Introducing the Customer Relations metrics webpage

Starting today and updated monthly we will be publishing the support team’s general performance stats to the website on this page. Each month’s post will be accompanied by a blog post that provides additional context for the numbers; this will also be accessible from a link on the webpage.

So for the first time we are essentially setting a benchmark for support metrics. In this first month we have included results from a support survey we ran late last year, call volume, call wait times, chat incidences/successes and ticket submission rates. Please note: As we refine the data around other critical metrics we will publish those as well.

One of the most interesting lessons we’re learning as we work on support metrics is what the real impact of an incident is on support (ie. how much additional load and therefore cost does an unexpected incident lead to). Obviously we are always working to lessen the frequency of these incidents, but it’s certainly very useful for us to have as detailed a view of support as we are now getting. For those that have taken part in the customer service survey, or who take part in them in the future, thank you. Your feedback helps us to improve what we do.

As a quick reminder, access to some areas of support is based on your level of membership with us, but for certain things all residents have access 24/7. Those things include:

-Billing. Hey, it’s your real money; you shouldn’t have to wait to talk to us. If you have a billing issue, call us. The phone number is in the Support Portal. Keep in mind that most questions can be answered in the Knowledge Base if you don’t want to talk on the phone. For those of you outside of the US, we are working on getting toll free numbers for you as well.. in the meantime using software such as Skype can greatly lessen the cost of calling. In addition, our response times on billing tickets are low so if you are not able to call us, consider creating a ticket instead.

-Special Tickets queue. Even if you are not a paying customer, there are still things you need quick answers for, and that is what the special questions queue is all about. Login with your email address and file under the appropriate ticket heading, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Anyway, we hope this information will be helpful to you in seeing how great (or less than great) a job we are doing in supporting you in your Second Life, and perhaps shed some light on the volume of issues we are handling day to day, and how far we have come in support over the last year.


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37 Responses to Introducing the Customer Relations metrics webpage

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    are you planning to use continuous process improvement (scientific method aka six sigma metrics) as part of this welcomed effort?

  2. Ann Otoole says:

    fyi the link in this statement: “For full context of these stats on an ongoing basis, please view the Official Linden Blog” is incorrect and results in a 404 error.

  3. Moira Seelowe says:

    As far as a call center goes, you are looking prety good. I would run a trend analysis to find out where you could improve your roi and customer sat and also implament a standardized diagnostic methodology.

  4. Keiko Rau says:

    Its one thing to track internal statistics but customer satisfaction plays a big part too. I avoid the support portal these days because (from memory, without logging in) only around 30% of my tickets were resolved satisfactorily. Several were even left without reply for over a months before I gave up and just deleted them. Will these be tracked? Will the customers satisfaction level with the response be tracked? I have had some really silly and unacceptable answers to some tickets, including responses along the lines of “just ignore it”.

    As for billing, yes its real money, and we shouldnt have to wait. Last time the Lindex messed up I called billing support by phone from Australia (expensive), only to be told that the best the girl could do was lodge a support ticket for me. That is NOT billing support. I could have done that myself! If the billing people cant fix billing issues, you dont need them.

    Even after that ticket was lodged, it took almost a week to get my money back. Around half a dozen live chats got nothing but “we’re sorry but someone is working on it and it will be fixed soon. No we cant refund your money right now.” It was very frustrating as I needed the money quickly to buy a piece of land that rarely ever comes up for sale… naturally after a weeks delay, I missed it.

    So, perhaps you can see why I avoid support, and while I commend your recording metrics and trying to improve the service, unless you actually start providing service (instead of “we cant help you right now” or silly replies), its all just a waste of time.

  5. Ciaran Laval says:

    Ok if you’re going to set benchmarks set sensible ones. How quickly the phone is answered is a smoke and mirrors support stat, along with response time. These stats are easily gamed.

    Useful stats are how long was it between a ticket being opened and closed.

    How many tickets have been open for x amount of days and not addressed.

    How many tickets are closed by a customer before a support person has even responded.

    Whose ignoring the tricky tickets to close the easy tickets in order to boost their output and look good.

    Which support tickets could be avoided if people could find the information easier to help themselves.

  6. Travis Lambert says:

    Fantastic that you’re providing these metrics!

    One metric that seems to be missing however, is your First Call Resolution Rate. That’s an industry standard metric – and while it’d be nice to see that too, at the very least I hope you are tracking that internally as well.

  7. poopmaster says:

    ticket open in November
    5 chat logs with ticket
    every chat said from ok give us one more day

    Still. No. Reply.

    Still open.


