Use Caution in Dealing with Third Party L$ Sites

We are aware L$ are traded on a number of third party sites. While some of these sites may be reliable, others deal in fraudulent L$ — L$ that were created not with any resources, value, or labor, but rather bought with a phished account, stolen credit card or PayPal account. You therefore purchase these third party L$ at your own risk: if they are discovered to be fraudulent — in effect phony — we will recoup them from your account. We must do so, in order to avoid tacitly (and financially) encouraging a practice that harms Second Life sellers, phishing victims, and Linden Lab itself.

Should you decide to purchase L$ from one of these sites, please consider the below list of tips:

-Sites without an established record are more likely to be fraudulent than established sites. A common technique of fraudulent L$ operators is to quickly open and close down their operations, and move web site locations frequently.

-If you are dealing with a legitimate L$ seller, delivery of the L$ will usually be instantaneous – Under normal circumstances, you will not be asked to wait.

-Delivery of the L$ will never come in small increments, or from multiple accounts.

-If you are being spammed in-world or anywhere else regarding the purchase of L$, you’re probably being spammed by a fraud seller.

-If the L$ for sale is priced lower than the LindeX is buying (, you are almost certainly dealing with a fraud seller, as any legitimate seller would likely sell on the LindeX for more. Don’t buy their excuses for their sale of bargain basement L$. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

-Residents who have dealt with fraud L$ and cheat sites have been asked to provide their SL login and password, which has resulted in the theft of their account.

-Residents who have given these criminals their card or PayPal information have had it used by the fraudsters to fund L$ purchases that were then sent to other L$ buyers.

-We’re working closely with our payment processors, auction sites and international law enforcement to bring these criminals to justice.

In the meantime, you can protect yourself with the following precautions:

-Deal only with trusted sites. Fraudulent operations come and go quickly. It’s how they stay ahead of the people whose job it is to take them down. Established exchanges have solid reputations built in part on their in-world longevity and contributions in other areas of Second Life.

-Get advice about where to buy from someone you have known and trusted for a long time. If you’re new and don’t know where to start, you’re strongly encouraged to do as much diligence as possible, or if that’s not an option, just use the LindeX, which is only accessible from the menu bar of the SL viewer or here: This is Linden Lab’s only exchange site.

-Never use your SL login or password outside of the SL viewer or – Use of Hacked or ‘cheat’ viewers can easily pass your login credentials to a fraudster. As with 3rd party L$ sites, only deal with known and trusted developers if you choose to use a non-SL viewer.

-Never provide your password or security answer via chat or IM to anyone inworld.

-Never buy L$ for someone claiming to be unable to.

-Never sell L$ on behalf of someone claiming to be unable to.

-If you’ve been the victim of fraud, contact our fraud hotline at 800 860 6990. Then, talk about it. Post your experience to forums, blogs and chat. Tell others about who it was and how it happened.

It is unfortunately impossible to list, in real-time, every website operating a phishing operation or stealing card numbers — many are gone before they are discovered. Basic web and search engine optimization skills are all that are needed to create a site that appears legitimate. We therefore urge you to make every effort to know your seller, and if in doubt, resist doing business with any seller you do not feel comfortable with.

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99 Responses to Use Caution in Dealing with Third Party L$ Sites

  1. Gully Miles says:

    If someone buys L$ from a fraudulent seller, and then spends some of those L$ in a store in SL, will the fraudulent L$ be recovered from the vendor’s account?

    If so, how can vendors protect themselves from this situation?

  2. Kooky Jetaime says:

    Perfect Timing – Slashdot just covered something regarding the Ginko Banking situation and Second Life:

  3. Welcome to the world of ‘Gold Farming’, term coined *cough* from MMOs like EQ and OU where PC camps are made for the express purpose of getting game money to resell for ‘real world’ cash.

    I personally find the practice abhorrent. Phishing and other fraud techniques getting used to rip folks off is just the highest (not a good thing) form of laziness, imo. Get a job, smart enough to use a PC, get a data entry position somewhere.

    Anyways, thanks LL for making young and old Resis alike aware of this.

  4. Dear Support! Good & useful notice for all SL residents, but, I suggest to create like a public list from bad SL exchangers, so helping anyone that want to buy or sell lindens with security from third party Linden Dollar exchangers, because only the text above, maybe can be badly interpreted by some peoples, so harming honest third party Linden dollar exchangers! Thank you for your attention & a Happy 2008!

  5. Seraph Nephilim says:

    “Then, talk about it. Post your experience to forums, blogs and chat. Tell others about who it was and how it happened.”

    Does this include the Second Life forums, where the rules explicitly ban naming names? If not, you should say so. If so, you should update the rules. And given you’re telling us to do this, you *should* allow it.

  6. Ann Otoole says:

    @4 – I think it would be easier to list the 2 or 3 legitimate 3rd party L$ exchanges and just allow the rest to find some other place to scam people. And to set up a legitimate l$ exchange should be required to pay the fee for a background investigation and credit check ($50 to $100 US) and if approved then post a bond to cover the potential damages and insure potential customers from fraud. This should be mandatory for any owner of any system communicating into Secondlife’s network as well as for any person running a non LL client.

  7. Cathereine Night says:

    Good advice. Ebay seems full of these illegitimate sellers. Theres no other way but fraud to sell so low. Common sense tells us not to accept anything like free items or questionable deals from strangers yet alot of people seem to be lacking this “common sense”.

  8. Christofer Coronet says:

    All good tips! Samuell, I believe their answer to your request is to point out that there would be too many to make such a list practical…. by the time you listed it, the damage is done and the site is gone.

    That still wouldn’t prevent them from publishing a list of verified/trusted/legitimate sites, however…

    There is one point…

    “If you’re new and don’t know where to start, you’re strongly encouraged to do as much diligence as possible, …”

    to do WHAT??

    Outside of that, good work, and the only additional information I’d like to see is how the L$ Exchange risk API works into this ( ) – do all legitimate 3rd Party exchanges use it? If so, is there a way to verify they are using it? Do fraudulent exchanges use it?

  9. Lex Neva says:

    -If you are dealing with a legitimate L$ seller, delivery of the L$ will be instantaneous, and you’ll never be asked to wait.

    Oh, come on. How fair is that? Up until very recently, ALL communications from outside of SL to an object in-world through XML-RPC were hampered by the fact that the system was crumbling under its own weight. Currently it works fairly quickly, but it might well deteriorate again as usage continues to rise. By saying this, you’re going to cause users to be unduly nervous when a perfectly legitimate merchant can’t deliver their L$ quickly due to a problem in SL, not due to fraud. Worse yet, since this is out of the control of the merchant, there’s nothing they can do to reassure their users.

  10. Gully Miles says:

    I think the reason LL won’t publish a list of fraudulent sites, or trusted sites, is that it makes them responsible for determining which sites are fraudulent and which trustworthy — a position they don’t want to find themselves in.

  11. Thank you very much for this very wise info LL.
    Better late than never.

    Me too have been warning for scams and fraud on my website a
    few months ago already. Finally SL makes the same move.
    In fact L$ should only be bought at the direct source… SL/LL and
    from not any other source ! Specially not via e-bay !!

