Knowledge Base Article of the Week: Getting Some Me (You?) Time

Those of you who enjoy the band Weezer may want to pop in the Blue Album and skip to track eight.

We’re proud of the way Second Life allows you to find people, make friends, and communicate easily, but many of us sometimes want to have some time to ourselves, whether it’s to organize our inventories, go through notecards, be with a certain special someone, contemplate a build, or some other reason entirely. From us to you, this week’s Knowledge Base Article of the Week is How do I get some privacy in Second Life? (After you click on that link and log in or provide guest credentials, you’ll be whisked directly to the article in question)

As you may be used to hearing by now, Jeremy and I will be holding our Documentation Office Hour in our surplus couch and deluxe information depot Friday at 2pm SLT. Feel free to stop by and chat about all things Knowledge Base — suggestions for new articles, information that might be missing, ideas about processes, and so on (as always, support requests are for the Support Portal). Be good to each other!

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  1. Kimber Enoch says:

    It would be great if you are choosing to show offline to all friends that you also show offline in groups. Would also be great if, like messenger services, you decide to show offline to all that people who message you receive the default user is offline reply.

    We all need our privacy sometimes those two features would be a way to ensure it.

    Just my 2 cents worth

  2. Ricky Yates says:

    Fully agree to Kimber’s observation. As long as you show up as online in any group you have joined no matter whether you hide your online status or not, unfortunately the hide feature is completely useless. The same goes for the IM response.

    It’s not a big issue, but nobody should expect this “feature” to provide any real value, either.

  3. 2k Suisei says:

    I’ve found that hiding your online status is a bad idea because people will often IM you because they think you’re offline. They then feel a little guilty because they’ve disturbed you.

    Busy mode would be okay if we didn’t actually receive the incoming messages. But it’s difficult to ignore messages like – “HELP! MY UNDERPANTS ARE ON FIRE!!”.

    We need an option to disable IM’s and have them sent directly to our inbox for later viewing.

    “The user has disabled IM mode. Your message has been sent to their email address”

  4. Supa Shang says:

    Even the most basic IM systems out there allow you control over who contacts you, sadly Second Life seems far behind in this area.

    @3 “We need an option to disable IM’s and have them sent directly to our inbox for later viewing.”

    Amen to that!

  5. 2k Suisei says:

    and another thing!:

    I found that people took to using online tracking devices to get around me hiding my online status.

    We desperately need better ways of making ourselves less available. Second Life is like having a mobile phone that you can never hang up or switch off. It’s nuts!

  6. Kugel says:

    What is the flaming point of setting offline to one or more people on your “friends list” when the first time they IM you (expecting an automated offline reply) they get NO reply.. immediately they know you are online and hiding your status for one reason or another.

    Of course there is always the SL friends list mess-up when you appear offline when your online and vice-versa, thanks to some continued SL bug in the usefulness/accuracy of friends status. Many a time I have those old friends appearing (Waiting) and (Hippos) ….mmmm …. nice :-/

  7. Porsupah Ree says:

    One related feature I’d find useful sometimes is a “let me get my coffee first” preference. If enabled, you’d automatically be set as Busy for the first minute or two of a login – enough time to catch up on stored IMs, and let the world rez in, before the dogpiling began.

    On the LL web front, I’d prefer the name/password fields were enabled for autofill, particularly given the various logins necessary around the site. (Forum, Jira, Wiki, Support, etc)

  8. Jon Linden says:

    These are good points; I’d like to direct those of you with feature requests to the public issue tracker, coincidentally the subject of its own Knowledge Base Article of the Week entry a short while ago.

  9. Dusty says:

    The note from the knowledge base page is no longer correct.
    Note: When people try to find you using the Search window, you will always appear offline unless you’re friends with the person performing the search.
    this is false it now shows you as online if you are , on your profile even to people not on your friends list !!!!
    Whats the use of turning notifications off if all they have to do is look at your profile ????

  10. Greta Umarov says:

    Well heck this feature is pointless, because all anyone wishing to see if you’re online will do, is go to their account webpage, where their friends names will be listed as being in world or not.

    The account page doesn’t seem to be as connected to our wishes as we’d like, yes?

    And in case you haven’t noticed…(and I don’t understand why you aren’t aware of this) it’s considered rude and unsocial by just about everyone to cloak yourself…so every time you try to hide, and are found out, you get the “Well if you hide from me then you aren’t my friend” nonsense.

