Wednesday Maintenance

We’ll be doing some maintenance to improve the capacity of our Asset Storage Cluster on Wednesday, 06 February, between 7am PST and 11am PST. There should be no discernible in-world effects from the procedure, but we wanted to let you know that it’s happening.

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  1. Wyald Woolley says:

    Hahaha…. famous last words:

    Joppa Linden wrote, “There should be no discernible in-world effects from the procedure, but we wanted to let you know that it’s happening.”

    Let us all pray that is the way it goes, but if this weeks on-going saga is any indication of what results when tinkering goes on, we all need to grab on tight to something because it’s gonna be a hellova wild ride!


  2. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Do you really expect us to believe there will be no discernable in-world effects? Like the last update that was not going to have an downtime? You have got to be kidding if you think anyone is going to believe that.

  3. ZoHa Boa says:

    Joppa Linden wrote, “There should be no discernible in-world effects from the procedure, but we wanted to let you know that it’s happening.”

    Quote of the year. I’m going to hing this one above my bed !

  4. Anita Schwartzman says:

    hooray hopefully this fixes the inventory issues

  5. Arima Blachere says:

    Please let this fix the inventory issues. I hadn’t had any, and then suddenly my inventory was slashed by 7,000 objects. If I remember correctly this issue was supposed to be fixed, but it yet again caused more problems and woes.

    Like many others, I suggest not saying that asset server updates should have no effect–they always do.

  6. Eren Padar says:

    “There should be no discernible in-world effects from the procedure, but we wanted to let you know that it’s happening.”

    Oh no! They put a whammy on it!


  7. CC says:

    503 errors are baaaaaaaaack *GRUMBLES* can anyone there actually write code that works?

  8. Eren Padar says:

    BTW, if you folks have had inventory problems, clear your cache (edit/preferences/network/clear cache) and relog. Should fix the problem unless the database is destroyed.

  9. Manaseh Draken says:

    Whatever has been done to SL in the past week has made it practically unusable for me….whether it was mixing this HAVOC cocktail on the grid or some other tinkering..idk…..but lets get the stability back on track….i have no problem with some downtime if this issue could be addressed

  10. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Starting RC 1.18.6(4) I’m told I just upgrade to 1.19.0 – download site only offers 1.18.6(4)…

  11. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    Question: is this update going to fix the system taking five minutes just to log us out of the system?

    What could possibly take five minutes for a system to log someone out? That’s pretty sad.

  12. SL is on the ropes! says:

    I am pretty sure this will fall on deaf ears and be deleted, but SL clearly knows nothing about the meaning of reliability from a consumer perspective. The ‘techies’ forgive you and bash anyone who speaks up, but SL is dooming itself to third-tier status and will never climb out of it. You just don’t get it sorry to say.

  13. armanna says:

    Woot Joppa! Joppa you ruleee that post like saved my whole day!!!! Hooooooray for Joppa! Thanx for the post and thanx for being you! We love Linden Lab and we love Second Life!
    BTW Guys, don’t like the game, hop it rofl.
    Let’s sit back and watch stability improve!!!
    *lays on the flooor cheeering and kicking and screaming for Joppa*
    *hugs to all*

    ~ Meg.
    P.S LL and all the Linden’s do a great job, don’t lnock em! Keep it up Lindens!

  14. Well, funny, that was said about the last two asset server cluster updates. The first one caused hours extra downtime rolling it all back, an the second one has seen countless problems that didn’t exist before.

    I’d rather a bit slower, or having to rez more than one attempt, than the complete borkiness going on now, manifesting itself in changing inv numbers, multiple rez failures, extreme rez lagging (such as you might try a few times, then ping, 8 objects appear at once), and problems linking objects.

    Then again, if you must work on Windlight, Havok and Mono all at once and try and slide those bits in, what can you expect, and how you can ever track which bit a bug comes from is beyond me. These things were supposed to improve stability? Pull the other one, it’s got less lag on it. But carry on regardless Linden Lab, as per usual.

    Every week performance is getting worse, almost at the point it’s unplayable for me, and being unemployed atm, I can’t rush put and buy a new $3K system just to log on. Every time you “fix” something, it’s pretty much broken again with the next update. I mean, look at the “Resolved” idiocy, where things are generally not resolved for another week. You should allow comments on those, so people can post when it ain’t fixed, or resolved, which is pretty much all of the time for everything.

  15. armanna says:

    @ Montana
    You should use the PJira and Support Portal.
    Also, they are doing all of this, to try and fix what has gone wrong, I am sure of it.
    Let’s give them a break.

  16. Bobo Decosta says:

    Wanted to login again after a few weeks of being bored of crashes, been advised to download RC 1.19.0. Downloaded RC 1.19.0 and now I am forced to upgrade to RC 1.18.6(4) ?????

    Who runs this freak show?

  17. Bau Ur says:

    SL is always a work in progress. I don’t mind screwups, even big amazing awe-inspiring screwups, as long as I feel that LL is learning from them and that they are a function of experimentation and innovation. When old bugs reappear I kinda feel like maybe lessons weren’t learned, but I am told by various engineers and technicians (outside of LL!) that this is probably not the case. Reappearance of old bugs can be unforeseeable consequences of innovations. So why be angry? If we all want something nonexperimental, stable, and unenterprising, we can all go to facebook or something. The cutting edge is naturally a weird place to be, isn’t it?

  18. Moll Dean says:

    hey folks!

    Did you read that?

    “Thanks for your patience.”
    (then comment closed.)


    Go enjoy your first life while LL is making their best to fix our SL.
    Today is saturday and RL is full of parties and entertememts. Have a nice weekend guys!

    Good luck LL.

    BTW – There will be any LL staff working during weekend?
    Could someone give a OFFLINE SANDBOX? (Did you like the title I gave to that?) Because my friend told me I can use one of those copybots to clone MY objects created by myself. then I could use copybot to run the SL simulator in offline mode and use limited tools for edit prims.
    Well. Why not allow us to import prims. to backup them. to edit/create in offline mode and to export later in-world!


