[COMPLETE] Rolling Restart – Wednesday January 2nd

[UPDATE 9:20 PM PST] The rolling restart is complete, including cleanup of crashed regions. Thank you for your patience. In addition, we have collected some excellent data from this restart that should make the next one even less intrusive – ensuring that regions are not kept down for extended periods even if something goes awry.

[UPDATE 8:25 PM PST] Rolling Restarts are 90% completed.

[UPDATE 7:25 PM PST] Rolling Restarts are 75% completed.

[UPDATE 6:51 PM PST] Rolling Restarts are 60% completed.

[UPDATE 5:49 PM PST] Rolling Restarts are 40% completed. – Kate

[UPDATE 3:15pm PST] We’re about 20% of the way through. One of the central databases was looking a bit unhappy, so we slowed the restart down somewhat from the last time. The restart team is taking the opportunity to improve the restart process as it goes, with a team of engineers watching various systems and trying to reduce the amount of post-restart cleanup that will be necessary. A shout out to Prospero Linden, CG Linden, and Sabin Linden.

[UPDATE 1:45pm PST]

The restart has been in progress for several minutes now. 5% done already!

[UPDATE 1:15pm PST]

We’ve verified the new fix in place, and will begin the rolling restart shortly in the next few minutes. While QA was verifying the change, the release team worked to combine the “push the updated code to all servers” into the rolling restart process itself to save time so we can start the process without waiting for several hours. (We’ve been meaning to do that for a while anyway.)

[UPDATE 11:48am PST]

Final verification of the code turned up a bug blocking the release. Fortunately, the fix was easy to identify (it had been made in another “branch” and just needed to be ported.) We’ll need to re-verify with the fix in place, which will take about an hour, and then comes the time consuming bit – pushing the updated code out to all of the servers that make up Second Life, a process that takes several hours. The restart can’t begin until this is complete. We’ll see if we can’t hasten this a little bit, though.

Also: the “fix related to age verification” is to correct an issue where verified accounts are incorrectly blocked from parcels that require verification, after a teleport.

An updated ETA on the restart will be posted when available.

[UPDATE 11:04 a.m.]

The rolling restart will start slightly after 11 a.m. Pacific.

[Originally posted December 29, 2007 @ 3:43PM PST]

To push out server-side fixes related to age verification and a few causes of sim crashes, we will be performing a rolling restart of the Second Life servers on Wednesday, January 2nd 2008. Logins will be unaffected, and no new viewers will be required.

The restarts will begin between 10 and 11am Pacific, and take about 4 hours to update all simulators, followed by some cleanup work. Each region is given a 5 minute warning, then restarted (which takes approximately 5 minutes). The restarts will be on a simulator-by-simulator basis rather than region-by-region, so it will not be possible to postpone restarts for a given region and the restarts will occur in “random” order relative to the map.

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151 Responses to [COMPLETE] Rolling Restart – Wednesday January 2nd

  1. DamasusDagger says:

    Maybe BEFORE THEN you should find out why Logins are FUBAR .. that would be a great idea …….

  2. U M says:

    Great! Happy to here they are cleaning of the hoilday waste in the servers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Will the type scrambling after edits be fixed? Takes hours to make a simple object, having to relog to get unscrambled keyboard input after editing objects and textures. Please see my bug report. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you, by the way, for what you have done… you guys rock!

  4. Yacobheimer125 Voom says:

    Hmmm… Will this apply to the Teen grid or not? Also – why not do them in map order so that people can wave jump the restart? Good luck….
    Also – Come Wednesday, I bet there will be at least 300 posts on this saying “Why can’t I log in? you suck Linden Labs!”…. etc. Can we give them a break people? They’re just trying to do their jobs….

  5. Geraldine Giha says:

    4 hours to complete? You sure this time?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hehe….

  6. LaeMiQian says:

    “Also – why not do them in map order so that people can wave jump the restart?”

    Probably because there are 4 regions per similator box and there is no corelation between what box a region is on and its location on the map. Restarting simulator boxes requires random restarts from a map-location perspetive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ben says:

    server-side fixes related to age verification << care to give more detail, this is too vague!

  8. LaeMiQian says:

    “server-side fixes related to age verification << care to give more detail, this is too vague!”

    Yes – could mean…

    — Fixing AgeVerification code bugs
    — Fixing AgeVerification privacy issues (change Verifier ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    — Fixing AgeVerification Agnst (removing it alltogether ๐Ÿ˜€ )*
    — Springing AgeVerification on us grid-wide with as little warning as possible ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    * I have no objection to age verification per-se (in fact I support the IDEA) but have issues with the particular way LL is insisting on implementing it.

  9. Hoodie Lykin says:

    #4 Unfortunately, Yacobheimer125 Voom the minority of people for who Second Live does not work correctly, are often the most vocal.
    I just wish people would address the issues with there own Computer Setup before moaning in the blogs.
    Even a NEW Windows computer comes Pre-PWNED anyway with realtine AV / AS scanning, Frilly background monitors of little use, CPU intensive UI rendering etc etc. Switch all that off people!

  10. Linux Raymaker says:

    #9 Ditto.

  11. Istephanija Munro says:

    I am loving the lack information here!!

    is the bugfix for SVC-930 gonna be included???

  12. Ya know, it REALLY is hard getting spilled egg-nog out of a RAID, Good luck with it all, LL, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  13. DJ Damascus Dagger says:


  14. LaeMiQian says:

    @Hoodie Lykin

    “If Bill Gates had a dollar for every time Windows crashed.. oh wait, he does!” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yes, MS-Windows CAN be reasonably stabilised and secured, but it takes SOME effort to do so (not a huge amount, but more than many people are prepared to put in).

    I can set up a completely broken/insecure Linux or BSD/MacOS system too, by expending about the same effort ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My primary income while a student was a doctor who insisted on installing every piece of crapwear that was reviewed on the back page of PC-Whatever Magazine in the hope that it would make his system faster and more stable ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Stsfuzzybear Hush says:


    Hey Hoodie, for the old & infirm amoung us could you translate your post into easily understood language? I have a new Vista Ulitmate & have had a ticket in since October. I am STILL having to uninstall/reinstall every time I want to log in. Maybe the stuff in you post would help. If I understood it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Darien Caldwell says:

    I would love to know what kind of sim crash issues will be fixed. My sim crashes daily for the past 3 months now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope one of these fixes will help.

  17. Rooke Ayres says:

    Only 4 hours?

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  18. Paybak Epin says:


  19. riven homewood says:

    This says the rolling restart will be Jan. 2. The Planned Outages Calendar says it will be Jan. 1. Which is correct?

  20. Panya Aya says:

    I can not Login may you started now? what happened I have a class to teach :(((

  21. SL Lykin says:

    @13 (Maybe just unlucky?)
    Take your PC to a Linux specialist. I’m sure they’d be glad to help.

  22. brinda allen says:

    hmm…i Must be doing something wrong. Windows Vista rarely creates a pb for me. SL doesnt create many pbs for me either. fact the only pb i keep having is the moron that creates a new account almost every weekend and spamms my sim with racist particles. ANY suggestions? (if ya kno whos doin’ it theres a reward for there unconcious lifeform lol)

  23. brinda allen says:

    missed a letter in my E-dress sorry..(see ..i’me often the cause of my grief!)

  24. Jessica Elytis says:

    Concurring with #7

    “updates to Age Verification” is too little information for such a touchy subject.

    More information, please.