    Also I have not any trust in the banks in SL. W don’t need them.
    My experience is that most of them have given me Spam in a
    typical Italian style… Repeating the same sentence over and over
    again, using the ‘must’ word and being very, very pushy.

    LL Please do audit/check the banks in SL !

    Thank you.

  12. @9 and also in response to “If you are dealing with a legitimate L$ seller, delivery of the L$ will be instantaneous, and you’ll never be asked to wait.”, there are many reasons a transaction may be delayed:

    *Payment processing errors or other technical issues
    *Point-of-sale fraud screening requiring a human
    *Second Life problems, including communication outages and database issues

    There are very likely legitimate L$ sellers who still do things manually as well. I think a better way of saying that line might be “If you are dealing with a legitimate L$ seller, delivery of the L$ is usually instantaneous, and you should never be asked to wait more than a few hours.”

  13. On this my second & last message on this topic, first, thank you @6 & @8 for your messages!

    Dear @12! Good point that I have not mentioned on my first message! On my service, all L$ are delivered within 24 hours, but, usually are delivered within few hours after a customer send a withdrawal request on member area available in my service! So, I reforce that the better way of saying that line might be “If you are dealing with a legitimate L$ seller, delivery of the L$ is usually instantaneous, and you should never be asked to wait more than a few hours.”

    Now, for LL support, I repeat: only the text above, maybe can be badly interpreted by some peoples, so harming honest third party Linden dollar exchangers! Thank you for your attention & a Happy 2008!

  14. M300 Eichel says:

    With regards to SPAM, the selling of $L is not the only thing about which to be wary when it comes to SL. It is also VERY common practice of the parcel owners to claim, “Do these ‘surveys’ and you will get a better camping rate!”

    Well, best be aware that every piece of personal information you put onto the internet is going to be stored and USED. These alleged ‘surveys’ are often NOT surveys at all.

    The information collected is usually for the purposes of marketing and/or selling something. That solicitation will usually come in the form of SPAM email, first. Then you’ll start getting more JUNK MAIL. Then, finally, they’ll start making telephone calls (if you were ignorant enough to actually provide your private, home telephone number).

    Oh yeah. If you DIDN’T give a real phone or address, they likely won’t pay you the $L for participating in the ‘survey’ – but you’ll still get the SPAM emails.

    I could personally show you a list of HUNDREDS of SPAM-related email servers that continuously “hit” us after filling out only one or two ‘surveys’.

    Keep in mind that what I mention, above, is related to the practice of PARCEL OWNERS, not Linden Labs.

  15. Daman Tenk says:

    If Linden Labs started business in Europe instead of treating their European customers like plague carriers, 3rd party sites wouldn’t be necessary.

    Without a credit card, and with PayPal refusing to accept me without credit card either, it’s for many Europeans impossible to buy Lindens from companies located outside the European Union.

    I’ve probably spent upwards of 150 US$ in the past 3 months on 3rd party Linden sites. Not because I want to, but because I have to due to the Linden Labs Euro-unfriendly business manners.

  16. sasja Fitzgerald says:

    @ 9

    I use a third party to get money in sl, since i don’t have a credit card it’s my only option.
    When I purchose Lindens trough the site, it’s imediatly written to my account, so when I log in to sl I can go to a atm from that site and take money off.
    One time I didn’t get my money out off the atm, I contact the owner off the site and in 1 minute it was back in my account cause it keeps records, easy for me and safe.
    I do think it’s important to warn people for these scammers.
    I just hope the good don’t suffer for it.

  17. mimi says:

    Watch out for SL banks too.. most of them are scams

  18. I sell L$ in small quantities, and i process them manually. That means, i check the payments manually, make the payments manually, and usually there is a gap between purchase and delivery.

    I deliver faster when i am IM’d, as usually i check if there is purchases only occasionally, and i only deal in small quantities, and low volume.

    So far, zero times someone has paid for L$ with fraud money to me, fortunately 🙂 That’s also why i deal in small quantities.

    I also bought L$ initially, but i cancelled that service for the time being, frauds are rampant in SL, and people tried to use my service for launder. It was quickly catched upon, and currently services (account to account transfer and L$ buys) which allow that has been disabled.

    However, my business still receives occasionally fraud money, and mostly it’s been easy to work with LL. For me fortunately, the business i am in, means when LL needs to take funds from me, i don’t actually loose any money, only liquid funds. My core business is virtual banking & financial services for SLers.

    Yes, if the fraudulent L$ has been passed on to someone else, it will be taken from that someone else, and sometimes it might take a long time for LL to catch up, or miss completely some frauds. I’ve catched some fraud which LL did not, even tho i do not possess the same tools.

    LL has to deal in very vast quantities of transactions, and frauds, so unfortunately they do miss some frauds. 😦

    Also, when fraud happens, sometimes it causes a lot of grief for legitimate business owners, this has also happened to me, even tho i have a good track record of working with LL to solve any and all problems, of that you can read from my blog.

    The most important portion of their anti-fraud efforts is to protect L$ and their business, even tho they might think of SL economy as a product, not as an economy, this is a high priority work for them. Internet is rampant with frauds, and i really wouldn’t want to be dealing with the sheer amount they have to solve on daily basis.

    So, if something like that happens to you, and you feel like LL support is unresponsive, mad/angry or something like that, don’t take it personally. It’s a painfull and hard work the billing department is doing to protect YOUR L$.

    Unfortunately also, Paypal is one of the WORST fraud wise, they are absolutely haywire on paypal, and through paypal you might get A LOT of frauds. Don’t know why, as many other services don’t have such a problem (Moneybookers and ePassporte for example), but paypal has it in large degrees. I used to see on one business upto 95% fraud rate through Paypal, some of them were easy pickings, some were really well hidden, and could take months to reveal themselves.

    So please, when you buy L$, be very specific from who, and how much you buy, and start with low quantities first, ie. with 10USD worth, and allow weeks to go before next order, and only after months of business trust them with larger quantities.

    Also, many of the fraud sites likely has no support at all when you try to reach them (always “available”, never answers), probably poor grammar, and very high promises (Delivery within 3mins, when all deliveries are manually processed?), and even close to best legitimate rate (SLExchange has a good buy rate), can be fraud! Proper businesses need profit margins, or very high volume orders. On low volumes small profit margin just does not make sense.

    Also, one quite sure sign of fraud is if they have multiple “special offerings and discount” options, ie. use moneybookers get 8% off, or buy atleast 20USD worth get 10% more, or first time buyers get 5% extra and there is A LOT of those, be wary.

    And, some people can’t use LindeX for a reason or another, maybe no CC nor Paypal, and they have to use service like Moneybookers where they can wiretransfer the money into their account.

    @11 Linda, some SL banks has spammed you? I would like to know, so please could you IM me them in-world? The honest businesses don’t use spam. As for the need of virtual banks, it’s true, some people just don’t need them, some people do need them, others just like to use them. It depends from where you are coming from, and there certainly is a crowd who needs SL banks for one thing or another. Also, some banks do help you make your SL dreams come true, personally, i have helped many of them come true, and will continue to do so.

