New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.0 RC0 Available

Today’s Release Candidate Viewer (1.19.0 RC0) contains a ton of bug fixes and re-introduces some functionality that was previewed in our 1.18.6 RC viewer series. As mentioned in our final 1.18.6 RC post, we reverted back to the same XUI-based login code used in Second Life Viewer Release This release also addresses the QuickTime security issue identified back in December (which were originally slated for the 1.18.6 viewer as well) and updates the required version of QuickTime to 7.4.

Don’t forget that Release Candidate viewers are optional updates that contain the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features. Please visit the test software page to download the Second Life 1.19.0 (RC0) Release Candidate viewer. Source code will be available for download shortly, too.

Preliminary release notes follow…

Here are the new features and changes since

Age Verification:

  • The user interface for parcel and estate access has been clarified and improved.
  • Added the ability to restrict access to parcels and estates to age verified adults.
  • Removed the ability to *ban* access to Residents who have provided payment info or who have used payment info. We continue to support the ability to *allow* access to only those who have provided payment info.

Crash Reporter

  • The crash reporting mechanism has been improved. Following a crash, more useful information will be sent and reports should now take less than 10 seconds.


  • VWR-210: Voice Support on Linux (EXPERIMENTAL) – see README-linux-voice.txt

Other changes:

  • Change alert message that pops up when you set Busy
  • Add “Teleporting from SLURL to SLURL” to the chat history to provide quick and dirty “back” links
  • Print the name of the missing gesture in the error message
  • Remove “New Account…” and “Preferences” buttons from login screen for 1.19.0

Bug fixes include…

  • SVC-750: Avatar sitting on a prim no longer able to be manipulated with llSetLinkPrimitiveParam Included in the list by mistake, thanks DC!
  • SVC-930: Prims set for sale – prices are incorrectly set when multiple prims taken to inventory and rezzed
  • SVC-1125: New Search: Beacons aren’t shown when teleporting to regions with “Allow Direct Teleport” disabled
  • VWR-1125: Clicking Title Bar While Mouselook’d Repositions SL Window
  • VWR-1137: Inventory names out of sync after renaming via Properties window
  • VWR-1145: Unable To Connect help not available
  • VWR-1162: Land for sale includes L$1 parcels that are not actually for sale
  • VWR-1350: Color settings do not appear to be applied to LSL default text
  • VWR-1475: OpenJPEG always uploads single layer lossless images
  • VWR-1590: Keyboard changes inventory selection after right-click
  • VWR-1627: Classified metrics are reset to 0 when the ad is updated
  • VWR-1651: Add ability to open a partners profile whilst viewing an avatar’s profile
  • VWR-1774: Some avatar positions result in no Z-axis arrow when editing attachments
  • VWR-1873: Typos in en-us locale file
  • VWR-1919: Remove texture UUID information from UI unless full-perm
  • VWR-2030: Avatar only turns half-way in Appearance Mode
  • VWR-2142: Parcel voice icon doesn’t reflect disabled status if voice isn’t used
  • VWR-2256: Mac updater directory permission issues
  • VWR-2367: Wrong handling of maximum length of Group Notice message
  • VWR-2404: lossless texture compression on small textures not lossless
  • VWR-2410: noise dot appear in chat window when clien running long with chatting.
  • VWR-2411: Possible crash in pipeline.cpp
  • VWR-2412: Possible crash drawpoolwater
  • VWR-2421: ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT + Second Life = “Couldn’t match GPU to a class”,”Setting GPU Class to Class0″
  • VWR-2483: the macviewer.xcodeprj file doesn’t create stripped binaries on Deployment or Universal
  • VWR-250: Preedit (composition) strings are shown poorly when typing Japanese text on Windows
  • VWR-2550: Scuplty vertex coordinates are size/256 meters too small on the positive faces
  • VWR-2614: gActiveChannelSpeakerMgr not deleted at end of program in viewer.cpp
  • VWR-2617: Adds LLSD support to flex/light/sculpt params for primitives
  • VWR-2652: Changes needed to compile viewer against lastest libopenjpeg2000
  • VWR-2684: Minor leak in floaters using layoutstacks
  • VWR-2722: Muting an object with pie menu only mutes the prim you select, not entire linkset
  • VWR-2847: Wrong hover text in Japanese UI
  • VWR-2854: Some sculpted prims render as balls on close zoom, which look fine in older clients
  • VWR-2867: Eyes rotate unnaturally around their X axis. Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise
  • VWR-289: URLs for video media streaming need to be URL-encoded or stream doesn’t work
  • VWR-2959: Windows (Visual Studio) solution file refers to a non-existing project “build_all”
  • VWR-3088: Unchecking “Automatic Appearance Camera Movement” no longer has any effect
  • VWR-3206: OpenJPEG svn478 causes slviewer to crash
  • VWR-3428: Checking a users profile while editing a linked set causes viewer crash
  • VWR-3458: Mouse cursor background is opaque white instead of transparent on big endian systems
  • VWR-3558: llLoadURL cannot be muted
  • VWR-356: Move delete to the bottom of context menus, separated by spacer
  • VWR-3748: Builds fail on 1.18.6 RC if not using MOZLIB due to missing #if LL_LIBXUL_ENABLED in 3 places in indra/newview/llpanellogin.cpp
  • VWR-3948: Underlayers no longer removable by pie menu in Windlight, release candidates
  • VWR-412: Object editing arrows hidden but clickable on objects you can’t edit.
  • dialogs have extra vertical space
  • Photo Album: name in Properties cut off some Japanese characters
  • New gestures do not appear active in inventory
  • Make parcel name in menu “look” active
  • “Wear” pie option shows up for many objects even if resident does not own and cannot wear them.
  • Textures on no-transfer objects can be transferred
  • Deleted gestures still work
  • Inventory description out of sync after renaming via Properties window
  • Show private estate tiles when World Map is zoomed out
  • Properties description not updated when preview description updated
  • Buying object contents broken
  • Improve window opening behavior, ensuring it is mostly on screen
  • No-modify objects can be modified through Open pane
  • Inventory names out of sync after renaming via Properties
  • Japanese IME mode should be set and postiion of any input windows fixed for non-Japanese fields
  • ctrl-shift-w doesn’t work if no windows have focus
  • Avatar falling in place – Alliez Mysterio
  • Linux crash reporter does not run on next execution after forcing an infinite loop and forcefully exiting
  • hitting enter should immediately set the value of a field
  • Inventory Folder Loading state not clearly indicated
  • Add warning dialog to the Land Sale process to warn against selling land to Anyone
  • Legacy flossexception link needs to be fixed in source
  • make link from client log in window to “Forgot Password” page
  • Remove button under estate managers list enables after estate manager clicks in the list
  • Changing search field should cancel current selection
  • Estate tab within Tools / Region Estate has wrong settings for enable of Restrict Access upon initialization
  • llEscapeURL and llUnescapeURL caps output to 255 characters
  • XUI LoadFromXML function doesn’t work
  • Sanitize floater sizing behavior when SL window is made very small
  • Animation won’t stop if avatar teleports while animated
  • Can’t paste name of object into View > Mute List > Mute object by name
  • pressing ctrl-F10 then Escape causes keyboard to be unresponsive
  • Make SL viewer updater show a progress bar so that people know how long to wait
  • Can’t double-click on groups in profile after changing your active title
  • Getting multiple copies of texture dragged onto prim
  • blue dialog’s ‘next’ widget steals focus
  • Audio should be encoded for upload at a ‘good enough’ quality rather than a user-selected bitrate
  • multiple preview windows open for a single texture/snapshot saved inside a note card
  • Enhance Viewer to support new Age Verification feature
  • Rename crash setting to cause crash logger to come up for all residents
  • Change crash logger “Remember this choice” function to default to on
  • Rework Ban tab of floater_about_land
  • Windows IME positioning fixed
  • Viewer crashes in assert when playing Sword Strike animation
  • Unable to set ‘Group Access’ for land that is also ‘Public Access’ (Was VWR-3667)
  • Disable QuickTime when the installed version is less than version with RTSP exploit
  • Move fullscreen message from login screen to viewer prefs
  • linux client doesn’t recognise that a viewer is already running (slurl crapout)
  • Search results window displays “s…” and “n…” instead of “searching…” and “none found”
  • QuickTime disabled message can not be ignored
  • Crash on login page when using Logitech LCD Keyboard
  • info window does not pop up when transitioning from a Havok1 to Havok4 region
  • Repoint Report Bug… Viewer link to Pjira

