No Tip of the Week today, stay tuned…

I’m sorry because I’ve been swamped in other work and don’t have a Tip of the Week today. Please forgive me, and I promise I’ll make it up to you. You’ll see what I mean…

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80 Responses to No Tip of the Week today, stay tuned…

  1. Mitzy Shino says:

    I’ll forgive you, but only if that promise includes building the road in Ezquerra 😉

  2. Efemera Bisiani says:

    Ooooh, Torley! You’re a big tease!!! And we love you for it!!!!!

  3. Kyder Ling says:

    What?! No Tutorial!?


    S’ok. We ❤ you anyways. ^^

  4. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Of course you’re forgiven Torley! I figured you’re watching my “how I dance in” tutorial and having too much fun dancing! (winks)

  5. Desmond Shang says:

    Torley is awesome – waiting with suspense for more interesting stuff!

  6. Redmoonblade says:

    I told you. You should do something like. Explain how weapon makers don’t get in trouble for giving out griefer weapons. Its the ultimate form of griefing. They simply make a griefer weapon, sell it to noobs, then sit back and laugh at the chaos is causes.

  7. TaraLi Jie says:

    Last time he did this – we got the new Search.

    What is it this time? Voice, now that Linux may finally have it? What Havok4 means? Mono? Puppeteering AVs? Sooooo many possibilities!

  8. Kerik Rau says:

    @ Redmoonblade

    I would love to know that one too. Except that I don’t think weapon makers are liable for how clients use their items. Are gun makers held on trial side by side murderers in courts? If a person uses a lamp to kill someone should the manufacturer be held responsible? How would you feel if someone used say some sunglasses you made to grief a sim and you were banned from second life?

    In the end it is up to the end user to use something properly, they are still held accountable to the SL ToS and Community Standards. They can choose to break them if they wish but they will pay the penalty (banning and/or suspension). It is virtually impossible to “screen” avatars in SL for buying weapons unless a regulation is passed and all content makers comply as they will simply go to what is available or go around the method used.

  9. Mitsuyasi Tiger says:

    Aw, this is one of the few blog posts I actually didn’t cringe before reading :s hope it’s good next time!

    Ps: @ 6
    it’s not the object creators responsiblity what people do with the things they create.. using that same line of thinking is the reasoning is like saying it’s gun manufactures fault some murderer shot somebody, or it’s cigarette companies fault that you got cancer from smoking, or it’s Mc’ds fault you spilled your coffee…. oh wait, yeah your type is more comon than I orginally thought, my bad.

  10. Whaaaaaa?

    We residents might be able to help with that.

    Just ask us for our input….

  11. Rove Stromer says:


    whered we lose the topic of no tutorial from… to gun makers? cmon people. lets keep forgiving Torley! by the way…. TORLEY U ROCK!

  12. Ohaku Rau says:

    @9 Lol, while guns are a burden, self responsibility is the one thing that people need to use…. ^_^ but no one can force it on them….if only….*wonders of to utopia*

    Unfortunentaly….though it seems improbable, all societys need all of the people in there system, who would buy the stuff that builders make? The Abusers, If no one bought the things people build the economy would colapse, and while not all people who buy stuff buy weapons, and while not all builders sell weapons there still essential to the economy.

    But thats only my view, and not nessesarily, or hopefully, the right one. ^_^
    ~Ohaku Rau

    P.S. on another note, i dont support the sellling of weapons or bad stuff….=P

  13. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Watermelon makers can and do enjoy the benefits of the watermelon users.

  14. mmccann says:

    Ooh! Must be big, cuz ya weren’t at the WL office hours today neither!

  15. Sean Heying says:

    With Sidewinder and Torley now battling it out for Linden of the Year you will need to pull a hippo out of the hat Torley!

    Keep up the great work guys… and pay attention other Lindens… these two guys know how it’s done right.

  16. Kerik Rau says:

    No no. No more hippos.

