Got Opinions on Voice?

You may have noticed we’ve been working on better analyzing and quantifying our Residents views on voice over the past few months. For example, Aleks Linden’s current survey on Voice, which is almost finished, is examining how Residents use Voice in Second Life.

We’re also looking for help on how best to prioritize additional voice features as we move forward. Voice communication has been an official part of Second Life for several months now and we’re interested in finding out what types of additional voice features you might be interested in so we can work to make Second Life better for everyone! (You may have already received notification to take this survey via email a few weeks back, it is the same survey).

Help us Out!
Interested? Please take 5 minutes to respond to this brief multiple choice survey by clicking on this link:

A few notes on the survey:

  • The survey is hosted by a company called Qualtrics, so the above link sends you over to a secure site with their web address at the top.
  • In order to participate, you will need to enter your Second Life name. Please note that your Second Life name is used as a unique identifier and to validate that you are a “real” member of Second Life. It will only be used as a unique identifier for Linden Lab. Third parties will NOT see your Second Life name in any form.
  • Research findings (not tied to individual Residents) will be shared with Vivox (our voice provider) in order to facilitate further voice improvements.
  • All data will be destroyed at the end of the research period.

Got questions? Contact Jeska Linden. Thank you all for your help in making Second Life better!

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152 Responses to Got Opinions on Voice?

  1. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You should also note that this is not a new survey. I started to take it and realized that I’d already taken it recently.

  2. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Some very interesting proposals there!

  3. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    First time for me to take it, I did the other one they mentioned as well. Some similar questions. If the survey is any indication of where voice is going, I like it.

  4. Jeska Linden says:

    Argent – thanks for the reminder on that, I added that to the post (there were some invitations via email to some of the mailing lists and a group of people who expressed interest in taking surveys.)


  5. pyrii says:

    Quite possibly the worst survey yet, most of the features proposed were gimmicks and no real helpful functionality, like possible event functions (certain people can talk set by group/chat/parcel admin, then other people can be selected to talk)

    Or how about an integrated voice program instead of the one which doesn’t work on most PCs because SecondLife.exe consumes all the system resources.

  6. pyrii says:

    Infact, why not a comments section for people to give suggestions/ideas/comments?

  7. Jeska Linden says:

    pyrii – thanks for your thoughts on the survey, we are looking for focused feedback on which potential features to prioritize next, if you’ve got more feedback, please feel free to email it over to me as mentioned in the survey!

  8. Awaken Yoshikawa says:

    hmm, I dont’ know, but ever since voice, my music no longer works correctly. Drags, distorted and doubled which makes it hard when you are running a dance club. I’ve tried support, my ip provider, but only music is bad in sl, not on other websites

  9. LOL – well count me twice. This things looks identical to the one I did a few weeks ago.

    Either way, these are some cool features to look forward to. And I know if not as much a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. I’m anxiously awaiting some of these.

    Thanks, Jeska.

  10. Arwin Bartlett says:

    Personaly I would like to see how many mentioned they don’t use nor want voice. However that is a statistic we the unimportant wont see. I still say who cares about voice when the main system is still crashing. Making the system stable should be first priority. I bet my survey was thrown out because it was NOT what Linden Labs wanted to hear about their dog and pony act!

  11. mimi says:

    hahah i’d like the voice morpher.. then make a sexy babe and when nude newbies start hitting me up reply with a very deep male voice: HEY BABE

  12. Zi Ree says:

    Since the beta release of the Linux voice client I was trying out the new features and I very much like it. The Linux beta is still a bit clunky, and the fact that you can’t select your sound device for the viewer itself does not help, but all in all it works, and it’s a lot of fun 🙂

  13. RC Paderborn says:

    Oh yeah, just what we want… phone numbers and voice mail so we can get spammed with “Lowest prices in SL… One million lucky chairs” in real life.

    I gave voice several shots. I’ve found ONE situation worthwhile, I was building with someone and was nice to coordinate without taking hands off keyboard and mouse. That happened ONCE.

    Voice is no longer set up on any of my computers and certainly none of the “features” mentioned would encourage me to re-enable it. Also Lindens, please don’t forget that the voice-to-text, text-to-voice and voice changing features are already available in Second Life by a SL Vendor. Or is that another SL business person you want to drive out of business?

  14. mimi says:

    PS: I would like to have a mailbox for normal text messages, why don’t we have one? IM caps and messages in email are sooo outdated.

    I’d rather pay for that than for voice features

  15. Yes, you should include us negatives in there, since I think we are in the majority. I don’t know anyone using voice, let alone wanting new features.

  16. Matttt Li says:

    Today, the spacialization within voice is dramatically underutilized. I can’t help but think that this is a config, something like drop-off is for lights. Instead of hearing voices fade with distance, they are heard loud and clear half a SIM away. It dramatically interferes with local discussions because of the distraction. Each SIM should have a voice drop-off config within the estate tools. The lack of drop-off may also flood the area with too much of the source sound, resulting in the impression that the source is not localized within a space (i.e. that it is coming from a specific location.)

  17. Claudine Chantilly says:

    Why are human resources allocated to new feature surveys while the jira has 7 unallocated, open show-stopper bugs (defined as ‘only the most severe confirmed issues demanding immediate attention) in the SVC tree and almost 100 unassigned show-stoppers *shudder* in the VWR tree?

    If not all of those show-stoppers are the receiving immediate, concentrated and urgent attention they “demand” then please put this survey down for a while and attend to them.

    Make a citizen who’s reported a show-stopper happy today!

  18. Sydona Thunders says:

    So I took the survey, and at the end it stated “would I be willing to pay and extra fee” for these options. No, I would NOT! As a paid, premium member, why should I have to pay for these? If a person who has a free account wants to pay, sure, by all means, they should. But not those of us who have invested our REAL Money to SL. As it currently stands, premium membership doesn’t give us any “perks” to be a paid member, since even now, free members can “buy” land from private estate owners. So, NO, I would NOT be willing to pay for these “options”. It should be, instead, given, without extra fees, to paying members and give that option to pay for those services to people holding all those free accounts.

  19. Novis Dyrssen says:

    Ever since the introduction of voice to the grid, same grid has been behaving wonky beyond belief. Sure, there were some problems before, but since voice got implemented, it has become hard to find a whole day without any issues. Working on the grid, teleporting around, even merely staying online, has become tough since voice came up.

    No, so far I do not use it. I see no reason to. Any “new and exciting features” will most likely bring more system troubles and not ways to make all our experiences better. It’s highly likely we’re gonna get them anyway, though. *sighs*

  20. Kerik Rau says:

    Hmm, Maybe we should concentrate on making it so everyone has voice, or are you forgetting about us linux users? Even when I log in with my macbook on the occasion to handle emergencies I rarely see anyone with the little dots, much less actually using voice.

  21. Sydona Thunders says:

    Oh, forgot to mention…that most people I know, anyway, use SKYPE, and its totally FREE!

  22. Hevenz Vansant says:

    Voice was exactly what SL was missing! When working on builds across an entire sim we can conference and get the tasks done much easier than by having to pause and type.

    People that seem to be against voice are the guys acting like girls in SL and hate to be called out on it. :p

    Keep moving forward with the voice features:)

  23. A. Malaprop says:

    I would rather see the current bugs with Voice addressed before expanding it.

