Second Life Havok4 Beta Server v77074 Preview refreshed with 16 fixes (2008-01-11)

The Beta Preview has been refreshed with many new fixes, detailed below. The Havok4 project team is working to replace the physics engine in Second Life with a new version. We are now working on vehicles updates, and hope to have another refresh next week.

The Havok4 Beta Server regions on the Beta Preview have been updated to v1.18.6.77074

The Havok1 reference regions have been updated to v1.18.6.76747 (same version as on the main Second Life system)

For information about the Havok4 Beta Preview, with ideas on what to test, please see the original blog post here:

In addition, there is a wiki that provides detailed information about the Havok4 project as well as detailed information about the new linkability rules:

We are holding regular office hours to review your experiences with the Havok4 Beta Preview. Our office hours are posted here: (Please note the new location!)

Details of the issues resolved in this refresh:

Note: Issues beginning with “DEV-” were internally identified issues, whereas issues beginning with “SVC-” were logged on the public issue tracker.

SVC-1048: Forces from attachments are no longer defeated by the “landing” animation state
SVC-1071: No-Mod objects can now be rescaled by contained scripts
SVC-1072: Scripted objects rezzed between 1024m and 4096m altitude now work correctly
SVC-1093: Hollow prims no longer go off-world when prim center is below terrain near a cliff
SVC-1120: Estate Disable Collisions setting now effective on objects
SVC-1121: No Object Entry setting now blocks object entry at parcel boundaries
SVC-1124: Creating a Linden fern no longer crashes the simulator
DEV-3882: Hover vehicle now turns while coasting
DEV-5139: llTargetOmega will now rotate a non-rotating attachment
DEV-6597: Objects no longer freeze (stick in place) when near an avatar
DEV-7175: Rolling spheres now settle in a more natural way
DEV-7414: Size limit checks now added to RCCS, so that objects larger than an avatar are not simplified under high physics load
DEV-7617: Avatars no longer levitate and drop back down to platforms
DEV-7710: Setting interpenetrating spheres to physical no longer causes simulator “deep think”
DEV-8190: Objects now have the same mass, whether attached or not
DEV-8351: llMoveToTarget scripted objects are now stopped at the boundary of a No Object Entry parcel (similar to SVC-1121)

Best regards,

Sidewinder Linden
Havok4 Program Manager

P.S. Thanks for keeping your comments on this blog entry on-topic for the Havok4 update project!

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74 Responses to Second Life Havok4 Beta Server v77074 Preview refreshed with 16 fixes (2008-01-11)

  1. Bato Brendel says:

    All I can say is Hooah!

  2. Calin McKinney says:

    I am looking foward to this improved physics engine on the main grid. Thank you so much for your work on it!

  3. Daten Thielt says:

    ooo Wonder how vichel changes are gona effect everything on the grid, hopefully in a good way and i have no doubts!! 😀 keep up the work !

  4. clifford bunin says:

    pleaseeeeeeeee incorporate more realism in the game!

  5. Argie Rives says:

    Sidewinder greats fixes! thanks for the info!

  6. White Tandino says:

    Nice work! Thanks for the update! 🙂

  7. Lupercaleb Walcher says:


  8. Yay!…. now work on vehicles already! 😉

  9. Selkit Diller says:

    Thank you, Sidewinder. I see all of the non-vehicle issues reported through FurNation have been addressed– Fantastic! Please, keep up the excellent work.

  10. Ralph Doctorow says:

    YES YES YES – Way to go!!!

  11. Tegg B says:

    Cool, can’t wait for this to hit the main grid , but keep testing it regardless 🙂

  12. ALex says:

    hei pls help me…… i cant log in…when in trying to log it crashes…pls someone tell me what should i do

  13. Nikhita says:

    yeah when i try to log in it gets to the “male” or “female” selection and then it crashes please help me out

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  16. Hi-

    A quick question:

    I know the wiki says: Dynamic objects are still limited to 31 primitives

    but I remember reading in another place, i can’t remember where, that the physical prim limit was in fact being raised to 61? Is this correct or is it going to stay at 31 (at least until sim crossings are smoothed out?).

