New All Search Classified Changes Coming Soon

As previously announced, the new ‘Search All’ feature is currently in beta in two releases; Second Life 1.18.5 and WindLight First Look. Weโ€™re planning on making a few changes to how classifieds are displayed in the new Search and wanted to allow enough time for everyone to adjust their listings:

  • We are removing classifieds from the main body of the Search All results. They will still appear in the sidebar on the right.
  • The order for classifieds will not change. They will remain listed in the same order as the Search Classifieds tab.
  • Bug Fix: Holding lots of events at a place no longer increases the relevance of that place in Search All results.
  • Known Issue: There is a bug with click-through tracking for classifieds. Ads found in the body of results pages do not have teleport clicks counted. This will be fixed when 1.18.6 is released early next month (1.18.6 is the current Release Candidate)

    We’re continuing to make changes to improve Search based upon your feedback. Got a suggestion? Please send it to

    Thank you all for your patience, feedback and support and have a great holiday weekend!

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    50 Responses to New All Search Classified Changes Coming Soon

    1. Phoenixa Sol says:

      Thank you for letting us know an approximate time for this.

    2. Day Oh says:

      The new search is in beta in the production viewer, isn’t it? {:

    3. Day Oh says:

      Oh, production is 1.5. Interesting thing about not including them in search results. Good luck!

    4. Jeska Linden says:

      Day Oh – yes, the Search All is currently in the production viewer (1.18.5, as mentioned above). Since the new search is web-based, we are able to make refinements to it on an ongoing basis, without needing to wait for a new viewer release!

    5. Ann Otoole says:

      Are you going to fix the “Only 5 pages of results are displayed” defect? Sort of hurts people that like to shop from the “small no name new superior to the old tired school designers”. Or will you continue to provide leverage to the old businesses that obviously have a lot more “inbound links”? Is this intentional? Are you trying to reduce SL to only a few businesses run by your friends?

      I know your not. but this is the scuttle stuff i hear constantly now and i’m not afraid to relay it. Please enable all results, not just the first 5 pages. Thanks.

    6. Ceera Murakami says:

      When will the new search actually show ALL the possible results? I still run into avatars that it claims it can’t find (including several of my own alts that the rest of Search has no trouble locating), and know of businesses it won’t list, even if you search on the exact business name (even though they show up fine in the rest of Search), and only two of my three classifieds show in Search, though all three show in the rest of search.

    7. Jeska Linden says:

      Ann – the “5 page” bug is a known bug with our version of google’s search appliance, we believe it will be fixed by upgrading to the newest software version (which we hope to do in the next few months, as it solves that horrible bug and other things as well).

      More information on the pagination error:
      There is a known error with the Google Search Appliance where if you do a search that has many pages of results and view the results page by page, it will sometimes not show results past page 5. We are working with Google to resolve this issue.

    8. katykiwi moonflower says:

      Removing all those fake events as a search ranking factor is a great move! Hopefully the search results will become more meaningful.

    9. MrLunk Voom says:

      When will we all be able to use groupchat again for large groups ?
      When will the quicktime volnurabillity issue be handled ?

    10. Ceera Murakami says:

      Case in point. Search for one of my SL employees, Kendrew Mackay. In the new search, it says there are no matches. But the People tab can find him just fine. Why? He’s been an active member of SL for a year and a half now, and never had a spot of trouble, nor had the least question about his profile information or his actions.

      It can’t be because he has “show in search” unchecked in his profile. I have other members of my household, like Maire Kidd, who choose to hide their profile details from the web search, and yet the new search all function still shows her name and that she has chosen to hide their details.

    11. Atashi Toshihiko says:

      You ‘hope to’ be able to resolve the 5-page bug in ‘the next few months’?
      What do you suggest the smaller businesses do until then?

    12. Jasmin Marquez says:

      It’s always amazing about “known” Error LL even belives in and lead their customers to this “popular” Jira page. When does you guys get that we do not want these informations cuse aint helpin. do you plan on removin those Errors or find a system to work with ? I’m pretty tired of your excuses and the message “we detect an error but our team works on it, be patient” I’m patient since 2 years my Business and Customers are not that patient so it might be a great new year without appologises and you show off some results otherwise please don’t bother us with your “excitement” about new changes that cause just more bugs or shall i call em features already ?