    If you want hippos press control + alt + shift + h in SL. Or look in your friends list when it is goofing up and you will have Hippos as your friend. I never wanted hippos as my friend, he is evil and is online whenever SL is having issues…

  17. Sean Heying says:

    Notecard in world by Lewis Nerd:

    Oh the great Hippo! Stomper of gnomes! Savior of all Second Life! How we worship thee!

    The tale of the Hippo began simply enough in a forum thread by Darwin Appleby in which he strikes a long lasting topic about Hippos, which became one of the longest lasting threads on the SL forums. It was then carried over into the grid when Hikaru Yamamoto started a zoo in which a small Hippo family could be found. This small yet humble family loved to be fed by visitors and soon became a crowd favorite! Soon enough Hippo statues and avatars began to appear through-out the grid! This Hippo mania did not end with the residents themselves, instead it was caught by the Lindens themselves and seeped into the core of Second Life (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-H)! Whenever bugs were found (planted by evil Gnomes) the Hippos would be unleashed and they would skip through SL stoping the bugs and Gnomes while residents were kept out (Hippos are very shy about their job)!

    Some may have forgotten about the beloved Hippo, but to others the Hippos shall never die! Living on as the legendary folk heros that they really are!

    Do not forget to celebrate SL National Hippo Day on Febuary 15th!

    (HIPPO was also the name of a Linden made device that you could put keywords into and it would detect other people wearing HIPPO’s that had the same keywords in them as well. Example: Oz Spade has “cats” in his HIPPO, Bob Boberson has “cats” in his HIPPO, Oz walks past Bob, and both of their HIPPO’s light up. The HIPPOs still work, but are not used by many residents, becoming one of those things that “never really caught on”.)

    During 2005 there was a competition in Second Life to ‘modify’ hippos into a variety of themes, the winners being put on display in Telehubs (now infohubs). Many can still be found as you wander around the world.

  18. Xio Jester says:

    Get some rest Torley!

  19. Ann Otoole says:

    @10 – nothing stopping you or anyone else from making a vid tutorial and sending it to torely as a submission.

  20. Bucky Barkley says:

    Someone with some video editing chops will make a mashup of SL scenes and Torlified commentary 🙂

  21. Elissa Bristol says:

    Ummmmmm sooooo does that explain the point of the Hippos? LOL Good job with the tips, I’ve learned numerous things from you Torley! 🙂

  22. Fenleab says:

    Mah tip of the week:

    Control+Alt+V will allow you to do many things namely 3.

    1) Fly in no fly zones 😮
    2) Steal music streams from other land parcels
    3) Steal video streams from other land parcels

    How do to it? Just hit control+alt+v while in game, this enables “admin” mode, want to be sure it worked? Goto someones profile, you’ll see 4 buttons, “Kick”, “Freeze”, “Unfreeze”, and “CSR” (CSR being Customer Service Rep). Don’t bother clicking any of these, the first 3 won’t work even if you have land rights and the 4th takes you to a password protected page.


    Goto a parcel with your favorite music/movie stream, and click on the land info, and then goto the media tab, and voila you have access to both media links.

    Now, I’m sure you’re all wonderin, why the heck would LL block those out when you don’t have admin options if you could just simply hit Control+Alt+V…well, the simple answer to that is because LL is useless sometimes, or if you ask any veteran in game, LL is useless most of the time :p. Now, I don’t really mean to bash them, but I’ve even heard complaints from premium accounts too.

    Your next question might be, “Have I even reported this?”

    And my reply to said question would be, “Yes :o, I’ve been in SL for almost, if not, 2 years now. And I figured this neat lil trick LONG ago, and reported it the day I actually found it, then, for a few months, I forgot about it :o, but when I found out about it again, it was still there, and so, I went to “borrowing” music and movie streams for my own enjoyment :p. Being that its all illegal anyway but it’s all in SL everywhere. So have fun! Till they find this anyway ;).

  23. Philly says:

    Intlibber.. you should so buy that land and do that.