Source changes:

  • Upgrade Win32 libvorbis to v1.2
  • VWR-2881: Bundled Mesa libs are not GPL compatible
  • upgrade in-tree Linux GL headers to Mesa 7.x
  • upgrade in-tree Win32 GL headers to version without SGI Free B license
  • Rebuild and/or update libraries to use statically linked libs.
  • Remove llfloaterhtmlhelp.cpp / h and floater_html_help.xml

Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.19.0 Release Candidate“. Your participation is welcome at our weekly (Wednesdays @ 3pm PST time) inworld bug triages, too!

Also, don’t be afraid to point out issues with these preliminary release notes themselves – with this number of fixes listed, it’s likely we’ll have made a mistake somewhere. Some of the issues reported “fixed” may also have only been problematic in the 1.18.6 viewer (which was never a production viewer). Let us know and we’ll clean ’em up.

Thank you for helping improve the Second Life viewer!

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153 Responses to New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.0 RC0 Available

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    “blue dialog’s ‘next’ widget steals focus”

    thank you. stuff like this is so annoying.

    no fix for the “profile hijacking” exploit yet? (user opens a profile and is teleported against their wishes)

  2. Galen McGinnis says:

    Bites his tongue so hard he can taste blood. Hears the voices in his head saying they are trying their best.

  3. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    In this viewer, I have two sets for entering the credentials.
    Yes, 2 times “First Name”, “Last name” and “Password” (One time in English and one time in my local language).

    Great QA….

  4. light says:

    whats best to keep their jobs breaking thing so they can fix em
    this is all really just a beta program

  5. Cristine Grut says:

    I could look accidentally, to some a few days ago, this update. This is really an update, excellent changes.

  6. Max Kleiber says:

    After installing, I found that “enable voice chat” was checked by default.
    You might want to fix that.
    Otherwise: might want to make the Communicate button a bit smaller to allow for a text label in the Chat button next to it.
    The Communicate window makes much more sense now.
    Haven’t done a lot of testing yet ( logged on for 5 minutes so far), but this looks very promising.

  7. Atashi Toshihiko says:

    I downloaded the 1.19.0 viewer a day or two ago when it came out the first time around. Do I need to download it again, or can I use the one I downloaded the other day?
    For what it’s worth, the one from the other day does work again now.

  8. Darien Caldwell says:

    SVC-750 was fixed last year, and was a server fix, not a viewer fix.

    Show private estate tiles when World Map is zoomed outProperties description not updated when preview description updated

    This one is actually two bullets, but they got squshed together 😉

    Will definetly have to give this RC a look, a lot of changes.

  9. fderfdr4v4trfvt4rfv4r4crrcrcr4cvrcr4crcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrc

  10. Zena Juran says:

    Hmmm.. when I go to my classified ad in my profile, I get a request dialogue box to save the classified when I go to close it even though I have made no changes. If I click on OK, then no probs. If I don’t save it, it reverts back to the previous edition. Again, this is after not making any changes. 🙂

  11. march Korda says:

    I would like to change SVC-1020 to close status.
    Please add “1.19.0 Release Candidate” to “Fix Version/s:” of the “Close Issue” screen of JIRA.

  12. Kerik Rau says:

    Yay, Voice for linux.

    Can we get an option to remove that VERY badly placed “Release Keys” button? This is something that is better left in the menu and not where an accidental click will detach half your objects.

  13. pulseburst flow says:

    open profile of someone with classifieds in proflie.

    look at classifieds. don’t change anything.

    close profile.

    get unecessary dialog about saving changes.

  14. Bobo Decosta says:

    /me likes the new interface but I’m still angry of taking away our freedom so logs out again.

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  17. Elendir Axon says:

    Wow thats alot of bug fixes ill be looking forward to testing the linux voice ability tonight but I need some clarification on this part:

    “…Removed the ability to *ban* access to Residents who have provided payment info or who have used payment info. We continue to support the ability to *allow* access to only those who have provided payment info….”

    Does this mean that we will no longer be able to ban people (as in add to the banned user list) who use payment info from our pacels?

  18. Zena Juran says:

    Ckeck your trash before you empty it. I just found a whole lot of folders and objects that somehow went to the trash when I upgraded to 1.19. What a mess!

  19. U M says:

    “Crash Reporter

    The crash reporting mechanism has been improved. Following a crash, more useful information will be sent and reports should now take less than 10 seconds.

    How many times during these past 3 1/2+ years I heard this fix……….This always gets broken in major fixes or someone hat didnt have their banana during break time.

  20. Julia Faulkland says:

    I’d just like to /agree with the bit about the “release keys” button. Guys, this is not something you ever want to press accidently. It’s like the newbification button and most of us don’t ever want to press it… it doesn’t need to be right in a clicking hotspot.