    @9 XML-RPC is not a necessity. For example, all my server SL communication actually happens through llHTTPRequest and simple data formats. I don’t actually even KNOW how well XML-RPC works from within SL. For simple requests, that is simple overkill. For example, automatic L$ payments, requested by non-terminal source (ie. PBA which allows withdraws from anywhere in SL), my object needs to query the server is there any actions to do, and all data it needs is action, target, parameter. ie: Say to AVATARKEY “Hello World”. or GiveMoney to AVATARKEY, 50L$, or an even simpler request is when a deposit happens, terminal sends deposit, by who and authentication information, and gets a reply if it was a success or not. No need for XML-RPC when the reply is that simple. For more complicated tasks XML-RPC might be very good however. Also, in my opinion, coders should always be performance and reliability conscious, which gives better performance and reliability? It usually is the simpler method. XML-RPC is very dynamic, and when manually handled, very user friendly too, but that comes with an overhead.

  19. Bobo Decosta says:

    I also wonder what happens with stolen money that is spent at an honest business. I read some story from such a transaction resulting in the account being closed for months and a lot of hassle.

    In the real world businesses get the opportunity to distinguish fake money from real money with all kinds of tech. Why doesn’t LL just mark every linden that is made? If you would have a serial for every linden it’s very easy to block stolen serials from being used and would even secure the market?

  20. Hen says:

    I’ve dealt with two third party linden sellers, in both cases I had to wait anywhere from 6-24 hours to receive my lindens. Both hid that the transaction was through paypal until the last page. Paypal is just as fraudulent as these 3rd party resources(just google and see and from past experiences myself), and the fact that LL uses them makes me raise an eyebrow too.

  21. @8

    The Risk API… Simply put: Only few select get to use it.
    My behemoth of business in SL terms, is not enough to get Risk API access, even after applying and applying periodically for the last 6 months.

    I’ve not gotten even a reply so far, even after using a multitude of methods to apply for it: The official channel for Risk API applications, Concierge, Direct mail, Direct mail to responsible LL employees. All requests has gone unreplied.

    Most of my colleagues have gotten Risk API access however.

    So not everyone has Risk API, a lot of people has it, but not all legitimate businesses.

    Also, Risk API is not a surefire method neither, it helps, but is not surefire.

  22. Kyder Ling says:

    Good advice guys, but I’d like to request a new feature. Sort of like how some animations have a pop up that says “Someones (or Something) wants to animate your avatar, Yes or No?”, I think a similar system should be in place for money transfers. “So and so is giving you 20,000L, Accept or Deny?”

  23. Bobo Decosta says:

    I also suggest to make a easy and readable guideline for new users because SL feels like the wild west or even the prehistoric ages. I remember my first months on second life like being a very paranoid experience as lots of the also new-resident friends that i made in those weeks starting to report a lot of scams they had fell into. Most of those scams where just stupid to fall into like people offering to start a business together and then do a hit and run with the money they asked to buy some land. It’s things like that that makes people stop playing in an early phase.

  24. @20 Indeed Paypal is rather fraudulent. is an eye opening experience.
    I’ve felt it personally also, but the sum of money was too little to justify the hustle of going to court. Someone got phished, made a 150euros order to me, that someone contacted me, i didn’t open service, informed paypal, phishing victim informed paypal, months passed with no reply, then an autonomous message telling that payment is deemed fraudulent, i got taken 300euros for that, phishing victim never received the money.
    That was the last time i used Paypal.
    They also have very high transfer fees.

    However, for the vast majority, Paypal is the easiest, and they have a very strong marketing engine. See eBay for example, where paypal support is imho, subject to an possible anti-trust case.

    @19 The punishment sometimes goes to legit business owners, and has caused some businesses to go bankrupt/under even.

    @17 Some of them are scams indeed, but not every single one of them. Some of the SL banks are very strong, honest and disciplined businesses. However, it seems an honest SL bank is exception in the bunch 😦 and it’s not that easy to weed out which are good profitable businesses with stable business operation, and which are not, Pure scams and dishonest operations are easier to distinguish however, and i shall write an article on my blog about that sooner or later. Also, banks DO go bankrupt, even in the real world, and relatively speaking from much less than some SL banks. One SL bank just few months ago survived an 28% bank run, while Ginko bankrupted after several %, and just in recent history several US real-world banks bankrupted from 1.2-1.4%. However, the scales are completely different, so i do not know how do they compare. However, the one which survived 28% run, think about how BIG portion is that? We are even talking about one of the biggest SL banks there is. If you have 90% of assets making yields, you still have to liquidate over 18% to keep a reserve for running costs. Disclosure: That bank was mine, and you can read all about it on my reports in-world and on blog. This happened on Ginko fallout.

  25. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You’re missing the biggest way to protect yourself from phishing – never enter your password in a page you have reached by following a link from an email message or another site. Particularly not an email message. ANY email message, even if you were expecting it. In fact, avoid following links from email if you can avoid it. About the only exception would be verification links that you get after setting up an account, and even there they shouldn’t be asking for your password again.

    Instead, always log on directly from your own bookmark or by typing the name of the site. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Linden Labs, Paypal, your bank, or a store where you have set up an account.

  26. WarKirby says:

    Could you please provide a list of the reliable, Legitimate sites, guys? I know is one.

  27. PJ Gibbs says:

    Connected to this issue, when are you going to fix the risk API for genuine third party exchanges, such as SLX? Their data has shown that you used to identify approx 3% of transactions as “manual review”, but now that figure is suddenly around 30%…

  28. whenever I need Lindens (not often) I buy them through Linden Labs. Why would someone want to use a potentially fraudulent 3rd party website anyway? Can someone explain?

    The only valid reason I can come up with is that someone is either not willing or not able to (i.e. can’t afford) have a credit card.

  29. Rosetta Price says:

    Thank you LL for the information. However I’d like to know how I can get my money back that SL steals from me, like when I upload snapshots and it takes my Linden first then tell me that THEY are having a problem with uploads, try again later. They never give me the Linden back but they know I didn’t get my snapshot. That is something they can easily fix I’m sure, and they should.

  30. @15 & 28: Credit Cards are simply not the preferred way of payment in Europe: they are expensive and subject to fraud. In Europe, people pay their bills by electronic banking. Fast, secure, and costs nothing. That’s why I helped setting up a euroSLEX (, a European version of LindeX that accepts direct bank transfer for in- and outpayments. The company is run by a real-world company registered in Austria.

    The site has just started, and it remains to bee seen if and when it will earn enough trust of SL residents to be a profitable business.

  31. FD Spark says:

    Why not list who are authorized to sell Lindens?
    The way you posted this one would think sites like Slexchange even though they follow similar API risk aren’t legitimate too.
    Are they?

  32. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Thx for the advise LL …

    You got to be a complete PH (Paris Hilton) to give your Password etc to another person … or website ….
    All my sensitive material on the computer is protected by several passwords … (using a separate password generator) and changed every week … and not on the same day …
    For Second Life i m already at password 40 and some … lol


    I m not willing to disclose my CC on the Net … (NOT Secure at all)
    and like other already posted Europeans don t trust that much a plastic card ….


