Knowledge Base Article of the Week #13: Spaceprims II — The Search For More Prims

Knowledge Base Article of the Week time means I get to make a Mel Brooks reference for no reason! Or almost no reason. This week’s article should provide some much-needed context: How can I get more prims on my land? (click on the link to view the article directly, after providing your Second Life login or guest credentials) Astute readers will be able to guess at the article’s subject matter, but what you may not know is that it also discusses the Object Bonus setting for Private Regions. Now you do!

In accordance with what’s basically habit for us by now, Jeremy and I will be at our Documentation dock at 2pm SLT on Friday for our office hour; feel free to stop by and chat with us about your experiences with Second Life documentation. (as always, support requests are for the Support Portal) Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. Garmin Kawaguichi says:

    May be someday we’ll have bonuses on mainland??

  2. Vic says:

    Don’t be silly Garmin the only bonus you could get on the mainland is the ability to log in without a DNS error message or without crashing within 5 minutes!!

  3. Thank for for this info. It happens to be very valuable to some more than others.

  4. RC Paderborn says:

    @3 is right, valuable to some more than others. I remember one private sim owner that offered double prims. But didn’t realize that the prims had to come from SOMEWHERE and hadn’t set aside half of his land as unimproved. People were rather bent when they’d buy 16K m2 but couldn’t rez more than a few hundred prims.

    Now… since the software limits for 15,000 prims per sim were set back in the Class 1/Havok 1 server days… can we expect to see an automatic increase for Class 5 Havok 4 sims? “THAT is getting more prims on my

  5. Digital Digital says:

    I have my sim set up w/ prim bonus, It works well and makes the residents of it happy

  6. uber stein says:

    There is a 2.0 object bonus on the island i live on. i rent half the island, but we dont get any real extra prims. it is only acting as a temporary cushion for a few prims going over the limit when building something. i have tried placing some extra prims but it only allows a couple hundred prims before it says the sim is full.

  7. Maybe some day prims won’t be a regulated resource….that some day is when prims are finally static meshes that utilize the GPU and not the server and client CPUs.

    One can dream…I mean really maybe one day we’ll get CSG operations too.

    Well some of us are dreaming.

  8. Prim Luv says:

    I have seen this question answered both ways, now for once, maybe a Linden can drop in and give us the definitive answer:

    Do temp rezzers take prims from the 15000 allotted to the the sim for all prims rezzed to ground, or is there yet another pool for temp prims as there is for avatar attached prims?

  9. Luna Cartier says:

    Nice misleading teaser on your “Tip of the week” 🙂
    Would have been better labeled, “How Do I Move Prim limits around within a Region (Sim)”
    A point that your tip does not address, which would be of use to mainland residents, is they can buy multiple parcels within a certain sim and link those parcels together so they can combine those prims onto one of the parcels. Helpful when you are trying to build in the mainland and another parcel comes up for sale on your sim, even if it is not adjacent to your current parcel.

  10. He Thanks ill try it out

  11. @ RC Patterborn : “Now… since the software limits for 15,000 prims per sim were set back in the Class 1/Havok 1 server days… can we expect to see an automatic increase for Class 5 Havok 4 sims? “THAT is getting more prims on my


    The prim bonus can be misleading and can cause problems if not careful. It might be easier and better to, instead of actually selling parcels (which lock the number of prims in place), rent the parcels and simply use the Union Micro Rent Track or something to track the number of prims a user is consuming.

    This way the whole 15000 prims are in one big pool being shared across the entire island. BUT, then each parcel ‘renter’ doesn’t get the benefits that come with actually owning the land (media settings, ban lists and so on).

    Heh. It’s all fun, so what hell. 🙂

    Good article just the same.

  12. @ Luna Cartier: “they can buy multiple parcels within a certain sim and link those parcels together so they can combine those prims onto one of the parcels”

    Actually, Luna – the parcels do NOT have to be linked in any way, shape or form. All you have to do is own the parcels (or – if deeded to a group – both or more parcels are all deeded to the same group) – and you can use ALL those prims anywhere in the region (sim) that you are allowed to build.

    So – two 2048 m2 parcels at opposite sides of the sim do not have to be linked to put all 937 prims on one of those parcels. At least – it *used* to be that way. I haven’t done any mainland land since Summer ’06 and I know things can change. heh.