  24. Harvey says:

    @22 and those that have hearing or speech impairments or don’t speak the same language as those around them eg- for many english is a second language and they can type it much better than they can speak it

    Not that I mind speech, it’s a nice feature to have and one I was surprised wasn’t included when I first started sl and I’m sure those that make use of it will appreciate any improvements

  25. Mo dryke says:

    quote:got opinion on voice?
    for sure: SKYPE RULEZ : I can choose the SL friends who can speak with me, excellent sound quality, very stable, low memory/ressources usage + no memory leak, almost always available, and… FREE

    vs SL voice: “potential” grieffing issues, many problems with parcel music, everything but stable (well, as anything in SL), bad sound quality, high memory/ressources usage + HUGE memory leak (well… it’s in the SL viewer), available… when it works, and you ask if we may pay for it???? ROFL
    Voice is disabled on my land and in my viewer. It won’t change.

  26. LaeMiQian says:

    Um… page-6 has radio buttons for a choose-all-that-apply question!

  27. Minnie says:

    I’m with Mimi. I’d rather see text messages than voice. There’s no reason IM’s should be capped, they could be sent as messages to cell phones and never show up on my screen in world. I’d be fine with that! Or, even if they remain emailed, once again I see no reason why I need to see it in my inbox and on screen when I log in. One or the other, not both.

    Voice to text is a cool feature if you don’t have the ability to type for whatever reason, but at 80 wpm, I’d rather type! If I wanted to talk, I’d use Skype. I don’t need to lag my computer out anymore by adding voice!

    To me voice just seems a little too real! I get enough realism (my inworld hubby is my rl fiance), I don’t need to bring any more of SL into my first life. Enough already! LOL

  28. Stephe Ehrler says:

    People that seem to be against voice are the guys acting like girls in SL and hate to be called out on it. :p

    So you really think all the people who don’t use voice are guys playing as girls? How about all the guys not using voice then, those must be girls playing as guys? And given the voice morphing software out there, you REALLY think this stops anyone wanting to play cyber sex with you from doing so?

    As far as “conferencing across a sim when building”, the few people doing this can use skype etc and not lag the rest of us because a few people think this is “added value”. I’ve built multiple sims up and never seen a need for this.

    No doubt LL is going to move forward with voice -but- the people who don’t use or want this are not just guys why want to fool you into having sex with them. Try to come up with a better “insult” to use against the people who don’t feel voice is the best thing since sliced bread. That one is getting a bit old.

    Stephe Ehrler

  29. Corax Homewood says:

    I for one would REALLY like to try out voice. As long as voice has been around, the Linux voice client is still not voice enabled. Of course I’m tempted to ask, Why? But of course I already know the answer: the voice system is closed source and supported by only one company. Hasn’t Linden Lab learned their lesson yet? If it’s closed source, it’s going to be buggy and take forever to be implemented, especially if it only benefits a minority of users. Closed source software is expensive, inefficient, discriminatory and frequently broken. Please change this!

  30. uh-oh says:

    I found it to be a step in the right direction towards finding out what we would like in the voice feature. Granted some of the features can be found for free outside of secondlife, at least they are trying to see what we would like to have. The voice to text is a nice option for those who cannot hear or speak. maybe that one should be a free option for them.

  31. Felony Fabre says:

    Perhaps one solution is to morph all voices by default to match certain attributes associated with your avatar’s sex, shape, size … etc 🙂

  32. Equino says:

    what would be best is if there was a normalizer included in the client so that everyone talks at the same volume, instead of having some folks being really soft, and others being really loud.

  33. Felony Fabre says:

    For the most part, none of us get to choose how we sound irl? Why should SL be different? 🙂

  34. richard says:

    does anyone use it?

  35. SL Player™ says:

    I prefer typing it keeps my mind busy. My typing skills have really improved!

  36. Ajay Giano says:


    i spoken with many lindens and i still can’t use voice!
    My router does not let slvoice client work!
    (works only when im hooked directly to modem)

    i looked at wiki and still have not found any answers!
    Nobody i spoken to knows how to fix this, im all alone!!

    If someone knows how to fix this, please IM me in-world, AJAY GIANO

  37. PattehPh0x Katsu says:

    How about fixing the huge memory leak that occurs on some systems when the voice client is running alongside the SL viewer?

    I think that would be an important step to take before adding any new features.

  38. Lillie Yifu says:

    It’s great for sitting in an orgy room and laughing at newbies.

    Other than that, it’s OK.

  39. elise sands says:

    focused feedback which means “we dont care wght the customer wants”
    there truly needs to be a couple of those there who wont stop making bad stuff tha lags us down like mad and have them look at and actually READ the mail…IF there was a place to send it
    Voice bites so far leave it alone stabilize SL stop implementing for a week will ya?!!!

  40. Anony Mouse says:

    Question #5 forces me to say what I’ve used it for when I’ve never used it. 🙂 Why isn’t there an “I don’t use voice at all or ‘none of the above'” option for that?


  41. GetReal says:

    Okay . . . somewhere out there are whole groups of people who use it all the time and are leaving others out in the cold, that’s right, just won’t talk to anybody unless they have a dot over their head . . . and just down the road from them are masses of people who never use it and never see anybody else using it and don’t know why anybody would ever even bother to use it.

    Who ARE all these people, lol, and how come they never can find each other? I say let’s get them together for a little fireworks – one sim – dots and no-dots – cage match, winners take all, lol.

    Really, who are THEY that are referred to so often, let’s start naming names, lolol.

    I say, next time you are in a place that doesn’t respect your choice of voice option, report ’em, lolol, let’s have some names and get to the bottom of this of who won’t talk to who stuff.

  42. BrianA Corleone says:

    Here’s a feature I’d be tempted to pay for, Take the blasted lag inducing unwanted “feature” out.

  43. Dark Starr says:

    As someone who not only owns a business and thriving role playing islands, voice is a bane. It is not hard to figure out but I have made sure to not only disagree and keep it inactive myself, I have disabled it on all my sims. Voice is good only for ruining the anonymity and enjoyment many have being something different than themselves. Lets not mention accents and those who enjoy social interaction in SL because they are deaf or unable to speak, those who are now shunned because idiots DEMAND voice or you must be lying. Voice is nothing but a ruin to some people.

  44. “For the most part, none of us get to choose how we sound irl? Why should SL be different?”

    None of us can fly or teleport, or get to choose how we look IRL either…. but we can in SL. Why should voice be any different?

  45. CC says:

    i dont know anyone that uses voice i dont and none of my friends use it im sure there are platforms in SL it is good for such as conferencing for business or education i also see your looking for us to pay for this feature i will never use it never pay for it when there are many free places to voice such as skype or yahoo we already pay enough for the bad quality of SL i hope you dont plan on charging all residents for it i never wanted it i never use it and i never will use it …all it has done is degrade the already crappy structure of the game to many bugs like we need anymore to add to the pile up that never get fixed

  46. CC says:

    also why does the survery not have option NO we DO NOT want VOICE and see how many click that

  47. Pyrii says:

    If I have to see another complaint from people who are too lazy to turn Voice off in Second Life saying “WE DON’T WANT IT, REMOVE IT BECAUSE WE’RE TOO LAZY TO UNCHECK ‘Enable Voice Chat’ IN THE OPTIONS WINDOW”

    Bloody hell… If you don’t like it, don’t use it, it’s an optional feature, there for those that want it. There’s many uses, it just needs the customisability that allows it to be used properly in those circumstances.

  48. U M says:

    I look at this way I filled it in, i expressed my feeling abput voice and thats it. I too think voice is a waste of resources. Specially when I only see less then 20% using it.