    Great idea .. at last something for the European part of Second Life … and hope that soon the residents will acknowledge you as thrustworthy …

  33. talking about beeing cautious , i will point out that all fantasy banks in Sl are illegal , so before you bring them your money dreaming of huge benefits , try to think twice, most of them play with sl real estate to promise you heaven and there is 200% chances you will find hell and loose your money . international law apply in sl too and all over the world banks have very strict rules to settle ,now worse, some of them pretend give you financial informations about any resident , be very cautious , i wonder why linden lets people follow up in that kind of monkey business. no one of these “companies” is honest not even the ones who pretend playing honest with accountancy that proves they are on virtual bankrupcy for a long time lol!but you will loose real money!they just sell to themselves under fake avatars or wife, cousin or whoever ,when it starts smelling too bad , so caveat emptor ! if you have or had any problem of that type , feel free to contact me and i will explain to you how to write appropriate claims,to face these fraudsters , i am also ready to face the fake bankers lol ! we all want to make a safe and pleasant environment in sl when the game goes too far !
    also be very cautious with unscrupulous sellers , they get your infos and phish your linden account , curiosity? huuummm

  34. Alyx Sands says:

    I wish Ebay would do something to stop fraudulent sales of L$-I have already reported dozens of offers on Ebay that were definitely dodgy to their customer service (especially after getting IM spam in SL that actually LED me to these offers) – with no reaction from Ebay AT ALL.

  35. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    So when are you going to do something about people who fraudulently obtain L$ by draining your account with scripted objects in-world? Not long ago a friend of mine rezzed a tip jar WITH THE SAME NAME AS A TIP JAR SHE HERSELF CREATED, was asked to allow it to take L$ from her account, and she said yes. This is nothing at all risky, that happens every time she rezzes her own creation. If you read the info presented when you grant said permission, it lists the name of the owner (if you rezzed it, then naturally that’s you), and the name of the object. If it’s your creation, then of course the name is going to be right. So it’s safe, and you can grant it. AT NO TIME DO YOU EVER TELL US THE NAME OF THE CREATOR OF THE OBJECT THAT WANTS OUR L$. So she had every reason to give it permission to take her L$, and no reason not to. But it drained her account of L$10,000 because she didn’t create it. She has filed an AR, and it’s been a month now without anything whatever being done to refund her L$ that were taken from her through outright fraud.

    Where is her money? What are you doing to combat fraud in SL? Do you even care that such fraud exists? And what makes you think it’s OK to tell us to name names when people do commit fraud (such as this person who ripped off my friend), when the TOS specifically says we can’t? Make up your mind. And solve the fraud problems already! Ditch this No-Integrity age verification service, and start requiring full RL ID info on all accounts, no exceptions, and store it yourself. Maybe if you know who all SL residents are, you might actually bestir yourselves to do something about it when the crooks in SL decide to rip off other resis. At least then you’ll know who to take the money from. Certainly won’t be any worse than letting us verify our ages with No-Integrity by telling them we’re Elvis Presley. And you at LL at least have the balls to provide a privacy statement, unlike No-Integrity.

  36. Brieanne Bomazi says:

    Let me say a few things on this whole deal…I am a sl business woman…yeah read my profile, no shame in my game, and I was a victim…As i dont sell “tangible” items, the client of mine that had purchased the fraudulent lindens and paid me…it was taken from my account. 110K plus. yes i can verify that. I earned every single linden of that money…they same guy spent money at vendors for items in world…NONE of them had lindens reclaimed. I totally agree with watching where you purchase lindens..I know however, it was NOT my fault i recieved them The guy that bought them used a cc…he canceled the transaction…got his money back…Linden labs got their “stolen linden” back from me..and I got screwed. I appreciate LL efforts in restoring my account…and i am grateful they caught the initial seller to save other people the headache…but since i cant prove i didnt “purchase” the linden…and on my account it reads…gifts…I lost out. It wasnt just me…i know 2 other people signifcantly debited for this same reason…I respect LL’s right to protect themselves, but here it is almost 2 1/2 months later…and i am still out over 110K. hw fair is that? LL needs to work on a system that will allow professional consultants a way to protect themselves…rezzing a prim and selling it for *costs* is about the only option..and not always a good one, as i am not always in the same location as who i am dealing with. SL is far from perfect, but in the 3+ years total i have been in game…i am still here…still loving (almost) every minute of it…Than you for bringing this problem out in the open and making it visible for folks that may not know.
    I have a notecard detailing what happened to me and how to protect yourself, feel free to IM me in world if you would like to know more. Together, the honest people in sl can help LL defeat the asshats with no life intent on ruining what we have.
    *smiles* thats my 2 cents worth…or…
    Happy new years to you all 🙂


  37. @33

    Actually it is legal what we are doing. L$ is not a real currency, it might be tradeable to USD, but it’s not a real world currency.

    Further, some of the banks are scams true, but there is also honest businesses, with open accounting & disclosure of investments and true profits and gains for clients. There are even operations where benefit of the clientele goes beyond the business’s benefit. Do your research, before your slander.

    Which bank do you refer to which “has been longtime bankrupt”?
    I would like to take this to remind that banks payout interests by investing and lending the money to others, and have a fractional reserve to cover withdraws. 100% reserve means, no interest yields neither. All risk, no gain.

    Also, do remember that real world banks do go bankrupt also, and some real world “banks” are the worst kind of scams which will take everything you own, and never give you a dime, or more than a fraction back. Look at the sub prime crisis, many people got scammed for their houses for 1,000USD – 4,000USD ! Also, many banks got scammed on the go. Lots of scam and fraud around Sub prime mortgages.

  38. Gil Druart says:

    A friend of mine suffered this way last year. She bought .. I forgot how much, 50kL$ I think, on a 3rd party site.

    Anyway .. maybe LL have developed a more responsible approach since then .. but at the time their approach was .. subtract 50kL$ from her account .. leave her with a huge negative balance .. then lock her account because she ‘owed’ LL money .. and all without telling her. All she knew was she couldn’t log in.

    The disingenuous part of this is as follows. The L$ were bought with a stolen credit card. LL were the only people to ‘see’ that credit card or to have any chance of verifying it. They didn’t spot it was bad….

    So they are in effect passing their risk on to innocent (if very naive) Residents. Bear in mind that LL make a profit from L$ sales ….. Now that profit risk equation seems screwed to me. LL make the profit .. but pass the risks on.

    I do see LL’s problem. But we need to start from *they* are accepting bad credit cards .. it’s *their* problem.

    How about some simple ideas like .. the *first* time you use a given CC on the LINDEX your cash isn’t delivered for three days. That wouldn’t be a huge inconvenience for legitimate users .. let’s face it .. our very first L$ purchase is normally just walking around money to buy some new hair with.

  39. @1: “If someone buys L$ from a fraudulent seller, and then spends some of those L$ in a store in SL, will the fraudulent L$ be recovered from the vendor’s account?”

    The answer ought be no: for real life currency, the rule is that a bona fide exchange of currency for something of value protects the receiver of the currency from any defect in its origin.

    In any case, the question would be how do we know that it is *those* L$ that is spent at a vendor, not L$ that the victim of the fraud had in any event? Furthermore, would the purchasor then have to give the purchased item back? What if the purchasor had already sold it on, or had all possible use from it and no longer wanted it in any case? What if what was purchased were services that had already been performed and could not be taken back? Debiting the amount from the original recipient of the fraudulent currency’s account is the only workable option.

  40. Raudf Fox says:

    “-If you’ve been the victim of fraud, contact our fraud hotline at 800 860 6990. Then, talk about it. Post your experience to forums, blogs and chat. Tell others about who it was and how it happened.”

