Tips of the Week #19: Text chat macros & #20: QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker

Since I didn’t have a video tutorial last week, I have TWO (2) for you today:

Text chat macros
YES, you can magically turn abbreviations into full sentences, or even paragraphs! Makes your commonly-used sayings easy! Try this one out with friends… lovely for parties. 🙂


QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker
And this is the promised followup to “How to report a bug” — searching the Issue Tracker to find what you care about is easier than you might think it is!


If you’d like to hang out with me and chat — LIVE! — about video tutorials, I have office hours tomorrow (2008-02-01) @ 6 AM and 2 PM PST! Hope to see ya inworld.

Torley Linden

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56 Responses to Tips of the Week #19: Text chat macros & #20: QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker

  1. Hina Yifu says:

    Ahh.. Chat macros will be really useful, thanks. I’d’ve never thought to look in gestures for doing something like that..

  2. Aww… Gonna miss yer office hours tomorrow Torley. I’m at Camp HardKnock in world, an we’re not s’posedta leave Have a good one!

  3. Ric Mollor says:

    Any chance of text transcipts ever becoming available for the Tips of the Week?

  4. Kyder Ling says:

    Yay Torley! Thanks for the quaint tips. ^^

  5. Shattered Howlett says:

    Ironically, us NoRians just started a discussion two days ago on how people using text macros completely RUINS our RP, AND indirectly breaks the sim rules.

    Thank. You.

  6. Wyald Woolley says:

    This just in off the CNN news wire:

    For nearly 15 minutes yesterday, SecondLife experienced unprecedented stability. For the length of the entire window of time the support phone lines worked, the entire web site was accessible, the database and inventory servers performed as programmed, and residents could cross sim boundaries and TP without delay (or having their shoes shoved up their butts).

    No know reason for this high level of performance could be determined as it happened just before a planned grid rolling restart to add coding for Flexi Sculpties, which returned the grid to it’s normal level of inexplicable non-performance.

    Dateline: Los Angeles

  7. Shai Khalifa says:

    good one Wyald – well spotted

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  9. Naz Fride says:

    This video is no longer available.

  10. Justkickzazz Taurog says:

    Ggreat stuff Torley…I always enjoy your videos…..if I could watch it that is…or search would NOT give me 503 errors…or TP’s would work…or…or…
    Maybe we can expect another rollback of this beloved “update” and things would at least be useable again ??

    Btw…is there a topic on how to remove incompetent Linden Labs employees (you’re excluded from this of course)?

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  12. I have way too many unnecessary gestures. >:D

  13. pantaiputih korobase says:

    Is it possible that TPing from the event webpages does not work??

  14. Sean Heying says:

    Torley and Jeremy are brave men posting open blogs during times of trouble when the other less /Qu’est-ce que c’est mot?/ “communicative” Lindens always leave their posts closed.

    With appologies to M. Shakespeare…

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,
    Or close the wall up with the lagged residents!
    In peace there’s nothing so becomes a Linden
    As modest stillness and humility,
    But when the blast of crashing servers blows in our ears,
    Then imitate the action of Sidewinder, Torley and Jeremy:
    Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
    Disguise fair nature with hard-favored rage;

    …and please get everyone to leave the blogs open… Pretty please with marzipan on top?

  15. pantaiputih korobase says:

    Map broken? TPing from search not working?

  16. Fixyour Product says:

    Is there any chance your product, your website & your fixes actually work?

    Gets extremely annoying as of lately (again). Even the old trick that clicking basically anything on the website brings me to the status page.

    This is so poor, considering you claiming to be cutting egde. You cannot even run a webpage properly.

    Anyhoo, Good Weekend

  17. Sean Heying says:

    Case in point I guess… Matthew Linden’s post… To wit…

    “As part of the rolling restart we implemented a fix for an issue on the Public Issues Tracker, SVC-997.

    This fix may cause problems for scripts relying on long object names and descriptions. Should you experience any difficulties please contact us via the support portal.”