    13. Jasmin Marquez says:

      so I’ll list the current problems just in case you don’t know what I am talkin about.

      The Release canidate got an update, the Grid wants you to download this – Error : please turn off your firewall ( I don’t even own one and never had an problem before downloading this )
      Loggin in – SL disabled video when available cuse of an bad or older version of quick time ( my preferences disabled that already before so why the client has to bother me with this again ? and btw after checkin its still checked lol )
      Friendslist not loading and after it did (45 mins later, 5 of my friends got mysterily removed )
      Search not working
      Teleport not working
      Classifies not working
      Product Permission Changed

      And I might forgotten something so how was this with we need or we are gonna make huge and awesoem changes to our new Search ? Don’t even dare ๐Ÿ™‚

    14. Alx says:

      I downloaded Windlight, since the there was a news entry with an \!/ about it next to it in the top right section on the login page for the Windlight viewer. Now, when I try to log in, the version check tells me “A new version of Second Life is available. (Required version:”

      Note how the required version is the older version I just upgraded from. ๐Ÿ™‚

    15. Bobo Decosta says:

      For me the new search is one of the best SL developments of 2007. If all the bugs get squashed I think I will up the price I pay now for classifieds.

    16. Istephanija Munro says:

      Certainly a good idea to remove the classifieds from the main body, also a good idea to take events out of relevance. As much as i like the basic idea of the new search engine to is killing the shopping malls since they have a “mess” of results, nothing targeted and not much relevance, main stores are killing them. You need to work on that, no malls no land selling.

      For 2007 I am wishing that no more beta versions will be mixed with the main viewers, it is irresponsible towards the peole that invest real money here and it ALWAYS ends up in an unfair competition. A management that comes less from the techie side and more from the ice cold business side would help to get rid off a lot of problems that haven’t been thought through very well!

    17. Aria Alexandria says:

      Still only 1 parcel of the lots I have on my isle work.. and if you do that classfield change with this issue, you are going to break the already broken bussines…. bah…

    18. MR Little says:

      Removing the events from search ranking factor seems like it might be counterproductive in some cases. If someone is looking for a club it stands to reason a club with more events should rank higher than one that holds one event a week.

      @ 11, 12 So how do you suggest LL forces Google to update there search appliance?

    19. Atashi Toshihiko says:

      @18 MR Little: How about not deploying something that they know is broken? Or how about if they know it can only display 5 pages sometimes, increase the number of entries per page from the current handful to 20 or 40 or 100? Then you can fit a lot more results into those few pages. I don’t mind scrolling up and down.

      If they want forge ahead and deploy something that is known to be broken and known to have issues, how about move it to the last tab and not the first tab on the search page, how about making it open to a big red warning page telling people that they might have unexpected or incomplete results, and suggest they also use the other search tabs?

      I can keep going, but I think I’ve made my point — it’s irresponsible to plow ahead with something that they know is broken; irresponsible to deploy it live while it’s still in testing, and irresponsible to not warn the ‘general public’ who don’t happen to read the blog comments, the forum, or the jira, that the tools they’re being given are inadequate or incomplete.

    20. Ciaran Laval says:

      So the plan appears to be to make classifieds worthless to all those who don’t pay top dollar. Way to go to kill small business. Another wonderful decision from LL. Thanks for nothing.

    21. Henri Beauchamp says:

      > We are removing classifieds from the main body of the Search All
      > results. They will still appear in the sidebar on the right.

      The visibility of the right sidebar is very poor (too narrow, no color icon, meaning the eye is attracted to the left results fields), so basically, you are saying that the classifieds will be even less visible, making them even less interesting to pay for, and resulting in less hits and TPs in our shops.

      The new search engines is already costing me around L$20000 a week of sales loss when compared with the sales level I had before v1.18.5.3 was released, and this new change will make things even worst !

      Thank you so much, LL, for spoiling what used to work fine (the old search was just fine!). ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    22. Bryon Ruxton says:

      Great. I am glad to see the classifieds being removed from the main body results.

      Once matter that needs to be addressed is to establish a unique square pixel ratio display for all images in classifieds, search results, picks, land window, profiles, etc. across the board. Right now, all frames have different display proportions…

      It looks like you have settled for 256×192 pixels (2×3 ratio) in the search. I suggest that this standard image frame ratio be reflected everywhere in the client rather soon as advertising standards. It makes it difficult for designers to determine the least terrible pixel ratio to apply right now. And it always hurts my eyes to see ugly stretched pixels everywhere and designs not proportionally displayed as intended by the designer.

