The New WindLight Viewer… PONDERING AESTHETICS (76116)

Download It Here!!! (Note- auto-updating not working, so use direct download link)

And note- Known New Issue:
* Sky Mesh Detail can show stripes in the sky (play with Sky Detail to fix)

Howdy all. As promised, I’d like to cover the second of three important points with this posting- AESTHETICS (aka textures are too bright, avatars look smelly, etc.) – First let’s get that pesky bugs fixed list out of the way…

* Get the WindLight lighting calculations to NOT wash everything out!
* Make pop-up more data driven and change to style of alert used in 1.18.6
* WindLight: Fails to load shaders under NVIDIA beta 169.xx
* Snapshots in windowed mode are fuzzy
* On Linux without Atmospheric Shaders, horizon at night is still bright
* Hide Particles options fails to function.

So, on to the main event. You’ll notice that the first bug fixed above is Get the WindLight lighting calculations to NOT wash everything out! This has been a big one since the beginning and I’d always promised we’d be fixing it. But the way we fixed it and our general approaches are very important to understanding aesthetics, lighting, and rendering in Second Life- now and into the future.


Gamma was the core problem behind many of the midday presets/problems before. By default, I had set many of the presets to around 1.6 Gamma. They should have been 1.0. When we first developed WindLight (pre-Linden) we had set up most of the scenes at around 2.0. It worked for certain desert and empty terrain scenes, but we ourselves had experienced some washout once we started integrating more game engine-type assets into the system. We never went back to gamma because we had bigger visual fish to fry, but at the core we were overbrightening our textures. Hmph.

So, for starters, I went back and re-did most of the presets at 1.0, which is where I’d advise most of you play with your presets. But, this exposed another glaring problem- our ambient range was wayyy too low. Once we looked at the code, we realized that the 0-1.0 scale for Sun/moon light was always getting 3X applied to it before hitting the shaders, whereas the ambient was not. Translation? 1.0 for Ambient was actually only 33% of 1.0 for Sun/moon light. Once we fixed this, we found the ranges were much more natural, and we can now do fullbright scenes with ease (for example, try setting Sun/moon color to zero, and Ambient to 1.0. It looks fullbright. Before, it would have still looked very dark.)

So I bumped down the gamma, and raised the ambient to get the same relative luminosity (read: brightness) values back, but without so much contrasting/loss in the textures. (see Gamma if you want to know more.) Together with this, though, I felt we needed more range in Blue Horizon and Blue Density, so BigPapi Linden bumped those ranges up 2X as well (so Blue Horizon of 0.6 is now 0.3, etc.) So all you preset makers, take note- Ambient values are now 3X as strong, use 1.0 Gamma to preserve textures, and Blue Horizon and Density values are now 2X as strong.

Presets, Textures, and Avatars

So, what does all this technical mumbo jumbo mean for what matters (Textures and Avatars)? The saga continues…

As we ripped apart the old rendering code, we discovered something heinous, something conspiratorially wicked- avatars are bright! Like, super bright! In the old rendering code, avatars were given an artificial brightness boost compared to their surroundings. This was great for the relatively flat world that was the Second Life of old. But as we were implementing real, directional, and atmospheric lighting, this was giving us all sorts of problems. Because avatar brightness had always been artificially much higher than the surroundings, avatar textures and skins were at their base much darker than their surroundings. So when we started implementing a real light model without special treatment for anything (like avatars) in the scene, the lighting balances were always whacked. As one example, I did some tests with the standard caucasian male model avatar. Do you know his skin has the same luminosity by default as the dark green grass textures? Once I boosted his skin brightness, the shadows looked much more natural for that skin tone. Try this experiment on your own avatars!

That said, after doing all the Gamma adjustments listed above, I went back and tweaked the midday/default settings to be much friendlier on textures and avatar shadows. You’ll find the lighting is much more balanced and close to the values you liked in the old viewer. Shadows are much less harsh, etc. BUT…

Two things- 1) it is impossible to get the exact same brightness balance between avies and their surroundings as the old viewer for the reason just mentioned. Super bright avies would mean a stark white world. If you’re not satisfied, just boost some of the brightness in your avies and you’ll get it just where you want it. 2) Textures. Okay, this is a big one. I did a lot of flat-face-against-the-sun testing. Meaning, I’d set up a cube, set the time to noon, and load textures onto its upper surface. I think it now behaves much closer to acceptable levels, but still brightens just the right amount to “feel” sunny. Most textures get boosted about 20% in brightness at the sun’s apex (noon), which is much less than before. We could have made it such that at their brightest, textures were only as bright as their native RGB values. But welcome back to flat 1997 lighting πŸ™‚ Yes, this means near-white textures like very bright cement will become white at noon.. But COME ON! It’s what’s supposed to happen to bright materials in direct sunlight. We have to start moving away from the flat shaded look. Now, if you really disagree and want to do some tests, just load up “Default” or “A-12PM” (they’re the same setting) and lower Sun/Moon Color to 0.2 or thereabouts. You’ll probably agree it starts to look like an overcast day. All in all I think the current settings now respect old content but have some of the flair that this new lighting model lends.

Sunrise….. Sunset…. and Nighttime

Is this the little pixel I rendered?…..Is this the vertex I transformed?… (sorry, had to πŸ™‚ ). So, as there were some complaints about these times of day, I took a look at them as well, and here’s what I found-

Nighttime– I did A/B testing with the old viewer and all our brightness values seemed the same. But as there was some concern, I lowered the overall brightness for most of the nighttime settings and hopefully it’ll be good now.

Sunrise/Sunset– So here’s what I think. I really like our current sunset (A-6:00pm). It’s dark. It’s fiery. It’s dramatic. IT’S FREAKIN SUNSET! I don’t know why you’d want more bright ambient when the sun is setting- I mean, it has to cross over to nighttime at some point (?) Meaning nearly all the ambient illumination of the day is going to go away, and I don’t know where else it should really happen, especially since there is a good bit of ambient illumination well past dusk. BUT, as I am one and you are many, if it’s really an issue I’ll boost the ambient here for the next release. But realize- it’s postponing the inevitable- the sun and the daytime have to go away- either at 6:00pm or 7:00pm or 8:00pm. This ain’t Greenland people! (Well, once we make WL tradeable assets, you can make it so!) Re: sunrise, I capitulated and gave it more ambient- it now looks nicer and happier as it ushers in the new day πŸ™‚ . But if you want more, I would ask you this- when should the light emerge? It can’t be 12pm at 4am in the morning! Sunsets and sunrises are darker times, people. Darker times! πŸ˜‰

All joke aside, we’re obviously looking forward to keeping this the blog to comment on for these issues. It’s been a long time coming, you now know what we’re considering internally, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new presets and all of these aesthetic issues!

Light away! (and oh yeah, links)…..

Come to WindLight office hours! These are at:

If you miss a session, transcripts are posted here.

Below you’ll find links to important info related to WindLight:

Pastrami Linden and the WindLight Team

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150 Responses to The New WindLight Viewer… PONDERING AESTHETICS (76116)

  1. Aeper Jie says:

    Nice. Thanks. but what about Teen Grid Office Hours? Dont you care about the 4k tg residents?

  2. Infrared Wind says:

    Thanks for all the hard work on WindLight.

    Please bring back the red/green indicators!

    Thank you.

  3. Joschua Sachertorte says:

    Yay for the new windlight veiwer!