    Comments closed…
    What Sort of Problems…
    Why is SVC-997 restriced so we can’t see what you were fixing…
    How do we know if we are affected…
    What if these are no mod items…
    How many characters IS allowed for script and descriptions…
    Is this a buffer overflow…

    More info please Matthew.

  18. Pepper Haas says:

    Since Matthew closed comments I too have to post the question here, what do you mean, long.

    As for showing people how to track their bug reports, that is one way to keep them busy and distracted because experience shows lindens fix only what they want to, when they want to, and persist on adding more bells and whistles introducing more bugs so that the JIRA is pages and pages and pages

    Why don’t they have regular Customer Support and QA like other companies. I can’t think of any web business that asks its customers to vote on their bugs and accept that this still doesn’t mean they get fixed.

  19. Olish Yalin says:

    Hey ! Wonderful and fun tutorials as always Torley ! Many thanks.


  20. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    As helpful as your tips are, Torley, packaging them up in videos is a waste of bandwidth for the most part. Video as a supplement to a textual explanation *can* make sense. Video as the only medium is a waste of bandwidth and plain unhandy when you actually need the Quick Tip.

    Please! Tip Of The Week as a text (makes producing them way easier too, and searchable!). Video where needed.

  21. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I assume SVC-997 revealed a security flaw.

  22. Olish Yalin says:

    But video tutorials are more pleasant to watch and make learning easier as we can see how to manipulate. Text could be usefull effectively but I don’t agree about the fact it is a waste of time. Filming the tutorial while narrating can as much time than making snapshots, cutting them…

  23. Keiko Rau says:

    Ok so firstly I’ll admit that I havnt watched the videos yet – ive just arrived home to find a blog post about a “fix” that has shortened the name and description fields for objects. The post mentions this was a fix to SVC-997, so seeing as how Quick Search is supposed to be so useful, I thought I’d log in to Jira and see what the issue was all about.

    Im a geek. Im familiar with Jira, but I put SVC-997 in the search box, and get a security error.

    So I try do a normal search, and select “Find Issues” from the menu bar. I get a form that has every field, from project, componet, Linden Issue number etc, EXCEPT a field for the actual Issue number.

    So third try… I get creative and browse some random issue that happens to be on the page, then change the issue number in the URL to SVC-997, and Im back to the security error.

    I have no idea why the length of object name and description fields is such a security issue, especially when its mentioned so prominently (I would assume others affected by this fix would also want to view the issue).

    So, Torley, we love you, and please keep up the fantastic work you do, but Jira needs a lot more than a shiny watermellon flavoured video tutorial to be of any real use.

    So, im off, back into SL to fix a bunch of scripts with no idea why they need fixing. (Even the blog post didnt say).

    Now, to those that think im whining here because the other blog entry is closed, think again. Searching Jira is what this blog is all about, and the security error listed Torley as one of the few Lindens that could fix it. I just wanna point out its not so easy searching Jira for real issues.

  24. Moll Dean says:

    Thank you once again Toley. I even knew that it was possible! Nice.

    Where is the text version of this tip? Is there any?

    I also would like to ask to this community if someone know any application that allow me to use SL building tools in offline (not connected to internet)… then a way to export the creation to SL (connecting to the internet. Of course.)?
    If you have this informatiom please send me email to:

    Have you all a nice weekend!
    oh! flex sculpties? wow…

  25. Boolean Operator!? Wasn’t that a Sade song?

    Really though- love the videos, great stuff as always!!


  26. Tesla Miles says:

    Thanks Torley, great video.

    BTW, what do you know of this conspiracy of some Lindens internally operating the copybot scam?

    Residents have been talking that abuse reports are not being answered but perhaps filtered, while creators’ work is being copied. The thieves have also claimed to be Lindens, or to know Lindens. They seem to get away with so much, that many residents are convinced that they are infact Lindens.

