Knowledge Base Article of the Week #10: Hold On!

Hello everybody, I hope you had a merry Winter Festival and a happy new year! This week, I’d like to show you an article exploring why we place Second Life accounts on hold, and what you should do if you find your account has been held: Why is my account on hold?

As usual, the link to this article will direct you to the Support Portal login page. Once you have logged into Support, you will see the article.

This week also marks the return of Documentation Office Hours! I know you’ve been saving your questions and suggestions for two weeks now, so come air them out at our information depot in Beaumont on Friday at 2pm PST.

We welcome all discussion regarding the Knowledge Base and how people use our documentation to learn about Second Life.

See you there!

Jeremy Linden

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136 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #10: Hold On!

  1. Aloe Stradling says:

    Nice. Tho, I guess ALL of SL is ‘on hold’ till they get the grid back up.

  2. Mo dryke says:

    too bad we can’t log in to TP to this nice slrul πŸ˜‰

  3. Tensai Hilra says:

    So is this turning into another paypal, where if someone buys something from you with stolen lindens, your account is in jeopardy?

    I’m a sim/store owner and plan on quite a bit more, but if I risk loosing everying because a tennant pays rent with jacked lindens, I may re-consider my plans with SL all-together.

    If I’m mistaken, or can hear some assurance this is not the case, I would certianly feel alot more at-ease.

  4. topmate says:

    I suspect the timestamp feature of WordPress was used when the blog posting was originally written, meaning that it was waiting in the system to go live at the set time and date.

  5. Kugel says:

    /me wonders if LL actually post these little “ditties” during the plethora of unscheduled downtime and RR’s just to ensure the peasents STAY revolting 😦

    BTW … anyone else having the problem with the 76453 WL log on page taking FOREVER to load (and I mean before this current outage)?

  6. Kos says:

    Yep. I can’t wait for the Teen Grid to be back up. 😐

  7. Mo dryke says:

    @2: maybe jeremy is not a techie and can’t help fixing the assets server… I prefer him to post this rather than doing nothing at his office

  8. Chris Anthony says:

    LOL – aren’t all of SL accounts “on hold” at the moment? I haven’t commented on this blog in months because it is rather pointless, but here I am again – more the fool me then.

    Maybe they posted this here to give people somewhere to vent, seeing as they’ve closed comments on the inventory issue which has shut SL down.

  9. AngelT Tripsa says:

    Being able to log in to sseee the article would be nice too

  10. RoXeE RoSsInI says:

    Hey everyone at Lee’s. I cant get back in SL is down.
    Cya’s soon!

  11. Matt Munster says:

    This is off topic, but I was wondering if there has been an estimate made on when the grid will be back and when access will be made open… I was directed here… nothing so far… future postings? Thanks.

  12. Very Keynes says:

    Well It was certanly bad timing πŸ™‚ Bet comments are closed prety fast too. But before they are, can a Linden give us an indication of when the grid will be back up? Or should I just go to bed, as I should have the last time the rolling restart took the grid offline, the day after, all night for us non US residents.

  13. Minni Trotter says:

    #3 too bad we can’t log in to TP to this nice slrul πŸ˜‰

    I crash on TP nearly half the time LOL

  14. Zedd Loring says:

    so when are the patches going to be integrated into the servers and stop all this crap?

    thanks for the blog entry… its rather useful right now……

  15. Samy Tomsen says:

    I dont think that this blog post took precedence over fixing it because jeremy who posted it doesn’t have anything to do with the fixing process so it doesn’t matter if he post on a blog or sleep under the desk that wouldn’t slow down anything so don’t panic. πŸ™‚ mmm ok if lindens is a one man company i would be worried too. πŸ™‚

  16. Rocky Merosi says:

    @2 I think we need to revisit a common response to many blog posts. Not everyone at Linden Lab is a technical person that handles technical problems. We are all frustrated about the grid being down because it affects personal time and also businesses in SL but the people that have the job of fixing things like this I am sure are working on it.

    For example, you wouldnt expect a customer service agent in a call center to run and fix a corporate website for that business would you?

  17. Yes, this post was written who knows how long ago and pre-posted (scheduled posting).

    I highly doubt the post would have been made in the midst of a grid crash and even the support portal the above link refers to isn’t working.

    ON TOPIC: I have the same question as Tensai Hilra (#4 as of my writing) –
    What happens when some unsuspecting person ends up with counterfeit L$ and starts spreading it around, unknowingly jeopardizing their business and my neighbor’s business and MY BUSINESS all because I *cannot* refuse a payment from anyone at any time?

    THIS is what makes me nervous.
    I understand all the counterfiet L$ has to be removed quickly as possible – and if the perpetrator is banned or whatever, I don’t even have a problem returning the spent L$ paid to me back to Uncle Philly.

    But I don’t want to be penalized.
    I’m sure I speak for many, many people in this regard.

    As for the other stuff – a very good post, Jeremy. Thank you very much. Most instructive and helpful.