  21. Midnite Rambler says:

    Nice changes. But when will anything be done on
    It is about time that LL supported the content makers in SL before they all give up and leave.

  22. drdahlgren says:

    Sorry, but TP’s are failing, I have been in two places at once again today, map is not working, all grey. Scripts are behaving strangely, not chatting. Tested 3 regions, all the same.

    Is there something going on thats not in blog yet?? I know that would be farfetched, but the world seems to be having some serious issues.


  23. MCM Villiers says:

    Looks great! Seems a lil faster for me, will find out soon though 🙂

  24. Shai Khalifa says:

    /me Crosses fingers and hopes this viewer will let her tp, access groups and upload files – none of which have worked since 1.18.3 and none of my Jira posts and bug reports have given me any resolution.

    Heading for the download page with bated breath

  25. Photon Pink says:

    YAY! \o/ Fix for VWR-2550: Scuplty vertex coordinates are size/256 meters too small on the positive faces. This makes me super-awesome uber-happy today!

    I checked out this fix and it loosk good. Now i can really utilize sculpties for archetecture and make multi prim sculpties that truly align acuratley! 😀

    I posted before and after screen shots of several cases this fixes in the JIRA if anyone wants to see:

  26. o.h. says:

    thats a whole lot of fixes. they must have been piling up for a while.

  27. Any chance llTargetOmega has been fixed, customers already asking why their previously flawless systems have stopped funtioning as they should. The force veiwer update hacks(such as llSetText) are VERY crude and result in the opposite of what the function was intended for and indeed once performed, SMOOTH simple lag free reliable rotations. So the case is clear and we hear of fixes in the pipeline, but this is pretty basic stuff and still no mention of fix for all the unresolved issues as listed in jira. cheers

  28. Roisin Hotaling says:

    Opening the Local Chat line makes the Release Keys button (and Stand up, if you’re sitting) jump up higher on the screen…really annoying, and the blue Friends Online notifications are expanded up to that height onscreen too.

    And using Esc to get out of the Communicate window doesn’t seem to be working. Argh.

    And I concur with the earlier posts about having the Release Keys button onscreen at all. Much more useful things are neatly tucked away in the menus, where this belongs, too.

    So far the one TP I’ve tried worked. Haven’t had time to check anything else yet.

  29. Jazzine Jewell says:

    I have the regular viewer and the WindLight Beta viewer……….can I have this one too, or do I have to remove one of the others?

  30. Shade says:

    I hope that when this is released that you fix a few of the bugs already apparent first one is when you first set preferences they do not save! And a few features are missing just to name one play tying animation no longer has the false button. I am going to be going through it but when I send a report it cant go through! so here are a couple don’t release this with out it fully operational. One last thing this client like all the others needs to be more robust as to how it uses memory……

  31. Zee Pixel says:

    “updates the required version of QuickTime to 7.4” WTF!?!

    You are aware that QT 7.4 introduces serious incompatibility problems with both After Effects and Premiere Pro. So, you’ve effectively told those of us with Premiere/After Effects on our systems that we can either choose to keep our productivity applications working or use Second Life. How about you wait until Apple fixes this MAJOR problem with 7.4 before you require it for anything?

    Thanks guys!

  32. Ann Otoole says:

    what the heck with the release keys thing? please show whoever had that idea to the door. please. and bring in some real GUI experts. please.

  33. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    Let me get this straight: are you saying we no longer have the ability to ban people from our sims or parcels just because they have payment info on file?

    I hope I’m not understanding this correctly, because if I am, that is just plain knee-jerk stupid. Sim owners already have very little in the way of protecting their lands from trouble makers. If LL is removing that one remaining tool… SL is going in the dumpster.

  34. Baylie Barbosa says:

    I just think it sucks that we keep telling you that we dont want age verification (most of us) and you keep going ahead with it anyway …

    I’ll be checking it out soon. *Crosses fingers*

  35. Holly says:

    @ Wayfinder, Elendir

    I think what they mean is that you won’t be able to ban “people who have payment info on file” as a *category* (In 1.18.5 — About Land>Ban tab). It WOULD suck if you couldn’t ban someone by name, just because they had payment info on file!

  36. Hevenz Vansant says:


    Am I the only one unable to attach anything in this new release? Clothing and attachments do not seem to work? Nice GUI but i was running around without pants cause nothing else would attach :p

  37. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Unable to down load or go to down load page, I keep getting this: 503 Service Unavailable

    The service is not available. Please try again later.

    Please check into it and fix it.

    Mac OS X issues have not been addressed in this release.

  38. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Voice enabled, even though i don’t use it (and don’t even have the equipment for it installed). Why?

    Contacts now does not transparent when it loses focus. That makes the current layout even more useless, because now i can’t keep that list open to see who’s online/offline. Also: why can the friends list not be torn off like “Near By” can?

    Incoming IMs don’t flash anymore, making it even more likely to miss something potentially important than before.

    Could we please have someone with experience in UI-design go over that thing?

  39. Naoki Ninetails says:

    asset server’s totally borked or I’d love to take the client for a spin. :/

  40. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    Great mother, what’s the Release Keys doing directly above the TWO chat window buttons (chat and IM)??? It’s bad enough they reversed the chat and IM windows, but the next row of keys left justifies? I need to search JIRA for a bug to vote on.

  41. LegsLover Lusch says:

    Just wondering if there’s any fixes to stop accounts being hacked while in world. I was hacked for 16,000L a week before xmas, no one has got back to me, no one has asked for the item, which I still have and no one has kept me up to date, if in fact Lindens are investigating it. Maybe this one is in the to hard basket and they’re hopoing it’ll go away.

    If there’s no fixes to prevent hacking of accounts it means more accounts will be hacked in the future, also, if you haven’t got the item how can you analyse it and provide a fix to prevent it happening again.

    I worked hard for the 16,000L, but there’s no compensation in SL, only pay Lindens with a valid credit card and shut up.

    Sometimes I wonder at the nature of people in big business.

  42. M says:

    Just to clear it up, Age verification isnt Mandatory, you don’t have to do it.
    It is goin to be optional for some time in the future.
    And, thanx for the update! Woot!
    Now can you blog to us on why Second Life is playing up more than ussual atm? and about the web page errors? Just let us know you are there and aware plueaseeeeeee.

  43. Marv Rayner says:

    The first thing I noticed when I logged into this Release Candidate was that Voice was enabled by default. I am not against Voice (except to the degree that it forced the Communicate UI abomination on us), but I do not want it on by default. It should be a conscious decision to turn it on.

