Knowledge Base Article of the Week #11: Time for a Change

Hi everybody! This edition of the Knowledge Base Article of the Week goes out to new Residents and anyone looking for a quick refresher on how to adjust your avatar’s looks and organize your clothing, in the form of a handy video tutorial: How to change your appearance. (After you click on that link and log in or provide guest credentials, you’ll be whisked directly to the article in question)

As usual, Jeremy and I will be holding Documentation Office Hours on the couch-dock in Beaumont on Friday at 2pm SLT. You’re invited to stop by and chat with us about the documentation for Second Life, how you use it, and ways in which we could improve it (as always, support requests are for the Support Portal). We’ll see you there!

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32 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #11: Time for a Change

  1. hugsalot says:

    hey how about some information as to why the new server improvements have actually degraded it? I can’t teleport, I can’t put on my clothes, I can’t attach anything, and I can’t DO ANYTHING. Yeah great job!

  2. Montana Corleone says:

    Marvellous, but the spectacular lag in rezzing objects after the new maintenance is worse than the odd failure to rez. Worse lag in loading the log in page, worse lag in logging in, worse lag on rezzing, worse lag opening notecards, in fact worse than ever. Another spectacular maintenance update from LL…

  3. Hanumi Takakura says:

    Each maintenance has what i call, a cooldown time. Things get hot and problems arise, the over time, all stabilizes.

  4. Katie Usher says:

    Cannot wear anything, none of my poses work, cant TP. I am sure it will all be ok tomorrow?

  5. Ann Otoole says:

    why is there suddenly a bigger gap between pants and shirts now? what exactly did you change to accomplish this feat?

  6. Bulldog Liberty says:

    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve crashed or had to re-log since the update >;o(

  7. Chicks dig the X-files.

    The lively host demonstrated X-files virus like eyes as he provided a lively demonstration of avator clothing options.

    The best thing about this video-presentation is that it provided some good little quick-tips on how to change items amoungst other tastey tidbits. Some tasty items give one a way to become more efficient in our fast paced SL world. Heck, now I sound like my real life boss…ouch.

    Keep up the good word. thanks. Sincerely….fishhhook snook, pattriach of the SL Philadelphia crime syndicate family.

  8. Sean Heying says:

    Anne in 5 writes “why is there suddenly a bigger gap between pants and shirts now? what exactly did you change to accomplish this feat?”

    /me giggles, thats the new mind police law which requires you to be over 2.20M tall, unfortunately the new servers they put in to police this didn’t grow your clothes to take account of your new mandated avatar size.

    That is said with tongue in cheek… or is it 😛

  9. Dragger Lok says:

    Asset servers are still borked- been waiting for hours- hours for some mention- then it’s fixed….. well it isn’t fixed and it’s been an issue for well over three weeks- what gives??why the shabby treatment?? where is the stable platform??

  10. Lish Lach says:

    On the topic of organizing your clothes, could you please have a programmer put some time into fixing the spastic behavior of Inventory folders? Every time I try to drag things around, I have to dodge and second guess all the hair-trigger folders that insist on popping out their contents.

    At least, could you put in a check box in the Filters dialog to allow us to turn off jack-in-the-box folder popups?

  11. Milo Bellow says:


  12. Malachi Petunia says:

    Can’t make the Documentation Office Hours, but couldn’t you come up with a more descriptive title for the next entry: ?

  13. Lish Lach says:

    BTW, InventoryAutoOpenDelay is completely broken.


  14. Balpien Hammerer says:

    Hey fellow Lindens, I’ve noticed a change. I’ve now crashed 5 times in 15 minutes. So, what did you do in the last maintenance?

    It happens usually when playing sound loops… Bug filed.

  15. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    #10 – You CAN open 2 (or more) inventory windows at a time. Saves time scrolling up / down and mostly removes the jack-in-the-box folder issue.

    The #1 issue that needs to be addressed (after the cooldown period mentioned above) is the fact that there are at LEAST 3 viewers which all render objects (especially sculpts) in radically different ways. This situation has become worse than the IE. vs. Mozilla vs. Netscape standards war that has been waging for years. Do you know how it feels when you work night and day creating sculpts for your customers, making sure that every detail is impeccable and they tell you it looks like **** in their viewer? I’m sick of it, it’s been happening for 6 months and there MUST be consistency or sculpting will become a dead profession. When my products only look good on 1/3 of the viewers and only 50% of the time it KILLS SALES.

    What are the recurring problems? The Standard and Release Candidate viewers DO NOT correctly load the sculpt maps – they fail to load the final detail level which smooths and perfects the viewed mesh. The FirstLook viewer will only properly load the sculpted meshes half of the time, the other times it produces the SAME degraded mesh the Standard and RC viewers produce. Degraded Meshes = Angry Customers Who Call Your Work Crap (they use the OTHER four letter word to describe it however).