  18. Beezle Warburton says:

    Might it be possible to have the knowledge base articles somewhere besides behind a support portal login?

    Besisde the occasional issue with logging into the support portal, it would also make them *much* more convenient to link directly to.

  19. Tensai Hilra says:

    @18, heh only today does it roll back your attachements? its been doing that to me for 2 weeks now… mostly in breaking my huds

  20. Stoo Straaf says:

    Vendors in the real world are protected to some extent from fraudulent transactions. Usually the card companies and banks soak up the loss, and that is built into their business models.

    If SL is going to freeze the accounts of any businesses who are innocently in receipt of fraudulent money, then the economy will collapse because nobody will want to take part.

    What if someone pays rent on my sims using illegal money? If my account gets put on hold, then that affects many residents who cannot contact me or do business with me. Essentially, just one fraudulent action will cause over 50 innocent residents to lose their land across all my sims.

    I’d like some assurance this would not be the case.

  21. Shakeelah Barbasz says:

    Well seems LL has been having some issues with inventory , rezzing objects and some other things for a few days now. It could be do to the bad weather other states are getting in the USA< but all in all LL does do their best to bring us back up and running again. Been in game not under this name but my main alt name for 3 yrs now. LL has always been there to pull or fix anything that happens .
    Hats off to you LL, tech team keep up the good work and I know we will be back up and running like normally .

    Happy 2008 LL & Team

  22. nahona says:

    yup i had a great new year, SL worked just fine for the new year… and then now… as Mo said it’s too bad we can’t log in to tp to this surl. Err… well Linden seem back at work and yesterday was the rolling restart… and now… outage… oh great… mmm? hazard? Causality?

  23. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I once had my account on hold (something to do with someone giving me fraudulent L$) and the Lindens were very nice in getting my account restored. But it took more than 3 days which isn’t really bad at all.

  24. Tatanya Vazquez says:

    @18 Lol.. Well all look at it this way all… the year can only get better now πŸ™‚

  25. Gwyn says:

    keep calm folks. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  26. hugsalot says:

    @12 Likely the person who posts this blog has nothing to do with the people who work on fixing technical problems like this. It’s not like all Linden Employees all have the exact same job skills and are interchangeable. As if you made more Lindens fix the asset server problems, it will get fixed sooner. This isn’t some RTS game folks.

  27. Exploit vector:

    Create character. Make counterfeit lindens. Find person you hate. Give them money. They get banned. Delete character.

  28. Shakeelah Barbasz says:

    I heard the Lindens bought , so that would be issues again lmao

  29. Hank Roar says:

    Jeremy – stop posting info (valuable though it may be) and nip in and ask them when the grid will be up please. Posting downtime updates that are more than 30 minutes apart – is inconsiderate. Do I go elsewhere – or wait?

  30. Darmera Vandeverre says:

    It’s nice to have a place to make a comment about the wonderfull Lindensworld. A world full of problems and difficulties. I think I will stop playing it wen it goes on this way. Nice to have windlight, speak a.s.o. I prefere a stabel SL, with much less trouble most every day.

  31. Aimee McBride says:

    The grid is down yet again, what’s new, do you know that I had a problem with sl not so long ago. I had to delete everything from my cache by hand, because sl kept crashing, it took me over two hours to do that, and yes I was mad, but I did it. Now last night I went to help a friend build something and couldn’t do that, I could see if I lived on a different sim, or wasn’t a member of the same sim. Then I could understand, and then today the same thing happens again, I don’t know why these bugs can’t be fixed and then we could avoid so much down time. I do agree though there has to be down time because the kinks need to be worked out.

  32. Gwyn Says:

    keep calm folks. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    And Rome fell pretty spectacularly………………….

  33. So lets see the last time my account was almost put on hold was when LL and Paypal couldn’t get their act together and for 4weeks i received on one hand assurances from Concierge that my account was safe and on the other I had Billing telling me that as my account was in delinquency I had 7 days to adjust it and 30 days to sort it or I would find myself with the possibility of no account at all. Then my 10 islands would have been taken and everything would have fallen apart.
    I don’t know if this sort of foolishness has yet been permanently sorted out as like the rest of you I cannot get in to check on things.

    But perhaps it would have been better for Billing to have had their way then I wouldn’t now be wondering why my monthly 4000US$ tier is paid for me to look at a not online screen.

  34. Mavi Beck says:

    Kugel, I do have that problem, it’s been going on for days… WTF? I thought it was only me :\

  35. Jeremy Linden says:

    Hi all! I did indeed post this in realtime, and it’s true that you really shouldn’t want me to be personally working on the asset server πŸ™‚

    As for the fraud questions, I’m afraid I can’t officially answer those myself, but I’ll forward your concerns to people who know.

    As for getting the knowledge base out from behind that login- we’re very close to making that a reality. As people who work with the Knowledge Base on a daily basis, Jon and I have made it a priority to strive to make our KB as easy and accessible as possible.