    The next thing I noticed is tha that the POS Communicate UI abomination is still with us and still, at a minimum, takes up over a quarter of the vertical space of our monitors (at 1280 x 1024). What is so sacred about the size of the Communicate window that it must be so large? I really would like to know the answer to that question. The only significant changes to the Communicate window are a combination of good and bad. The good is that more Friends names display on the overlarge window (not that Friends and Groups should be in that window in the first place); the bad is the check boxes to indicate the permissions your individual Friends have. I found the icons much easier to read at a glance than the check boxes; this seems like a matter of change for change’s sake and a step backward–if it’s possible to go farther backward than the POS Communicate window.

    I agree with those above about how poor the placement of the Release Keys button is. Having it displaced by the IM Received button only makes it more likely that one will click it by accident.

    Regarding banning those with Payment Information On File or Used, I’m sure this applies to blanket banning of those classes of people. It simply makes no sense to blanket ban anyone who has provided payment information, while I can see a use for banning those without payment information provided–not that I ever plan to do it.

  44. Age Verification – any more news on Europeans who are failing with all ID? Kinda useless if it isn’t global. Well, it’s useless anyway, as it doesn’t guarantee the person accessing is over age at all.

    Voice enabled by default? Is that a sneaky way to pretend more people are using Voice and it isn’t the spectacular failure most of us said it would be?

    Borked up the Show in Search boxes too on new prims. SVC-1437. That is going to be a showstopper for most of us, but wait, that’s old client, just 1.19 server code…

  45. M says:

    Try adjusting UI size? : )

  46. Marv Rayner says:

    #45, M:

    It goes smaller than 0.750? It’s at the far left side of the slider for me. Were that it was so simple.

  47. M says:

    : P Was just a suggestion.

  48. Kerik Rau says:

    @ Ann Otoole

    Yes, that button is sooo annoying. I have a deep desire to kill whoever put it there. A button right over the communications button that DETACHES any number of objects. That deserves to be in the menu and not anywhere someone is clicking every few seconds.

  49. Vivienne says:

    @ 44

    “Voice enabled by default? Is that a sneaky way to pretend more people are using Voice and it isn’t the spectacular failure most of us said it would be?”

    Well, somehow they must justify all the money and recources they wasted on this crap.

  50. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    @35 Holly.
    Thanks for clarifying… I hope. 😉
    I don’t really understand why LL would have to make it policy that we “cant’ ban paying users” as a whole. I mean, that concept in itself is goofy… why even address it in a blog? LOL. Who would want to ban paying users? They’re the bread and butter of the board. Duh.

    I am curious about one thing LL, with all due respect. That big honking RELEASE KEYS button. What actual use does that have? I’ve been on SL for over 3 years and I’ve never once used it for anything. The few times I’ve accidentally hit it (because it’s right there in front of God and everybody)… I cursed its existence and placement.

    Inquiring minds want to know. 😉
    Torley? 😀

  51. M says:

    I used Release Keys, BYE MISTAKE *cusses* LOL

  52. Patrick2 Chama says:

    @50 You’re asking Torley? The same guy who thought it was a great idea to make transparent objects solid if you were more then a couple inches away from them?

  53. Sindy Tsure says:

    /me seconds, or 5ths or whatever, the request to get 1.19 in JIRA.

    If it was there, I’d add an issue that ctrl-w in the IM window closes the whole window instead of closing just the tab you’re on..

  54. Moll Dean says:


    Thank you for this RC and I wish you all a good luck to make SL a better place.
    I just do not understand how do you care so much about AGE VERIFICATION, that will never be used by me… and NOT CARE about those robots that are all around the grid to make objects illegal copies. Are LL afraid to block copybots and see the online population to decrease to 20k? Is not better be a transparent company?

    * Please
    Give us the right to backup to HD our inventory.
    * Please
    Release the offline Sandbox to allow us to build/edit our creation disconected from internet (not in-world)

    When do you plan to release the new viewer 1.19?

    hugs all

  55. Winter Ventura says:

    have you also imprved and enabled the ability for actualy adults to verify?

    I haven’t heard squat about this since your corporate types said “Woops we screwed up, this is failing way too often”

  56. Elessar says:

    Great. After downloading this version, I cannot log in at all on either Release Candidate or the standard version…

  57. FlaranChamenthi Rau says:

    Voice Chat enabled by default No way am I using Chat. Please fix this before the next RC.

  58. FlaranChamenthi Rau says:

    Thank you very much Max Kleiber for pointing that out. I wondered why Voice exe was asking to be let through my firewall.

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  60. Baska Babenco says:

    Overall its nice to see so many bug fixes. But.. As someone who has to wear a collar in SL the new location of the “realease keys” button is a bit annoying as it takes off the collar if its accidently hit. Is it really neccesary to have it in such a location or on the main screen at all?

    Ive been on SL for 9 months now and cant say I ever needed to use the release keys button. I am sure many people would agree.

  61. Phantom Ninetails says:

    “This release also addresses the QuickTime security issue identified back in December (which were originally slated for the 1.18.6 viewer as well) and updates the required version of QuickTime to 7.4.”

    What about Windows 2000?

  62. drdahlgren says:

    Well Joshua, as you can read, several of the UI “improvments” in this RC and the RC in general, are not very popular with the residents. Lets take a look:
    * Release Key placement – totally bad move. Get it off the UI entirely
    * Chat enabled by defaut – Go back to Disabled by default
    * Commuications window – TOO BIG!! Also parts hard to use/see or don’t appear to follow a logical flow
    * Friends online notification – Too Big

    So now we get to see, will LL respond with corrections, or is this just another one of those things we have to learn to live with.

    Overall it seems some bugs were fixed which is great. Some changes make total sense, like removing the ability to exclude people because they DID have payment on file. Was that ever used ?? A few new bugs seem to have popped up. All part of the reason this exists in the first place, to test.

    But please LL please… Do some surveys or something with the ppl who use the UI before turning the UI monkeys loose on it again.


  63. Please, make the sources available on the Wiki…

  64. pantaiputih korobase says:

    some Linden, pls explain clearly what
    ‘Removed the ability to *ban* access to Residents who have provided payment info or who have used payment info. We continue to support the ability to *allow* access to only those who have provided payment info.’


  65. Ponk Bing says:

    For some reason pressing escape doesn’t remove focus from the history chat window or the inventory search box.


  66. Thank you for fixing the private estate map issue, finally I can get to see more than a few meters of my neighbours.

  67. Sean Heying says:

    Why does the release button cover the last said text? There is no real need to have this button displayed at all to be honest.