  24. uh oh says:

    why go to all that trouble when all you have to do is go to

    the shoutcast page play a selection and check the properties of the link you are using. a lot easier to pick from their list than fly around to other peoples clubs.

  25. Licenciada Saunders says:

    Golly gee whiz, Torley, and I had planned to spend the whole weekend trying to understand the tip you were going to post. You talk fast! I like your stuff tho, and it has helped me move from being a total noob, to being a sorta kinda almost acceptable resident *:-) Whatever you are really doing, or who, I wish you the best of luck *:-)

  26. Ponk Bing says:

    Friendly greetings!

    My tip of the week is how not to whinge!

    Step 1: Stop flapping the gums.

    Step 2: See step one!


  27. A.K. says:

    I’m not trying to be mean but isn’t it rather redundant to post you have no tip?

  28. Ree Indigo says:

    Ree’s tip of the week: Send Ree all your $l. You don’t need it … really!

  29. Bell Amore says:

    Hippos are nice, until they try to eat your boat. Griefers just need a hug….who doesnt? Guns dont kill people…until you point and pull the trigger, giggling insanely. And now while I wait for my Thorazine shot, I will reveal the secrets of the SL universe to everyone! Oh wait, there’s the orderly now.

  30. Broccoli Curry says:

    So let me get this straight… You post a blog post to tell us … nothing?

    You should have waited a day till the usual friday “bad news” gets posted, then bumped off the viewer first page a few hours later.

  31. Tesla Miles says:

    Hey Torley, I always look forward to your tip of the week tutorials – they are so fun to watch 🙂

    I’m probably partly to blame for you work load though – hehe. Leo Linden closed my support ticket and said that you were going to contact me very soon by IM about my JIRA not working.

    Thanks! :))

    NB – please don’t merge Windlight with the Main viewer yet – I still can’t log into Windlight!

  32. @31: broccoli, to have nothing to blog NEVER meant: blog nothing!
    reading through quite a number of blogs every day shows: there is so much writing about nothing…
    torley’s even enjoyable when he blogs that he doesn’t blog, proposal: give us a text about nothing on a daily basis!
    greetings from the bus
    (himself only blogging when there is something… but…)

  33. Aya Pelous says:

    sorry but SL has been horrible especially since thursday evening. Any tips on how to improve the grid ?? :-p

  34. Cat Gisel says:

    “Stay Tuned”

    Awsome Tip, Torley, it works for Second Life, and First Life too! It’s simple, easy to do, and so many times we also get caught up in so many other things…and we don’t do it.

    “Stay Tuned” It’s optimistic, hopeful, and looks toward the future always, with anticipation of better things.

    Torley this is one of the if not THE best ToTW you have ever done (and I bet you didn’t even think of it that way)

    YAY anyway!



  35. digest says:

    got just messages like 500 internal server error as startpage, inworld it says cannot create attachment ( my hair and boots) and cannot load gestures…… all same like when SL die´s yesterday :))

    and give us our daily crash ,…. lol :))

  36. U M says:

    OMG am i reading someone post correctly? Have you sold out? Just like everyone else does :/

  37. desdemona enfield says:

    You’re forgiven, dear Torley (smiles). We love your videos with their wonderful laughing voice. Take a break, relax (good luck), and be well.


  38. HD1080i says:

    Thansk Torey.
    perhaps someone knows how to do frame-rate locking here.
    Windlight and SL seem to be varable framerate. I would like to do machinima and lock the render framerate to 24fps. ( i get 20-60 at 1024px with fraps on a dualcore 3ghz off FIOS- no problem no lags )

    is there a viewer for windlight admin that locks render framerate to a user-selected value?

  39. Bucky Barkley says:

    OK – My Tip Of The Week! (if you have one, maybe you’ll share)

    You are stuck. Under water, prims on top, can’t see anything to sit on. Perhaps you clicked on an old LM, an now you are stuck in hull of someone’s yacht!

    How to get out?

    Map! Control-m. Pick a point in the sim that is nearby, and double click!

