Certain places, residents not found in “all” search

Second Life recently switched to a new “All” search that functions similarly to web search engines like Google. Today I discovered an issue that leads to some residents, groups and places not being included in the search. Classifieds and events are not affected by this issue. I wanted to share this issue while I work on the solution.


This search problem happens to resident profiles, groups and places that are temporarily removed from search. For example, a place owner might have a place listed in search, then decide to remove it for a week by unchecking “Show in search”. When he checks the “Show in search” box again, the search problem might prevent the place from appearing in search for 1 to 4 weeks. The longer the place is left out of search, the longer it takes for search to add it back.

I do not have a good workaround for this problem. If you have a place, profile or group currently appearing in search, please consider leaving it in search rather than taking it out and putting it back. If you are remodeling an old place that was previously in search, consider subdividing the land first and building the new structures on the piece you selected before hitting subdivide (the “new” land).

The root cause of this issue is a bug in the Google Search Appliance software we use for in-world search. I believe the bug to be fixed in the latest release of their software and I am validating the new version now. We will be able to fix this problem without requiring new viewer downloads or server downtime. My apologies for this issue.

James Linden

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  1. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    ….discovered? I’m reporting this from the start, there’s a JIRA entry and there’s a ticket open by me from the weeks (without a reply).


  2. Ron Crimson says:

    And James said he discovered the cause. And it’s being fixed. So what else do you want? ^_^

  3. Malakyte Thorne says:

    This is a bit off topic but i havent been able to find anywhere to address the problem.

    On the age verification page apparently some people in countries other than the USA are having problems with the system accepting their IDs.

    Has anyone reported this and is this being addressed at all?

  4. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Well he said: discovered a bug… when in fact the bug … and bla bla bla. anyway i’m not asking anything apart the solution (well maybe just a reply to my ticket: “yes we know…” instead let me w8 “forever” would have been apprecciated). 🙂

  5. John Source says:

    “Classifieds and events are not affected by this issue”

    I thought the new plan was to remove classifieds from the mainlisting in furture released? Is this still the plan?… only letting them appear on the right side of the screen?

    (not a good plan imhp, since the classifieds are hardly visible then.. in asearch system that should list ‘all’ kinds of searchable things (including classifieds

  6. Stick says:

    ppl loggin on getting server down messages

  7. Ann Otoole says:

    hope the new version fixes the no more than 5 pages of results defect….

  8. Cat Gisel says:

    Hey while we are at it, since today, on 10 our of 12 TP’s in the course of an hour, I had to
    1) relog to fix all my attachments (It’s really faster and less hassle if you have 4 or more that appear at your bum every time you TP)
    2) Go into and out of appearance mode to De-Ruth myself
    3) Rebake using the client menu (cause ctrl-alt-R doesn’t do as well)

    Can we automate all of these features please? 🙂

    Happy new year! hehe

  9. Charlene Trudeau says:

    I’m with Ann. The no more than 5 page results is just killing the all search as anything functional for anyone who likes to get off the beaten path a little. Lets get some real google like results and be able to keep going through ALL relevant results, not just the top five pages.

  10. Harwood Hax says:

    just a random bit of input… sure its been noticed, but haven’t seen anyone say it… so …..

    noticed this afternoon;
    land sales search crashing viewer
    “ALL” not responsive.. when it does .. crashes again
    map viewer in SLURL and profile TP in “picks” or “classified” not scrolling to new region… beacon sets, but map view and “you are here” stays in the same region

    .. just figured id offer up a few things i noticed…


    from now on, vittorio, we’ll notify you first when we notice a problem..
    hope this clears things up. (and opens some posts to people with ACTUAL help, insight, and suggestions)

    not meaning to flame.. but the random whining about “why didnt you answer my JIRA before the 45,000 others” thing just gets a bit too much “Mom!! he took my cookie” for me :))
    and not meaning to pedestal LL, but you have to realize theres more than one person on here, hunh?

