[RESOLVED] Windlight and Release Candidate temporarily unavailable

[3:30 PM PST] The updated Windlight viewer is now available for download as well. As mentioned before, these updates are required for anyone using these viewers. -Chiyo

[UPDATE 3:00PM PST] The Release Candidate viewer is once again available for download. The Windlight viewer should be soon to follow. This update will be required for anyone wishing to use these viewers. -Chiyo

If you are using our Windlight or Release Candidate viewer, you might have noticed that you are currently not able to login or download the latest version of either. We have found an issue concerning both of these viewers, that required us to disable them for the time we need to fix the problem.

We will update here as soon as we have news.

In the meantime, you still can login to Second Life with our main viewer.

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150 Responses to [RESOLVED] Windlight and Release Candidate temporarily unavailable

  1. Azoth Amat says:

    If you’re going to do this sort of thing, I’d suggest putting it on the blog first, rather than 15 minutes later. I just spent those 15 minutes trying to debug my configuration, reinstalling Windlight, and so forth. Rather annoying to find out that this was all wasted effort.

  2. Paddy Wright says:

    phew thought it was me

  3. Spinderella says:

    Well isnt that great. I havent used the Main Viewer since Windlight came out. Mainly because it doesnt render very well for me. I guess I will go back to RL until its availlable. Good Luck.

  4. Elmer Skirr says:

    Yep… tried to log several times and it told me I had to download the normal client release… annoying.

  5. Thrakhath Karlfledt says:

    Nice to know.

  6. ralph doctorow says:

    You know, your reputation for customer care isn’t really wonderful as it is, and having the information posted on massively.com complete with a quote from Phoenix before putting it on your blog doesn’t help.

  7. Phil Priestman says:

    This doesn’t surprise me, SL has a well known reputation of pushing out updates without proper bug testing like the last windlight update. They knew about the ugly black bands in the sky but instead of waiting 1-3 hours to fix it right, they rushed out the update and told the users to fix it themselves by editing the sky settings.

    SL seriously needs to get managment that knows how to control these over zelous programmers and make them do proper testing.

  8. Manaseh Draken says:

    i have to agree #1 ..that was unnecessary……even an in world warning would have been nice…….since windlight seems to be the only version i can run practically crash free…..15 minutes of our lives we’ll never get back…hehehe

  9. Maklin Deckard says:

    Also might want to check your support page. After checking blog, debugging my configuration, testing with the regular client, check the blog again, I go to file a support incident. Same as the LAST TWO TIMES I tried to file a support incident.

    Error creating new Ticket: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘customer_id’, table ‘cyracle.dbo.cyticket’; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

    Please warn us next time so I don’t waste time debugging YOUR issues and trying to use the broken support page.

  10. CtrlAlt Back says:

    i did not mind blac bands on the horizont at all, since windlight behaved much more stable. i mind not releasing bugfix version and just taking off possibility to log in again with windlight. not fair at all.

  11. Frederick Shafer says:

    Quit your bitching and move on! Its a free service, they DONT have to do anything for you. Dont like it? Go elsewhere!!!

  12. Ponk Bing says:

    Awesome, I haven’t had the main viewer installed for 4 months.

    I wonder what the problem was?

  13. starlight binder says:

    Just spend forever taking down all security checking permissions and trying to download…omg SL you did it again!!! Thanks for that timely response ..not

  14. Feuerteufelchen says:

    Oh God and why not use SL a Viewer befor that bug ? tzzzz SL …
    Normal SL here crasht after a Minute .. i love it ….

  15. Spinderella says:

    #11.. Actually i ISNT free. I am a premium user. Please think before spouting off half baked assumptions.

  16. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    Phil Priestman was lucky. Mac users were still getting the ugly black bands well after that. And I noticed that the Windlight client doesn’t set auto-preferences. It seems to carry them over from the regular client. I had to spend a couple of hours on the Mac forums to find out about all the new preference settings. Me, I’m going back to 1.18.5.

  17. Could we have better communications in the viewer to let us know what is going on? It would have more informative if the viewer said something along the lines of:

    “Problem found with current version. Update pending. See blog for details.”

    Linking to A3 to download an update that doesn’t exist is just not nice.

  18. Victoria Knight says:

    What do you mean a free service! there are those of us who pay for secondlife. Customer support does need to improve drastically.

  19. AWM Mars says:

    Anyone notice the windlight sky is falling? (Quote by Chicken Linden)

  20. Phil Priestman says:

    #11 Free service? What about those of us that upgraded our accounts and actually pay? You must be young or new to SL..

    SL is a business that produces a game to which has quite a history of poor managment decisions, rushing out buggy updates, forcing features onto their customers instead of paying attention to making the grid stable.

  21. Maklin Deckard says:

    #11 — You always kiss that much linden tail when they screw up?

    The Lindens RAN to tell a 3rd party website what the issue was BEFORE TELLING THEIR OWN PLAYERS ON THEIR OWN BLOG! Piss poor public service, no matter how much you wanna kiss up to them by attacking players with legitimate complaints.

    WHY are they posting problems first on massively.com while leaving disconnected customers to twist in the wind and troubleshoot an issue that isn’t on their end? Special favors for a friend’s site or another ‘owned by a linden alt’ site, perhaps? After all, they were the first ones to hear about Cory Linden’s departure, from ‘sources in the lab’.

    You can fanboi for the Lab as much as you want, Freddy, telling people to leave isn’t going to cover over Linden screwups nor keep anyone from complaining when the lindens play favorites with info.