    As long as it’s not the “Official Forums” that is. This would fall under general discussion there, as it wouldn’t be requesting Resident Answers (which we couldn’t help a person with anyways) and we aren’t allowed to ‘name names’ in order to cast a bad light on those that deserve it. Good grief, we can’t do this on the “official forums” so why take the stance that encourages us to do it elsewhere? THIS is the first forum new users check, precisely because it’s “official.”

    So, when are you all going to bring back the General Discussion forums and hire/find some mods with spines? I’ll gladly pitch in for the General Discussions forum!

    Otherwise, I agree, we need to get the word out about scammers and the fraud that goes on about the L$ trade. I usually warn new users off buying them from anywhere other than either the LindeX or the SLEx.

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  42. Ordella Halley says:

    They just trow another pile of dust in people’s eyes.

    Lindenlab’s own manual Process Credit system is failing yet they advise us to take care on other sites… It’s just hilarious.

    My first failed process credit was on 25th October. I ordered the USD to be transferred to my Paypal, after 5 days it showed as “Processed”, but didn’t reached my PayPal account. Filled a ticket. They returned the dollars to my account on 11th November.
    I had a successfull withdraw on 15th November.

    Then on 25th November another Process Credit failed.
    Now they claim the solution they gave one 11th November for the October issue is the “Final Solution”, for the 25th November issue.


    They give a final solution before the problem apeared?
    Those were 2 different orders on different dates with different amounts of money…
    How you can mix those two?

    Of course nothing happened since then and we are in the new year allready.

  43. Dagnir Korolev says:

    @39 The concept of “bona fide” exchange is unknown to Linden Labs. Or you should treat any purchaser of L$ at a third party site as a bona fide purchaser. These are not currency, and LL has no intention to make them one, it seems. Probable to avoid problems with US law, like eGold had. Therefore I’m certain they’ll take away all the money they can trace through as many steps as they can.

  44. Mitsuyasi Tiger says:

    I’ve had problems with the linden exchange as well, but at least if you complain enough (emphasis on enough) they do something about faulty transactions (charging you then never giving you the L$)

    Now.. if you’re greedy and you think you’re going to get 1000L$ for 1$ then OMG SURPRISE ITS A STOLEN/SCAMMED lindens – good lord use common sense.

    After all in life and on the net it’s all pretty much common sense – oh well for those who didn’t know, you know now – for those who knew, welcome back to the hampster wheel ^.^ . . . I hope the asset server is working tonite ~ Toodles

  45. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    Re: #44

    Mitsuyasi, this was not a case of greed. My friend rezzed a tip jar she THOUGHT she had created. Same name, get it? She makes and sells them. So that’s why she gave it the go-ahead, as it *should* have been the one she made. And instead she was blatantly ripped off. This kind of fraud needs to be dealt with, at least as much as fraud from third-party sites does, if not more so.

  46. Razrcut Brooks says:

    @ 24: Ebay bought Paypal in 2002 for 1.5 billion…dollars.(

  47. DR Dahlgren says:

    So far I have only dealt with LL trading lindens, so I have had no problems there. I don’t purchase lindens for anyone unless they are known to me personally and even then, I get the USD in advance. I careful to monitor my payments both to and from my account, and so far, no one has managed to get into my pocket, though a few crude attempts were tried. I guess it kind of boils down to common sense. You don’t use a little of it, the world will try to educate you…

    One thing though I wanted to mention, and that is about PayPay. I have been using PayPal for many major transactions, ebay and personal, since 1999. I have yet to be ripped off. Some thieves tried to purchased some laptops from me some years back, and paid with a stolen credit card. Had I shipped the laptops, I would have been out the $$. However, as usual, the story they gave me did not feel right, so I held off shippent and contacted PayPal. They confirmed the card was stolen and that was the end of that. Had I shipped them and lost out though, I certainly would not have blamed PayPal for my mistake.


  48. DR Dahlgren says:

    Oh and JP.. great job. This is good communication and stimulates in kind in the blog.


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  50. @15 Linden Lab does bill your CC from a Europe site that why over the last year it has cost me more the 700USD in fee from my CC company for paying tier. Luckly my CC company give me 1% on all CC purchases so its a win/lose for me.

    @1 Yes it would be nice if the Lab answered your questions about how to protect verdors from this same fraud, same with people buying land and paying tier to my SL Estate Company, but LL does not care enough to answer these questions. They like to leave there comments a with a little ambiguity to cover there own butts.

    @37 L$ may not be a real currancy but it has real world value. Its like a chip you get from a casino in Vegas. The chip may have value in that casino but not worth a penny outside of that casino. Hmmm maybe thats why gambling is banned in SL. L$ was like a casino chip. But if you steal those chips from someone its till considered theft, and people can be brought to justice. It just may cost you more to do this then you have lost.

    I still don’t understand why people still use ingame banks since after the last 6 month 8 banks have went under and have stolen over 1 Million USD from SL residents.

    My final spontaneous thought on this issue, why would you buy L$ from anyone other then the Lindex? Your just asking for trouble.

  51. Espresso Saarinen says:

    “Never use your SL login or password outside of the SL viewer or”

    while i do not use the L$ method on slexchange (what is they’re cracked some day?), many folk do and it is a legit site.

  52. FD Spark says:

    I actually think there needs to be alternative to business people in sl not getting paid in Lindens, I am not sure how or if it work but seriously if you’re in a business and doing business why accept fake money that could be tainted?

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  54. Nikolai Kidd says:

    I dont understand why anyone woud think they could get a great deal on L$ anywhere. If that were possible, there would be competition and the rates at the Exchange would be better. So how does that work? someone says I have 200K L$ and I’m quitting SL and Ill sell them to you for $50US? Why wouldnt they just exchange them back at the Linden Exchange for US$? DUH (oh, the fee?) For that matter, why would you sell yours to anyone? Greed maybe? Hi, Im from Lybia and have 3Mil L$ but cant use them in my country, so Ill send them to you and you send me US$ for half……..just like RL guys@!

  55. Ice Vesta says:

    I’ve personally bought L$ from vForEx Inc. They are reliable since it is a subsidiary company of Fantasyland estate and they offer by far the best rates i’ve seen around and deliver within 2-24 hours. The website is

  56. Tegg B says:

    Welcome to Farmbot Life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  57. Raver Xeno says:

    SL Exhange has only been very cool and offers support within 24 hours. also may be geared for those that cant deal with the trading limits.
    I just closed my paypal account I hate them always have
    It took 18 days to transfer money
    also they recently sent me an email that I thought was a phishing scam that said that “a third party had accessed my account”
    I needed to do stuff like phone verification and security question upgrades before my account was restored
    I just hate my info like account number and CC sitting in some website doing nothing but waiting to be plucked for it’s ripe fruit.
    Linden labs needs to protect the genuine AV’s in the game that are trying to make it not break it. LL needs to protect merchants and those that rent/lease/own land and have shops and stores
    instead of just debiting suspected brutal lindens from the account.
    You say it is not a currency well in fact it is.
    It is a genuine virtual currency used to buy items
    what LL has going for them is is that this SL has not been done before therfore there are no real instituted laws in place governing this method of a virtual world and people are scrambling to make sense of it all.
    This may change in the future
    including the fact that stocks and bonds and banking may be banned
    also virtual currency may be more clearly defined allowing LL to adopt an official position instead of the guarded vague position currently held.
    I agree that a list should be made providing the residents with a solid notice of third party sites that are safe to deal with.
    giving us a weird position only adds to the confusion.
    I personally think that SLX and Onrez have alot of potential
    but they both deal with paypal as well
    which is unfortunate in fact on SLx when you enter your CC it reads if you have a paypal account or not and then redirects you to paypal which you have to wait 24 hours for clearance.
    Protect those that invest in your belief
    dont just be driven around in your rolls royce’s laughing at all of us with our play money.
    Give us some meat to work with
    give us a solid framework