  19. Jenny Blanton says:

    Can hardly move, stuck on Logging In for minutes at a time, 5 line scripts taking 45 seconds or more to save, things aren’t rezzing, scripts reporting as “missing from database”, anims not loading. Web page takes a loooong time to load when it actually does. TP’s crashing to loggout, prim drift and snapback, scripts and notecards failing to save, inventory items won’t load. I’ve relogged, restarted, logcrashed an alt etc., all other internet is fine and speedy. This is not pretty and is costing me work time and revenue. Can we please get someone on this. pluuuueeeeaaaasee.

  20. Lola Machin says:

    “been advised to download RC 1.19.0. Downloaded RC 1.19.0 and now I am forced to upgrade to RC 1.18.6(4) ?????

    Who runs this freak show?”

    I was laughing when I read this. Then, I went hysterical when it happened to me too. Unbelievable, definitely this is reaching a breaking point that between broken asset servers, bad load-balancers, and lack of configuration management will bring Second Life to a crashing end. *sighs*

  21. Moll Dean says:

    read: Entertainments

    Once more time:


  22. Jenny Blanton says:

    @ 18

    Because once you allow the offline storage and importation of objects it will take someone all of about 15min to come out with a hack that will allow the offline trading and uploading of items to any account all Napster like. Thus rendering the current SLeconomy dead.

  23. Alicia Sautereau says:

    “but we wanted to let you know that it’s happening.”

    did my little rant started to have effect about atleast start with communications?

    really hope the blunders will get reduced starting from monday as i`ve got enough to do inworld for abit then rant here, but far from done if nothing improves *evil grin*

    can`t stop laughing at the RC release to downgrade to the previous version, it`s brilliant rotflmfao

  24. hugsalot says:

    how many rolling updates do we need? Might as well take the entire service down for a day and get it corrected proper, rather than giving empty promises of a dozen rolling restarts that won’t effect anything.

    This is the wrong place to offer ideas to the Lindens like an Offline sandbox. But the nearest thing to that is using the beta grid for testing stuff. Friend of mine loves to use the beta grid to test out textures and tries them out in-world and makes updates and uploads new textures to perfect the work. And it costs nothing since the money spent on the beta grid isn’t your real money.

  25. concerned says:

    This is becoming a joke the bug fixes will be broken again in next update and we all get another week of nightmare service while you patch this server code.Yes we need bug fixes but come on bug fixing happens….site becomes a joke….friends online broke…..back now but transactions broke……grid stabilty broke……rolling restarts 2 so far and how many benifited from these bug fixes?
    You are a forward looking company but you obviously are not equipt yet to keep grid open on upgrades,Take grid down if fix doesnt work roll back and go work on it another week.

  26. armanna says:

    Well, you really think that LL would implement a Rolling Restart is it wouldn’t fix anything, and you think they enjoy doing it? rofl
    This is fixing something, they are working and trying to improve the grid stability!
    I am sure they too would love for it to all be fixed and working great but it is not, and they are aware of it too and they have these issues too.
    Give them a break and support them.
    We love Second Life don’t we? Otherwise we would not sue it, let’s give our support in these times and hope for improvment soon.
    Negativity is not needed, feedback and suggestions should be welcomed : )
    *hugs all!*

  27. If gambling were still legal in SL, I’d bet against this one, put my winnings in a bank to collect interest.

  28. @26
    I was all happy about the lindens and such, but after all of these bugs recently and the amount of effort of debugging my code that is broken to find out that it is their fault, it just really ticks me off. I’m sure I’ll cool off after a few days, but I am just fed up at the moment. Time is money. If I messed up this bad at work, I would be getting a lot of words from my superiors as well as they took on the heat from our clients.

  29. armanna says:

    They are In-World too, they play the game and they get the issues too, I am sure they get ticked off too and that’s why they are trying to improve :@ )

  30. Moll Dean says:


    Hi Jenny!

    There are encripted 128bits data files that can not be used anywhere else beside the server that have the key to uncripted it. Also it is possible to check at first if the user name is the same of the creator that is trying to upload. So no way to share it.
    The point is not illegal copies… this is happening right now and I am not here to talk about it in this post because LL knows that and such topic is pointless.
    I just want to be able to backup my own creation and be able to keep building even when SL is not avaible or when I am somehow without internet connection.
    This can be done and it is a 2 years old request from SL community.
    You are invited to check your SL cache files. If you would like to share them you would better to share your login/password too. They are useful only for your account.
    Thank you for your comment. Jenny.

    LL. The illegal objects copied has already made some builders and designers to stop their activities here and SL is suffering with the need of fresh and high quality creations. If you can read this give us our right to back up our creation and to the most-wanted offline-tools but limit it between client-server and restrictly to the object owner only (loggin required).

  31. Jenny Blanton says:

    26 – “Negativity is not needed, feedback and suggestions should be welcomed”

    Negativity is feedback.

  32. Bobo Decosta says:

    @26 Where do you think this negativity comes from? People are just fed up with this overpriced joke. Every time i read these posts saying “oh the lindens are fixing it, give them a break” Well the lindens take those posts too serious because the lindens seem to be on a break all the time.

    Ive never seen a product with such bad service as SL.

  33. Oooh recursive updates. You install the latest must-install version of Release Candidate and load it up. On the right hand side is the message about the New Version, so as usual you click and download that.

    Install 1.19 and as soon as you login you get the ‘You Must Update to Version to use Second Life’ message. So you install that.

    When you open the reinstalled version of you get a message on the right hand side about the New Version so you …. argh! Groundhog Day

    Other discernable affects are my vendors broke and had to be rerezzed. My scripts were missing from database when I went to view them. Some scripts/notecards could not be opened. The standard Client would rezz a prim on top of another owned by someone else, only on grass. Copy UUID in inventory returned only zeros, Some scripts for prim movement i.e. rotation were not running without a reset. Some prims moved/resized from original specifications. Some scripts did not save properly etc.

