Media Server Update Feb 5th 2-4 AM PST

We will perform a rolling update on the voice servers tonight between 2 AM and 4 AM PST. During this time residents may experience brief outages of voice service which should last no longer than five minutes.

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49 Responses to Media Server Update Feb 5th 2-4 AM PST

  1. beewing says:

    How do the voice servers differ from the other servers? … How many types of servers do you have?

  2. richard says:

    does anyone use voice?

  3. beewing says:

    I use voice occasionally when others want me too

  4. I can’t wait to see what sort of unintended problems result from this.

  5. @2 you all will be now, since they’ve snuck it in as being on by default in the RC. Something else to remember to turn off.

  6. MCM Villiers says:

    Yea Montana is right they did

  7. Mari says:

    on by default… my low moans of pain when I crash will be heard?

  8. Streak says:

    @2 I use voice, though not as much right now, it’s been going down a lot so I’ve started using Vent again. But I know A LOT of people using it as well. certain groups forsake it, others love it. So to answer your question, does anyone use voice…a resounding yes must be said to that. A good number actually do…and when it DOES work (key word being when) I prefer it over anything else.

  9. Ilmatar Balogh says:

    Well I hope it fixes my current problem. I can talk in world chat yet when I get into private I can hear the other person but they cannot hear me. I have a Mac they have a PC. Dont know if that is the issue or not. It just started today being an issue. I have never have had that problem before

  10. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    You know, I gotta say, these rolling restarts are better than the half-days offline. 🙂

  11. Storyof Oh says:

    I will start using voice to swear copiously…all the effort on voice when on old and new release viewers i cant rez, cant move or then fly out of control, crash, cant rearrange stuff etc etc all the old problems associated with lag which always coincides with America getting on line. Please at 7pm SL time can someone stick another log in the boiler powering the thing….

  12. Phil Priestman says:

    Sure, lets continue to fix a novelty feature that nobody wants every week and ignore all the problems causing instability in the grid. I really wish SL would finally get rid of this college intern programmers and hire people that know what they are doing but then upper managment can’t hide behind the ones they have now and shift blame away if they did.

  13. beewing says:

    That was not a very nice thing to say Phil …

    This voice feature is a RealWorld feature for several of us trying to use SL for real world meetings …

    And many of SL programmers are very advanced insdustry professionals …

    All may not appreciate their “agilent” technology efforts … but I sure do! 🙂

  14. Pepper Haas says:

    Voice has led to so many problems I wish they would never have shoved it down our throats. Those who wish to use voice already have good products to do so like Skype. All it does for SL is stop communications and it has seriously messed up chat and group IM. It’s a bug ridden mongrel now get rid of it!!

  15. Wyald Woolley says:

    HAHAHA….Voice is such a problem for Linden Labs to get right that they can’t even keep their support phones up and running.

    Beewing wrote: This voice feature is a RealWorld feature for several of us trying to use SL for real world meetings …

    Exactly right….and a whole lot of us would rather not have RL part of SL. It screws with the whole reason we come here.

  16. Phil Priestman says:

    Real world meetings via voice is pretty much pointless when one can’t even stay online without getting lagged out and forced to restart SL and get lucky enough to reconnect without seeing constant 404, etc error messages.

  17. Yavapai Villota says:

    Unfortunaly I have no second voice for my second life and my first voice will stay exclusive in my first life. I also avoid to hear the deep baritone, bass and sonor voices of my sweet, beauty, sexy girlfriends in game, wich are, maybe, 16 tons moving truckdrivers in first life. We never know… and I think: we never want to know. And it were even shocking, if this awesome starship-alien-avatar would suddenly talk to me with the voice of Anna Netrebko. This would kill all my illusions. We all decided to pay for perfect illusions and now we hear bad caughing from players wich are sitting 23 hours a day smoking hundreds of cigarettes in front of screen, or high C female voices wich breaking my glass of champagne in a second. I am also unable to speak 101 languages perfect and since english is not my native language, I would be exhausted and brain damaged by trying to translate end express senseful sentences spontaneous while talking via voice instead of slow and thinkful typing, – about spontaneous sensual sentences not to talk, when the tonque is dry like a desert and cold sweat is running down the back, because of trying to find halfway good expressions in special situations and in time…so, conclusion: we need no voice, we want no voice, we just want to play on a fast and stable system and if the developers would be so nice, to throw all unnecessary “features” over board, we would have a chance to make this experience.