  49. Clang Bailey says:

    Voice is great if you like listening to people breath, say ‘Can you hear me now”, cough and exclude more than 60% of people from a public conversation.

  50. Clang Bailey says:

    Oh yeah.. And also if you enjoy having no hope of every scrolling back to read what was said wjhile you were afk.

  51. Bobo Decosta says:

    Again another voice survey? We don’t care about voice. Why replace the fun stuff by stuff only a few want!

  52. Patience Masala says:

    Heya, I don’t mind voice and all and I think I took this survey as mentioned above. I think the real problem is that people want a better viewer, stable servers and such before you go into making things like windlight and voice. I do think voice should be included within the sl client rather then opening in a second program. Also, fix the scaling of the windows please. Let us be able to shrink all we want without having to know xml and crap. Voice is voice, you hear people blahing on it sometimes but not very often. So in closing don’t use caps lock to cruise control through cool and why complain about complainers???

  53. @33 – one cannot choose to look like a dragon, wolf, or whatever all that well either in RL. Part of SL is that we *can* be those things, and many others.

  54. Mona says:

    Phone numbers are really a useless gimmick. People I to talk to already have my phone number.

    An integrated voice changing software would be great though. I could enhance privacy and make more people (especially women) use voice. A voice changer should be normal and used by anyone, not just by “dudes who want to fool other dudes into thinking they are a hot blonde”.

  55. Argent Stonecutter says:

    As I expected when voice was introduced, some groups have taken to it and others haven’t, and the ones that have pretty much close out the people who don’t or can’t use it.

    I’ve tried it now, and found that I simply can’t follow a voice conversation in SL for any length of time. The quality of voice reproduction is spotty, it breaks up regularly, and if I miss something I can of course not scroll back to read it. The spacialization cues are spotty at best, and the chat directional cues (avatar’s head turns towards speaker) are completely missing. It also reduces the available bandwidth and SL’s UDP based bulk transfer means that I end up with sim ping going through the roof until I cut my max bandwidth setting to the bone.

    The only thing that would reverse this trend towards splitting people into voice and non-voice groups would be reliable and automatic voice transcription, so that we get voice converted to text chat. That would solve the bandwidth problems, the spacialization problems, and the quality problems.

  56. Ceera Murakami says:

    I took this survey earlier. I would have loved to be able to say “NOT in the least bit interested!” on most of the “feature improvements” they offered. The only one that looked the least bit positive to me was the option of a built-in voice morpher. But even then, it would remain useless to me, because I am NOT going to subject the rest of my family to a one-sided conversation, like some rude slob in a restaurant talking loudly on a cell phone. Maybe Voice is great for people who live alone, or in a basement bedroom, away from the rest of the household. those of us who like to stay in contact with our RL spouse and kids while we do things in SL won’t find it useful at all.

    Or you could listen to the dog that is at this very moment barking loudly in my ear. Makes for great verbal communications.

    Phone numbers and voice mail for avatars? No way.

  57. I hardly use voice because I enjoy being immersed in a non realistic audio environment for the most part. Having voiced enabled takes away from that 3D experience for me.

    However, that is an option I can freely choose one way or another. I think it is great that LL offers voice to users even if it is not something that interests me.

    There are a few occasions that I have used it and will probably use it again. Tonight my phone was out so I used voiced to speak to my boyfriend when we normally use the phone.

    Of course there are so many advantages to having voice in Second Life.. not only for chat. Life music.. seminars.. conferences ..and so on, the list goes on infinitely. Kudos to Second Life for voice enabled, especially also on a local scale, meaning more than only private chat.

    @51 It is not always a better viewer or server that is needed.. sometimes it is actually the user who needs a better PC, graphic card, more memory, etc. or net connection. 🙂

  58. Shai Khalifa says:

    I’m with Syd and others who prefer Skype – much better voice reproduction, and have the added option of video if you want it – which can be a nice touch in growing friendships across the world.

    Voice in SL for me is annoying, distracting, difficult to follow conversations when there are different groups carrying on conversations within ‘earshot’, exclusionary, and basically a non-event where I’m concerned.

    I have it turned off, but as it’s embedded into the viewer, I still have to contend with the technical issues it creates.

    I can conference call on Skype if I want to, and when SL crashes – which it does regularly – it means I don’t lose the conversation.

    As grid and viewer stability are more important to me than the currently foisted bells and whistles – I’m all for taking OUT the bells and whistles and getting the system running at optimum for a nice change.

    Did the survey – but couldn’t say any of this there – and there are a lot more people responding to this blog against voice than for it – where are they represented anywhere except here?

    My twopence worth
    🙂 Shai

  59. Ric Mollor says:

    What is the purpose of asking for the user name in the survey? Anyone who is a user of Second Life can access 1,000s of avatar names through search if they don’t wish to supply their own. Or if they want to take the survey multiple times.

    A person who sees the survey on the blog and is interested in looking at it can find plenty avatar names with 10 seconds of Google searching.

    If a person or group had an desire to skew the results it would be very easy considering the low level of verification.

  60. Missy Malaprop says:

    Re: @16 Matttt Li…

    How did you get it so you hear everyone clearly and loudly until they are too far away over half a sim away? I cant get it to work that way… the farther people get away from me, the quieter they get.. I cant hear anyone half a sim away… mine wont work like that at all. maybe its a hardware/software issue on some people computers, and not SLvoice

  61. Celierra Darling says:

    I spotted some ambiguities that you might want to watch out for:

    1) What does “use voice” mean? Does one need to talk to “use” it? usually just listen to others on it, if I use it at all – this is what I interpreted “I have it activated but I never use it ” to mean.

    2) On the “for which would you be willing to pay an additional fee” page, is it an additional fee for ALL the features, an additional fee for EACH feature? An additional fee in L$ or in US$? Is it a part of Premium?

  62. Broder Kubrick says:

    Would have been nice to have a section about general performance complaints..


    Voice Quality – it is:

    [ ] Choppy
    [ ] Cuts out a lot
    [ ] Makes it hard to have real conversations because you’re always saying “Oh I didn’t catch that.”

    Tick which applies.

  63. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    I’m split on voice.

    On the one hand, the vast majority of users voted AGAINST it when it was proposed to the general populace… but LL added it anyway.

    On the other hand, voice does have some valid applications– such as live music performances– that have been needed on SL for a long time.

    On the third hand, I find voice very much detracts from normal game play. It’s just fine for normal “mundane” sims. But it has several problems elsewhere:

    1. Voice keeps turning itself “on” when private island owners tell it to not be active on the sim.

    2. There is no way to track voice “history” to check what one has missed while afk.

    3. Voice can be very distracting while trying to build or script, and having to turn it off regularly is a pain (of course, there are ways around this, but lordamercy… how many options do we have to toggle on and off already every time we log in?).

    4. Most notably… presents yet another blockade to the deaf community who had felt they had found a home on SL where they were equals to everyone else. Now they not only can’t hear what someone is saying… they can’t even lip-read.

    So voice is one of those love-hate things. I’m sure some people love it and find it very useful. Others hate it and wish LL had listened to populace vote (for once). Live musicians will probably praise the day as they learn how to use voice to broadcast live music shows (and yes, it can be done very efficiently, and with NO LAG as experienced with Shoutcast).

    But I believe the majority, overall experience is negative. It’s distracting, untraceable, and often spoils the illusion.