    I’m not always available in the real world, and people’s lives don’t stand still. The world still turns, and when I am ready for visitors, I’ll be where my friends can chat with me. But one of the most annoying types of citizens are those who ambush you the moment you log in. Please folks, have some mercy on your friends. Leave them alone until they signal they are available to chat.

    I guess this all comes from our “Me first” society. I’m constantly deluged with teleport requests without the requester iming me to ask if I would like, or was able to join them. This signifies to me that the requester considers themselves and what they’re doing way more than they consider the needs or duties of their friends. WAKE UP and ASK FIRST.

  11. Ceera Murakami says:

    Quote: “Residents aren’t able to fly that high without a flight assist script, so it’s a deterrent to the casual passerby. However, people who do have such scripts can still go snooping at that height, so while you can’t currently cloak your parcel from prying eyes, you can use the About Land window’s Access and Ban tabs to control who can come in (select World > About Land to open the About Land window).”

    Problem is, that doesn’t help at all for keeping strangers out of a skybox, since a ban that isn’t explicit by name only had effect to 50M above the terain! So care to try again on that one? You need to set an explicit access list AND install a security system that will push away or teleport home anyone not on the explicit access list. The LL provided controls don’t protect skyboxes at all, unless you ban a specific individual by name.

  12. Moll Dean says:

    Hi everyone!

    A easy way to know who is in-world but invisible to me is to check out the FRIENDS ONLINE webpage.
    Also a simple IM to this one, invisible to me in my in-world FRIEND LIST, will not return me any message.
    Friend is not avaible now…would be a good default message for anycase. (please let your message or try later – bip)

    BTW… Where is our Christmax present? the YOUTUBE videos in-world?


  13. smokin Anderton says:

    While this short article is interesting in itself, all the solutions are just bad workarounds for one simple problem, some of us want to be able to have privacy now and again.

    The idea of changing whether you want friends to be able to see your online status is fine, until, like some of us, you have 50+ friends, half of which are just acquintances, and you’ve already hidden your status from them, or the rest that you woouldnt normaly hide from.

    There’s no way I’m going to be going setting them all to not seeing me, then turning them back on, trying to remember who i want to see me or who I might usually hide from.

    We already have an Away and a Busy status, how about an Appear Offline one, so then if there s one particular person, we can talk to them and hide from the rest, without having to reset our whole friends list.

    Seems like most people on SL would make definite use of this.

  14. mac says:

    well it`s all been said you can`t hide in sl full stop, even if it was sorted, online trackers that can be bought inworld bypass the system anyway, this could also be another reason why alts are created another av to hide in, i tend to just log in and go to busy mode now as it also seems to offend when you hide yourself and then get im`ed .. lol also with some rather than give the impression you want some space it seems to give the impression your up to something silly but true

  15. Jon Linden says:

    @9: That’s something we weren’t aware of previously; the article’s being updated now.

  16. digest says:

    #11 the cam reaches each skybox…each no ban help on mainland adn no security system…..

    for pivacy: only didnt answer the im… rememer….sl cancels delivery of to much messages by system…. so if u dont answer only tell the people, its s´s fault, its not a lie 🙂

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  18. Phoenixa Sol says:

    When I am shooting dance video footage, sometimes it is necessary for me to use BUSY mode due to lots of nearby chat, however… when I do so, I seem to remember that people wont be able to send me inventory items, and I would fear that my vendors wouldn’t work properly. I would hate to see someone unable to purchase from my FlyDance vendor just because I’m on busy mode. Why not just a general “show me offline” which enables business to continue, allows you to receive money and inventory with the notices showing up for you when you switch to an “I’m online” mode.

  19. Matthew Dowd says:

    The knowledgebase article section on Busy mode doesn’t warn people that any inventory offers will also be rejected.

    Not only is it a common user error to attempt to buy things from vendors whilst still in busy mode (with the result you pay money, but then reject the goods), some vendors send out updates direct to the original purchaser (sometimes without warning), and at this time of year friends may be sending gifts in world too.

    As such busy mode is not really a safe mode to be in, if you don’t want to accidently reject new inventory.

  20. Avion Raymaker says:

    It’s nice that you are addressing the issue, but privacy is impossible as the system currently works. There is no SL equivalent of “just not answering the phone.” Every step available to us is inherently awkward or rude to our friends.