    In addition to that, there are ONLY 2 sculpt topologies (cylindrical and planar) which accurately reproduce the intended sculpted meshes. Sphere and Torus both produce hideously incorrect meshes. Cylindrical mapping WILL produce the correct mesh but ONLY if you are using FirstLook and ONLY if you get the good load (only half the time of course, if not you have to relog and hope it loads next time).

    The trouble with spherical and torus topologies is simply the fact that the stitching is not done correctly, and in most instances this will ruin your mesh. For spherical topology – when the edges are stitched SL fails to center the stitching – they appear to stitch to one side of the mesh where in reality both sides should stitch to a central location (1/2 the distance between the points being stitched). Ever try to texture something like this? These inconsistencies can ruin the most carefully crafted texture.

    Additionally – it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to make body attachments (such as muscles / breasts / other private parts) that look good in ANY viewer for several reasons:

    1) The lighting / shadowing of sculpted prims is extremely different than the lighting / shadowing which is applied to the avatar itself. Even when you use the same texture (or solid color if your avi is solid color) the sculpted attachments look radically different than the avi body. This applies to all viewers.

    2) FirstLook only: Sculpted attachments (again primarily body parts) can ONLY look good at a single daytime setting. For instance – you make a set of breasts that look amazing (and match the avatars skin tone / texture) at high noon – but at any other time of day the shading and shadowing is horrible. How on earth can I make a business of selling these? It’s bad enough that 1/3 of the viewers view it properly (50% of the time) but now I reduce the number of potential customers again because the only ones who will purchase these products are the select few that arrive at my store during high noon.

    I am HAPPY that there is progress being made but I am MAD that LL has allowed 3 viewers that render so inconsistently to be in continued use this long. WHERE IS THE NEXT STANDARDIZED VIEWER? Come on LL, I have a lot of really nice sculpts in my inventory that I can’t even sell because most people use RC or the standard viewer (and they look terrible in those viewers). All I want is straight edges, consistent lighting / shadowing (between sculpts and avi’s) and a peace of mind knowing my sculpt will look the same in all viewers. Thanks for you time.

  16. Melanie Milland says:

    There are actually several issues involved in what you describe.
    First of all, there are no imaginary surfaces in the mesh. The mapping of pixels in the sculptmap to mesh vertices is rather nonobvious, but it is consistent.
    Second, the load priority of the sculpt map is significantly lower than that of a visible texture, where in fact it should be much higher. The sculpt map should load before the surface textures, IMHO.
    Thirdly, I believe that mipmapping and LOD should not be applied to sculptmaps smaller than 128×128. They should be loaded in one go, and never reduced no matter what size the object is, or what the distance to the object is.

    All these things are viewer changes, rather than server changes, so maybe a mad patcher can be found to address these issues…

  17. HD1080i says:

    ok – Linden Labs seems to want business use, but the prevailing situations make that seriously risky. having a client with a prepped avatar appear ruthed, fly off to hide and ask for help, get stuck in constant flight ( that bug i hate ) to hit an ejection orb…

    i am ready to go forward but i dont wish to buy an island and take risks in the timecost to fill it out when the grid is like this.

    feel free to contact me.

  18. Nikkie jua says:


    I have a problem after the maintenance. Some things look like you have highlight tranparent on. This is in First Look Only. So some objects turn reddish while in de normal viewer, things look fine. That means that in the normal viewer I do not see those object at all, while in the First Look these object show up in a light transparent red
    What might be the problem there? It bothers me somewhat.


  19. Fellatione Aabye says:

    It saddens me to see that with each UPDATE or UPGRADE all of Second Life is going down the drain…. GREAT JOB

    Now a dear friend of mine is stuck and crashed in open state She even isnt able to log in anymore … GREAT JOB

    Inventory problems, stuck in flight? Rezzing Problems ..What next???? … Great Job

    Instead of treating us RESIDENTS like little children … Become responsable adults … take your own responsabilities … Instead of trying to be a White Knight in Shiny Armour who keeps up the Morality (Dictated to you by 3th parties … )

  20. Tepic Harlequin says:

    It’s the timing that is so wonderful! An article on how to change your appearance a few hours after many of us experienced a rather unplanned change! Odd thing is, this is not the first time an article has been published just after a hiccup in the system it is giving us advice on – maybe it would be worth checking what the current in-world problems are before publishing?

    Just a thought, to avoid the insult after injury feeling some of us are getting, though to be honest, this did make me chuckle!