  4. michi lumin says:


    Thanks for nerfing windlight. I knew it was going to happen. The noselighters win. I guess supermodels matter to you guys – (probably because of the demographic) – and everyone else can go pound sand.

    The very first day Windlight came out, the first thing I said was, “I wonder how long it is until Linden Lab completely backs this all out, because the lowest common denominator of SecondLife complains incessantly”.

    Just like 1.9 – things look good, people complained, then it looked bad.

    I guess if you’re not a barbie doll, LL doesn’t give a damn about your demographic.

    You guys had a chance to make this stuff look better, and actually advance some.

    You decided instead to respond to people who said “oh my god, you can see my nose!”

    Torley promised both sides would be listened to. Said that all input would be valued. As usual, everything that LL says is a lie.

    Input valued? No. Just as long as the noselighters who “want to look gorgeous 24/7” aren’t neglected.

    Seriously, why don’t you just throw out Windlight, make a prettier skybox, and call it done.


    My avatar glows now. But screw anyone who isn’t named “Bunni”.

    I give up. HDR? forget it. Shadows? Forget it. Specularity? Forget it.

    This whole thing is a COMPLETE LOSS now.

    Actually, why don’t you just do a search for every avatar named “Tiffani” and hire them onto the graphics dev team.

    I tried. But I know what you guys think is important.

  5. Damian McLeod says:

    New WL looks nice, even lets me run the full suite of effects, when I tell it to go ahead and ignore that My graphics card is not one of the “officially supported” cards. Except for one little detail… Midnight. If either force my enviroment to midnight, or the sim’s time hits midnight, the entire sky & horizon reverses to a solid black, with white clouds… It looses all definition, and looks rather flat, the stars more like simple holes in the black background… Also at times the area where the moon should be will be a mass of yellow, versus the moon, along with showing an empty white band between the ground and sky levels. Flipping to another preset fixes things, but the default / sim time preset which is what I normally use for midnight shots and work when developing lighting and the like always causes this to occur…

  6. Infrared Wind says:

    Uh-oh, Houstan, we have a problem!!

    Giant black bands…and screen caps are capturing the dialog window AND look at the multiple avatar tags. WindLight is now unusable for me. And I was so much enjoying the previous release.

  7. Ann Otoole says:

    hardly anyone uses the horrible default avatar skins. Are you unaware that most skins are no mod? we cannot make any skin adjustments. You have no choice in this matter. You need to make the skins render with the same visual quality as currently exists or be prepared to mass refund everyone in the game for all those skins that cost anywhere from L$750 to L$10000.

    I congratulate you for admitting that you have not been using the real secondlife for your development work and thus you missed a lot. You need to get immersed in this system, get real skins, clothes, textures, etc, and maybe have real sim builders come and build your development sims and have real clothing to wear, etc. so you can see that your code does not render anything correctly. Wood needs to look like wood. bricks like bricks, skin like skin, etc etc. Lighting needs to look right, not superbright on one wall the floor, and ceiling, and really dark on the other surfaces. There are just so many problems with this thing. I do hope you have the resources and willingness to rise above your personal opinions of what rendering should look like and listen to the customers. As it stands rolling out windlight will kill off sl as a big joke. So you really need to consider having someone else govern your requirements and delivery quality performance.

    and i still want scriptable glow. πŸ˜€

  8. Infrared Wind says:

    That should be Houston…and another thing: still the wind and flying sounds are missing.

  9. Alyx Sands says:

    #michi: You sure have issues. And I’m NOT called Brandi, Tiffani or anything else and I’m not a supermodel.
    I’m more worried about those “stripes” in the sky. It’s more like bloody huge black blocks and ruins everything…..

  10. Alyx Sands says:

    Never mind, fiddling with sky detail did get rid of the black blocks. i don’t think the lighting is neutered or anything really.

  11. Pastrami Linden says:

    Guys, it’s at the beginning of the blog post:

    Known New Issue:
    * Sky Mesh Detail can show stripes in the sky (play with Sky Detail to fix)

  12. Domchi Underwood says:

    Yay! Hope you solve the black bands soon.

    BTW, about gamma/washout – looks good to me now. But in the midnight, all the objects are still too light. You’re not supposed to see everything around you at midnight without local lights! You should carry a lantern! πŸ™‚

  13. Ann Otoole says:

    Oh and since you arrogantly said COME ON! about your opinion of what should be and thus are telling the customers, without whom you are unemployed, what should be…


    So you have some crow to eat or you need the lighting to never penetrate any solid surface and let us use lighting for the interiors of structures. Ans sunlight needs to come in through windows and be as rays just like real life since you said COME ON!

    WE are the customer. You are the programmer. WE make the requirements. You fulfill them. As your executives have proclaimed secondlife is a product. Not your personal playground. If your staff needs some clothes and textures, hair, skins, builds, etc., ask. You will get loads of help. You really really need it with that COME ON statement.

  14. keera woyseck says:

    much better.. the last onw was just toooo brite.. but
    what is with the big black rings in the air?

  15. Dorie Bernstein says:

    Oh my, I want the previous version back pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That black band effect is *whimper* gonna drive me nuts. Searching for straitjacket…need hug…rubber walls but ummm… band around the world…need hug…straitjacket.

  16. Gunnar Korobase says:

    Got the same as Infrared Wind.. Nice black bands around the sky.. they even reflect in the water… WL worked well for me so far except this version… I can still use it but will tell the king that the sky is falling down.. Cmon hennypenny…

  17. Alyx Sands says:

    The black things ARE easy to fix AND they go away completely if you fiddle with the sky detail setting in preferences. And the screencaps look fine to me. Make sure you have “show interface” and “show hud objects” unchecked. πŸ˜‰

  18. Moriz Gupte says:

    ok now I have a permanent BIG BLACK BAND on the sky. We are supposed to ‘fiddle’ with advanced sky details to fix this. Any one succeeded? ATI Mobility Radeon 1600, XP, Centrino Duo

  19. Alicia Sautereau says:

    give it a try asof the better avi rendering but something that grabbed my attention,

    there are 2 GIANT rings in the sky wich are created by the client and are renderd as they are inworld, but they aren`t?

    now the annoying part,
    using disabled cam restrictions and zooming out, all items that are outside of draw distance from remote cam view dissapear unlike the normal client from avatar point of view
    zooming out 256m, stuff that is right next to me dissapears!

    facing the sun and i`m glad my avi is back on earth πŸ™‚
    but when facing away from the sun, i can`t even make out red from black so maybe increase it a tiny bit more? (same for textures facing away from the sun)
    but can say it looks ALOT better then what it was and perhaps keep using it

    performance wise i`m still happy, standing at the center of the region and zoomed out just far enough to see everything (befor it dissapears) and i`m still abouve the 30fps, looking away to just my corner and it`s up to 55-60 fps ;]

    but please please please fix the draw distance back to avatar distance instead of cam distance! πŸ˜›

    might just stick to it this time lol

  20. Alyx Sands says:

    Okay, ONCE AGAIN. Not in the advanced sky setting, but in preferences, under “sky detail”. Just move the slider a little and they will vanish.

  21. Ravena Decuir says:

    i have had the same problem in windlight from day one and it not fixed. i have a nvidia GeForce 6600 vidcard and after using windlight for about 10/15 minutes my sea and land start to break up into flashing triangles.. nvidia say it sl that is causing this not my card. i love windlight but cant use it.