    How hard would it be to implement some kind of genuine privacy feature?

    My last resort for some peace was to transfer all my textures over to an alt, so that I can actually accomplish some building work. Now all my creations very irritatingly do not list me as the creator.

  21. Jon Linden says:

    @19: Looks like something else slipped through the net; I’m updating the article now!

  22. Supa Shang says:

    One reason that we all need both a controllable IM system that works and a totally invisible profile option could be a summed in a recent scenario my partner and I had to go through, where a loser with too much time on his/her hands was able to freely contact us and cause no end of psychological drama on both sides and hide behind an alt. It put a mental strain on our relationship and in general made life hell to the point where now I have decided to not publicly display who my partner is in my profile and also log every single IM in future for possible abuse report. Residents should not have to deal with things like this. And this is just one area that this feature is needed. I know others could think of a million more.

  23. YEahRightz says:

    Sure, you can make friends. But if you exchange Real life info, you are to be banned! NO REAL LIFE FRIENDS ALLOWED!#_@%&

  24. Sean Heying says:

    There definitely needs to be an option on the login screen to login and appear offline.

    There are times for real world reason or for SL work reasons when you really need to be able to login and not have to talk to 100 people.

    Sure you can turn your status off but as mentioned above most people then say “Why did you have me not able to see you?” even those you met once in a welcome area 4 years ago.

    A real appear offline status as any decent IM program has.

    And as we are talking of privacy how about a Skybox privacy zone (600-768M) as listed on Jira that your access works in and that cameras outside the zone and parcel can’t pass through.

  25. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    Dear Developers… my tin-foil hat hasn’t worked for months.

    Please…. let me kill that nasty little tattle-tale box that tells all my friends that I’m online.

    I love them dearly, but I’m REALLY tired of getting dog-piled every time I log in.

  26. the bat says:

    @23 – you must be joking == a lot of us are here because of rl friends == as for giving private info about yourself , thats your own risk and responsibility , no matter who your givibg it too , inworld friend or 3rd party verifier , though i know who i trust more 🙂 .
    It does seem strange that sl is bleeding edge as a virtual world but 10 tears adrift in chat features.

  27. Pepper Haas says:

    #25 You CAN kill that little tattle tale box. Just uncheck “can see me online” in the Friends list

  28. If you find you are needing to ‘hide’ from your friends… either because they are just acquaintances or you just need a little time to yourself, then you should step back a second and think about it.

    If you are ‘hiding’ from them, perhaps it’s better to simply remove them from your friends list? You’ll still have their ‘cards’ to contact them any time you want.

    As for those friends you don’t want to remove from your list, just make them understand that if you’re in busy mode, that you are tied-up and will hook up with them later.

    As for busy mode – like #19 said – it kind of sucks that any inventory offers are kicked when in busy mode. I would think it to be a safer option that inventory be kept when in busy mode. perhaps a preference later?

    I have a long friends list before. I found I was hiding and cloaking sometimes. Until finally, I just went and cleaned the list up. Only the really close ones are there now, and we all understand that sometimes we each need to do our own thing every once in awhile. 🙂

    Now – and for an INVISIBLE mode…. >:)

  29. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    @27 – I *have* unchecked the “can see me online” box… as I said, it’s been broken for months! =)

    Iz broke! Plez figitz! =)

  30. Ceera Murakami says:

    Jon? Perhaps you missed my comment? Your article sauys to protect a skybox “you can use the About Land window’s Access and Ban tabs to control who can come in (select World > About Land to open the About Land window”. That is flat out NOT TRUE. The only thing you can do in the access and ban tabs that will affect skybox access is to ban each individual BY NAME. You CAN NOT use those controls to prevent every stranger in SL from flying up to your skybox!

    Please ammend the article to remove that false hope.

  31. Jon Linden says:

    The last paragraph of the article assumes that you own the parcel on which the skybox sits. My understanding of the subject is that if you own the parcel, you should be able to use the Access tab to limit access to specific groups or avatars (thereby implicitly excluding everyone else), or use the Ban tab to ban specific avatars (thereby implicitly including everyone else). Using these tabs together, you should be able to achieve the right list of permitted Residents. That could probably be clearer in the article, though.

  32. Shai Khalifa says:

    Personally, I’d like to be able to Mute some groups – I still want to be part of them, but not get spammed by their chatter. I find it an invasion of my privacy and chat screen.