  68. I agree, the release button needs to be moved into a menu option.

    I will say though, I am really liking the UI changes so far.

    The bars are much cleaner, straight-forward and post-Y2K in appearance finally.

    The new land restriction icons seem to be a little less obvious in nature, but aren’t a big issue IMO.

    I do see that my ability to enable ripple water, AVP, and bump map are disabled on this RC.

    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 GTS/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2

  69. Jayden B says:

    Haha you can see the GUI designer is not a sub, if he were he would be punished by his master for putting the very key that removes his collar right next to the history and IM buttons and the chat line.

    Three of the most used areas of the screen and he puts the dreaded collar detach button right there.

    Take the thing off the screen, it serves no purpose having it as a prominent button anyway. Stick it in a menu.

  70. U M says:

    “33 Wayfinder Wishbringer Says:

    February 4th, 2008 at 6:58 PM PST
    Let me get this straight: are you saying we no longer have the ability to ban people from our sims or parcels just because they have payment info on file? ”

    It seems that way doesnt it.

  71. Breen Whitman says:

    U M Says: “It seems that way doesnt it.”

    Tried it in game yet? Then it seems *not* doesnt it.

  72. Breen Whitman says:

    Ok…gimme 2 minutes in a room alone with the Linden who put the “Release Keys” button right above the contacts/chat buttons….
    and he can meet my friend Mr. Slappy Stick

  73. eva Nowicka says:

    Other changes:
    Remove “New Account…” and “Preferences” buttons from login screen for 1.19.0
    Why has removed the “Preferences” button from the login screen? it’s useful for many things, and there’re people who needed it to tune SL Client by the characteristics of their computer or even choose their language even before the first login

  74. Misterbear Fapp says:

    Yay! I identified at least seven bugs listed which were causing me problems in the past. Now they shouldn’t be an issue – like I knew they actually were.

    Make everyday a happy day!

  75. Pingback: Linux Voice out of the box | PrimForge

  76. Ann Otoole says:

    why does clicking map or calling llMapDestination now freeze the client for several seconds?

  77. kjhm says:

    I like the new UI look, looking a lot better though here are a few comments.

    1. Release Key Placement – Get it off the UI entirely, maybe up next to the no push etc icons?
    2. The communication window – still to large in size, can you not add this as a slider so when pressed it slides down from the top right section and when closed slides back?
    3. Voice on by default – I think this is a good idea
    4. Friends online notification – Could be smaller in size

    Overall its getting really nicely polished keep up the good work.

  78. astarte artaud says:

    That is a nice long list of bug fixes. Will there be a new windlight viewer soon including these for those of us using that viewer, or are we talking about a different animal

  79. Urantia Jewell says:

    @73 eva Nowicka
    Why has removed the “Preferences” button from the login screen? it’s useful for many things, and there’re people who needed it to tune SL Client by the characteristics of their computer or even choose their language even before the first login

    “Preferences” still available from menu bar.

  80. Kugel says:

    We dont need that damn “Release” (AV Suicide) button on screen…. burn it now??

  81. Very Keynes says:

    If you access preferences from the menu, before logging on, the dialog box is half off the bottom center of the screen and cannot be dragged up, so the OK and Cancel buttons are not accessible. Well on my system that is @ 1024×768 resolution.

    And I add my vote to put the release button in the menus rather.

    @69, maybe his alt is a sadistic master 🙂

  82. Cristine Grut says:

    The flight is stopping and the TP does not develop many times, simply it does not happen.

  83. Ceera Murakami says:

    Add my vote to go back to Voice being DISABLED by default, and not enabled. I can see a lot of users of laptops and newer desktop systems being shocked when their built-in mic suddenly activates, broadcasting their RL voice without their permission!

    On the new master volume control, I suppose it is an improvement to nest it on the same row as the text chat entry field, but it still interferes with HUD attachments in the lower three spots. In fact, now the text chat bar ALSO interferes with the default placement for the lower three HUD positions!

    I thought at first splitting the text chat history off the way they did was pretty good, in that the Friends, Groups and Contacts lists are all pretty much vertical format, while text chat certainly is horizontal. So I resized both to fit what they displayed, with Friends tall and skinny, and chat histort short and full-screen width. But the first incoming new IM went to the main communicate window, and had to be torn off to make it a usable horizontal format. Is there any hope we could group new IM’s with the chat history window, instead of with the Friends list?

    Glad I can finally remove my underwear again without having to strip naked.

    RE Banning by payment info. You still CAN ban the noobs that do NOT have payment info on file, and that is what most people used payment bans for – to filter out people who refused to provide any sort of real-world traceable info. Banning someone just because they HAVE provided a credit card or used it makes no sense, and was originally provided only to be “politically correct”.

    Bans in any form other than explicit by name are useless now anyway, since they only have effect 50M above the terrain surface. You can activate all the ban options you want, short of owning a whole sim and making it not public access, and a stranger can still do anything they please 51 M above your terrain.

  84. eva Nowicka says:

    @79 Urantia Jewell: I know, but I insist: sometimes it’s good to get that options before connect

    @81 Very Keynes: I’ve not those problems, and I use Windows and MacOs X in diferents resolutions

  85. Creem says:

    Eh, I think it’s better that voice is on by default. People who care enough to complain about voice being on by default certainly care enough to manually disable it. Keeping it off by default would just confuse new (and computer illiterate) users who would wonder why they can’t hear people talking and assume the function “doesn’t work”.

  86. Irene Muni says:

    I think that the visión of @73 eva Nowicka is very important:
    “Why has removed the “Preferences” button from the login screen? it’s useful for many things, and there’re people who needed it to tune SL Client by the characteristics of their computer or even choose their language even before the first login”.
    Sometimes it is important we can change the Preferences BEFORE of conect to SL.


    And about @79 Urantia Jewell:
    “Preferences” still available from menu bar”.
    Well, of course, but that is not the question 😉

  87. Dovic Battery says:

    i tried this new version

    i did a complete unistall of the previous version i was using..which for the most worked very well for me.

    Well i’m hopping along wondering why they had to mess with buttons ect. and then i froze.. any prims with an alpha under the ocean was clear visible from above.. all big and bright an nasty looking.. soooo i decided to fly over an have a closer look.. fly ?? i pressed the forwards arrow and it was like i was trying to fly against an invisible prim.. soon as i let go of the arrow i was catapulted forwards smaking my face on the store front.
    not good i tell you, i’m ugly enough already without having a wall slam into me.

    it’s not lag.. nope i tried an tried to fly but it wasn’t gonna play nice.. so anyhoo i logged off and came back with the Second_Life_1-18-5-3_Setup version and everything was working fine again… maybe in the next update i will try again..