    As in: EXACTLY what are you changing to AV, and HOW will it impact us over the grid? We don’t need coding lines (well, it would help, but I doubt that’s gonna happen) but give us the main titles here. Changes to what? Fixes to what? Additions of what? Expectations of what?

    Let’s see if we can plan this a bit so as to NOT create absolute chaos by just dropping it in the dirt, hmmm?


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  26. Montana Corleone says:

    I thought sim = region? Care to explain what the latest definition is? I suppose the reason you are trying random is the restarts are manual, or you are using a new piece of code to do it since your existing code seems to forget several hundred to a thousand regions each time lol.

    Still, if you must still go through with the worthless Age Verification, as agreed by a US judge in the recent COPA decision:

    “Todayโ€™s COPA decision bolsters many of the findings in my paper. โ€œRequiring users to go through an age verification process would lead to a distinct loss of personal privacy,โ€ Judge Lowell Reed Jr. says on page 55 of the decision. And his other conclusions are also relevant to the debate over social networking regulation.

    Of particular importance is Judge Reedโ€™s conclusion that โ€œthere is no evidence of age verification services or products available on the market to owners of Web sites that actually reliably establish or verify the age of Internet users. Nor is there evidence of such services or products that can effectively prevent access to Web pages by a minor.โ€ (p. 44)


    So if it doesn’t really prove anything, and courts understand that, how can it make people not liable who use those methods? Or is it really about Aristotle selling the data, who ironically, you can buy data from without age verifying yourself lol. Or is it all going over to the FBI?

    @9 Minority? Ha, dunno who you talk to but try everyone. It’s only on the blog here do we seem to find fan boys for whom SL never ever creates any problems at all and runs perfectly lol.

    All in all I get very suspicious when there is not much info on rolling restarts: usually means they slid some new shiny in the back door and performance and new things will be borked for a week or more. Just experience…

  27. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well instead of doing the junk you are proposing why do not you fix the massive memory leaks that continue to plague the system. I run an ongoing test of a rather run of the mill system 2.8 ghz p4 1 gig of ram 128meg video card it runs a store model continuously. Lets just say after 8 hours of doing nothing the machine runs like an 2mhz 8080 Altair and the virtual memory is saturated. In this day there is no excuse for this performance and it’s not like you have not heard it many times before. Until you clean up your house this will still be a second rate experience, and yes it runs on a separate DSL network.

    I run a 3.6 p4 6800 ultra and 2 gigs of memory XP on the main machine and you still manage to crash me on teleports and any general reason you care to. This does not happen often but but is irritating. And as for your crash reports I have not filed one in months as I imagine many others have not so don’t count your chickens so quickly. If everyone who crashed took the time to file the rather time consuming report your stats would look very much different than you report. The more irritating the game becomes the less likely that people will take the time to give you feed back as in the past it seems to have done no good at all.

  28. LaeMiQian says:

    Whether “Sim” means the region or the box (of 4 region simulators) probably depends on whether the Linden who posted is a Hardware or Software person – I have heard it used both ways numerous times.

    I try to specify “Simulator Box” when I mean hardware. I wouldn’t bet on one or the other being the case here – very ambiguous – but if it IS the box, that would certainly explain the random restart order.

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  30. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    @ 29 i agree its been 8 months at least of these massive memory leaks either lindens are deaf, cant read or blind or have no clue how to fix them i believe its the latter or it would have been done …just shows u we really do have a bunch of apes running the show..8 months of this or more is just totally unacceptable i cannot shop or be on the ground for anymore than 5 minutes without having to relog cus im so froze up using the cam….makes things worse…. more i use it worse the leaks freezes get …. lindens please GET WITH the program and FIX this already bad enough all the other crap u put us through please fix the major issues like this before you put all this other useless crap {windlight ect}on us

  31. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Hehe 4 hours … wanna bet bet thet it will take very much more time … ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (with as usual several …. UNWANTED Downtimes to fix things who had been fixed but messed up again)

    !!!! And why on the 2th of January ???? When lots of people are able to be “ONLINE” !!!!!!

    Memory leaks … am already living with it …. Rezzing problems … already living with those too …. Inventory Items dissapearing, and months later reappearring … Living with that already …. ๐Ÿ™‚ so why change?

    Sorry to say dear Linden Labs .. But in EUROPE, (Yessss I m a pesty difficult to please European Citizen …. (The kind that most US hate cose we dare to speak freely no matter what) ) The running of Second life by YOU would be called Incompetence …

    For starters (as a resolution for 2008) …
    1/ FIXING the more then 4thousands bugs (who already excist for ages now)
    2/ TALK with the residents … and … If one of the Lindens would have the Gutts to come inworld and not only in their posh own sim … to check out the things …

    For the rest a healthy 2008 to everyone at LL …

  32. Wicked says:

    All I have to say ( and dont ever say much just read these blogs ) is. I used to play Sims Online for many years and was told to come here Second Life is better. Now here I have been since early 2006. The graphics here are better BUT we nerver ever had so many problems with a game run by EA as this one omg, since the day I logged on when there was only 300k people only and 3 to 4 k playing at one time there was problem. I have watched all the transformation and have decided to go play POGO games instead lol and thats saying something !!!!!

  33. U M says:

    “To push out server-side fixes related to age verification and ”

    And a waste of time………..

  34. Kugel says:

    Sighs… guess this will fix something !!!

    Speaking of fixes… the latest WL viewer (76453) .. a latest update to improve my viewing experience…LOL. The release notes on the website point to older releases. SO I DL it, install it, run it… look at the rel.notes there…. ONE FIX…. ONE FLAMING FIX ???? A complete viewer DL for ONE fix pertaining to logging on in the German language??? Have I missed the plot??? SURELY… this update cant JUST be for that. SURELY.. that bug isnt THAT important? SIghs !!

  35. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Lol I wonder what the fix would be . As a european you never can compare my information towards any database of your age verification system unless i give you the info first. And since I am not intend to fill up a strange non gouvermental database with classified information forbidden to hand over by my gouvernement. You dear Linden can stuff that Age Verification somewhere where the sun never shines.

    You are not allowed to ask the verification info you are asking now. its against the LAW ! And fix the overal performance first and then fix something which should be not in the maingrid without testing several months under high numbers in the beta grid.

  36. Vivienne says:

    @ kugel

    “SURELY.. that bug isnt THAT important? SIghs !!”

    This bug was MOST important. It was a security hole as big as Alpha Centauri. The client submitted log-in data of german users using the german language files to a website not owned by LL…they HAD to take that piece of software down – fast.

    No excuses here, alpha or not. Something like this is really crazy and never ever should have happened.

    About Windlight: According to almost every report atmospheric shaders are nice for those who run the latest hardware, but even these experience a loss of performance. According to LL own reports, 2/3 of all users run SL on average framerates below 15 FPS – without Windlight.

    So where will this lead us to? To a static chatroom (including voice chat) with extraordinary shiny artificial sunlight or what?

  37. Tropicana Dreamscape says:

    “SCENARIO: Two friends are talking about neat things they’ve found on the Internet. Friend A and Friend B enjoy exploring the Web together and chat over IM and VOIP every day….

    A: Hey I found this cool site! It’s called Second Life.

    B: Second Life? What’s that?

    A: It’s a virtual world where you can create an avatar, make friends all over the world, even learn to create things and sell them. People actually make REAL money in SL!

    B: That sounds really cool! How do I get started?

    A: Go to their website and download their software. You can have a basic account for free! Think of a name for yourself, something you’ll want to be known as inworld; they have a list of pre-set surnames to choose from, and it’s really long, so there are a LOT of possibiliites.

    B: Okay I’ll do that. What else should I know?

