[Resolved] Logins

We thank you for your patience while logins were closed. We had three databases go down successively so we turned off logins to minimize the impact. Logins are open.

6:44 PM Update   The grid is open for new logins again.  This may be slow to start off and require a few attempts and then you should soon experience normal login.

New logins are on hold while our engineers work on a technical issue.  We will post here as soon as they are open again and keep you updated.

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10 Responses to [Resolved] Logins

  1. Martin Magpie says:

    I had a feeling since objects wouldn’t delete again. Would this be an asset server issue by any chance?

  2. Tripimus Kyomoon says:

    they killed loggins just as i was reloging how bad of a timing is that

  3. Merry_Mousehold says:

    Yeaaah. Kinda hard to miss.

  4. Sigh. /insert loud grumble about stability of game/platform.

  5. Wonz Guyot says:

    Sounds good 😉 hope u work fast so we can come in agian

  6. Major Nono says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t rez for a few minutes and then I’m suddenly kicked out then 5-10 minutes later this blog post comes up… >.<

  7. varash says:

    how abaut a yell next time QQ

  8. Ann Otoole says:

    thanks Kate. here’s to a solid fix quickly.

    hopefully all will go as planned tomorrow and by thursday sl will return to a condition that does not include multiple problems on a daily basis.

    fyi there is a continuing issue with no copy items vanishing from inventory again. hopefully tomorrow’s outage will resolve this as well.

  9. Muzicole Undertone says:

    ETA? C’mon!

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