[RESOLVED] Intermittent asset server issues

[RESOLVED 08:34 AM PST] All systems appear to be happy again. Thank you for your patience.

[UPDATE 08:19 AM PST] The grid is open to login for all residents now. We will keep monitoring things and shout the “all clear” as soon as we’re there.

[UPDATE 07:50 AM PST] A fix for the asset servers is on the way. At this point, access to the grid is still restricted to Linden Lab Employees only.

[UPDATE 06:53 AM PST] To fix this problem we need to close access to the grid for now. We will keep you posted on all news here.

[UPDATE 06:43 AM PST] Our Ops team is working on the asset server issue. Until this is resolved, we would recommend you refrain from rezzing, deleting or trying to take any objects inworld.

Over the last hour, we’ve found an intermittent issue with our asset servers. The errors you’ll see might include failure to delete or take objects, move objects, timed out requests, inability to save scripts or notecards and to change your clothes.

We are aware of this, and it is being investigated right now, and we’ll update you here with any news.

We apologize for the interruption to your sunday plans.

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