  88. set “Affects Version/s” to “1.19.0 Release Candidate“.
    Issue tracker does not offer 1.19 option

  89. Zi Ree says:

    @73, 86: The “Preferences” item is still accessible from the menu bar … even *before* logging in. There is no need fo the button anymore, the menu is there. Try it, it works 😛

  90. uh-oh says:

    So far sems to be running ok for me. One problem I have noticed is when you open the map page everything seems to freeze for about 30 seconds as if it is about to crash.

  91. Asriazh Frye says:

    @#63 and #78 Henri and Astarte, the 1.19 windlight source is available at the SVN for about a little longer than an hour already. the links to the libs, sources and artwork can be found here:


  92. U M says:

    Did someone try to make sence? And They say my english is bad…..shakeshead……..

    I beeing seeing crashing in rotation and some some unfriendly bugs poping up again.

  93. eva Nowicka says:

    @89 Zi Ree: you’re right, Zi.. hehehe, i’ve not seen the new menu bar… it’s a new feature. please, Joshua, could you include it in the “other changes” section?

  94. eva Nowicka says:

    @81 Very Keynes: yes, you’re right too: the window is misplaced if you try to use it from the login screen.

  95. Ooh yes, I’m happy about seeing in this viewer! 😀

  96. Meghan Dench says:

    I’ve added a PJira issue for the Release Keys button, Issue Key is VWR-4541
    I will look, and maybe also add one for the voice on by default issue, if so I will post the Key here.

  97. @Thinkerer: Please refresh and check again, “1.19 Release Candidate” version is in the list!

  98. We’ve also got this filter for 1.19 RC bugs:


    I anticipate that’ll show more issues over the next stretch of weeks.

  99. Ann Otoole says:

    all textures behave as though the have alpha channels when they don’t. any map activity freezes the client for 15 to 30 seconds. changing the voice from opt in to opt out after so much anguish over a nearly globally undesired feature resulting in it being made opt in. GUI changes that were not requested. i just have to ask… where are the requirements for the GUI changes? i don’t recall anyone asking for the GUI to be changed. Your supposed to be working on stability not new things. does the LL staff operate independently and without regard to public statements made by the LL CEO now? where is the requirement to change the voice back to opt out? where is the requirement to do that annoying thing with the useless release keys button that was never needed in the first place if it had been a menu option? when did we ask to have the client freeze up for anything? it was freezing up on camera pan/rotation and now the freeze subroutine has been moved to llMapDestination and clicking the map button. and who asked for all textures to have ordering issues as though they had alpha channels when they don’t?

    hint: if it has not been asked for then don’t do it. your kewl idea is not really desired at this time. we want a stable product. if your fetish is harrassing users with poor GUI design then i encourage you to seek employment with IBM or any major consulting outfit.

    then again.. based on what happened with the server side last week… maybe the voice opt out error means you were using an old code branch and you don’t have much expertise with merging code trees. or maybe it is so awful that you have much more than anyone on the planet and it just keeps happening that way.

    overall though this release candidate is a wash. i’m not running it anymore nor am i wasting my time on jira with a RC that needs to be scrapped.

  100. Croft says:

    Am I truly the only one who crashes out of this constantly with memory errors, out of memory errors, all kinds of crap like that?

    Windlight, meanwhile, is by no means stable but it is in a league of its own compared to living in crash hell by trying to run the RC. You’d think the seeming thousands of crash reports my installation alone has sent would result in some fixes.

    Invisible people vs crashing a lot. I’ll go with the invisible people for now I guess. -sigh-

  101. Ann Otoole says:

    OK so LL got a flashmobbing praising voice on the media server upgrade entry and then closed comments. i see the old soviet style leadership is back in play at LL. and the flashmob’s suggesting people are male when they are not may be a TOS violation anyway so maybe they need to go back to WoW.

  102. Matheus Gleeson says:

    “Voice is turned on by default” – I suppose it makes sense, from LL’s point of view. If voice is turned on by default, “maybe” some more people will start using it. And “maybe” more of the new residents will leave it turned on, and use it. “Maybe” they can ruin the chat experience for all of us who don’t like voice, and never intend to use it.

    Hey! Most of us don’t turn Voice on. Of my friends who have it turned on, most only comment on some of the nastiness that goes on in voice. Not to mention that it’s destroyed some of the illusion for them – giving far too good an idea of the person behind the avatar, when that person turns out to be much more petty, small-minded, and crude than they’d appeared in text.

    Sure, keep voice available for those who use it. It’s a little too late to take it away, now. But don’t try to trick the rest of us into taking it; you’ll just make people angry.

  103. Meghan Dench says:

    Reopened PJIra, Case proven in the above comments.
    Having it on by default MAY just go against privacy and therefore just leave it the way it was.

  104. Eduard Korhonen says:

    I am unhappy with the position of the “Release Keys” button!! I keep clicking that instead of “Local Chat” and removing my AO. “Release Keys” would be better over the opposite side of the screen, or perhaps give us the option to drag it to wherever we want, maybe even have the option to remove it altogether.

  105. Meghan Dench says:

    I have added PJira issues on this, Release Keys issue is:

    Voice on by default issue is:

    You should go and visit these, and vote if you agree.

  106. Totem Flow says:

    Works for me on my old dinosaur! Only thing i see is my friends list not loading…otherwise it actually works damn *goes into shock*

  107. Eduard Korhonen says:

    Great, just voted 🙂

  108. Sarge says:

    Uhg, would you folks fix the grid?? IT’s all kinds of screwed up right now. As for new features, how about making video media not need deeding. Simply have it know who owns an item, so they can control it. This can’t be abused, since land owners and managers can just return pesky tv’s.

  109. Atashi Toshihiko asks, “I downloaded the 1.19.0 viewer a day or two ago when it came out the first time around. Do I need to download it again?”

    Nope, it’s exactly the same. We had the viewer ready on Friday but didn’t want to release it when there was still server work going on. If you change the viewer and the server at the same time it’s harder to track down the cause of reported bug!

    Darrien Caldwell and eva Nowicka pointed out a few release note tweaks – fixed!

    March Korda: 1.19.0 should show up as an affects version/fix version for VWR and SVC issues in PJIRA now. (I think Rob Linden did that)

    As far as specific issues:

    * I’ve escalated the the “Release Keys” button placement issue. This is exactly why we need feedback on the viewer RCs! Thanks to Megan Dench for filing and to everyone else for making the issue clear.
    * I’ll try and get a more easily understandable explanation of the age verification change – I’m not sure I understand that sentence myself.
    * Voice is on by default now – I’ll pass the feedback around, but this is intentional.

