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[GRID] 42 Regions Returning to Service

Earlier this hour, the following regions were briefly knocked off line after loss of communication to one of our server racks. They’ve been migrated to a new set of hosts, and are returning to service now. We apologize for the … Continue reading

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TSL Snowman Build Contest (TG)

We had Snowman Build Contest in Voss the other day. We are headed your way too! Thursday evening, Sejong and I will be hosting an hour-long snowman building contest, followed by a round of quiz questions and a Winter Festival … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED]Technical Problems

5:42 PM PST Problems around the grid are currently being worked on by our Operations Team. We are working on multiple issues including teleporting, purchasing, changing active groups and object rezzing. We will keep you up to date as these … Continue reading

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WindLight survey preliminary results

Hey everyone. Happy holidays! So, the survey I’d created filled up very quickly (surveymonkey’s default account allows up to 100 participants). The results are posted below. Once I get access to a beefier account, I’ll probably run it again to … Continue reading

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WindLight Look-and-Feel Survey!

(Note- Survey is now closed- people filled up the available slots¬†very quickly- thanks for the help!!) Hey all- We got such great feedback from this last blog post on aesthetics and WindLight, I decided to make a little survey to … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED]Phone support connection difficulties

[Update 7:51 PM PST] The Billing support lines are back up again, thank you for your continued understanding and patience with this matter. -Elle [Update 7:10 PM PST] Re-opened. Due to further technical difficulties, our Billing support phone lines are … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED]Technical Issue on Several Regions

[UPDATE 8:35 AM PST]¬† The regions which were affected are now up and this issue is resolved. 7:32 AM PST Several regions are currently inaccessible. Our Operations Team is aware of this situation and are working on it at the … Continue reading

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