Havok4 Beta Preview refreshed with 16 fixes (2008-02-05)

The Havok4 Beta Preview has been updated with the most recent Havok4 Beta Server v1.19.0.79349. This version includes some important updates, and we thought it best to have a brief test period on the Beta Preview before rolling this update out to our early adopters on Second Life. If the Beta Preview experience is positive over the next couple of days, we will likely deploy this version to the Second Life Early Adopter group this Thursday.

If you would like your private island to be copied to the Beta Preview, please IM me in-world so that we can work out a schedule slot to rotate it onto the preview.

Please note that some items listed below as “DEV” duplicate the behavior described in pjira “SVC” bug reports. If you see a fix listed below that appears to resolve a problem that you have reported in the Public Issue Tracker (https://jira.secondlife.com/), it would be very helpful if you could verify that the fix is correct and close the item. We will be doing our own scrub of the publicly reported items later this week; however if you could help out in closing resolved items, it saves time that we can spend on resolving more issues to get Havok4 ready for release. Thanks in advance!

This refresh includes the following updates (note that SVC items were logged on the public jira, whereas DEV items were logged internally):

DEV-9324: Avatars no longer fall through prim stages and floors with many avatars on a region and high physics load

DEV-9236: Altitude is now held consistently with flight assist at high altitudes

SVC-1089: Avatar inertia now maintained when jumping (fix basketball and other sports)

SVC-1073: llGetStartParameter() now returns real value, and not always zero

SVC-1146 and SVC-38: LSL scripting – llSetPrimitiveParams now behaves correctly when setting options on different sides. The solution implemented may affect existing scripts that rely on work-arounds for bugs in the old, pre-Havok4 behavior and we are looking for feedback on those cases. Please comment in those issues with specific parameter orders that you need but no longer work and include the needed results.

SVC-1301: Builds packaged with Rez-Foo now build correctly

DEV-5014: Spheres using “Dimple Begin” now collide correctly

DEV-8718: LSL scripting – llTargetOmega objects now spin correctly without being selected

This is “take 2 on DEV-8718”: In some cases child objects would still not spin correctly without being selected after the last fix. This time it is believed that child objects will also behave. Please let us know if this is not the case!

DEV-9240: Create copy selected now generates gapless alignment to the adjacent object

DEV-9329: A few regions experienced physical objects being thrown off-world at startup with the beta simulator. Physical objects with certain internal problems will no longer be thrown off-world at startup.

DEV-9416: Increased distance that objects can be under the terrain before being thrown off-world

DEV-9643: Mega prim objects now link as they did on Second Life (some mega prim linkages were not working on the Havok4-based simulator that did work on the main Second Life system)

DEV-9774: llTargetOmega objects no longer stop spinning after you select them

DEV-9836: Avatar falling velocities are now correct

DEV-10003: Avatar now moves when pushed by attachment when on terrain

DEV-10015: Simulator no longer crashes when ray trace extends past edge of world

Best Regards,

Sidewinder Linden
Havok4 Program Manager

P.S. Please keep comments on-topic. There will be another post about deploying to the Second Life Early Adopters later this week – this post is about experiences with this just-deployed build on the Beta Preview!

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78 Responses to Havok4 Beta Preview refreshed with 16 fixes (2008-02-05)

  1. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Man, I spent hours hacking Cyberflight to deal with Havok4, and now you’ve fixed Havok4 for flight assist?

    I don’t know if I should be pissed or ecstatic. πŸ™‚

  2. Vincent Nacon says:

    lol poor Argent. I’m still waiting for vehicle stuff to get fixed before I touch my car script engine.

  3. Sylver Bu says:

    There’s another huge problem with Havok:
    Traffic isn’t being calculated. If you could please find this, that’d be great. I intend to check Jira for that bug, if someone’s already posted it. Haven’t had the time.

    Thanks alot.

  4. Cobra Walker says:

    Oh this is fantastic! Rez Foo will work again! .. Just make sure it still works when you roll this out..

  5. Argent Stonecutter says:

    No, apparently not, I’m still having trouble maintaining altitude.