    … and for the issues reported by Ann Otoole, Wanja Lubitsch, Zena Juran, Max Kleiber, Rolo Sands, ChatNoir Monsoo, Ponk Bing, Very Keynes, and others – I’ve passed these on to the internal QA team to verify and we’ll try to fix the issues in an upcoming RC before 1.19.0 goes final.

    Thanks everyone, and remember to keep filing issues in JIRA!

  110. Meghan Dench says:

    Can we have this one: sorted out please, and fast.
    This is soooo distracting, I have it what every 6 seconds! lol

  111. Ric Mollor says:

    @111 concerning JIRA entry VWR-4546.

    You are seeing the friends online/offline message every 6 seconds because your friends are repeatedly crashing and having to relog.

    This problem will be resolve itself as they become increasing frustrated with Second Life and stop logging in.

    Please give the Lindens a chance. They are doing everything they can to rectify the problem using this approach.

  112. Meghan Dench says:

    In order to rectify a problem, they need to be aware that this new addition is not liked, and want us to use the PJira.
    I have a large friends list, with people offline, and online constantly.
    This is not liked, the pop up box should be made smaller again and therefore it is Jira’d.
    All that ive spoken to about this don’t like the large box.
    It is distracting, for whenever someone logs in or out.
    I am giving them a chance, and making them aware of this, Thank you.

  113. Vivienne says:

    @ 85

    “Eh, I think it’s better that voice is on by default.”

    Only if this annoying light over my head is going away so that not every nube griefer can easily target me as his welcomed voice harassment prey. And only if the totally annoying and unnecessary public voice channel is closed finally, so that everyone has to ring my phone bell before he or she starts telling me about the latest gossip from Vogon, Alpha Centauri and the surrounding regions. I still avoid long or short distance phone calls with strangers, especially when the intruders force me to listen to their way of vocal expression.

    I dont mind if LL wants to turn SL in a phone cell box, but if they do so, they should take care of the elementary rules of phone privacy.

  114. Robot Foxley says:

    I cannot get to the 1.19 viewer because of the constant 503 errors on the download page which also seem to be affecting the forums as well. Please fix this issue which has been going on for about a week now.

  115. Crucial Armitage says:

    Are you going to Release 1.19 in the windlight first look viewer also?

    I down loaded 1.19 and it was like a step back for me

    1.19 still has the old preferences set up

  116. Kathy Morellet says:

    @110 Joshua Linden Says:
    * Voice is on by default now – I’ll pass the feedback around, but this is intentional.

    Joshua, we know it was intentional. Now we want you to intentionally make it OPT OUT again.

    Thank you.

  117. I am not opposed to voice in the slightest (although I only use it sparingly) but an explanation of why this is now on by default would be helpful (it says above, “this is intentional”) – but why? I only want it on when I want it on. I think most people will agree that it should be opt in.

  118. Khamudy Mannonen says:

    In addition to the complaints raised about the release button being in a bizarre location, I’d like to suggest that the online notification pop-up now jumps ridiculously high up the screen, becoming more of a continual annoyance than a helpful reminder. I’d also like to raise the point that IM session tabs now no longer flash when you have received a new IM, they merely dimly glow. I keep missing IMs as a result. I’d strongly suggest reversing this bizarre decision.

    Whilst updates to the UI are a part of moving the software forward, I can’t help put think these cosmetic changes are really a waste of developer time, when there are many more critical flaws with the package as a whole.

  119. Raven Primeau says:

    Well I downloaded it, tried it, buttons are clunky, map wont open very often things take an age to open/close, tick boxes to *not show again* wont tick, I walk like a sick pig jerk and spasm as if I am having a fit, crash frequently…..list is endlessssssssssssss

    It looked good at first though apart from that frickin *release button* Which prat at LL placed it there, don’t any of the team play in world anymore?

    Gave up returned to Windlight and relative smooth play with the flippant comment of “poke it where the sun don’t shine!” I shall have to do without all those lovely bugfixes till you revise this client thank you

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  121. @Robot Foxley:

    A large number of Lindens have been trying to track down the cause of the 503s. I’d say “we think we’ve found the cause” (cause it’s true) but we’ve said that several times over the past week. The latest theory looks good and, if it proves to be correct, the issue should be resolved within a day.

    @Kathy Morellet:

    FYI, re: terminology: “opt in” means “not in by default, can optionally join”. “opt out” means “in by default, can optionally leave”.

  122. Angel Sunset says:

    The VERY useful network gadgets are STILL missing. Since either my ISP or the client or the server keeps disconnecting me from SL, I am forced to have the network window (ctrl shift 1) open all the time, and that takes SO much screen space.

    And what happened to “RenderDynamicReflections” in the Debug menu? I can’t turn it on any more, and (although it STILL doesn’t make mirrors possible in SL, which is really a GREAT pity, vain as I am), it was still a lovely feature and produced some amazing effects.

  123. Eduard Korhonen says:

    Since installing 1.19.0 I haven’t been able to use the map properly, no details show…just a grey box where a sim is supposed to be

  124. Roy Blanchard says:

    I want the preferences button back on the opening page!
    and yes, the floating ‘release keys’ button is annoying.
    also, the ‘no’ symbol (the circle with a slash thru it) belongs ON the icon, not next to the icon it is saying no about.

  125. Eduard Korhonen says:

    Scratch that!! Wouldn’t you know soon as I post about it…its working fine lol

  126. Ciaran Laval says:

    As voice is optional, it really isn’t ethical to have voice on by default. Those who want to use voice are more than capable of finding out how it works and using it.

    The chances of someone not even realising they’re being heard all over SL are far more likely by having voice on by default, the whole point of optional is that you choose to engage in that option. Opting in is ethical, being forced to opt out, I’m sorry but that’s plain sneaky.

  127. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    I really, really, really, really hate that flippin’ RELEASE KEYS button where the IM CHAT button used to be.

    I also dislike the public chat button being so small.

    What are you all thinking? Do you even USE Second Life?

    One has to wonder…

    Please fix this. That key is a royal pain. I don’t know how many times I’ve hit that thing thinking I was answering an IM. I have to believe I’m not the only one experiencing this pain-in-the-toot “feature”.

    Just get rid of it. Put it in a menu somewhere. Hide it in the back 40 with other far more useful features. Needed: NOT!

    /me wonders what LL drinks during late night programming hours…

  128. Eduard Korhonen says:

    Wayfinder, this issue with “Release Keys” has already been brought up by a number of people. You can vote on the problem here

    As for voice, i agree with people who suggest that it should be OFF by default. I personally hate voice and never use it. I prefer to use Skype on the side.

