, lagged, and crashed on a daily basis by a never ending stream of throwaway alternate avatars. While submitting AR’s can sometimes deal with the aftermath and result in a ban of a particular avatar, it’s certainly not timely and I hope to hear the Governance Team address how they plan to be proactive instead of reactive as it pertains to preventing abuse and/or mitigating it’s effects. While unpopular policy changes could make some difference, the real solution is building anti-griefing capabilities into the system architecture and ensuring simulators and the client are more able to withstand and/or automatically counter-act various types of denial of service attacks.

  10. Woohoo – a SATURDAY. wow, those of us who are slave in RL can actually have chance to attend. 😉

  11. Shame ya’ll hadda cut back, but makes sense given the usually small size of the meetings.

    @1 – there are other office hours, including ones that would seem to cover what your looking for.

    @4 – False assumption: because the governance team has public office hours =/= no one is working on stability. Are you assuming the Governance team would be banging on the code if they weren’t doing their current job?

    @6 Amen

  12. Atashi Toshihiko says:

    How is that Estate-Level Governance project coming? It was announced in the blog in April 2007 and then not a peep since. I understand it’s still coming, but an ETA would be great. The original blog entry was:

  13. Iexo Bethune says:

    @Bobo Decosta: I do agree that LL made a bad decision about their recent moral “cleansing”, but this is not the place to discuss it. Let’s attend the next discussion this Saturday.

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  15. Shannon Marellan says:

    How about some governance around how SL puts out a new Windlight client that is totally unusable (see public issue tracker regarding 1.19) and then won’t let you revert to the previous client? I have to drop my entire windlight testing now because of the errors. Governance needs to kick somebody’s tail in the back room and make multiple clients run just like with the production releases – that was done to prevent these issues where you now can’t function any more. Can you get on that please?

  16. Fox says:

    I’m with #15 on this. the Windlight ‘update’ is a real piece of work.
    The UI is completely broken; buttons moved to illogical unusable places, windows that move around when you open inventory, windows that will NOT move below a certain space on the bottom of the screen, giant ‘*name here* is online.’ messages smearing across the right bottom corner of the screen, EVERYTHING in view being semi transparent when you have parcel borders turned on, Voice being activated by default WITHOUT WARNING (thanks for that one! not!), the list goes on and on.

    Fix it already or let us use the previous viewer, which was fine to begin with!

  17. Bobo Decosta says:

    @13 Why not? Should I be discussing stability instead?

  18. Drako Nagorski says:

    hey any chance you guys could undo the last windlight update?
    the UI sucks and its laggy as hell. also why move everything around AND do bug fixes? thats like trying to do an experiment with 2 variables… you cant tell where it all goes wrong. if youre gonna do something, do it right and test it before you force it onto the grid

  19. Martin Magpie says:

    Govern…. no thanks. I pay you each month for an island. It’s your job not to “handle” me but to provide a service. Do your job or I will take my money elsewhere.

  20. Malachi Petunia says:

    “Each session we will try to have a topic for discussion which will be announced at the start of the hour.”

    Woot! Should I go to this meeting? Well, what’s on the agenda? They don’t know. Oh.

  21. Martin Magpie says:


  22. Shai Khalifa says:

    I would like to attend but being in Australia, the time zone puts it out of the question. So in lieu of being able to be here – here’s a suggestion that shouldn’t be toooo hard to implement.

    If LL recieve 2 or more griefing/harrassment complaints that can be attributed to a single email login account (in the case of 1 person creating multiple avatars for example) – that person’s account should be suspended and their ability to re-establish under alternative means blocked. Some notice can be given that this action is going to be taken and a system of managing this put in place, but it might reduce instances of malicious behaviour from a re-offending minority.

    My twopence worth for the day

  23. Steel Halasy says:

    Hi Harry and Team.

    Would it be possible to post the “topic for discussion” in advance? That way, those interested can prepare and bring meaningful dialog (with examples of issues) to the meeting.

    Thanks for considering this.

  24. Zi Ree says:

    For all of you who have problems with the new Widlight update, please go to the PJIRA and vote for the issues. Each one of then you mentioned here is already in there, you just need to log in and click “Vote”. This will help more than mentioning the same bugs and issues over and over again in the blog comments.

    Friends box:
    Parcel borders:
    … and so on

  25. Wendy Forager says:

    I agree with all the ppl inhere about the Windlight 1.19 update. I totally sucks. I crash out before even can do something because of the voice that is automatically enabled. And it is very bad you can’t use an older version instead because that option has been taken away. This update is one of the most worse ones I have ever seen since I use SL. But Linden keep working on that less important things you think are important, as moving all buttons and screens around and the bling things like voice. You really care what ppl say to you *NOT*

  26. Orfej says:

    Two times a week is good period for us and for Governance team.I have just one comment on this – you can change time for every time zone to be OK.It will be the best to put one time at the noon and other meeting time in the evening.

  27. Wyald Woolley says:

    Changing the WindLight UI was totally unnecessary for evaluating the windLight experience. I was going along quite well with my MacBook Pro until this last update, which, by the way, was supposed to improve the operation on a Mac. The screwed up UI stopped me in my tracks and I have not been back evaluating WindLight since.

    So messing with (and messing up) the UI was/is counterproductive to getting the bugs out of the WindLight code.

    For those of you want are calling for being able to run multiple versions of WindLight during the testing phase: You don’t get it, do you? To test the code of WindLight means running the latest beta code in the viewers. Old code is of no importance to the testers. It’s all about how well the latest version runs.

    Once it has been made stable (a very relative term) and functional, it will no longer be a Release Candidate, but a Released version of the viewer that will no longer require you to update every time.

    For those on the WindLight development team that think your latest wild hair UI idea is the way to go…STOP IT! Let’s test one thing at a time. Your goofy ideas are impacting the main testing objective.

  28. Sean Petit says:

    The governance team has nothing to do with Windlight UIs or any other development client; they are concerned with in-world adherence to the TOS, CS and a safer experience for residents. You should be directing development questions to the DEVELOPMENT team through the JIRA.

    You are posting in the wrong topic.

  29. Zi Ree says:

    Harry, please approve my posting #24, so people can see the URLs to the PJIRA entries they commented on in this blog posting. Thanks! The wordpress spam filter seems to be a little overexcited about multiple URLs in comments.

  30. Concerned says:

    This is all well and good, but again you must be applauded for ignoring the most serious issues with your service in light of transparent “feel-good” efforts for the immersionist fanboys.

    When you are able to tell me why Second Life WON’T run without repeatedly crashing… on an $8,000.00 Macintosh production system… when every other graphically-intensive video game and application WILL, I’ll start listening.

    SL was a good first start for virtual worlds, now it is time for Google or someone else competent to step up to the plate with a similar platform, software that ACTUALLY WORKS like it is supposed to. Just look at the main page of this blog… day after day, error after error, and people are still PAYING for this service?

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