  22. Motoko Kwon says:

    @11 Frederick Schafer

    Youre joking or not? I pay for Second Life every Month so its not a free Service, its a payed Service, but its good that they take the entire Windlight thing off for now, i read something about it in a Jiira Entry.

  23. bellamarch says:

    Bad timing again …
    I had a photoshoot planned at 21:00 CET and guess what ?
    No Windlight, no nice water, no nice sky … 😦
    What should I tell my client ? :-((((
    And we have the Rezzable Photo Contest running till this night 23:59 SLT. Well, no pictures I guess …

  24. Ghostdog says:

    Wow ….. I just almost tried to reinstall my PC to solve the problem, thought is was my OS who was corrupted, luckely I see now due to the blog here I am not the only one who got this problem here !!!

    Hey LINDEN guys, what are you doing ! I understand you want to make SL better moving forward, but SL making better will mostly depend on the people living in here. If u touch a running system without informing people before, it will lead to further decreasing numbers of DIE HARD second life users (including myself) and that 1.8 % of users are your future ! People who also invest RL money !

    The company that I run myself does tuning, testing, trying all upgrades or mods standalone without touching our core business. It is even forbidden to touch the core without having a 100 % GREEN LIGHT on the result on the intensive test environments !

    Moving forward please think first before acting !

    thx ahead,

  25. Loella Lusch says:

    It may be free for you Frederick but that is not the case for everyone. The availability of free Basic Accounts is an irrelevance, LL is a company that makes money from paying clients, and this should have been blogged here immediately. You may be a free player but i have hundreds of US$ invested in land, and friends who own multiple private islands at US$299 + UK VAT per month. Tell THEM it’s a free service and LL don’t have to do anything for them!!

    Maybe i am a little gung-ho but for me the cess-pit of functionality bugs is far more important than new features, or the latest discovered security holes. WE live with security holes every day in every other bit of software we run on our computers. Having said that i too have been using Windlight constantly since it’s latest reincarnation and find returning to main viewer a somewhat dull experience by comparison. For me the lastest Windlight viewer was the best viewer made available to date, for stability, features and aesthetics.

    And as for black bands… one tiny tweak of the mouse and it was fixed – all of 5 seconds effort. The Lindens could have given more explicit guidance on this though.

  26. AWM Mars says:

    Go nto Preferences, Graphics, chack Custom, drag the Sky slider back ONE notch/increment, you should see the band dissapear, or if not, go one more notch at a time, they will.

  27. AWM Mars says:

    opps, chack=check

  28. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thanks for the note. I have been using the standard viewer more frequently these days because of the laborious start-up of WindLight, which 50% of the time results in a failed login. Hope this gets fixed at the same time.

    Happy Holidays.

  29. Sira Arbizu says:

    If there will be a proper quality control within Second Life, would have to not using the residents as laboratory rabbits.
    It is a software poor, with continuing shortages. Attempts to changes in vain. And never, and I repeat, never thought of the residents.
    All have no major hardware at home. And even so bent on creating software that before leaving the residents is already corrupt.
    The payments to FS, if they are effective and quick by SL, but the benefits to residents are null by SL.

  30. GC Continental says:

    Anyone know what the issue was? This was kind of abrupt.

  31. Justis says:

    I had to switch back to the main viewer, and now it crashes ~2 minutes after login. Does anyone know why this happens?

  32. Sollie Villota says:

    Why is everyone complaining? This is not even the main client and you all act like its the end of the world? I don’t understand why, but anyways.

    I’ve noticed a few problems myself with Windlight, such as avatars being invisible and…well wait, thats the only problems I have! Why am I not complaining? Because Windlight is not the main client! I don’t mind if they take down them to fix some serious bugs, especially if they just randomly caught it. I hope that its fixed, whatever the problem, and Windlight gets back up again soon πŸ™‚

  33. I would like to remind everyone that all the clients except the official release are test clients, and that the point of downloading them is to find errors and report on how you discovered them. They aren’t meant to be stable builds. If they were, they would be an official release.

  34. WarKirby says:

    The problem in this case is a colossal, and quite funny linden blunder.


  35. Sybelle Maracas says:

    i keep crashing on the normal viewer with every try to teleport also no grouplist available. i cannot change the group. this is what the normal viewer brings for me. no chance to play the game

  36. Ricardo says:

    Ah that bad, even very bad. Since it emerged the Windlight I do not use the viewer normal more, now the Second Life lost all the grace and magic that brought Windlight.

    They could leave it running and go solving the problems the meantime, there is nothing wrong in that. I will have to re-use the viewer probre again?

    Frankly, not to have taken the Windlight. Bring it back please!!!

    Without the Windlight I see more grace in Second Life. Lost the charm for me.

  37. Beezle Warburton says:

    Stable build is one thing. Serious security risk is another.

  38. Alyx Sands says:

    …and i don’t even USE the bloody German viewer. Can’t you just tell people to NOT USE GERMAN LANGUAGE for the viewer if THAT was the security risk?

  39. Votslav Hax says:

    no prob…

  40. Ono Noh says:

    I don’t know if you have realised this, but Windlight and the RC are TEST versions. Don’t use these unless you understand that your mileage may vary with experimental pre-releases.

  41. Hanumi Takakura says:

    This is one extra reason why I should keep my account on basic.

  42. Heh the Nicholaz Edition of windlight still works πŸ™‚

    Download it here:

    thank god because I dont want to go back to that crappy regular client.

  43. Aria Alexandria says:

    Lmao. Silly mistake.. LL devs always surprise me.

  44. Abbey Underall says:

    Nag nag nag.

    Tech problems happen.
    Hope Windlight will be back soon.

