Updated 1.18.6 Release Candidate Viewer: Second Life 1.18.6 RC4 Available Today

Second Life 1.18.6 Viewer Release Candidate (RC4) is now available for download. Please go to the test software page to download and try these pre-production viewers. (Note: This is not an update to the WindLight First Look viewer.)

The new login UI and server infrastructure is taking longer to stabilize than anticipated. In order to keep releases coming, we have decided to revert back to our old login code/system. We plan to resume work on the new login system in the future, but in order to move on as efficiently/smoothly as possible, after Second Life Viewer Release Candidate 1.18.6 RC4 there will be no production viewer based on the 1.18.6 codebase – instead, we’ll switch efforts to our 1.19.0 version of the viewer (in development now) which includes all of the other changes/fixes that were in the 1.18.6 viewer plus more. There will be an open source 1.18.6 RC4 code drop today as well.

We are releasing the RC4 update (viewer and source) even though it does not reflect an actual “release candidate” to give the community the most up-to-date and stable viewer code to experiment with, as there are many other fixes included beyond the login system.

REMINDER: Release Candidates (RC) are intended for evaluation purposes. Please try them out only if you want to participate in the bug reporting process and identify issues before these become the default viewer. You can have both a Release Candidate and a production viewer installed on your computer at the same time, so if issues are encountered when testing an RC you can switch back to the production viewer.

This update (RC4) includes the following fixes and source changes:

Known issue:

  • VWR-2574: Non-default sound devices for voice can’t be used in Vista
    • This appears to be a Vista issue not a Second Life issue.


  • Fix German translation of the “Release Keys” tab
  • Crash on login page when using Logitech LCD Keyboard
  • Connect button doesn’t enable
  • Language names need to have a consistent format in preferences drop-down
  • QuickTime disabled message cannot be ignored
  • Linux client doesn’t recognise that a viewer is already running
  • Display HTML error page in selected language when viewer is unable to connect to second life URL
  • SVC-1125: New Search: Beacons aren’t shown when teleporting to regions with “Allow Direct Teleport” disabled
  • VWR-3948: Underlayers no longer removable by pie menu in Windlight, release candidates
  • VWR-3667;About Land > Access: On group owned land, group owner gets eject message when “Public Access” is unchecked
  • VWR-3829: Cursor in Logon edit boxes difficult to see
  • VWR-3501: Create/Edit Gesture window preview button blanks after pressing
  • VWR-4010: New search does not accept non ASCII characters

Source changes:

  • VWR-3748: Builds fail on 1.18.6 RC if not using MOZLIB due to miss
  • Fix for viewer_manifest.py for 64-bit builds

Login issues aside, finding and reporting issues in this version is still critical to continuing to improve the viewer. Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.18.6 Release Candidate“. Your participation is welcome at our weekly (Mondays @ 12pm PST and Wednesdays @ 3pm PST time) inworld bug triages, too!

We will be integrating all relevant 1.18.6 fixes into our 1.19 codebase and moving ahead. Expect a first Second Life 1.19.0 Viewer Release Candidate (RC0) in approximately 2 weeks.

Thank you!

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67 Responses to Updated 1.18.6 Release Candidate Viewer: Second Life 1.18.6 RC4 Available Today

  1. quezia says:

    eu gostaria muito de esta jogando esti jogo
    mas eu ñ estou conseguindo porque a porcaria
    do jogo ñ esta entrando
    eu estou mim inscrevendo ms mesmo asssim ñ esta querendo entrar
    já estou cuase desistindo de instalar esse jogo
    acho que vou desistalar.
    esse é o geito
    obrigada pela a atenção e a colaboração de todos vocês

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  3. Ann Otoole says:

    “VWR-3948: Underlayers no longer removable by pie menu in Windlight, release candidates”
    thanks. this kills off yet another sl urban legend that has sprung up recently.

  4. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “The new login UI and server infrastructure is taking longer to stabilize than anticipated. In order to keep releases coming, we have decided to revert back to our old login code/system.”

    Thank you!