  58. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    It’s easy, use the LindeX only. If you can’t verify your account without a credit card, get one. Every European bank I know of will happily issue credit cards to their customers. If you think cc’s aren’t safe – well, money transactions over the internet are never perfectly safe, but I for one use a cc since 1997 (as a European) and never had any problems. If you are too young to get a cc, don’t use the adult grid.

    In case of gifts: I suggest to have your customers pay an object instead of paying you directly, if you are unsure how he might have obtained the money he pays you with. You only need to rez a prim, every prim can be paid to.

  59. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Very telling that nobody from LL has responded to multiple queries about whether shopkeepers with vendors will be protected against people buying with fraudulent lindens.

    Does that mean, for example, that the folks behind places such as Adam N Eve, Dazzle, and other fashion stores would also be hung out to dry with no recourse? It certainly looks that way from here!

  60. nomoresecrets says:

    i work fine with

  61. HeeLan Beattie says:

    In some countries worldwide, the term “In good faith” is applicable upon receiving goods or money in a transaction where no suspicion is at hand of fraudulent or criminal behaviour. In such cases the subject i.e. the recipient of the goods or money has the right to keep the property as such.
    What I seemingly can understand from this is that LL is prepared to carry out a criminal act, and believing they can do this without being brought to justice.
    If they cause assumed “In good faith been” individuals to suffer, someone must lawsuit LL for this criminal act as well.
    Two faults does not make one right.
    If the case is that a shop-owner is to loose money due to a fact that someone has made purchases with Lindens from a suspectedly untrustworthy third party – then this should be a matter of theft as well. As long as a shop-owner cannot overlook/guard his or her business 24 hours a day – and through customer interrogations make sure the money transactions are honestly sourced – they cannot be held responsible of receiving this money, since this is done “in good faith” – that is why there are Vending machines I suppose.
    Concerning this detail I believe LL should do some more homework before starting to take Linden currency away from shop-owners.

  62. Joe says:


    As a victim of a scam in SL, I think there should be very restrictive regulations by LL in financial sectors of SL.
    My idea is to make it mandatory to open those bank owner’s RL info before opening any kind of financial institutions in SL. And LL gives a certificate only to those whose RL infos are identified so that people can check if a bank is certified by LL or not.

    This is not gonna prevent all the scams going around SL but it surely will reduce those banking scams dramatically!

  63. Gully Miles says:

    @47 (DR Dahlgren): The thing is, though, that in the case of your laptop order you had options available to you that SL vendors don’t have. You could sit tight, think about their order, contact PayPal, check whether the card they used was stolen, and so on.

    A vendor in SL can’t do any of those things. Someone buys from a machine in their store, the vendor gets a pile of L$. They have no way of inquiring into the background of the buyer or tracing where the L$ came from before they decide whether or not to enter in to the transaction. And I’m willing to bet that, even if LL recoup the L$ from the vendor’s account, they don’t delete the bought objects from the purchaser’s inventory (or the inventory of whoever they have since transferred them to). End result = free goods for someone, vendor out of pocket because of a transaction they could not possibly have known to avoid.

    Maybe the solution is to only trade in US dollars outside of SL? It’s a shame, because it would be good to build a virtual economy; but I can’t see how it’s possible to take the L$ seriously as a currency if it can just be taken off you at any time as if it were tokens, due to circumstances over which you have no control.

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  65. DR Dahlgren says:

    @63 Gully Miles – I totally understand the situation as I too vend in SL. I was only commenting on PayPal and that I had never had a problem with them in 8 years and 100’s of transactions, many well over 1000 USD.

    As to SL, there are a few things I do to help protect myself. With land sales, which I do fairly often, I set the parcel – For Sale Only to – and put my name there. It still shows in search and on the Map, but a notecard giver explains that anyone interested in purchase needs to contact me via IM. That gives me an opportunity to look at there profile. If they are brand new and the $L is substanial, I ask them to contact me in RL first. If it is an account with some history in SL, I normally just go ahead and sell the parcel.

    I do the same thing for custom builds that can entail substanial $$. If they are unwilling to contact me, I pass on the transaction.

    While not perfect, and I am certain I have lost a sale or two because of this, it does add a little protection to my transactions.


  66. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Gee .. like some said already … suspition when someone offers better condityions for Linden$ lol YOU already know if you re thinking correctly that there is something not very NORMAL …

    The Excuse .. sorry but leaving SL … want to buy my Linden$? And keep 1/4 for you … Hellooooooooooo World Houston got a problem …. 🙂 🙂
    (That person could also contact some friends of his/hers (inworld) and make a deal between friends instead of doing it with an unknown person to him/her)

    The Banks … RL Banks can go broke, or scame themselfs … so Am at a SL Bank and till now .. NO COMPLAINTS at all … getting even a good service … and in case of questions from my part always soemone to give a answer … NEVER had to wait more than 24 hrs for an answer

    Used Paypal once for my membership to another site … used the bank to bank methode … Printed the form, went to my bank .. made that paiement order manualy myself .. and 3 working days later … the other company already had my money (also an american based company … BUT with a European Based Bankaccount … and the VAT was already included .. in the sum i had to pay ) … and I could do it in EURO (didn t have to go through a change of currency)… (wich is impossible here at Second Life cose LL only knows USD 😦 (maybe because the USD is lower rated than the Euro ???? on the stock exchanges) (today 75usd = approx 52 Euro )

    Strange but never had an inworld spammer ????????????? about Lindens etc … and never got scammed too … because i refuse simply gifts from unknown people to me …. (Why should a unknown person give you something?? for your beautifull eyes???? 🙂 ….

    Finally WOULD BE A HAVING BALLS from Linden Labs to publish a list … But it would require GUTTS to do this …. unfortunately they won t do it … 😦

    And is Linden Labs not the Champion with 3th party companies who aren t thrustworthy at all … (Does “Integrity ” ring a bell ???? )

  67. Brieanne Bomazi says:

    About the shop vendors….Iknow for a FACT that LL will NOT take lindens back when purchased “tangible* goodds are exchanged…The asme guy that was spoiling me rotten spent money in a close friend of mines store…my friend DID NOT have the money taken back…possibly because of the smount the guy paid me versus the amount paid the vendor, i am not sure…but as i understand it after dealing with the fraud team, tangible items arent as subject to investigations as services…the difference is the *gift* in your transaction history.
    Hope that helps 🙂

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  69. Byrnt Ember says:

    I have a seller to throw up into the list. is a fraudulent seller. Avoid them at all costs. I’ve posted a note on my own forums for Furry Desires detailing my own account suspension due to these fraudsters.