  64. Lindsey Warwick says:

    I have some really great suggestions about the quality of voice…

    1) Some kind of compression, so everyone is the same volume… (Because some people are really loud and some are really quiet)

    2) Environmental Effects, (eg. When you are outside, make it sound like you are outside, with some reverb or delay, and dampen the sound when you enter like a closed space…)

    If valve can do it, i’m sure you guys could pull it off…

  65. Kelley Mayo says:

    I took the survey a while ago. I noticed also that none of the questions really addressed whether I wanted voice or would ever use it. I don’t want it and will never use it. I’d rather have a less buggy SL. Of course they won’t ask us whether or not we paying members want it because they know we won’t give them the answer they want to hear.

  66. Letti says:

    Another survey? wow. and a BIG wow on paying for voice. I would much rather pay ( I’m willing to pay for any other feature)for some other features but not voice. I would NEVER pay for voice. Especially when other people use SKYPE and when voice is free in Second Life and not a lot of people use it. A voice changer?! That’s even worse and it will cause more jerks to pick on girls. What ever happened to the people who are deaf? Are you going to screw them again? Just remove voice, it’s that simple. Your making this harder for yourselves and for those people.

  67. RC Paderborn says:

    I just thought of a wonderful addition to the SL Metrics released every month. One that shows the numbers and percentages of people both with voice enabled and voice disabled!

  68. Wyald Woolley says:

    A mental midget wrote:
    Hevenz Vansant Says:
    January 28th, 2008 at 3:57 PM PST
    People that seem to be against voice are the guys acting like girls in SL and hate to be called out on it.
    It’s exactly this kind of attitude that made me caution LL from bringing voice into SL. Homophobics look for any reason to slam other residents that dislike voice for a myriad of reasons. Voice is divisive and is damaging to community building.

  69. Sean Heying says:

    Where is the option for I tried it once and will never use it again?

    Take the lagmonster out of SL, it’s not wanted by the vast majority of people and despite the voice lovers saying turn it off… it still causes a server load as the Av positional data is sent to the voice providers servers.

  70. Letti says:

    @67 (Wyald Wolley) Exactly.

  71. Ghille Ganache says:

    The ‘voice’ was..I fear..succinctly phrased by William Shakespeare…”Much ado about nothing”

    I tried it once..and have removed it, as I do not need or want it..furthermore..I NEVER hear it being used!!

    However..the cry for “MORE STABILITY IN THE SERVERS” is soooo loud, I don’t even need to use my ears to hear it!

  72. nina says:

    yes so it finally comes to light that LL is wanting to charge both island owners AND residents for this voice chat…
    this grid took a performance hit when voice was introduced, despite LL’s promises to the contrary.
    please just put voice aside and start working on the things that really need the attention.

  73. mcp Moriarty says:

    The few times I did turn the voice on at welcome areas, it was mostly foul language in an area designated as PG. If I wanted to hear the “F” word 50 times I’d watch Eddy Murphy do stand up. It sounds like kids, that’s how they talk when their parents are not around. Voice is so far worthless.

  74. Jessicka Graves says:

    I’ve used voice a few times, and every single time, I’ve been disappointed in it. It generates too much treble in my headphones (which are Bose, practically flawless with both my mp3’s, my gaming outside SL, so on and so forth), as well as both the sound-to-camera-position and sound-to-avatar-position sets both aren’t that great, because the audio drop out is very high for both options (i.e. not being able to hear someone else past 5-10m or so if your camera is on yourself, such and so forth). Skype, Yahoo, and MSN do a much better job of holding conference calls, or just talking to a friend (being it’s as easy as clicking “call”, and the volume bass/treble is relatively balanced too). Also, ‘dropped calls’, people blasting music into their microphone, choppy speech, laggy as hell to have it on…and to top it all off, adding more features and having to pay for it? Screw that. For a feature that works sub-par to those already existing systems (Skype, MSN, etc.), oh wait…I just thought of something, even better then that…SL has all these bonus features too, and it’s been getting progressively worse…It’s like Deja-Vu~!

  75. uh-oh says:

    “So you really think all the people who don’t use voice are guys playing as girls? How about all the guys not using voice then, those must be girls playing as guys”
    what about furries that wont talk? does that make them really human? LOL sorry had to say it 😛

  76. javana kohime says:

    I took the survey, but would just like add that I was apprehensive about voice until I met someone and someones that I really wanted to talk to. Now I would not go back. Some quirks with voice that shoud be fixed is having to turn people back up if you cross a sim or go to another location and back. I’d like a feature that you could keep a friends voice at the same level as default. A lot of us would. Even going form inworld voice to private chat has that problem. Sometime it seems to reset for not apparent reason. IF YOU HAVE had a tutorial or explanation on this I would love to see it and apologize if I’ve not read past blogs. javana

  77. Pingback: Linden Lab commence survey on voice in Second Life : The Metaverse Journal - Australia’s Virtual World News Service

  78. U M says:

    Can`t LL Just say. We know it causes LAG reguardless if it sit on a total diff serve? Gesh Its not your your end its our end that feels the stress…….How are is it for LL to just say this?

    And If i hear the reason why people doesnt want voice because of gender reason i will just ……..throw a Webb Page Fit HAHHAHAH 🙂

  79. Valradica Vale says:

    I took the survey but did not see a list of suggested improvements: here area a couple I would be interested in:

    1) Hooks in LSL to allow scripters to react to voice animations and identify who is talking, even if they are in private chat. This would allow better animation of multi-avatar private conferneces.

    2) Allow voice animations in private chat if desired.

  80. Pingback: Massively

  81. Drake Bacon says:

    Gearing up while we’re not fully out of beta, are we?

    Linux users still don’t have Voice. We’re waiting for Tofu Linden and Vivox to have us hammer the Voice daemon for Linux.

  82. Foobar Merlin says:

    quote: “Voice is great for people who live alone, or in a basement bedroom, away from the rest of the household. those of us who like to stay in contact with our RL spouse and kids while we do things in SL won’t find it useful at all.”

    hahaha! I really like this one and I totally agree. I know some people who are using the voicer at times and I noticed that they don’t seem to have/care about their rl at all. My experience is that voice destructs that wonderful Illusion that sl provides. I really don’t want to hear the “smoke-for-20-years-voice” behind that sexy girl “cough cough”. That’s almost the same like when you notice a sl-girl is a guy in rl.
    I recommend both types not to use voice.

  83. Zi Ree says:

    @80: Drake, there is a Linux beta release for the voice binary. IM me, and I’ll send you the link.

  84. TheXO says:

    LOL Is this survey to drum up support for voice? Is this to make people more aware?

    I find it funny that a vast majority said “We don’t want it” and it went ahead regardless, and now you’re trying your best to plug it to everyone.

    Sure, some use it. I’ll bet it’s about 10%, certainly under 1/4 of the population. I’m not talking “voice enabled sims or parcels” here – because you keep switching it back on, even if I turn it off. No doubt a shameless ploy to say “Look at all the voice enabled parcels”

    I’m talking about 10% – 25% of end users actually using voice. Do you have a figure for voice enabled clients? Will you share it with us?

    I’ll happily eat my prim trousers if I’m wrong 😀

  85. o.h. says:

    i dont use voice and dont know anyone who does. The only reason i cansee is to track down squeaky kid voices.