  27. Zi Ree says:

    The SVC-997 bug is nasty … As a geek, you can find the full description quite easily, you just need to think … “out of the box” 🙂

  28. Ann Otoole says:

    is sl on a death spiral this week? look at the blog entries. whatever was done this week needs to be rolled back i think. the crashes and bizarre behavior is now getting to the point of rendering connecting to sl a useless exercise. i especially love the new disappearing (stealth) avatars. i mean you can see them on radar but they are not visible nor is their name tag.

    something that was borked on the first crack at the upgrade did not get rolled back. there are problems that began then. then the rollback. but the problems remained behind. then new code deployed.

    i know this is complicated and i hope for the best. however there are issues with whatever was introduced this week and i think it needs to be rolled back because it is rather apparent the problems are increasing rapidly.

  29. Argent Stonecutter says:

    If this really fixes the sales boxes rezzing problem, I’d rather ride it out. That’s a nasty one.

  30. Isabeau Imako says:

    A waste of bandwidth? SL uses alot of bandwidth, a video or two won’t make a difference.
    For those who prefer textual explanations (so you can look up certain parts more quickly, take a pen, put it you hand, and take notes. Some videos are only meant to watch once or twice – once the subject is learnt, you don’t need to go back.

    Thanx for the Macro tips – never knew… 🙂
    As for the Issue Tracker,sorry, no comment.

  31. Moll Dean says:


    I do not know about conspiracy, but we are tired to ask LL to stop those bots and absolutly nothing has being done.
    I guess this copy-bots and multiple viewers are helping SL reach more than 25,000 users.
    With copy-bot everything (except LSL) has being cloned. Hair, Skin, textures, buildings… everything is avaible. But LL does not do anything.
    Well. maybe LL is starting to change its mind after the entire SL Welcome Island were suspected of to be cloned.

    A cool thing (but not legal) is that newbies now are wearing nice skinand hair… because stoled/cloned things can be bought for ZERO Linden Dolar.

    BTW. it is time to upgrade new residents first skin amd animations. Don’t you think sow, LL?

  32. Epocx Timeless says:

    Thanks for the really funny Chat Makro explaination!!

    (whispering) They didnt reply cause they where all newbies 😉 …. ok maybe some bots too lol

  33. uh-oh says:

    wow thank you for the tip. That Macro is great.. Keep up the the good work.

    “Ironically, us NoRians just started a discussion two days ago on how people using text macros completely RUINS our RP, AND indirectly breaks the sim rules.

    Thank. You.”
    your right lets remove this option so a few morons wont have their RP disturbed.
    Dont use it if you dont like it.

  34. Vex Streeter says:

    @27 w/rt SVC-997, but that just proves the point. Here we’ve got a software update announced to fix a critical bug – the bug is referenced by name, but the jira page is inaccessible and comments are closed.

    @31 Is isn’t clear to me, at least, that copybot has made any significant impact. The vast majority of the freebies are the same old ones resulting from authors blowing the permissions. w/rt to new residents, right on w/rt animations, but I’d like to see better av meshes and maybe in-world texture compositing (e.g. VWR-4459 )

  35. Jonix Watanabe says:

    @27 haha you are so right… once jira-notify gets hit, restricting access to a jira issue is not really complete protection, good to know 😉

    “This hack does have nice uses, true. But it also has security implications, which I’m not going to explain here.”

    This made my day, lol. If scripts break now because they used that hack, so be it i guess =)

  36. Argent Stonecutter says:

    The SVC-997 bug “fix” breaks quite a bit of content (none of mine, not this time anyway, but sheesh). See SVC-1406 for my proposal for a long term solution to the whole class of problems that the people whose scripts where broken by the SVC-997 were trying to work around.

  37. Blinders Off says:

    Torley, thanks for the regular posts.

    I’m putting this here because well… obviously the cause of the problem requires it.

    Users are getting tired of LL arbitrarily not allowing COMMENTS in the blog. That’s a big signal that LL doesn’t want to hear what the customers have to say.

    Also, many of the blogs where Comments are supposed to be allowed do not have a comment window. Something is borked there.