  34. oh and sorry to double post, but @32 actually my time in IMVU was actually a lot more unstable. lagged more, crashed more often, and was so expensive to submit products to catalogue that unless you made a lot of sales from your first product, you were unlikely to make even enough profit to make and submit more. And that’s not even mentioning the fiasco of developer tokens and free/promo credits… which is why I left there in the end.

  35. oh and sorry to souble post, but @32 actually my time in IMVU was actually a lot more unstable. lagged more, crashed more often, and was so expensive to submit products to catalogue that unless you made a lot of sales from your first product, you were unlikely to make even enough profit to make and submit more. And that’s not even mentioning the fiasco of developer tokens and free/promo credits… which is why I left there in the end.

  36. Argos Hawks says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t say anything yet, but I really want to hug whoever is responsible for tonight’s reset. I’ve had my sim for a week, and it’s crashed 8 times in 7 days. It ran like crap, and the only reason that could be found was the high number of scripts. No scripts were running poorly, and there were no physics problems. The only solution seemed to be delete half of what we have already and do a half-ass job of the other things that are planned for the sim. Tonight after the reset, we had 19 script laden people dancing at a party, and close to 8000 scripts running in the sim total, and it ran beautifully. Last night I saw the dreams for my sim die, tonight they’re reborn.

    I reserve the right to completely retract these feelings if it sucks tomorrow, but for tonight I’m in love with SL again.

  37. “…..So will it be a registry office, of full church do for you too…”

  38. Argos Hawks says:

    Argos, you ignorant slut!

    Why would you post something so blatantly stupid? Right after that, I tried to go sit in my hammock, which is broken now, and the sim that was running beautifully had a magnificent crash that left me at -3000m height. Oh well, it’s still running better than last night, and I still have hope that it’ll get a little better as they do some more work.

  39. Tegg B says:

    Of course there will be some noticeable effects, I certainly hope so, the 503 isn’t that bad, hasn’t stopped me logging in from Australia yet, and haven’t had any crashing in last week, so roll on the improvements, unless you want it to stay EXACTLY as it is.
    They really should set up a part of the map still running Havok 1, with no windlight, sculpties or flexi prims and using the Version 1.0 viewer to keep some people happy, perhaps even get rid of colur too for stability sake.
    None of you seem to remember how bad it was Nov 06 where it was down for days, no search, no map, no teleports, crashed when we hit 10,000 users online.

  40. JackJack Oh says:

    @11: What could possibly take five minutes for a system to log someone out? That’s pretty sad.

    I think the grid will wait 5 mins when a region start your logout and the udp(?) packet that should confirm the logout is lost….

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  43. jade carnot says:

    yesterday i was logged off by SL in the middle of a TP. when i relogged my inventory stopped loading at 800+ items (out of the 110k i had minutes earlier!). the purge cache on every login is enabled and i’ve relogged and rebooted numerous times, tried the release candidate and onrez viewers, and reinstalled SL, yet no go. even the additi/beta application had the same problem (even though that DB is a month old). ANYONE with any viable ideas PLEASE drop me a notecard ingame PLEASE 🙂

  44. Tillie Ariantho says:

    “Show in search” toggle on boxes is not working anymore… at least for new boxes.

  45. JackJack Oh says:

    I see all of you worried about the 503 error… it haven’t prevented me from logging in… but… i’m still use 1.18.3 as client…. old-style login window…. maybe if the error persists, think about a downgrade…

  46. Starsaphire Dagger says:

    @ Jade…
    omg… 110k items in your inventory? no wonder sl is so lagged – just kidding… but you might consider shoving some of that into 1 prim boxes if the servers ever have the capacity to upload that many items in one avi… th SL handbook recommends NO MORE than 2k items in inventory… it does make a difference – not pounding on yyou – just a suggestion…
    RE: There should be no discernible in-world effects from the procedure… I’ve been in SL long enough that I don’t believe a word of that statement… give us a pleasant surprise Linden Labs? Like no discernable effects from maintenance *this* time?

  47. Meghan Dench says:

    Well guys, you hate the product that much you know where the door is lol I don’t want to tell people not to use it, but the Lindens work damn hard, and are tyring to fix it. It is a great world, and I love it, so if you continue to use it have some respect for the company running it! They don’t FORCE you to pa money into it, they don’t FORCE you to login.
    Although guys at LL, Perhaps next time you can do a whole grid kickout and restart everthying all at once, it will only close the grid for a few minutes and will save alot more time in the long run.
    Rick on linden Lab!

  48. Kristopher Handrick says:

    Well, I cross my fingers and hope that this weeks performance proves to be better then the last 7 days. WHAT A MESS! I was praying that they would just pull the plug for a bit. Hoping that when they plugged the thing back in it would work. You know, sometimes the computer is funny, shut it down and turn her back on (by pure luck) it works! Anyway , here is to the week ahead! May it be better then the last. Cheers!

  49. Antonio Asano says:

    At least there is work being done. Linden is constantly working trying to improve the program. What if they did not? What would you do then? Complaining? If you think SL sucks, you better quit…..

  50. I have to laugh at these updates. I was having no problems at all until this recent update. Firstly, it tells me that you can choose to update but it isn’t necessary, so I tried to avoid it cos I’ve been happy with it recently, but as soon as I log it tells me I HAVE to update or quit. I downgraded and as soon as I tried to log, it was forcing me to upgrade. Some choice!!!

    Secondly, since this update, I see everyone’s HUDs, which is not always pretty, and feel as if I am walking around in an Excite store! I have white balls floating round my head permanently, which I should only see in Edit mode, as it is part of the hair I’m wearing. This is spoiling the photos I’m trying to take! As soon as I get close to animation balls they disappear from site and can’t find them on Transparent.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve been kicked out since yesterday and teleportation is an absolute nightmare!