    A: Well, people are really friendly in SL for the most part, so if you need any help you can ask anybody. There are so many things to see and do in SL, you’ll never run out of new experiences! Also, expect to have login issues at least once a day, get booted off at least once a session (especially when you’re trying to teleport from place to place), get frozen up several times, have your inventory items not load or just disappear altogether, and if your avatar gets broken — well, you may never be able to access it again. Oh, and the rolling restarts which they say take four hours but end up being more like 6 or 8 hours.

    B: That doesn’t sound like fun to me. Why would I want to do that? I don’t think I’ll join.”

    Ever since “The Upgrade” there have been problems with just about every aspect of SL. What kind of upgrade makes the user experience worse? I’m surprised new people join up.

    My avatar, Tropicana Dreamscape, has been stuck in Server Limbo Hell since 12/19/07. I am NOT logged in, and I CANNOT log in; SL thinks I am logged in — I’m showing up on my friends’ lists, and apparently they are able to send IMs, LMs, items, etc. to me. When they try to locate me on the map, my location is given but cannot be TP’d to due to “Invalid Location”.

    I put in a Service Ticket, but the only action that has been taken is for the ticket to be assigned — which is probably just an automatic queueing, and I doubt anyone has actually SEEN my ticket. I’m not a paid account, so I don’t get the same support options as others. However, even though I’m not a paid account, but my avatar is as important to me — and my friends — as everyone else’s is to them.

  38. Proxima Saenz says:

    @ Tropicana Dreamscape

    You know.. it really sucks for you, but I think you are sharing the truth with us.. at least once a day we have problems logging inetc.
    Buwe I am used to it now lol. I hope you get away soon.
    Btw, you forgot one aspect in your story Tropicana Dreamscape…
    The gambling ๐Ÿ˜›

  39. Ciaran Laval says:

    Fixing the crashing issues is very important.

    Making changes for age verification really isn’t important, it’s a toothless utility that is a complete and utter waste of time in its present form. How on earth can it be any use when you won’t allow us to see if other users are age verified, putting aside how poor a system integrity offer, making the status hidden is ludicrous and makes the idea that this was ever about enhancing trust completely redundant.

    Hiding this status also means people can’t build their own security systems, what is the point of age verification? Anyone from LL care to explain because right now it’s a whopping white elephant.

  40. Where do we go to get our age verified? And how do we know if we passed?

  41. karina praga says:

    what is wrong with age verification..sounds like people have something to hide LISTEN..READ..THINK.. they are trying to protect our children not spy on you…..

  42. Marlena Petrov says:

    Here we go again, age verification, when over and over its been ruled against the law, not able to be real, and has nothing to do with “protecting the children” which is just a buzz phrase for “adults, we are going to take more of your rights away” protect children?? they aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. It’s all a LL ploy to join the grids!!
    Besides, all LL or anyone else has to do to cover their rears is the affirming that a user is an adult!! Seems LL is determined to destroy their world ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  43. Karyn says:

    The AV needs more work. There’s many who don’t trust their info online and I think the credit card verification like they used to do worked better.

    The company in question they’re using also had issues as they were in the news awhile back for having some info hacked.

    Anyway I’m rarely on SL anymore. Been enjoying playing Rappelz alot lately…

  44. Cazz Ayres says:

    why do people think that LL should be babysitters for our children.
    They are our responsability and as such we are the ones that should protect them by not allowing them access to age 18 web sites.

  45. Ciaran Laval says:

    @41 for one it’s no sort of proof.

    Secondly adults should be protecting children, Integrity sure as hell won’t because it’s ridiculously easy to game.

    They are asking for information that they can’t verify, which leads us back to it being ridiculously easy to game.

    Once someone is verified, you don’t know this, it won’t show in their profile.

    If someone else verifies with your details, you won’t know because they don’t send you any information.

    Do you want me to go on? A rubbish verification system is worse than no verification system, we’re going to have minors who have verified with fake details in greater numbers than minors who have payment info on file status, do you honestly think this protects children or makes the system more secure?

  46. Bato Brendel says:

    Why is it people are so quick to blame LL for lack of logins? When in fact 90% of the time its their own ISP/network/internet backbone issues. People here is $1L go buy a clue. Try to learn how to debug problems just in a small amount before pointing fingers. But agree’d the lack of details is disheartening but safe to say just judging the lack of detail it could be security work they are doing for the AgeVerify… And DJ welcome to the mute list, Try reading the sentance right above before you post…. We value free expression. However, stuff that’s OFF-TOPIC, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment. Try filing a support ticket next time not spamming the blog with useless babble.

  47. Zito Kamachi says:

    Rolling Restarts The Good The Bad The Ugly: Rolling Restarts are like buying a car thats a lemon always in the shop, the more you fix it then a new bug in the car shows up like when i surf SL over 2 hour walking my avatar around then i get ready to takeoff in flight the bad brakes kick in when i take my finger off the keyboard i’m still flying , sometimes flying into a security orb wall & crashing. Another problem isthat pop up bar letting you know when your friends log on & off , in the beginning its fine but after a while just like a lemon car the steering goes bad were your avatar can only make left & right turns but the forward & reverse gears freeze up causing a serious crash(REBOOT). Ghost prims & ghost avatars are like a bad gauges in the dashboard of that lemon car now you see it now you don’t. So people of SL enjoy your lemons & pucker up!

  48. shai Khalifa says:

    Someone said about 6 months ago that LL should begin to get very worried when people stopped posting to the blog about their issues, gripes, opinions, suggestions and praise.


    Because it would be an indicator that residents had lost any faith in LL, it’s integrity, its respect for those who pay to be part of The Great Experiment and it’s ability to learn from mistakes.

    That there are so few posting these days – and it sometimes takes days to fill the limit – whereas it used to take minutes – is a very strong verification of that prescient statement.

    I stay with SL because there is no viable Mac alternative, because of my friends and my investment (which is significant) – not because I applaud what LL is doing or done.
    There has never been any real direction in this company and the seemingly haphazard way they careen from one disaster to another indicates that LL is still run by incompetents.


    /me goes back to swapping between viewers so that I can get things done because each of them seems to do half of what I need (luckily not the same half) – and puts up with the crashes – that I’ve given up reporting because there are so many.

    PS. I will never age verify – I’ll just stay out of places that ask it – I think integrating the teen grid with the adult grid will be the death of SL and the worst mistake LL will make in a litany of really bad mistakes,

  49. Digital Digital says:

    Thank you Linden Lab, keep up the great work ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you for keeping us informed! ๐Ÿ™‚ — Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

  50. Contra Demonia says:

    I might be flammed for saying this, but half the time when I have a problem it’s client-side and caused by Windows. How do I know this? Well, I admit that it’s not very scientific but when something starts going scewy with my SL client it also often means that something is messed up with other running programs. And as with most windows problems, a quick reboot solves the issue.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t major problems with SL that need fixing and that seem to be ignored by the bigwigs in favor of new useless gizmos. But I always try fixing the problem locally first. If that works, then no problem. Only after a local fix fails to a file a trouble ticket.

  51. Phil Priestman says:

    @50 Actually I agree completely, alot of the problems could be fixed by checking one’s own system, upgrading the video card, memory, etc but usually it always come back to all the bugs and memory leaks that SL choses to put on the back burner in favor of alot of useless stuff that usually makes things even worse.

    Time and time again people have demanded the Lindens to stop wasting time with side projects like voice, windlight (which I actually like btw) and now the age verification fiasco but the users are continually ignored in favor of pet projects.