    It’s lovely πŸ™‚

  45. Muli Basiat says:

    I had read some time ago that SL had great plans to upgrade the level of its graphics to rival Oblivon and other top notch virtual worlds – and saw Windlight as the first tangible evidence that was coming about. I too would have liked to have seen this before I spent some time wasted trying to avoid the old client:) – but I honestly believe LL knows this is the future of SL and wants it working – so I am prepared to be patient. Tis the season for forgiving and letting go πŸ™‚

  46. Vivienne says:

    Who cares? It is an ALPHA. It is rendering great without atmospheric shaders enabled. It crashes like mad. Most of the ATI universe cannot use atmospheric shaders, anyway. So what? Let them make it run for beta, I do not mind using the main viewer with its laggy framerates for a while.

  47. Celierra Darling says:

    Reply to Phil Priestman’s comment (#7) – sorry, but I side with LL there. Windlight is a First Look release. They have no obligation to make it bug-free, because the very purpose is to garner the community’s help in finding bugs and imperfections from all the different combinations of hardware and software and human beings that are out there. If you’re expecting the First Look to be close to perfect, I think you’re holding it to be something it’s not.

    As an aside: The release candidate should, by contrast to the First Look, be rather bug-free (as a proper “release candidate”). I’m a little surprised that people aren’t complaining about that more, but of course, the RC is not the eye candy…

  48. Sybelle Maracas says:

    i wouldnt care to use the main viewer also if it would work

  49. Doris Haller says:

    I change my password now.
    German users better consider that too.

    Lindens should notice us of this severe security risc.

  50. funkysharknation says:

    Go for Nicholaz – no windlight means stoneage πŸ™‚

    but right now i get plenty “request was stale” and so on erroro…

    grid seems to crash anyway…


    Ralf Haifisch

  51. Skye Dyrssen says:

    I see it aint me. It keeps telling me my firewall wont allow it and it had before always in the past so..


  52. Zi Ree says:

    You *do* realize that the entry on massively.com was not written by a Linden Lab employee? So why do you blame Linden Lab for “running to a 3rd party site”?

  53. Celierra Darling says:

    Reply to Doris Haller, #49: I don’t think the problem was ever actually exploited. It sounds like the client was trying to request the login *form* from that server, and was never getting to the point where it could actually send any data (presumably because the form never loaded).

  54. Vivienne says:


    Windlight the “future of SL”? Wah, let them make it work with all the still manufactured and standard ATI cards first, then we can think of aynthing like “future of SL”.

    But hey, the main client does not even work properly, so what is the “past of SL”, then?

  55. May I ask if there is a timeframe when the windlight viewer will be back up & running? What were the issues?

    Personally, I have found the windlight viewer to be a lot more stable then the main viewer. My reasoning is the fact that both my husband & I run sl at the same time on our network. Laptop & home pc. With the laptop we have found less system crashes & a lot less jerky motion in movement & actions (less lag as well). All I can say is that I hope this continues when the finished product is finally released (Hopefully with my skirts showing on my body & no crashes when jumping from low to ultra in the graphics).

    P.S. – Please please please please hurry! πŸ˜‰

  56. Ro says:

    Yay! I don’t mind using the “old” viewer for a few hours. S’long as it’s all stable in the end, it’s no biggie πŸ˜€

  57. Jiala Aeon says:

    Just a quick note folks, if you don’t want to use the main viewer, OnRez and Nicholaz clients can still log in, Nicholaz uses the main viewers files with a few addittion. And OnRez is an entirely separate client for download.

  58. Doris Haller says:

    Thanks Celierra, I changed it anyway.
    And I am concerned that it seems so easy to modify the SL viewer to steal your password.
    In this case, it looks as if it was pure luck that the page where the login was redirected was not operating.

  59. Jard Comet says:

    #11 – SL IS NOT a FREE SERVICE… people pay through the nose to participate on the platform, and have a right to complain when things don’t go well.

    That said, I understand when stuff breaks. That we have a 3D world to spend days in is a miracle at all.

  60. Troy says:

    my lord LL. the main cilent sucks it keeps puting my system into a blue screen of death (memory flush) but the others dont. gee you suck!

  61. Fox says:

    Well guess what? here’s a thank you.
    Why? you’re giving me some free time to spend, for two reasons:

    1. the main client causes BSoD’s on my machine, where in the past it did not. Yes, I even reinstalled windows to troubleshoot that, it’s NOT my problem, it’s in your viewer.
    2. Windlight will run fine, aside from random screen corruption and crashes and severe loss in performance. but hey, it runs.

    Since Windlight is now no longer available for whenever you decide to put it back in this century, I will be spending my time elsewhere till you either fix the main client or windlight.


  62. Maklin Deckard says:

    Sollie Villota, reading comprehension not your strong suit? SEVERAL people have stated tat the ‘main viewer’ crashes for them, but windlight works. For me, I take a 5-10 FPS hit AND the main viewer crashes ever 30-60 mins. Yeah, I REALLY want to go back to that POS when windlight was working faster and far more stable for me.

  63. Vivienne says:

    @ 61

    Try the nicholaz viewer.


  64. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    /me chuckles…
    Wasn’t exactly this kind of potential for obtaining user details amongst the comments in SLDev before the html login system was implemented? Ah well. Am sure no one there will be saying “I told yah so”. πŸ™‚

  65. Jiala Aeon says:

    This one works better for me then the main client. So heres the OnRez client for SL.


    Also nicholaz


    Which seems to fix alot of the problems in the main client, for me at least, and some of my friends.

    These can still log in and work. ^^

  66. AutumnFoxx says:

    The main client does not work well for me at all! It freezes up every single time someone pops up on my friends list, and it crashes constantly. Windlight works MUCH better for me, and of course, now I can’t even use it. That is why so many are complaining! If you are going to make us use the “standard” viewer, at least fix it so it works!!!