  5. Daedius Moskvitch says:

    How does “Linux client doesn’t recognise that a viewer is already running” constitute a bug fix? Sounds to me more like removal of a feature. Gone are the days of logging in with multiple accounts and talking to myself.

  6. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    well this RC SUCKS my frame rates is now 2 from at least 15 this is just getting sick

  7. Raudf Fox says:

    I intensely disliked the new login layout. I’m very glad that you have reverted it to something useful! Thank you!

    Now, if ya’ll fixed the camera not liking hollow prims, I’d think you hung the moon!

  8. Zi Ree says:

    @5: Just use “-multiple” command line switch. This has always worked.

  9. Chaz Longstaff says:

    Sorry Bridie Linden. I have no idea what you just said, and I’m an IT person who speaks 5 languages.

  10. Garn Conover says:

    On the new Login, make region name either erase or highlight when clicked! Its a pain in the butt to go to enter a sim name and have it start in the middle of Region… Even better make a drop down type list so its easier to find the sim name w.o spelling mistakes.

  11. nomoresecrets says:

    #9 , from what country?

    “”Known issue:

    * VWR-2574: Non-default sound devices for voice can’t be used in Vista””

    in RL, most of my Customers delete vista before using a pc, and thats a good decision. its cheaper to buy a notebook with that incompatible software than buy one without….oh, … my customers are working with their computer… not gambling…

  12. nomoresecrets says:

    #10, is there any change to 1.18.3(5) in the login?

    how will u have a pulldown without a connection?
    or did u really think to get a list of ALL sims avaiable in SL on ur computer at home?

    not only that it need to updated each time u disconnect, it need the alowence of each sim-owner for each Customer…. over 9000 sims multiple with over 11 million users…. seems not a good idea

  13. Alyx Sands says:

    #12: that would be ONE HELL of a drop down list… 😉

  14. Achtung Taurog says:

    “Crash on login page when using Logitech LCD Keyboard”

    This seems to have fixed a problem I was having with the Windlight with the new login interface. I was on for a while today, and it seemed rather stable. Cheers to the Lindens for finally fixing this. I look forward to when that fix is rolled into the next release of Windlight!

  15. Olin Homewood says:

    The option for parcel owners on private sims to restrict access based on age verification in the “Access” tab of “About Land” is going to cause a great deal of problems due to the red ban lines.

    If one where to look at any number of private sims offering land for sale, they would see that ban lines are almost universally prohibited – to the point where a sim owner will sever a ties with a “tenant”, or land owner, usally without refund. People buy land from private sim owners in large part because they do not want to see ban lines like they often do on the mainland.

    So while the option takes a step forward in offering a sim owner protection against potential liability stemming from under aged people visiting parcels on their sim, it takes a huge step backwards in the fact that they cannot allow this protection to be in place due to the red ban lines and the current business practice of the vast majority of sim owners.

    So now private sim owners are forced into assuming this potential liability or else allow ban lines and lose a real selling point for their offerings. Is it a stretch to say that business will suffer for either option (allowing ban lines or suffer the consequences of a law suit) all because of the red markings on the ban lines?!

    Why can’t there be a way to have ban lines without the red words around the parcel, and just an invisible barrier?

  16. RC is a waste. Everyone who can is using Windlight. Why don’t you combine RC and Windlight and get some feedback?

  17. Tonio Roffo says:

    VWR-2574: Non-default sound devices for voice can’t be used in Vista

    * This appears to be a Vista issue not a Second Life issue.

    NO it’s not a vista bug…

    YES they can be used! it’s just that their names are longer than 31 characters, then SL defaults to the default soundcard. I changed registry names of my soundcard name to shorter names and they are *perfectly* useable! It’s a truncate bug in SL ppl… reproducable.

    I posted this as a JIRA bug that’s also reproducable in Win XP x64…

  18. uh oh says:

    “Why can’t there be a way to have ban lines without the red words around the parcel, and just an invisible barrier?”
    Great idea or a turn off “view ban lines” option would also be nice.
    I have been running this viewer today and I have not had a single freeze up or problem for that matter. I am running XP professional and an ATI 512 ram video card with 3 gigs of ram on the motherboard AMD 3500+ processor. So far so good on this end.
    Keep up the good work : )

  19. Shara says:

    “how will u have a pulldown without a connection?
    or did u really think to get a list of ALL sims avaiable in SL on ur computer at home?”

