Service Quality Metrics Updated

Hello Everyone!

The Service Quality Metrics page has been updated with stats through the end of December, 2007.  Charts are directly visible on that page and downloadable versions of the detailed daily data for the full year are available in Excel, OpenDocument, and Google Doc formats.

December had its share of small challenges, with our unplanned and planned outages growing slightly over our November stats, though as Philip noted overall for Q4 we are staying over 98% availability – a great improvement over Q3.

I am pleased to announce that for the first time all other quality metrics – Viewer crashrates, Viewer performance in FPS, and Region performance in FPS, improved steadily in December and we look forward to further changes and fixes continuing this trend.   I especially appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic participation in our Beta grid testing which is bringing Havok4 closer to fruition, and in testing the beta Release Candidate and First Look viewer versions, so that our production releases of these changes will bring smoother and more reliable user experience.  Please keep up the participation, and keep that feedback and JIRA bug reporting coming!

If you like, we can discuss these Service Quality metrics and our Economic Metrics inworld this Friday morning 10 AM PST at my Office Hours in Beaumont.  See you soon!

About Meta Linden

Data Warehousing and Metrics Analysis for the world of Second Life. A Linden Lab employee in California.
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62 Responses to Service Quality Metrics Updated

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    thats great news. since the last asset server work my crash rate went from next to none to 10+ times daily. i expect to see a change in the trends for january.

  2. Drakkar Bahram says:

    FPS improvements? Please. Whatever, it seems there’s been a consistant lag since December, and it’s steadily gotten worse. It’s not my machine, I’ve got a kickass rig. It’s SL. Chat lag, graphics lags, and they say stats are improving? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And don’t get me started on the customer service. That’s another topic.

  3. mimi says:

    The lag seems to be okay here, but the crash rate increased a lot the last few weeks. It went from a few crashes a day to having to tree, sometimes four times as much as before. Also a lot of inventory disappeared.

  4. Balpien Hammerer says:

    I am curious about the viewer crash statistics and whether it is filtered to indicate only rerleased client viewers; that is, do you exclude release candidates or first look clients. I have seen a significant increase in client crashes with the Windlight viewer and a somewhat higher cras hrate with the latest RC.

  5. Montana Corleone says:

    Actually my crash rate has got better, but since the asset server upgrade, absolutely mega lag everywhere doing anything. Still getting lots of asset server errors: can’t write notecards, open them, scripts, huge lag opening network server prims, in Group Chat, walking, rezzing, texture render. It’s more and more becoming Grey Life for longer and longer. Hopefully this Wednesday’s maintenance will fix it, but this will be the third downtime to get this asset server issue addressed. That certainly can’t help your metrics.

    Still getting logged off with grey screen after tping, still getting tp failures, stuff up the ass, money failing to load, inv slow, inv loss etc etc. This got worse after the last main viewer update: little point in me using WL, since just basic shaders halves my frame rate, and ticking clouds drops me from 20 to 0.4.

    Well, at least you were honest with the first aborted asset server upgrade – that must have hit the numbers being 4 hours over…

  6. Artfox Daviau says:

    Invisible Avatars or mine being invisible to others is driving me, and my friends, nuts, relog doesn’t always help, sitting on a sit ball can fix at times, (and strangely) rezzing a scripted object does work
    Plus the usual list:
    walking into oblivion when crossing sim boundaries
    avatars grayed out, or ground grayed out for aages
    memory leaks on moving after standing stationary for any length
    lockups causing “newbie” walking into objects
    skybox linked floor suddenly being found to be phantom
    I know my system is underpowered but it was better than this once

  7. alana ebbage says:

    I do concur with most of the stuff above. My viewer crashes significantly less, but i notice now that while the money-loading, inv loading and all that goes better, the in-world performance like texturing, walking, TPing etc. goes more and more laggy and just ‘hangs’. Not sure why (i’m not a techy) but this wasn’t as bad before, and in the meantime i’ve bought a much better machine! On my older machine i had less problems than now with my newer… and no don’t you give me that ‘then it must be your machine’… you know that’s not true.

  8. Detox Watanabe says:

    @Artfox Daviau: I assume you are talking about windlight, right? Just have these invisible avatars attach something (a simple prim is enough, but can be hair, yada yada).
    that helps to get rid of the invisiblity.