  22. Infrared Wind says:

    Thanks Pastrami, fiddling with Sky Detail sorted out the black band issue…I missed the note about it.

  23. Alicia Sautereau says:

    also another question,

    WL was originally introduced with shadows, wich pritty much was 1 of the main reasons we all get excited about it

    what are the plans regarding shadows?
    i know for sure that i want them and think i can safely say that every one else wants it aswell πŸ™‚

  24. Dorie Bernstein says:

    Refreshing blog helped. I didn’t know the stripes mentioned in the blog were equivalent to the black bands threatening my stability. Edit > Preferences > Graphics > Mesh Detail…Sky…bump slider higher than “mid”….much cheaper than 150L for a straitjacket. But then again…might still get the jacket. Might be a new fashion statement for us resi folk.

  25. michi lumin says:

    Pastrami – If we want shadows/dynamic range back, is there anything we can do to get those presets?

  26. At0m0 Beerbaum says:

    One thing I’d like to see fixed is solid objects/prims should be able to block lighting of all kinds.

    local lights and moon/sunlight can penetrate walls.

    Also, when the sun sets, it still pierces through landforms as well, visit a snow sim with a lot of mountains, you’ll see what I mean, sure the back of the mountain will be darker, but fly up, look at the flat spots, they’re lit despite being behind a landform and the sun being behind the total height of the land.

    just a thought.

    Also, maybe make the default clouds, the ones that appear after a certain height a variable aspect in the future, less or more based on the day at random, per estate settings.

  27. Moriz Gupte says:

    ok got it…fixed the black bands.

  28. Aaron says:

    That’s really good to hear, Windlight is big step.

    Oh, and I have to find out who did that build in the picture and worship the ground beneath them.

  29. o.h. says:

    i for one liked the darker avatars.
    ah well.
    i am using a new nvidia card now, but as someone who had a brandnew ati card before i cant stress out enough that all your efforts are completely pointless unless you make these shaders work for ati cards.
    i dont care much for silly excuses, saying its atis fault. shaders work fine for other games too on those cards.
    as content provider im jsut annoyed that not everyone will be able to experience the environment in full quality.

    theres one roblem id like to adress too, for anyone who doesnt see shaders, especially glow, these textures will look extremly different. i would suggest that the new glow-value at least increases the brightness of a surface for anyone without shaders.

  30. Ann Otoole says:

    OK Pastrami (and Torely, the Windlight Product Manager), here is a possible workaround for the problem of the 95% of skins being no mod so we cannot twiddle with the brightness slider.

    Add that control to the graphics settings in the user preferences graphics tab. This would give us control of that component and not require hundreds of skin creators to be forced to make skins mod thus exposing the skin graphic in the appearance editor and making it even easier than it already is to rip skins off.

    Do you need this in a public jira entry or will you just add it to the internal jira and implement it anyway? let me know.

  31. Hiroaki says:

    Just one question from me.

    Why did you release a new version with such an obvious bug???????

  32. Sean Heying says:

    land textures are still borked, Windlight is unusable when all your sand has gone and the islands grass flows under water,

  33. Shannon Carroll says:

    Avatar brightness? Default caucasian male? I’m not a male! And even if I were, I wouldn’t be wearing DEFAULT skin. It’s ATROCIOUS compared to a lot of the fine content your residents create.

    For those of us without default skin, there (often) IS NO avatar brightness setting o.O – are you talking about darkening your skintone?! A lot of us don’t have that option in the skins we prefer. So your solution is: first, we need our skin creators to make us darker tones (if they don’t already) and second, we need to invest a crapload of L$ into replacing our current tone with a darker one to look reasonable? Hmm. You don’t expect much, do ya? :p

  34. Hiroaki says:

    Yeah, being rational isn’t the best way to get along with reality, you people in LL should know that.

  35. Lao-Tzu says:

    Folks, LL did not invent Windlight( and LL may be limited on how far they can tweak this licensed product. I think we all agree that WL is a huge improvement overall, but if you want RL-looking shadows and sunlight that wont penetrate mountains…log off…step outside.

    I find it really interesting that we (yes, me included) spend SO much time and effort to try and replicate our created, beautiful, universe . We seem to crave beauty and forget that its all around us. Next time you see something “simple” like a bird fly through the shadows of a tree:marvel. πŸ™‚

  36. Doris Haller says:

    It still has that “wonderful” login screen…
    now it just say “loading…” in large white letters and I can’t log in

    Why couldn’t you just leave the old login screen that worked?

    No more windlight for me…?

  37. camillayosuke says:

    Great !!!!! Vastly improved ! Glad to find back a consistent light over everything πŸ™‚ Trees are much better too !
    This is much less photoreal in a sense, but much better balanced.

    TY for the hard work !! And yes, volumetric shadows, this would now be awesome !

    Merry Christmas all

  38. michi lumin says:

    Improved? It’s flat. It looks like the non-WL client.

  39. Pastrami Linden says:

    To all- understood re: the inability to mod your skins. I was making a general example using one of the most basic avatars to explain the lighting. I still think the defaults now should ensure most of your avatars look normal. But, it still is in First Look- if it needs major adjustment, it’ll be adjusted.

    Re: objects “blocking” light- that’s real shadowing, no matter how you cut it. It’s on our roadmap and we really will need other functionality before it. There is unfortunately no other easy way to do it. But we plan on getting to it!

    Re: how do we get our shadows back? So, put in my shoes, right now the complaints are either to the tune of “you killed WindLight- where are the shadows?!” or “you killed Second Life- I hate shadows!” πŸ™‚ Thankfully, WindLight is a user tool for you! Pull up the environment editor, go to advanced sky, and futz with Sun/Moon Color and Ambient Light- that’s all I’ve been using at this point to go between very shadowed/stark and more neutral lighting. Eventually this will all be in your hands!

  40. John Source says:

    Quite an improvement, especially with the gamma. The more realistic lighting on avatars is there, but it’s more dosed and it looks less distorted than before.

    My idea about windlight as in improvement in the SL community:

    In posts on our blog there seem to be 2 maingroups that have their own thoughts about windlight. As far as it comes to heavywindlight/realism vs. the ‘looking good for avatars’ i think in the end the option should be chosen that makes it ‘ in the end’ looks most realistic. As someone that draws quite alot, i know shadows and highlights make things look realistic, but it’s also important all things in a picture should match in realism, style and light. In seceond life we use serveral ways to make things look real. The most common ones are textures, shapes and lighting. Since the textures and shapes are not going to change (although sculpties did add in realism for shapes) I think the way we should look at windlight is simply: Will windlight make things look realistic, with the current shapes and textures we use (or could use) in second life.If an overdose of windlight makes textures and shapes look very unrealistic, the endgoal of realism will not reached.
    But on the other hand, if there is no lightning at all, it will all indeed look flat and not quite realistc, giving it less the impression of a 3D world.

    So in the end i would go for windlight that gives objects and avatars a little shadows and highlits, but will not tottally fade away all textures used on either of them

  41. Hern Worsley says:

    Im really loving the developement of windlight but this black bands “issue” is more than just that ? O.o Windlight is all about “pretty skys” but ive had to turn Sky Detail down to near lowest.

    Seems kind of to defeat the point i really dont think this should have been released in its current state but i look forward to the next installment great work mostly so far.