    Is there any reason for it to stay at 31 other than stability, or is there something else keeping it there?

    Thanks for all the hard work, looking forward to it reaching the main grid!


  17. Ciclop Strom says:

    Hello ,
    Please help me ,I cant log in ..when in thrying to log it crashes
    Please ,someone tell me what should i do

  18. Ayamo Nozaki says:

    Right-o, I agree with comment 4, Make the jumping a little more realistic, gravitys a little crazy, being able to jump twice the height of yourself..

  19. Great to see the havok 4 physics engine coming along. Also what was the early adoption scheme that was proposed for sim owners who wanted to try out the Havok 4 engine early?

    Will the new stability allow higher prim physics limit due to the freed resources which would allow sims to spend more time communicating with other sims?

    Tristin’s just another fool who fell into the trap of scams by giving strangers their money. Stop spamming up all the comments, they could have been used by people with real issues and feedback.

  20. Atashi Toshihiko says:

    My main concerns with the Havoc4 process are vehicles; the last few times I have gone onto the beta to test them, results have been pretty much the same. Handling and control seems fine, the only thing that has been quite affected appears to be friction — when moving at speed, turns are difficult as the vehicles scoot along sideways as if on ice. Now that vehicles are being addressed, should I be in the beta grid testing some more, or wait for another update or two so they’ve had some time to work at it before I see how it’s turned out?

  21. Livinda Goodliffe says:

    Tristan: would you like some cheese to go with that whine of yours??

    As for the Havok4 engine; It’s a great imprivement over the current physics engine. I would like to have an ETA of full implimentation to the main grid; if possible: 1, 2 monthş maybe? Just an estimate, please.

  22. Sidewinder Linden says:

    #38 Atashi: Please see the description in the post and previous status updates. We purposefully have been working on other, more fundamental issues and left vehicle behavior resolution to this phase.

    The next refresh will have a set of vehicle fixes in it, and from there forward we will be continuing to clean up vehicle behaviors. The friction and demping arena are handled differently in Havok4 than Havok1, and we will be working on tuning these. There are control issues with some complex vehicles, and we are working on resolutions to several of these for the next refresh.

    In addition, I’ve reached out to several vehicle builders and am working directly with them to have them test on the beta preview, in order to help us (and them) tune things to work well with Havok4.

    Starting with the next refresh the focus will be strongly on vehicle behavior, so please do start checking vehicles after the next refresh.

    Thanks! /Sidewinder

  23. Wolfie Waves says:

    Great to hear more progress with Havok4, keep up the good work Sidewinder 🙂

    As for Tristin you need to grow up and quit your whining, although I find your complaining rather amusing.

    Anyways, going back to Havok4, was the problem with disabling collisions for a region sorted out in this refresh? I know that was rather an annoying problem for some of the Havok4 test regions on the main grid that were getting grieved.

  24. Locke Traveler says:

    @40 & 41 (Sidewinder): Keep up the impressive work – every time I feel LL is letting me down someone awesome like yourself says all the right things when they need to be said.

    The Havok 4 beta doesn’t affect me much, although I suppose it should – I used to teach physics-based scripting! I’ve been watching some of the Havok demonstration videos, looks impressive.

    My ideal SL would have Havok 4, WindLight, Google-optimised Search (all of which I know are in progress), and Mono (which I have a feeling is resting on a back-burner). Physics, Visuals, Search and Scripting. After that, anything else would be a blessing – maybe power up LSL’s list of functions, bring back joints… 😀 One dream is to play tetherball in SL. When I can do that, I’ll never, ever have a bad thing to say again.

  25. Doug Falta says:

    I do not seem to be able to log in to the Beta Grid. Eh, I’ve tried Enter Name of Region, My Home, and My Last Location and nothing would let me log in. When I try, it always says:

    Login failed.
    Unable to connect to a simulator.