    @12 – I think s/he means a dropdown of all our most recently-visited sims (or maybe the ones we’ve got landmarked) – not every single sim on SL. And even without a connection I’m sure those can still be cached so they’re available to choose from before we log.

    A good option would be the ability to add several of our favourite places to a dropdown menu on the login page, so we could rez in-world wherever we wanted to upon logging, rather than just ‘last place’ or ‘home’ etc, which we have set in our preferences. This would save time, especially when TP is being buggy.

  20. uh oh says:

    Also can we have the preferences option put back on the log on screen? That is a very helpful feature if you crash and want to clean your cache before relogging.

  21. Angel Sunset says:

    When do we get back the little network gadget on the top left? The one with the very very useful network information? I miss that…

  22. Angel Sunset says:

    oops… top right…

    But I DO miss them; the other display is HUGE, and since SL regularly loses its connection, this would help me immensely.

  23. Damona Rau says:


    it is still there… in the upper right under “Edit” you will find preferences.

    …or still hit ctrl + p

    But i have to complain also. The Graphic settings in the RC4 (and former) are crap!
    With the stable AND Windlight i’ll can turn on everything to get the best view, except in the RC4

    The Windlight Viewer runs with ultra settings and it looks really great, but in the RC4 Viewer the water as example looks flat and i can’t change the settings (greyed out).

    I’m using a nvidia 7600GT with the latest drivers.

  24. Sapphire Laville says:

    @Garth FairChang: Unless there’s more than “pretty graphics” than meets the eye in Windlight, i tend to agree. I’d of thought that for those in “lesser” graphics hardware it would be prudent to have a “non-glossy” fallback any way, so have that as a “Previous SL look” as some sort of preset in “Windlight” would good, then yeah, we can all potentiall use Windlight without penalty.

  25. mimi says:

    I still hope either the age verification will be:

    * improved hugely so it will actually protect minors and not fail for most and still allow kids in anyhow
    * or be abandoned altogether since it will hurt a LOT of shopowners people who run business clubs etc. If IDV would be safe and working this would be less bad.. but to lose money for an IDV that doesnt works properly is ridiculous.

    a working IVD means: able to identify 98% of users correctly, not 80% or less and leave 20% or more of the users in the cold.. who cares if they cannot enter their favourite places anymore??

    – give us legal proof of your contract with aristotele so we know IDV is really safe. Youve given us so many promises in the past which werent true, made several mistakes which hurt us badly (stealing hundreds of doller from people creditcards by not annoucing the VAT in advance,and not giving them time to sell their islands so they were stuck with extra costs anyway) so we have little “trust” in you left

    “we trust that aristotele will” is a suspicious answer: you shouldn’t be trusting” a company which sells personal info, you should make a CONTRACT so us users will be safe. But no, you prefer to give vague answers and will probably push it onto us anyhow.. just like with the VAT.

  26. just me says:

    where the fix for SVC-930?
    jeez what are you doing all day long

  27. nomoresecrets says:

    age-verification like planned yet, will not work. its impossible.

    #19, s/he dient wrote it 🙂

    #15 on the island i am living on, we didnt allow ban-lines, not important if u see or not.

    i disable setting landmark and have a orb at the place i will not have other people WHEN i am at home. ban-lines are silly. they didnt help anything.

  28. Gil Druart says:


    Not so much a drop-down list, more of a throw-up list 🙂

  29. zebadee says:

    Crash on login page when using Logitech LCD Keyboard

    Thanks for implementing this let alone fixing it! A friend told me about this earlier as I just bought one of these keyboards and it arrived yesterday. Its excellent. 😀

  30. nomoresecrets says:

    lol, #28, youre right…. no room at the bottom….

    btw. i always start at HOME, thats the place where almost all works properly, private island, and if tp fails of SL-lag, i go up to 5000m and tp from there , works mostly. :))

  31. Sean Petit says:

    Will the 1.19 RC have Voice and Media for Linux?