  13. Jerry Oranos says:

    PRIMS are memory, and memory coast on the server, there is no way that the GPU will be able to “remember” the PRIMS for the server (and since we are not always logged in, it is impossible to rely on “us” (users) to send this data to the server each time someone visit our SIM. The only way PRIMS can be increased is by adding more and more memory. So it is not within reason that the number of allowed PRIMS can be increased, however, it is going to be very hard to do so, for the amount of memory is going to be increased and so is the traffic (more data to pass between the server and the end-user) so I suppose it won’t happen so fast.

  14. silas says:

    eu quero ser um avatar como eu faço

  15. Detox Watanabe says:

    lindens do yourself and us the favour and make a 20-33% raise in total prim limit please.. I’d sooo love you for that! 😀

  16. Ric Mollor says:

    @ 8

    It’s my understanding that there is an allocation of 500 temp on rez prims for the entire sim. This is in addition to the 15,000 that are normally considered the sims limit.

  17. Alex1 Richardson says:


    lol, seems the links are suffering from packet loss!

  18. MarkByron Falta says:

    As Havok4 is in the pipeline and as it’s being touted as a panacea for stability problems, physics realism, lag, and the altitude build limit is being increased to 1024m, why not provide for an across the grid 20% increase in the prim allotment; 18000 prims per region vice 15000. Imagine the positive economic impact to as many gleeful residents buy more objects to propertly furnish & decorate their builds. In conjunction, change the maximum prim size from 10sqm to 20sqm and the prims that are saved in building the floors, walls, and roof for a typical house build can be used for a few a bits of furniture or landscaping. If we’re to believe the hype on Havok4, than we must believe it can readily meet this extra load without any degradation in performance, and since I’m drinking a tall glass of Kool-Aid, I believe it too.

  19. Digital Digital says:

    For all of the people that have negative attitudes about everything linden lab does, why do you continue to give them business? It must not be that bad.

  20. Hewitt Huet says:

    Jon thanks – another pertinent post. You and Jeremy are becoming my favorite lindens, maybe i’ll pop by to say hi on Friday if i’m on.

    @17: LMAO

  21. Adeon Writer says:

    Are fraction bonuses allowed?

    (Give half a sim 1.5 bonus, and give the other half 0.5 bonus so balance is maintained.)

  22. Argent Stonecutter says:

    There are actually more than 15,000 prims in a server, there’s an extra thousand or so (probably enough to bring it up to 16384) that are reserved for vehicles, temporary objects, and avatars. That’s the avatars themselves, mind you: prims attached to avatars aren’t actually rezzed into the world, and the physics engine doesn’t know about them… as far as the physics engine is concerned all prims on an avatar are in the single collision ellipsoid of the avatar itself.

    Personally I wish they would add another couple thousand prims to the total so the limit below the reserve could be brought up to 16384, and you could have a nice round 0.25 prims per square meter, 4 prims for a minimum 16 square meter parcel, 128 prims for a basic 512 square meter parcel, and so on. It would be so much less confusing.

  23. Chaz Longstaff says:

    Actually, i think the number of scripts allowed in a certain space should be controlled in the same way that prims are.

  24. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 21 Adeon Writer, the minimum you can set the bonus at is 1.0

  25. Max Milliano says:

    You pose the question “How can I get more prims for my land” then they’re sent to support? How ridiculous is that? Support page is nothing but a maze of click here, go there, come here, click there and rinse and repeat.
    I thought there actually was a segment on the question posed.
    It figures.

  26. Brady Oconnelly says:

    You pose the question “How do I get more prims for my land” then send them to “support?” How dumb is that? Support is nothing but a maze of click here, go there, click there, come here, rinse and repeat over and over.
    I thought you actually had something worthwhile for sl residents.

    It figures.

  27. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 25 & 26, why post in a blog if you don’t actually read the subject matter?

    “(click on the link to view the article directly, after providing your Second Life login or guest credentials)”

    when you enter your name and password it opens at the document your looking for.

  28. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ # 16 Ric Mollor Says:
    It’s my understanding that there is an allocation of 500 temp on rez prims for the entire sim. This is in addition to the 15,000 that are normally considered the sims limit.