  86. M0lly Dench says:

    Well, Q1 in the survey was unanswerable… there was no option for ‘I have never used voice’ but that was one of the options in Q2 and Q3. So I had to say technical difficulties were preventing me using it rather than my brain tells me LAG LAG LAG don’t touch.
    For those who have the luxury of a separate space, and a spouse who doesn’t complain, voice might work…. for me, my other half plays WOW using Voice, across the room, can you imagine the background chat you’d hear on SL…”no, kill him! YES!!! He’s dead!! Oh no, look at that monster! Now what do we do???”… .

    I think those of us in shared spaces might give it a miss…

  87. Vivienne says:

    Close the public voice channel, restrict it on IM. Abandon that “active speakers” and headlight crap. Do it in a way that voice is there and fully usable in group chat and in IM voice chat (like Skype), but no longer an object of public knowledge and interest. This will be helpful by all means.

  88. Harvey says:

    @jeska, just looked at the survey, it seems a waste of time to actually complete it since it won’t make sl better for everyone, just those few that you appear to listen to and the sub-set of those that use voice.

    Chances are things like voice mailboxes and externally accessible phone numbers are only being considered to generate revenue from third parties, especially with the 2nd last question (ps – if u want to know what we’d pay for – working classifieds that don’t require 60 camping bots running on the sim or 6 digit fees, a stable environment, priority help assistance)

    for a business coming into SL holding meetings that type of thing, these features might be great, voice conferencing, mail box for when the person is out of the office etc.. but for residents who run a business inside second life, it just means less leisure time.

    We don’t get to go home at the end of the day and relax because whenever we’re logged in we’re expected to provide assistance, now we’ll get a plethora of interesting voice messages we can’t even understand let alone respond to and trying to translate a voice mailbox request into the appropriate language – nearly impossible to guess which language it is let alone translate

    How about this as a feature – whenever we voice conference a LL employee, if they’re not online and it’s out of office hours, it rings their home phone?

  89. SouLDK Simpson says:

    i think the 2nd survey was really well done & a gratz to the linden wicht made it possible for another way for people having it in SL®.

    i’m a sl mentor and use the voice engine quite alot , its been usefull as its at times tireing typing yada yada at times . also people are very glad for it , but with a decent CONNECTION I say !!! DECENT connection you peeps then voice can go through any walls you wanna , i can 110% guarrantee that since start voice got out there haven’t been any major cut outs any major laggin , laggin is only in your heads! or the computers specs/internetconnection.

    Those that like it use it those that Don’t like it , THEN DONT TALK AT ALL , welcome listen or not , what ever floats your boats i think alot can agree with me oon that. altho i experienced alot of bad ways of useing the voice as for greif/prank/bossing/hurting/pushing/yelling/ and missuse of it .

    People, less complain, More Fun its the way of the game remember!

  90. GetReal says:

    @70, btw, if you turned voice off, *removed it* as you say, of course you will never hear anybody using it! duh!

    @68, the vast majority against? you mean the same 30 people out of 50K who post here four or five times until the 150 limit every time voice is mentioned?

    why are all these experienced power users who have been here supposedly for years with all their like-minded *friends* still hanging out in welcome areas with the kids risking exposure to the *gasp* f-word spoken out loud?

  91. Aeona Barthelmess says:

    I will mostly repeat what a lot of anti-voice said before, but I find it ridiculous that LL tries so hard on voice features while a lot of issues are yet to be solved. I tend not to buy in the fairy tale that voice doesn’t effect on lag, as voice was starting to be implemented when I joined, I cannot compare but most people who I talk with that have been on SL since before voice implementation tell me it had hugely increased the lag.
    Moreover, I know it is not a scientific survey, but very few people I know on SL use voice so I find it’s unfair that the satisfaction (?) of a minority affect on the whole population.
    And last, I couldn’t agree more that with all the other tools that are dedicated to voice and are free, having voice in SL is really of little importance.
    A few years ago, I was a regular user of Yahoo! chat-rooms, and I observed that its decline started with the implementation of voice. It was not the only reason, but it was definitely a important one.

  92. Fox says:

    This ‘survey’ left no room for complaints about voice – aren’t we making it a little too obvious we don’t want to hear complaints from the userbase?

  93. Mm Alder says:

    “We’re also looking for help on how best to prioritize additional voice features as we move forward.”

    Did I miss that part of the survey? Anyway, here are my top two:
    1) Allow easy recording in the client for making machinima.
    2) Allow other VoIP systems (e.g. Skype) to interface into the SL client at the same time as Vivox.

  94. Hevenz Vansant says:


    What does guys acting like girls have to do with homophobia? Are you suggesting to me that the guy who’s playing a female is always homosexual? I never made a connection to that in my post nor did I imply that whatsoever. In my experience on SL and most recently, there was a guy on our sim acting female in a very disturbing manner, trying to convince my customers they should be “BI” so he could have his way with them. Does that clear it up for you more?

    Voice changing allows people to be even more dishonest about who they are and for some it might add to the character they wish to represent but when your inacurately playing someone you are not and causing RL problems for others, that’s when the voice changing becomes problematic. Just ask nearly any girl over at Isle of Lesbos who most are looking for relationships, only to be duped by a man playing as female.

    Your connection with homophobia seems more self induced or you are just another angry person looking to take out your frustrations on someone else. Stop trying to read between the lines and create a situation you think you need to defend.

    Allowing the option to turn voice off while others choose to use it was perfect implemention of this enhancement to SL. As stated before, when building across multiple sims it allows my team instant communication without the need to stop, start typing, then waiting for a response. My team gets their build done much quicker and allows us clear communication about the task at hand.

    Lastly, voice is great for parties. 😛

  95. Anony Mouse says:

    @89 — Given that every surveys that have been taken on voice at New World Notes and other independent sites have indicated that it’s not wanted by a large portion of the populace tells me that it’s not just the “same people posting over and over again every time voice is mentioned on the blog” as you claim. Also, I believe that the person who said she “barely heard anyone using it” was probably talking about BEFORE she turned it off. 🙂

    Please grow up and get used to it, people. The public has spoken. Voice is good for some, but not good for others. Those who want to use it… fine, more power to you… you have that right, those who don’t that’s fine too. Stop bugging each other about it.

    I completely agree with the poster who said that they don’t use it because they want to actually be able to continue to talk to the people the live with while using SL. I find being on the phone annoying and when I’m on it I can’t wait to get off of it. Using voice on SL would feel like being on the phone for many hours. I would go nuts.

    Anony Mouse

  96. Allison says:

    Please fix the grid first before spending more resources on voice. Also, I’d like to see Flash integration in SL before you spend anymore resources on voice.

  97. Miaa says:

    The comments on this blog entry are a wonderful reason to be against voice. Now any female avatar who chooses not to use voice chat is immediately labelled as a guy who doesn’t want his cover blown. I can see it for builders… but I’m sure many who found a need for voice already use third party software that works better. I notice, however, that most of the supporters seem to only insult those against it instead of actually defending their position.

    I choose not to use voice becuase as one of the younger members of SL that I’ve run into, I immediately stand out in a crowd and get a lot of unwanted attention.