  18. coventina dalgleish says:

    Why worry about it the game is unplayable now as of 2:03 A.M. CST the freeze lags occur every time you try and move. This is on a class 5 server with a very low overhead even at a 64 draw making it impossible to do a thing. Get off your dead butts and fix the game I/we do not really care about voice when the main engine is corrupt. I thought the last episode of problems was bad this is a new record. Oh and concurrence is below 30k. If this continues I do believe many of us premiums will back off to the observer status as it offers no benefit at this time to keep throwing good money after bad. This is a serious problem Linden Lab that needs immediate reconciliation.

  19. Ghost Menjou says:

    I frequently use voice as its easier to talk,makes sarcasm and humor more notable and if you have a bad spelling day or your to tired to type you can just use voice.
    Meetings you say?
    Its frequently used in meetings and long speeches and its better like that in my opinion.
    @15 Voice and Support systems have nothing in common.

  20. Algenight Cline says:


    Speak for yourself about not wanting voice. We don’t need it, no, but that doesn’t mean nobody wants it. I’m a shy speaker, but everytime I manage to get past my shyness I love being able to talk on voice to everyone. And as for being worried about that particular girl being a guy in rl, I’m not because it’s unlikely they want anyone to know, so chances of them actually talking on voice are very slim.

    And if they do voice, then at least I know it’s a guy and not to hit on her.. him.. err.. something.. again lol

  21. bigmoe whitfield says:

    I dont use voice for serveral reasons, First off it kills my Rp aspect of my av. Second off one of the groups I am in has alot of deaf and mute people in it and they dont like it when a hearing person comes in and starts to use voice. WHy have something that is a clear is advantage to those people? Does anybody even look at the numbers? Sheesh oh well cant make them all happy.

  22. Trin says:

    I discovered Voice a month ago or so, and yes ! I use it, and couldn’t live without it now. I am French, I am shy, and Voicing has been a fantastic improvement in my SL. I agree, there is no point in using SL Voice instead of Skype… Skype always works perfcetly.
    BUT ! I honestly thank LL to have added this feature on SL, because it made it much more easy for me to have a try, pretending it was “just to have a try at it”. One click, and wooooo !!! I was hooked…
    I am voicing with someone who has a Mac, I have a PC (Vista), no problems so far but who knows, everything is going so wrong these days… worse and worse, I should say…
    I agree there are much more important issues to be fixed, we are all aware of it.

  23. Siena Masala says:

    I use voice and to be fair I am a ‘touch typist’ so to type fast is no problem for me. Often I am speaking with voice and typing at the same time –
    Although I like voice for chatting to friends – I also have used it to learn another language – I can hear my friends speaking in their own language and then are able to learn a natural conversation style. So by using a combination of ‘babbler’ (with all its faults) and voice I now can read italian well and understand most of the spoken words – I am beginning now to speak the language also. In conclusion to have the voice and to be able to interact with people from another country is fantastic –

  24. Funninonebabe McBride says:

    I have a large group of friends and we all use voice even tho some don’t actually speak on voice they like to listen and comment back in type so we combine the two most successfully…

    Having said that i have had a lot of problem with voice also, it like to connect a lot of the time so when i TP to a new region it takes a while for voice to come up again…

    Have also used Skype but sometimes skype and SL don’t run hand in hand at the same time… i do hope they are doing a fix and not creating more problems for so far this week voice has been great…

    I think most people who discount voice so quickly are the pretty blonde babe who really are male lol…. afraid to be caught out lol… long live voice 🙂

  25. Trin says:

    –> ” I think most people who discount voice so quickly are the pretty blonde babe who really are male lol…. afraid to be caught out lol… long live voice ”
    You’re so right !! Lollllll