    This is wrong, there are a maximum of 15000 prims, on my island we had prim rezzers that made it go over the 15000 limit and objects and items were return to residents lost & found folders

  29. Ryu Darragh says:

    #8 Prim Luv, Answer is, yes, there is a pool of extras allowed for temp prims. The prim limit is a memory based thing and Avatar and temp prims are simply not penalized against the regions allowed number. Once the total number of prims, composed of both Avatar, temp and rezzed, exceeds approximately 32,768, a region under HAVOC1 usually lags to death and/or crashes. I, and my crew of crazies, will try this wearing of very prim heavy Avatars and running temp prim rezzers on a region near the limit using HAVOC4 and see if it makes a difference. Which should be a caution to all those folks out there wondering why temprezzing “holo vendors” and temprezzing building rezzers get such a bad rap. Go watch the one in Cathedral where Dragon Avatars are rezzed out temp-on-rez.. and the region freezes solid for several seconds while this occurs..

  30. Ryu Darragh says:

    #28 Dekka, yeah. They may handle temp prim limits seperately from the additional number of Avatar prims, but I have had more than 20 folks wearing 700 to 800 prim avatars on a region with 2000 temp prims rezzed (holovendors) and 10,000+ rezzed prims before it crashed after about 20 minutes.

  31. Brice Campbell says:

    I’d personally be happy with upping limits on small islands to 20,000 and large islands to 40,000. I won’t even consider purchasing or upgrading to a Class 5 sim because I simply cannot justify spending an extra $100 a month for something that by LL’s own admission is only going to be marginally different than a Class 4. Now if they told me I got more prims, then it would be worth it because I could then work around rentals and whatnot to make up the extra cost in tier.

  32. Lina Pussycat says:

    @23 Problem limiting scripts is not all of them are negatively impacting and alot of things are scripted. Controlling scripts is a more arduous task. Also keep in mind that work on mono will start up again soon and that should alleviate some things with scripting….

    Scripts are not the problem the people that write them generally just dont take lag into consideration. What you suggesting would be problematic if you get down to it. Alot of stuff has scripts in it. Pose balls you name it.

    It is easy to lag a sim with a script yes but only if you have a bunch running at the same time that do the same thing (i.e what you get with the grid attacks) If people are careful with scripts you can use many but still have relatively low lag….

    This is a good article though if your making a residential sim and selling off only parts of the land and terraforming the rest…)

    @ 23 My issue with what you said is that we shouldnt be trying to limit SL anymore. Things should grow more open as we progress and new technologies are put in place…)

  33. Redmoonblade says:

    Will spacemonies be the next episode?

  34. Lillie Yifu says:

    This isn’t much of a tip. It allows land lords to rent space and give certain residents prim bonuses.

    More prims aren’t always what is needed. Simulators run better with fewer prims, and there are advantages to using far fewer than the number of prims a simulator can handle. We don’t have to pack space with prims, because each prim does use resources.

    Havok 4 Observations:

    1. Already had one crash.

    2. Huge prim exclusion zones for hollow are fixed, it is possible to make a hollow torus and walk up it.

    3. Bad news is that there is more physics lag in general, and additional lag when avatars are interacting with non-phantom huge prims.

    4. llTargetOmega in child prims is broken.

    5. Linking objects is changed. Objects that were linkable under H1 are not under H4.

    6. fps seems to be slightly higher, making things smoother.

  35. DigitalJoe says:

    Prim limits wouldn’t be such an issue if the prim sizes were extended beyond 10m2 to allow for larger builds(fllors, roofs, exteriors, ect. As for Linden Labs…yeah, I sit back and cuss them all day long with most people. They must be doing something right! LOL. Keep up the good work LL and we’ll keep cussin’ you. Now lets us build 20m2 prims!

  36. Known Builder Unknown says:


    An increase in prim limits maybe ok, but increasing prims size from 10sqm to 20sqm will be a disaster. I am a builder and I know what I am talking about.

    In SL there are many great builders, but availability of building tools to everyone makes even the 10sqm highly ‘misused’ by bad builders. Compared to average Avatar height, 7sqm is more than sufficient for the height of a storey for a building but you d see a sea of builds where height is 10sqm for every storey. give them 20sqm and everyone would be stretching their walls 20sqm high making everything ugly and devoid of any sense of proportions to the detriment of their neighbors and general SL looks.

    My wishful thinking is that LL, some day, would setup a regime in which someone gets access to more and more building tools as they ‘prove’ their profess in building. Such a regime will help beautify SL as everyone would be trying to build good and avoid placing ugly things if they are serious about their career, and if they are not they would not be able to access all the tools. And, better builders would have more and more access to more and more tools… ideal!

  37. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @36: If they fixed the camera problems, 3 meters would be more than adequate for the height of a story.

    I’ve tried to use the new camera controls to fix this, but they’re based on absolute coordinates for some whacked out reason. If they had controls using relative coordinates you could adjust the camera much more accurately.