    People are paying good money for this!!! We have the right to complain. Please get it sorted and please please please, when you say you are giving us the choice whether to update or not, don’t force us into it!

  51. Kugel says:

    “There should be no discernible in-world effects from the procedure…..”

    So….. SL will be as bad as ever then? Bad rezzing, crashing on TPs, yadda, yadda,

    I look forward to this update as much as walking into a brick wall 😦

    Sorry LL.. Im one of those from the “Oh ye of little faith” camps these days.

  52. Brenda Maculate says:

    Geez… We get a fair warning that there is work being done on Wednesday, and the pessimists come out in droves! Oy.

    Thanks for the information, Joppa. I hope it all goes without a hitch.

  53. Thommie Holsteiner says:

    Trotz der zur Zeit recht haeufig vorkommenden Stoerungen, wie z.B. log-off waehrend eines TPs, bleibt SL fuer mich weiterhin ein aeusserst interessantes “Spiel”, auf das ich in meiner knappen Freizeit nicht mehr verzichten moechte.
    Allen LL-Beschaeftigten ein grosses Lob fuer diese herrliche online-Welt, ohne die wir hier alle doch kaum noch leben moechten. Probleme und Stoerungen werden auch zukuenftig dazugehoeren, so wie in unser aller RL auch Missgeschicke, Unfaelle und Fehlentscheidungen stattfinden!
    Grossen Dank fuer die vielen, vielen lustigen, schoenen und kurzweiligen Stunden in SL.

  54. hmr1000 says:

    Since your support portal is down, I will pass this information on to you this way, which probably is just as effective as though what you call customer support. Anyway whatever you have managed to do in the last hour has recreated the crash problems from earlier in the week and has made the login page impossibly slow. Would you guys please stop compounding the alrealy horrible problems you have created in SL and just concentrate on fixing the messes yo have already made and not fixed for over a year and a half. Right now I seriously wonder how you guys justify your paychecks since the only thing you apparently produce is chaos across the grid. Just fix these messes and you will find people will be more than supportive, but quit this sham and either leave things alone or get someone who can fix them for you do not seem to be able to do so.

  55. armanna says:

    That’s a little below the belt isnt it? They do a great job, when did you last try doing it, and running a virtual world? lol

  56. FIX ME !!! says:


    WE NEED TO GET THE llTargetOmega BUG sorted out PLEASE !!!!

    Since Havok4 these called functions FAIL !!! (without AV interaction, select>deselect/tp out>in)Many are very much aware of this as you will see on jira.
    Do LL expect all users of this function to stick another line of code to every llTargetOmega(another client side effect) to kick start this????, That sounds like a massive hammer to crack a very small nut. We have tested this all over SL with different machines, users, viewers and different connections, this is very real and should be a priority, we simply cant have a system that decreases in functionality(and stability)over time, that is not progress its madness.



  57. Gabbi says:

    Its true though. Ive only been in SL for just over 6 months, but it had deteriorated beyon a joke in that sort time. Ive spent more time trying to log in and being ejected today than I have in-world. Ten I get a satisfaction survey at login which cant even be filled out.


  58. Harvey says:

    @all the people suggesting leave sl if they don’t like it, would you leave your country if you don’t like the government? or might you complain and hope something changes? or would you sit there and allow them to do what they want staying silent the whole time?

    I’m sure the lindens don’t like hearing it constantly but at least complaining shows that there are problems and can give them a direction that will benefit both themselves and their customers.

    The lindens do work very hard, I’m sure most of them want the best out of the world. but comments like the upgrade/rollback/upgrade/rollback/upgrade process only took 20 minutes instead of 6-7 hours when the entire week there have been problems are naive and quite frankly arrogant and right up there with Second Life is a totally scalable platform that can cope with unlimited growth.

    If everybody that wasn’t happy with something about Second Life left, there wouldn’t be a second life until another company produced something perfect, which would never happen since perfect to one person isn’t perfect to all people.

    Second Life is growing and improving, the lindens do work hard but their focus is quite often misplaced and their efforts are also quite often detrimental to the majority of members, while providing benefit to only a few(if any) who just happen to have the lindens ear or at least appear to. When small groups are allowed to break the TOS while others doing the same thing are banned, there are problems.

    The lindens should be neutral in this regard since essentially they’re a government of a virtual world but hey we all know they’re human, they like praise and don’t like criticism. PhiLip’s idea was for us to stop complaining and just kiss ass. Not a very productive approach for a company that relies on customers to exist and who’s motto is your world, your imagination. not our world as long as we stfu.

    I love second life, I love the people that work at LL, every LL employee I’ve ever had contact with has been great, gone beyond the call in many cases, but that doesn’t mean I won’t complain if I see a problem, especially one that happens over and over again, and I hope others would do the same.

    If LL only ever see glowing comments, chances are they’ll keep thinking the 20 minute upgrade and a week of problems is great and nothing will get fixed EVER.

    Many people though, only comment when there are problems, especially when they’re new to Second Life and this can be draining for the staff constantly being told they’re crap at what they do even when many problems aren’t within their ability to correct eg – server upgrades happening at a time when the web interfaces are suffering problems

    If you’re going to complain, at least take the time to also comment when you’re happy or a new feature gets implemented that you really like or an LL employee does something you find outstanding. A small thank you can make all the difference.

    anyways, I hope the upgrade goes well, we could all do with a few stable weeks 😉

  59. Nedelcu Kayo says:

    i have crashed
    the second life is …

  60. Bobo Decosta says:

    @48 Show some respect for the company who runs it? We are paying customers? Don’t we deserve some respect? To me SL is a service like any other I pay for, not any different to my telco, electric company or whatever company that charges me monthly. LL made this buzz of how wonderful their world is well it’s time to show that wonderful world they promised otherwise it’s a complete scam. I wouldn’t react this way if LL would admit that SL is just a beta of the wonderful world they have in mind. If your internet would work like SL does would you still respect that company? If all this would be free I would react just like you do but their are limits on what cyou can demand of your customers. Ok I don’t use Windows but I even would expect Windows to work better than this, correct me if i’m wrong (on windows)

    “they are fixing it” I hear this one every month, but stil it ain’t fixed. Are there no laws in the states that prevent companies of ripping of their customers like this.