    23. Ciaran Laval says:

      The first thing I’ll do in the morning is remove my recurring classified ads, absolutely pointless trying to go through the honourable channels, I’ll lie, cheat, and blag with search descriptions instead.

      Second Life, a place where only being a lying cheater gets you results.

    24. I’m not sure I am terribly enthusiastic about this, but at least it will force people to go back to the classified tab to search if they want more than 10 classifieds at a time. I think taking them out is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but I have hope that later on, it will be retooled to work in a way that makes more sense.

      I think you just cannot get past the fact that search all is just a morass of too much information. Searching places is good, but will only deliver a certain kind of result. Searching classifieds renders a different result. What is a business to do if they want to be found?

      Either have a full island and use all 15k prims to promote yourself, get people to put you in their picks, or use a farm of alts to run up traffic… or some combination of the the above.

      People are having problems not finding themselves with the new search. This needs to be addressed in a more visible, thoughtful manner. I appreciate the dialogue that we have had with James on the issue in the Jira and on the forum, but there is more… and people are upset that you are making these kinds of radical changes that affect their business in anything outside a release candidate.

      For all the Lindens who are supposed to be concerned with SL businesses, where are you in this discussion? The only one I’ve seen having meaningful discourse is James. (Thank you James!)

    25. Cocoanut Koala says:

      Fix that five-page thing in the NEXT FEW MONTHS?

      That five-page thing is a show-stopper! It’s like, I don’t know, showing people a movie but saying, “Sorry, we only have the first reel, but isn’t it cool?”

      I had expected this to be fixed right AWAY, not months from now! A so-called Search Engine shouldn’t even be put out on ANY version like this.

      And yes, everything Atashi said! Move it to the last tab! Not the first! And yes, a big fat warning on it, too!

      How can you release something that doesn’t even work for its very intended purpose?? Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

      Tell me WHY – why should only the people on the first five pages get all the business?

      This isn’t just fun and games here, you know. Mess with search like this and people get RUINED. And people can’t AFFORD to wait months for it to be fixed! If ever.


    26. Ultimately, we need the fixed Google app to give us better filtering capability in all the tabs. I understand that that is where you are heading, so I’m hopeful it will come about sooner rather than later.

      I think you seriously need to step back and look at what search all is FOR. I honestly see no need for a search all, because it’s too much information. If you want to use it as an exploration tool, then maybe you need featured places, featured classifieds (using a weighted randomizer), featured events, etc. to show people some of the great things about SL. This, however, may tend to favor the bigger players too heavily.

      I know that you are looking at it from a newbie’s perspective, but you can’t hurt the businesses that keep this place running.

    27. Istephanija Munro says:

      After reading some comments i have to agree with #20
      If one doesn’t have the money to pay a top 10 spot for his/her keywords it is impossible to be found! Someone else also mentioned that clubs with more events should get a higher ranking is also true! Whats the point going to to club thats closed. An Exception has to be made for night life events!

      Although the new search would be good if it wasn’t that pointless as it is right now. Listing Products for sale without a picture….how silly is that???

      Before you guys make any major changes that will result in a higher classified spot bidding you should start fixing these friggen bugs in the search engine and make sure that all parcels that are shown in places are also shown in the new search or probably you should consider taking it out until it works properly. FYI SL is not only a computer game, if you take money from people you need to make sure you give them an environment for a fair competition. You can’t charge 1700 USD for a sim, 295 USD for tier and exclude the land from the new searches!

    28. Re: Events. I think the problem is with the spamming of commercial events – something that is not adequately policed, if at all. Educational events, live music, nightlife… these are all relevant and should be included. It’s the commercial events that probably should be excluded.

    29. Bryon Ruxton says:

      @21 Henri, I feel your pain. Unfortunately the classifieds weren’t initially designed to be displayed like that. The only way to show them better would be to change the amount of characters allowed and have a very short title and short description below to display them the same way as other results, like Google displays pay per click on the side.

      This is a necessary step though. The “sole pay for performance” model in the search industry is fading out for a “pay as much are you are relevant” model.
      Ultimately, it improves search relevancy vs. only featuring the big players or malls with large advertising budgets monopolizing search results.

