WindLight survey preliminary results

Hey everyone. Happy holidays! So, the survey I’d created filled up very quickly (surveymonkey’s default account allows up to 100 participants). The results are posted below. Once I get access to a beefier account, I’ll probably run it again to permit more people to give feedback! Enjoy! (Winners are in bold.)

1. Compared to the older presets, in what direction do you think the default/midday settings should be taken?

    1. Eliminate all directional lighting and overbrightening- I like my world flat! 1.0% 1 vote
    2. It’s still not like the old Second Life – make it a bit flatter/more neutral 15.7% 16 votes
    3. It’s perfect just where it is! 32.4% 33 votes
    4. It could use a *tad* more contrast/shadowing 37.3% 38 votes
    5. Bring back the former preset- lots of light, lots of shadow! 13.7% 14 votes

    2. What do you think of the current sunrise setting?

    1. Too dark 24.5% 25 votes
    2. Just right 63.7% 65 votes
    3. Too bright 11.8% 12 votes

    3. What do you think of the current sunset setting?

    1. Too dark 22.5% 23 votes
    2. Just right 67.6% 69 votes
    3. Too bright 9.8% 10 votes

    4. What do you think of the current nighttime settings?

    1. Too dark 17.6% 18 votes
    2. Just right 56.9% 58 votes
    3. Too bright 25.5% 26 votes

    5. What do you think of the *strength* of local lighting? (Note: The local lighting, at present, fades as the sunlight gets brighter.)

    1. Too dark 25.5% 26 votes
    2. Just right 66.7% 68 votes
    3. Too bright 7.8% 8 votes

    6. Overall, how would you rank the aesthetics of the WindLight viewer compared to the non-WindLight viewer?

    1. I much prefer the old look 4.9% 5 votes
    2. I somewhat prefer the old look 4.9% 5 votes
    3. I think they’re about equal 2.9% 3 votes
    4. I think WindLight looks better for some things 33.3% 34 votes
    5. I think WindLight looks phenomenal! 53.9% 55 votes

    There was also a comment section. Most of the answers were fairly in line with what people are posting here, and we’ll use all the feedback as we continue to debug and refine. Thanks again to those who participated, and thanks in advance to those who will once I get the wider survey going!

    – Pastrami and the WindLight Team

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