Calling all builders, businesspeople and budding fashionistas….educators, entertainers, and more…


“Those who are unknown will have the chance to be known!”

Calling all builders, businesspeople and budding fashionistas. Attention you educators, entertainers, environmentalists and evangelists. And let’s not forget the artists and architects; the philanthropists and politicians; the sculptors, singers and just general shining stars of Second Life. You’ve got great stories and we want’ em.

As you know, publicizing the great work of our Residents is one of our favorite pastimes at Linden Lab. We get a staggering number of requests from media to share new and innovative uses of Second Life for education, entertainment, art, culture, business and fill-in-the-blank. So, as a general reminder, we’re always on the lookout for great builds, innovative designs, the weird, the wacky and the wonderful uses of Second Life.

 If you’re amenable to / interested in speaking with press about what you’re doing in Second Life please let us know. We’ll have our people contact your people and we’ll take it from there. We get the most requests for education, business and entertainment stories so are particularly interested in those, but look forward to hearing from everyone. Who knows, maybe your story is the story…

 To submit your information for possible press inclusion, please send an email to Linden Lab’s public relations agency Lewis PR at with the following information:

  (*Note: We must, must, must have real-world names and contact info, so please consider that mandatory. As far as the rest, the more info you can provide the better / more usable you’re overall story will be. However, we appreciate you taking the time to contact us, so please just provide as much info as you can and / or feel comfortable with. We’

ll be in touch with any further questions we might have.)

 Real-world name:

 Contact info:

 Avatar name:

 SLurl (if applicable):

 What are you doing in Second Life?

 How long have you been in Second Life?

 How did you find out about Second Life?

 What were your original goals when you became a part of Second Life? Have

 they changed?

 Was there anything in-world that surprised you, something that you may not

 have expected?

 What do you hope to achieve in-world?

 What is your motivation?

 How many Residents frequent your island/business? Daily? Monthly?

 How do you measure your success in-world? Is it by money or another means?

 What are some of your favorite places in-world?

 What do you think makes Second Life interesting?

 What are the pros and cons of doing business in Second Life?

 What do you see in the future for Second Life?


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