  6. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @1 Argent: I am sorry to hear that you ended up investing time in working around a reported bug. This was brought up in numerous office hours and was on the fix list. This is a beta, and we are still working through the bug list in what seems like best priority order. If you run into other problems that look like they will cause a lot of re-engineering time please ping me so that I we can talk about whether it’s on the fix list – I am happy to have that conversation at any time. We are trying to resolve what we can to avoid the need for re-engineering products wherever possible.



  7. Elvis Orbit says:

    Great work. Can not wait until it comes on the Early Adopter group program. The flight assist will make many on my sim happy. So far for what I do Havok 4 has been great. Keep it up and I am waiting the day for Havok 4 and Mono on the main grid together.

  8. Day Oh says:

    *Very* excellent post! It was so great of you to throw informative notes in along with the fixes πŸ™‚

  9. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @1 Argent: Well after a quick hop on the beta preview with you, it looks like we’ve resolved the flight assist issue with MystTool, but the Flight Feather and derivatives still fall when in horizontal motion. I’ll open a new bug on that and we’ll put it on the list for a future build. Thanks for pointing out the difference. /Sidewinder

  10. Sean Heying says:

    DEV-9236 (Flight Assist) on the beta grid is better, most of my devices now work, but it’s still showing fault with my emDash. Sometimes driftin up, sometimes down, in both hover and flight.

    Wearing two flight assists is even weirder, but is again a little inconsistant to yet give a proper explanation.

    DEV-9643 (Linked Megaprims) does seem fixed. I unlinked a NoMod linked item on the Production grid thru rezzing. On the beta grid it was still in a linked state and rezzing did not unlink it.

    My time on the beta grid just no showed nothing showstopping.

    (Many water vehicles still sink.)

  11. Moll Dean says:

    hey hey

    Nice work guys!
    I knew good time was up to come after all


    * PLEASE

  12. RobbyRacoon says:

    There is still a *MAJOR* problem with push strength 😦

    C:SI weapons have a kick that normally will move the target about 1 meter, which does *NOTHING* in a Havok 4 sim. This has been reported to Jira, but… Still no action taken, apparently.

  13. Aria Alexandria says:

    Cool, I’ll hop and see if my sLwim products are still sorta acting odd. But I bet they will be broken still.
    I wonder if you will ever answer me and actually try them Sidewinder.. as I have really an huge number of users…

  14. Sean Heying says:

    One nasty that is on the production grid and still unchanged on the beta grid is with megaprims. On a Havok1 sim if you attempt to resize a Megaprim is springs back to it’s size once you release the resize handles.

    On Havok4 when you attempt to resize a megaprim it falls back to 10M on sides greater than that length.

    This unfortunately means those less experienced players who might be painting their houses might accidentally end up with holes in their floors.

  15. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @13 Aria: I am sorry but I do not recall hearing from you about the sLwim products and any specific issues. Please get in touch and I’d be happy to get the issues resolved. Please feel free to IM me in-world (on Second Life – not on the Beta Preview) so that we can talk about whatever is misbehaving. It would be really helpful to have a JIRA filed in the Public Issue tracker with details as well. /Sidewinder

  16. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @12 RobbyRacooon: I looked for an item like that reported in jira on the Havok4 beta project and could not find it. Do you have a jira # for it? Please feel free to get in touch in-world… /Sidewinder

  17. Iexo Bethune says:

    @ Vincent: Yeah, it’s strange. Before the Early Adopter thing, my Hammerhead vehicles worked perfectly on the Havok 4 sandboxes on the main grid, and in the Crash Me sim, but when Early Adopter came out, I suddenly started seeing the bug that everyone talked about with mouselook vehicles, IE. turning slow, not moving very fast, and getting turned on their side and tossed in the air the instant they touched another object or the ground. Almost as if LL rolled back Havok 4 to solve the permissions bug instead of actually fixing the problem.

    Really hoping they re-fix this stuff soon. All the same, really glad to see H4 in the works. When working, it will be really fun. x3

  18. Kerik Rau says:

    @ Iexo Bethune

    When the havok4 sandboxes came out and they canceled the early adopter program they reverted those sims back to Havok1. There is a chance you tested it when it was running stock code and not the beta.