    SL will continue to get worse as long as attention is paid to other projects over memory leaks, grid failures (which continue to fail every time we turn around). Seems like every week SL has to go down to fix a problem that was supposedly ‘fixed’ last week.

  52. Sybelle Maracas says:

    @32 Wicked
    i was playing tso since beta test too wicked. my name there was Bienchen in AV
    I totally agree that such things never ever happend there. maybe we really should give the new EA-Land a try lol

  53. HooAmI says:

    Restarts are a fact of life for maintenance-! get use to it, they are doing their best to deal with all the built up left overs,crap old info in caches etc.the only problem i see is that they are not dealing with the criminal element in everyday sl,otherwise things are running quite well.Thats what people should winge about and all the bums just sitting around scabbing free lindens

  54. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @36 Vivienne: they didn’t “take the software down” in a way that actually protected anyone. What’s the first thing the client does? It connects to the website to bring up the login page! Disabling the client at *any* point after that is too late, by the time you do that, the user has already logged in on the phishing site!

  55. Argent Stonecutter says:

    And I would like to know when SVC-930 is going to be fixed too!

  56. Like Duh says:

    Pay attention to @48 it is the future of SL sorry to say.

  57. Ann Otoole says:

    instead of a complaint entry i’m going to take a different route.

    people say the sl gui is bad and hard to use. some say the gui is why there is a low retention rate. people say LL has what is called function creep going on (shinies).

    yet these same people will not complain about the increasing complexity of the stuff in their homes that is increasingly difficult to figure out and use. remotes with 48 buttons and all the buttons the same size, etc. programmable thingies with more features than will ever be used. you know… microwave ovens that are more powerful than the space shuttle and all you want to do is make popcorn and nuke frozen dinners. yea “roast” that big turkey in the microwave. mmm that would be tasty.

    now back to sl. some people don’t like the gui. howvwer theres is some magic in it that i hope is not yanked to placate the whining microscopinority. things like the cam controls. oh how i wish alt-zoom worked outside of sl.

    there is more to sl than meets the eye. and i love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Martin Magpie says:

    The history of SL will show that it is anything but reliable that is the nature of the beast. Progress has and will be a slow process. I have learned to deal with it by… “stepping away from the computer during times of stress.

    #57; Ann; I like the way you think ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy New Year All ๐Ÿ™‚


    PS; I am rarely serious ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Martin Magpie says:

    #48; Well said, and agreed ๐Ÿ™‚

    PG SL would indeed SUCK.

  60. Lao-Tzu says:

    LL: Please realize that the insults you see above represent the minority of SL residents. My friends and I accept the quirks , bugs, and restarts and move on.Its not that big of a deal. You could schedule a restart 6 months in advance and the vocal minority will still find reasons to gripe. …. “July 19 th? Why!!! That is horrible timing as I plan on camera-ing into my lesbian neighbor’s bedroom that day!!!”

    Thank you LL for your hard work and the progress we see every month. Please do not let these cynical, no-RL having , bitter people slow you down. Happy New Year!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS : @ 28 Sim-box ? Its a server , silly.

  61. Xe Oh says:

    Happy New Year everyone .-)

  62. Renissy Slade says:

    I’m 20 and I just got my mother and father’s social security codes from my 13 year old sister (The last four digits) – I guess it’s time to give them to a politica- ERM, IDENTITY VERIFICATION SERVICE, Right right! For the children and all that, yup.

    Osama is still free, are you?

  63. uh oh says:

    At least they are trying to fix the issues we are having.

    @41 “what is wrong with age verification..sounds like people have something to hide LISTEN..READ..THINK.. they are trying to protect our children not spy on youโ€ฆ..”
    I agree. If Linden Labs knows who everyone is then we can get rid of griefers by simply not allowing them to make a new account when they get banned. If you have something to hide. then do not come out here.

  64. Phil Priestman says:

    You don’t need to age verify to ban griefers, just ban by their IP address and contact their ISP for terms of service abuse but lets face it, griefers will always find ways to get around any attempts to curtail them.

  65. U M says:

    who doesnt love SL? if your going to be real don`t put on a front and then say something else? Please

  66. Kelly Green says:

    The whole point is unless you can physically see someone and verify who they are through something like a retina pattern or fingerprints or some other method that is not capable of being counterfeited age verification is not possible. Face it they cannot protect our children only we can do that by having a good and open relationship with them where they trust us and where they understand the limits that are set upon them. Any child who is on the main grid is by definition no innocent as they have lied to get there. If that were the only thing the rolling update were addressing it would be an entire waste of time. Personally I like the rolling updates better than the grid being down for hours while the whole system is updated.

  67. A-N says:

    Lets face it People. It doesnt matter how much you bitch, moan and whine in the Blog. Even IF the Lindens are reading it, which i dont really doubt for that matter, they wont listen. Why? Its their Skin if something goes wrong. Lets say AV doesnt come into game, what is the Result? Probably several entire Countries preventing access to SL all together OR the Ban of Sex from Second Life in General. Sure, not everyone comes here for that but hell, i want to build what i like when i like and sometimes it is related to Sex in some way. So AV is certainly needed, otherwise we are all losing another Option for our Virtual Life, yet i dont like the Way LL is doing it and i probably never will, unless they change something about that Process.

    I joined SL when it was still “Fun”. Sure, it was slow, there were Crashes and the Sim-Crashes as well but seriously, it was better than it is now. The Bugs get worse, more Screw Ups, more Crashes and so forth and unless LL gets the really bright Idea someday (maybe redoing the entire Code from Scratch before pushing more Stuff in?) it will only get more. We witness the Downfall of SL as it was. Remember the Words “OUR WORLD”? Certainly not, because we have the least saying in it. There is a Quote from a well-known Movie that everyone should finally have gotten to, it goes as follows:

    “I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.”

    Most will know where this is from and it once applied to Second Life, where is that Idea now? Wha comes after AV as System for “Protecting” some Group. As i see it, SL isnt really a World for those with a open Mind anymore, everyone cries against another, bitches around and so forth with NO Reason at all.

    I may excuse myself for Things that dont make sense in this Post but im rather sleepy myself so..nyaaaaa. Oh and @48, sadly so true.

  68. nikki bechir says:

    Could we do a poll to find out all the users who sit in their parents baesements wearing klingon uniforms and get all tingly about technology and a pinup of Philips Linden’s over their beds.? Lots here.

    I don’t care about rolling restarts, it has to be done just like people put their cars in for service. Its inconvienent but needed and if it actually fixes things, most welcome. I do like #48 post though, people must be able to voice their frustrations, sad Lindens don’t bother listening.

  69. Selkit Diller says:

    If this is an age verification update, those of us who have a legal right granted by federal law to refuse verification and retain service (On pain of federal fines otherwise – Discrimination laws and in the case of Canadians, the Social Insurance legislation…) and those of us who cannot verify by sane or legal means (Most residents outside the US and even some residents of some states) would like to know exactly what is being done. Thank you.

  70. Outa Mayo says:

    I havnt been able to log in for 3 days because I crash whatever sim I try to log in to.
    It dont matter what computer I log in with, my desktop or new laptop, I have cleared caches, reinstalled software, tried Windlight and the normal viewer both, tried different sims…and I crashed every single one. I cant write a ticket because Im basic, I got an email that said my ticket will be ignored. I was a week away from going premium and now I cant even use my account …its not me because my alt runs great ( Windlight is awesome…no more crashes! ), so I know its server side…WILL THE RESTART FIX THIS ?