    I’ll try to keep up with these comments, but I think almost 50 came in while I typed this response πŸ˜‰

  36. Pocket Pfeffer says:

    I totally understand everyone’s concerns about accounts being put on hold and of course the current status of the grid, but is whining and moaning really going to solve anything?

  37. Distilled1 Rush says:

    So if I get a tip from someone or someone buys something from me and its in counterfeit your gona put me on hold? clarification and the knowledge base dosent clarify unless you can point it out!

  38. Tempest Criss says:

    Someone said earlier about the length of time SL is down.
    I dont know whether to wait or go do something else….. give us an idea guys

  39. Celti Surya says:

    Gee, sure would like to read this but since the support portal will NOT ACCEPT LOGINS we can’t. 😐 Would it have been that difficult just to post the article? Throw us a bone already, you tease.

  40. Freddie Wycliffe says:

    I agree with Samy Tomsen and Rocky Merosi, i work as a service engineer i can’t be in two places at once so i get some jobs and my colleges get the others, if they have a problem let them solve it, don’t hassle them let them do their work it is afterall in linden labs best interest to solve the problem and getus all back in SL ASAP so they will have the best people capabile of soving the problem working on it.

  41. Bootie Blinker says:

    I feel owned by Second Life. In every way possible.
    Why is it I have no idea why SL is down ever AFTER i read the blogs?!
    I am sad.
    Mostly wigity whack!

  42. Dusty Runo says:

    Well, im going to be pissed at LL if i log onto te tsl and hear there was like 100 LLS (Linden Land Sales) went up and i didnt’ even get ONE
    I run a Land compay in the TSL and it wold be annoying if my acount gets on hold and i lose making money its nto that bad.
    @21&4 Yes i do agree too i have been in trouble with LL too so i will be even more pissed if i lose my main account.

  43. Shakeelah Barbasz says:

    well jibrael they had to think of something quick you know , we never do get a straight answer to anything …

    So did Lindens buy ? I heard you all did it is all over the net LL rofl

    About the L$ well I feel like this I buy directly from Linden Labs but who to say if LL will shut my account down because someone bought from me with fake LL’s that isn’t right , I think the person that buys is the one that should be held resposible for his or her actions not the owner of the store or vendor/ land or sim

  44. Akiko Koba says:

    Ha ha! I have to say I love the way LL picks which topics we can and can’t reply on.

    And somehow, I wonder if this ‘jolly little notice’ was pushed foward to try to have a possitive notice up on the list? Poor Jeremy’s efforts become a place where we vent LL’s overall incompetence … yet again!

    For your information, my alt has her entire inventory currently missing from the databae. My friend made new boots that she planned to release last night, but THEY went missing along with about 500 other items (and yes she has submitted tickets, but has recieved no reply).

    It really is time these contnual inventory loss problems were sorted out. This is the fifth or sixth time in the last three months for me and if this one goes the way of previous ‘Inventory item missing from database’ losses, it will be around Β£400 ($800) worth of items, not including things I have made myself. This also includes my AOs which I made up for myself, so I’m going to have a heck of a time trying to find the poses again and begging the creators for replacements.

    And on that subject, I would like to thank many of the amazing creators in SL who replace missing items again and again, even though it isn’t their fault the items went missing.

    Such a shame LL doesn’t have the same care and commitment to SL’s residents.

  45. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    OK NOW…GOT my hopes up thought that notice was gonna say grid open 😦 it didn’t…

  46. Chez Nabob says:

    How about an update on the asset server issues? It’s been over an hour now…1.5 hours in fact since the grid was closed to logins. What’s the status? Anything new to report? Are things the same? Close to resolving?

    Let us know.

  47. Brieanne Bomazi says:

    to all the off topic folks about the lindens…I has also bought land with the linden i recived that was fraudlent..I still have my land, my employess still kept their pay, my purchases from vendors wasnt snatched…they took the moey i was given directly out of MY account…and left me in the negatives…but no one i had given money to in business transactions involving TANGIBLE items was hit. if you sell items thru a vendor, that is a legit purchase, and you are covered. Stop the mass hysteria. I got 110K taken out of my account, and I am still here. Suck it up…if your unhappy leave…otherwise…give them a chance to do what they do and be done with it.
    Jeremy Linden is doing his job…the rest have specific duties as well..dun complain cause he is doing what he does…the asset servers are being worked on.

  48. Alicia Sautereau says:

    agree with the rest

    merchants can`t be blamed or held accountable for payments with illigal money
    if true then i can`t see a reason for anyone to stay in business as it only takes 1 person to get an alt on a proxy to potentially ruine your entire business or atleast give a blow to it

  49. MizzLyaness Destiny says:

    i was wondering when will the grid be back up cause i think i speak for every 1 when i say that this really sucks considering its to cold outside to do anything in rl and every time you guys say ya fixed the problem it seems to me it lags worse and takes all day for u guys to bring the grid back up, why r ya not posting up info on how long ya think this will take? wow this is becoming to common!!!!!!
    hey XANADU party ppl we still going to have the contest when ever they decide we can get back on, to bad they wont even update us on whats really good…….