  32. Bobo Decosta says:

    Got already a kernel panic on my mac because of this release and my jeans now looks like a hippie nightmare

  33. Cat Gisel says:

    So are you saying we should ignore this if we like all the neat stuff? 🙂

    Also, please add “Sit, Stand and Teleport often send avatar to 0,0,-1”

    I am so covered with dirt and water now that I can’t ever hope to get all my clothes cleaned.

  34. nomoresecrets says:

    #33, be happy u get them dry :))


  35. Master Quatro says:

    Never Again ! Every time I click on the SL icon to stert SL I get the SL Crash Logger .. I have reinstalled 3 times .. I log on the first time but after that it’s crash logger over and over and over

  36. nomoresecrets says:

    #32, sell them… think there are enough people, they will buy them . 🙂

  37. Thunderclap says:

    @17 the fact that you changed the registry in Vista to begin with makes it a Vista bug. What you did is a workaround. the names in XP are shorter than 31 characters.

  38. brinda allen says:

    @15 it’s not an issue of seeing red ban lines…draw takes care of most of that…it’s losing the freedom of access to large areas….my estate owner’s like most..no ban lines! thats one of the reasons i’m in the process of selling 20000plus meters of mainland and purchasing an island..dealing with ppl that are too cheap to purchase security orbs. I use them, but set limits that keep ppl outta my house,,they can enjoy my beach that way.

  39. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @10: “On the new Login, make region name either erase or highlight when clicked!”

    Yeah, and having to tab-tab-tab to get to the User ID field instead of being there right away…a small thing, but still a pain. The frequent 404 errors were more of a problem. Oh, and the Mac client at least doesn’t allow you to paste text into the Region field. Weird.

    @33: “I am so covered with dirt and water now that I can’t ever hope to get all my clothes cleaned.”

    This is why I don’t wear clothes. Well no, it isn’t, it’s just more enjoyable not to. Of course, getting all the dirt and water out of my fur isn’t easy either.

  40. Nad Gough says:

    A while back… quite a while… you said some large percentage of your programmers were working on bugs. Since then I haven’t seen many bug fixes to the main client. A lot of bug fixing for the Windlight client. Am I wrong in this perception? That is the complaint was expressed loundly and by many people that you should fix bugs before going into new features and your response was most of your staff is working on bugs but the nuance seems to be that it doesn’t address the complaint to stabliize first. We now have 3 or 4 different clients with different bugs and the bugs being worked on are associated with new development rather than with fixing problems that are now way old. A|nd little enhancements have disappeared. Remember almost a year ago it was suggested there be a back button so you could tp back to your former location? The linden respose as I recall was great idea – just like a web browser – we’re going to do this. What happens to those statements and the work to back them up? imo windlight is real pretty and its gonna be way cool when it works, but at the moment on macs it really doesnt… meanwhile years old bugs have still not been addressed. So isnt it really true that most of your staff is involved with the new development projects (and fixing the associated bugs those projects introduce) rather than fixing long lived existing bugs that aggravate people constantly? Or is this a misperception on my part? If so please excuse me. I am just wondering and stuff.

  41. nomoresecrets says:

    !GO NAD!

    good to have you, Nad.

    Think LL-childs all work on Havoc-4 to stabilize all the old bugs, we live with since ONE YEAR( for me).

    i didnt try or use newer viewers than 1.18.3(5). its the one i can visit all your concerts with and can be inworld for hours without crashing.

  42. Benny N.D. Jets says:

    After changing my password I have been unable to log in with the Windlight or RC viewer, yet the main viewer was unaffected. I receive an invalid User ID or Password error. I do not store or remember the password, nor use client parameters to automatically enter ID and password information. I manually enter my ID and password each time.

  43. amilie anatine says:

    thank you for addressing the voice in vista issue, YES this is a vista issue because it affects my skype as well.. its so crazy bad, i use SL to talk INTO and skype to LISTEN.. in order to have an internet voice exchange with anyone. thanks lindens for working on vista issues!! 🙂 – one happy customer

    btw for all you people who cant login after each update, restart your computer, thats usually the problem.