  71. Naima Aya says:

    I wonder that restart clean the real problem at SL. Since 1 month ago my SL is crashing 10 times a DAY, it’s pretty werd cause i reali can’t have any fun sendding report and report and nothing donne. And even after an first viewer upgrade SL continuing crashing like a huge damm problem. And this is not region problems like u say, cause happens in every place, and not also with me cause my friends reported the same WERD problem. It’s really WERD when u buy a hole new PC with the best hardware and SL continues the crashing eficiency. nods.

    Hope the SL staff get the best 2008 (^_^) and please “LET ME PLAY SL!” nods,

    Big hugs

  72. U M says:

    All that matter is they do the fix, age checking is worthless and just another rule they will over turn in the near future. Many are still on sl because they love it here. If they didnt they wouldnt still be around right? nobody like depressing events or any form. But age checking will not work and will cause more issues and factions within the population already being subjected to non payment on file titles. I am sorry but voice doesnt prove anything but prove if your real or not. Those that believe this is the next great evo of man kind better think again. I love and enjoy sl, but what i don`t enjoy is how people and the lindens themselves are playing games in a social sence and screwing with users minds. Changes social factors and events to control and learn morea bout soical behavor is illegal. Social control is what is occuring more and more on sl. This is what age verification is at theis point purposely changing soical patters to control illegally to modify human thinking

    U sagi Musashi

  73. Sumiko Yokosuka says:

    The technical glitches can be frustrating, but I realize that this is still a developing technology. So they don’t really bother me too much since I am using SL for free.

    However, the notice about age verification makes me nervous that come Wednesday or Thursday I won’t be able to access some of my favorite sims since I will not give them my personal information. So I guess this blog entry is maybe the bell for the last lap of my membership in SL.That makes me very sad. I hope my fears will be unfounded.

  74. U M says:

    @73 frankly speaking smart island owners will not put age check information check marks on their land. Why????????????Because island or sim owners now traffic counts will drop more then 70%. vendors will not put up shops in locations that are not excessable many users. Its just smart business sence. thats why this is going to fail. Now if Linden Research decided to kickback those people putting checkmarks in the agechecking boxes thats we will never now. But as of now i don`t think orgy island and other sexual content islands/sim will do this action. If they do you bet there wil be a a drop od useage on sl and paying accounts signups.

  75. alkmik5 says:

    happy n.ew year all……………………………………………………………..ูˆูƒู„ ุนุงู… ูˆุงู„ุฌู…ูŠุน ุจุฎูŠุฑ

  76. KuteKelly says:

    why is my script run time error keep showing up and this Stack-Heap Collision.. please explain this thanks

  77. Istephanija Munro says:

    Lotsa whining for no reasons here. Age verification is a good thing given the actions children can participate in. Rolling restarts don’t bother a region longer than 5 minutes for 99% of all regions. What bothers me is that important bugs won’t be fixed and business been ruined over it.

  78. Di Jun says:

    On age verification and Aristotle Integrity : BE INFORMED!

    One place to start is here:


    Or simply Google “Aristotle Integrity”

    Do I love SL? Yes. Do I want to give up my rights to privacy or my already dwindling personal liberties to play a game? No! Do I want to, or plan to give out sensitive personal information to Aristotle Integrity for any game? No.

    My stand on LL’s intended use of Aristotle Integrity for age verification is best summed up by quoting Ani DiFranco’s beginning lyrics from her superb poetry in “Grand Canyon” from her album “Educated Guess”

    “i love my country
    by which i mean
    i am indebted joyfully
    to all the people throughout its history
    who have fought the government to make right
    where so many cunning sons and daughters
    our foremothers and forefathers
    came singing through slaughter
    came through hell and high water
    so that we could stand here
    and behold breathlessly the sight
    how a raging river of tears
    cut a grand canyon of light”

    Stand up and be heard, protest Aristotle Integrity!

    Peace for 2008, xox, Di

  79. Bibi Book says:

    Di Jun is right: The best fix for the age verification would be removing it.

    Citing Robin Linden from http://blog.secondlife.com/2007/12/09/more-on-age-verification/

    “Although previous global testing of the Integrity system with a smaller sample showed a nearly 80% success rate, broader implementation has been disappointing, with too many failures. ”

    So it is much less than 80% sucess rate now at all.

    For what do we need that non working and privacy breaking system at all?

    I guess it is only an attempt of LL to get an insurance by somebody and that is why they might ignore the privacy issue and that the verification itself is not working at all.

  80. River Ely says:

    Great news, I hope we are one step closer. Keep it up Team.

  81. Ann Otoole says:

    @74 – there will be AV griefing to put people out of business. we need some legal experts to examine LL’s liability in this regard. someone has to pay.

  82. funkysharknation says:

    Hi !

    to me this is offtopic here, but needs a place for discussion.
    We are running a estate, but i was asked by Kyle Linden to dicuss this here, rather than in the ticket system – since its no support case and tehre is no better way to contact. If there are other people interested i will open up a own discussion therad on our blog.
    — i aceept , ticket system is not the right place, but where is it ?? —

    What about ? gambling/waggering

    Right now if its a game by chance and you can put in / earn money (shoort version) its prohibited and you risk the loss of money and inventary.

    In parallel there are casiones, that not even touched after a abuse report. And now there is a new game on the market what is called “legal”, and yes i got a dialogue with the creater and Zara Linden as a “prove”. I donยดt judge on that.

    So our residents have right now no possibility to get a “go” for certain games, other seem to have direct dialogue to Linden Labs and get approval.

    To clarify: i have no trouble with casinos. And i have non without.

    I just want a clear word (maybe a go/no-go list) and the same business chances for everyone. As long as some seem to get approval for games (wich is fine) and are allowed to run there casinos, others are not – this is not fair.

    –> Iยดm more looking into futre perspectives. As long as games in generall are in RL, they will be in SL. So for the health of economics clear rules are needed.

    Ralf Haifisch

  83. U M says:

    @81 thats “IF” Linden Research cares to become involved with “PERSONAL” matter. They said many times they are nolonger getting involved with memebers and their issues within the game. When the game was small i would agree. But now well Linden Research will not put that much money into the game legal help. Abuse reports are 1 in 100 that get looked at by Linden Research. So there you have it.

  84. Sven Okonomi says:

    SL is just gonna bullhead what they think is best, like anything else sofar.. Were gonna get (non PG) shafted by the age verification, the userbase will be bloated to hell because they dont give a crud about bots or “cattle” used to camp or cheat trafficcounts..

    But look at it from the bright side! Atleast we can watch balls roll all perty (havok 4) while theres a fantasticly lit sky over our heads (windlight), as we all sit around waiting for SL to die because mandatory age verification will eventually twist the knife in its own economies back thats been stabbed in there by killing gambling/wagering….

    Happy Newyear! (it might be your last on SL..)

  85. U M says:

    84, Many Wonder if this is what Linden Research, Inc wants it to be? Could mean the begaining of the end of a new era.

  86. Many content creators would appreciate knowing i f this SERIOUS bug that messes up all of our prices is going to be fixed? It will be 2 MONTHS in the next week…We havnt been given the courtesy of any answers for over 2 weeks…


  87. U M says:

    Oh boy! they playing the run around game on that bug julia. The rah rah people are cheering but there is no action as always. Typical……….

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  89. Vivienne says:


    “…we can watch balls roll all perty (havok 4) while theres a fantasticly lit sky over our heads (windlight), as we all sit around waiting for SL to die..”

    Well balls will only roll for those with 4,5 GIG/512MB ultra graphics, Which means for 10-15 percent of the userbase. The rest will not be able to move under these wonderful bright windlight skies, anyway, Nor be able to watch the balls roll until they slay them. Death on 10 FPS average (the recent 15 minus the 5 which the shiny skies cost).