  21. Chelley LeShelle says:

    Wow! The “(worn)” tip was just sooo useful! Thanks Torley for another cracking tutorial 🙂

  22. Moz McGinnis says:

    I have to agree with people who are finding SL more troublesome lately. The last week has been horrendous. Usually things settle and updates are stated. It seems like the updates on in world conditions are slim to none, so when this notice came up I was pretty surprised that more of an explanation of what was going on with SL wasn’t mentioned instead. The two weeks before this fiasco we were getting queries on whether or not we were finding SL better or worse. I think LL would be overwhelmed with the negative response if you were to put a query out at this point.

  23. manfer riptide says:

    I used to look forward to sharing my amazing experiences in SL w/ my RL, non-SL friends.
    SL is so buggy and disappointing, performance-wise, lately, that I’m becoming ambivalent about even logging in, just to end up playing “Rez- Roulette, myself.

    Recruit friends? I’m about to go check out other VR Worlds for myself.
    Starbucks is now losing money, because it forgot that Service built its success, & it got too big & money – hungry. I hope that isn’t what’s happening in the SL I want to keep being involved in.
    PS This Forum is invaluable! Best thing is that I find out which mess-ups were SL’s fault, not mine, & stop driving myself crazy trying to debug things beyond my control.
    I eagerly anticipate the return of SL to its stable state, and the further pursuit of Its/ Our Fantastic shared vision (or actual shared quantum state :-} )

  24. Beta X says:

    aaa, LL, had an idea i wanna make as public info just to say it is to the world, our world, and bolth, anyone here for setting

    llListen() commands as i privlage same as “can see me on map”

    or can modify my items”? or something like such to kill these listener “info theft” programs out there?

    or better LSL in-game security such as a “set this script to listen and talk ONLY to items created by you?”?

    this one’s for the people AND LL questioane, i chose Blog because this is a global view for the world to see

    (as on topic of corse as prim work and scripted items can change your AV’s look…)

  25. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    @ 15:

    Nulflux, there may be three clients running around on the grid right now (actually more when you throw in the third-party clients), but in truth there is ONLY ONE TRUE SECOND LIFE CLIENT. It is not the Nicholas viewer, it is not the OnRez viewer, nor is it the Windlight First Look client or the Release Candidate. It is only the standard client available from the Second Life website. Anybody using something else is not using the real client. Plain and simple. So any issues anybody using another client may see, may or may not stick around to be a problem in the REAL Second Life client. So if you start changing how things look based on other non-official clients, and then those problems get fixed before they become the real client, then you’re back to square one all over again. Build for the real client and the people who are using something else will have to live with it, that’s really the only realistic option.

  26. Stone Klaxon says:

    MemTurbo events and recycle times may not be a calibrated, problem solver, but rather clearly are indicating a marked increase in “loose ends”; an increased failure of the upgrade’s ability to return fragmented memory to the heap. I suggest the next upgrade concentrate on auto-flushing stacks instead of simply adding more bells and whistles. Given I use a laptop, I can not be continuously upcreasing my ram and cooling capacity. Recently, my laptop has been roasting as its first gigabyte of ram is being “wasted” and greatly increased core temperatures (probably due to non-stop disk caching) are causing unannounced (!), precautionary shut downs in advance of hardware component damage and permanent failure. Certainly, exhausted resources and increased system temperatures are playing a huge role in my own inability to rez items, compile scripts, and enjoy seamless client / server communication. Please be respectful of our limited resources.

  27. pantaiputih korobase says:

    sorry, off topic, but I have troubles with the curent windlight viewer. the water is pretty fine now (which was not with the last viewer), but now the skies are damaged. The skies are black stripes with some ‘sky’ stripes. Does anyone have the same problem or can help me out if it can be changed by changing some settings. I am using Nvidia GeoForce 8400 GT GPU. Fell free to IM me if you know a solution as if it remains like that windlight is absolutely useless for me though it could be really nice.

  28. Bagracer Bergson says:

    one thing that would be nice is to have the underwear show up in windlight first look, the only way to remove it is in appearance or from the actual clothing piece in the folder, its gone from pie menu or the remove clothing menu in tools.

  29. Urantia Jewell says:

    @28 pantaiputih korobase

    Slightly adjusting “Sky Detail” up or down, in Preferences, should help.

  30. pantaiputih korobase says:

    hey urantia, THANKS a LOT!!!!! it worked!

  31. Beta X says:

    was only curious as LL offers buisness support to those starting these “in-game companies and off-world based ones” and create AV equipable products.

    been around long enough to see the term “compatability” used as a form of excuse for “string highjacking” code to be so when the intent of the creators was there products only, but the only “true security” are sim and user bog downs via an off-world server method.

    i seen this happen to some of the best because they have been forced to sacerfice sim capabilities for the same of there users and seen there sims crashing every 30 min due to these “server useage info defence” methods that you have provided your users

    yes this comment colaberates user item based apearance as well

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