  61. Welcome aboard everyone! The cry of GIVE US A STABLE world was started over a year ago, with many saying, “Give LL a Break” or “Leave if you don’t like it”.

    Today though, I see MOST of you understand that LL needs to be PROFESSIONAL in their business and stop treating SL like a Social Experiment, especially since we are PAYING them!

    Please feel free to join the group, “SILENT PROTEST” in-world, or any of the other PROTEST groups that have been asking for Stability for over a year now!

    When the Community is ready to talk in ONE CLEAR VOICE, only then with Linden Lab listen.

    Until then, they will do anything they can to say, “What Problems?”

  62. Leather Chaffe says:

    @61 – Right on. I think what most content creators have been saying is threefold.

    One, stabilize the platform. That means inherent, basic in-world functions that are supposed to work do work. Things such as ability to cross sim borders without catastrophic effect, teleport which isn’t a random crapshoot (will I be logged off, end up at the zero-point, crash this time?), and crashing caused by double-clicking a menu button by accident. Other issues like flaky services also need to be addressed.

    Two, fix the bugs that affect content creators most. Things like scripting functions that don’t work, functions that don’t work as anticipated or designated. How about bringing the scripting language into full ECMA-262 compliance (which it is not)? And they need to bring in experienced technical documentation people to properly document the scripting language.

    Three, stop introducing features into an already patchwork, broken system, creating further instability. The introduction of Windlight should be put on hold until there’s a stable infrastructure to support it. Havoc 4 should continue because many problems in-world are related to the somewhat obsolete Havoc physics engine.

    The simple fact which escapes most LL apologists is if it weren’t for the content creators in-world, SL would be the most boring place on the Net to visit. There would be no clubs, no clothes, no primmy hair, no furniture, no homes, no clubs, no camping, no interesting toys — just meter after meter of empty land.

    LL states it is a progressive and transparent company where individuals are responsible for what they do. Well — I’ve seen no evidence of that. Phillip Rosedale stated last month that stability and a pleasant experience for users over feature cramming would be the company’s priority in 2008. So far, I’ve seen little evidence of that. So a Linden’s assertion that there should be little deleterious effect to work they’re doing carries little credibility. This past week and others like it tell content creators

    So to the people who say, “You don’t like it, you know where the door is,” and apologize for LL’s mismanagement of the basic infrastructure that supports the SL virtual world, enjoy the bleak, boring, empty world left behind if in-world content creators do just that. Oh, sorry, it wouldn’t be all that empty — there’d be all that ugly Linden-created crap left. LOL

    What truly irks most people is that they’re paying LL for this sub-par experience with little to no recourse except protest because of the terms of service. LL staff have been making sure they’re less and less reachable as the company builds more and more insulation around themselves. They probably feel besieged, the poor dears. As they should — they’re creating the sub-par experience — and those people who invest their time, energy, and talent have every right to call LL staff to task. THAT’S what “transparency” and “responsibility” are supposed to mean.

    Content creators are sick of LL’s apparent apathy and lack of skill in managing what is supposed to be “YOUR world. Your imagination.” And many are sick of reading apologists who say, “Give them a break. They’re doing hte best they can.” Well, it ISN’T good enough.

  63. Linda Brynner says:

    Erhmmm, wasn’t the imagination that Linden Lab would work out
    the stability problems ??? Hmm interesting to see no results.
    Philip Rosedale… This one is for you…
    Difficult for IT peop;e, but forget Moore’s law and you might take
    look into mathematical regressions… Wink !
    Good luck to get SL a stable platform… 😉

  64. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ok, I crash every 2 minutes now, keep up the good work!
    great performance this weekend 🙂

  65. Fellatione Aabye says:

    SORRY TO SAY dear Linden Labs, but once again YOU gave a proof of YOUR TOTAL INCOMPETENCE on all fields ….

    Check your agenda … for january more than 40 hours of socalled gimmicks as UPDATES AND ROLLING RESTARTS …. And dont add all the lost time by other problems you created by those UNCHECKED updates and rolling restarts

    How can a resident use SECOND LIFE for business or pleasure ?????

    I feel realy sorry for all those who try to run a business here for the time being ….

    And then YOU are wondering how it comes that a lot of resident quit or log in, on a sporadic basis ?????

  66. Does a rolling restart count for a few hours of downtime (as SL is almost unusable during that time)


    Is it just 20 mins downtime in your stats as regions are ‘supposedly’ down for less than that time ?

    I do hope your not fudging the stats here ?

  67. Tolan says:

    Muy buen sitio. Mi empresa limpia cristales en madrid.

  68. Leather Chaffe says:

    @66 — There are lairs, damn liars and statisticians. (I think Twain said that). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they are. And before some Linden gets their knickers in a twist, provide audit data and then you can squawk. After all, isn’t that what “transparency” is all about?

    They’re transparent all right — give us your money, take what we give you and shut up — typical of so many California companies.

  69. Linda Brynner says:

    Sl keeps on being a mess isn’t it.
    Can you guys of Linden Lab… ( erhmmm Philip ) at least try to make
    some transition from being a Lab to a company…. !!
    Thank you !

  70. U M says:

    “We’ll be doing some maintenance to improve the capacity of our Asset Storage Cluster on Wednesday, 06 February, between 7am PST and 11am PST. ”
    Does this mean your “SCALE The system” Again………I hope your adding hardware…….