  44. Digital Digital says:

    The new viewer on my machine has a continous crash cycle :/

  45. arana arado says:

    How do i cancel my contract ?

  46. richard says:

    #44 that a on going thing with second life,crash,crash,crash

  47. cammi hudson says:

    This release is utter junk and I love SL it doesnt remember any of your settings. you have to reset them every time you use it. it crashes every time you want to upload textures. try again this isnt good

  48. Rex Cronon says:

    is there something wrong with RC, or with the asset server? I try to rezz something from inventory and if has more than one prim, I see only one or two, but the rest never rezz. Oh, and when I look at particles, my fps drops to 2. Sadly, it also seems that is no longer possible to access the beta grid with the RC. I haven’t crashed yet, but with the previous version I used to crash, either almost every time I logged in, or when I tp.

  49. Ann Otoole says:

    well if we all go read the blog announcement about the rolling restart tomorrow then we might all conclude there is something that will be corrected tomorrow. so thats what i’m going on. hopefully i won’t be crashing and getting mangled network errors by just standing still after the rolling restart.

  50. McSad Rahja says:

    People sounds really sadisfied here.. lol
    I havent been able to log in for a LOOONG time, and i cant find out how to fix it, so i guess thats the end of sl for me.. 😦

  51. Infrared Wind says:

    Please bring back the network mini indicator bars. Just reduce the search a little. Pretty please! =)

  52. Ric Mollor says:

    I too am experiencing a huge performance hit when looking at particles. Previously they didn’t seem to bring much slowdown at all but now lower performance to single digit FPS. Cutting the max particles count in preferences way back resolves the issue but that certainly isn’t a ‘fix’

  53. Argent Stonecutter says:


    You didn’t fix one of the biggest problems with the HTML login.

    Look… one of the big issues with the HTML login is that it took so long for the login page to come up. Before the HTML login the XUI login came up right away, and you could log in immediately, even if theer were network problems or webserver problems. NOW it’s waiting for the HTML splash screen to come up before showing the login banner. Please revert this code all the way, this isn’t solving the problem at all.

  54. Periapse Linden says:

    Argent, this RC still uses the HTML login in full. The reverted xui login just passed QA and you’ll see the old login back again with 1.19.0

  55. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Thanks for fixing that hard-to-see cursor. Personally I prefer the older login with the thick easy to see cursor and font.

    A drop-down region list on the login screen would be very useful. It can be just be a history list of recently typed in sims.

  56. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Periapse: Ah, sorry, I misread it.

  57. Melchoir Tokhes says:

    #40, Nad

    Technically this is not correct. They said that the majority of their programmers were assigned to “bugs and scalability”, which really are two separate problems. Personally, I would like to see how programmers are distributed within those two problems. I think they’ve got two interns each with about a sum of 10 hours of C, 10 hours of C++, and about 70 hours of Java under their belt as their whole bug-fixing team.

    Every time there’s a new version, it seems like the same old story: Fix about 25 REALLY SMALL bugs that don’t affect me, remove 3 or 4 features I really like, replace them with 1 or 2 really buggy features I wouldn’t want even if they worked perfectly.

    Please, Ls, give us our network bars back and trash that silly search thing. Trash the lag meter too. Make the texture viewer able to scale the textures in such a way as to be able to view the texture at any aspect ratio. Separate the session from the menu system so that we can disconnect, fiddle with settings, and reconnect without quitting SL(this old way of doing things went out of style in the ’80s… can you imagine having to close any other network application to terminate a session?).

    #16, Garth
    I don’t think you really know what RC is. It stands for “Release Candidate”. Basically it means it’s a version that’s “not quite done yet, or maybe it is”. You can’t merge RC with Windlight. Think of it more as a supplement to a version number. For that matter, Commercial, Windlight, and various first-looks could each have their own release candidates.

    L, I can’t submit this comment without thinking of anything nice to say, so I’ll give you this at least. Seems like your memory management is slightly improved! (You should have one guy on full time who’s job is JUST hunting memory leaks and finding more memory efficient(but not at every expense of speed) ways of doing things!)