  9. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    98% availability seems a little pointless when it freezes, crashes, even in an empty class 5 sim items refuse to rez on a regular basis taking multiple attempts, attachment drift is the worst I’ve seen in awhile too as is packet loss even when standing still. Total users online at one time seems to point to an improvement but the glitches need addressing.

  10. Balpien Hammerer says:

    As I recall, the service metrics are supposed to evolve to better capture the quality of service. Perhaps the Lindens could develop an asset server latency measure, or, an asset server timeout metric. That could capture the problems listed to date.

  11. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    your asset server upgrades are not working at all they have made things worse made losses worse again and OMG will you please please pleaaaaaaaaaaase fix this bloody memory leaks for crying out loud 10 months of degrading memory leaks with every update it is really pathetic that we have to all deal with this for this amount of time it really makes all of us wonder what is the priority here cus SL does Not work and will not work with this memory leak that is turning into a flipping flood will u build us a bloody ark already!

  12. Raven Primeau says:

    sadly I have to agree, despite my PC being quite new on the running 2 gig of ram and a 7800gs recently I havent been able to push a framerate of more than 11fps even turning the settings right down makes no difference. Using windlight however on the same machine gives FPS of 25 -40 with draw distances of 200+mts being no worry, Odd I think.

    Also finding windlight less prone to crashig and other unpleasantries

  13. Raven Primeau says:

    Not holding my breath as I am still using the ctl+alt+r fix for the once temporary soon to be fixed *missing image* issue back in ummmmmmmmmmm well a long while ago, and still isnt sorted. reading back I too suffer most the related probs finding zooming in and out on an invisi-avatar often pops them into view, remembers similar a long while back….but cant remember what the quickfix was for it

  14. Vivienne says:

    Windlight has a faster rendering method than the official viewer, but only while disabling all the essential “Windlight” (Atmospheric Shaders) stuff, which kills ANY framerate – except maybe these of the latest high end systems in world wide computing. And it is still buggy as hell generally.

    I cannot see noteworthy FPS improvement by the statitics. 3/4 of all users get FPS lower than 15, which hurts the eye, in fact. Compared to other VR systems out there this is not even a mediocre result.

    Asset server problems are not even mentioned in this “Report”, and these hurt the community most badly recently.

    Nevertheless, LL manages to keep the monster running somehow, which is more than can be expected considering all the essential flaws. So keep on rocking, LL, and get better.

  15. Ivantwin says:

    I have Intel 6700 dual core, two video cards in SLI- 8800GTX model, 2giga SLI ready, sata hardisk, my mother board is BFG nvidia SLI ready with last nvidia chipset, i have 25 frames per second in 2560 x 1600 screen resolutions, in old second life with all preference to maximun, in Windlight with all graphics preference to maximun i have 45 frames, i dont have a crash, but the windlight have a extreme memory leak. and i need relog the sl, the other problem in windlight and regular sl is the hoorible bug when i enter in a sims my shoes and hair and ascesories put in my a_ss and that is not a joke, i see all time when my items put in my a_ss for a oldie bug

  16. Epocx Timeless says:

    Havok4 and Windlight will be a very nice addition. And i realy hope these additions will also mean a rework of the current graphics engine?! Problems with full transparent and also Part-transparent Prims are beeing ignored??? Crashes while TP bugging not only me several times a day… sad fact.. starting to get used to it…

  17. Storyof Oh says:

    Statistics? Am i the only one that really can’t be bothered completing a crash report every time it happens anymore? so should these now be compulsory before you can relog? what with the white outs, black outs, tp crashes, failures to rez and navigate recently half my time would be sending these in when i just want to get back in…
    I know now it isn’t me but the system…i know once its prime time for SL in USA i can say bye bye to performance…i’m catch 22 UK daytime i share a broadband with more users, early evening i can actually build stuff then come the night well SL needs to turn on that extra light…

  18. Gigs says:

    Actually in windlight, if you disable clouds it pretty much doubles your frame rate. It’s pretty sad that half of the rendering time is spent in something as stupid as clouds.