  26. Ian Eros says:

    Just what is it about people not liking voice! It makes the in world experience so much better. It’s easier to build, work on projects with your friends and just to chat generally. Voice was the best thing EVER to come to SL. We all use voice at my place and the first thing I do when someone new arrives is get them to turn voice ON. There should not be an option to shut it off. What is the most natural way to communicate. Voice. If you don’t want to use voice then fine but expect the world to get quieter and quieter 🙂

  27. astro says:

    I agree !!!,, Voice is one of the better things added to Second Life. You can actually carry on a conversation with someone. Although most of the time in public areas the talk is not any better than what people used to chat, when you are actually trying to communicate one on one with someone, there is nothing better than voice.
    I just hope this fix will improve the shuddering and breakup that occasionally occurs, unfortunately at the most inconvenient times it seems.

  28. Mari says:

    This is a great read, and I don’t care how many degrees the programmers have but I am half naked in a public place and want to get my AVA dressed and put to bed.

    Do not want to pop in tomorrow in high heels and three stands of Mardi Gras beads and half a merry widow. (Unhappy widow?)

    I would call in and complain but my ciggie damaged trucker voice and Bronx accent would spoil my carefully cultivated image as an avatar of class and breeding.

    This system is really breaking. Instead of fixing the root they are slapping coats of paint of it.

  29. Kugel says:


    My AV is a 27stone (300 pound??) male truck criver (without truck 😦 ) …. and I use voice to emote my continuous munching on “Yorkie” Choccy Bars, smoking 20 cigarettes an hour and playing “Convoy by CW McCall” as my ambient background tune.

    10-4 good buddies……… ohhh shoot my SL crashed… now where did that chocolate bar attachment relocate to?? OUCH !!!!

  30. Taash Nightfire says:

    I’m afraid I don’t see much advantage to voice, and for many of the same reasons others have already mentioned. It disrupts my immersion in the fantasy of Second Life. No…I don’t mean *those* fantasies. I mean,as others have mentioned, the gaming aspects. I for one have no interest in fighting off a death robot wiith an aussie drawl or southern twang.

    Setting species aside, there’s also the gender issues: It’s bad enough that I have to read the crass comments some…*ahem*…gentlemen are wont to make. The last thing I want is to _hear_ these misogynists panting and soliciting every female AV that walks past…and then slandering them when the poor dears don’t respond with a breathless swoon.

    I think that @21 has a very good point regarding accessibility issues. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to both speak and hear. There but for the grace go I. Making voice the standard mode of communication (however formal or informal) would be a great disservice to those who currently enjoy a more meaningful escape from a social reality that doesn’t favor them in a medical / biological sense. Of course, the same applies to hands. Perhaps the option for both is really the best idea, and those with gender insecurities will just have to live with the mystery…or go out and try their questionable social skills with real people in the real world (I know, I know…real people??! It’s a wonder the species even managed to procreate before the internet…).

    Finally, I do agree that there are probably better things Linden could spend it’s time on. But…that seems to be a dead horse. I’ll just give it a little bop in passing and leave it at that, I suppose.

  31. T says:

    What’s going on here ???? Noone talked about forcing people into Voice !!! If it becomes a default setting, you can choose to disable your microphone. Enough of this paranoïd talk.
    People who want to hide and play will always be able to…
    As I am reading some of the entries there, it is as if it was “OMG !!! Voice ? No, please, don’t, doooooon’t !! Everyone will know who I am”.
    Be adult, please !!

  32. Spiral Walcher says:

    First off, I love voice. I do a lot of things in SL. To me, it is a social network, creative outlet and work. I am a builder and it is much, much easier to use voice when working with other people. It’s also great when I can carry on conversations with people when I am building and don’t have to stop to type every few seconds. I usually don’t have a lot of problems with it either. Usually it works great. If it doesn’t. it’s usually due to a slow internet connection on either end. But I know it’s not perfect, and there are better services out there like Skype… but for me and a lot of other people I know, my computer doesn’t like it when I run SL with other message services like skype, msn, yahoo, ect going at the same time.