  67. Revons Rutabaga says:

    I’m on a older version of windligh
    t and I can log in buahaha.

  68. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Release Candidate —- bug free???

    We’re not talking about a Beta bug here.
    The German viewer was set up for logins to sdfsfsfds.com
    “sdfsfsfds” would appear to be a LL dev’s “whatever” when they wrote the code.

    Note to LL devs: Find out what your domain name is and try to use it more. πŸ˜‰ Sorreeee!! πŸ™‚

    Nobody actually checked the language logins (or at least the German one was omitted from the structured checklist) before the thing was put up for download.
    Hello? I’m a dev. The stuff I put out for user testing is in the hopes of finding ‘bugs’ like “If the user is facing East and it’s a Wednesday in a month with an “R” in it, and they left-click somewhere exotic ….

    How exactly do we get to a situation where other languages login the the right place and all of a sudden the German version tries to login to somewhere random?

    So anyway:
    Either someone coincidentally decided to register sdfsfsfds.com behind a double layer of anonymity (And why shouldn’t they? After all it’s a really catchy and intuitive sort of domain name)
    Someone noticed the fact and decided to register the domain, in the hope of gaining
    a) eyeballs, or
    b) account details

    Perhaps in this case it was eyeballs, “because they could”. It might as easily have been a black hat.

    But jaysus… LL…. Puhlease….

    There’s something “really creative” about the structure of the LL code for language versions. e.g. I remember an issue some time back where the German release borked Group messaging.

  69. Maklin Deckard says:

    Bless you, #42! I didn’t know Nicholaz had done an EC version, so I was suffering with the sucktastic ‘communicator’ interface over 1/4 my screen for the speed and stability benefits of Windlight.

    Now I have both! Thanks Nicholaz!

  70. If you use the Nicholaz’s “Eye Candy” version of the Windlight client, you can still log in. (It’s entirely possible that Nich’s client fixes the bug in question, too, he can be good about that kind of thing.)

  71. Arima Blachere says:

    Please for the love of Pete and Pete warn us next time? This is just like the rolling restarts that you tossed on us a few weeks ago. We understand that you want to fix the problems as soon as possible, but it wouldn’t take but five minutes to get some one from public relations on the horn (you really need more of them so that the programmers won’t have to come under fire and can do their jobs uninterrupted) to tell us things before they happen so you will end up with less irate residents.

    No one likes crashing only to try and log back into an updater that does not work, with the only communications from Linden being a blog post that came -AFTER- the fact.

  72. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Anyone got a download mirror for the latest WindLight. I’d like to give the Nicolaz Edition a try.

  73. Given that we’re talking about test versions of the viewer, can’t complain too much if they take it down. I have the main viewer, the release candidate, Windlight and the Beta grid viewer installed, plus Nickolaz, so not a big problem here to run a different one.

    However, the issue of communicating this problem is, IMO, a serious, ongoing thing that needs to be resolved internally. You need to be able to display messages upon startup/login in the viewer itself, plus blog post on the official site, a 3rd party web site ought to be 3rd in line in the chain of updates.

    It’s a security issue, I get that, it probably had to be taken down for safety sake, though it’d be nice if you could have only disabled the affected German client if that’s the extent of the problem as the article on Massively states (and why wasn’t it mentioned in this blog?)

    Yes, the blog poster is probably the weekend support IT staff and not a marketing person (so give em a break guys), but guidelines should be put into place to insure that the necessary communications get out.

  74. Syler Zhora says:

    Okay- I’ve been a beta tester in the past for AOL and Windows (vista). I’m not the expert here, but I think this how it needs to be:

    1. SL comes out with 2 verisons: A. SL for low graphic B. Windlight for people with cool PCs and high graphic

    2. SL makes the programs and lets the SL teams work on it for a month or so.

    3. SL gathers together some Beta testers. These testers will have a task each week to report any problems ie. Lines in the sky OR “You do not have the proper Quicktime installed. ”

    4. SL then fixes all problems after letting Beta testers test for 1-2 months.

    5. SL releases new verison and starts on step 1 again.

    —- Note that it takes 3-4 months for new versions to come out there-in not having everyone download a new one everyweek. —-

    As for crashing or lag … well thats just a matter of servers. If SL would get it together maybe someone like Google or Yahoo will buy SL over and give them big Servers.

    >>> That’s my two cents on this problem and I’m stickn’ with it <<<

  75. Eragon Hotaling says:

    your timing as usual with the servis problems is brilliant. holiday weekend. people home and want to be online. and so the dissillusionment with LL grows..

  76. Bucky Barkley says:

    “sdfsfsfds.com”?? And that got shipped?

    Let’s hope that a capable CTO is brought in soon. Someone that will toss the Tao of Linden out the door for the engineering department, and who will enforce a bit more of basic process, scheduling of priorities and releases, and who will not be afraid to communicate with the residents without having to be goaded into it. (and Cory should be brought back as technical contributor).

    Seriously, you can look at the ongoing problems, and trace a lot of them back to a lack of experienced management. This is the ongoing angst that a lot of us residents have — we dont have a viable alternative to SL yet, but the things that LL does make us wince on a daily basis.

    And to answer the inevitable ‘why whine’ posts:

    * The point of talking about the problems is to get the attention of the Board of Directors, and hope they take action
    * The other point is to document things, so that LL and future competitors have some heartfelt feedback on what doesn’t work. If all we post are pats on the back, then we will be partially to blame for not trying to influence needed progress.