  71. Doris Haller says:

    Seeing all this…
    the closed comments causing the off-topic comments, the Linden’s complaints about the off-topic comments, the slow and delayed reaction..
    Just compare the times here:
    ChatNoir Moonsoo Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 7:01 PM PST

    Starting RC 1.18.6(4) I’m told I just upgrade to 1.19.0 – download site only offers 1.18.6(4)…
    The 1.19 Release Candidate and You
    Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 at 2:21 PM PST by: Chiyo Linden

    The 1.19 Release Candidate is not currently operational… as such, please do not attempt to upgrade to this version as it will force a downgrade to 1.18.6. The issues are being addressed currently and should be resolved fairly soon.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    LL blogs the problem with no appropriate solution or recommendation what to do one day (1 DAY) after it was mentioned here in the comments… and they still believe it is a good idea to close the comments of every bad news…

    I am so glad that I left

  72. nomoresecrets says:

    Best viewer is 1.18.3(5)….. it has the good search in it. lol……

  73. Fixyour Product says:

    Could you please also check why the new all search seems to ignore the entire landdescription? I have place that is on number 1 on certain keywords in the landinfo, however i can click through the all search as far as it goes, and my place doesn´t appear at all for the keywords in the description

    Another place however, is number 2 for the same keywords as for the number 1…Also the keywords in the description are reflected in the all search…at least always on the first 3 pages.

    This is definetely not right, even profiles with described place in their picks appear, just not the place itself.

    That really is a bugger that costs me money & traffic and it goes on since the new search is up…Please look into that

    And good luck fixing the general mess, you´ll need it

  74. Ann Otoole says:

    the discernable effects from this week are still a pain. now add a new one. textures just stop loading. to get past this requires a cache clear and relog to get a fresh inventory and texture load. i recall more than one “asset system enhancement” recently yet the positive effects don’t seem to last very long. maybe you guys need to make massive asset system enhancements pretty soon so you won’t have to keep whittling away at it every time it degrades. that concurrency needs to exceed 100,000 right? plan ahead lol.

  75. mac says:

    “There should be no discernible in-world effects from the procedure.” Would anyone at LL care to care to put a bet on that,i always love a dead cert 😛

  76. Sorry mac! They outlawed betting… remember!

  77. Doris Haller says:

    From time to time I re-log to see if SL got better.
    Today’s results:
    At first, the performance was ok
    Then I got “unable to rez” errors,
    when I tried to upload I get a mesage that the “server is experiencing unexpected difficulties” (what exactly is unexpected here?),
    IMs were sent directly to my e-mail address…
    well.. I got logged out without notice

    As usually… Maybe I’ll try in 2 weeks again

  78. Yavapai Villota says:

    If we pay – for example – $235 p.m. and $86 p.a. (as europeans) for tier-fee and premium acc., we expect a fast and stable service/game experience. So far we see only a permanent slow, laggy, grey, crashing, and avatar/gender/appearance changing (after any tp) mess, – literaly nothing works as it should and about all that is all said by thousands of blog entrys by thousands of users since years. Sure: no one forces us to participate on that thing. But it is offered as something and because of that: bring it to a serious fast and stable status and hold that! Thx in advance…

  79. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @57 Fix Me!!!: Please follow the blog posts on the Havok4 project and attend office hours if you are interested in status updates. The llTargetOmega bug has been worked on the last two releases, and with an upcoming deploy we expect that it will be settled. I am not, and the team is not “expect all users of this function to stick another line of code to every llTargetOmega(another client side effect) to kick start this????, ” It is, in fact, a problem found during the public beta and is being resolved. Thanks, Sidewinder

  80. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @63 Linda: “Erhmmm, wasn’t the imagination that Linden Lab would work out the stability problems ??? Hmm interesting to see no results.”

    This is an interesting statement. The Havok4 project, amongst others, have made significant strides in this area. We will be running some crash rate statistics on the Havok4 Early Adopter regions as soon as possible to get the facts on the table. At the moment, however, I am getting strong feedback from the early adopters that the Havok4 simulator is quite hard to crash and has been noticeably more stable.

    Best regards,


  81. M says:

    Ok there are too many for me to read, but I will just make a comment.
    LL is a Real company and the staff there are there working with a Real job, Full Time and Part time, the do their best and they try and they are always improving and fixing it. Second Life is a wonderful world, you can do so much and meet so many people and see so many wonderful things that you would not be able to in Real Life, some people use Second Life as an escape, like for instance I know for sure Cancer patients, who are dying, come and appreciate the beauty of Second Life. And Yes, give LL respect, they don’t force you to pay into, or use the service. But it is one of a kind so you have to be tolerant and patient with it in these times of instability. LL and it’s employees are working hard all day everyday to run this great place for us all, all over the world and trying to fix it constantly. Use what is provided for you, PJira, Support and the Wiki and learn to love the world that you are using. You can attend Triage for Bugs and Office Hours to make contact with Linden’s, you don’t need to use abuse and name calling like calling them ametaures. They have felings, and they are not going to feel better about trying hard to fix what goes wrong it people are always putting them down. it gets you no where! Show them some support, and help everybody get through the unstable times, because it isnt like that all the time. I don’t understand why some people are so rude, and so darn negative!
    Where does it get you?

  82. Stacey Sugar says:

    It would be nice if the 503 service unavailable website errors were fixed.

    The Windlight client is also very temperamental, sometimes the logging screen comes up, sometimes it doesn’t come up and says there’s a problem reaching the login page.

    Also when is the Popular places list going to be scrapped and something more appropriate for the top 20 places to visit in SL put up in its place?

  83. I have to say that across every client (except beta which I don’t use) the performance seems to have gone downhill steadily since tuesday, getting worse on wednesday. I mentioned this earlier. I’m just posting again to make the point that it has actually managed to get worse since last I posted.

    I’m currently writing this after getting a crash lockout brough on by Release Candidate login: the screen that appeared was the Second Life website is open, rather than the login screen. On closing the programme and restarting it I got the correct screen, but it crashed on login and locked me out. If only that was the worst of it.