      My strategy advice for successful classifieds in the main search on this new model is to focus on very specific niche per listing (with one or two themes oriented keywords strategy) and post multiple listings at a lower cost rather than a broad scope of keywords in one expensive listing. It could “or should” perform similar results for a similar overall cost with greater overall relevancy for residents.

    30. JB says:

      Ranking is a big fat joke any more. I would guess that 95% are filled with campers that should be banned. A camper doesn’t make anything popular, it only makes the owner look desperate. Until things like that are fixed, ranking should go bye bye. The search has become a wasteland for anyone who doesn’t spend top dollar or cheat. One more thing, Listings should only contain the business name, not 20 spaces in front of it or other character cheats.

    31. Zazas Oz says:

      I have seen many other businesses close up the past several months because of the economy in SL. My business has drop 75% and is very frustrateing to deal with YOU – LL, that feels it better to apply a non sufficent working feature and not care of the implications by doing so to a large majority of people that make the economy of SL what it is. LL you want us to spend L’s on classifieds yet some dont even show up.. are we refunded .. NO. We have to deal with contant crashes and things shoved up you know where, fight the building grid, and I am still waiting on the linked vendor bug to be fixed. So many bugs, I could go on and on but really it doesnt make sense to do so because LL your just not listening to us and am begining to feel you really dont care to. You will fix it in the next few months??? I think we have heard that one before. In the mean time I will see other great designers loose their businesses because it seems like its really no big deal to you that we spend L’s into a borked system and get nothing from it! Really why listen to us you will still make $$$ no matter what!!

    32. Cape says:

      So, LL is trying to bring small business down yet again? Well at least I’ll save several thousand lindens that I spend on the classifieds every month since now it’s going to be virtually impossible for a business to be seen unless they feel like forking 99,999 over to LL a week. Thanks for screwing over small businesses yet again LL.

    33. HealthStar says:

      I can not belive you just said that. You knew beforehand that this would only show 50 results per search, and you went ahead and put it in the main viewer and are pushing it as the main way to search reguardless? That is unfathomable to me. You can call it beta search if you want but fact is you put it in the main client, front searchpage, little box for it in the upper right. Anyone even remotly new to the game, and many that are well versed in it see that as THE way to search because you placed it as THE way to search. The fact that you would do that knowing full well that it was broken and would hurt many of your customers busineses and livlihoods shows a lack of caring that I never dreamed I would see from LL. This is truely a sad day and one of the most disenhearting things I have seen about SL all year, simply because of the flarant “we don’t care that we just pulled food off your family’s table” attitude this shows.
      I know you have to put the search into use to make it work and to work on it and develop it, but pushing it as the primary search method when it is broken to an extent that it will put people out of business?

    34. Martini says:

      Should not be implemented until its fixed.

      Spend 100,000 on an ad, no chance, that would a) drive my prices up completely defeating the objective of my business.

      The playing field will never be level, those who pay more get seen more….However, those that pay something should be seen sometimes, not just lost of the back of 5 pages.

      no to campers……No to the 5 Page bug…….No implementation until representation!

      Again LL I’m, shocked (and trust me, your ability to shock me over the last few months has dwindled.with all the problems you have had)…that you just plough on regardless of the damage you will be doing in your rush to implement. “Thanks for all the feedback”…Well here and in the other posts is some feedback… it and act. Please tell me this inst just another case of he with the most $ gets all the say.

    35. Darien Caldwell says:

      So how can you call it a Search All, if you aren’t going to show classifieds? Shouldn’t you call it Search-All-But-The-Classifieds? That decsion really makes no sense whatsoever. :\

    36. Jake O'Connell says:

      Is Windlight as well as the new Search mandatory once it’s out completely? I hope not as I don’t want either one.

    37. tilstad Homewood says:

      I have a friend who’s been in SL for a year or so, and report business to be down 90% since this spring, even though she has over double the amount of businesses now, in fact a total of 20 separate brands and businesses. Still barely scrape above the costs. Now with this new search, that will surely collapse.

      Well, when you have people like that, spending a whole years worth of effort, with no actual profits, only getting by, and then make sure thats not even possible any more like with this new search, well, then that will have consequenses. And I do not believe this is the only person in this situation.