  77. KataKita says:

    Oh, *quit* the whining. Windlight is a FirstLook viewer, not the main one. I haven’t run the main client in a month, but at least I understand it’s the main client. And, yes, both run peachy on my (gasp) year-old laptop hardware.

  78. Azoth Amat says:

    I’ve updated the main client, and tried to run it. It crashes after a few minutes of normal in-world activity. I’ve filed a support ticket.

    Gee, thanks, Lindens. (And for what it’s worth, I’m a premium member and land-owner, so SL is far from free for me.)

  79. “your timing as usual with the servis problems is brilliant. holiday weekend. people home and want to be online. and so the dissillusionment with LL grows..”

    Yes, those bad Lindens just wait for the weekend to screw everything up and mess up your experience…….it’s a conspiracy, a conspiracy I tell you……

    Give us a break with comments like this.

  80. Azoth Amat says:

    Re comment 79, it’s common practice in the web software biz to avoid deploying updates just before a weekend, especially a holiday weekend, for precisely this reason. So, yes, I do blame the Lindens for this mess.

  81. LaeMiQian says:

    @Syler Zhora

    Only issue with classing WL as a ‘high end’ graphics solution is that (in theory) with all the sliders turned down it should be better on low-end systems too. WL isn’t just about prettier skys (though that is the most obvious part) but a general (and much-needed) overhaul of the clunky old graphics subsystem. (YMMV, of course, but responses here indicate that WL-pre-alpha is considerably more stable than the old system at least for some people – which is what one would hope).


    As mentioned more than once above – this is a FIRST LOOK VIEWER (AKA pre-Alpha). Anyone relying on it for production purposes is not being too brite!

    I agree, though that the delay between the take-down and the blog notification was far too long. Maybe the Lindens have to use the SL-web-login interface to get to the blog these days!! πŸ˜€

  82. Vivienne says:


    “Okay- I’ve been a beta tester in the past for AOL and Windows (vista).”

    Windlight isnΒ΄t even beta. The RC is beta. The main viewer is a better beta. We ALL are beta and alpha testers for LL. The most significant difference to MS and AOL is: We pay for it.

  83. Re: comment #80

    I think I may have missed something then, because I see the last release for Windlight according to the blog was Friday, December 21st, 2007, which was quite some time ago. Don’t know when the last release candidate update was.

    So unless I’m mistaken, and I very well might be, your premise on deploying updates just before a holiday weekend is a bit bogus unless you count this as an 8 day holiday weekend.

    Also, we’re talking about test versions of software, not the main viewer, people are crying and complaining about test software not working? Using test software is always a risk, no one forced anyone to download and use it. And comments about letting bugs through and such are null and void, cause it’s test software and it’s gonna have bugs.

    Now if this were the main viewer, *that* would be a different story.

  84. Drako Nagorski says:

    Frederick Shafer Says:
    December 29th, 2007 at 12:13 PM PST

    Quit your bitching and move on! Its a free service, they DONT have to do anything for you. Dont like it? Go elsewhere!!!”

    heh well actually, we do pay for SL πŸ˜› you may not, but the rest of us do πŸ˜€

  85. Joe Brynner says:

    When does Windlight come back again?

  86. funkysharknation says:


    continue using Windlight using Nicholaz with the old style login.

    @Lindens: we accept you try to bind your viewer on your grid with the weblogin. but for higher security, stay with the old procedure.

    Ralf Haifisch
    german translations on http://www.slinfo.de

  87. AutumnFoxx says:

    Hmm, I can’t seem to get the Nicholaz version to work. I’ve put it in my Windlight folder, and it keeps crashing. Doesn’t even load up a start-up screen. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong here??

  88. Ann Otoole says:

    exactly how did that domain get into that xml file anyway? looks like LL needs to run polygraphs across the board to identify criminals operating within their staff.

  89. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    @85 …
    Well assuming LL have found out just about now how much it will cost to get the sdfsfds domain on to Linden books. I’d guess a tech monkey is now checking all the login pages urls for all the languages before they bundle up a new mandatory RC and WindLight viewer for us to play with. Tech monkey will of course now be paranoid and double checking every one πŸ™‚ Meanwhile, other tech monkeys will be suggesting they include some patch or other to make this more than just a login URL update release. This will further stress tech monkey 1. Who will about now have a break for coffee (or green tea depending), then get back to the screen and wonder if s/he already checked that language file or not… And will then re-check it anyway.
    Something like that…

  90. Nack Barnes says:

    Point is, we’ve been with the without then with the superior Windlight viewer for 6, 7 months. At this rate, my great grandchildren might see a “regular client” that features the windlight improvements.

    I do not want to see another 5 month stretch where Windlight dispears onto some backburner at Linden Labs. This technology needs to be brought into the main SL community as quickly as possible. The FIRST thing people notice when they log into Second Life is *what it looks like*. Everything else comes second at best. Before anyone signs up for SL they will see screenshots, again *what it looks like* is crucial.

    The improvement from the regular SL client water rendering to the Windlight water… I tell ya, the Windlight water looks as good or better than anything I’ve seen in ANY computer game. This should be in the regular client asap, even if the atmospherics need to be delayed due to bugs.

    And, #11, yeah, me too, another paying customer, so keep yer fanboi opinions to yourself while they are flawed with ignorant assumptions.

  91. Michael Timeless says:

    HEY LL

  92. Nicholaz Beresford is a GAWD! My windlight works just fine! Wootage! Hey LL – why haven’t you hired this guy yet?

  93. Sunshine Teatime says:

    Unfortunately, windlight is the only viewer that works with vista on my machine. Please hurry up, I’m going through withdrawal. Could you please explain why this had to be disabled instead of being fixed and made into a mandatory upgrade?