  129. Jan Horsforth says:

    I don’t care if its been mentioned a thousand times. The RELEASE KEYS button that I have been praying would be removed is now the most prominent button on the screen! Doh!
    I have to roll back because of this one. I hope LL hears this message loud and clear.

  130. Zi Ree says:

    @128: Ciaran, so you think, “Anisotropic Filtering” should be off by default, since it’s optional?

    My point is: only because something is optional, it shouldn’t be disabled by default. It’s something that must be decided for every option separately. For example, “Remember password” is optional, and it *should* be off by default, because it’s a security risk. With Voice it really doesn’t matter if it’s enabled or disabled by default. The user still needs to actively participate in voice chat to be heard at all.

    A suggestion could be: Make a popup appear, just like the “play streaming music?” question. When you land in a voice-enabled area for the first time, ask the user: “Do you want to enable voice?” How about that? 😛

  131. Raven Primeau says:

    Has anyone else noticed or experienced the selected object highlighted pulsating when editing building, I noticed this morning before RL dragged me away! Pretty but so bloody aggravating when you have a big multiprim item selected to edit, It makes me for one giddy after a while and hope its just a glitch.

    This viewer build certainly needs a few tweaks, my map took so long to load I thought the viewer was broken for one. I commented earlier on the others, went back to using windlight and woke this morn to find windlight updated to the same damn build :(((((((

  132. Eduard Korhonen says:

    I have noticed that pulsating effect when objects are highlighted, very annoying!! Another one for the list!

  133. Eduard Korhonen says:

    Release Keys button…new fault!!

    If you go into “Mouse Look” and back to normal again…the “Release Keys” button moves up the screen….do it again and the button goes higher….and again….etc…

  134. Sean Heying says:

    All these UI changes (and I see the flashing/pulsing when in edit too) are pure shiny. These are the things Philip himself would be looked at less in comparison to stability.

    Stop these changes to the UI and fix SL.

  135. Eduard Korhonen says:

    *136 continued*

    Do it enough times and they “Release Keys” button vanishes!!

  136. Eduard Korhonen says:

    *138 Continued*

    WARNING!! Even though the button is still there!! and can still be clicked!!

  137. Raven Primeau says:

    Frame rate is low too, making everything choppy, knowing that WL is updated to this veiwer saddens me that it will be similarly blighted with terrible framerates :((

  138. Please Please Please remove the release keys button once and for all. Its in the worst possible position and does anyone ever actually use it?

  139. U M says:

    Again why is the Release key SOOOOOOOOOOOO Big. And locasted so far left. Please fix this.

  140. U M says:

    shakeshead at Voice……How long will it take for them to get it right…….Please vedio didnt take this long to get codes right. Voice should be having taking this long to start with to get it done right. specially since it sits on its own server right…….gesh

  141. Cappy frantisek says:

    I would love to use the newest viewer but unfortunately it won’t let me log in. Also, before you say anything about using the jira to report this, it would let me log in there either. Being a basic account holder I guess I don’t rate using the newest viewers or being able to report problems. Good job LL.

  142. Eduard Korhonen says:

    I’m on basic account too, I’m not having any trouble.

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  144. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Interesting, I changed my password and now I can get in. Looking forward to seeing all the new features and bugs available!

  145. M says:

    The PJira hase many issues on this all ready which you can go to, vote on, watch and comment on.
    The following are relevent to what is mentioned above. then log in and searxh the followng keys:
    Voice should NOT be default: VWR-4542
    Release keys: VWR-4541

    Stand up (and other) buttons disapearing and moved: VWR-4549
    Friends Online Status Pop Up Box is too big: VWR-4546
    Group changes wont apply: VWR-4547

    The URLs are: (in that order)
    And id like to remind you all, using the PJira is free and the more people who go onto these, comment watch and vote, the faster the issues will be worked on. : )

  146. Ciaran Laval says:

    @133 Yes you’re right, sometimes it’s better to encourage people to use a setting by setting the default as on, you’re quite correct. Situations where having the setting off are more likely to cause problems and support questions are indeed examples of where default should be on.

    However voice most certainly does not fall into that category.

  147. Croft says:

    Yeah I hate that every time I comment here it’s because some annoying problem has me fuming. It would be great to be able to give sunny and glad feedback, but right now I have not one client I can use. The Windlight, which was my one remaining refuge, was slaughtered by the 1.19 treatment today. Went from being the most stable to crashing as well as having an UI that would be hard to live with.

    The original client… well aside from having, God help us, even more bugs than the RC’s, doesn’t work right with my graphics hardware, though I have the very latest release drivers. Lots of stuff supposedly invisible is suddenly visible and pink. And no, it’s not highlight invisible, thanks for playing.

    This one? Crashes when I so much as twitch or look at it sideways.

    Windlight, which was sort of stable for me, suddenly fills my screen with graphical junk… and oh yeah, that stupid stupid idiotically moronic change to make the release key move around and wind up in one of the worst places it could be… who did that? Is he fired yet? Why isn’t he? Sheesh.

    Let me offer two words here, in the naive hope that these comments are read by Linden Labs – “usability testing”. I realize that is probably a completely new word combination for the Linden employees, so here is a good Wikipedia link to get you started:

    But no, I’m not bitter. Not bitter at all.

  148. Sarah says:

    Why do I now have to disable voice when I install a new viewer? If I am updating a viewer, my settings should NEVER NEVER NEVER be changed without my permission or knowledge!!!

    And why on earth would you default to on such a lag inducing feature? I never wanted voice, have watched it only add downtime, lag, and instability to SL. Personally, I would be happy to see it removed. But do not EVER override my existing preferences to turn it on!!!!

  149. Armanna says:

    The PJira hase many issues on this all ready which you can go to, vote on, watch and comment on.
    The following are relevent to what is mentioned above. then log in and searxh the followng keys:
    Voice should NOT be default: VWR-4542
    Release keys: VWR-4541
    Stand up (and other) buttons disapearing and moved: VWR-4549
    Friends Online Status Pop Up Box is too big: VWR-4546
    Group changes wont apply: VWR-4547

    The URLs are: (in that order)

    And id like to remind you all, using the PJira is free and the more people who go onto these, comment watch and vote, the faster the issues will be worked on. : )

    Posted again by me as I don’t think Meg’s comment published.

  150. Coral Quinnell says:

    Movement controls,camera controls and other items placed on screen will not stay where placed. When I open Gestures they all shoot to top of screen on top of each other!!!

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