    @21 about accessibility… It works both ways. I have arthritis and it is winter here so my fingers hurt and lock up a lot. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to type. Especially with as much correspondence that I have on a daily basis. I also know a lot of people in SL with other physical limitations that make typing not an easy task.

    As for those that say voice should be stopped because it ruins the ‘fantasy’ and RP of SL… I’m sorry, but not everyone here is here for the same purposes you are. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. And if you don’t want to hear other people, then turn it off and ask them type because you can’t hear them. It’s quite simple.

    Also, I know a lot of people that don’t mix RL and SL and won’t use voice. and others that can’t use it. So when they are around, I am courteous and don’t as well.

  33. Trin says:

    Being courteous, absolutely !!!!
    I think it would be very courteous indeed to let people Voice, and stop asking for this feature to be suppressed, which is a bit of a fascist attitude, in my humble opinion…

  34. Letti says:

    @2 Not everyone uses voice. Only a small percentage in Second Life use voice. All these surveys about voice for what? For some reason I know Linden Labs is going to leave voice because they could pretty much care less what everyone else thinks. Especially since LL doesn’t care about the people who have hearing problems or the deaf. That’s what LL is leading me to believe. It has happened before since a large percentage of people don’t want voice form the start. I’ve seen how much they care. I’m impressed with Second Life and I respect that they try hard to keep SL running, but voice is killing it. I used to speak on voice, but I hate talking to myself while my friends are typing. So yes. Lindens you can log in and go all over to almost every land and see for yourself, how many people are using voice.

    PS. If you do stay with voice.. Don’t you ever announce an upgrade on voice that requires paying because hardly anyone will pay for voice.

  35. Raul Crimson says:

    I still don’t understand all this Anti-voice wave, i don’t use it a lot, as i don’t use a lot some features, but is nice to know is there. You can use it…. or not, that simple.

    Anyway Voice in SL has some problems… for an unknown reason it makes my wifi router crash (and that doesn’t happen with Skype or other VOIP applications), and totally agree with 34, i would never pay for voice in SL having free (and better) applications.

  36. Marlena Petrov says:

    Isn’t it strange that every time Voice is mentioned, the vast majority of posters DO NOT use or even want it?? make it totally optional, and fix other things..just a techno geek toy!! and as far as RL busies meetings?? use RL networking software!! dont make us suffer for your cheap companys. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!None of my sims have voice enabled, and they never will!! pppfftttttttttttttt!!!
    *gets off her soap box, returns to SL*

  37. Whitepaw Rolls says:

    1. I agree not only is voice a useless feature as most people do having things better for that, but also have the issue of not being able to keep up with some chat for the few around me that do use it leaving the rest of the world in the dark for NORMAL chat.

    2. If your gona use SL for RL business meetings on voice use something more reliable for petes sake. Why use something so buggy? Because its free? cheap scates :p

    3. I thought voice was supposed to be handled by some 3rd party. why does LL have the servers?

  38. I would like to make a point on @21, what about people who are blind? Are you saying we should abolish voice, their only method of communication? You are now the hypocritical one.

    To be honest, isn’t opening up more communication methods a good thing?

    The disability issue is wide and the situation is far worse in the physical realm. We can only try our best to open up but there will never be truly a one-in-all communication platform for a long time.

    But its great to see Linden Lab at least trying to open up the standards and voice is humanity’s most natural form of communication.

  39. Digital Digital says:

    I really think voice is awesome, I have never had any problems with it and I think the quality is amazing, I don’t use skype because it’s all run p2p not to mention your skype calls when you use skype you waive the right to the call to where skype can freely listen in and also spread your call, and I have seen it done a few times in the past, SKYPE is very bad lol

  40. Meghan Dench says:

    @ Digital.
    I agree honey, voice is a step forward, and will get better in time along with Second Life in a whole, alot of people do use voice. For business, meetings, and personal use 1to1.
    Also groups use it, it is a great feature, and isnt mandatory to use.
    Quit moaning about it.