  94. Vivienne says:

    @ 90

    “The FIRST thing people notice when they log into Second Life is *what it looks like*.”

    Wrong. The first thing they use are the arrow keys for movement. What a shame if they cannot because they are not rich enough for the latest of latest in computer technologies and graphic cards and atmospheric shaders. Or if they are rich enough, but invested into ATI hardware. And even if they are rich: The difference to something like Oblivion running on a minimum of 40 fps to SL (crawling on a maximum of 25) will be devastating. What a shame.

    Rock solid reliability is what a social virtual network demands in first place. Not eye candy.

  95. AutumnFoxx says:

    I don’t understand for the life of me how everyone is getting the Nicholaz viewer to work in Windlight. I’ve put it in the Windlight folder, made the shortcut, and every single time it crashed before even bringing up the start-up screen. Unless anyone has an answer, I guess I’m stuck with a lot of crashes and freezing up on the regular viewer :-\

  96. LaeMiQian says:

    “Light winds slow last Sydney Hobart boats”

    Oops – reading headlines off wrong feed, had me all excited for a moment! πŸ˜€

  97. 01 Hifeng says:

    you know, ehem, my ice skates look bad in regular viewer.

  98. dusanwriter says:

    So….I tried to log in using Windlight, it tells me I need to download a new viewer but leads to a broken page with no download, search around trying to find a new version of the Windlight Candidate, find a release candidate instead, download that, and now THAT doesn’t work because of the German security breach. How they managed to release even a TEST or BETA version of a viewer that sends login information to a domain that Linden doesn’t even OWN is beyond me – hardly strikes confidence in their attention to security. And why I am finding all of this out from Massively is astonishing – when all we get here is a tiny peep from Linden simply saying “hey, it’s down, keep ya posted!”. Yes, Windlight is a test release. Yes, it’s beautiful and more stable. Yes, expect bugs – but not bugs where user’s login information can shoot off to some random URL somewhere, and not the biggest bug of all which is poor communication in times of crisis (not sure why I say “in times of crisis” other than the fact they communicate a lot about virtues of buggy pre-release candidate viewers).

    To quote the post that started this: “We will update here as soon as we have news.”

    Well – here’s an update – head over to Massively, they’re faster off the mark with news than what’s happening in your own company.

    As for people who call it a free service, thousands of dollars in investments, clients work, products, and monthly fees is NOT free. We complain if we don’t get great service for a $50/month cell phone, surely we have a right to complain about $2,500/month in land tiers?

  99. Pete says:

    Windlight 1-18-6-75762 works fine…

  100. Livi says:

    Yeah, pretty depressing. I cant even log in on the main vewier. And like another commented i would have liked to know before hand when it was going to be shut down. so i could have gotten my snapshots to PS later

  101. Johnny Mann says:

    Wahhhh !

    Wahhh! Wahhh! WAhhhhhh!


    Oh, Sorry… I just wanted to sound like everyone above me sounds.

  102. Alyx Sands says:

    #95: You did download the right Nicholaz for windlight?It’s a special version of the viewer in his experimental folder.

  103. AutumnFoxx says:

    #102, Yeah I did. Just crashes every time. Must be my computer as I can’t find a solution.

  104. Natalie Looming says:

    I am a german user and cant login with every client. Every Week problems. That sounds not good. I hope you resolve this problem soon.

  105. Just wanted to let someone know that people are currently going from group to group posting that there was some sort of security breach of information to a some server in Amsterdamn. Informing people to change all information (passwords, etc.) & not to use any other viewer but the reg. one at this time.

    LET ME POINT OUT…that this is an unreliable total panic mode of freaked out lindens on SL at this time. I am NOT one to believe half of the things that get passed around in group chats (the classic “If you touch the box you will have no money” chain IM). Honestly LL, people are actually freaking out. Maybe its time we kinda knew what the issue was (even if its something tiny) so people will stop this massive group IMing of rumors.

  106. Mortus Allen says:

    Has anyone considered this may be a grievis whide open security flaw that could effect them or LL?

  107. *I was saying “freaked out avies” pardon me.* Real quick..umm..is it actually safe to go onto windlight now? It’s allowing people to log in.

  108. AutumnFoxx says:

    It downloads the normal viewer and runs that through Windlight now. It’s not running Windlight.. just makes you think you’re getting in. Then once in you go “Duh – this isn’t Windlight!”

  109. Vivienne says:


    Better to not log in with the Windlight and RC alpha/beta crap and keep your log-in informations confidental than to log in and let all the world know your are Scrooge McDuck in RL and your password to your account is “Klondike”.


  110. Alyx Sands says:

    #103: Sh*t, sorry…hard to diagnose that in blog comments-could you try the forums and ask for help there?
    #94: I have a two year old comp with an ATI card and Windlight runs fine for me, including all the fancy stuff.

  111. AutumnFoxx says:

    “[UPDATE 3:00PM PST] The Release Candidate viewer is once again available for download. The Windlight viewer should be soon to follow. This update will be required for anyone wishing to use these viewers. -Chiyo”

    Ohh – I’m going to go take a nap and hope Windlight is back when I get up.

  112. Galagan Raymaker says:

    my girlfriend was able to login with WL… and starts to fly to the orbit… nothing works… trying to relog, empty cache, using teh regular client….
    thanks linden….

  113. Vivienne says:


    It does not for me. It runs really fast (far from reliable, but fast) until i switch on the atmospheric shaders, so all the nice skies simply do not render at all. This was reported by a lot of other ATI users, too. Not to mention Mac/Linux users. But hey, i do not miss those skies at all. This security bug here bothers me a lot more.