    As a recent example, an announcement has made that with the new update, some scripts may no longer function. Guess what… comments off.


    Our scripts might not work, and LL doesn’t feel the need to allow users to comment, to ask questions, to discuss that? This is just a minor matter that doesn’t warrant user feedback.

    Suggestion: drop the policy of “Comments off”. Allow comments on EVERY blog. What has LL got to lose? It’s not like comments take a lot of disc space and surely LL can spare a person to quickly read through comments to see if anything needs to be addressed.

    Thanks for letting me vent here Torley. You know I and everyone else loves your tips posts. 🙂

  38. FrogMan says:

    Hey Torley. Thanks for the tip!

    Did notice two things, one as a suggestion, and one as a giggle.

    Most folks consider “multi line” gestures as spam, so usually not recommended on the SL grid. Keeping gesture chat to 1 line might be a better idea.

    The other thing (how embarassing) is when ya zoomed in on the chat line to show examples….

    “Second Life crashes all the time.”
    “Every 2 minutes though?”


  39. Incogneko says:

    Ok, there are problems with SL right now and the notion of stability seems to have been flushed down the Linden corporate toilet. However, Torley’s tips are always informative and I’m glad he’s still posting them in these dark times.

    Thanks Torley, another useful collection of tips! Keep ’em coming!

  40. Jayden B says:

    Ah, a buffer overflow situation it is…

    Really LL, Keep the comments open.. don’t make us wonder why Jira issues cannot be found and when you post cryptic messages about some scripts not working provide details so that us scripters dont thing our content will break.

    In this case, and as the fix is in, why even keep it masked?

  41. pulseburst flow says:

    Regarding the other blog entry that allows no comments.

    The blog entry now refers to SVC-674 instead.

  42. lostshay banshee says:

    I would like to look over some of the previous tips of the week how do I access them?

  43. Wonderful. Had no idea this existed.

  44. Drako Nagorski says:

    so, scripts dont work, map dont work, search dont work, land sales are outdated, server crap, “new” code that breaks what works, and here you are showin us how to use gestures? maybe a video on a day at Linden Labs? that would be real great

  45. Drako Nagorski says:

    and this may be the best place to complain, since Torley kinda reads the blog sometimes i think

  46. Ciaran Laval says:

    Make the bug reporting system easier to use and you’ll get more people reporting bugs, hint, needing video tutorials to use the system means it’s not a user friendly system.

  47. Leather Chaffe says:

    Torley, thanks for the tips man. Is everything okay? You didn’t seem like you’re usual chipper self. 🙂

    @6 – The dateline is a mere two years away. You’re being awfully optimistic! LOL

    @10 – Bro, that would leave just Torley, a couple of NOC guys and the cleaning lady left! ROFLMAO

    @14 & 17 – Objects with descriptions longer than 255 characters have been known to go *poof*, never to return. Some scripters use description fields to maintain a somewhat crash-proof state for an object as the description resides in the the database.

    You make an excellent point. It seems to be typical policy these days for the Lindens to keep comments closed when reporting problems through the blog (Kate & Teeple, are you listening, poppets?).

    I think Matthew Linden’s blog post was nigh unto useless as it didn’t contain sufficient information. While the information is available to read in the JIRA, not all users are familiar or comfortable with it to go look it up. A synopisis or a summary would have certainly been helpful.

  48. Wyald Woolley says:

    @48 – Actually not optimistic as the date was also April Fools Day.

    Interestingly enough, in the few hours since I wrote that little blurb Linden Labs managed to break several things I never thought breakable. so reality once again exceeds the bounds of fiction.

    So, here it is, Friday night in the the North and South American continents and Moe has turned to Curly and said, “There’s only one way to fix this mess, REBOOT the grid!”

  49. SL is on the ropes! says:

    OK was in the midst of a conversation with a close friend and crashed at a very critical moment. This has happened to me too many times already. But I have to say there is not much of a prospect for a future for SL if the dufus coders don’t get it right now. This is about reliable communications with our friends!!!!!!! God how dumb can you people at SL be?