  98. Harvz Wilber says:

    I tried voice for few minutes when it was new. the first thing i heard on voice was the OH OHHH OHHHHHH which was no doubt the culmination of a romantic encounter in an adjacent area by avatars unseen. so i shut it off. since then i have used voice a half dozen times to play my guitar whilst sitting on an amp on my roof. kinda fun to do the same thing in SL and RL at the same time.

    but i do notice in areas with voice, people clumped in the TP area and not building, selling, buying, exploring, or much of anything but yakking about their day. Formerly active builders and scripters just stand there zombified in voice. Sims that used to be a flurry of activity at any given moment, now have a dozen or so avatars hanging around the TP area.

    as for the homophobia thing, guys that play as chicks arent necessarilly gay or Bi. their av may actually be their idea of their dream girl. the fact that female avatars make lotta lindens by escorting which is basically camping on scripted furniture with somebody that is willing to pay makes it more appealing im sure.

    Not everybody sees their av as being an extension of self. some see it as a kind of puppet or action figure.

    I mostly like to RP with a few star trek groups and my av is as close to how i looked in my 30’s as i can make him. I even have SL versions of my work uniform, my RL van, and My old dog Henry. so im kinda reality-blended you could say.

    Voice makes statues of those that use it,

    I say turn it off or make the range and direction as close as the text chat range so avatars still need to seek out each other on a sim and hopefully start exploring, building, scripting, grouping, buying, selling, and PLAYING together again.

    As always, just my humble first ammendment protected opinion.

  99. Caliburn Susanto says:

    To all the geniuses who continually refrain “If you don’t like voice then don’t use it!” — They are working their way up to charging the majority of us who think integrated voice in SL is undesireable for something we DON’T WANT, forcing us to subsidize it. THAT is a simple no-brainer answer … NO!!!! All the juvenile side-insults regarding those who won’t use it are irrelevant.

    If UN-checking the voice option means I WILL NEVER BE CHARGED for it’s integration then fine. But it’s a waste of time and resources when third-party online voice chat is abundant, simple, and FREE.

    BTW, Lindens, the turn-off feature for voice is broken on sims. Please fix it. 🙂

  100. is it possible to have a voice transformer? changing gender, tone, etc.
    this has two purposes:
    -privacy (some don’t want to display their true gnder, age or race)
    -being more in character: booming dragon voice, hoarse orc voice, puer Elf voice…

  101. a software like Audacity has such capacities (changing voice tome) so it would be possible to change pitch. making a voice hoarse r grating would be easy, making a grating voice pure would be more difficult, but the stake is interesting 🙂

  102. GetReal says:

    @94 –

    @70 “I tried it once..and have removed it, as I do not need or want it..furthermore..I NEVER hear it being used!!”

    Sounds pretty present tense to me.

    However, I do argree with you. We should start having fun and quit bugging each other about it. I’m done talking (LOL) about it.

  103. Lavender Arrow says:

    I have two things to say about voice, “Doesn’t” and “Work”

  104. Brett Finsbury says:

    The thing i do not like about voice is all the ambient noise. You have to be adjusting your volume or sound settings. The headphones become uncomfortable after awhile. I like it in one on one voice chat when my partner is building and buzzing around like a bee.
    It does ruin the fantasy. I recall this evil gothic vampire guy who looked like he walked out of my worst nightmare. expecting some evil raspy voice like his Avatar would appear to have, I was shocked to hear a crisp english accent that made him sound like a english teacher at some Ivy league Prep school.
    “What does guys acting like girls have to do with homophobia? Are you suggesting to me that the guy who’s playing a female is always homosexual?”
    Simple minds cannot see past the it is not about sex part. So if a person is a dragon that makes them a dragosexual? or a transformer plane or car. A jetosexual or carasexual? How about the Koolaide avatar? A Koolasexual?
    I read an intresting survey about how only about 13 percent of second life is out here about sex so the idea about using voice to confirm a persons gender shouldnt matter to the other 87 percent.
    As if it matters at all anyways. If they want to do the confirm thing then thats your first red flag that person is nothing but a piece of fecal matter to scrape off your shoe and move on to a better person.

  105. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    I use voice occasionally but not SL’s usually because I use it in tandem with cam and sl doesn’t have that option. Since its implementation I’ve been asked a couple of times if I use it by people in sl once when voice was beta and again by 2 friends who do use it daily. I never met anyone else in sl that wanted to or even mentioned voice in passing. As to performance since they hoisted it on the general populace I’d say yes the viewer is worse but the population was still soaring after the other no brainer “free membership” so I have no idea as to its actual impact. As to the survey it struck me as “fingers in ears and la la la ” to the majority of users their going to do whatever anyway regardless of feedback

  106. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    @89 Getreal “the vast majority against? you mean the same 30 people out of 50K who post here four or five times until the 150 limit every time voice is mentioned?”

    No… I imagine he means the REAL majority who are against voice. Such as the vaste majority who VOTED AGAINST voice before it was installed on SL. If you want to know what majority he’s talking about… just read these blogs anywhere voice is discussed.

    THAT majority. 😉

  107. frank skosh says:

    @ #12: yes, being able to select the media device for audio output would be QUITE nice…i’ve got a high-end soundcard that *VERY* rarely gets picked up by the viewer, and being able to select my lower end (secondary) soundcard would be great…as it is, i just use my main system settings to reset the primary device…a pain-in-the-you-know hassle, but it works

  108. Boomer Gunawan says:

    Voice rules. It is one of the best additions ever, no longer do I have RSI from typing and can chat away happily to my friends all around the world.

  109. Sufi Aya says:

    Voice is useless. Nothing that can be done with voice cannot be done with text. Fix the grid stability, tp and asset server issues. Stop working on “features” that will take more resources and further degrade performance and fix the multitude of issues that affect everyday activity like…moving around, building, commerce, etc…

  110. Phez says:

    Vive la voce! I went to standup comedy last night – if is only possible with voice – I went to a meeting the other day – if was only possible with voice. One day they might put a non speex codec in it, and allow realtime singing!!!!

  111. DeMolay Jiang says:

    For those that are soooo against voice, don’t use it. Guess what, there are PLENTY of people who do use it and it’s not just for building on sims. I know of businesses, non-profits, and educational institutes that do RL work in SL. Yes, maybe for your role play sim its annoying or when you hang around dance clubs and sandboxes, but the reality is that voice is encouraging to RL businesses to use SL. Why does LL continue to go forward with voice despite all the “nay sayers” here? Because maybe if enough RL business is conducted in SL it will see a long and profitable future.

    To be honest evertime I read these blogs and see all the complaining of how LL’s is running the show I would like to see these people innovate, create, and run a platform like SL . . . guess what people technology isn’t perfect but I’m glad to see each and every step it makes and look forward to the future.

  112. pantaiputih korobase says:

    [UPDATE 12:35 p.m. PST –teeple]

    Logins are slow or failing, inventory is problematic. We’re doing a partial rollback to stabilize as quickly as possible. Please do not rez or transfer valuable (no-copy) assets in world until we give an all clear. We’ll be broadcasting this message to the grid very shortly.

  113. SL Zombie says:

    Bite voice. I just lost the last hour of scripting work on a server update that was supposed to cause no interruptions. The scripting had been done and saved to inventory as an object. Logged off. Tried to log back in… after 10 minutes, all that work gone.

    I wonder how much in purchasers buyers just lost? How much in sales merchants just lost.

    LL… your programming sux like a Kirby. I hate to smack you upside the head, but I’ve never seen such a tiddly winks job of coding and system management. If other computer companies ran like this, they’d be out of business. If you had any competition, you’d be out of business. I think you’d be embarassed to run a company like this. “Bleeding edge” my tooter. You can’t even handle chat and inventory.

  114. SL Zombie says:

    @110 DeMolay: ” I would like to see these people innovate, create, and run a platform like SL ”

    LOL I would like to see LINDENLAB run a platform like SL. So far, they’re doing a pretty lousy job.