  19. Cheshyr Pontchartrain says:

    @10 Sean: emDash uses an upward impulse of 9.8 * mass to counter gravity. Perhaps that constant is no longer valid in Havok4.

    Sidewinder, is this intended or a bug?

  20. Drew Dwi says:

    what does VC in VC-1089 stand for?

  21. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @20 Drew: Umm… I think that means typo :)… sorry I’ll fix it – it was really “SVC-1089” /Sidewinder

  22. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @3 Sylver Bu: This is not a valid SL User Name, so I have no way to reach you. Could you please get in touch re your traffic not calculated comment? If there is an issue there, we would like to know about it, but have not seen one. Can you be more specific as to how I can see that this is a problem, and only on Havok4-based regions? This could be a more generalized grid issue… and I’d like to narrow down where the problem is and how we can see it in action. Thanks in advance, Sidewinder

  23. Eirinn Overdrive says:

    The bug with cylinders with holes in still needs to be fixed, it’s breaking content all over. If you have a cylinder with a hole in and another physical object, let’s say a cylinder inside it. The inner cylinder will freak out and attempt to escape the outer cylinder.
    Objects like flattened cubes no longer stack right on top of each other too.
    Obejcts which reach their critical physical collision value stall and freezes, this i’ve heard is supposed to happen. What isn’t supposed to happen though is that the prims go phantom and start flying slowly around the sim, when selected they disappear. I even had 30+ prims ghost on me and i couldn’t see them until another person selected them.
    I refuse to use Jira, it’s slower than a hippo’s butt and i’m on a high end computer running firefox with 10mbs down and 1 up.

  24. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @17 lexo: We are still working on vehicle actions, and the mouselook issue may have been affected by other changes. This work is not done yet, so if you are still finding issues please report them and attend office hours if you can. We are getting much closer, and many more vehicles are working right, and we do know that there is still work to be done. /Sidewinder

  25. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @23 Elrinn: I have a suspicion as to what the issue is on nested cylinders, however if you will refuse to enter bug reports with the details that it takes to reproduce the problem, how do you expect us to fix the problem? As many people will attest, we are paying attention to jira, and resolving a signficant number of issues with each released build. Regards, Sidewinder

  26. Eirinn Overdrive says:

    @26 Sidewinder
    I’d gladly write several Jiras about and it is not that i don’t believe the problems aren’t getting fixed or that you’re not paying attention, it’s just that Jira seems unearthly slow for me. The easier it is to report the more reports will be written. Since it’s bugged for me i will see if i can get a friend to do it for me.

    About the cylinders, i think it happens to tubes also. I know it works perfectly fine on spheres πŸ™‚

  27. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @28 Elrinn: You may be surprised to hear this, but jira performs the same for me as it does for you. If you can bring yourself to wait a minute for the page load, having an explicit, clear detailed bug report will dramatically improve the chance that we can and will fix the problem. Best regards, Sidewinder (who I would bet spends more time waiting for jira on a daily basis than many, and wishes that we could find a way to fix that problem… πŸ™‚

  28. Lady Sakai says:

    Just kicking in that the car script issue is a problem for one of my residents also … glad to hear that the rezzfoo boxes will work. Does that goe for the “normal” day to day rezzboxes ? Id hate to loose mine as they support a park on one of my sims (it was the park I got married in so its a sentimental thing for me:) ) some of the rezzboxes seams to work ok (could be wrong) while others rezzes stuff in the wrong places 😦
    On the positiv side I got residents saying they feel a good change after we got on the Havok4, so thank you for that πŸ™‚

  29. Eirinn Overdrive says:

    @29 Sidewinder
    Oh and here i thought the problem was mine alone :S Well nice to know that the site isn’t loading slowly for me only hehe, very well then i will look into creating some Jiras on the subjects then ^.^

  30. JSnark says:

    Makes me want to go to the Second Life beach

  31. Can’t wait for Havok to be released to the main grid… Just hope you keep the bugs out….

  32. Damen Hax says:

    “”DEV-5014: Spheres using β€œDimple Begin” now collide correctly””
    ^^ Excellent, as it’s hard to make a small sphere without using dimple at some point.