  42. Alicia Sautereau says:

    Dear Pastrami Linden:



    but seriously, are shadows planned for after object blocking light as you`ve said? just qurious about it, that`s all πŸ˜‰

  43. Renato says:

    Well it seems you need to have the server sitting in the room beside your plain nothing on it but Sl and OS to get the full effects
    Oh ya and a $4500 system to see what you guys see. Ill wait till it blows up and drops out like Michi says. Ill stick with the basic Sl oh ya right nvm it don’t work right either.

  44. John Source says:

    Pastrami Linden, i see your reacting on comments here. I was wondering if it’s possible for simowners (islands) to set up (default)setting for ours sims? If people that sell certain objects, could adjust the settings in a way that makes at least their own objects look the way they want them?.

    This option would make either group of the goodlooking-avatars vs heavy lighters happy. And alot of other residents too!

    Also would this give second life a bigger variety of light, which makes it more interesting

  45. Niles Argus says:

    It seems like every update creates more bugs…
    I’m not surprised…

    Well, now I can’t use atmospheric shaders.
    Nice job, once again, Linden Lab, in the never ending pursuit to actually make something work.

  46. michi lumin says:

    @39 – Pastrami:

    That’s great and all, but weren’t some of these hardcoded changes? We can “futz”, yes, but we can’t really undo hardcoded changes. At least I’ve just been trying to tweak to try to get back to near what we had with the last release — but I don’t think this is possible now?

    Could you just maybe give some pointers on how to do this, since you’re more familiar with and intimate with the changes that were made?

  47. Coel Nemeth says:

    Windlight is going to be broken before it’s fixed. It’s going to be a long time before we see a finished product. Although I will say that people will complain no matter what you do. Some people want realism and others want their plastic paradise. I would say ignore the ones who want to remain in a cartoon world and push forward toward realistic skies, shadows, and even reflections.

    Windlight is no where near a finished product, so keep that in mind before you scream it’s ruined.

    If The Sims 2 could get working weather effects,light, and skies despite the crying teenagers, Second Life should do so as well.

    If Second Life is going to get beyond being called a ‘game’ it will have to step up to becoming a virtual world. Too bright and too harsh has always been the problem in Second Life–thus they should be fixed. Avatars have always been over washed, solved by some face lights. To be honest, I own a face light, just to keep myself from looking like I stepped out of a horror film once the light dies down. But to cripple the whole grid because a group of people want to look like Barbie…forget that.

  48. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I’ve found some strange issues as well – 50% glow – even when it should be a specific color – is rendered like white fog at a distance. This occurs using Default medium graphics settings but goes away at High.

    The stars – well on my machine they look like little white squares. In real life stars twinkle slightly and have a feeling of depth. I think it’s missing the other things that make a night sky beautiful as well – such as a shooting stars (on rare occasion) and aurora borealis (the northern lights). It wouldn’t hurt to put the odd comet trail up there on some nights either : )

    The clouds – it appears that none of the lighting changes have effected the ‘default’ linden clouds – even at night they look full bright. Not that I expect you to fix it if you are phasing these clouds out.

    The sunrise – simply magnificent I love it more than the last version.
    The sunset – also spectacular but a little less so than the previous version. The main problem? I think the area of effect is too small (sunset / sunrise don’t seem to fill the full horizon only a small cone of it).

    I’ve been having issues with sculpted prims in the last WindLight – I would upload a new set of sculpts – and they would look really nice, accurate, smooth edges, etc… then I would log out and come back later and they would be rough – fine twisted shapes that had smooth edges before become blocky and corrupt. Waiting extremely long amounts of time does not seem to help as they appear to completely stop loading and stay messed up forever. It is weird and doesn’t happen all the time – sometimes I login and everything looks fine but other times it looks horrible. With this new WindLight everything loaded fine so I hope it stays that way between reconnects : )

  49. Lane says:

    What about those “wonderful” texture prim effects?

    Will those be fixed?

  50. Celierra Darling says:

    @#4, michi lumin’s very-long comment: You realize that you can customize everything, right? These are just the default presets. Also, don’t forget that individual sims/parcels/estates(?) will be able to provide their own defaults eventually, too, so don’t expect everything to stay at only the LL defaults very long, depending on what each owner wants. πŸ™‚

    Please don’t bash LL so hard for trying to please the majority of users and existing content with the default settings, since it’s really the only sensible thing to do. And it’s quite hurtful, from my experience, since a lot of effort can go into optimizing things like this, and yet there’s no way everyone can be satisfied – but that’s why we get customizable settings. πŸ™‚

  51. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    @ #4 Michi

    Where the heck do you get off?

    Your misogynist assumptions, aspersions, and attitude really detract from an otherwise reasonable position regarding the issue at hand.

    The world is run by those who show up for the meetings; how DARE you presume to identify the source of bug reports when it is abundantly clear that you are not on the distribution list for Linden Labs?

    You want to complain about the changes, fine; Make you case in a reasonable way and people will listen.

    Arrogant, intolerant misogynists generally find that even their valid points go unheard because the stridor and vitriol of their poorly targeted attacks turns otherwise attentive and reasonable ears deaf.

    Windlight, as it develops and undergoes the inevitable “tweaks”, is incredible!

    ALMOST good enough to make folks forget that first “Voice” and now “Windlight” have been rolled out to great fanfare while other longstanding issues go unresolved.

  52. Ann Otoole says:

    @44 – John,
    Having estate control as well as avatar to avatar sharing of settings and lsl control of glow has all been stated as planned. These cannot happen till the server side code goes in. you will (should?) get that when WL is ready for prime time.

    In the meantime there is a work-around provided you and your visitors are willing:
    Make a sky. Save it as some name you will recognize.
    Then look at the C:\Program Files\SecondLifeWindLight\app_settings\windlight directory. There are three subfolders. Look in the skies directory. There you will find an xml file named as you saved your settings. open this and copy the contents. paste into a notecard. Give this notecard to your visitors with the instructions to copy and paste the contents into the correctly named file and place the file in C:\Program Files\SecondLifeWindLight\app_settings\windlight\skies directory. Then they will have your custom setting. The same goes for water and day cycle custom settings. Have a look at that folder structure.

    While not exactly user intuitive it is a way to get there in the interim. Hope this helps.

  53. Pastrami Linden says:

    @46 – just change your gamma to 1.6, and adjust ambient and sunlight slightly- believe me, it’s easier than you think!

  54. Ann Otoole says:

    And yea Pastrami while I may have cracked on you a bit for your cracking on us, i still love it, your doing a good job, and sl will be much better off with windlight. we just want it perfect, want it all, and want it right now.

  55. camillayosuke says:

    hum, I already posted one, but, I’ll post a second one, hopefully not too off-topic:

    Since 2 or 3 WL versions, we have an AWESOME dynamic reflection in the water.
    Is there any plan/chance that this is made available as a texture setting for any object ? I did try ‘RenderDynamicReflections’ in the debug settings, which is not bad but sooooo far away from what the water does now.

    ty again

  56. michi lumin says:

    Ok.. Gamma 1.6, but — I hate to use the blog for specifics:

    Should Ambient “I” be brought down and “Sun/Moon” “I” be brought up?

    (Really sorry to use the blog for this, and for getting ’emotional’ about it at first — but I think that these settings may actually help others if they were posted here, too..)

    I’m looking at – for an approximation (I think?) of the past builds:

    Gamma: 1.60
    Sun/Moon I: 0.40
    Ambient I: 0.20

    — but the shadowed areas seem to still be a little too ‘luminous’..