    I am going to re-download the Beta Client and try again.

  26. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @24 Wolfie: Is this the collision problem that you are concerned about?
    “SVC-1120: Estate Disable Collisions setting now effective on objects”
    If this is the problem that you are asking about, then yes, we believe that to be resolved with this refresh.


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  28. uh oh says:

    SVC-1121: No Object Entry setting now blocks object entry at parcel boundaries
    DEV-8351: llMoveToTarget scripted objects are now stopped at the boundary of a No Object Entry parcel (similar to SVC-1121)

    Great cannot wait for this to hit the main grid. was wondering why my parcel gets filled up when object entry is turned off.

    Keep up the good work.

  29. Alisha says:

    ooo oo I found a build bug… If you crreate a copy using “copy selection” it leaves a .005 gap between prims. Bug submitted

    My first bug report. so if i did it wrong, or put it in the wrong place..oops

    (Tristin, and your alts, shooosh!! Your spamming everywhere you can, that will only hinder your results)


  30. Wyald Woolley says:

    I am sooo looking forward to what the Havok4 project will bring to the SL experience.

    I was skeptical at first about WindLight but have come to enjoy some of the realism it brought. So these are good moves.

    (Now “Voice” is a whole different thing…like screwing a CB radio to the dash of a Cadillac.)

  31. Leslie says:

    There is one little glitch that caught my eye. Facelights do not work…

  32. Kiboe Munro says:

    problem, i can’t even log in

    “failed to connect to version maneger”

  33. Jet Burns says:

    I’m really interested how this will effect our NASA airbags that we roll down the Mars Mountain at NASA’s JPL Explorer Island. The other concern is over sim crossings. Please keep the physics coming as we need this for education and engineering as well. -Jet Burn

  34. Montana Corleone says:

    Nice to address vehicles, but the biggest problem with them is ban lines, no scripts and no objects. If you could sort that, or at least have a height above which those don’t effect, then vehicles would be really useable.

    Atm, it seems the grid is borked again: getting login failure can’t find version manager…

  35. Mythos Llewellyn says:

    All well and good, but how abotu before working on new things, fixing the major security issues in world and getting rid of the sex offenders, and terror bringers? A certain couple was brought releatedly to the Attention of Linden Lab, and yet rather then deal with then, Linden Lab cut off all accounts complaining abotu the couple, and threatened a law enforcement agency that contacted them after this couple has traced ips and hurt at least two people now. When will Linden lab, make restitution to thsoe whose accounts they banend for bringing this issue to their attention and kick this couple off SL?

  36. Graiser Lightworker says:

    Nice. I’m looking forward to it.

    Now, how about a blog system like slashdot, where relavance can determine if a comment gets expanded? I can mute people in-game.

    For logging in, have you tried typing in a region name for a region that exists in the testserver? Last time I was on, (granted, they were doing final tweaks to voice chat and sculpties,) only a few of the oldest zones were mirrored over. I don’t think even the color named ones were represented. I don’t know if it’ll help, but it might be another avenue to try.

  37. Graiser Lightworker says:

    Oh. P.S. As a “fix” for banlines, how about stacking a “wilderness” zone above every four mainland zones? In another server, it’d not be the domain of the landbound owner, and it’d not impact the landbound owner any more than objects and traffic in neighboring servers do.

  38. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @16 Brookston: The prim limit is still 31. This has little to do with the physics engine and is more based on overhead on region crossings with complex vehicles. /Sidewinder

  39. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @31 Leslie: “Facelights do not work”… Which viewer were you using when this happened, the release (normal) viewer, a release candidate, the Windlight viewer, the Beta Preview viewer? Did you have the “Local Lights” option turned on in preferences? /Sidewinder

  40. Melanie Milland says:

    @61: i hope it stays that way, too!

    Facelights make people look fugly and interfere with intended building lighting!

