[RESOLVED] SL Inventory Issues at this time

[RESOLVED 2:18 AM] Our operations colleagues have worked to resolve the situation. We have restarted all regions we could find that exhibited the problem and the rate of any new regions having this difficulty is low. Our operations team will continue to monitor to see if it continues to occur. Residents should report problems via the support portal if they find that a particular region continues to prevent them saving notecards or script or taking items from in-world. Thank you to you all for your patience and understanding while we worked on this issue. – Matthew

[Update 1:24 AM PST] The situation has been resolved in most of the regions it originally affected. It did not affect all regions in-world. For the majority of residents there should be no problems.

We are restarting the small number of regions where we are continuing to find inventory (and other) difficulties. Things which indicate that your region is still affected will include attachments not saving, objects not being able to be taken or deleted from in-world and scripts/notecards not being saved. – Matthew

[Update 12:12 AM PST] Regions are being restarted at present at 2-second intervals. We are working on this carefully so please continue to bear with us. As per our original posting, please do not rez or edit any items in your inventory or attachments on your avatar. We will update you with more asap. – Matthew

[Update 11:12 PST] Approximately 1,000 regions are in the process of being restarted to help resolve this issue. No final word yet when this will be resolved. — Frontier

[Update 9:21 PST] We are still examining this issue and looking into resolving it. Keep an eye on this post for further updates. -Elle

[Update 8:21 PST] Operations is investigating scattered reports of ongoing issues with rezzing and reclaiming assets. We will be keeping this post current with updates until the issue is resolved. -Elle

[RESOLVED 2:20 PST] It turns out a handful of regions needed restarting to completely clear the asset issues. Thanks for your patience.

[Update 1:30 PM PST] Our Operations Team is still checking on a small number of residual inventory problems. If you’re still having trouble rezzing or claiming assets, please be patient, and we’ll keep you posted.

[UPDATE 12:15 PM PST] Inventory problem is resolved. Second Life is now open again.

Second Life is currently experiencing Inventory Issues. It is highly recommended that Residents do not rez or edit any items in their inventory or attachments on their Avatars. Second Life at this time is restricted to Linden Login only until this issue is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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