    Here’s a strange question: If we still have the old installers, can we “read” those values back in even with a temp install?

    I’m trying to understand — were PRESETS changed or was this a hardcoded change? (I’m starting to believe now that it was just presets??)

  57. michi lumin says:

    @51 – BeeBee,

    It’s actually rather mysognist to assume that all women want to be supermodels.

    That is most certainly -not- the case.

  58. Vivienne says:

    Atmospheric Rendering defintively does not run under MacOS X Tiger ans a Radeon 9800 Pro. So what are the minimal requirements here?

  59. o.h. says:

    the minimal requirements are that you dont use an ati card

  60. Vivienne says:

    @ 59

    Oh. Uh. AMD will be excited to hear this. So Steve Jobs cannot play SL, oh my. Poor Guy.

  61. Pastrami Linden says:

    @56 – They’re sliders! Just give em a whirl! πŸ™‚ The previous presets were hardly perfect- just find new ones you like- or just adjust them ever so slightly until it looks good to you- it’s what I do!

    I think you can read back the old values if you install in a different directory and edit the xml files located in app_settings\windlight\skies

    And re: hardcoded vs. presets, it was really more of a preset thing. The only thing that changed in the code was the range of the sliders. So before, for example, an ambient of 0.7 on the slider got fed into the program as 0.7. Now, 0.7 would get fed in as 2.1. But it doesn’t affect the options you have because it’s a multiple- so the bottom (zero) is still zero.

  62. U M says:

    whats with all the problems with sky? I have no problems? Oh gesh here we go again with all the ” BUT BUT BUT my 1000.00 monitor is not seeing things right! :/ this is getting typical.

  63. michi lumin says:

    I’m on an ATI and it works fine, and has for all versions so far?

    I -really- think that’s driver dependent.

  64. John Source says:

    Thanx Ann otoole for the info about that , but it seems kind of like alot fo work for customers that may not even know what windlight is.

    But as far as making the settings custom, i wonder if it really helps those who want to look a certain way. If someone changes their own setting, only they will see themself with certain settings, and not other people. I assume people want to look a certain way ‘to’ other people and then the custom thing is not gonna solve their problem.

  65. U M says:

    This version is working well pastami good work!

  66. Ohaku Rau says:

    @53 Lol,

    i dont know bout you, nor do i really care, but im very exited bout windlight, you guys should just be happy that you can even use second life. While you, admittedly, own stuff in sl, Linden labs made it, and there working very hard to improve it.
    What I’ve seen bout screen shots is that it looks very realistic, and for the ppl who arnt happy with your skins, hear is something to realize, Thats how you would look in RL lighting, honestly you should get over it. Just accept what you look like, what you look like is not as important as what you make….

    With that said, i love the glow feature and am egarly waiting for it to download on my Imac. if it doesnt work this time ill wait for the next update =P

  67. michi lumin says:

    @61 – Pastrami:

    That did it! And I was close; I had Sun/Moon “I” at 0.40 when it was 0.41, and Ambient “I” at 0.20 when it was 0.19 before.

    And to let everone know, you CAN load the old presets.

    So this appears to be the way to get the old settings without loading the old presets:

    Advanced Sky Editor –>Lighting Tab:

    Gamma: 1.61
    Ambient I: 0.19
    Sun/Moon Color I: 0.41

    Blue Horizon I: 0.47
    Blue Density I: 0.47

    so “o.h.”, I know you said you liked the old shading better too — this DOES bring it back.

    Thanks Pastrami.

  68. Aaron Edelweiss says:

    My skin looks just as good as it did before without any adjustment. I’m not sure what the comment about brightening them up was about. To me everyone looks better than they did. Noon looks HUGELY better than it did before. I no longer look like a freaky skeletal creature. It’s even better than it used to be. I can now take my nose light OFF (michi).

  69. Vivienne says:

    @ 65

    Might be, but hey, who can tell me? Everything tuns wonderful on my Mac, this client is the first which really ROCKS (apart from a few to be expected nasty alpha bugs BEST viewer EVER). But only as long i do not activate Atmospheric Shaders. Well, I could live with this and get me a 7800 GS Mac-Patched Nvidia, but hey, before I invest some real money iΒ΄d like to know whatΒ΄s going on and if this is driver related or whatever. Is the Radeon 9800 really uncapable rendering these Shaders on a Mac?

  70. Aaron Edelweiss says:

    Oh, but when oh when are you going to turn off the stupid old clouds when atmospheric shaders is enabled? They really are an eye sore

  71. paulie Femto says:

    The new WL looks good. I wonder why the classic clouds are fullbright at midnight though?

  72. michi lumin says:

    You can turn off the old clouds.

    World -> Environment Settings -> Advanced Sky button -> Clouds tab -> “Draw Classic Clouds” — uncheck it.

    No more old clouds.

  73. web page says:

    I have no fog. My view is crisp the the horizon and then ends with no blend. Is this just me?

  74. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “Yes, this means near-white textures like very bright cement will become white at noon.. But COME ON! It’s what’s supposed to happen to bright materials in direct sunlight.”

    OK, except, when I’m inside?

    If you’re gonna do that, give me shadows.


    On a 486/50, with an S3 Trident video card. You can do it.

    OK, well, how about shadows?

  75. leavana jewell says:

    This is the second time i downloaded the latest two windlight releases and despite having the correct user name and password i cannot log in… so back to the old second life until they fix this issue ><

  76. michi lumin says:

    I don’t think shadows are possible yet like that Argent – though they’d sure be nice if they were. That’d need some kind of “anti-local lighting” …

    Cool as hell idea, but I don’t know if it’s feasible?

  77. Tegg B says:

    All fine to me except the big black bands

  78. Lora Chadbourne says:

    Now, I’m getting no reflections or glitter on the water at all…just a flat mass of blue with barely a hint of wave motion. What happened?

  79. U M says:

    have you installed the 169.21 geforce drivers? After this it looks even better! Woohooooooooooooooooo YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Johnny Rambler says:

    A small bug; but one that will affect commerce and events..there is no check mark option for Mature Events and not Blue M stars appear on the map. This will have to be fixed.

  81. Damian McLeod says:

    Hmm… Everyone wants to report the black lines, those I fixed a while back… What I am having an issue with in this WL and the prior is shown by the following screen shots… Notice the band seperating the sky and ground?


  82. Bjork says:

    Objects look good, skies look good, skin looks good, WL is fast, WL doesnt crash my whole computer anymore when I exit it, so I can actually log in again πŸ˜€ YAY

    *Smooch* thank you!

  83. Tarari Watanabe says:

    I posetd

    I wrote the coefficient I called “Exposure” should be able to customize with Sky Editor.
    Would you examine my suggestion?

  84. Ohaku Rau says:

    I cant logg in again TTT_TTTT
    man, when can my imac use it???

  85. Cyia Kanami says:

    Hi.. i just downloaded the new viewer.. and well.. the front page won’t show up. Just says loading… and thats it.