  41. Grim says:

    I just downloaded this and all of the characters look like giant boxes.

  42. Nyxem Hax says:

    “We will focus intensely in 2008 on continuing to make SL more stable. We will keep opening the SL platform up to residents, developers, entrepreneurs, and partners. We will shift from our historical focus on relentless feature innovation to put making and keeping happy customers first on our list of priorities.” – Philip Linden

    A previous blog mentioned this statement and really got me excited. Is this new server and phsyics engine a step in this direction? Or is this more a feature addition to the already memory and cpu intensive game?

  43. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @42 Nyxem: The Havok4 project is absolutely a step in that direction. The Havok4 project is *not* a features project. The project replaces an older version of the physics simulation engine with a newer one, and is removing many crash modes from the simulator, which we believe will significantly lower the simulator (server) crash rate. The results of this work will not increase the RAM or CPU footprint of the viewer, since the physics elements of the simulation run on the Second Life servers, and not in the viewer.

    The project wiki page, with more detailed information, can be found here:


  44. Damen Hax says:

    Big fixes, looks like you (the team) had a busy holiday period =}

  45. Sidewinder Linden says:

    Open comment to those who are repeatedly posting off-topic. Please stop posting off-topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted. It does not benefit the project or Second Life, as when you post off-topic it gets inthe way of getting the Havok4 project work done and does not accomplish your goals. /Sidewinder

  46. nomoresecrets says:

    How old is Havoc 4 at this time?

    ps: Thank you all Linden-lab customers, for not posting anymore, since Sidewinder deletes round about 30 critical posts.

  47. JackJack Oh says:

    What about mega-prims? There was a poll about them, how will them handed by hawok4?

  48. Tom Bender says:

    Nice that you work on Havoc… but what about the windlight viewer which sill keeps crashing on startup?
    Why don’t you guys just fix old probs before adding new problems to
    a grid which is suffering since November last year. (or even longer)
    And btw. waiting on a support ticket over 2 months as a concierge customer is absolutely outstanding.
    Sending me a instruction sheet on how to do things I know since I can move my mouse on SL is such a great help.
    Wonderful – really wonderful…
    You’re simply awesome – now I’m getting really upset – is LL just after traffic (user counts and stuff) instead of taking care of the paying minority?
    Where is the so long promised age verification? Wake up and take a look at the grid how many children run around….
    You can’t feed a horse with air – so you can’t run SL with no payment info on file users….
    This is a one way and dead end road.
    I’m so disappointed – really disappointed…

    Fix the goddamn probs! Keep your gimmicks for yourself til you can say: Hey the Grid is stable – let’s try a new feature (and not 20 new and useless gimmicks at a time)
    I’m tired to be a paying guinea pig.

    It’s really a shame!

  49. nomoresecrets says:

    Tom, Leute wie Philip und sidewinder beschimpfen lieber ihre kunden anstatt zuzugeben, dass bei LL nicht über kompatibilität nachgedacht wird, lieber gibt man Anshe 3 monate vorsprung mit ihrer bank in einer anderen welt.

    vergiss SL als eine möglichkeit für aufrechte und ehrliche menschen , Geld zu verdienen.

    btw sag ,al in welchem club du jetzt tätig bist.