  11. Linn says:

    Not sure if this is related, it might be. I’f i’m in a place for more than 2 hrs (like a club) and then try to tp out i cannot, in 9 out of 10 i just get disconnected. I tried to wear the sensations stay awake object but that does not change anything

  12. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Linn, i don’t see any reason why the TP failing should be related to the parcel listing in the new search engine, and with this blog entry. 🙂
    Anyway, just to let you know, you’re not alone… for this issue, even, there’s a large thread in the general forum, and a JIRA entry (i didn’t opened a ticket for this one… since it is affecting a large number of residents and it’s not a problem “of me”), my TP’s keeps to fail when i stay about 1.5hrs in the same place (and they fails 100% of the times… with client locking and restart needed).
    …but let’s come in-topic now. 🙂

  13. Doris Haller says:


    I do think a JIRA entry should get a feedback Lindens. I do not expect a personal thank you letter or comment in the JIRA, but at least SOME sign showing that LL hat noticed that entry, for instance by assigning a internal ID, a responsible Linden or even the favorite WONTFIX-status with a reason.
    It’s not about giving attention to one person, but to a reported problem.

    The “random whining” about people who complain gets a bit too much “Mrs. Teacher, I know something!” to me, right?? 😉

  14. Bedsee says:

    naw why would teleports failing be in any way on topic to search goofing. i don’t spend lindens here i just look at the pretty pictures in the window ~rolls eyes~ today i’d love to be able to login period. even to make out a bloddy ticket that would be promptly ignored. i long for the days when search worked 90% of the time and the community had a real forum to get some real communication. but hey, we’ll perish with pretty windlight and a fancy search that doesn’t work =)) oh yeah and uhhh classifieds are included in this bug if you rely on old search as i do

  15. Pal Platini says:

    I’ve had my Bodyart tattoo shop in Boardman open air market for over 3 years. My land, ad and all boxes have Bodyart in the titles. When I search the new ALL for Bodyart I get tons of body art (two words) in keywords come up pages before my little low traffic small shop, if mine even shows up at all. This just seems so wrong to me.

  16. Evolving Yin says:

    Thank you for your response and follow-up. However, after reading the blog there is a VERY IMPORTANT point that needs to be relayed to whoever is researching this problem. We never unclicked “Show Place In Search” for any of the locations that this has been an issue.

    We have noticed that with the individual items being sold that even though we have checked the box “Show In Search” Randomly when we sell and item this box becomes unchecked and we constantly have to search our inventory to see if this has happened so that we can recheck the box. We do not uncheck this box ourselves somehow it happens in the process when the item is sold but no every time.

    Evolving Yin

  17. Shirley Marquez says:

    @15: Pal, the problem is that the Google Search Appliance is too clever; it recognized put-together words like “bodyart” and decomposes them, and then does the search based on relevance. Those other places probably have higher relevance scores (more traffic or whatever else they base the relevance score on), so your listing ends up being buried. I don’t know of any good solution.

  18. Miles Beck says:

    The $30L per week I spend to be listed in Places isn’t much, but it’s completely wasted. My store is listed No. 1 in Search for New Year’s Decorations, but when you click on the link, the result is “Page Not Available. …Please hit “Back” and try another link.”

    I’ve got a new (one month old) business, I’ve worked HARD, and now LL is telling people to go back and select a link for a different business. You have no idea how frustrated and angry I am.

  19. Miles Beck says:

    …echoing Evolving Yin’s post, I never unclicked “Show in Search,” either.

  20. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Hi Rika and James =) I am wishing you the best in sorting this out!

  21. o.h. says:

    i am having strange issues myself, my parcel does not show up in earch form one day to the next without the slightest change.
    the strange thing is, i asked a friend and it shows up for her, just for me its blocked (and yes, weve been using exactly the same settings)

  22. Oryx Tempel says:

    Hi James,
    There’s been a lot of debate amongst residents as to whether traffic actually counts in Search/All. Can you clear this up for us?

  23. Roy Blanchard says:

    I changed my description in my land settings and now my place doesn’t show in the search…

  24. Mel Amarula says:

    Is this also the cause of why friend’s list sometimes says waiting on it and don’t show you everyone that is on? Or is this something different entirely? If this has been answered before please excuse me and if you could include a link to that if there is.

  25. domneth dingson says:

    @18 Trust me, I know how frustrated you are. I’m having the same issue right now with my shop. Number 3 or 4 on search for ‘holodeck’ or ‘rezzer’ and I get that same “page not available. Please hit back and try someone else.” message

    This is beyond frustrating, and I had just started getting traffic again, once I figured out people don’t even bother with the classified section anymore. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the same issue as the original blog, since I do show up in search, it’s just telling people I don’t want them at my business.

    I HATE your new search.

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