    That’s it. Dont Panic, Get Map, Double Click 🙂

    (of course there are downsides, like not knowing exactly where you will end up – but sometimes you just need to get unstuck and end up close!)

  40. Pinky Ebbage says:

    Ohhh, it’s okies, Torley, of course! The work is important, and I still love ya!

  41. JoeyMacaroni Vella says:

    Torley, the vids are good but please, please, please, try to de-geek the voice delivery. The laugh and the silly comments pretty much make them unwatchable for me.

  42. Moll Dean says:


    WingLight in the main viewer next Wednesday!
    Whatever… Good lucky Torley and a nice weekenk to all of you.

    BTW. Big asteroid passing near to the earth next Tuesday but it is not Nibiru. So, see you all next week.

    (/me breaking the ice)

  43. The Bat says:

    @8 There is a considerable difference to weapons in and out of SL – guns are not manufactured RL for the purpose of murder – there are legitamate uses for tham .
    Griefer weapons on the other hand ARE made solely for the purpose of crashing sims and causing interference with others enjoyment , and hence , should be illegal to manufacture/advertise/sell or own .

  44. Moll Dean says:

    Ok. My turn.

    You TP to somewhere in the sky and the av legs do not stay straight.
    Right click on some object and choose SIT in the pile menu (could be a chair or pose ball). When you stand up your legs will be fixed.

    That was for newbies lol


  45. Terry Misfit says:

    Torley, i love your tips and at 18 months young i still learn a thing or two from them. althought this week i will miss a new one i am looking forward to a new one.since you are busy let me help you out with a tip of the week.

    Tips of the week: Blog post

    #1 Click on got to Official linden blog
    #2 Read the topic of each blog post.
    #4 Post an appropriate comment.

    If you get lost and want to start ranting and raving please begin at number two again.

    Hope this helps people stay on topic…..

  46. Lincoln Lightfoot says:

    Tip for you

    Change the name from Second Life to Unstable Life to accurately depict the experience

  47. Kerik Rau says:

    @ Lincoln Lightfoot

    Maybe it should be Second Death, since all we do is crash or get stuck or our client slows down so much that we can barely move.

    If you crash in real life you don’t wake up again, which is a bad thing. If I turned my head too fast when looking at something I don’t fall over dead or have my neck break and my head roll off. SL is pretty much the buggiest platform I have ever seen and I love using it as examples for others who complain.

  48. Sven Okonomi says:

    awwe but I wanted to learn to steal more then just textures…

  49. yay for Torley we should have a Linden holiday torleyday yay!!!!

  50. Bau Ur says:

    Actually I kinda worry that Torley does so much that probably he doesn’t sleep and stuff. I hope you are totally slacking off at the beach, Torley.

  51. mimi says:

    hey the geek laughs are cool

  52. Celierra Darling says:

    Fenleab – unfortunately (or fortunately for LL), all of that info is available to you anyway. Fly in no-fly can currently be done with a hacked viewer (but I can’t recall the reason why implementing no-fly on the server). And the other two can easily be revealed by just noting the servers which your computer is contacting (i.e. with netstat or something). One way to really fix the audio/video thing would be to proxy all the streaming music/video through the SL servers, to mask the real URL, but that’s probably far too large a project to be worth it.

  53. Celierra Darling says:

    * I can’t recall the reason why they can’t implement no-fly on the server. I think it’s something to do with allowing those who are already flying to continue flying across the no-fly parcel.

  54. Sterling Dean says:

    @ #17
    any idea where i can get a hippo device?! been looking for them for ages.

    “(HIPPO was also the name of a Linden made device that you could put keywords into and it would detect other people wearing HIPPO’s that had the same keywords in them as well. Example: Oz Spade has “cats” in his HIPPO, Bob Boberson has “cats” in his HIPPO, Oz walks past Bob, and both of their HIPPO’s light up. The HIPPOs still work, but are not used by many residents, becoming one of those things that “never really caught on”.)”