    Hey dude, when people pay $295 a month for an island that crashes regularly and trashes their inventory, they have a right to complain.

  115. Plum Planer says:

    Voice is the most useless feature L has .. Better to put more energy in fixing bugs

  116. Ms Z says:

    I hate checking my voice messages irl why in the heck would I want to check them in sl?
    Secondly I certainly would not admit to them if I would pay for any extra features so they can turn around and change me for. Do they think we are stupid?! And you know what? I don’t want some weirdo recording my voice to jack off to later on or turn around and sell to Excite. So crumple up that stupid idea of allowing people to record right now. And yeah I know-I know you can still get software to work outside of sl for that. But why make it easy for them?

    As for voice morphing anyone who uses it is going to come off as suspicious anyhow. The technology for it being a believable voice is still not there. How about you focus on getting the features currently on the grid running smoother before throwing all these new ideas at it? Oh yeah sill me…that would make sense!

  117. I also had a bad experience with an headphone set: cheap, but uncomfortable, and the too short mike was scraping in my beard and doing a hell of a noise, more the power line buzz (a sign of very low quality for a mike). At least buy an hedphone envelping you ears, so that it will not give the feeling to be about to slip away all the time. I imagine a conference with 20 persons having similar problems…

  118. Arana Nikolaidis says:

    Face it, voice in sl is as popular as voice for Yahoo or any instant messenger/text chat program. No one wants it, no one uses it and it is a complete waste of money that LL could have better spent getting rid of bugs and instability.

    Its equal to the world largest jelly bean, nice too look at, looks good on paper, but of no REAL value.

  119. uh-oh says:

    @11″ maybe for your role play sim its annoying ”

    Voice hearing the sex offenders from the Rp sims getting arrsted on voice would be fun.

  120. Voice changing may show difficult or unpractical, or possible only in some case (ie impossibility to correct an old person grating voice, impossibility to get extreme pitches). In this case the best alternative would be text-to-voice conversion (speech synthesis). Such a feature would be simpler to implement and to use, with less burden, that voice changing.

  121. Orion Pastorelli says:

    This is my two cents – I joined SL last September and pretty much started using voice right away. I have never known SL without voice and it’s a big part of my experience. I use it all the time and majority of the really close friends on SL use it too.

    If I am in a situation were some people don’t have voice, I make it a point to type out important parts of the conversation so they will not be excluded.

    But what I love most about voice is that speeds up communication. I can explain complex ideas to people, in about a quarter of the time it would take to type it out.

    I love hanging out on my Star Trek sim and discussing favorite episodes with my friends. I love renting movies with my SL partner and hearing him laugh with me during funny parts. I love going to clubs and dancing with my friends and telling jokes over voice.

    Are there situation when I prefer not to use voice? Yes, when I Role-Play, then I turn voice off to increase the factor. Other than that, it’s on all the time.

    Also, I can keep in touch with people around the world with it – sure I could type and send e-mail, but there is nothing like hearing another human voice. My SL experience has been amazing and I believe it is in large part do to voice chat.

  122. Vivienne says:

    @ 110

    “Guess what, there are PLENTY of people who do use it”

    Yes, probably there are. And right, it is fine for building in groups. But please on a closed channel. I do not wish to get informed about aligning prims. I do not wish to listen to someone explainig to another one how to attach an excite. And i have a right on verbal privacy and anonymity. I do not want to run around with that easily identifiable “voice enabled ” headlight at all, nor do i want anyone to know i have it enabled until he politely calls my SL phone number. An i wish to be able to decide by myself if i answer that call or not.

  123. Vivienne says:

    @ 120

    I think your arguments are convincing. Nevertheless, I prefer not to hang on the phone all around my SL time, and I STILL use to hang around with my RL friends and family, which is 100 percent more desirable for “reality level” than anything in SL. Including voice. Voice in SL is nothing but long-distance phone call with perfect strangers.

  124. Vivienne says:

    “Voice hearing the sex offenders from the Rp sims getting arrsted on voice would be fun.”

    Yeah, and all these roleplaying 2 meter + giants looking like Conan the Barbarian and sounding like a dwarf when they talk should be arrested immediately and be brought back into RL for at least 10 years.


  125. Ursa Henley says:

    lately voice hasnt showed any positive uses, if and when i turn it on, its usually a jumble of noise, either someone sounding like theyre eating the mic or being extremely loud, or someone else playing bad music over it, but mostly its just another way for people to grief each other at the expense of everyone else. Its just easier to turn it off and ignore it than to mute everyone being stupid on it, to me its just like streaming video a waste of resources in an environment strewn with problems.

  126. Vivienne says:

    @ 110

    “I know of businesses, non-profits, and educational institutes that do RL work in SL”

    With voice? Sure, there may be some. But. I doubt there is ANY serious RL based business in existance which cannot be done much better, more efficiently and more successful in RL rather than in SL, voice or not voice doesn´t really matter there. Probably something really sophisticated – based on SL environment only – is somehow better of with voice in SL. SL needs much to much computing power, recources and knowledge on the 3D environment to be more than a nice promo or playful advertisement gimmick for serious businesses and educational organisations.This is not a matter of voice in SL at all.

  127. anonymouse1 says:

    @Orion Pastorelli(#120) – Wow, what a glowing review. Are you sure you’re not a Linden? 🙂 At any rate, I’m glad you like the feature, but the fact of the matter is that many people don’t.

    As you can see when someone doesn’t use it accusations fly about lying/deception/dishonesty/etc.

    I’ve come to accept, however, that there will always be an extremist element that wants to make SL just another RL. These people are known as augmentationists. For them, I have this link:

    “Open Letter to Augmentationists”

    I’m also curious… since this poll on voice was done once before. I remember answering the questions… and I remember seeing no results whatsoever. Is it possible that LL is running it again since they got negative results the first time they are hoping to slip it by the people who answered negatively the first time?

    Anony Mouse

  128. Vivienne says:

    @ 117

    “Face it, voice in sl is as popular as voice for Yahoo or any instant messenger/text chat program. No one wants it, no one uses it and it is a complete waste of money that LL could have better spent getting rid of bugs and instability.

    Its equal to the world largest jelly bean, nice too look at, looks good on paper, but of no REAL value.”

    100 percent agreed. What strucks me is the way LL tries to morph this feature into the most desirable and useful since the invention of the wheel. And how they manage to divide and polarise by the way of introduction. What a waste.

  129. I think you should forget all about voice and concentrate on creating a slim-line, lag-free platform. Of course you should fix all the other glitches first, like the flashing textures:

  130. Villanova says:

    Dear Lindens, I do not nor I am going to use voice because it is disrupting the feel and fantasy of SL. I would instead very much use the Communicate window but in the 1.15.3 it is now a solid block covering almost a fourth of the screen!!!

    Is it possible that nobody realised how cumbersome and disturbing it is? Make it at least resizeable! And why not position the “Group” and “Contact” buttons above the other ones instead of having two columns dedicated to buttons? Geez! Who is designing this stuff? Never heard about “userfriendliness”?

    I love you (no irony).

  131. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @110 Demolay: “For those that are soooo against voice, don’t use it.”

    This is precisely the kind of exclusionary response that I predicted when voice was introduced. “Don’t use it, we don’t want you in our voice clique.”