  86. Di Jun says:

    OK, so I tried the Beta WindLight….AKKKKK
    Maybe there is a reason they call it “LIGHT” so far I hate the stupid thing…crashed more in one day of testing then in my whole SL life.
    Plz just give us a grid that works and is stable before you drop this on the main grid…PLEASE oh PLEASE oh PLEASE fully test this thing before you release it…

  87. Michael Timeless says:

    UM can you tell me where I get the job you have at LL? It must be interesting to be the only person out of 41k who never has anything go wrong. Some of us have common sense and very good graphics and it still doesn’t work for us.
    I’m sorry that your job as personal cheerleader for LL is rough but it’s rough for us to get a worse product because the developers are not field testing in the same environment that we’re using.
    My advice to the rest is simple, stop being alpha testers, let them develop this in the back office using unrealistic circumstances and when they finally roll it out as a surprise one day and no one can use it the message will get across.

    Merry Christmas
    I’m going back to the regular viewer

  88. Ohaku Rau says:

    can someone help me with my precashing issue!!! help 0.0

  89. Skygirl Kline says:

    I think its very nice Pastrami and it’s coming along fine! Thankyou X Sky

  90. Jaime Hocken says:

    @85 same here.. just a black Loading window when trying to get the log in screen..

  91. Ohaku Rau says:

    TTTT_TTTT i keep hearing the “Windlight is so beautiful!” i want to use it!! but i keep crashing in precashing, i dont know what it means, or y, but i want to play with the beautifulness

    pls help me and my new imac TT_TT

  92. Rod Longcloth says:

    Loved windlight when it finally came on board, now thank for destroying what was working just fine for me – love the striped sky now – and yes have been messing with all the settings the stripes will not go away for me, but hey way glad that some funky avatar skin now looks almost normal. Guess my picture taking days are shot to hell – they dont look very good with the black stripes circling the sun now. Thanks for another great update – and yes I am being a smart ass.

  93. Sofia Westwick says:

    Camera controls don’t show the blue round controls anymore its just a little grey box.

  94. michi lumin says:

    @92 – Rod,

    try turning up Sky Detail in graphics preferences. That got rid of the banding for me.

  95. Midnite Rambler says:

    @78 Seeing the same thing. Water is flat clear blue. No waves, no ripples, no reflections.
    Also there appears to be no fog?
    ATI card, latest drivers.

    Other than that it seems better to me.

  96. Xoza Shadow says:

    *realising that this is still in a testing phase* Ever since SL Windlight came out I have LOVED it, I even uninstalled all my other versions of SL… yes.. there are some changes I have not been fond of.. but there have been more that out do them. Keep those sunsets how they are, bring back those shadows.. as thus is what makes it more realistic if you dont like how you look in ‘sunlight’ then change/improve your makeup. realistic is where it counts, realistic is where it all aims tward, when you buy a game, what do you expect from it, when you pull it off the shelf, and look at the back panel “Oh wow.. that looks really good” bring this to us.. so we may build castles in the skies.

  97. Montana Corleone says:

    Well I have to have it all switched off anyway, or my frame rate drops from 20 to 0.4.

    But are you guys totally nuts? After an asset server “upgrade” that was “reverted”, and we’ve had nothing but trouble and increasing lag and texture problems since, and despite loads of promises not to rush out Friday afternoon software, what do you do? Push out both a frigging RC and a Windlight on the Friday afternoon of a long holiday. Nothing will rez, lag is crazy, Appearance is permanently greyed out, and just 38K on.

    Thanks for ruining the holiday period. You suck.

  98. FireFox Bancroft says:

    @86, Thats exactly what “First Look” clients are for, TESTING, if you’re not going to test, stick with the regular main viewer and let the beta testers find the bugs. Don’t put yourself through hell just because you wanna see the pretties and then complain about bugs. It’s a First Look client WE KNOW it’s going to have bugs, it’s expected, if it didn’t have bugs then it wouldn’t be a First Look client.

  99. Dragger Lok says:

    Asset servers have been a problem fow almost a week now, crashed and twenty minutes later no login in sight… when i get there I can try to fix the door system i spent 4 months on thanks!! but you go tinker with gamma

  100. Montana Corleone says:

    @44 – I hope you have a good returns policy when people buy it, get it home and find out it’s totally different lol. Madness…

  101. Tegg B says:

    Montana Corleone Says: Well I have to have it all switched off anyway, or my frame rate drops from 20 to 0.4.
    But are you guys totally nuts? After an asset server β€œupgrade” that was β€œreverted”, and we’ve had nothing but trouble and increasing lag and texture problems since, and despite loads of promises not to rush out Friday afternoon software, what do you do? Push out both a frigging RC and a Windlight on the Friday afternoon of a long holiday. Nothing will rez, lag is crazy, Appearance is permanently greyed out, and just 38K on.
    Thanks for ruining the holiday period. You suck.
    You suck for being too dumb to use the regular viewer if the latest don’t work for you they don’t make you delete the regular viewer lag and grey are no worse than any other Friday of the year.:P

  102. Shannon Carroll says:

    As an aside: if you are having horrible problems with the current login screen (as I, and just about everyone else I know are), you can create a special shortcut to bypass it entirely.

    I don’t recommend this for shared computers, obviously, but for those that don’t have to worry about that, and have issues with the login screen… it’s good! πŸ™‚

    Here’s the link to the wiki (crossing fingers this works) – the parameter you want to pay attention for this purpose is -login.

    Like I said, it lets me login when I’m consistantly crashing on the login screen, but then… I am the sole user of my PC, so I don’t have to stress anyone else gaining access via a shortcut set up that way.

  103. Pix Paz says:

    Dear Windlight peoples – well done on this round of changes. i think you are really getting somewhere and finding a nice balance most can live with. The people who are ready to play with the new exciting tools have something to explore but your average new person who may never touch the default settings will still get a lovely beautiful feeling world and avatar to enjoy and the positive experience hopefully leading to them staying around long enough to find the knobs to twiddle.

  104. Somatika says:

    The region I am in is snow:P When at noon it blinds the eyes (But at noon with massive amounts of snow that actually happens)

    So the preset seams much much more dead on although I think it has a tad to much red/green in the blend (tone down by 20-35%?)

    But I know not everyone will agree what works and what dose not.

  105. Alterkatze Barnstormer says:

    The black signon screen and “Loading…” message wasn’t addressed here, but I had seen it in the Release Candidate posts, which turned out to be a good thing since I wasn’t taken completely by surprise when it happened with this First Look. What I did to fix it was uncheck autodetect in preferences/graphics to the right of the “Fullscreen Aspect Ratio” input box.

    Specifically: I have an LCD monitor that wants the 5:4 AR, and I’d had Autodetect checked. There are two choices in the dropdown: “5:4” and “5:4 (1280×1024 LCD)”. I chose the latter, unchecked Autodetect and hit Apply. The normal Login screen obligingly appeared.

    Hope this helps someone.


  106. Ozymandias Zehetbauer says:

    OK, my 2 cents. I got rid of the black bars in the sky. I liked the shadowing better in the last revision, this is too much like the non-WL release – a bit flat looking IMHO. Nice sunset, moonrise was nicely executed – but too bright to my eyes. In general, it should be darker at night, and I agree that we should NEED artificial lighting at midnight. The clouds should be MUCH darker at night, it’s like they’re illuminated by searchlights now. I eagerly await the day that light stops penetrating my walls, lighting up my bedroom like an operating room – sounds like there’s hope after all. Overall I love Windlight, looking forward to the next update.

  107. Bittersweet Lime says:

    Locale lighting is still not working correct during daylight – I am not able to get these wierd shadows out of my face and other body parts with any local lighting setting during daylight.