  55. Jelly Roll says:

    if you can stand going to places that lay out lots of freebie boxes containing all the old useless junk, worthless scripts, and hideous clothes, you can most likely find the HIPPO device in one of those boxes, most likely in the box of hundreds of scripts you will never use.

  56. What on earth? says:

    OK Torley…some of us know something about using SL and we would like a frank nd honest answer about what SL is doing to improve reliability. Just tell us, please.

  57. Lao-Tzu says:

    How did the topic turn to no fly zones?

    TIP TO NEWBIES: To fly in no fly zones, press CTR ALT and the letter “D” (opens client menu at top of screen); then, select “VIEW ADMIN OPTIONS”. Thats it. Once selected, you can fly anywhere, anytime. Sim/parcel owners who set their land to a no fly zone have something to hide anyway. Also, its a subtle way for them to limit visitors from exploring and or possibly annoying others. 🙂

  58. nomoresecrets says:

    Tip to the Noob Lao, try ctrl-alt-v to get in the admin-mode….

  59. Jaxon Voom says:

    Ok, i know this isnt the right subject but ive seen the other blogs talking about problems logging in to the website and second life itself and the most frustrating thing is that it says its resolved when for me it isnt. I havent been able to access anything but this blog site for two or three days. So seeing as i cant get onto any other part of the site or contact Linden Labs i’d thought i’d write it here in the vague hope they might actually see it and realise that people still cant get on.

    Its really hard to run a business on SL when it doesnt work.

  60. Just my 5 cents to the weapon-maker’s responsibility discussion. Yes, they are responsible.

    I dont like the simple “I am only selling dangerous stuff but it’s not my fault if some stupid ppl don’t use it only for decorating their living room walls but use it for hurting others” attitude.

    Most ppl agree with me if we talk about drug dealer and nuclear weapon builders. Guilty, no doubt.

    Most ppl also agree with me if we talk about lamp manufactures (which was mentioned @ 8). Lamps are clearly intended for lighting not for killing. (unlike the nuke weapon which could also be used for providing light to huge areas but arent for good reason). So a clear “not guilty” for the lamp manufacturer who’s lamp was used to break someone else’s skull.

    But when it comes to weapons opinions are divided within nations but also between continents. Europeans tend to restrict weapons trade to ensure that weapons ware only used in legal ways (hunting, police, …) while the majority of the US ppl has the feeling that everyone should have at least one gun to defend oneself from others (who also have guns cause everyone has).

    My opinion on this:
    One cant blame a weapons manufacturer for violations done with weapons as long as the manufacturer agrees with strict laws and activily supports them.
    But if the weapon manufacturer agrees that his weapons are sold to anyone no matter if the buyer was educated in how and when a weapon is to use then I think that he supports the crimes or at least doesnt care enough.

    If a policeman freaks out and shoots 5 ppl > bad luck, weapons manufacturer couldnt prevent this at all. unfortunatly policeman really need guns, but they are well trained to ensure maximum security. weapons manufacturer not to blame.

    If a 20 year old guy without any education at all but with a huge amount of social probs buys a weapon and uses it for a robbey next day > this was very likely to happen. If gun manufactures agree that their dangerous products are sold to untrained ppl they activly maximizes the risk that the weapon is used for criminal intentions.

    To all those who claim that selling weapons to every dumhead raises security and not the risk: in Europe we have far less weapons and far less pll are shot than in the US. In Europe if a burgler is caught by the houseowner he simply runs away cause he knows that it is very unlikely that th houseowner has a weapon to shoot him in his back while running. In the US the burgler will try to shoot the houseowner before the houseowner can shoot the burgler as the burgler knows that most houseowners own a weapon.

    Back to SL:
    If someone make weapons that are obviously intented to be used for griefing he supports greifing in my eyes.

    Kisses Ice

  61. kk – this was more a 10 than a 5 cent statement :o)

  62. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    My suggestion for the next “Tip of the Week” is a definition of what LL means when they say an issue has been [RESOLVED] as LL’s definition of resolved seems to differ radically from that used by the rest of the world.