    As Cheshyr Pontchartrain (@19) pointed out, any flight using the classic way of countering the gravity effect, hovers upwards when over 57m.
    9.8 and an array of values below it also seem to fail (unless i somehow missed the correct force to stop the upward push).

    Where can we find info pertaining to the way gravity is used so we can have more of an idea as to how to work with it.
    Some math/values for the force applied in different situations etc.
    If this info is here for me to see an I missed that also, please post a link pointing to it.

  33. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    Gah, still nothing about prim.docker touch-aligning prims bug in HAVOK4?

    I’m curious if skidz primz has the same spacing problem.

  34. Ann Otoole says:

    Sidewinder.. is it possible for you to train the other LL staff with blog privs on how to be responsive in a positive manner? your doing a great job!

  35. Re: 37 Ann Otoole

    I wholeheartedly agree, Sidewinder’s doing an awesome job following up on the comments here.

    And, notice the relative lack of “the Lindens aren’t listening,” or “no more shineys just fix teh bugz,” flames so far. Coincidence? I think not. πŸ˜‰

    I hope the others in the Lab will learn from his example.

    Take care!

    – SDW ^..^

  36. Jackinthe Schnook says:

    Small vehicles still seem to have a lot of weight and slow down while going up ramps. But they do angle correctly now instead of dive into the ramp nose first.

  37. Nadir Koba says:

    I just want to post here to say I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement in blog reporting and responding from Lindens since last summer, and it really does make a difference. We know there will always be bugs, and we know that a lot of stuff is in development and testing, but frustration with problems is really lessened by knowing that LL are on it and are listening to us, and by hearing detailed reports on the ongoing status of fixes.

    I’m using JIRA a lot to report problems, and seeing a lot of positive attention on many issues (though some with relatively high numbers of votes still remain mysteriously ignored…) and that’s fantastic. Keep up the good work, and a huge THANK YOU and pat on the back for all those Lindens like Sidewinder here, who are part of this new, progressive customer support phenomenon πŸ™‚

    (Before any would-be flamers post to call me a brown-noser, I would point out that in the past I have been one of the most ardent critics of the Lab’s attitude, but I believe in praise where praise is due.)

  38. kath McGill says:

    Watch me slide…
    The other day my husband and I were standing on a hill when we noticed that the avitars were sliding, (yes, its havoc 4) given the curious nature of it, we allowed our avitars to slide 11m before we fell into the water. This has happened not only on our island to us, and others but other havoc 4 islands as well. May not seem like something important, but its just- weird-
    hope that it can be fixed soon,


  39. Anthony Beatty says:

    i didnt see anywhere , but has the bug been fixed where u walk over small step at it makes your averter fall?

    very happy about DEV-9324 , sim tends to get stressed with 50+ people fighting and this was a little anoying but bearable , now its fixed should be great.

  40. Ryu Darragh says:

    As a side note to H4 problems with flight assist and vehicle problems, I still experienced uncontrolled falling upwards on an H1 region using a tightened up flight feather script with 69 Agents on the region. Some anomolies seem to transcend the H1/H4 differences πŸ˜›

  41. Moll Dean says:


    It is great to see someone responsible here.
    Other staff should learn with him…

    Way to go!

  42. Honest Forager says:

    #30 daren
    At least in not the only one to report that txs


  43. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @36 Cliff: I haven’t seen a bug w/r/t Prim Docker. If there is one in pjira could you please point it out (in-world IM is fine). Otherwise would you please test with this latest build and see if the problem has been resolved incidentally by the other fixes, and if not create a jira for this? Thanks! /Sidewinder

  44. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @41 Kath: Yes, the slide down slope issue is known. We’ve looked at various solutions to this, and will keep it on the work list. I’m not sure about a near-term fix relative to other priorities, as you’ve indicated, but wanted to assure you that we know it’s still an issue in some circumstances. Does this only happen with two avatars standing close to each other btw? Thanks, Sidewinder

  45. /me crosses her fingers this will solve the issues at Jeffrey…. Please please, lets hope you found the issue making that sim go down to 10 server fps…

  46. Orfej says:

    Havok4 is better now.My avatar now moves when pushed by attachment when on terrain but I still have problem with avatar falling velocities.