  50. Itazura Radio says:

    Have you ever worked someplace and the power went out or a copier broke or a toilet overflowed or anything bad happened? Did EVERYBODY in the place stop everything they were doing to ALL go down to the breakerbox, file into the copyroom or grab a plunger? No, they didn’t did they. Most of them went about their business doing their job best they could.

    Obviously Jeremy is in the department having to do with the knowledge base and whatnot. The problem with the grid seems to be with inventory and databases or something. Most like not his department. Let people do the job they are trained for and don’t yell at them because they are doing something other than directly attending to your needs.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the mechanics fix my car when I take it to the dealer for repairs rather than the guys from the sales floor anyway. Wouldn’t you?

  51. Bertram Merlin says:

    Just drop all that exstra fancy thigns like voice weather and
    I dont know waht and get it to work better. The sim crossing
    in and out Tagona has been as bad as ever. Werrry anoying
    when sailing, flying and riding are one of my favorites things,

    I cant tell who there pay me.. whit what. so now Im start thinking
    stop sale items and the rental business.. hmm..- think if all
    did that..


    Bertram Merlin

    High tier payer.. and felling foolish

  52. Shakeelah Barbasz says:

    Brieanne Bomazi what Linden do you know in game that you kiss @ss too ? Cause only those that kiss @ss to a Linden would put a comment like that here rofl

  53. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    has no idea what anyone is talking about just want sl back…lol

  54. Alicia Sautereau says:

    good news

    asset server started responding with deleting prims and saving scripts so the lockout *might* be over soonβ„’

  55. Simone Nikitin says:

    So, I know I can’t login right now, but if I had some idea when it would be back I could stop trying to login in and do some RL things like watch TV or clean house…please save me from doing these things and tell me it’ll be soon that I can get on with my second life.

  56. Coriander Smythe says:

    I think we should get a downtime discount or L$ to our account when the server goes down. I’m having problems with billing also. I’m like a week old and already had to submit a support ticket because in-world my payment info is not recognized.

  57. Hevenz Vansant says:

    Start Button.
    All Programs.



  58. pvtlyonel nightfire says:

    soo wait a minute… if some guy were to give you fake lindens, and you didn’t know they were fake, you would get banned for it and not the person who gave you them?

    theres something not right with that picture

  59. Chez Nabob says:

    I’m in…thanks for the update LL. Logins are open

  60. Neotoy Story says:

    Speaking of the ‘Support Portal’ What is with that login nonsense anyway?

    Why do we need to login just to get support?? It’s lame. Please just make it directly accessible already. The login “feature” is just one extra annoying step standing in the way between frustrated residents and the help that they need.

  61. Liasha Halcali says:

    When will SL be opened again? These short blog posts are unsatisfying to me, and I’m still frustrated because I don’t know what’s really going on. Come on, LL, give us something. Even a rough estimate will be nice.

    Half an hour? 2 more hours? 5 more hours?

    I understand downtime is needed, I do. However, me and apparently everyone else on this comment board would like some answers.

  62. Shakeelah Barbasz says:

    Login is open cause they got tried of us typing all our vents out here on the blog ROFLMFAO

  63. Gavin Mackay says:

    I, for one, would love to know exactly how counterfit Lindens are made in the first place. How the heck do you make a fake item from something that doesnt really exist in the first place?

  64. Zoe Compton says:

    I do my best to stay patient with the Lindens and the vagaries of Second Life. After all, Second Life is an amazing creation, really unlike anything else out there ( and similar products can’t hold a candle to what Second Life is). They’re breaking new ground with this product, really. In all honestly, I’m impressed that it works as well as it does. Of course, I also like to think of Second Life as still in its beta (or maybe even alpha) stages. I suspect it’s got at least five years before it really is ready to go live. We’re lucky to be at the forefront of this.

    Of course, none of this attitude adjustment helped me avoid being seriously annoyed when I was booted during my orientation for my first SL job!

  65. Bucky Barkley says:

    I for one am glad that Jeremy is posting articles. If you know anything about working in a large software development operation, you’ll agree that his article and the asset server timing are just coincidental. Someone writing that sort of article is not likely to be working on the core server code.

    On the other hand, these articles need to be widely available. I’m not clear on why one has to log into the support portal in order to read them.

    I would guess that this falls into the domain of what Robin or Cyn oversees.

  66. SmallButt Mighty says:

    I own a successful shop in world, and have been on API Hold for many, many weeks. My funds from SLX were returned and my life is miserable, meanwhile I keep generating dollars that are worthless to everyone except LL.

    So I am on hold, but can rove the land and spend these dollars. Since I am on hold, and spend with others, are they going to be on hold too? Isn’t this just a disease that is being spread like a bad case of herpes?

    Does this make any sense to anyone, other than those wanting to keep all the cash in world? No answers= suspicious game operators. Perhaps I smell a Justice Department inquiry?