  63. U M says:

    “Intermittent website failures” here is a tip for you don`t even bother trying support because they down too. shakeshead 3 1/2 years and thisis what the game turning into? a pile of parts with no real people to do they work. sad sad sad………..

  64. soy piiloto y busco novia que me quiera

  65. Kerik Rau says:

    Well the dictionary term for resolved is:
    “To make a firm decision about.” but the more appropriate definition is “To bring to a usually successful conclusion: resolve a conflict.”

    So theoretically they can call anything resolved as long as they have determined a course of action to solve the problem. If they determined that sitting around eating donuts would solve a problem they could mark it as resolved.

  66. Raven Primeau says:

    Resolved<<<< checked it in my theosaurus and it doesnt mean fixed thats for sure!

  67. Ree Indigo says:

    Resolved? *looks it up*

    Apparently, by the 4th sense, it means “to find an answer to” though has no suggestion of applying the answer. By the 5th sense, they could be reaching a decision, though not actually acting on the decision. I believe this is quite possibly the best word LL could be using. So let’s look at the exact translation:

    [RESOLVED] Intermittent website failures
    Translation: We know what’s happening. We also know what it’s going to cost to fix it to the liking of an over-scrutinizing public, and this amount is not in the budget. We’ve already posted that you should just refresh when you encounter the problem, and that’s enough.

  68. U M says:

    Login to the website to see missing pictures and atotal lose of the page. But it did say 55,000 in world. There you go, so much for the recorded number online some doo doo posted inthe blog so honored do call. Priceless don`t you think :/ Again showing how much lies are being said these days on sl.

  69. EbonyNightshade Elkhart says:

    @Ree Indigo

    I approve of this product and/or service. 🙂


    Keep up the great work!

  70. CC says:

    your website is totally borked secure server12 is wrong link so it always screwes up webhttp/ is not correct format

  71. Raven Primeau says:

    55000 online really OOOH I wonder how many are bots of one sort or another…. For all we know LL could be boosting the said figure with bots of their own, the figure logged on over the last 60 days plummetted by over 200,000 if you noticed.

    All I know was the grid was so slow last night I could go make tea after TPing into sims and still come back to things being partially loaded.

    Still one good thing, It meant I could just stand cuddling my loved one as we dare not tp….. Love you by cherished Evy 😉

  72. Pepper Haas says:

    I vote #22 as tip of the week 🙂

  73. Mimi says:

    when a weaponmaker makes a weapon that could be used outside shooting-allowed areas in my eyes hes a griefer too.
    most griefers are 13-15 year olds who shouldnt be on the main grid anyway

  74. Fixyour Product says:

    Could somebody of LL please step forward and give an explanation why the grid is unplayable since last week?

    Is there trouble with that Havok4 early starter thingie or what is happening? It hasn´t been such a bad sl experience since 2 months now. TP´s not working, payments & deliveries failing on mass, stuff not rezzing temporarily.

    You know if it would only be the website that has errors now I´d be a happy resident. Your website is surprisingly instabile for a cutting edge online service provider anyway, i got used to that part.

    And why is it that after horror crashes like mid or end of last week usually screw up my router settings? It´s the 3rd time now that happens while being logged onto sl. sl crashes and my entire wlan setup goes with it. Coincidence? May be.

    But anyway, get a grip folks…pleaaasse would you?

    I wonder what impact the leaving of your former CTO actually has…But it looks like more than you can effort.

    Kind Regards

  75. Karyn says:

    I think eating watermelon in the server room caused the website problems, with the seeds falling into the servers that have the website stored on them! LoL

    We’ll look forward for the tip of the week next week!

  76. Be excellent to each other 🙂
    I am happy, i watch the old ones twice again.

  77. Pepper Haas says:

    Any tip of the week on how to participate in the group process without group IM working properly?

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  79. hmm.. usefull info 🙂

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