    On the plus side though… I got some smashing pictures of a normal box prim being stretched and suddnely turning warped or better still wobbly like jelly. Is this a new feature? I must say the wobbly-prims were fun. Like flexi-prims but better.

  84. Tarik Flatley says:

    Nice update! It helped me to decide NOT to join and give you real money for the pleasure of :
    3 hard crashes in the last 2 hours,
    7 TP failures – 6 forceing me to re-log and the other just hanging the app requiring a re-log,
    2 uncontrollabel slides into oblivion, requiring re-starts,
    3 hangs – XP Application not responding, more re-starts

    Not to mention the map issue, which is totally useless for exploring. Since exploring is something you encourage us to do and use as a promotional gimic, maybe you can provise us with some type of optical correction lenses so that we can see the upper end of the color spectrum and unltra-violent bands. I don’t think we should be expected to sit out in the sun and stare at it until our retinas are color-shifted like you have.

    If your your goal is to keep everyone re-logging all the time, great going, you’re almost there!

    I know my system may not be prowerful enough to run your application, after all, it’s only a quad-core, with 4 meg of memory and a NVidia GeForce 7800GS system!

    For all you but-kisser out there who always rag on people voicing their problems, issues, and grivences, wake-up and pull your heads out of the anal orifce that you have stuck in and smell fresh air and see things through something other than brown coated lenses.
    YOU CAN’T KEEP ADDING TO AN UNSTABLE PLATFORM! Eventually, it will crash and burn!

    So long………..

  85. William says:

    Even the Blogs here are attracting the griefers, must be a new attack plan

  86. U M says:

    ” But it is one of a kind so you have to be tolerant and patient with it in these times of instability. LL and it’s employees are working hard all day everyday to run this great place for us all, all over the world and trying to fix it constantly.”

    Ok Rah Rah……..Now let`s now get tell the truth……… We all been PATIENT…..Please don`t insult us by trying to be one of us…..

  87. Tarik Flatley says:

    If griefing is explainin what is actually happening, so be it. You must be one with the chocolate covers corneas. What a moron.

  88. William says:

    Name calling even so fast, sooo grade school. FYI I prefer chocolate covered coconut 🙂
    I`m won`t burn up the blog gettin in a FlameFest with this , person.Apoligies to all for goin off-topic, just Troll spotting, it`s a Hobby 🙂

  89. Linda Brynner says:

    And … difficult for IT people…. Forget Moore’s law.
    Welcome to mathematical regression techniques, thank you so much.

  90. Tarik Flatley says:

    Well, at least you know how to look in a mirror and recognize yourself. Now go bury yourself in the butt-kissers world and quit praising incompetence…..must be a politician!

  91. M says:

    You don’t like the game hop it and go somewhere else, IF there is anyone evn better than LL, you are not FORCED to stay. Geez rude people, just look trashy and foolish and I can’t put it any other way.

  92. Kenbro Utu says:

    @79 Sidewinder, llTargetOmega is broken across the grid, not just on sims running Havok 4.

  93. U M says:

    I am not trying to be rude……….You know the day of repectablity does`nt exist anymore. I hope you Enjoy your 503 erros because LL is giving them to us with love. Then again what you want from this blog these days. Nothing works right.. If you call “503 error” and all the other failures “tolerant and patient ”
    With We “HAVE” been” tolerant and patient “. Love I don`t know what else counts for what we been putting up with and dealing with these past few months….nothing is made up here. we are just tired of all the problems. Posting 2 Oh everything is so great. and the poor lindens work so hard just don`t cut it.

  94. coventina dalgleish says:

    After being in the game for almost three years I do not think I have ever witnessed a more pathetic performance. For the last year the game has slowly, but steadily, decreased in playability. We are even down to the loss of edit arrows much of the time. Well I have not changed my system except for adding memory the problem seems to be on your end. One would think that after a year of trying to solve problems and having no success you might anal-yze your directive efforts. What you are doing does not seem to be working and if it continues pretty soon nothing will function as advertised. Perhaps you folks need some new blood, or maybe some old blood those who solve problems methodically.

  95. Sandra Syaka says:

    i was very happy with windlight on my new strong pc but after this last week i start to sigh again, today i bought something and nope not getting it , crashes i embrace them frequently again, logging difficulties yep got to love those screens saying your not conected or that the page is up and the grid is running hell yeah i know that i just wanted to empty my cashe so i know sl is running ah well i keep smilling what else can i do and hoping the owner of the store will give me my items that i have payed for, thank you sl for being a pain in the ass this last week but keep my fingers crossed that it will run as smooth as it did when i intalled the windlight

  96. Antonio Asano says:

    @60 + @78 I think you forgot the read the TOS. I own 16 sims now, paying 4200 USD every month to LL. Am I complaining? NO
    ! WHY NOT ?, because I read the TOS. You all should know better.

  97. Antonio Asano says:

    BTW , You all agreed to this, and also to this part of it:
    1.6 Second Life is subject to scheduled and unscheduled service interruptions. All aspects of the Service are subject to change or elimination at Linden Lab’s sole discretion.

    Linden Lab reserves the right to interrupt the Service with or without prior notice for any reason or no reason. You agree that Linden Lab will not be liable for any interruption of the Service, delay or failure to perform, and you understand that except as otherwise specifically provided in Linden Lab’s billing policies posted at, you shall not be entitled to any refunds of fees for interruption of service or failure to perform. Linden Lab has the right at any time for any reason or no reason to change and/or eliminate any aspect(s) of the Service as it sees fit in its sole discretion.