    For those you dont care about that and complain about that we want these things to be fixed – you dont look boxy and full of wierd shadows in RL, so why here in SL, what should be your “dream” version of life?

  108. Patti Boyd says:

    I have been trying to locate the sky setting that needs to be adjusted…..can someone be a little more specific please? Thanx

  109. Midnite Rambler says:

    Update to my comment @95

    It seems the problem WAS the newest Catalyst drivers released 20 December.
    Tested using standard viewer and still had flat clear blue water, no reflections, no ripples.
    And also no fog.

    So I would be very cautious about updating your ATI drivers.

  110. Ashbourne says:


    That’s it, thank you for not letting me use WidLight anymore. D’OH!
    @Alterkatze, thank you for the hint, didn’t work at all for me though. No matter what i set, it is all the same: Loading…

    Is your SecondLife expierience getting better or worse?
    [ ] Better [x] Worse

  111. Jaime Hocken says:

    Why do the AV’s skins appear to glow at around noon time?????

  112. Blackie Caliber says:

    For the black bands … under Edit > Preferences > Graphics … go to Quality and Performance and change it down and then back to where it was. This worked for me … went from high to mid (very flat) and then back to high and the bands stayed gone. If it mentions a sky setting by name under preferences, I can’t find it.

    Otherwise, I agree it’s a big flatter looking in general at the same settings. Looking forward to the next update too … and eventually doing setting on a sim basis (yeah!). πŸ™‚

  113. Shade says:

    OMG!!!! To be as polite as possible “HIRE ME” you need better software engineers and coders then you have now let me fix WL and make us all happy. Preferences are not saving forced to reset every time I relog.

  114. Farallon Greyskin says:

    I still find the high rage of lighting too hot for my tastes, but the avs are back to “notrmal”. THe avs COULD be more contraty, but I think it’s smart to not go TOO far off the normal lighting /by default/ or there will be an enourmous backlash.

    As far as the hot spots, I find that for example at noon, a setting of 0.20 for the I settong for sun/moon and a settong of 0.24 for ambient and a gamma of 1.25 looks pretty goot. The hotsopts are just about completely gone but midday is still bright.

    I also tweak 9am and 3pm some to make the day transition smooth and never blindingly bright. I don’t agree that hotsopt washout could be an acceptable default. You NEVER see that IRL. ANd if you are in a situation that even comes close you put on sunglasses because it’s so irritating to look at the world that way πŸ˜€

    Anyway, thanks for the good work, and is WL really working on 169.X nvidia drivers? THIS IS BIG NEWS! There where like three lines of new nvidia cards that did not work at all becuase they required that driver!

  115. Ashbourne says:

    For everyone who was so naive (like me) to trust the new update and delete the previous WindLight-Setup.exe, here is the download link for the previous version:

  116. MW says:

    #78 and 95.. I have the same problem. Updating to the latest ATI Catalyst and drivers has fixed the skies (they now look perfect) but has ruined the water (which previously worked fine, including all reflections).

    Look, LL and ATI really need to get together and fix these problems or else maybe LL needs to simply tell us all that many ATI cards are no longer supported with Second Life. It’s that simple. The tragedy of all of this is that when the very first Windlight was introduced many months ago, it worked absolutely perfect on my ATI card. Now it seems it works perfect on nVidia cards but not on a lot of ATI cards.

    Either there has got to be a solution found or LL needs to tell us all to get nVidia cards if we want to enjoy SL at its fullest brilliance.

    BTW, the black banding bug can be eliminated by tweaking the Sky Detail setting.

  117. Patti Boyd says:

    Thanks Blackie but every time i attempt to change the setting I crash….lol

  118. FlaranChamenthi Rau says:

    For those who liked the previous WindLight version and want to keep it running, Nicholaz now has a viewer release for WindLight 1-18-6-75762. This has all the usual Nicholaz tweaks and DOESN’T need to be updated when new Windlight viewers are released. It is experimental but seems fine so far. See his Blog at The viewer is EC (Eye Candy) a1. This viewer has the tweak which means no more attachments up your ass or lost in tp.

  119. Farallon Greyskin says:

    I uploaded a copy of my windlight settings for a nice “normal” day, bright but not blown out, dark at night but not black.

    If anyone wants to play with it, DL the zip from here:

    Copy the contents over your windlight install folder/app_settings/windlight folder

    1) This is for windows, probably work on mac/linux but don;t know
    2) Rename the CURRENT app_settings/windlight folder to app_settings/ or something if you want to keep the defaults and reture them later.

    It’s like after midnight, pardon my spelling πŸ™‚

  120. Fledermaus Messmer says:

    I appreciate all the hard work. WindLIght is much less buggy already than when first opened up to us, and the renditions are amazing. With the sunsets issue: I find I have to enjoy sunsets and night time briefly, then go to noon to be able to really see, especially during building, applying textures and such. Part of the problem is that RL our brain adjusts the interpretation of the signals from our eyes, to compensate for light effects. With SL, those adjustment mechanisma are not available, and so we see the “light spectrum interpretation” as opposed to the “what we know it should look like interpretation.” This, unfortunately, does tend to force a virtual world adjustment. Perhaps an onscreen “ambient light control,” instead of having to go into preferences, would be an option to consider over the long term.

  121. Hmmmsies. I can’t log in from my WL viewer, but my old old OLD! copy of the main viewer doesn’t come up with a giant 404 page, and all seems fine in world.

    When it was working yesterday, it did look lovely. I would rather see the landscapes looking good than to worry about how my av is lit. It takes a lot of adjusting to get an avatar just right, why complain that the sky has to be adjusted? At least it CAN be! ^_^

  122. Farallon Greyskin says:

    I would like to point out that there REALY needs to me more than only 8 control points on the day editor too. Handling strong transitions from day to night to day requires bunching up control points and there aren’t enough. Notice how the moon rise acts as a mini sunrise because the high to low transition of the sun/moon light cant complete in time. Had there been another control point available that could easily be fixed. (I stole the midnight one and repurposed the 3am one as it is :D)

  123. U M says:

    @87 rah rah people at LL Is so typical. watchout thou the lindens bite!

    Anyways this client update grade seems to be good. No problems.

    @120 thank you very much i give them a try

    U sagi Musashi

  124. U M says:

    shakeshead at 30…. Your joking right?

  125. funkysharknation says:


    most of the people are user – most of them like Windlight a lott.

    A version with a black band in the sky and a needed reading of x articels to fix this is not the right way for releases.

    the black band is totaly inaccepatble. and even me as a long term user did not find a way to avoid this, maybe because iΒ΄m not a graphics guru.

    And yes: we LOVE windlight and know about the hard work done. everthing fine with previous releases – itΒ΄s more a question of “how to” – defaults should be for the broad public.


  126. JB says:

    All is looking good on my Mac Pro. No black rings or any problems at all. All shiny and pretty. Thank you LL for working so hard at our new features, only wish we had someone redoing the outdated platform before it crumbles. We all love it to much as we watch it suffer in great pain.

  127. k W says:

    after the update the only thing I see is a big loading… in the upper left corner. The rest of the screen remains black.

    Wow – I like such things :((

    P.S. I updated my ATI drivers five minutes ago.