    -Byrnt Ember

  70. Darling Sieyes says:

    Virtual games has become quite a profitable business for criminals. Many of these criminals are the self proclaimed wanna be’s ‘mafia. i was asked to join, i refused, as a result, i was hacked (1500$usa).
    These criminals are making money. They have several accounts in all the virtual games. They bring me to second life, to show me the wedding of the guy and girl (she pretended to be my best friend in other game). Then, made false reports against me. Which was proven the things they said were not true, so they only gave their names on list. they were unable to get LL to stop my account.
    One problem, is the use of others, while keeping their main avatar accounts respectable.
    they have sent person after person, to hang with me, as some of the people they use, disappear, so they want to make sure i am not with any of them, for these do know the sort of person i am, and like and admire things in me.
    They have spread rumors, ruining my reputation. They know how to fool people, they had me fooled for long time. i think they have found someone else to pick on, as lately the griefings of me have been lighter…but then again, i can talk, and i can drive them up their own walls, to land in thier own spider webs.
    I stay away from their lands, the ones i know, but they own many businesses, and they run off the honest business makers as they can. They make scripts to do harm, then sell weapons and protection devices…not saying all businesses and weapons in particular are owned by these mafia groups, yet i see they are multiplying like cockroaches.
    they make throw away accounts to do the griefings.
    they have benefits, for ppl, who make lots of friends, but have serious illness. then the sick die, and sometimes they collect for burial costs too.
    i do have a serious illness…i do not need any fund raising, my medical is covered. one person told me there was a benefit for me, but it was not my darling avatar, another, who is probably dead now.
    this effects thos of us who are involved with philandrophy. how do we know the benefit is valid? sl is a perfect place for this part of flesh world to help one another.
    i have seen them destroy tso, selling and recycling objects thru ebay, they play the drama’s around a person, get them to buy the collectables and simoleons.
    there are pc experts, who know how to get around most anything, including the best antivius and antispywares.
    these are not always the leaders, sometimes they are coveted.
    They put employees into major company’s on web, in order to be able to have accesses.
    On and on and on…would take pages of what i have seen and experienced in the years i have spent online, since first computer was sold to public.
    The criminals are at this point in time, taking advantage of the law officers lack of time and employees to cover crimes.
    which most are involving the terrorist issues…
    this ‘mafia’ not only steals online, they do anything they think of to get someone’s money, and is also taken to flesh world. i have on copy, an av, tso, who is in sl also, bragging she is a black widow…i looked up the statistics on black widow’s, and is higher than ever…with old times, women, so is why widow is used instead of widower…now there are men. this is part of the insurance racketeering which has been going on for some time now…
    another detriment, which game can give to us, the meeting of love. they take away our trust, and separate us from the good things life has to give. evi…this is one name…
    i didnt want to wake up to these truth’s…but even tho i can protect myself, i cannot pretend everything is fun and profitable, i must do my part, and find solutions, with others of honest minds.
    as with world crime, and not enough officers, and time in court processing, etc…
    the computer criminals are more than what can be kept up with to keep them in line…
    we must remember, there is no freedom without morals, and our moral duty’s do not have a price tag.
    we must gather together, realizing they will also follow suit, and create groups which make ppl think they are honest, so as to keep busy those who are working to make things safe for all.
    we will lose everything in game…and there are ppl who support thier families…
    at the least, we can send reports to the police departments in sl…
    LL has hands full, not only with game, but with world law, and all else…They cannot keep the amount of employees needed, to do all that needs to be done.
    Then the drama’s these no drama professing ppl do, keep wild goose chases, on unimportant issues.
    such as…so and so has an ugly property…which then blows into a big drama…let’s use drama’s to teach, and to advise, in the form of art, and throw thier drama’s out of play…we can copy them as we see them, to bring attention to one another of what we discover.
    also i suppose, they use blackmail to keep some of those who do their dirty deeds, and promises, some not kept…to educate them, and protect them…
    i believe scripting should be held on an island, which would not effect the grid…Linden on duty to accept or deny script, and no script allowed in world without being passed.
    this would stop the part of griefing which destroys property and avatar’s and causes bugs.
    LL is a successful company. Besides this so called mafia, most likely, there are those sent in to create problems. LL holds patents, so they also have thier own griefers.
    We must make our world right…we must volunteer enough time so we can all find all those who are criminals…we must do so in truth, and if we are not sure, make clear, this is not fully investigated, not proved.
    we can have courts, we can have law…law is not to be misused, so this must be monitored as well…
    but u know what…we can do all this…we can make our world fun and safe and exciting, and loving…we can make money, those who choose to, honest money…without getting griefed and having to buy protection.
    we do not have to live with these kinds of people. and if we cannot do it here, how can we do it in flesh world???
    this game means much to so many…for me, i am invalid, with perhaps 2 years to recover, after i get my liver transplant…one year at most to wait now for liver, and 1 yr recovery.
    the game keeps me in bed…i am a chronic workaholic…i even love housework…i danced and sang doing housework all my life till the past few years…so game keeps me in bed enough to not harm myself, and i have lasted longer than average. it is also when i am up to it, a social place for me. my immune system is compromised, and an ordinary cold, could kill me, after surgery for a year, i will have no immune system…so social life is on hold in flesh world, but i can have it here…these are some reasons the game is important to me, and now i see more, i see the rounding up of the cockroaches, give them their own grid, their own world, let them cheat lie and steal from one another…
    bottom line is, we must gather, as they are gathering, enough ppl, to have watch on them…no gradeschool games, we must be honorable, or we will be distracted. we can also tell one another by our behavior, our want and need to keep this world…hell, i think many ppl would have given up on this by now, but those in charge, do see a future, far more than what we are now, and we can make so much happen, which can also effect our flesh world….
    It is time to come together, or we will be overcome.

  71. I’ve used a third-party site to buy enough Lindenage to buy my little plot of land. It was an established gaming site that specialized in virtual goods for a number of MMORPGs. At the time, the exchange rate was marginally better than the LindeX–not by a huge amount, but enough to be worth it.

    I went to buy some more later and found that the prices had gone up so that it wasn’t any cheaper to use them than to use the LindeX. I don’t know exactly why, but I venture to guess that the gambling ban shut off quite a few streams of income to that site and possibly others.

    I honestly have yet to find a better rate than the LindeX anywhere, at this point.

    Nevertheless, I do agree that there probably need to be more payment options for buying from the LindeX than credit cards and PayPal (even though both have served me nicely so far.) What about the possibility of Linden Lab taking electronic payments directly from banks? Not just for the LindeX for also for membership fees and tier? I’d love to be able to handle my SL expenses from my checking account directly instead of foofing around with PayPal first.

  72. So, does this mean you won’t be taking 150% as in the past?

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  74. Oh, and incidentally – shouldn’t this be in the ToS somewhere?

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  76. Nock Forager says:

    @74 150% things written only GRID RiskAPI pages. ( ). TOS will be change…?

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  79. U M says:

    I don`t believe this, many knew this was going to happen and it di and has and always well happen. Is it worth having this type of action to link the game to the web? Shakeshead no, but many some time inthe new future it might be different. Gesh you call this progression for the future?