    Bla. Get a grip on your grid…

  67. Brieanne Bomazi says:

    to # 74..I dont kiss a$$ honey….I have been in Sl for over 3 years…my alt was born in 04….I earn a rl living playing this game…am i getting rich like some? no…but i make enough to stay home and play a game. I just simply do not understand why everyone feels a need to whine like 8 year olds that cant get their way.
    I have had numerous issues with things in my 3+ years…and as a PAID account holder…i have recieved excellent service…if your playing for free and cant get service, you have zero room to complain.
    Get with the program….


  68. Balpien Hammerer says:

    LL needs to rethink the issue of fraudulant linden dollars and how to deal with them. With outworld currency (presently), the specimens are mostly anonymous, and so when conterfeit money is identified, it is the holder of the money who is penalized – the money is taken out of circulation and the holder loses its value – it sucks but it goes no further. The Feds do not hold the entire assets of an individual or a company.

    With credit card ‘money’, the bank has a transaction history. The ‘currency’ is not anonymous. One can identify in short order where the fraud arises, and the bank goes after the source to recover its assets. It is the source that is penalized, not the recipients and not the unknowning intermediaries. Bans may place the source accounts on hold but never intermediaries or endpoints for that would be extremely disruptive to business (and unfair).

    Placing an intermediary or endpoint account on hold means you have decided they harbor responsibility, but without means to enforce with whom people can do business means you’ve given people no choice but to withdraw from doing business although. The discovery/hold cost to anyone conducting business is extreme, unfair, and likely actionable. If a business has its entire account placed on hold, Linden Labs is then liable for redress of loss of business. Furthermore, businesses may well pass on those costs to their consumers, and this will precipitate inflation.

    So make up your collective mind, Lindens – are your dollars transactions against outworld currency in which everyone is a transaction agent subject to account holds *and* capable of refusing business by whichever criteria they choose to reduce risk? Or,are your dollars currency, anonymous and limited to individual loss.

    I truly hope you choose the latter because the former approach, which you seems to be heading toward, may well crash the inworld economy.

  69. Its back online ignore the red offline notice

  70. Hevenz Vansant says:

    Yay SL is back open, rezzing Countierfeit Linden Prim Maker 1.03 Sellers Edition, heading over to Brampton Help Island to sell prim Lindens to noobs LMAO!

    Shutting down Solitaire, thanks LL!

  71. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    Nadia Straaf up above in this list of postings (no. 58) suggests that SLs problem is the lack of a professional commonplace: a decent downtime recovery procedure that would anticipate and minimise the (implied) technical glitches that apply to any complex system.
    Sounds about right to me. Am I being thick, or is it indeed the case that on Linden’s own figures one in every 5 logouts is a crash?

  72. Shakeelah Barbasz says:

    @93 , I too have been in game for 3 yrs bay , I know and been thru all the downfails of LL , grid being down , casions , escorts everything possible to be going thru in SL , but for you to comment like you did , only ppl that has been in game as long as we have or has businesses does kiss LL @zz . So give that line of crap to someone who will believe you like a NOOB / OH BTW this is a alt account / I do have a main alt that has been in game 3 yrs

  73. pvtlyonel nightfire says:

    #68 if u were at a restaurant and bought food, but the the bathroom wasnt working at that restaurant, would u get kicked out of the restaurant by its manager so they can fix the bathrooms, or would they still allow u to eat.
    why can they fix it while we are playing sl?

  74. Bootie Blinker says:

    I have so many feelings towards you right now.
    I hope i see you in SL.
    In a build zone.

  75. Snowflake Nigguh says:


  76. Danziel Lane says:

    Well, Jeremy, what can I say?

    You ask for a discussion about the knowledgebase while the grid is down, how do you expect contributions to your wish theme?

    You ask for comments about the hold thingy and bring up all worries: fraudulent money keepers will do two things: transfer their money to another account so they can use it (that few accounts should be investigated) and/or buy stuff and land to get some value for their money (which sorts out lots of innocent recievers of that money).

    To see that you care for this problem would have been nice.
    If the only way to act is a support ticket, does that really build up trust?

    About the knowledge base: well, I always find it hard to find something there. Searching for words used ingame, you will find anything but a how-to-do-it.
    I would very much ask for a better search system that more works for people that look for a way to do things in SL.

    And generally … many ask you for this: please, please, please focus more on stability than on new features.
    We want a reliable, stable SL to play with, to work with and to have fun with … and then invite others to share the fun.

    IT projects so often suffer from those that come and say: “We can make it bigger, better, more colorful, greater and quicker!”
    So many IT budgets have been wasted if its given over to them, cause these people seldom think of stability and customers.

  77. Scyber Psylock says:

    a lot of us are having issues with crashing while teleporting, rezzing objects including clothing and the unusual high lag everywhere, including the so-called “lag free” zones. when are these issues ever going to be taken care of? just really gets us in an angry way when we keep crashing and sometimes logging in without clothing on us. and the fake money issue~no one should be held accountable for receiving fake funds if they had no idea it was not real, instead, find out how to track these people down and a program that can track this “fake” money and delete it before it leaves the pockets of the putts who gives it to people. it might solve that issue we think.