    ontopic: hovo4 is great

  50. Tom Bender says:

    Da gebe ich Dir vollkommen Recht nomore…

    Wieso für etwas zahlen wenns auch umsonst geht.
    Fast jeder Artikel – Skin oder was auch immer wird von irgendwem
    kopiert und für null und nix unter die Leute geworfen, was zur bitteren Folge hat, das die Economie in SL den Bach runter geht. Und fühlst Du mal den sog. “kreativen” Dieben auf den Zahn stellst Du sehr schnell fest, das es sich hierbei ausschliesslich um NO PAYMENT INFO ON FILE handelt und meistens nur einen Tag alt sind…. Machen schnelles Geld bis sie auffliegen (wenn sie auffliegen – wenn mal LL aus ihrer stoischen Lethargie erwacht) – das is kein Zustand…
    Wann wachen die mal auf? Userzahlen können trügen – Betrüger tun es – Diebe praktizieren es.
    Leute wie Anche bekommen alles in den Allerwertesten geschoben…
    Sie husten und ein Abwischer von LL steht bereit um ihnen den Popo sauber zu halten… DAS IST DOCH SO ZUM KOTZEN
    LL unternimmt NICHTS gegen den sog. geistigen Diebstahl.
    Sie schützen weder Texturen noch Scripte richtig.
    Jeder einigermassen intelligente Mensch findet schnell raus, wie
    man Sachen auf SL kopiert – und reproduziert und das ganze läuft dann unter dem Deckmantel des sog. “reverse engineering”
    Ich könnte Klumpen kotzen… wo ist unser gutes altes SL wo noch
    Vertrauen gross geschrieben worden ist und vermeindliche Störenfriede und Betrüger wegradiert worden sind?

    Mann was bin ich sauer….

    @nomoresecrets – schreib mich doch mal in world an – dann sag ich Dir wo ich bin 🙂


    live long and prosper

    your beloved P.I.T.A

  51. William says:

    @35..Couls ya send me a notecard sometime explainin WHAT THE HELL your talkin bout?

    Anyway…Sidewinder,,,Big thanx…not enuff Lindens are ready to back their Blogs,,,You come in and back your Blog AND your CREW,,,
    Little off-topic but I wanted to say it

    and anyone wants to say I`m kissin Linden a@@…wellll…your sure don`t know me 🙂
    I just respect anyone WHO STANDS FOR THEIR CREW

  52. nomoresecrets says:

    wow, 60 706 CUSTOMERS online… be proud of it, sidewinder…. but it isnt ur work…. there are stable viewers too….

    customer, sidewinder, write it down, Customers, maybe one of them is ur next boss, when u leave the university. they pay for you.

    you have no way to be proud of your work, because it works not for all.

    instead of praying YES,SIR,YES, u should learn:

    OH, MY DEAR CUSTOMER; HAVE I DONE A FAILURE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND……. sorry for you, i will cancel my contract to the company i am working for, because they wouldnt let me do the right work to help you.

    like a trucker that kills cardrivers, because he will secure his own live.

    you can delete all. sidewinder, the messages are already in google.

    sit down, and stop saying Yes Sir…..

  53. William says:

    Nother waste os Blog space,,,, I`m dyslexic….so shoot at my mistyping all ya want, just reminds me even more how many people in this world, arn`t` fit to breathe the same air

  54. mimi says:

    I cant wait for havoc4! love to have less crashes! (and windlight is getting better every update too)

    I wonder will windlight and havoc be released together?

  55. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @48 JackJack: The megaprim issue has been discussed several times at office hours, and the current consensus is to keep allowing megaprims up to 256 x 256 x 256, and to chop existing ones that are over this size down to 256 on a side. There will not be any construction tools that can create megaprims, but they will not be removed, and will be limited to 256m x 256m x 256m in size.


  56. Sean Heying says:

    Once Havok 4 hits the main grid will prim limits in a region be bumped up from 15,000 to a higher value? Or is this a decision more likely made by those higher up. We can hope I guess.

    @ Montana “Nice to address vehicles, but the biggest problem with them is ban lines, no scripts and no objects.”

    Personally I would prefer my ban lines to really do that and not stop 50M above ground. How many people have skyboxes compared to how many people fly?

    However, vehicles are here so…

    The best solution would be privacy zones, and with 768-1024M becoming buildable this would be a great place. Make that region leakproof as the Jira mentions. So then 70M to 768 becomes flyable and 768-1024 becomes skybox safe.