    … and i agree, that it would be beneficial to have the ability pre-login to turn busy mode on/off.

  33. Dee Firefly says:

    I think that definitely a more selective Busy Mode (options please!) would be desirable, configuration switches where you can select whether to to accept inventory (or not), and perhaps allow IMs from a specific user through the block for those cases where you do need to be busy talking to someone without interruption. Sometimes when I’m helping someone with something, I really do need to give them 100% attention. I guess making busy mode more like a configurable firewall in broad concept, would be the thing.

    On this note, this brings me on to a related issue, that of a basic shortcoming in the IM system whereby several people can be talking at once and new ones contacting you with no idea that you are trying to maintain conversations already. I mean, I *can* multitask but only up to a point. A concept akin to a call queue where you are notified that each certain person is trying to IM you would be useful but you can ‘accept’ the call when you are ready, so they don’t just meet radio silence and log off or feel ignored, but can actually see that their call is awaiting attention with an appropriate message. I know it sounds more formal than it need to but I think such an idea would help with ‘call management’ and uses concepts which are surely implemented in customer services areas.

    Last point, ‘away’ status, this needs attention too, I have also felt this last 3+ years that it would be better as a ‘on/off toggle switch’ as it is in World of Warcraft, so that, you can set ‘away’ and multitask around in other windows in your OS as necessary without it cancelling and needing to be reset each time you pass actively across the SL window. I don’t use ‘busy’ mode for this because of the aforementioned issues with inventory etc.

    Just a few thoughts, hope they help stir the pot of ‘ideas stew’ 🙂


  34. Maree Beauchamp says:

    Wow! This is a *big* issue for me too – I really need times when I can work on content creation uninterrupted but still be sure of getting messages, and other times when I can be available for friends and customers! For a long time I wished that there could be a script function to detect incoming IMs so that they could be intercepted and stored away for later reading, and an appropriate message returned to sender (actually I’d love to be able to flick between status’s – one message for when I am truly busy, another for when I am afk, or in my SL bed etc).

    One big flaw with the “Busy” mode at the moment is that all inventory offers are automatically declined – on the one hand I ask customers to send me notecards so that an IM doesn’t go astray when my messages are capped, on the other they often can’t drop a notecard on my inventory because I am in busy mode – just like others have said, I really would benefit from a mailbox to take IMs and inventory items while I am in busy mode!

  35. Elliot Basevi says:

    @32: “Personally, I’d like to be able to Mute some groups – I still want to be part of them, but not get spammed by their chatter.”

    Hear, hear!

    It’s becoming increasingly annoying being spammed by people who join groups to do little more than spam their wares or strike up some inane sex chat with total strangers. They are as annoying as those people who offer friendship without so much as saying “Hi!” first.

  36. Bobo Decosta says:

    @35 it’s not only people spamming that annoys also a real support group where you wont find any spam msgs become annoying when the products of that group are so popular that their are q&a’s almost 24/7

    One example is the hippo support group. I don’t wanna leave that group because from time to time I need some support on their products but the hippo group is so big and everyone needs some support from what makes that group unintentionally the biggest annoying group chat i have encountered so far.

    Everyone over there is so polite to start with “hello” that it is almost impossible to ignore those msg

  37. Bobo Decosta says:

    I also don’t understand much about the busy mode as it only makes you loose inventory offers and msgs stay ingoring. To me it seems obvious that when in busy mode all inventory offers are on hold but not declined so when you get back out of busy mode you are still able to catch up and don’t have to waste time in searching for all missed offers. I actually never use the busy mode anymore because of this.

  38. Lenny Looming says:

    There is a simple way to see if someone is online even if they are not a friend. Not foolproof but I’ve used this when wanting to get in touch with the creator of something I built on SLX… I do a search for their name, then in their profile see if they are a member of any groups. If so, I look up the group. Most groups list their members. I find that persons name in the members list and next to their name is shows if they are online or not and if not online it shows when the last time they logged into SL was.

  39. mimi says:

    I wish there would be a list to see the mesages that have been sent to me, so when I crash when I get 5 messages, after the crash i still be able to see who sent me a message. I often get messages from total strangers – customers – who’s name I dont remember after a crash. I can’t find them back.