  19. Stroker Serpentine says:

    If the viewer crash metric is tied to the “Send Crash Report” data, I for one never send the report. I could only imagine that it is skewed considerably due to the fact that many do not use this feature. I can watch my performance/memory slowly erode (due to memory leaks in the client) until all my memory is utilized. I can forecast the crash within 2-3 minutes. I agree with the above poster…make the crash report integral to relog boot and lets see what the client crash rate REALLY is.

  20. Bokrug says:

    Overall I think you guys are moving the right direction, but from a user’s perspective, server lag and Sim FPS are the big obstacles to enjoying SL right now (besides unplanned outages). Server performance has been poor since late December and Sim FPS rates have been getting much worse all over the grid (constant lag spikes dropping Sim FPS from 45 to 20ish at fairly regular intervals). I think this will be reflected in the January Quality Metrics.

    On the client side, I’ve personally noticed steadily improving performance and client FPS, at least for me, but also a slight increase in crash rate. I use Windlight Firstlook viewers and am quite happy with the client generally.

  21. Sal Salubrius says:

    I agree with all of the above, what exact “quality” are you refering to with these metrics and what are you using to get the stats? If i sent a crash report everytime i crashed during a tp and had to log back into the sim i was trying to get to I would spend more time sending them than i wouls in SL! And then on occasion when i do actually successfully tp everything is up my @ss and i have to spend ages detatching and reattatching! I keep flying off sims, lag is horrendous, all of the above issues are worse than last year..and you say “quality” is up? erm….okay…i give up! btw my pc has 3 gig of RAM so no it is not my pc, and i think the old fix for invisible people was to change your group tag, i never worked out why..but it used to work @ no.13, hope that helps!

  22. Masami Kuramoto says:

    Last weekend I had a session of 12 hours without a single crash or relog. I went to crowded places, listened to concerts, built some stuff. I’m running the standard viewer on Linux.

    Yes, quality is up. All you need to do is get your computers fixed.

  23. Doris Haller says:

    I feel it is getting more laggy.
    If you consider the lag in your definition of “availability”, I think it would have dropped.

    Anyway, I hoped since almost 1 year for each upgrade, maintenance, downtime that it will get better… I got disappointed.

    I have now take the consequence and do not participate any more. I take a SL break. This means: I am logging in from time to time to renew some payments of repair some things, but I am not staying long enough to crash. Just as long as lag requires me to stay.



  24. Lozlo Peng says:

    This is CRAP. I can’t do anything the majority of the time, nothing attaches and when I have to relog because SL is SUCKING I end up logging back on to seeing myself with the ugly default shape or nothing at all but water. I’m in an empty sim called Inga. I’ve relogged about 30 times now, no exxagerations. On ctrl shift 1 it says my kbps varies between 1 and 10. Sometimes 40 and 100, 200-300 if i’m lucky. What’s going on?

  25. Ann Otoole says:

    Maybe if LL got rid of traffic the concurrency would drop back to 25,000 *real residents* and the system would begin functioning properly again.

  26. Meta Linden says:

    Definitely individual anecdotal experiences will be widely variable – I see a couple trends in the comments here. First, some people *are* seeing the improvements in the top initiatives we chose to work on first – crashrates and client & server framerates. The further work that our engineering teams are doing currently will continue to improve these continuously.

    @Balpien and @Stroker: The client crashrates are inclusive of all client disconnects, regardless of use of the crash reporter. Please see the definition of these metrics in the Metrics Glossary – linked in the headers of the detailed data reports. They include region disconnects in the event of a Rolling Restart, and they also include issues that we have no control over, such as network timeouts due to overtaxed broadband providers, like @StoryOf and @Lozlo mention.
    These statistics are inclusive of all sessions, including the RC and Firstlook viewers, and as @Raven notes, the Windlight viewer does provide a better client FPS performance in aggregate and the recent RC builds have been improving our client crashrates as we test and roll out more bugfixes.

    Next, as you’ve noticed, as we improve those specific issues, other different issues are becoming more visible, such as asset server issues and teleport failures. We are working on collecting comprehensive metrics on those as well and fixing the root causes of those failures, just as we have been diligently attacking the Inventory problems that Hamilton has been discussing. Our highest priority continues be to improve these core Lagging and Crashing problems *first*, as we promised last year.

  27. les says:

    Les’s SL Quality Metrics page :

    HTML on a prim = 0
    Shared application = 0
    Havok4 = 0
    Usefullness for collaborative work = 0

    Conclusion : SL remains stable.