  80. U M says:

    @76 did you read this part

    “In addition, repeated participation in such fraud or violation will result in suspension or cancellation of the buying party’s accounts. (The selling account will of course be suspended or cancelled on a single fraud or violation at Linden Lab’s discretion.) ”

    WOW they once again say this but do they really enforce it?

  81. Anti Usagi says:

    Go away Usagi!

  82. The main problem here is too many people are always looking for a bargain at any price and these fraudsters know that and they sucker people in by offering L$ at a big discount a lot of the time.

    Its worth repeating


  83. U M says:

    You mean too many people want everything for free. Cheaters and those that need to try tp beat the system will always exist. But its time for Linden Research, Inc, to take action before things get worse.

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  86. Hollyhock says: is a scam!! I was scammed out of money for IMVU. They say that they don’t have the credits that I paid for,

  87. Janine says: is a definite scam. Don’t buy from them.

  88. space rockett says:

    hi my account was disabled on 20th april 07 i have sent several email to linden lab to no avail, i have also phoned, but still i’m waiting for your response could you contact me asap to resolve this matter, i think my subscription will be due for renewal soon, i.m not sure what date exactly as i can not access the relevant page, i am in the u.k and have phoned your u.k office, with no response to date, i hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You.


    (space rockett)

  89. space rockett says:

    (6/12/2007 1:26 PM PDT) Hello Space,

    Your Second Life account was suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service (ToS). We took this action upon being informed that you purchased Linden dollars that were fraudulently acquired by the seller. This information came in the form of a fraud dispute initiated by a credit card holder through their issuing bank. Upon conclusion of our investigation we have reason to believe you were not aware you were purchasing fraudulently obtained goods. We have therefore restored your account and noted it accordingly. As the goods you received were fraudulently obtained, we are unable to allow them to remain in your account. You are encouraged to engage the fraud recovery channels available to you that are provided by the site where you purchased these goods, and/or your payment service provider.


    Aki Linden

  90. space rockett says:

    7/10/2007 8:21 AM PDT Customer Posted a Comment Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki, its been a while since i heard from you, hope you havent forgot about me.*smile*



  91. space rockett says:

    6/25/2007 4:09 PM PDT Sent Information Aki Linden Hi Space,

    I apologize again for the delay. I am working on your situation right now.


    Aki Linden

  92. space rockett says:

    6/23/2007 4:11 AM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki
    thank you for your response, i have been waiting for the info you were going to send me , I do appreciate your time and help and I guess your busy, so i expect you forgot about it.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


    space rockett.

  93. space rockett says:

    6/19/2007 4:45 PM PDT Sent Information Aki Linden Hello Space,

    Thank you for your patience. I understand that this is frustrating time at the moment and I will do what I can to help. I wanted to give you an update as I will be sending you more information tomorrow morning. Please let me know if you have any new information. Otherwise you will here from me soon.


    Aki Linden

  94. space rockett says:

    6/16/2007 11:28 PM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki thank you for responding to my help request, the problem i got now is since returning to my account i find that i’m unable to process the credit , you say i obtained fraudulently also when i looked in the transaction log it was empty besides some transaction linden lab had made, i before all this happened had a inworld streaming business, i also sold a few plots of land, and now have no record of the transactions to help me show that i have obtained the credit hosnestly, i have not involved myself or my account in fruadulant activities and i’m being treated and punished like i’m a criminal, in fact if your investigation is correct i,m also a victim of all this and think that i’m still being made to pay even though the credit in my account was obtained legitemately, i hope you can understand my position, also if possible could you provide me with a copy of my transaction log/history from the 20.04.07 twenty april 2007- to the 12.06.07 twelve of june 2007 because as far as i’m aware i sold land during that period and have no record of the transaction or credit .. ? and also for some reason i was charged $25.00 for land tier fees …?
    thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon …


    space rockett

  95. space rockett says:

    (9/24/2007 9:54 AM PDT) Greetings,

    It appears that more or less, we want the same solution, which is to make up the L$ deficit. We feel that the best way for you to do this would be to purchase the L$397,000 from a reputable L$ exchange. SL Exchange, Anshe, etc. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

    Very Best,

    Elvis Linden

  96. space rockett says:

    2/4/2008 1:27 AM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hi this is becoming a farce, i tried to log into my account but was unable ? i still havent received your so called final solution, you have taken money from my account to pay for subscription and now i cannnot access my account again ? what is going on this is beyond ridiculous, also i bought some land using $U.S and have requested access to it but you havent got the decency to let me know whats going on i was hoping to solve this in the simplest way possible, but you have decided to cheat me out of my own money you take subscription every 3 months and you have taken the land i bought at auction if the money is illegal in my account, how come you taking it for subscription and auction land sales ????


  97. space rockett says:

    9/24/2007 10:40 AM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hi again i’m not sure why you request L$397,000 I never purchased that amount from ebay ? the monies in my account is from land sales and audio streaming sales and like I said in previous email I will pay $500.00 U.S to cover lindens I bought legally from ebay from a seller who is still selling lindens ? I requested my transaction history from april when my account was disabled to show you at Linden Lab that what I am saying is correct and true so if you can please supply me with my transaction history from april would be appreciated, also I bought about a month ago land from your auction, which I am still unable to take ownership, you have also taken monies from my account about 2 months ago for no apparent reason I think it was $25.00 U.S , so its important for me to see the transaction record to confirm this. I hope you can resolve this a.s.a.p as it has been going on for nearly six months. Thank you for your time and help.

  98. space rockett says:

    9/24/2007 7:33 AM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hello, I just recently returned from vacation, I dont agree and don’t accept your suggested solution, I have made that clear in numourous email to you, I repeat I haven’t been involved in any illegal activity.If I may I will suggest a solution, I will pay Linden Lab $500.00 U.S from my account to cover any Lindens that you feel are not supposed to be in my account the remainder of the U.S balance in my account is money that I earned from selling audio streams in SL and also from land sales which i bought before obtaining any lindens from ebay. I hope this is acceptable to you. I also recently bought a plot of land at your auction, which I can’t access , I paid in U.S Dollars from my account, I hope you will release the land mentioned so I can obtain ownership. Thank you for your time.


  99. somnolentia says:

    I recently bought lindens from and my account is now on ‘hold’ and has been for two days.
    I feel increidbly stupid for not doing my research before buying but i needed the $L to pay my half of the rent on the void my partner and i now have so i just lept in blindly.
    I realise now what a huge mistake i made and i will in turn have to pay the price, i just hope this doesnt cost me my account. I love my SL dearly and would never risk it by involving myself in this sort of thing knowingly.
    I have since done a lot of ‘digging’ on this company and found a HUGE amount of forums, blogs etc about them all claiming not only banned accounts due to fraudulent currency being supplied but there are even some complaints of items being stolen or going missing from their accounts after power levelling.
    I dont play other mmorpg’s so im not aware of the different TOS for each but regardless, according to these sites these ppl have rum rampant for almost 2 years with no sign of shutting down and moving on.. and certainly no sign of remorse for their actions but then why would they feel any need to repent and refund when no one has taken any action against them?
    I have told LL they have my full co-operation in this matter and any information i can supply them with i will. if it means bringing these criminals to justice then surely ALL victims should do the same?

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