  98. U M says:

    OMG ahahhah ok I believe it…….Reading TOS raally makes a diff? Oh well……….
    Thank you 97 for that refreshing course of why people should worry about how much they spend. If service and objects that are bough on sl Don`t either work or are lost by LL………

  99. coventina dalgleish says:

    Haha I knew someone would bring up the TOS seems to me I remember it failed a court test last year as boiler plate. It does not matter that we all agreed to it as it is a non supported contract and you have no choice if you care to play them game. There is something to be said about expecting a fair value for the money expended in the game. But, then my father always had good advice on this subject, if something is not worth the price do not spend money on it. If you look at the premium subscriber count it by no means tracks the number presented as users. As the concurrence increases it does not reflect paying customers. In all truth if my businesses did not pay for the money expended in game I would not be using this platform. I spent money from my pocket for 2 years to support this game and seeing little improvement in the playability decided to make it self supporting. While I do enjoy this concept greatly I have noticed a slump in sales recently (2 months) as have many others indicating the population has begun to dis-trust the support the game receives. Also when one can not sell class 5 server land at $5 per meter it indicates that people are just tired of the excuses and apologies. Take a look at the land for sale on the map it looks like someone had bladder failure fueled by several things, the vat fiasco, the greed fiasco lets double the price of island set up in less than 3 years, the increase in tier costs by 33% in 2 years. The game has a value but it appears it has exceeded the level individuals consider fair. They speak of the economy but from what I have seen it is not a self leveling situation but a falsely inflated monopoly supported only by LL leaving little true valuation to be established by the user. In closing if you can not fix the game Lindens go hire some one who can. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance well everywhere except Slug Life where past performance is prescience .

  100. Actually, premiums are a lot worse. Although they go up a couple of hundred a month, look how much they give out in referral bonuses each month. At least, at L$1,000 a pop, that’s 7 to 9K a month, at worse, if it’s on a L$500 month, double that. ie in the region of 15-20% of premiums each month leave or downgrade and are replaced with new ones. That’s an awfully high churn rate. Going through your entire top end membership every five to six months. Couldn’t possibly be anything to do with the cruddy performance and disappearing customer service could it? Not exactly the internet of the future is it? Or take users: 500K regular, 12 million tried it. ie 23:1 have tried it and decided it’s not for them. No, the next internet it ain’t gonna be without some huge massive changes. Like starting off with getting rid of almost all the staff…

  101. William says:

    Everyone wants SL to be stable, and keep scream1in the Lindens ain`t doin nothin bout it.
    HAVOK 4 IS the fix.
    HAVOK 1 just can`t support the load anymore. Band-Aids and Bailing wire only go so far.
    Swinder and His/Her team are bustin their rears to get it ready, because it`s THE ONLY FIX left for the physics induced Lag.
    Now that the Mr. Love Machine is outta here, the REAL Lindens are runnin like Hell to get caught up up.
    Just unfortunate we got stuck in the middle of all these Office Politics crap.
    I cuss and holler as bad as anyone when things get borked, but thats just venting, On the Blogs, I try to be civil, Not throw a Tantrum.
    Call me a Kiss-@ss if anyone cares to,Don`t realy care
    My Mother always said “Opinions are like Buttholes(clean version)Everybodies got one, and most of them stink
    LL, has alot to learn, and alot of work to catch up on, I think their gonna do it
    But theres always the ones think a 1 and a half minutes is too long for a burrito,Never mind the fact that makin one from scratch takes a Hell of alot longer than that damned microwave

    People say Companies all over are running Bigger more Complex networks than SL and doin it better!
    Oh? Where these companies With virtual worlds and avatars and ACTUAL user CREATED items(not just earning enuff points to rez something pre-built by the programmers) ?
    I know of a few doin this, and they can`t even Touch SL in useability and creativity.
    And I mean usability as we can do SOOO many things here, when we can log on and stay on anyway 🙂
    I understand frustration, I understand payin money on somethin thats Borked.
    But Ya Know what…STOP PAYIN IF YA DON`T LIKE IT!
    Don`t log-in…go somewhere else if it sux soo Bad
    Got some Intelligent, Non-Irate suggestions..The Lindens will prolly listen and try, but it`s up to The Bosses what does and doesn`t get done.
    Carry on Like a P`OD Gorrilla on Meth, their prolly gonna respond the same way I would in their place(can`t say it though 😦 )
    Businesses are gettin screwd over from the Probs, Like nuthin ever goes goofy in RL business.
    This is an EXPERIMETAL PLATFORM, why do ya think they call thenself Linden LABS?
    Suck it up, Bitch all ya want, just don`t use up Blog space here with it
    I curse the Linden name Daily, But I DO BELIEVE changes are happening, changes for the better.
    And I prefer Makin my own Burrto`s, eevn if does take more than a minute and a half.
    Ever hear that G&R song ” Patience”?

  102. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @88: “Name calling even so fast”

    Says the person who called paying customers with legitimate concerns and complaints “griefers”.

  103. U M says:

    OMG flashbacks for dieing in the teleports and occuring again. This is getting really old!

  104. U M says:

    101 you mean they using melted Gummi bears these days. This past few months have been nothign but a nightmare. What makes me laugh are the RAH RAH Linden and the kissups to llabs posting in alt names on the blog saying oh things are so wonderful and rosey. Werll If i was making 10,000.00 of REAL monies i say the if the sky was bright but really its black and dark………Nobody like depressing chats but this is cold facts. H1 is a total waste of time and energy to use anymore. We need H4 to hold a large user base and a better script running system………..3 1/2 years and this ” GAME” is getting to the point of waste of time. Dieing in the teleports is just BS as they say. 2 years ago i woul say ok. BUT NOW! Please if you have any repectabilty anymore LL fix the game. Its sad to see the game over run by under 18 years ago kids.Thats bad enough but losing objects and having people buy things over again is just bad business.

  105. William says:

    @102, What makes you think I don`t pay money for SL?
    Noone EVER sais SL was a solid platform,implied, but NOT flat our said.
    I lose money Like anyone else when things get Borked.
    But I don`t invest more than I`m willing and able to lose.
    Just common since.
    And Why do you think I was refering to you about griefers?Guilty Conciense or somethin? Just askin

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