  78. Maree Beauchamp says:

    You know, as one user who was online waiting for things to return to normal before returning to work on inventory items and attachments, I think it would have been useful for LL to post an all clear message in world too?! Really simple communication issues here!

    Really – to post about a knowledge base article that I couldn’t reach because logins were down was just adding insult to injury! Please start talking more to each other as well as us!!!

  79. Chez Nabob says:

    Asset server issue is not resolved. Still can’t take objects back into inventory.

  80. Medhue Simoni says:

    Personally, i dont understand why any residents would lose money on illegal lindens. Ultimately isn’t it LL fault this happened. They should bite the bullet and take responsiblity. AM I WRONG? They control the system. We don’t. If a resident knowingly purchases illegal lindens and uses them, shouldn’t LL take them to court to recoup their money. Or do they think SL is their court. Again I ask, AM I WRONG?

  81. MizzLyaness Destiny says:

    and still waiting…………….

  82. Jeremy Linden says:

    Thanks Danziel, for your thoughtful post! Your concerns are noted; if you’d like to talk to me about them more at length, please feel free to stop by my office hours, as noted in the blog post.

    Positive or negative, relevant feedback is a useful tool for us Lindens. Keep it up!

  83. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    omg they post a resolved and NOTHING was fixed but the logins ombloody god how incompetent are you lindens

  84. Nort Skinstad says:


    Cough Ungrateful Cough

  85. Vivienne says:

    Right. They enabled log-ins, but the asset server still is completely off track. LOL. What did they close it for, then? Looking for piles of fraudulent linden dollars which the owner could not take back into inventory???


  86. Alyx Sands says:

    Did someone just delete, like, 50 comments? The numbers people are referring to are out of whack…

  87. Damien1 Thorne says:

    @87 They must have been fraudulent comments ;P

  88. Tijn Erde says:


    Can’t delete any objects from my land

    And I NEED to work tonight because the bug I contacted you about earlier destroyed most of my objects!

  89. Tijn Erde says:

    Oh, and I can’t rez anything either


  90. Pingback: The Grid Live » Second Life News for January 3, 2008

  91. Medhue Simoni says:

    Danziel Lane and Jeremy, when i first joined, almost a year ago, it was extremely easy to find how to stuff. I had not gone there in a long time, until just recently when my desktop when down and i had to use my laptop. I just needed the address to download the sculpty program i liked. Took me 20 min just to find the knowledge base. Why was it changed in the first place? I should be on the main page of the sl website. If it is, i didnt find it. Doesnt make any sense now really. Even when i found it, it took forever to find what i needed. I just about gave up.

  92. Alyx Sands says:

    #87: See, I’m 86 now, not 87….dang, i seem to be missing the really nasty stuff.

  93. o.h. says:

    actually no, all my posts have been censored, while not being overly unreasonable they were just negative.

  94. Max Kleiber says:

    The page in the knowledge base really doesn’t say anything. It addresses no specifics, and includes no links which could forward a query in any desired direction.
    I agree with an earlier comment that the usefulness of the knowledge base has been severely eroded, since it appears to have been restructured into a very large FAQ in place of the formerly useful articles.
    My normal response to the question at the bottom of the page that appears in answer to my queries is “no. this article has not been helpful to me.”

  95. Jeremy Linden says:

    @Max Kleiber

    I appreciate your input- What sort (or organization scheme) of information would make the Knowledge Base more useful for you?

  96. ChaCha says:

    I, for one… want to give the Linden family kudos! Sure… SL is not perfect. Occasional problems with the grid… Lotsa Lag… lotsa getting booted from the system… a problematic knowledge base. But when you consider the speed at which sl has grown over the past year, they have dealt with the growth and change extremely well! I can’t imagine how they’ve kept us up and running as well as they have.

    Thanks to the Lindens for their hard work and attempts to make everyone happy! (Which clearly is impossible!) And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  97. Istephanija Munro says:

    congratulations for the timing! LMAOROFLOL!

    Teleports aren’t working for the most residents!
    Our Search Engine isn’t working properly,
    About Land options uncheck “show in places” automatically
    1000s of untraceable transactions has been made last night
    SVC 930 still not fixed, merchant businesses ruined!
    that would have been worth a blog entry and not a post referring to a link people need to login first!

  98. ChaCha says:

    Poor Jeremy.

  99. Medhue Simoni says:

    Right Max, the Knowledge Base was about how to do things in sl. Now there’s the WIKI, which is this huge clump of stuff, half of which has nothing to do with creation. Now that i see how it works, i guess i can navigate thru it. But why are the things like volunteering in it. Really my main concern is that there should be a link directly to how to create from the main SL page. If u look at the page there redudancies all over but no link on how to create anything. Creation should be its own thing. Then have links from there to QA and FAQ.

  100. Damien1 Thorne says:

    As a fairly new resident, I would be more interested in something like an expanded and more in depth group of articles that give greater detail about how to do thing in sl. Torley’s video’s are very useful, but for new and intermediate users more detailed and easy to locate info would be very useful.