    Ideally, they would simply not render prims that would obscure more than some percentage of your avatar (excluding attached prims and objects you’re sitting on), so that a normal height ceiling would simply not be rendered and you wouldn’t “need” ludicrous 7m high stories.

    Sometimes you really do need to blame the tools.

  38. Dark Otsuzum says:

    I have lots of spare 0.5 sq. m. plywood pims going cheap if anyone’s interested. They are cluttering up my inventory.

  39. Mystic Brodsky says:

    My sim is set with 1.5 prim bonus and my renters ar very happy. sim been full since day i bought it:)

  40. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    @18 Known Builder

    I also am a builder… 3 1/2 years experience. Scripter too. Merchant as well. I respect your opinion re big prims, but totally disagree.

    I regularly use the 20 x 20 x .5 and 40m cube prims. They’re wonderful. I have repeatedly recommended to LL to increase prim size to at least 64×64, with full builder access as to size alterations.

    You are correct… large prims can be abused. They can be used to build ugly builds. But show me one thing on SL that HASN’T been abused (small prims, scripting, rotations, etc). People abuse EVERYTHING. And if you’re saying that SL isn’t already an ugly mess, I can take you to just about any mainland area and prove otherwise.

    Restricting builders from the extreme value of large prims just because some people will abuse them is like cowering inside your home because of potential terrorist actions. It’s senseless.

    I have tested large prims, all the way up to 256×256. They work just fine. They don’t cause problems, they don’t cause lag. In fact, large prims considerably REDUCE lag. Why? Because (from what the heavy techs have told me) it takes a video card exactly the same amount of time to draw a 100m cube as it does a 10m cube or a 1m cube. Same number of vertices.

    So if you’re making a floor that’s 50×50, you can either do it using 25 10m prims, or one 50×50 prim. It takes your graphics card far less time to rez 1 prim than it does 25. The math is simple.

    The savings large prims offer in prim space is significant. Imagine being able to build a large building using only 6 prims instead of 150. Imagine building a floor with ONE prim instead of 30.

    If we want to see an incease in PRIM space… reduce the # of prims required to build a structure. Large prims are the answer to that.

    If LL would give us the ability to use prims up to (at least) 64m cube, with full sizing permissions, builders would cheer. As for “problems” and “lag”… I guarantee you flexis and sculpties cause far more problems with lag and space usage than large prims could ever cause.

    We need large prims. I’ve heard about every argument there is regarding the subject, and from what I can tell there’s no valid reason not to have them.

  41. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    Here is another thought about arbitrary limits.

    Right now, the minimal avatar height is about 3.5m. To get that small, you actually have to distort your avatar.

    Why isn’t there a “overall size” slide in appearances that allows a person to adjust their avatar to whatever height they want, from 1m to 10, without bodily distortion?

    The fantasy sims would love it. Pixies and gnomes could actually be small. Giants could actually be giants.

    On the general populace side, a lot more people would rent 4096m plots of land… because if they were 3m tall it would seem like a quarter sim. They wouldn’t need nearly as many prims to build a house, because at 3m tall, a 10×10 seems like a 20×20 (ask any Tiny member).

    These constraints– both in prim and avatar size– are arbatrary decisions that really limit SL from being the “our world” it’s touted to be. Why should LL tell us we can’t be a 1m tall avatar if we so desire? If SL is going to be “our world”… then maybe OUR NEEDS should be considered a little more often in corporate decisions.

  42. Argent Stonecutter says:

    If they allowed avatars to get down to 0.6m (tiny size) then nobody would need to buy my Tinycam any more (even on the honor system). I’d still love them to do that.

    I’d also love to be able to eliminate the av mesh completely, for robot and exotic avatars.

    Even better would be custom skeletons and meshes.

    But now we’re WAY off topic. 🙂

  43. les says:

    Prims are not a very good way to meter sim use since a twisted, cut torus can have thousands of textures with no size limit (other then 1024X1024) and contain 100+ scripts. It would take countless box prims to equal it’s client/sim use.

    Why not introduce a smarter method to allocate sim resources?

    Each link set object could contain a simple base number that counts for it’s allocation. A Resource Use Score that is used from a total number each lot/sim allows.

    It would account for scripts times and functions (might work better then the annoying/useless sleeps we need to multi thread with even more scripts), texture sizes, POLYS, physics, sounds so on…it would even allow more then 15,000 prims per sim if the prims were clean, or far less if the prims were resource intensive.