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  91. Kulalyle Anatine says:

    i was born on a boat in the Atlantic and have no birth certificate what do i do

  92. Storyof Oh says:

    anyone else having problems logging in? my old SL wont let me in due to DNS problems and the new release stalls showing ‘loading’…i was getting this yesterday too…
    also crashing on tp and frequent black/white and blue ‘outs’ when trying to move camera….

  93. Dusty Runo says:

    OMg, To me i don’t get very manny problems, a few crashes once a day or so lag lag and lag and just plan old readarl stuff, i hate the tmes when it says “your acoutn wont be acessable unti blah blah balh”
    becuse i could be doing something importat to my bessnuess whch is a realy annoyence to me and costermers
    Ah, Well, i realy wish LL would get some new sims fro the TSL its relay boreing over here not much land non reposive Lindens, probley the same stuff you MG’er get

  94. Hechicero Blanco says:

    Yeah that’s nice. Does that fix the the problem with things not rezzing, or not going back to inventory, or how about the perma-RUTH? Why not just shut the whole damned thing down, do you restart or what ever you are doing. I would take ” sorry we are closing for resettting” better than ” there is a rolling restart, nothing will be effected”.

  95. Cincia Singh says:

    So many times these posts are off-topic and just generally a whiney pain in the eyes to read. SL works fine for an open source code game and remember, regardless how much you “pay” to play, it is still A GAME ! ! ! As for age/sex verification and personal information and privacy … get over it. If you purchase things online outside of SL your privacy is already gone. Get over it already.

  96. Deeso Saeed says:

    @84 Havok 4 is not just about “watch balls roll all perty” The old Havok engine is behind most stability/performance problems in the sim server. Look for “deep thinking havok second life” in google. This also can be exploited by physics attacks that saturate and/or bring down the server. So IMHO havok4 between top priorities.

    And this bring out the problem stated by other posters: Just priorities. Here’s a rough sketch based in common sense:

    1) Assets problems, login and teleport problems. It’s not fun at all to get your av trapped in limbo or expensive/complex inventory items lost. Is MySQL really ready for about 100TB DB storage?
    2) Server stability fixes
    3) Clients stability fixes
    4) Server performance fixes
    5) Client performance fixes
    6) Havok 4
    7) Voice
    9) Windlight

    And just ditch Age verification … is a waste of resources, isn’t useful at all, and for many a privacy concern.

    If this rolling restart really brings fixesn on server stability is ok. I dont care at all about age verification fixes.

    Good luck lindens. I really like SL but dont spoil it yourselves.

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  99. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    For many people yes it is a game but 50% of the population here this is there Job and a business platform not a GAME get with the program it is NOT a game to everyone many people have 1000’s of US dollars wrapped up in BUSINESS here not a game to them sorry

  100. richard says:

    oh god a rolling restart will my sex bed still work,i need it when when watching porn !!!!

  101. Vivienne says:

    @ 95

    They charge for this “game”. And as soon as they do, this is not “open spource” or “experimental” but BUSINESS. Get over it. This is not a game – except for those who are on free accounts while not spending a single cent or a single minute of work on it. And yes, it is a pain to read the comments of those.

  102. Very Keynes says:

    Well I have nothing to hide, and the info requested is not illegal in my country, so I tried to verify. I tried 5 times, using each different option and permutations of my address. I wonder if it is not an attempt to get you too enter all of the info after all and the failures are deliberate ๐Ÿ™‚ LL debit my card on a regular basisโ€™s and have never had a problem contacting me in RL, so I give up on verification. If I canโ€™t get to a Sim I like, I’ll find an alternative. Sims change often and its all about exploring and making new friends for me. The technology is out there now, new worlds will spring up, and maybe another will start as โ€œYour World, Your Imaginationโ€ now that SL no longer is.

  103. BK Kirax says:

    There was NOT a warning about the restart and I got booted from my camping bench. Who is going to reimburse me the money I lost?

  104. Ric M says:

    I hate to see this space used for bickering between users rather than addressing isues with SL and it’s creators, but…

    To #95 and every other person who says such silly and ludicrous things:

    #1) Countries do not open Embassies IN A VIDEO GAME. Universities do not offer extension courses IN A VIDEO GAME. As has already been pointed out, lots of people invest lots of money into in-world businesses. Refering to SL as “a game” is self-evidently inaccurate. By calling it a ‘game’ you are simply making backhanded disparaging comments about the platform and those who use it for more than entertainment- and everyone with a IQ greater than about 100 can see that, which just makes you appear foolish. You’re only embarrassing yourself by looking ignorant. So, stop it.

    #2) Age verification: “Get over it”. You know… you really are a genius. The legitimate complaint about the AV fiasco is that the ONLY people it works for are Americans, currently living in America, with an American address on public record. For all the rest of us, THE SYSTEM DOESN’T WORK. In my case, I’m a 38 year old guy, a SL premium member with over 4000sm of land and two businesses. SL has my platinum visa on record as payment info- and yet, their system won’t ‘verify’ that I’m an adult. THIS is the problem. You want something to “get over it” about? Get over yourself with your intellectually hollow conclusions and declarations. Try KNOWING what you’re talking about BEFORE you start running your yap about it.

  105. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    I love this platform. SL is almost the most fun you can have with your clothes on…BUT…I’ve been monitoring my own use of the program during the past few months. My personal usage is down more than 50% during a period when I wasn’t rl working and I think a year ago would have seen me inworld nearly 24/7.
    The place isn’t working very well and may have caught that most awful and FATAL of modern diseases…Boring-Boring. see@48

  106. Age Verify, great idea on paper. Though, I think I would rather my seventeen-year-old stepdaughter sneek into Secondlife to peek at a nude, hopefully good-looking, avatar. Rather than watch some random person’s head get caved in by a baseball bat on television.

    It’s the lesser of two evils, imo *shrugs*

  107. Mercia McMahon says:

    @Bato I have never experienced a log-in problem that was related to my ISP or PC, stability and lag can be client-side, but most log-in problems are server-side, just take a browse through JIRA search for log-in and read the “me too” comments.

  108. LightningRidge Darkstone says:

    I don’t know what all the moaning and complaining is about. Yes, like anything else in the world, SL has it’s issues. I get frustrated sometimes too, but really, just turn off your computer for awhile, spend some time with your family, and come back later. Issues solved for another day. If you are going to complain about all the problems SL has, why not just just leave and find something else to do with your time?
    Personally, I enjoy SL and am willing to put up with the hiccups…when SL isn’t available, my RL is always there waiting…with it’s own little hiccups.

  109. Cincia Singh says:

    To all those for whom SL is more than a game … I humbly apologize for my ignorance of your personal experience/investment and for demeaning you. However, for me it’s a game and if YOU made it more than a game for YOU, that doesn’t make it a) REAL, b) a GOOD idea to get so invested in it or c) my problem. Read my profile section titled “Sage Advice.” Then, try posting on-topic, properly configure your computer, update regularly (both hardware AND software, try to get a sense of perspective, and learn to enjoy the game for it’s own sake. My bad experiences aren’t SL or LL related, they’re “whiner” related.

  110. Cincia Singh says:

    Oh … and have a nice rolling restart.

  111. mimi says:

    its no use posting here since LL doesn’t cares anyhow..

    they will push through the non working IDV anyhow.. and ban the ones amonst us from playing the game because we don’t feel safe verifying by Aristotele because of its bad reputation.. but who cares? At least the moralist here can feel good about themselves because they now can pretend childred are protected.