  28. Ann Otoole says:

    now any discussion of t r a f f i c is censored? how interesting.

  29. AWM Mars says:

    Looking at the Metrics, they speak for themselves.. first 6 months things seem good regarding the levels of planned and unplanned outages… second 6 months the trend swapped completely around.. and thats good news?

    To be honest, there were some improvements when the first versions of FirstLook came out, but have gotten steadily worse ever since. We seem to have lost the many graphical advantages of the first version FirstLook, when the graphical pipelines were openned up, since then, script lag, graphic lag, media lag, inventory loss, object rezzing, tp’s and even more recently, very laggy logins.. did I miss anything?

    I run a custom built systems and have a excellent connection, I can run on Ultra settings and get 35+ fps in most places in Windlight. The last 3 updates to the Windlight Client have seen that all change.

    You have been promising everyone a ‘better experience’ for so long now, it means nothing. The vast majority of people have lost faith in your ability to do so. If you want to be the 3D internet future, now is the time to invest in your dream and stop nickel and diming this. Knee jerking decisions about age verfication, banking, gambling do not add to your credibility, nor does logging people out, so they can immediately read your new terms and conditions isn’t ‘public/customer’ friendly. Same is said for updates.

    We are adults, start treating us like one.

  30. Lozlo Peng says:

    Great now I am getting a weird error on login..

    Unable to connect. Login packet never received by login server.

    Please try again in a few minutes, or click help for advice and a link to the system status web page.

    So, what on earth does this mean??

    Any recommendations other than to change contract with the worst ISP ever – Pipex <- don’t get a contract with them.

  31. the bat says:

    1/ crash logger only seems tio run every third of fourth crash .
    2/ windlight min settings frame rate in the same sims is now less than half of the earlier windlight releases
    3/ crashes in windlight now approaching the rate of the rate of the main viewer , again it was mush better/lower with earlier releases .
    4/ asset server “issues” driving most people up the wall 🙂 including me sometimes :D.
    5/ keep on trying LL — guess you will get there eventually 🙂 , just hope not too many of the residents/customers/addicts have thrown thier machines through second floor windows in frustration before you actually arrive at stability island . 😀

  32. Sven Okonomi says:

    lower crash rates, better FPS… why do I keep thinking.. What chimp counted those ratings??? My viewer is crappier then ever, about 1 in every 10 teleports FAIL, and camera freezes are more a norm then a freak occurance…. Seriously, how do you come up with these numbers?

  33. Sean Heying says:

    Grey lag has made shopping unbearable and because of the nature of the beast sculpties are messed up as a result on every TP until their turn to download and render happens.

    This grey lag is a new occurrence, and I back calls to have asset server metrics added to the frame rate and crash statistics.

    Does anyone know what causes it anyway?

    As for windlight, I dread it hitting the grid, even with all shaders turned off I consistently get 5fps less with windlight over the production viewer on my powerbook. 13fps in production is pretty shocking but 7fps in windlight is headache inducing.

    Don’t the pipeline teams use Mac equipment at all in their development?

    Why does SL have such low frame rates anyway compared to other 3D games. The rendering code must be pretty woeful.

  34. Incogneko says:

    According to your Quality Metrics, things have been improving slightly for the majority of users. But I wonder who exactly feels this way.

    Anecdotally, my SL experience has progressively gotten worse over the last 6 months. I am not among the habitual complainers that circle this blog like vultures and I understand how difficult it is to maintain and update a system as complex as SL, but it has gotten to such a point that I no longer enjoy wrestling with all the headaches and prefer to find other things to do with my time. These days crashes occur about once every hour or so, inventory is messed up beyond use much of the time, chats lag, Sim lag has reached a ridiculous level since December, even connecting to the login server seems to be a crapshoot. It’s never been perfect but gone is the feeling of exploration and freedom that existed a year ago – now only brief glimses through a cloud of frustration. It is particularly a shame because as technical aspects of my SL experience have steadily gotten worse, I’ve never felt closer to my SL friends and the various communities I’ve gotten involved with.
    To top it all off, LL now seems to be increasingly willing to meddle with the behaviour of residents – first gambling ban (ok, not LL’s fault, but adds to the feeling of frustration), then age verification and absurd privacy awareness, along with some very disturbing comments about the acceptabilty of certain behaviour coming from a Linden recently – it all detracts from the atmosphere of imagination and personal freedom that used to make SL so exciting.
    And the worst part of all this is it’s not just me – practically every SL friend I’ve spoken with feels the same way, that things have really gotten bad over the last 6 months and that SL has lost something. I’m hoping things turn around, and I’m not jumping ship yet, but like a lot of people I’m simply getting fed up with the whole thing and find myself spending less and less time involved with the Metaverse.