  114. Henri Beauchamp says:

    Please, make the sources available on the Wiki so that homebrew and third party viewers can be compiled…

  115. AutumnFoxx says:


    Windlight is available for download again.

  116. Hern Worsley says:

    What was the issue? Would be nice to know since its apparently so bad it required disabling access. Slightly concerning.. would like to know the facts.

  117. AutumnFoxx says:

    Oh also I know I’m going to sound like a total butt kisser here, but thank you to the Lindens for getting that fixed rather quickly. I honestly expected it to be offline for days, maybe even weeks. Instead it was hours.

    Now… let’s hope it actually works and they don’t take it down again… *Crosses fingers and toes*

  118. Talven Taurog says:

    You know, normally I would agree, it’s a test client. But when the main client is so unstable it makes most alpha/beta releases of other software look good… Windlight might as well be considered their main client.

    I have withdrawn my land ownership (1/2 region), will not spend a dime in SL, until Havok 4 is released to the main grid. As well I will not log in until the Windlight client is restored.

    …and I thought EA Games was bad.

  119. Detox Watanabe says:

    which main viewer?

    I’ve been using the windlight viewer since its out, glad I am still logged in… XD

  120. Harle Armistice says:

    Wow, people flip out over some crazy stuff. =)

    I mean, it’s not like they took SL down altogether. They found a security bug in the BETA FIRSTLOOK CLIENT(notice the emphasis there), and decided to make it unavailable while they work on it, and there are people out there who are ‘feeling disillusioned about Second Life’ because the BETA FIRSTLOOK CLIENT is unavailable.


    I say again, the BETA FIRSTLOOK CLIENT.

    This is the whole frigging point of having a beta client. Second Life is not unavailable. You can still log in with the ACTUAL SECOND LIFE CLIENT. I am sorry that it is not as pretty as they BETA FIRSTLOOK CLIENT but the whole purpose of having firstlook clients is that they aren’t ready for full release, and as such, Linden Labs, like you would actually expect any responsible developer to do, doesn’t actually support the BETA client in quite the same way they support the FULL RELEASE version of the client.

    On the one hand, it’s nice that people are receiving the Windlight client so well that they seem incapable of conceiving going a few hours without it, despite a perfectly usable alternate client with which to connect to the grid.

    But if this whole thing has you tearing out your hair and feeling abandoned and betrayed, I strongly suggest this little medication I call the ‘Chill Pill.’

    Thanks! Have a good(if perhaps slightly less pretty) holiday weekend. =)

  121. caneileon carver says:

    well 40 minutes of my life wasted aswell,told it needed an update when attempting to log on ,didnt update,nothing about it on blog at the time ,tried a manual update on your support portal,after reading MAKE SURE YOU DE-INSTALL ANY PREVIOUS VERSION thats what i did,then couldnt download,real funny,i find comunication to be essential and the lack of this on this occasion has cost me 40 mins of my life ill never get back,first 2 weeks was great here but its begining to seem like the time and money i invest here could be better spent,please try to keep us more informed in the future we are your clients and i believe we deserve it.thankyou

  122. Livi says:

    Thankyou LL for the quick fixup πŸ˜€

  123. Andrew Montagne says:

    In response to some of the ranting above, note that this was a FIRST LOOK client and as such it may have BUGS. People’s expectations here are higher than the stratosphere! I’m just glad most of you whiners aren’t on the Teen Grid.

    Anyway, nice to know why I couldn’t log in. Cheers.

  124. Tater says:

    Thanks for the quick fix to this. I also primarily use the WindLight test client — however I also have the release client installed incase I do have problems with WL (I mean, it IS test software after all)

  125. Bo Rossen says:

    Well great… another “fix” for SL…

    Only this time, I change my password, and none of the last FOUR versions of the WindLight viewer are letting me in on account of password failure?

    Is that a bug or a feature??

    Thanks a bundle…

  126. Kyder Ling says:

    Would you cynical jerks who use these comment pages to criticize LL get a life. SL went down on Windlight, for 5min, then they posted about it. Instead of overreacting and reinstalling Windlight and freaking out, why didn’t you try the other viewer?

    Seriously, LL isn’t that bad in customer support, nor are they big and evil. Trust me, go play WoW if you want to experience poor customer support/evil corporations.

  127. Pingback: Second Life Open Source Tutorials » Windlight Alternative SL Client (windlight pulled again)

  128. Wyald Woolley says:

    I SHOULD be having a lot of problems with WindLight, but for the most part I’m tooling along quite well day-to-day. For starters I’m running WindLight on a Mac Powerbook Pro with a ATI Radon X1066 card. To make matters worse I’m doing it over wireless Airport Extreme. I crash if I’ve TPed to several different areas…it’s like I’m earning crash points or something each time. My frame rate is lower then I’d like it when the lag is running high, but for the most part, it’s fun being in SL. I didn’t see any black banding, my Preference settings are stock, right out of the box.

    The purpose in saying all this is to encourage Mac users to give WindLight a try… I know I was pleasantly surprised by how well WindLight works for me. I expected a terrible performance hit and more instability, and got neither.

    Normally, I’m a person for stability over shiny… in this instance I feel I got both.

  129. jz paine says:

    Nope! I downloaded the windlight viewer and it turned out to be the main viewer not the windlight. Go look at the version numbers.

  130. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @ann otoole: that name comes in the say way as names like foo.com or bar.com. Placeholders for “we need to fill in later, no time to do it now”. .)