  112. Ric Mollor says:

    Is Second Life a game??

    Though it would be hard to classify Second Life as a ‘game’ it’s also hard to define it as anything else.

    I believe that the Terms of Service make it fairly clear that Linden Labs doesn’t guarantee any aspect of Second Life. Also the TOS states

    “Second Life is subject to scheduled and unscheduled service interruptions. All aspects of the Service are subject to change or elimination at Linden Lab’s sole discretion.”

    That means that Linden Labs can do anything, any time, and in any way they want with Second life and it’s customers have no recourse.

    Unless you would accept the same terms of service from your bank, broker, credit card company, etc it’s fairly hard to consider this anything more than a game.

    Real businesses have real guarantees, Second Life doesn’t.

  113. Taff Nouvelle says:

    @109 – 110.

    Try reading http://secondlifegrid.net/how
    It is all about the second life PLATFORM, NOT a game, and how it is used by companies all over the world.
    Now try getting your facts straight before spouting off

  114. Medhue Simoni says:

    Hi to all the bloggers.
    Let me make 1 point b4 I start MY RANT. I do not post comments often but I do post. My last post was used by a website to diss SL and I was kinda upset about that. Why was mine chosen out of the many? Anyways, I would like to state that I LOVE SL, when it works, lol. Few people in SL could love it more!
    Now, after saying all this I have great concern. If any1 watches how many user have logged in the the last 3 months, it keeps going down. This is the first time I have seen this, and really means alot. I m only a year old, my bday is a week from tomorrow.
    After watching Phil’s last new monthly video, which i hope keeps happening, my anxiety settled a bit. He seems to know the problems that we users are facing. I personally feel that all the problems are the prime reason for the lack of new users staying in SL. People can get over the complexity of the viewer and other things, but cant when they get kicked off the server or many of the other problems that keep them from logging in and staying in.
    I m praying to whatever virtual gods that the problems will soon be handled, like most of u.

    P.S. To those who think this space is for Congradulating LL for basically doing nothing, stop kissing up. This is the only space to post your concerns. Tickets dont work, and there is no other place to voice your opion and HOPE that maybe some1 is listening. I m a premium member and it means absoluting nothing. So u free members, dont become premium cause u think it may help u.

  115. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @109: “that doesnโ€™t make it a) REAL, b) a GOOD idea to get so invested in it or c) my problem.”

    I assume you just hang out at Linden-run infohubs then. Because if you do any shopping, go to clubs, or attend almost any event that isn’t posted on this blog, then it’s only because people have ignored your “sage advice” to build SL into the world you enjoy.

    As for your problem, nobody is making you read the comments on these blogs, much less leave three of your own, so take your own advice and stop whining.

  116. Fellatione Aabye says:

    GREAT JOB the rolling restart … realy to start 2008 on those conditions …. no lol at all … (Incompetence will rule SL in 2008 just like 2007 )

    Tped to another region who has already restarted (was said to me by other victims ) and ended up with my right shoe and hair … IN MY PRIVATE PARTS …. and not able to Detach those things again … so logged out … hoping on a better moment to try to detach those items from my private parts. … and NO EXCUSE about that happening … IS a know problem ….

    @114 Medhue –> made the same observation … and a wee bit younger than you in SL … Am afraid that lots of residents are quiting just because off all the unreliable Linden Labs Gimmicks they implement (voice, windlight etc) who are making their Second Life hard to live … instead of trying to mend all the buggs they already know (4thousand and some) …. and I thought to become a premium member this year (2008) but on the advise of several (12) premium account members I will not do it …. Sad to hear premium account members advising this … BTW can anybody tell me how much it would be for a VAT European ?????

    For me Second Life is a way of making some fun, chatting, learning to know other people etc … and NOT trying to make a LIVING … The L$ I get … are spend in Second Life or Second Life related things ….. NOT a single L$ is going to the real world ….

  117. FootsieNightfire says:

    Started SL a couple weeks ago and im a big fan of creations this game has come about. I enjoy the part of keeping it a game, not something to make a living off of. I knew there would be glitches just like every other game/programs.

    Users have the right to be upset with bugs and memory leaks and all those kinda weird stuff I have no idea about, people make real money off the game and LL gets a profit, they pay to use and advertise there stuff on this game, ie. links to websites and surveys. LL will continue bringing the servers down for updates and fixes as much as possible to advoid losing money/people, thats why they have a ToS to protect them from losing money/people on downtimes. LL is gonna do what they can in a fashion manner to get things fixed.

    People if you feel you can do better on fixing the problems, create your own game without bugs ,memory leaks and weird stuff then come talk, no game/platform is gonna be perfect infact not even windows for computers are perfect to these days , just a idea of how long it can take a program like this to get fixed. We just simply have to deal with it or dont play it.
    Sorry all mumble jumbled up just imo’s jotted down.

  118. Aaron J. Freeman says:

    An upgrade for purposes of Age Verification is ill omened. Age Verification is not a suitable approach, to the problems presented by Globalism, and any developer with such a poor approach to problems, is going to screw it up.

    It’s probably a capital offense, in some countries, to get Ruthed. Other countries will have different standards, and Age Verification only addresses the concerns of a few countries, that children may freely be raped after 216 months of age. Germany wouldn’t allow my Dragon Whelp Avatar to lay an egg. I’d prefer that the ISPs maintain some profile of what’s legal, for each user, and their local governments should define due diligence, in asking the users who’s of legal Sex-Age- and Licensing, for viewing particular material; access could then be granted, on a profile of international standard, for SL and other Internet Services.

    I know Zero Linden is leading the AWG, in opening the grid to non-Linden servers, and this is needed because the prohibitions of one culture would be unlawful restraint of trade in another. I suppose I should take a look at California’s Equal Gifts to Minors Act…

    I meet Lindens in world, but they like to use their pre-linden accounts, for purposes of eating their own dog food. This issue has also been addressed here… http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Office_Hours if anyone would like to find those hour appropriate to their discussions. It sometimes gets crowded, so you might clear your cache first.

    Oh, Linden Labs closed Gambling in some haste, and so avoided a few million in fines, as afflicted other servers.

  119. Thunder Rahja says:

    lol, secondlife

  120. Thunder Rahja says:

    lol, secondlife

  121. Thunder Rahja says:

    lol, secondlife

  122. anonymous says:

    @ Bk Kirax; What a bummer; you lost you measley 10L$…Sheesh..

    Can Linden Lab curtail the posts that are placed here that are redundant (#’s 25, 29, 88, 90, 97, and 98) telling us the same thing that the header says; the ONLY reason these people are doing this is to get Google to see their links to THEIR sites ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sad how you people are so self centered that you take away from others the ability to post(and yes U.M., you are a major contributor to this problem. Give OTHERS the chance to speak THEIR minds also)

  123. Egon Rothschild says:

    i find it interesting to see all the ranting about a rolling restart. are you all so new that you don’t remember the WEEKLY updates and restarts? those weekly wednesday’s when SL was pretty much unavaiable perior?

  124. Egon Rothschild says:

    and as to a-game vs not-a-game …. the inherent danger of any game (which i consider sl) is that forgetting it IS a game.

    those who are looking to sl as a business model have fallen into this trap. and a model that can have it’s plug pulled at any moment by LL’s whim. so not a very stable model.

  125. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Thanks Joshua for the update.

  126. Borky Grid says:

    Thanx for breaking all profit shares again…Good i donยดt care about product deliveries any longer

  127. Drako Nagorski says:

    anyone notice that the friends online link sends you to the status page?