  47. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Sorry to be off topic, I need help.

    I would love to use the newest viewer but unfortunately it won’t let me log in. Also, before you say anything about using the jira to report this, it would let me log in there either. Being a basic account holder I guess I don’t rate using the newest viewers or being able to report problems. Good job LL.

  48. Rebecca Vacano says:

    Re the traffic issue – its not Havok 4 related. Its grid wide and has been since Saturday 2nd February. No traffic has been calculated since then.

    I have raised tickets and contacted conciege, but no fix as of yet.

  49. Steel Halasy says:

    BTW, Sidewinder: Thank you for the attention to the comments and all of the responses that you have posted here. Many times blog entries are posted and there are comments requesting clarification, and the inquiries seemingly go unanswered.

    We appreciate the effort you have made in providing feedback to the comments, and hope this may be a positive example to future blog posters!

    Regards, Steel.

  50. Leah Mayo says:

    @ 47 Sidewinder: No, the slide down happens to a single avatar as well. It seems to have something to do with the last movement by the avatar. If I walk up a hill and stop, I stay in place. If i did a jump or moved down the hill before, I slide downwards after i’ve stopped walking.

    And yes, you are doing a great job responding to the blog, Sidewinder. Thank you so much.

  51. n0rm4l says:

    The Mono team is awesome, the best Linden dudes. Mono is getting there!

  52. n0rm4l says:

    Havok4 is cool too.

  53. Well,that settles it! I am now starting a group “Digital Invalids” as I have NO IDEA what this is all about. The only thing I did hear is that SL Sailing is adversely impacted, hopefully not true.

  54. Ann Otoole says:

    my traffic is changing daily so the traffic measurement issue isn’t grid wide.

  55. mimi says:

    I have heard the next viewer will have age verification

    WHY are you pushing this stuff on us WITHOUT answering our questions?????

    As long as we dont get answers I WONT verify and I WONT verify my land. If you keep avoiding even to answer the simplest questions about IDV and our safety in regards to Aristotele, I cannot assume this is safe, or take the responsibility of pushing this unsafe and potentialy dangerous verification on my customers.

    What is so hard about COMMUNICATING or beeing TRANSPARENT when its needed? Why do you talk about TRUST when you put zero effort into giving us any TRUST or beeing open?

    NO, I don’t TRUST a company that doesn’t answers questions and avoids to take its responsibility.

  56. @47 Sidewinder, I think the hill slide thing is very realistic and funny. Definitely a challenge re realistic landscaping … which we all know does not exist in SL. Still I’m not sure I’d want to see the sliding disappear entirely. Fairly sure I slide anytime I stand still for a while. Is there a jira discussion on this?

    Our build is new and we were just getting started when the owner of the sim came and asked if we wanted to make the jump to Havok4, Sidewinder’s active participation in the conversation was the deciding factor for us.

    Enjoy have fun,

  57. ac14 Hutson says:

    Seems that breaking on cars is still messed a bit. they tend to stop much faster then in havok 1 sims

  58. Pixeleen says:

    I can’t believe there’s nothing about the new grid-destroying security threat here! Did you not read the story in SLH: http://foo.secondlifeherald.com/slh/2008/02/security-alert.html

  59. Shaun Banshee says:

    @22 Sidewinder Linden Sylver Bu and I are teen second life residents, maybe that is why you couldn’t reach him. πŸ˜€

  60. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @62 Pixeleen: Please do not use this thread as a way to promote SLH articles… I know that you know better… πŸ˜‰ /Sidewinder

  61. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @63 Shaun: Thanks – I’m TG-cleared, but had forgotten to check that… oops. /Sidewinder

  62. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @57 Tory: Here is a link to the project wiki page that includes more project background https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Havok_4_Beta_Home. A major goal of the project is to reduce simulator (region) crash rates as well as opening the possibility for new physics featuresin the future. This project is not, however, a new features project in this first release; it is fundamentally about increasing stability by updating one of the system core elements, while preserving as much compatibility as possible with today’s in-world content. /Sidewinder

  63. Oceanna Shannon says:

    I can’t wait to see the server update in my SIMs. So far its been phenomenal. Anyone who thinks LL is not doing things to try to improve lag issues has their head…err…inserted some place dank.