      As for the new all search in general, we was invited to a Q&A session about it, where I told about my experience with the old search where one could not get listed on description keywords in parcel info/places in the All tab, and asked if that was taken care of in the new search.

      Answer? : “We find it hard to believe thats true. Next!”

      Cool. Well, if you dont even believe the issues put fourth, dont that make it rather meaningless to even try reach out to you guys LL? And waste time on the Jira? Support tickets? Forget it, you dont even believe things anyway.

      I dont think 50 businesses in Sl are able to support the cost of all the Land in sl, so I would say this is the recepie for a huge economic collapse. I’m for sure not going to pay the main body of tier for an island out of my own pocket, when all it’s really used for is to display products and give a service to the residents.

    38. concerned says:

      I really hope you do sort this esspecially traffic relevance to search im sick of teleporting to find campers and no items i have searched for.Search was never great but its currently worse than its ever been,I understand you wanting to improve it but its not ready in its pressent state,spose it will make me spend more time staying on my own land and improving things there though as top 20 results are normally camper heaven if you look for something.

    39. concerned says:

      If you search continues in this way for much longer people will stop trusting or using it and doesn’t that make the effort your putting in pointless?

    40. Istephanija Munro says:

      I am kinda glad this thread is taking this direction, especially what Zazas #31 and Darien #35 said.

      The way how you treat SL merchants since 2 months is extremely unfortunate and some would say it is sabotage! You are hiding behind your TOS where you say “take it as it is” for me that means we have to cope temporarily when you do an honest mistake but they need to be fixed in a timely fashion and not 2 month like SVC 930 (prim changes prices and permissions). These TOS shouldn’t mean you have card blanche to mess up peoples RLs!!! People invested money and had a long term plan and you change the environmental basics.

      I am one of the fools who payed 250k for an classified ad, not because i wanted to, i did it because me and the owner of my sim are begging desperately on our knees to be listed in the search engine without success, only really really lame prefab answers from a person who knows less about the search than I do. You killing mall business, you killing small merchants, you screw up on so many levels and at some point you should remember why you started this in the first place! It was you who brought in RL factors as VAT, Gambling, Account statements, the way you recently mess with peoples businesses is very alienating.

      Decisions are made that benefit nobody, not even you but i doubt you see things through because you don’t learn daily practices at the Linden Village you are steering in a direction where you destroy so much that i doubt it can ever be fixed again, people should be encouraged to create stuff, you shouldn’t hold them back. Many of us are better designers, builders and coders than you and we do know A LOT MORE about marketing and search efficiency than you, but yet nobody has asked us for advice! People who can afford the big ads double their money within a few days and the smaller talented designers are suffering from it and finally give up, that’s not right even when I am on the winning side I don#t want to see top notch designers go broke about other peoples bad decision making! Is that what you want then go ahead or start talking with us, you wouldn’t believe what you can learn from us!

      You can’t make it right for anyone, and you probably get more complaints as pads on the shoulder, and there are many good people on your company that doing a kick ass job, and still if there is a bug like SVC930 then i am expecting that someone takes care of it and not shoving around responsibilities, and there is no way i keep a totally bugged search engine in the main viewer… i mean how is that helping anyone?

      Maybe someone that matters is reading this thread and feels surprised by so many complaints while he/she was thinking to have created top notch conditions, maybe this person thinks about the mothers and fathers that can’t give their children the Christmas gift they wanted, maybe the holidays will establish some consciousness about how you want to deal with things in 2007. It should be clear that you can’t treat humans / customers in such an ignoring manner anymore.

      merry Christmas to everyone!

    41. Montana Corleone says:

      Will there be anybody left by the time the 5 page monstrosity is fixed?

      You can see now why they have left out the “unique residents” out of Key Metrics so we don’t see how numbers plummet. Inaccurate? Funny, they seemed accurate enough when they were increasing…

      You know it’s really very very simple. Go back to April, and reread the Open Letter… That was a last ditch desperate attempt to get you to listen to residents, and you ignored that, and ploughed on with ever more badly thought out garbage with yet more bugs, degrading performance, and no thought to the consequences. Roll on Google

    42. Hmm, the reason people buy classifieds is to increase their chances of being found in search… how does the new search system reward us for buying ads? (In RL every search engine which sells ad space rewards its ad-buyers with a higher ranking and/or more visibility… even Google!)