  8. Lex Neva says:

    Your first chart’s Y axis is off by a factor of 100. Those labels should be “5, 10, 15, 20…”, not “0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20…”, since the units are labelled as being percentages. 0.10% means that only a few people per thousand actually gave the indicated response.

  9. Sean Heying says:

    One thing you do not guage is customer satisfaction after each live chat or closed ticket.

    Each time I talk to my ISP an email is fired off to me that links to a mini survey… “Was you problem solved”, “Were you happy with the support representative”, “Would you recommend us to another person”, “Comments…”

    I dropped my premium membership as quite frankly I found live chat to be slow, (sometimes up to 10 minutes before each question is answered) and in some cases downright rude and unhelpful. I even had one start swearing at me.

    Also, please work faster on international toll free numbers, Skype is not an option for some of us and international calls are hugely expensive.

  10. Jakyl Lightfoot says:

    I’m sorry, but those statistics don’t mean anything. I’d much rather see percentages, not just volume… Out of all the tickets I’ve submitted, I’ve had 2 answered. 2! So what does that mean? I’m part of the majority that are NOT satisfied all the time? Nice try though..

  11. A. Malaprop says:

    Have to agree with the above, this does not track a lot of whether a customer has actually had things resolved, or even whether their responses for more information have been accepted in some cases. You’ve just had someone walk away in disgust after trying to reactivate an account for months, and I’m sure your metrics don’t record any of that.

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  13. someone that is leaving SL says:


  14. Berry Steinhoff says:

    More transparency is a good thing, providing the data is accurate.

  15. Mystical Thor says:

    You get an F on customer service from me. From the moment I created this account, (Dec 6, 2007) it was premium member. Despite numerous support tickets and even a phone call to billing, the profile still says “no payment info on file” (yet, you took the payment from my credit card). Yep, that’s right, I yanked the premium membership because I felt I’d wasted that money for the month of Dec for service I wasn’t receiving.

  16. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    low wait times???? on tickets????????? i submitted a billing ticket end of november it wasnt even looked at for exactly one month that is VERY poor customer service

  17. mimi says:

    I sent in several tickets: even when my ticket clearly says” I read all in the solution finder/help files and the answer was not there” most of them are closed giving me a link to the standard newbies answer in the solution finder which I wrote i have already read instead of a real answer.

    I now reopen every ticket many times untill someone reads instead of sending back a stupid newbie answer it but its crazy the helpers of the tickets dont read the question and just close them off.

  18. William says:

    Thank you for playing..You are the weakest link

    BuhBye 🙂

  19. Rooke Ayres says:

    Inroducing? Inroducing? 😛

    You guys botched the Title!

    This does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling as far as your attention to details goes. 😦

  20. Cocoanut Koala says:

    It is wonderful that you are taking a close look at all this, and providing us with these metrics!

    I agree with the suggestions made above.


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  22. Keiko Rau says:

    @5 Ciaran
    Yes, thats the kind of stats we want to see…. not how quickly the phone was answered or how many live chats were successfully initiated… I want to know how many live chats successfully solved the problem. Many live chat operators open the window then ask you to wait because they currently have xx other chats open. That will slew the stats on its own. If they cant give you their attention they should not open the chat, and allow it to be recorded as unanswered…. but of course, the pressure is on them to keep the unanswered stats low.

    @17 mimi
    Yes that is another big problem. Im a fairly technical person. I dont ask newbie questions, but I often get links to newbie answers that dont even address the question, and the ticket is closed. Then LL graph that the ticket was closed in 5 minutes, tick, good job, pat on the back, and I have to then reopen it and ask the question again, hoping for a REAL answer the second time and not just a newbie link.

    Seriously… I often think that Helpdesks and Call Centers are put up as a barrier to stop customers getting to the actual techincal support people and taking their time.

  23. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    Six Sigma as in the Dilbert cartoons? 🙂 Think I’d rather vote for common sense evaluation.

  24. Kelly Stuart says:

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  25. Mmm, Linden Lab may need a business consultant. Call me lol.
    But serious. Mesasuring customer services just need a few sensible
    stats. No more, no less.
    – How many times the telephone was not answered after 3 minutes ( lol ).
    – Friendlynes.
    – Quality of the help ( has the end user really been helped ? ).
    – Speed of structural problem solving ( frequent similiar reported problems ).
    – Speed of ticket closing against a benchmark ( let’s say 2 days ).

    That’s all is that is needed.