    Glad to see the flight assist one is being worked on as well as the vehicle items.

    Thanks for the hard work and communication Sidewinder….very very much appreciated that you are working both in and off world with us on getting h4 grid ready.


  64. Greho Otaared says:

    @47 Sidewinder: I, too, have seen the slide issue. To answer your question, I was standing alone on an angled prim, and started sliding backward. It was amusing, but not really a good thing.

    As an aside, it does raise the idea of surface properties on a prim. Maybe Havok 4 can do this? In physics terms, what if the prim were ice-covered? It could reduce traction. Or a sticky prim (walking in mud) that would increase traction? Or has this been done and I missed it?

    Now I think I should check my scuplted staircases, to see if I slide down those, too. XD

  65. HD Pomeray says:

    You wrote:: “We are still working on vehicle actions, and the mouselook issue may have been affected by other changes. This work is not done yet, so if you are still finding issues please report them and attend office hours if you can. We are getting much closer, and many more vehicles are working right, and we do know that there is still work to be done. /Sidewinder”

    I have been periodically testing my bikes on the beta grid and so far there has been no change in the bikes behaviors from the first time you opened the H4 Bata Grid to now.

    I too have been waiting for you to complete your work on vehicles before attempting any re-engineering. Basically they work pretty good except for steering which I did report a long time ago but to be honest, I’m not sure if I even reported it properly.

    Could you just give a little refresher here of where and how to properly report H4 Bugs and how to attend office hours?

    Thanks … HD

  66. Geraldo Holgado says:


    during my last tests I discovered that issue SVC-1073 (resp. DEV-9684) seems to be fixed, although it was not announced in the list of fixed bugs above.

    Description of issue SVC-1073: llGetStartParameter() always returns zero. I use this function on a master object which rezzes several slave objects on different start positions, determined by the value of llGetStartParameter.

    This works fine on the main grid. On the beta grid it failed just two days ago, as described in SVC-1073. But now with the latest beta release it seems that this function now works fine !

    I tested this both in region “Sandbox Island” and on a rez-enabled parcel in “Purple”, both with Havok-4 servers.

    Was this fix intended or just “accidential” ?

    Thank you and Best Regards

  67. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @69 HD: We are still working on vehicles problems, but the best way to be sure that your bikes end up behaving is to post a jira describing specific behaviors (one jira per type of misbehavior would be great. Here are some useful links per your request:

    Project Wiki Home Page: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Havok_4_Beta_Home
    In-World Office Hours: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Regular_Havok4_Office_Hours_In-World

    To report a bug, please log in at http://jira.secondlife.com/, create an issue of type “2” “SVC”, type “Bug”, and be sure on the next page to set Component PHYSICS and Affects Version to HAVOK4 BETA. These settings will make sure that they show up in our review queue right away, as opposed to after a generic triage session.

    There are some vehicles fixes in this release, and literally over the next few days we are tackling some of the trickier parts that seemed to keep some attachment-based vehicles from working correctly.



