[RESOLVED] Phone support issues

The phone lines are fully functional and no recent reports of calls being dropped.

Thank you and have a great morning! — Frontier

[Update 9:52 AM PST] There are returning phone line connectivity problems with billing and outworld help lines. We will leave this issue open until we know for sure it is fully resolved. Live chat and support tickets are available to you. – kate

[Update 8:32 AM PST] Thank you for your patience while we resolved the intermittent connectivity issues with billing phone lines. The lines are fully functional again. – Kate

[UPDATE 7:08am PST] Unfortunately, the little gremlins have come back and you might again see occasional connectivity troubles when phoning our billing and outworld tech support lines; concierge phone lines remain unaffected. We apologize for this inconvenience!

[RESOLVED 02/03/08 6:39am PST] The phone lines are all fully functional again. Thank you for your patience.


We are receiving reports of some issues with our phone support, that should only intermittently affect the billing and outworld help lines. Concierge phone support is up and running smoothly.

We will inform you here as soon as those issues have been resolved.

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