  101. Danziel Lane says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    thanks for your reply. I will probably contact you visiting your office hours, but not this week.

    As you ask about a scheme for the knowledge base, let me tell an example:
    Lately someone asked me “How can I create a calling card?”

    Well, clicking on the ava and having it in the pie menu didn’t come to my mind, but I said “No problem” and consulted the knowledge base.
    Can’t try it now, cause don’t get connected, but try it! You get anything, L$ info, land info, anything but the answer to the question.

    However “calling card” is a phrase used inworld, ingame, in the viewer software.

    If there is a question about such a phrase, the knowledge base should notice that (by adding keywords to your database entries) and then put priority to articles that tell:
    – how can I create it,
    – what is it good for,
    – how can I use it,
    – how can I delete it,
    – why does that exist at all?

    This would be a nice feature, cause my guess is that mostly the knowledge base is called, cause someone forgot a little how-to (look at Medhue’s post – and we know, Medhue is someone who KNOWS SL) .

    Hehe, a side effect, cause I also gave up and only told about the pie menu: I still don’t know how to create a calling card, when the ava is out of sight. πŸ™‚

  102. Hevenz Vansant says:

    hmmmm things still seem a bit out of whack for inventory 😦

  103. Think you should add “How to create a Land Bot program” to the Knowledge Base. So everyone can then compete with the ones using them.

  104. Archie Lukas says:

    Last year I attempted to buy some official Lindens from the official Linden site

    The transaction went no-where, it failed without any warning, so I tried a 2nd credit card.

    Both were mastercard, both were blocked by mastercard and put on hold.

    Linden Labs has been used to launder so many stolen credit cards into Lin $ and back into cash that mastercard regarded Linden labs as a fraudelent site.

    My wife and I were both rung up and informed this verbally by Mastercard.

    My wife was NOT too happy as she assumed the Labs must be a fraudulent porn site.

    LL gave me no warning, no indication and no damn apology when I e-mailed them; in fact they said nothing.

    Doubt whether this will be published too, we’ll see.

  105. SmallButt Mighty says:

    I notice this is all severely edited (I havent ever been abusive, off-topic or against the ‘rules’), so I will just say SMILE everyone and do not look behind the curtain!

    And if you have an API hold, your cash probably went to the bar tab at the LL Christmas party…

  106. Vivienne says:

    @ 95

    “#87: See, I’m 86 now, not 87….dang, i seem to be missing the really nasty stuff.”

    Just log in…


  107. Ciaran Laval says:

    SL is crying out for a manual, in PDF format, easy to download and full of hints and tips for new residents. New players don’t want to go browsing through a knowledgebase.

    You should also put your tips together somewhere with a link, some of these tips are great but the blog gets updated extremely quickly, you only see the last four when you login.

  108. mimi says:

    The asset server trouble are NOT resolved.. its still impossible to pick them up.

  109. Cyn Vandeverre says:

    We do need some way to protect ourself against receiving fraudulent $L. Entirely innocent people can not only be harmed by having an account frozen, but also by the fines imposed for receiving those $L.

    Surely LL can come up with some ideas here.

  110. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I want to second, the suggestion that the knowledge base needs to be browsable without going through a support portal, logging on, etc, etc, etc. They were talking about having it show up in Jira somewhere, but that seems a bit odd too. Really, it needs to be its own section of the main SL site.

  111. Shai Khalifa says:

    I’m for a proper knowledge base that is fully searchable on a number of levels. If I want to know anything about building in sl these days I group IM to one of the building or scripting groups I joined so that I could get some answers and help that was relevant and immediate.

    But would be good to have a printable version of specific things to refer to later on.

  112. Unmitigated Gall says:

    WTF is a winter festival? I didn’t attend any festival. I did have a nice Christmas and a happy New Year, I wonder if thats what he meant? Sometimes the PC crowd really pisses me off…

  113. Winter Ventura says:

    Just a thought…. if your account is on hold, can you log into the support portal?

    WHY does the knowledge base (FAQ) require logging in?

  114. Jeremy Linden says:

    The Winter Festival is a winter holiday celebration currently being held inworld at various locations. Check out the original blog post for more info πŸ™‚

  115. Razrcut Brooks says:

    Tip for residents having SL issues: Press CTRL Q . This tends to fix many in-world issues you may be experiencing. A friend showed this shortcut to me months ago and I have asked Torley to include this tip in his/her video series. CTR Q ends many un-needed viewer functions yet allows you to have a pleasant experience. The best part is that it will GREATLY reduce any lag you have encountered. Anyway, just a little known tip . ENJOY:)

  116. Razrcut Brooks says:

    PS:Join me in boycotting “Winter Festivals” . LL’s attempt to remain non-offensive has offended many of us. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is something the Lindens do not endorse πŸ™‚

  117. sirhc deSantis says:

    Looks like i’m out another 6kLindens trying to buy a friend a “winter festival” gift. Inventory working? No it ain’t. Trust no-one and spend no money

  118. sirhc deSantis says:

    oh and filters on inventory listings during this winter festival don’t keep the settings between log ins. and “winter festival” is a linked phrase so don’t say this is off topic.