  68. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @70 Geraldo: Thanks for that find… Yes I remember on an internal jira seeing that we had to fix that in order to fix another bug – it may not have been officially linked in the final build document and so I forgot to include it in the list. I’ll update the post details above. /Sidewinder (I guess that makes it 16 fixes πŸ˜‰

  69. Selkit Diller says:

    Regarding those of you with complaints about flight boosts levitating you back when you get into a Havok 1 sim– Earlier versions of Havok 4 calculated mass differently than Havok 1, and if you recompiled or reset a script while in a Havok 4 sim, then took it to a Havok 1 sim, your apparent mass changed as far as the script’s stored values are concerned (Bad scripting– Check this stuff on object rez or attachment, scripters! State entry is often not enough for setting static values, and is easily broken in the case of a partial reset)

    It can affect vehicles, avatars, what-have-you, and is not directly a fault of Havok 4 or Havok 1, it’s an unforseen scripting error in the case of objects which only reset their values on state entry and not on rez or on attachment. Currently, Havok 4 seems to calculate masses the same way as Havok 1 as far as script tests show. Just reset the script again and it should unbork. And I wholeheartedly recommend *NOT* modifying objects– Sidewinder and the H4 dev team are trying very hard to ensure as much backwards compatibility as possible. I haven’t had to modify a single one of my vehicles.

  70. Kelly Linden says:

    @70 Geraldo: That was intentional, and it is the 4th bug listed as fixed in the original blog post! Not only that, the issue itself (SVC-1073) has been marked fix pending, with an indication (by me) that it would be in the next release. It also happens to be the same as “SVC-1301: Builds packaged with Rez-Foo now build correctly”

  71. GreatScott McMillan says:

    Although I see improvements from the new update… I also have some big concerns. Since the update many of our residents on our 5 sims cannot be there for more then 50 seconds before they freeze up. This does not happen to them on other sims, just the ones we have on Havok4. Also… most all of our merchants have lost considerable money because this happens to many people who try to rezz into our various markets. My business alone has dropped over 80 percent. I thikn it may have something to do with an AO attachemnt, but hav’t been able to test it yet. Will do that soon. Otherwise I have no idea why some residents have big issues while others do not. We have already gone through different OS and different set ups… it seems to be more avitar related then anything else.

  72. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @75 GreatScott: I am also concerned about this report. Is there a way that you could find out some specific names of residents and when they were trying to do these actions? It could be Havok4 related, and at the same time there have been some networking and data server issues throughout the week that could also be causes of this sort of behavior.

    Could you check to see if those issues still persist today and tomorrow? By the way, if things go well we’ll be doing a deploy of the updated simulator to the Early Adopter regions tomorrow. If there is a way, either through vendor logs or resident discussions, to figure out when these issues were happening, it might help to yield some insights as to the cause.

    Thanks in advance,


  73. Damen Hax says:

    I’ll assume the reason behind my comment and 19’s question being ignored has something to do with it being too simple to warrant an explanation~.._

    Sets force to -500000 on a strapped on box, then jumps in the air for joy (hangs there indefinitely).

  74. GreatScott McMillan says:

    @76 Hi Sidewinder… well I don’t want to post names of people on the sims without their consent first. But I can tell you this. I am doing just fine myself, and I am on a mac. Both windlight and the regular viewer works great. on the other hand… my GF shares and office with me, and we share an internet connection. She is however on a 64 bit Athelon Alienware PC with 256 megs of graphics. we have comparable systems on different formats. She is one off the residents who cannot function for more then a minute without freezing then crashing. We also updated all her stuff and it made no difference. beforehand she was fine. We have residence also who live in different parts of the world and some of them are fine, and some are not. the ones who are fine saw a good change… the ones who have issues all have the same issue… they freeze after a few moments and then crash. All of them are on different set ups and systems as well. So it would appear to me that it is either an specific script issue running on certain AV’s. Although we have ruled out AO’s and Flight assists. Or… it is some kind of network issue that only effects certain hardware set ups?

    Not sure!
    and could be wrong!


  75. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @77 Damen: No, you question was not ignored on purpose – I just missed it – sorry… The gavitational constant used for Havok4 is 9.81, if that is the answer to the right question. /Sidewinder

  76. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @78 GreatScott: It is not likely that this is a Havok4-specific bug, but *may* mean that we have inadventently tickled a nascent viewer bug, *or* it could be coincidental with some other issue at the grid level. This might be tricky to troubleshoot. I’ll check with some internal folks and follow up with you asap. Likely as not we’ll ask for you to try to trip the problem and send us some logs so that we can see if we can find a pattern in the data. Thanks, Sidewinder

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