  131. Penumbra Revolution says:

    No not resolved. Why cant we get current status information that is correct. Windlight still fails to download. I have been on sl for a year. I has been a constant downhill slide as far as quality control is concerned.

  132. Lao-Tzu says:

    @ 11 Thank you. I agree.

    Folks, those of us that pay for SL know the risks and pitfalls. Those that complain the loudest are the ones who depend on SL for their happiness….take a walk. Run some errands…Step outside and marvel and the TRUE wind and light πŸ™‚

  133. martin magpie says:

    guess the flicker pics are not censored. perhaps it would be wise to make all of secondlife.com have an age 18 warning?

    here is just one new example. tisk tisk LL


    think of the children?

  134. This is the FIRST LOOK client, its for TESTING AND NOT WHINING.

    It is BUGGY because they want your HELP to find BUGS and STAMP THEM, NOT have people WHINE all the time.

  135. @133,

    Yes, you are correct, what is that filthy stuff doing here from the main grid?

    – Nexii Malthus, Teen Grid resident

  136. Ricky Lucero says:

    Once AGAIN, a bad habit of doing something before releasing a blog about it.

    *shakes head in serious diappointment AGAIN*

    Then again, absolutely ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO explantion of WHY this was done.

    Can anyone say, “Welcome to to the earlier days of SL when communication was a serious issue.”?

  137. RC Paderborn says:

    For those whining about us whining about a “Test” version.

    Aren’t most of you the same folks who when we whine about bugs in the RELEASE version tell us to run the test version as the latest bug fixes are in there?

  138. caneileon carver says:

    just wanted to say i just downloaded the latest update and it works perfectly now guys,welldone you sorted it out quite quickly ,sure there will be a lot of happy customers now ,thankyou! nice one!

  139. Berry Steinhoff says:

    @138. Yeah. I have to agree there. The problem was patched same day, while most I bet were still on holidays. That’s a pretty good response from Linden in my book.

  140. DR Dahlgren says:

    @11 Frederick Shafer – EXCUSE ME??? FREE SERVICE??? I don’t think so. I pay a premium membership and substanial tier. You know alll those regions you “play” on: very few are owned by LL. Most are owned by individuals and companies who pay dearly to have a presence in SL. It is also those ppl who create the world you “play” in. LL provides the tools and the machines it runs on. Thats it…THE TOOLS!! And when they break those tools, does it dip into LL’s pocket, NOPE! Tier and membership fees are not prorated. But it sure can dip into ours.

    The issue here is NOT the pulling of the Windlight Client. It is NOT that this client had a bug, most likely a security hole considering how this was done. The issue is:

    The TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT LL shows those ppl who do pay premium membership, who do use those tools, to create and support this world they provide the platform for. Could they have posted in the blog they disabled the client? You bet!! They could have just put it in the TOS changes window as they did for the QuickTime bug.

    They simply do not respect the real ppl who populate their virtual relam enough to be bothered with it.

    @ 136 Ricky Lucero – Go back and really read the blogs on major issues, and then tell me anything really ever changed.

    I have been accused of being a whinner and nay sayer, but I would love to have something good to comment on. I have an idea LL….

    Fix the Alpha Texture bug and I will applaud you in blog announcing it. Fix prim bounce and lag, and I will applaud you in the blog. Fix the issues of attachments dissappearing or ending up in my butt when I cross sim boundry and I will applaud you here for all to read.

    I remember when 15K ppl would drag this place to its knees, I remember when most thought 35k was the upper limit, and LL said they would limit log-ins to that. So a lot has changed, and the world in many ways is more stable, but lets quit focusing on “enhancements” please, and fix some of the core issues.

    Then I can truly applaud you here….


  141. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Great. So now I can’t use Windlight until Nicholaz updates his viewer because Linden’s viewer crashes my whole PC within 15 minutes of starting.

  142. ralna payne says:

    There are still Login problems???

  143. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Oh, you managed to disable Nicholaz other client as well.

    And the REALLY stupid thing about this is that disabling the clients doesn’t do ANYTHING to prevent people from being phished by the guy who registered the domain to match the broken German login URL, because they will have already entered their login information to the wrong website by the time it gets to the Linden login code.

    You know, I said that this new login scheme would make phishing easier. I didn’t expect to be proven right this quickly.

  144. Wyald Woolley says:

    @133 I can’t figure out whether you are trying to be funny or are ignorant. Second Life IS for 18 year olds or older. There are to be no kiddies here. It’s LL’s responsibility to guard the gate and they are not doing it. They WANT to let the kiddies in and expect the residents to sort them out….that’s wrong.

  145. DR Dahlgren says:

    Hmmm – Main Client –

    Logging in. Second Life may appear frozen. Please Wait……

    then after about 10 minutes it tells me to check my Caps Key. My password is correct, just used it to log-in to my account on web.

    Oh, and while the links work to the downloads, http://secondlife.com/commuity/downloads.php returns a 500 error.


  146. DR Dahlgren says:

    Well, if you want to know what this was about, read it here:



  147. DR Dahlgren says:

    As to 133 martin magpie – read 144 Wyald Woolley and get your WELCOME TEANS signs ready. They will be here soon…


  148. Bedsee says:

    those having trouble with the main viewer might wanna try the first look, i’m in finally =) dunno what they did to muck up the other one but it’s well goobered. hope ya make it

  149. Main Grid (SL) is for 18 and above yes, Teen Grid (Teen Second Life) is for 13 and up to 17.

    @144, I would rather blame the mature content creators for not guarding their stuff better than whining at a hosting company.

  150. Alyx Sands says:

    Argent, I’ve just been online with Nick’s client and the old WL version for a few hours with no problems…strange….

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