  128. Damian McLeod says:

    Okay guys, while no one has posed a potential solution for the band I am seeing at times, as I posted in the screen shot I linked to above,, here is a quick and simple way to solve the repeated black bands that everyone seems to be getting…

    1) Open your preferences screen… (Either Ctrl + P, or Edit > Preferences)

    2) Choose the graphics tab…

    3) Check the custom box on the right hand end of the Quality and Performance slider…

    4) On the right hand column, just above the setting for terrain detail, you will see a slider marked “Sky”…

    5) Back that slider up ONE notch, notice, that the setting at the end, (Low, Mid, High), may not change, there are multiple levels of each…

    6) If the black bars grow, then go another notch down, or up depending on where you are set at, you will find a spot within 2 or 3 notches one way or the other where the bars will vanish…

    I won’t certify this to work for everyone here, due to different machines, but of those I have talked with in world, and via IM such as Yahoo, it has worked time and time again…

  129. Vincent Nacon says:

    “So, for starters, I went back and re-did most of the presets at 1.0, which is where I’d advise most of you play with your presets. But, this exposed another glaring problem- our ambient range was wayyy too low.”

    Maybe you wanna hire me to make those preset for SL? Seriously… if you got time, hit me up for preset setting to see what I mean. πŸ˜‰

  130. Henri Beauchamp says:

    > * Get the WindLight lighting calculations to NOT wash everything out!

    Well done on the new lighting (at least for my NVIDIA, with the latest 169.07 Linux drivers): it is back to a reasonable brightness and much closer to the standard viewer. The excessive and crude light prevented me to use Windlight so far, but now, it is usable and I will definitely test it.

    So, for once, I have to congratulate you, Lindens (this is so rare you should really appreciate it, lol !)


  131. Julia Faulkland says:

    Once again we see a lot of “we heard a lot of complaints, but we prefer it this way” in this blog post. I hope these aren’t the final settings for Windlight, because I think the preferences of the population are a little more important than the preferences of the Lindens working on this. Not that we don’t appreciate the work, but it may pay to listen to the residents a little more closely. The old lighting system (flat, as you call it) left a lot of the power with the textures, giving them a wide range of color and shading. Additionally, avatars are absolutely of number one importance to most residents, and the harsh lighting is especially noticable on them, to the point of completely overriding face lights and giving everyone the old “sea hag” appearance that people have been trying to work around for ages. Still a long way to go here…

  132. Baska Babenco says:

    This may just be me..

    In this version and the previous version the Camera Controls and the Movement controls (fly controls) show up at the log in screen BEFORE i log on

    PC details:

    Intel Core Duo CPU 2.2ghz
    2 gigs ram
    ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO (256 meg)

    Apart from that no issues, windlight looks AMAZING great work all, just a very minor annoyance at the log in screen. No big deal but I guess you shold know.

  133. Ivantwin says:

    I lOVE WINDLIGHT, because this project Improve the old second life for the future

  134. Nadir Koba says:

    Um… folks. All this twiddling with settings… we don’t do that in real life to get good effects, and we have so much to fiddle with ALREADY in this world… I haven’t actually tried Windlight (I am very pessimistic of it working at all, frankly, since previous versions have crashed my computer, and all the bug complaints just put me off…) but the idea of having to tweak a lot of complicated settings for EVERY DIFFERENT TIME OF DAY and for EVERY DIFFERENT SIM I go to, depending how the local settings affect my client… wheeesh.

    To be frank, I am dreading the day that windlight takes over from the default client and we have no choice in the matter. I think a lot of people – especially the technically unsavvy (heck, I’ve met plenty who don’t even use the basic force daytime control!) – are going to be clueless and upset when this rolls out, no matter how much beta testing and tweaking it’s gone through. I’m not saying development isn’t a great idea. But please, at least give people the choice not to use Windlight at all, the same as Voice. ESPECIALLY until you can fix the problem with ATI cards.

    If I’m being unnecessarily pessimistic, please would someone who is NOT a computer wiz give me assurance that these settings are easy to work with? And I’ll point you at all the above posts where others have had problems… πŸ˜‰ To me, Windlight just seems to be a playground for people who understand all about computer graphics and love twitching sliders when the rest of us just want to get on and enjoy our Second Lives. But I’ll give it a go, if I can be confident I won’t just be plunging myself into a morass of confusion.

  135. Baska Babenco says:

    Oh I forgot to add those black bars are kind of annoying guys πŸ™‚

  136. LaeMiQian says:

    Unlikely to happen, but the best solution to the old AV lighting vs the new would to be to completely redo the AV skin system – one 1024×1024 texture with head, torso, legs AND opposite arms and feet (I’d leave hair and skirt separate). Keep the old skin system in for backward compatibility and automatically render old-school skins at 3x brite or whatever, new skins are treated at normal brite. Anyone with an old skin keeps their brightness, any new skin will have been created with the new gamma in mind.

    Of course re-doing the skin system is a big task in itself, I imagine, but the special case for leaving the old skins alone could be made now with the proviso that the new skins would be normal gamma when they later arrive???

    Note: I use a ruth-skin anyway (with a tattoo layer of my own devising with some scars that I have in RL and a tatto I don’t πŸ˜‰ so I haven’t personally noticed the difference, but from the posts it seems many have!

  137. U M says:

    Can someone post a link to the black “RING” or “BANDS” your refering too. I haven seen neither of the two.

  138. Daniela Jannings says:

    “after the update the only thing I see is a big loading… in the upper left corner. The rest of the screen remains black.”

    Same here.

  139. yuji ewing says:

    for see pics of the black ring problem :

  140. Daniela Jannings says:

    In addition the SL RC show the same black “loading…” screen right now. The only version I’m capable to log in with is the viewer at the moment.

  141. U M says:

    140 thank you for the posting πŸ™‚ Are you seriuos? is this a ATI issues or geforce? Again I get around sl alot. But havent see this occure.

  142. Tillie Ariantho says:

    With the previous windlight release and my nVidia 8800 GTX the enhanced water effects dont work… got that fixed?

  143. Drongle MacMahon says:

    Iris, retina and visual cortex all work together to compensate for changes in range in brightness and colour temperature in RL. These mechanisms do not work (the same) when looking at screens. Therefore, the desire to maintain RL-like gamma and colour temperatures in SL is counter-productive. The objective must be to match what is perceived by the eye and brain looking at the screen vs RL, not by matching what physical instruments might measure.

  144. Krimson Gray says:

    Is there any possibility of allowing Estate owners to create custom lightning settings that redisents can choose to default to? Basically a set of sliders in the Estate/Region menu that lets you work out how you want the lighting to look, particularly for those of us who want to make our regions look unearthly. I think for those who have themed estates, the option would really add to the immersion.

  145. Morton Wheels says:

    Looks like the viewer doesnΒ΄t connect if you use german language in preferences……………

    With default language (english) he connected as well.

  146. WarKirby says:

    Setting Sky mesh detail to anything above medium causes massive black stripes all over the world for me

  147. Apollo Paean says:

    I still get crashing on loading up the newest Windlight viewer. My system stats are shown below. Using the 163.75 graphics driver.

    Second Life 1.18.6 (76116) Dec 19 2007 09:54:25 (Second Life WindLight)

    CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (2799 MHz)
    Memory: 2047 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 GTS/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.1
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Viewer Digest: 6b35fccc-b104-8755-e4b8-145f94ebc10d

  148. U M says:

    149. Try downloading the 169.21 drivers…………

  149. shaq Merlin says:


    It supports the ATI 2600 XT card family as well?

    Best Regards,

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