  26. Toxic Menges says:

    For all UK SL’ers who want to use phone support, there are a number of websites that offer 0845 numbers tyo use to then dial a US number for around 2p per minute. When I need to ring LL, I use

    Works for me, and FWIW, I have always found concierge support great, timely and of great help 🙂

  27. Doreen Garrigus says:

    I have submitted exactly one ticket. It was regarding a group I created right before the holidays, with the intention of adding people to it right after the holidays. I paid my hundred Lindens, went away to my family gatherings, and the group was dissolved when I got back, apparently because groups with only one member are routinely dissolved. I got no notice. I submitted a ticket. I was advised that notice is usually sent and that perhaps I was missed, but that what I needed to do was create the group again. No mention was made of reimbursing me for Linden Lab’s mistake, and no apology was offered.

    As a customer service experience, it was an abject failure. Although the amount of money is very small, it is still real money. Although an avatar was the creator of that group, a real person (a real customer) was still inconvenienced. You can say whatever you would like in your TOS, and I will still be offended that I had to pay twice for your mistake, and that nobody apologized.

  28. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Linden Labs has NO customer service lol they just have the motto shut up an pay nothing more lol
    Open grid will kill them off lol

  29. Celina Lathrop says:

    Well, I´d love to. Unfortunately, as of this afternoon I can´t log in at all. “DNS could not resolve…” and so forth. Oh, I was logged in before. Then I teleported and crashed, and that was it. For the first time (yes, it has happened before, once), I couldn´t even access the homepage. Downloaded and installed the client, which helped the last time, but it shows “loading” and just hangs there. After several tries I managed to access the blog… through jira. I can´t send a help request to support because the only part of the SL website I can access (forgot to lock me out of this window, perhaps?) is this, the blog. I spoke to my ISP support, they did what they could, but there´s nothing wrong there. Apparently it´s from your end. No settings in my firewall were changed, in fact nothing was changed at all. Now what? Shall I just ask my partner to downgrade my account from premium to basic? Because God knows I see no way out here. Can´t even reinstall the client because I can´t go to downloads. Mind you, my partner downloaded the candidate for me and sent me. That didn´t help either. A simple “We´re having DNS problems, should be normalised in two days” would help, you know…I´m sorry to be venting here, guys, but really, this is my only way of communication at the moment.

  30. Accountability Watch says:

    As much as I am willing to put up with the stability issues and willing to bear the financial consequences. I am going to be brief and blunt:

    When TP is not working and every TP makes you crash, or the grid is crippled with avatar not rezzing etc.. the grid has an issue which SHOULD be acknowledged on the blog as “the grid currently experiencing difficulties” with a possible time frame to fix the issues. Let’s not pretend there is nothing wrong and that such is a normal status. Thank you.

  31. Kirie short says:

    hello well i cant find it any were on the web page so maybe some one can help when i go to log on to sl every thing look conecter theres no hand all the stuff is there stats online but i log in and it gose to wating for regeon hand shake then it stops there and pops up with a thing that says unabel to connect login packet never reces bye login server then it has a thing that says help but whne i cliuck on it ti goes to an invaled web adress … any one have a clue

  32. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    This is somewhat off topic but i might actually (fingers crossed, knock on wood) get some answers. I opened a new account under the name “Kittikat Honi” with the STA Travel community here on SL. This was yesterday. 24 hours have passed and as yet i still have not recieved a verifaction e-mail from SL saying that I can begin the account. The e-mail address provided was Can someone at Linden Labs – assuming they actually read these blogs – please provide me with info as to why this has happened? Without a password this account is dead in the water.

  33. McSad Rahja says:

    @31: I am having excatly same issue, and i have NO idea how to solve it. All my drivers are updated, my firewall havent been changed, and my pc is way better than the requirements… I havent been online for months, cuz ive been sick, and now i have no idea how to see my sl friends again..
    I tried support page but cant find a solution..
    If anyone have a link or something to a resident to resident page maybe, so we dont use these blogs for this issue?

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  35. Hey everyone. Good for you that your publising your customer satisfaction scores but i read these as way out of date and not what you really need. More importantly, i calculate that you are only achieving around a 60% satisfaction rate overall.

    That compares in the real world against proven cs statistics as follows:
    <90% you are going out of business
    90-92% thats just average
    92-94% you are creating loyalty
    94-96% you are building loyaly and word of mouth recommendations

    You are missing a huge trick here and in so doing putting your whole proposition at risk. Just think about it. You have four out of ten of your customers who dont appreciate you. More proven statistics say that they will give you a bad recommendation at least ten and maybe as high as 26 times to others. But those who like you will only recomend you once or five times to their friends in the same period.#
    can you really afford that huge negative drain on your reputation?

    You guys need serious help with this right now or someone else will come in with a far better service proposition As someone whose been there and got the tee shirt in turning big organisations from 60 percenters to over 96% I’d be happy to help by giving you some tips and pointing you to where the low hanging fruit really is; it certainly isnt in your telephone response times admirable though they are!
    Mick Finsbury

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