  57. uh-oh says:

    The best solution would be privacy zones, and with 768-1024M becoming buildable this would be a great place. Make that region leakproof as the Jira mentions. So then 70M to 768 becomes flyable and 768-1024 becomes skybox safe.
    Great idea.
    @35 a real good reason for across the board IDV for everyone. That way LL knows who everyone is.

    ” certain couple was brought releatedly to the Attention of Linden Lab, and yet rather then deal with then, Linden Lab cut off all accounts complaining abotu the couple, and threatened a law enforcement agency that contacted them after this couple has traced ips and hurt at least two people now.”
    This sounds like one of those mass AR griefing attacks that went wrong. Sidewinder Linden. Is it possible for someone out here to trace a persons IP address? Kind of spooky if this is possible.

  58. Open comment to Sidewinder, who is repeatedly deleting off-topic posts. Please stop deleting the off-topic posts. Off-topic posts are only posted here because you leave us nowhere else to communicate. It does not benefit the project or Second Life, when you ignore them and delete them because we couldn’t care less about the Havok4 project. It does not accomplish your goals to continue deleting comments about a very important topic, when the questions, comments, and concerns should be addressed.

    Why don’t you do everybody a favor and find somebody that is capable of answering the banking questions, if you are incapable of doing so. Get Ken D Linden over here to make another post to clarify the questions that are being asked, so that any blog post with open comments isn’t blasted with questions about it!

    I just wish sometimes that you guys would grow a brain and actually try to help your customers with something they are asking. Sure, there’s people that have left comments on this post about vehicles moving from one region to another and all that crap, but has it reached 150 (your limit) within a couple hours? NO! You Lindens should at least be smart enough to figure out that we’re “all” your customers… not just those of us that agree with you all the time.


  59. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @57 Sean and 58 uh oh: The Havok4 project is not a features project. It is an update of the physics engine targeted at increased stability and moving to a current version of the Havok4 physics engine. Issues such as modifying the way ban lines work, implementing an altitude-zoned space (SVC-99) and others are not items that the Havok4 team will be working on with thie release.

    This focus on stability at the expense of new features is purposeful, and is the direct result listening to lotsof commentary requesting us to focus on stability and reliability, and to not add new physics features to the simulator before accomplishing that goal. I have, as have other members of the team, purposefully stayed away from adding new simulator features in the physics arena in order to deliver a more reliable simulator with fewer crash modes, and we believe that we are on track to do that.

    There are many interesting possibilities, including the ones that you have raised. There are many, many such ideas that are possible, and that updating the physics engine being closere to possibility. In order to keep our focus and make sure that we do get to the finish line on this project, we will not be working on new features before we have completed the Havok4 update project and integrated Havok4 into the released simulator that is used across the Second Life system as a whole.



  60. Argent Stonecutter says:

    The flyable zone goes up to 4096. Cutting a slice out of it at 768-1024 is a total slap in the face to aviators.

    The *only* place to put a privacy zone that won’t screw anyone else up is underground.

  61. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @58 Malignant: People can trace your IP address if you enable streaming media and enter a parcel they control streaming media on. In the future, if Linden Labs implements web textures or HTML on a prim, they will be able to trace your IP address just by having you come into visual range of a scripted prim containing web-based content, even if it’s on a freebie object they’ve given away that someone else is wearing.

  62. Ric Mollor says:

    Havok 4, Avatar prim limits, and denial of service attacks.

    Will Havok 4 change attachment prim limits in any way? I’ve recently observed what appear to be a form of denial of service attack in popular places.

    It appears that several of zombie avatars are brought into a region for the purpose of using up the available prims allocated for avatars. The avatars have a huge number of transparent attachments that are not visible but seem to stress the simulator anyhow.

    In my understanding

    15,000 prims per sim reserved for attachments
    31 attachment points per avatar
    ~250 prim limit per attachment.

    If this is correct 2 fully laden avatars can max out the sim.

    Does Havok 4 address this or is it a non-issue?

  63. U M says:

    well tht might be true, but if your provider have a scambler on it. They well get pockets yes. But nothing else.