    Currently there is no reason why a content creator should not use 1024 textures on each face and as many greedy scripts as possible. It “improves” the product at the cost of hogging resources, lagging.

    This would produce market pressure on content creators to produce lower impact stuff. Stuff that is not laggy junk like the grid is full of. mmm clean sims.

    If you seen two chairs and one had a Resource Use Score of 150 and the other of 15, which would you buy? Which chair would be successful and which would be unwanted due to excessive CPU/client drain?
    Like water down a hill.

    The Resource Use Score could, and should, also be tied into avatars and how much they may use/rez/wear in a location. Currently any avatar can wear pretty much UNLIMITED amount of scripts, textures and prims and walk into any public sim and make it crawl to a stop. This is seen all over. Example…a blingtard (nothing says wealth like a free particle script) drops a /hide /show bling script in 256 prims of his watch. Each script running an open listen…there is nothing to stop them, nothing to educate them and it happens all the time in many ways producing all the SL LAGS! comments and an unusable mainland.


    Trial accounts, or free accounts would have a more limited RUS to use which would give a reason to level up the account (and give LL money. I know you like money!). Land owners could increase the amount of RUS allocated to public avs creating areas where even free accounts could be power users or land owners could decrease the amount of resources they wish visiting avs to use up to produce a smooth running environment. Avatars might receive a message like this…”You are over your allotted Resource Use Score, you’re (last attached, rezzed object) will not function.”..or not even be allowed to enter the sim until they are within the limits set by the owner.

    It’s not too complicated really. Just needs some simple formulas to find the score. Formulas that are not easy to game and short sighted (such as traffic and the current land to prim meter). It should be tied into EVERYTHING. It would stop people with 1024m of land from making a sim hogging club with 40 avs hanging out cause they would not have the RUS to allow more then a few avs onto the land unless the avs were very clean. It would even stop grey goo if done right.

    The only problem I see with this being implemented is the re-balancing of current locations and people crying “I paid for 15000 prims!”. You could even allow current sims to keep the current system. Or allow land owners to swap the way they wish to divide resources.

    Don’t glue us to a stupid base. Let’s not be tied to 2003’s short sighted stuff forever.

    Let’s do this!

  44. Known Builder Unknown says:


    Though there arise a lot of question marks in mind, but I DO support the main idea presented at @43. Makes a lot of sense.

  45. melnik balogh says:

    more prims on your land?
    1. Work efficient. only rezz items that REALY need…
    2. install protection, to stop others trying putting crap on your land
    3. once every year (or more) hold CLEANING DAY.
    Take Everthing (you want to keep) back in to your inventory
    and dump the rest. (use “objects” tab and “return” ) including
    your house, if you are able to put it back again…

    more tips are welcome…

    please do NOT use temp rezzers, they are against Convenant rules
    you could lose your land..!!! I’m not sure if they are against Linden Labs rules…


  46. Energizer Bunny says:

    @36, I couldn’t agree more that building tools should only be released after one has taken a course in building or otherwise demonstrated proficiency with the basic tools. If one doesn’t even know what the dimension and position numbers mean and try to build by eye placement only, the results are disastrous, such as seen on the southwest corner of MHA Central island. The person that owns that land appears clueless as to how to position or align prims relative to each other. It becomes a challenge to find two prims in the same floor or wall that are coplanar. or to find the walls and floors that seam together. Even if this person apparently got lucky with visual prim placement and got somewhat close, it is obvious to the most casual of observer that computing texture repeats and offset for adjacent prims also appear to be outside the skill set of this builder.

  47. Cael Merryman says:

    Well, start the prim reduction by requiring anyone just using a vendor display to actually list the prims being sold. Newbies especially end up with a 20 prim chair that is no better than a 5 prim version at the next merchant. And temp rezzers may be a bitch for the sim it is on, but it lets you do a prim check on the product. Knowing prims on a 16k set up means the difference between having the same thing pushing your prim limit or with 600 prims to spare.

    There should be announced awards for low-prim stuff that actually looks good (I could nominate a couple no problem) and note the difference from low-prim ugly stuff that looks like a second week SL build project. And they are sold for the same Linden bucks.

  48. Temp Rez Hater says:

    The problem with temp rezzers is the guys selling these things tell people they don’t need to worry about their prim limit, so they don’t because they think they don’t have to.


    Temp prims don’t show up in your land primcount but DO count toward the total # of prims the region can support. It’s not a 1 to 1 ratio, but they do count.