  35. hugsalot says:

    Majority of viewer crashes are usually due to corrupted textures (which I assume are related to memory leaks). If I’m constantly crashing all the time, I’ll clear out the texture cache, and usually everything is peachy.

    So folks… clear your cache!

  36. Mel says:

    Sigh… sometimes the metrics just plain don’t cover it… somehow what needs to be looked at gets hidden in how the data is collected or sorted.

    Freezing every time you move your cursor, camera, etc is really really bad, especially when most of the time it results in a crash. This increases with the time you are in-game. Then, you crash, have to leave.. and they time out how long you have til you can get in.

    Do any of you Lindens realize what this does to an event host, a teacher, a sim manager responding to a griefer attack?

    I haven’t been able to address a griefer attack in months. I turn my head to find the problem and crash.. by the time I get back.. the sim is down or crashing because of the garbage they strew around… or in today’s situation… over 30 cages used by 3 different individuals at once.

    The freezing started seriously with Voice. Many quit Voice to get more stability.. but that didnt solve it. People tried other versions of SL. Sometimes it would help (briefly). Several fixes ago, the amount of freezing was reduced significantly. Next fix.. it was a mess and has continued to be. Of course, it is different now in how it happens and the results.

    Do you track the fixes and the crashes.. and do you separate them into freeze/crashes to direct crashes? I bet there would be a lot of info there.

    I am really really tired of trying to assist people in SL and have freezing/crashing ruin the interactions or put a stop to them.

  37. Mel says:

    interesting.. and now SL won’t even log my comments. oh well.

  38. Rene Erlanger says:

    Second Life has become “Grey matter”……sort it out Lindens!! Whilst you’re working it all out and wondering what it causing it… might tackle the issue of camping bots and traffic bots logging via external clients!

  39. Jeb Mills says:

    I find it amuzing that one guy had a ‘good 12 hours’ and saying the rest of us need to fix our computers. I have a brand new machine with 3GHz Althon, 4 gb DDR ram, 2 SLi vid cards, SATA drives, etc etc. My Internet is 4mgs. Mine freezes.. crashes… far worse than It ever did with my old slow machine.
    Thanks for the laugh fella…. wonderful Imagination

  40. Bokrug says:

    All a new computer will do is help with your client framerate and performance. That’s important, but it’s only one part of the total equation. A lot of the most pernicious problems right now are server side, which a new cutting-edge computer won’t help much with.

  41. Vivienne says:

    A new computer?

    The ONLY reason for the success of SL is that a social network does NOT depend on the latest of high tech computing.

    SL is totally uncapable of performing ANY “action” (as WoW or Halo), anyway. And even these “action” games and first person shooters run much, much more reliable and with higher framerates on the same machine than SL. An average of less than 15 fps for the vast majotity of users is ridiculous for a 3D metaverse, anyway.

    So residents obviously never really wanted to kill aliens or orcs under silvery shining skies in SL, but joined in for completely different reasons. And obviously some Lindens do not have an idea for what reasons.

    LL should think about that before they try to eye candy and overfreight SL to death.

  42. Villanova says:

    My personal outage rate is around 50%, mostly due to the time needed to relog after very frequent crashes (zero frames after few minutes usage).
    This got worse since the beginning of the year.

  43. SL Player™ says:

    I think the max on premium accounts should be two. Basic accounts shouldn’t be allowed the luxury to have any alts! Half the residents on line are alt camping zombies gaming the system.

  44. Raven Primeau says:

    Yes Camping bots, traffic bots and such need to be tackled NOW!

    TPing into a club/shop to find it habitated with these parasites to leech L$ or boost traffic is so frustrating. Vendors who do it I now refuse to buy from and an club habitated by bots just errrrrr isnt fun and is rewarded by a swift exit and scratched from my list of venues.