  50. If you addicts ever do manage to tear yourself away for a couple of days, you can visibly see how worse things are when you log back on. If you’re on every day, the slow creep is less noticeable, but as you can see from the complaints, highly visible, so the true state is horrendous.

    So, although Philip said he wanted stability over shinies, here we go with a terrible server update, a third attempt at asset server cluster enhancement, and you are rolling out major graphical changes (Windlight), Physics (Havok) and scripts (Mono) all at the *same* time? Clearly all are far from close to ready for prime time.

    You can’t even fix simple things with any great time expediency, and then they often get broken again with the next update.

    And we get a video on spamming gestures, and how to use the search that doesn’t actually pull the right thing up on the still beta JIRA? I mean, use about 20 keywords on something, it’ll pull up nothing, so create a new ticket, and find next day there are already 20 outstanding issues covering that topic, with all the search words you used in the comments. I call that a broken search.

  51. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    @51 Montana

    We were just discussing these things this evening at our sim. It is a fact that the vast majority of SL users are new, most of them less than a year, year and a half in age. So they don’t know how SL used to operate.

    Mind you, SL has always had problems, serious ones. Some of the problems in the past have been somewhat fixed (there used to be a gigantic “ghosting” problem). Others haven’t (such as crashing on teleport). But like you pointed out Montana, the more time passes, the worse SL gets.

    No naysayers, we’re not crying doom and gloom here. We’re stating fact. When we opened our first sim 3 years ago, the sim was on its own dedicated server. It ran lightning fast. We could get 24 avatars on a sim without any discernable lag whatsoever (anything past that and lag started to show, but it was generally recognized that 24 avs was the “safe” nolag mark).

    Further, SOUNDS and ANIMATIONS played correctly. None of this current nonsense where an avatar goes through all kinds of movements, only to have the accompanying sound show up 30 seconds to a minute later. The sounds and the animations were synced. Anyone tried to play one of the “CDs” lately? The sound is chopped to bits. Those used to work perfectly.

    Group chat used to work perfectly, without a hitch. That problem has just developed within the last year. What can we say about a company that can’t even get chat right?

    I also have to be perfectly honest and say that in that 3 1/2 years I’ve been on SL… I have never seen such a mess of restarts, crashes, lost data, messed up inventory and building like I’ve seen over the past 3 weeks. What is going on at Linden Lab? I’m starting to wonder if Cory was the reason SL programming is messed up… or if he was the one holding SL together. No way to know. All I know is that as of this writing, SL is majorly borked and it’s getting worse with each passing week.

    About the only thing out of LL and SL that seems to work properly is Torley and his Tips. 😀

    The rest of SL seems to be in a serious mess, and getting worse. Fact is, no only is LL not fixing the bugs, they’re breaking things that once worked. There’s not much excuse for that. If this was any other computer company, a bunch of programmers would be handed their heads on a platter.

  52. Shattered Howlett says:

    @Uh-oh, yeah, we’re morons. Morons who happen to own nine sims. Yes, NINE.

    But really, should I care what someone who’s unfamiliar with third grade grammar and who somehow thinks that my avoidance of this shortcut means I won’t have to deal with other people using it thinks about something they can’t even begin to comprehend?

    I love coming out of my sim to deal with the dolts of “Fuzzy SL.”

  53. uh-oh says:

    and this is coming from someone who owns forced fantasy sims.

    Any thing I do will never have me at that level below the slime on the bottem of the septic tank like people who think it is fun to rape.Oops forced fantasy, edge play what ever you want to call it. Since it is illegal in a lot of countrie to even act it out. that makes all of you sex offenders. I am glad Linden Labs had the crack down and removed all these pediphiles from second life. Now all we need is across the board IDV so we know who these people are.

  54. thanks a lot Torley for including my name there LOL when you visited the welcome area.
    I look forward to seeing you during your office time, someday.

    I was a mere noob hanging out at welcome area when you were typing your greetings and there, i saw my name in chat line hahaha

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