  41. fred says:

    I am a male using a female av. Not for any other reason than to see what its like for the average woman, how they get treated by guys etc. Its an eye opener. So I dont use voice as that would spoil the illusion.

    I have an alt, a male, but even for him I would not use voice. I have no interest in it. For some people Im sure its a useful tool and any improvements are to be welcome, but I do wish LL would get lag and stability sort out first.

    As for those saying I dont use it get rid of it, I dont use SM area or warefare sims, can we please scrap those as well ?

  42. Gil Druart says:

    Well, I tried voice for about half a day and never again. But on mature reflection I’m in favour of it. The memorable features of voice for me were the two Valley girl types interminably discussing the plot of their favourite soap and the (male) jerk determined to play his collection of MP3s to us whether we wanted to hear them or not. Oh .. and yelling to other rl people in the background …. At which point I became bored with muting people and turned voice off.

    But .. it occurs to me .. some of these would be people that would otherwise be spamming chat with their stoopid multi-line ‘gestures’ over, and over, and over again (thanks so much Torley) or playing their idiotic .wav sound effect gestures over the music at concerts.

    So if voice keeps even one of these people off annoying someone else then I ought to support it 😉

  43. RuPaul says:

    Voice? The only people I know using voice are the “voice-enabled” escorts.

  44. Musicteacher Rampal says:

    Is the recurring “503 service unavailable” message from the forums part of this??

  45. Corbin Carling says:

    I use voice all the time. In fact I hate going to sims which have voice disabled. Voice makes conversation so much easier, free flowing and spontaneous. It also allows you to hear tone of voice and therefor not misinterpret what people type all the time. Voice also enables me to communicate with others, while i’m building, doing a photoshoot, etc. I personally don’t like the Chat function. I find I always have to have the communication window open instead. Each to their own.

    The groups I hang with ALL use voice, and we tend to use it in group conf calls rather than main chat.

    Personally I don’t believe voice is responsible for all the lag issues many of you attribute it too as voice is handled on separate servers. I have not noticed any reduced performance on voice enabled sims over voice disabled sims. The main problem at the moment still seems to be the Asset Servers. How can voice be responsible for that?

    I believe the voice service in SL to be a very strong asset to the brand. The quality is so much better than Skype, Vent, Teamsquawk etc. and reduces the requirement to have another program running in the background. Is also means everyone is on the same voice platform. Rather than some using Teamsquawk, and some using Vent, and others using Skype, meaning you either download and run them all, or revert back to type.

    I am dismayed at all the negativity I read on the blog. 80% of the posts seem to be moaning and bitching, if you’re really that unhappy, move to Open Grid, and help improve that. As for bitching at the programmers.. If you can do better, send LL your CV and show them. Otherwise quit being non-constructive and enjoy SL for what it is. Accept that LL are working on the issues, and be constructive in your criticism.

    I have noticed these past couple of days that conferencing with voice has not worked. I hope this has been fixed today.

  46. K'bibben Gordo says:

    A lot of us like voice. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. What’s the problem??
    You want to get rid of voice because it ruins your roleplaying experience? Don’t use it while you roleplay… *shakes head*
    Some of you are even complaining that, outside of an actual RPG sim, you can’t now pretend to be a different sex and hoodwink people (who aren’t roleplaying) who want to hear your voice? Get over it!

  47. Angelica Seaton says:

    Not sure if this is deemd off topic but…..while we’re in sticking plaster mode, when is the friends online going to re-enabled…’temporarily disabled’ means exactly what? A week? Two? More??????

  48. Letti says:

    @38. Since when blind people go on Second Life? It’s impossible for a blind person to know which direction they’re avatar goes and which settings to click at, unless someone is next to them helping her/him.

  49. M says:

    Er I am actualy outraged at your comment!
    I use voice, and last time I checked I wasnt a “voice enabled hooker”
    You just can’t say that all using voice are hookers!
    Alot of people use voice, and are not escorts, that is like saying everyone using an animal av is into beastiality or something similar, which isnt true! Think about what you say, before you say it!

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