    What happens is some numbnut figures he’ll use what he thinks is a way to get free prims and he fills the sim with thousands of temp prims rezzing every minute or so. The region fills up, lag goes through the roof and all of a sudden you try to make a box on your land and you get the message that the region is full, even though you have plenty of prims left on your primcount.

    Here is how to tell it’s happening. Press ctrl-shift-1 and look under Simulator. The region is probably really laggy so Time Dilation and Sim FPS will be low. What you want to look at is Objects and Script Perf. If the cause of the lag is temp rezzers you will see every minute or so a jump in script performance and the number of objects. The more the object number fluctuates, the more prims that are being rezzed. If Objects value is close to or over 15k, that’s why you can’t rez anything.

    So what to do about it?

    Well, you can fly around the sim clicking on things until you find someone with lots of objects that are temporary that shouldn’t be (like houses and things) and ask them to leave them off… or you can make a support ticket or a live chat telling the lindens someone is lagging your region with temp rezzers. If they are and that is the reason they will take care of it and THEY will tell them to leave them off.

  49. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    @48: Temp prims don’t show up in your land primcount but DO count toward the total # of prims the region can support. It’s not a 1 to 1 ratio, but they do count.

    Actually, if I’m right it’s just the other way around. Temp prims DO show up on your land count, but DON’T count toward the total # of prims the region can support… which is the reason they’re used.

    Temp rezzers have a pro and con side:

    Pro: If the temp rezzer is in a sealed environment (ie, the walls of a home, invisible to the outside), they could rez a 500 prim object, and not lag users a bit… because the clients don’t visualize the object (unless of course, you’re in the same room). People outside the home won’t render it, won’t know it’s there, won’t be lagged by it. The main advantage is that it an be used for non-fuctional decorations such as lamps, high-prim swords, and other items.

    Con: It does show up in land count, so it’s hard to tell whether the user is over his REAL prim limit or not. Also, it does take a little bit of time for it to rez its object (which is done usually once per minute)… but that amount of time is fractional and often insignificant. Of course, the items have to be modifyable and copyable so that they can be set to temprez and copied by the temp rezzer.

    So there’s plusses and minuses. One has to weigh the balance. Because of the difficulty in establishing actual vs temp prims, most landlords don’t allow ’em… but they’re not bad if you have your own piece of land and a sealed environment.

  50. Temp Rez Hater says:

    Actually, you’re not right. Temp prims count toward the total prims in the region, but don’t show up in the primcount for the parcel. Once the region hits the limit, no prims can be rezzed in the entire region.

    Your Pro would be nice… if it were true… but you’re wrong there too. It takes just as much effort for the server to rez a temp prim as it does to rez a regular prim. That is where the lag comes from. It’s not in your viewer side rendering but in the actual server resources needed to constantly rez the temp prims over and over and over and over ad infinitum. That’s why when you look at the Simulator values they are so low. It’s not your client locking up, it’s the server itself. Once the tem rezzers are gone everything turns back to normal.

    The Con is that by using temp prims in a way to mimic regular prims what people are doing is creating insane lag and using all the sim resources to get around paying for the land they need to pay for to support what they want to do. They are essentially ruining the region for everyone else in the process. You can’t expect people paying $75 a month for 1/4 of a region and the 3700 prims that come with it to sit by while the guy next to them has a 512sqm lot temp rezzing 4000 prims and making it so they can’t use the prim limit they PAY for and killing the sim in the process.

    The real Con is the con job done by people selling these things to people who don’t understand what they are doing.

    There are no plusses to these things, only minuses for everyone. So there is no balance. You’re stealing sim resources you aren’t entitled to from your neighbors when you use these things like this. You’re right, most landlords don’t allow them, but not because they can’t count your prims and charge you, but because they understand just how bad they really are and they ban them from their estates for that reason.

    The only way they are not bad is if you own the entire region and you don’t rent to anyone. Then you aren’t taking prims or hurting performance for anyone but yourself.

  51. Tijn Erde says:

    Don’t know the details of SL’s internals, but a very recent version of SL server will limit the title and description size of prims to (if I remember correctly) 63 and 255 characters. Down from several thousand each. Won’t this have a positive impact on prim memory profile on the server and thus allow some growth.

    AFAIK, huge prims and havok4 don’t work together well, so a small extra allowance to compensate for huge prims would be convenient.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to have an (automated?) inventory of quantity and dimensions of huge-prims vs. land size and see how much additional normal prims would be required to replace these.

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