    I know and appreciate there are those that camp with all good intention, my dearest one used to when she was new but it has become an infestation now, the odd camping chair, or work anim added a little life and reality to sims too, hell I even tipped the buskers occasionally.

    The latest wave of lag seemed to worsen after the grid monkeys had fixed voice once again the other day….not that I am in any place to cast any pointing glacnces at what I consider the worse implementation LL has come up with since I joined SL.

  45. mimi says:

    Some people use alts for:

    * to be not disturbed all the time when building
    * to have privacy when beeing a shop/club/event owner, to have an alt to do the “naughty “things with
    * having objects on their name which sends many IMs (the IM cap limit includes IMs from objects)
    * test objects with which require two or three people to test (test vendors poseballs etc)

  46. nomoresecrets says:

    “”(the IM cap limit includes IMs from objects)””

    i often get the message, that messages are caped.

    have them in email then, but need a second ava for mor than only 25 groups.

    SL is the only chat-program known to me, that caps messages to Customers.

    its stupid, to cap the thing for we are inworld: chat and meessages….
    stupid..oh. its SL

  47. mimi says:

    it would be good if there was a separate limit for messages from objects and people

    I get the messages in email too, but since SL wanted us to put all alts on one email address my inbox is a mess, filled with object messages which i put on an alt to get rid of them. I also get spammed with region messages but the live chat told me “nothing can be done about that” and “there is no workaround”

    its just one of the things i guess we will have to live with SL cant even handle simple text communication properly

    if anyone has any idea what to do about this (like kill off region messages) ill be very happy!

  48. Masami Kuramoto says:

    I wonder why it’s so hard for some people to understand that SL is playing in an entirely different league than, say, WoW and therefore requires more powerful computers than the average game.

    In a typical game, all the content is designed by people who know how to keep geometry simple and texture load small. There are no “micro prims” in WoW. A lot of the visible detail in games is faked using clever texturing and normal-mapping. If you take a closer look, you’ll realize that most of the meshes are indeed flat and very simple.

    This is how professional game designers keep system requirements low. SL has been designed so that everyone can be a builder. People build and wear attachments consisting of hundreds of prims, each of them covered with hi-res textures. That’s the number one reason why SL’s system requirements are higher and FPS are lower than elsewhere.

    If Linden Lab’s developers made normal-mapping available to SL builders, most of them wouldn’t even know how to use it. Sculpted prims have been around for several months, yet only few people have actually understood how sculpt maps work and how to create them. Normal-mapping would raise the bar even higher.

  49. Lincoln Lightfoot says:

    So, if the stats are gathered independently, what’s the point of letting SL create the crash report?

    It’s quite obvious LL does not have a solution, a direction or even a clue. My PC meets all equipment specs and exceeds all specs. One day this week I crashed 5 times in a row, just signing on. Crashed as soon as logon process finished.

    Crashing is purely a random event and the crash logger appears to be a random event also, I just signed on and got the crash logger, even though I signed off normally last night.

    Excuses as to how things are built is not a solution. If the method chosen by LL does not work, then either change it or change specs.

    I am always astonished that people talk about making money in SL. How can you possibly make money from something that does not work!

    I use a lot of sophisticated software, nothing else ever crashes.

  50. Vivienne says:

    @ Masami

    Lincoln is right, Masami. “Excuses as to how things are built is not a solution. If the method chosen by LL does not work, then either change it or change specs.”

    This is the truth. And: As soon as someone allows users to create content, he must educate these users on how to do this in a way that does NOT hamper the community. LL encourages all kind of third party “education” in SL, but ironically fails in educating the own users on the most basical stuff.

    I really love Torleys tutorials, but they alone cannot fill this giant hole of basic lack of knowledge.

    And: it makes absolutely NO sense to force something heavy like Atmospheric Shading on a community which already suffers from a significant lack of performance. And this does not even work on most widespread graphic cards.

  51. Vivienne says:

    @ Lincoln

    “I am always astonished that people talk about making money in SL. How can you possibly make money from something that does not work!”

    Oh, as soon as there IS a opportunity to earn money, people will try to do so, even under the most hostile conditions. This is one of the most important reasons for the SL success story, apart from some other reasons. But one thing for sure: It are NOT the poor framerates, crashing clients, failing databases, voice chat, Windlight or any other “technical improvements” which make SL so attractive or such a lot of people all over this globe.