  119. Lestat Demain says:

    LOL hey be thankfull their not playing some awful music while they have u on ‘hold’ πŸ˜›

  120. anonymous says:

    Wow; Linden Lab is the king of censorship… Truth hurts LL, ehh?

  121. Jeremy Linden says:

    A gentle reminder- Please make sure you are familiar with our Guidelines for Blog Comments:

    Negative or contrary opinions are welcome as long as they don’t violate the common rules of netiquette. Those that do will be deleted!

  122. Elizabeta Taov says:

    This is my first time posting on this but I just felt the need to do so because I agree with Damien1 and Argent. I have been on sl for a year now and noticed how the KB has changed..and also agree that there should be a whole section for creating…its just a massive amount of info to wade through and not find what you are looking for!

  123. Medhue Simoni says:

    I like to say thanks to Jeremy for trying to respond to some or our posting. And to the person that mentioned the PDF thing, great idea. If some1 makes 1, i would be more than happy to put a link to it from my store. I get lots of newbies there and i have been advicing them to checkout the KnowledgeBase to help them, not knowing how confusing it is, or that is almost impossible to find.
    I went and took another look at the wiki page. It has a CREATE section, that includes Windlight, dont ask me what it has to do with creation. Animation doesn’t have a link from that section, lol. I had to search it and goto 2 different pages for animation and animations.
    Finally i would like to say thanks for opening the grid so my customers can buy thing and rez them in my store, and i have to deal with their frustration. I guess i had nothing else to do, considering i really cant make anything. Oh yeah and i remember about 7 months ago, the search engine wouldn’t work and LL gave us a free week of classified. That was the last time i ever saw that again. I love paying LL for something i get no return on. The new search is better than the old, when it works.

  124. A. Malaprop says:

    Unfortunately you might want to revise that Knowledge Base article before directing people to it. It does not cover all reasons for an account to be on hold, and from a friend’s experience, reactivation is not so simple either.

  125. Gerald Wylie says:

    It is Linden’s responsibility to resolve these problems. No solutions are open to residents to check other residents validity therefore it MUST be the responsibility of Linden Labs … you know the mega-millionaires!

    If fraud becomes a regular feature then the whole damn thing will grind to a halt.

    I suggest Linden bite the bullet and take absolute control of the Linden market, making anyone else’s transactions immediately void.

    The movement of money in and out of resident’s accounts is the ultimate control and Linden are the only people who can ensure the source is valid and that is what they must do.

  126. Gerald Wylie says:

    A second comment regarding the comment prior to mine by d/l/a etc. on a deliberate attempt to disrupt the enjoyment and business activities of tens of thousands of us.

    You need to think about who you are hurting. If you have a valid grumble see a lawyer. If you really have been banned for previous bad behaviour … tough!

    Bullying does not deserve support from anyone. Break the rules in a serious manner and you need to be evicted or the virtual world would crash in disarray. Think about it and accept your punishment.

  127. Kugel says:

    Cant you tell the holiday season is over??? Peace and good will at all men (and women (and furries/neko/etc)) has flown outta the window.

    There is so many negative waves here man (god bless Donald Sutherland) your affecting my Chi.

    Anyhoo… may I be the first to wish you all a peaceful Easter πŸ˜€

  128. Pepper Haas says:

    Bring back live in-game help!! Lindens were so much more aware of every issue in SL when they got IM’s from all over which they needed to answer.
    As for post #125 threatening SL: I will become a Premium Member if Lindens find this griefing asshole and sue the crap out of him.

  129. Christ Iwish says:

    I just wish LL would process my credit to the name that matches my account and credit card. I sold all my land last night for pennies, ba-bye LL, say ba-bye to the thousands I’ve spent in world, ba-bye to many more that have and will follow me rather sooner or later.

  130. Contra Demonia says:

    I was finally able to log into the knowledge base and I have to say that the article wasn’t very helpful. There is no information on how to protect yourself inworld! And worse of all, from searching around I am convinced that there actually is no way to protect yourself. Help!

  131. I am kind of new to this whole thing and was wondering, what does it mean when the grid is down?

  132. Damien1 Thorne says:

    It means no one can log in. The game has been shut down for some type of maintenance.

  133. U M says:

    WHAT THE ****** 60 second after the blue messge inworld you take down the game! Why even warn USA! totally uncalled for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Vivienne says:

    Oh my, LL, what are you doing? Sunday, european prime time, oh damnit! As if VAT and gambling ban wouldnΒ΄t be enough of distracion for europeans…hope you get that asset servers fixed finally.

  135. Sandra Syaka says:

    whats going on i cant logging fo the last 2 hours now , both the main and windlight shows me the loading icoon and thats it

  136. kieth saunders says:

    I would like to know how to buy land. and by the way it’s “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR”

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