  58. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    I gotta agree with Nad and Melchior …. it’s okay to for Linden to fix the small things, to update this, that and the other .. but it’s all meaningless while the essential problems (lag, freeze and crash) are all grid and drive engine issues. It’s fairly obvious to anyone with half a computer-orientated brain – even a relative techno-phobe like myself – that these major issues which plague the entire game would all be solved if Linden would simply fix the main grid and upgrade the central game drive-engine. Updating stuff like Windlight Viewer maybe nice, but when you are crashing on a regular basis (every 20 to 30 minutes like clockwork) with the latest version of Windlight … it’s obvious that the problem isn’t with Windlight but with the main grid and the central drive engine. Please, if anyone from Linden Labs reads this, please act on what I have said. Review the main grid and the drive engine. Once those issues are fixed then you can carry on updating stuff all you like.

  59. Melanie Milland says:

    I cannot understand why LL is unable to admit they have made a mistake in almost everything they decide.

    People want the little network meters, people don;t want the search box. It would have been so easy to add a preference “Show Network Meters” and “Show Quick Search”, so people can decide.

    Just like LL is consistently ignoring the excellent Nicholaz updates, they are not applying the numerous performance and memory leak fixes, or his excellen UI, which allows people who like the Chatterbox UI to coexist with people who like the Old School UI, either with voice controls or without.

    Going back to the old login UI is a good thing, and the “new” one should be relegated to the place in history it deserves, as a failed experiment.

    People do not want constant change, and feature removal! Please listen to the people, make things optional, preferences, debug menu entries – but don;t rip them out.
    It’s so obvious – lag is bad, so to keeppeople from being reminded of it constantly, you rip out the meters that show it, rather than fixing the lag!

    Those meters are often the only way to avert a crash. When I see the left (lag) meter spike, then go flat, I know I’m about to redmap. Sometimes, pushing and holding a movement key until the avatar actually moves can save the session, save me from relogging and losing all my IM connection, etc.

    Taking those away is not a good idea, thank god for patches that put them back!
    Just like the new login – it never worked well enough! Do your web stuff internally, but keep the UI as XUI!

  60. Melchoir Tokhes says:

    I assume by “lag meter” you mean the network bars, not the crappy dumb light lag meters they have.

    Personally, I don’t like dumb lights. In my car, I’d rather have an oil pressure gage than a dumb light. I’d like to know what the oil pressure IS, then decide if it’s enough, not sit in the dark and have someone else decide what “enough” is for me. If you want to make a suggestion to the oil pressure, but a little hash mark on the dash.

    The problem they’re making is that they are trying to apply classical conventional marketing to an unconventional market. SL is not, and will not ever be, the “central market”. The central market is far too stupid to use SL, and dumbing down the controls to attract more people isn’t going to have the desired effect, and it’s going to drive away the people that are already here.

  61. Melanie Milland says:

    Yes. I don’t care for “idiot-lights” either. I have never seen the “Lag Meter” they added, because I use the Nicholaz patches, which remove it in favor of the old bars, they also remove the search box no one wants.

  62. Melanie Milland says:

    Yes. I don’t care for “i d i o t l i g h t s” either. I have never seen the “Lag Meter” they added, because I use the Nicholaz patches, which remove it in favor of the old bars, they also remove the search box no one wants.

  63. Kelly Green says:

    I would really like you people make it possible to adjust the size of the chat boxes to a smaller size

  64. Melanie Milland says:

    Use the Nicholaz viewer, there you can.

  65. @24. I find with normal SL client I get 20 FPS. With WindLight and Basic Shaders unchecked in graphic prefs.. I get 34 FPS. No pretty water or sky.. but much better performance. So I use WindLight because of the speed increase.

    And when I want to take snaps and have pretty.. I check Basic Shaders and the 2 below it. Get 14 FPS but a better view 🙂

    (Nvidia Go 7400 128mb on a Sony Vaio laptop)

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  67. aidypost says:

    hi will this sort the vista problem with NIV graphic card restarting my pc when using the game

    help please 🙂

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