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Viewing Friends Online on Website Temporarily Disabled

Viewing your Friends Online List from the Second Life Website has been temporarily disabled due to technical difficulties.  We will update you here when it has been enabled again.  Thank you for your patience.

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[RESOLVED] – Public Issue Tracker downtime

[3.09 AM PST] RESOLVED – Issue Tracker is back up and running. [2.30 AM PST] UPDATE – The Issue Tracker remains offline at the moment for maintenance work. It is hoped this will be back soon. Thanks for your patience. … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Support Portal Unavailable

[RESOLVED 9:54 – Twilight] The support portal is back up and running. Thank you for your patience during this brief interruption! Our support portal is currently having technical problems. If you only need to view knowledge base articles, please log … Continue reading

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[UPDATE] Second Life Server Code Upgrade Tue Jan 29

[UPDATE 17:45 p.m. PST –teeple] The primary upgrade process is finished. We’re still working on getting transaction histories re-enabled. [UPDATE 15:49 p.m. PST –teeple] The deployment team is re-applying the server code upgrade. The sole culprit from the earlier attempt … Continue reading

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Full Region Auctions Are Back!

After a few months without any new mainland regions available on our auction site, starting tomorrow we will resume whole region listings.

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Mono Beta Launch

We’re very pleased to announce the beta testing of Mono in Second Life. Mono is a technology which will increase the speed of scripts running in Second Life. The goal is that everyone will experience reduced lag and improved stability … Continue reading

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Got Opinions on Voice?

You may have noticed we’ve been working on better analyzing and quantifying our Residents views on voice over the past few months. For example, Aleks Linden’s current survey on Voice, which is almost finished, is examining how Residents use Voice … Continue reading

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