  64. Great Point Ric;
    Will this issue be “resolved”? We as region owners need the ability to dictate how many prims an AV uses to help thwart this. I would LOVE to have the ability to allow a predetermined amount of prims an AV can use in my sim, as I have noticed MANY new AVies coming into my sim with SOOOO many attachments that my sim begins to bog down, but when the suspected prim monger(s) leave(s), my sim instantly clears back up 😉

    (More on-topic)
    Hopefully Havok4 will reduce simulator crashing substantially.

  65. Zi Ree says:

    Attached prims don’t count against sim prim limit.

  66. uh-oh says:

    @ Argent Stonecutter thank you for the tip. I had thought apple quicktime had fixed this flaw. now the html textures. wow.

    Here we have all these forced fantasy places like carp, midian city and other places that the sim owners promote, nurture and encourage sex offenders allowing them to rape people online and now they can get your I.P. address in game and possibly show up in RL. Why these places are still alllowed out here after the TOS made them against the rules. I can see why now they made this good decesion to do this.
    Will the new viewer fix these problems?

  67. HD1080i says:

    I hope Havoc allows for more than 30 meter primlinking on release – i came here for modeling a high altitude wiindfarm sim – business purposes for real life design considerations. The blade assembly is 144 feet , and needs to script rotate as a unit at 1.2rps or so in flight during collaborative showtime. Windlight and Havoc are impressive, and displays nicely on a 1920×1080 we nVidia cards, truely a stunning High Definition intreraction.

    I dont want to give up on this but at the moment i have no choice but to beg for a solution to the link limit distances.

  68. Bokrug says:

    @67, and uh-oh in general:

    “Here we have all these forced fantasy places like carp, midian city and other places that the sim owners promote, nurture and encourage sex offenders allowing them to rape people online…”

    None of the places you mentioned are ‘forced fantasy’. Participation is entirely voluntary and between consenting adults – you don’t want to participate, nobody is forcing you. I also fail to see how they encourage sex offenders – it’s fantasy between consenting adults. Do you mean in the same way that Conter Strike turns our youth into violent Marilyn Manson listening psychopaths? LOL

    “Why these places are still alllowed out here after the TOS made them against the rules. I can see why now they made this good decesion to do this.
    Will the new viewer fix these problems?”

    What TOS are you reading? And what does this have to do with Havok 4? Are you seriously suggesting that your atrophied sense of morality and imagination should be hard coded into the physics engine? Or the viewer for that matter? Yikes! Your world, Your imagination, indeed!

  69. nomoresecrets says:

    “”The flyable zone goes up to 4096. “”

    Wonder where you got that from?

    i am in a second at 50000 m ( 50 km) and more … i didnt saw a limit.

    its nice to fly up above 6000m because there it is almost lag-free and u can load something better…. :)) oh, and dont wonder if one fly through ur skyhome without seeing you… am too fast…. lol

  70. Martin Magpie says:

    @71 shame on you. Perma ban from LL please.

  71. kellylinden says:

    @70: Avatars with attachments do not have a limit on how high they can fly.

    Currently in SL (pre-havok4) there are different limits for how high objects can go. For example the highest you can set an object with the build tools is 768m, but vehicles and physical objects can go higher. In havok4 the rules are simpler – everything can go up to 4096m high, whether a vehicle or a cube you are setting the position on with the build tools. Avatars remain able to go to unlimited heights with attachments (jet packs etc).

    Link limits are a little relaxed in Havok4, due to a better and more stable algorithm. If you had objects that would almost link, or sometimes link before, in havok4 they should more consistently link. However the max link distances are largely unchanged.

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  73. Creem says:

    @68 HD1080i: Have you considered making a smaller-scale replica (which is very common in architecture, of course)? Even 2:1 scale should be enough to let you link the fan blades. To give people an idea of how big the blades really are, maybe you can have some downscaled props in the area, like buildings and parked cars, and possibly even 2D cutouts of people standing around.

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