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    44. Kirie says:

      i need help bad… i updated my drives like sl asked me too and it still wont let me on i dont even know who to go to for this kinda help blaaaa

    45. Melanie Milland says:

      Well, I, for one, would like the classifieds right in with the main results, and the classifieds box dropped.
      It is pointless, it’s not what I look at. If you pay a classified, it should be listed first in searches for that keyword, sorted by price within that group, with other results after the classifieds, sorted by relevance.
      Traffic should not be a factor in relevance at all, camping needs to die!
      Also, SL is missing a pervasive advertising medium, like TV in RL. I would show 1, 2, or 4 classifieds on the black page seen when teleporting!
      There are so many products out there that people don’t even know they want, until they see them!
      I don’t believe there is a future in a totally search driven advertisign landscape, there has to be a way to push adverts to the population as a whole!
      And, yes, this would be used by the big players… you don’t see the mom and pop store take out prime time tv ads in RL either!
      But it would promote products, and product categories, making it a good thing for everyone!
      I know most people will not see eye to eye with me on this, but I do know, even from my own experience, that quite often a TV spot or a random banner ad alerted me to the existence of a product that I needed, but didn’t know was available.

      The 5-page bug needs to be fixed immediately, too!
      Searching for the small independent is almost impossible!
      The idea is, that a big ad (TV ad?) will tell me about a product, and I then go look at who else has it, and what their prices are. If the big advertiser is not feature-complete, or competitively priced, the small seller will get the business!

      Can you believe there are still people out there who don’t know what a security orb is?
      Unless they run into one, no one will tell them – if they don’t see an ad for it, they won’t search for it, if they don’t search for it, the ad will never pop up for them in the current scheme of things.
      So, at least random rotating banner ads in search!!!

    46. concerned says:

      Let me tell you how good you new search engine is,today was friends birthday,i wanted to get a card and voucher or dress for them.To get the card using your new search i had to get to page 15 before any parcel sold cards,to get to any decent dress shops that are long established took 4 pages,I didn’t hit every result i admit i hit about 5 per page but until i reached the items i wanted…… i ended up in camp sims selling sex objects when mature was not ticked.Sort this out and fast or what is the point in this new more relevant seach system,Like everything you have introduced it before its ready when will you learn.

      Why should anybody be paying for a Classified when home people etc appear first in search? Of course there will be issues with any new feature introduced to the masses of the main grid but when you do not even have the basics right should you introduce it?

    47. Fellatione Aabye says:

      Dear Jeska and Linden Family ….

      Why .. do I once again have the feeling of …. Yessss they are trying to make something better .. although … in the back of my head i hear a little voice scream (That of my AV) … Oh Lord (noooo not you Lindens) , NOT AGAIN …. as i read your post … as we gonna do an update … and afterwards .. whenever we (meaning) LL will clean up the mess we(Linden) created over again ….

      Sorry to say but the New Search sounds to me like a car without engin ๐Ÿ™‚ or without fuel tank … Back to the Flintstone car … ๐Ÿ™‚

      I know critic is given very easily …. BUT … for once … forget your Linden status and place yourself in the skin of a SL CITIZEN / RESIDENT … who struggles each day harder and harder to enjoy his SECOND LIFE … or in the skin of the SMALL BUSINESS OWNER who once again will be the joker … the fool … of a new crooked thing

      Hence … keep up the great works and pls pls pls … Try to check first if the update will give again bugs and unwanted downtimes by testing it extencively before releasing it on the main grid ….

      I had hoped to find under the Xmas tree a special gift … a stable and rather good performing SECOND LIFE .. but sadly SANTA CLAUS LINDEN has forgotten us …. we got a croocked oe with lots of problems again …. and that makes me sad

      BUT A MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY 2008 to everyone … from a critical European AV … and proud to be European …. ๐Ÿ™‚

    48. pantzerhamzter petshop says:

      Months. Sure. Ill just go on paying thousands for ads that dont show every week in the mean time then, and pay my rent that went up 10% because of the new taxes, while my business went down already because casinos where one of my customergroups. /me shakes head….

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    50. singh says:

      Dear, Friend
      Here alot of clssifides Like Accounting/Finance,Government,Electronics etc.
      which is provided without charge to you, is a World Wide Web site on the Internet that is designed to allow

      users to post classified ads and/or to view classifieds ads posted by other users or interact with those users.
      Please Visit For More Detail

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