  52. Ann Otoole says:

    i think more than a few of us would love to see the metrics by viewer version. personally i love good metric analysis and am happy these numbers are posted at all. i guess it all depends on what meta has to work with. can’t produce good crosstab metrics without decent metadata.

    keep up the good work meta.

  53. McSad Rahja says:

    Unable to connect. Login packet never received by login server.

  54. Masami Kuramoto says:

    @ Vivienne
    “As soon as someone allows users to create content, he must educate these users on how to do this in a way that does NOT hamper the community.”

    That sounds good in theory, but what does it mean in practice? Lower the prim limit even further? Replace the prim-based approach with pre-fabricated objects? Make customized building available only to experienced Blender, Maya and 3DS Max users, i.e. 1% of the population?

    Why is micro-primming considered an art form in SL? Not because of LL but because residents love objects that appear detailed even if you zoom in close to them. Builders make those objects because they sell! That’s not Linden Lab’s fault. The builders are very well aware of the fact that their creations contribute to lag. So the education is there, but it conflicts with economic interests. No one pays money for simple, non-scripted objects.

    It’s not like the current approach doesn’t work at all. It just doesn’t work for people with old or slow hardware. The new Windlight shader system is not a problem as you say, but actually a solution: You can reduce the eye candy to a degree which was not possible before, so that it works even with the least powerful graphics cards. Why do people still complain? Because they want all the eye candy for their underpowered rigs as well, and that’s just impossible.

  55. uh oh says:

    Buying a new computer is not the solution. It may help if you have a real old machine. I bought one brand new added an extra 2 gigs of ram added a new video card with 512 ram on board. I turned it on expecting the best. What did I find? Windows Vista has issues with secondlife and or nvidia. The nvidia video card kept have a driver crash while logged onto secondlife. I even dowloaded the latest driver from nvidia. No help.
    I ended up placing the video card in my older computer added extra ram and running windows xp pro. That helped quite a bit.
    Just a shame you buy a new computer and its performance is less than the older one.
    Have been running this RC since it came out. No more screen freezing resulting in a crash. Still have a few crashes on TP.
    Odd thing happened and I am not sure if its the main viewer or what. But since I started using the RC the main viewer both times I tried using it had me lagged out really bad. My friend next to me online wasnt having any lag issues. relogged and logged in on the RC and lag was all but gone. Not sure if the two are related or just a timing thing. Thinking maybe my nephew who was in world also was eating up my bandwidth asked him to log out hard wired straight into the moden no wifi. no noticible change. I clean my cache daily and defrag weekly. Overall secondlife is running good on this end just a few headaches here and there.

  56. Raven Primeau says:

    Uh Oh @51. I had much the same problem and resizing and resetting graphics settings (in SL) seemed to chase it away strangely. I had reduced the settings to minimal to no affect before that to no avail.

    I dropped it to the minimum had SL dtect settings then once it had messed about reset the settings I had it on.

    One oddity though on the std viewer bump mapping is greyed out, and on WL it works on the same card?????

  57. coventina dalgleish says:

    The asset array update, while needed, did little to improve the game as it is now a challenge to just drop an item from inventory on a cl 5 server with out standing technicals. I do not know if this is also an asset related problem we have developed hard edge sculpty’s most work well but the most complex a diamond loses the texture every relog and all that recovers is cleaning of the cache. The texture fractures and therefore is not useable. I have never had crashing problems but lately crash on TP is a crap shoot.

  58. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    I won’t even bother looking at the “statistics” – I know the level of quality. It is crap …. every new version of windlight has more and more crashes occuring with more regularity (crashing every 20-30 minutes is a good day), intermittent lag is at times attrocious and everything takes forever to rez. And you all know what it boils down to? The Main Grid and the central Drive Engine. If you people at Linden Labs would actually pay attention to what people say, get off your backsides and fix the central problems …. there’d be no complaints. Simple. Even a half-dead bug can see that. Get your act together Linden and stop fixing numbers to suit your imagination.

  59. U M says:

    These days on sl grey images are common, no matter what your computer is. If your problem with the clients running correctly or ust nightmarish sim lag you better believe it its LL problem.

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