  128. Sedary Raymaker says:

    I’m hoping that all the problem with friends showing offline and IMs to those affected being bounced can be attributed to the server load for this restart, since that means it will resolve itself in a few hours.

  129. Drako Nagorski says:

    hmm nvm about my post 127. the bookmark i had for friends online went to the grid status… odd that all of the working things are being changed and all the broken things are staying the same ๐Ÿ˜›

  130. Martin Magpie says:

    Kewl hope it goes smooth ๐Ÿ™‚

    *as for those moaning….ty; if ppl don’t speak up LL has no idea there are issues… unresolved.


  131. Medhue Simoni says:

    Sorry i have to add to the arguement about it being a game.

    SL is in no way a game. There are games within sl and maybe 1 could call this a social network but not a game. People who say its a game dont make any money and cant. People like myself and others make it a game for them. And as far as a business, there is not other place on this earth wear u can make something 1 time and sell it thousands of times. SL gamers have no idea the money that is made my creators. NO IDEA!!! Tho at the price products are sold, a creator needs to sell atleast hundred to turn a good profit. A creator can stop creating and take a month off and still make tons of money and i have done this. As far as the TOS, it means very little in the states. If u get screwed by LL u can still sue and the courts will decide whether the TOS is fair. Which has already happened.
    The ONLY problem is stability. If u do business in SL. Instability causes a bad sales day or week. Also instability causes lose of potentially new customers. Ask Abramations if he thinks it was wrong to do business in SL, or Vista.

  132. joejimbobhughes says:

    W00t! the Lindens are always hard at work! thats where all our dollars go…Thank You.

  133. Shelly says:

    Is no one else having a problem logging back in after their region is restarted? I either get log in failed, or if the log in goes thru I get the crash logger immediately.

  134. Karensa Karas says:

    There are pinups of Philip Linden? Where can I get one? He’s HAWT!

    (And I AM the parent, actually…)

    Still supporting SL. It rules.

  135. Drako Nagorski says:

    ok #127 & #129 (me)
    my bookmark is for http://secondlife.com/community/friends.php, but it goes to the grid status until i create a new bookmark. someone fix this!

  136. Contra Demonia says:

    Personally, I’d like to point out to everyone who likes to complain about LL unresponsiveness vis-a-vis age verification, that in response to all of your worries, they have clarified exactly what part of the rolling restart is related to age verification.

  137. folx, new acc creatn is fukd, sum of us need to deploy content in peace from the generic HNY formalteez.can we Hav sum input on dis.
    who owns the www???
    the clientz me thinks.

  138. Me says:

    I’ve never considered SL a game in the usual sense, I’d rather like to call it some kind of entertainment platform.

    Pretty much all organized entertainment events include the business part as well (just think about going to a movie theatre, concert, bar, restaurant, club… in RL), and it’s not so different in SL – some people invest money, some people make their living from having a job in the entertainment business and the rest want to enjoy the events.

    So I think it’s totatlly understandable that people who are on the business side want a stable platform, they can’t just have the attitude “oh well, I just give it a couple of days until things recover”, they have to cover their expenses and it’s only fair to have some kind of profit for working hard as well.

    The guy checking your cinema tickets in RL doesn’t do it for free either, right?

    For thouse of you who don’t have money invested it’s somewhat easier, but if nobody had invested all that money there would be pretty much nothing to do in SL, apart from staying on Orientation Island forever…

    Without content creators SL would be nothing, never forget that. Content creators, club owners, event managers… make the SL that you want, so thouse “losing money” concerns are more than valid!

  139. Daten Thielt says:

    Lol dont look like logins are getting back in any time soon, go dev lindens find the problem and slay it for us!!!

  140. nomoresecrets says:

    what means the following?

    [16:22] 75c55793-6aaa-9223-a5fc-46a5cb3bf1f6|: Rock Tobias joins the applause.

    what is the number??

  141. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Experiencing Teleport issues,

  142. Keef klaar says:

    Took my 45mins to log in…… c’mon guys, had to switch from Windlight to normal viewer to get in.

    And its laggy as hell, even at my home sim, which is a small residentail only sim – normally totally lag free.

  143. Bambi Faulds says:

    Asset servers are bonked

    Teleport is down

    Rez is down

    Inventory clothing never downloads

    Logins bonked with multiple freeze of viewer

    Way to go !!!!!

  144. Rex Cronon says:

    @”140 nomoresecrets Says: January 2nd, 2008 at 4:27 PM PST”
    that number is a key(everything in SL has one, including avatars). The key number u have posted, must belong to “Rock Tobias”

  145. Baylie Barbosa says:

    I have no problem with rolling restarts, for the record. I do hate when for weeks afterwards, things are screwy. Like, now, for example. I left an hour ago to have some dinner, and I come back, and cannot log in. No explanation, just “Login Failed” again and again. I’ve tried both viewers (windlight and normal). I have a brand new pc with all the current software, etc. My internet connection is fine, as I am able to access anything else I wish to.

    That said, I do have a problem with AV. When I signed up for SL, I did so with a credit card, thru my bank. In the age of identity theft, I am very leery about giving out my personal information to anyone – and this comes from someone who used to work for a debt relief agency, and so saw many, many cases of identity theft a year. If, somehow, my identity is stolen thru my information accidentally being sent elsewhere, will LL or Aristotle reimburse me for the loss of money, credit score, etc and so forth? No, they won’t. LL, face it, in this day and age, it is so simple for a teen to get their parents’ information and use that, or to have someone else create them an account with “verified” information. There is also the number of teens whose parents have created their accounts for them and would not think twice about providing said information. What will this really accomplish? Our teens who are determined to get on SL will do so regardless.

    Like many others, I think that your time would be much better spent in fixing the bugs that you have been working on for so long, rather than trying to implement yet another new “service” that no one seems to want.

  146. Baylie Barbosa says:

    Another note really fast on the “sl being a game” topic. For some, it is. For some people, they come on, free accounts, and just TP around the grid. They work here, they work there, to buy the things that they want, and at the end of the day, they turn off the computer and go to bed.

    For those of us who own land, who own islands, who own shopping malls and clubs that you like to frequent, who pay cash prizes in best dressed events, and bring live musicians to our stages (for you to come see!), and even those live musicians — its more than a game. The day doesnt end until assets and liabilities are tallied, til we worry over why traffic dropped and then remember that LL was messing with the grid. It doesnt end until we have answered a dozen IMs about why scripts arent working in our stores, or answer countless IMs as to why the product that consumer A purchased was never delivered.

    Maybe we take it all too seriously, you say. Its a game, right?

    Answer me this: If it wasnt for the people owning the land, running the clubs, playing the music, hosting the events, and making the merchandise … what would the rest of you do with your time?

  147. WICKED LOON says:

    I think you guys are doing a great job and should take your time. we don’t want a rushed job then something goes wrong. Take your time and get the job done lol

    My name is Wicked and I’m ADDICTED to SL!! heehee

  148. Rocky Pickles says:

    just me. or is the whole grid farked?

  149. Medhue Simoni says:

    Personally my only problem with these rolling restarts is that they have during the time when SL has the most amount of people unlike WOW and other virtual worlds. Is it hard to understand the benefit of doing this b4 prime time?

  150. Lulu says:

    Rolling restart or SHUTDOWN????
    “My” SIM went down at 6pm SLT and is offline since then, which is now ONE HOUR !!!

  151. Taff Nouvelle says:

    WOW its going to take longer than expected, what a suprise, And they lost one of my islands, another suprise .

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