  132. I use SLVoice when Skype decides to be a PITA for me. Even in those instances, connections are edgy at best. Most other times I am DJing, so I have the parcel music on to make sure my tunes are getting through. Of course, this drowns voice out, even at the least audible levels for the music slider.
    Incidently, you have no idea how annoying it is to have someone tell you their song request in Voice. Then, piss-n-moan in IM about how you didn’t hear them. Since the thitieth time of that (Yah, I know not to quick to change) I turn voice off to drop tunes….

  133. Ally says:

    Voice ..Hmmm i run a club and find voice totally unsociable. Group of people come in using voice to chat amoungst themeselves everyone eles lisens or not as the case maybe. If you have music on you cant hear voice anyway. The voice users rarely bother to get involed with those outside there small group, nor take time out to type so the good typing convo goes flat, the chatters on voice chat on. the rest try to continue there typed convo. Two groups of people in the same place separated. Also its really hard to work out ..”Who Said that?”..i only Voice use Voice in small private meetings. In public areas there seems to be more negatives than positives. Thats my opion lol ..Hey Lindens get the basics fixed sim proframce is a drag or a lag. My camera seems to freeze my screen if i use it to much and i rarely log out but crash out. ..ok that me ..sorry to chatter on xx Rock on xx

  134. Vivienne says:

    @ 107

    “…and can chat away happily to my friends all around the world.”

    non comprehende.

  135. Vivienne says:


    “Lastly, voice is great for parties.”

    Yeah, the “oooooohs” and “aaaaaahs” and “yippiiiees” and the “hey you!!!!” sound so much more convincing when really spoken. True progress for clubs and parties. And it is great to listen to the discussions on Britney while being totally stoned by consuming too much of these breathtaking pixel drinks.

  136. Original Elytis says:

    Haven’t you guys learned by now? SL will never be stable, the Lindens just don’t care about that and possibly couldn’t do it even if they did care. These chumps can’t even keep their web server up!@ They just want more features to advertise and flashy looking skies for their promotional screenshots. We’ve had the same bugs and server issues since 2005! Now we’ve got lagy sims from voice servers and clients that won’t even work for half of the 20% of SL users who even care about Voice.
    Seriously, sayonara, I’ve had enough of this garbage.

  137. Argent, don’t be obtuse. No one is forcing anyone to use voice, and I haven’t met anyone who wasn’t gracious about texting people who weren’t using voice. People act like they are being forced to use it, when they are not. I rarely use voice, but the few times I have, it’s been good. What he meant is that if you don’t want to use it, you are free not to use it.

    The only people who would be particular about it are those who want a real man/woman under the male/female avatar.

  138. That said, I would prefer stability to be addressed before adding anything else to voice.

  139. BlueWall says:

    I took the survey, even though my platform is not supported. Looks like some pretty cool things in the works for voice applications. I was at a conference in world with Vivox, and they pretty much dodged questions about the Linux voice implementation. So, *PLEASE* just publish an API and let people, who can, develop code to make it work. TNX 🙂

  140. Kiboe Munro says:

    im 50/50 on the whole issue, reason being, if voice leaves, it wont matter, the company that i work for in SL uses Skype and other independant voice clients (teamspeak, ventrillo, etc)

    but if it stays, again, i don’t use it that often, wont make a difference.

  141. U M says:

    If you think this is bad with voice wait until LL introduced vedio chat and make it standard to use sl in a few months to a year. Then you start seeing people really gettin gupset.

  142. Foobar Merlin says:

    quote 126on120
    : “Are you sure you’re not a Linden? :)”
    anyway, it should be marked yellow XD

  143. Orion Pastorelli says:

    “As you can see when someone doesn’t use it accusations fly about lying/deception/dishonesty/etc.”
    Sure, I can see that. However, I also see the non-voice users throwing accusations at the voice users as well. I am not a Linden.
    “This is precisely the kind of exclusionary response that I predicted when voice was introduced. ‘Don’t use it; we don’t want you in our voice clique.’ “
    Nor am I am an exclusionary prick who refuses to interact with non-voice users. #110 was simply stating the obvious, that you don’t have enable voice if you don’t want to. The accusation that most voice users are in some kind of clique is really disingenuous – when the real issue, as I see it, is that people want basic platform stability before introducing more features.
    “I’ve come to accept, however, that there will always be an extremist element that wants to make SL just another RL. These people are known as augmentationists. For them, I have this link:”
    To be very honest, I read the letter twice and am trying to withhold judgment till I can better understand the context it was written in. At first the blogger comes across as someone with a Multiple Personality Disorder, but I think it’s safe to assume that is not the case.
    I gather the letter is just a metaphorical/metaphysical augment against the blending of RL and SL in general and voice chat in particular. If I am mistaken, feel free to IM me to clarify/
    In response, I say this. Second Life is an online environment almost entirely defined by its users. In short SL is what you make of it. That being said, where do you get off calling people you label as “augmentationists” an extremist element? I mean, who are you to decide that I can’t consider SL an extension of my real life.

  144. U M says:

    “I gather the letter is just a metaphorical/metaphysical augment against the blending of RL and SL in general and voice chat in particular. If I am mistaken, feel free to IM me to clarify/”

    No thank you i had my sponge cake for my snack today…..

  145. Vivienne says:

    @ 136

    “The only people who would be particular about it are those who want a real man/woman under the male/female avatar.”

    Yeah,, i heard that before. People who accuse others for this would love to creep under my skirt and grab for my breasts in order to get confirmed that i am not male. Hey, there´s a RL club next door. What do you think will happen if you drop in there and accuse every girl which refuses to listen to your vocal expression of being a male? Get over it, not every girl wants you, not even your statements.

  146. U M says:

    “What do you think will happen if you drop in there and accuse every girl which refuses to listen to your vocal expression of being a male? Get over it, not every girl wants you, not even your statements.”

    True thats why even in rl they get turned down. Why you think they are screaming girls are fake. Thye just don`t know how to deal with women to start with……

  147. Jazzman says:

    Voice schmoice….used it twice when it was new..too much noise from too many idiots..turned it off.
    Thanks..but no thanks…just make it so I can turn around without crashing or freezing up. I am using a very fast optimized machine and your program is not much better than it was over a year ago when I was using a boat anchor. It makes me more than a little disillusioned with LL abilities.

  148. uh-oh says:

    “True thats why even in rl they get turned down. Why you think they are screaming girls are fake. Thye just don`t know how to deal with women to start with……” so they come to SL and have to FF girls because they are nothing but little worms in RL that have low self esteem and pick up on other women with low self esteem. The sad part is they probibly would do the same thing in RL given the chance because these sims teach them it is ok to abuse women.

  149. U M says:

    Not trying to be mine, but if those types screaming the women are fake. They better just stop screaming and insulting us.

    “so they come to SL and have to FF girls because they are nothing but little worms in RL that have low self esteem and pick up on other women with low self esteem. The sad part is they probibly would do the same thing in RL given the chance because these sims teach them it is ok to abuse women.”

    Well lets include the abusive men too in this. In their RL they push women around and treat them like meat. So what you expect women to do be slaves to them? frankly speaking if people want control they better start doing rl more and not playing who i can control on sl.

  150. uh-oh says:

    “Well lets include the abusive men too in this. In their RL they push women around and treat them like meat. ”

    correct then they come out here onto the gorean sims,the forced fantasy sims etc and continue their abuse and with others that feel this is ok.

  151. Jami Price says:

    Voice is ok sometimes

  152. Jami Price says:


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