    And please please remove region messages from the IM caps limit.
    One regions send me so many messages my IMs are capped when I log in for more than a few hours. All of my IMs are capped hen I close down secondlife to sleep.

    Almost all big shop owners can only be reached by a notecard so I guess I’m not the only one who has trouble with the Im cap limit.

  40. Lenny Looming says:

    Sorry, duh… Everyone else pointed it out already…

  41. Sean Heying says:

    @ Jon Linden > “The last paragraph of the article assumes that you own the parcel on which the skybox sits. My understanding of the subject is that if you own the parcel, you should be able to use the Access tab to limit access to specific groups or avatars (thereby implicitly excluding everyone else)”

    Sorry Jon, your understanding is wrong. People can fly over such a parcel if they can reach it. The ban line imposed by a “Only Allow” tickbox is less than 100M so that planes and so forth can travel unimpeded.

    It is only implicit bans on avatars that reach upwards to infinity.

    As very few people place their skyboxes below 100M this whole section needs a bit of rework.

    Maybe you should log in to SL and try it?

  42. Dougers Falta says:

    Re comments 25 and 29. I agree, the “can see me online” feature on the friends list has not been working properly for months. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I tick or untick the box the people on my list can always see when I’m online .. Oh, apart from a couple of my friends who seem to still see me even when I’m really not online, they only find out when they IM me and get a “user not online message” by return.

    Please fix this, the people on my friends list really are friends, and “sorry I haven’t got time to talk to you even though I’m online” may be true sometimes, but it can also hurt!

  43. Sling Trebuchet says:

    @Jon Linden, and all the Lindens.

    I groaned when I saw that KB article advising the use of Access tab to keep people away from a skybox.

    ““Residents aren’t able to fly that high without a flight assist script, so it’s a deterrent to the casual passerby. However, people who do have such scripts can still go snooping at that height, so while you can’t currently cloak your parcel from prying eyes, you can use the About Land window’s Access and Ban tabs to control who can come in (select World > About Land to open the About Land window).”

    By all means ban *specific avatars*, but using the Access tabs to try to exclude all except individuals or group from a skybox is
    1) Wrong
    – The general exclusion only extends to 50 metres above ground level
    2) Evil
    – On the ground, neighbours will be subjected to those butt-ugly and intrusive Ban Lines. Those lines really shine at you. They become visible at around 7 metres. The only screen that will hide them is a solid non-Alpha texture. The visual effects of Ban Lines are way up there with ad farms as things that have a huge negative impact on the SL experience.

    There are some JIRA entries looking for the visibility of Ban Lines to be selectable in the viewer.
    Until SL fix the visual curse of Ban Lines on neighbours and passerbys, could we fergawdsakes pretty please not advocate their use, particularly when the effect is ineffective for anything above 50 metres.

  44. Kathy Morellet says:

    @31 Jon Linden – I’m sorry but, if you are talking about skyboxes placed more that 50m above the terrain, then you understand wrongly. The Access list (or white list) only limits access UP TO 50m above the terrain level. Above that limit, anyone may access your skybox whether or not they appear on the access list for the parcel. ONLY using the Ban list to specifically ban an avatar by name will prevent that avatar from accessing the parcel above the 50m Access list limit.

  45. Ceera Murakami says:

    From the SL knowledge base:

    What are the parcel ban and access heights?
    The heights are:

    768 m above the ground for Residents explicitly banned in About Land window’s Ban tab.

    50 m above the ground for others not allowed on land, including restrictions in the About Land window’s Access tab and the Ban tab’s Deny by Payment Status options.

    It’s also only 50 M above the terrain for the Beta test that restricts access based on age verification being required. Yes, I HAVE tested it on a parcel owned only by me – not group land.

    You are dead wrong, Jon. Please test the suggestions that you make. The ban height was dropped to 50 M above the terrain almost a year ago, due to complaints from flyers who couldn’t navigate through all the “Allow only” parcel bans.

  46. Jon Linden says:

    Thanks, people; I’m going to make the necessary updates to reflect the actual functionality (which I’m in the process of verifying — I think we have an article about this).

    The differences in height-effectiveness for the Access and Ban tabs came about as a result of a large volume of complaints from Residents who simply wanted to fly over (and through) land to which they weren’t explicitly granted access.

    I’d imagine, then, that if you want to have a private room that’s in the sky, you’re stuck with keeping it at or below 50m. It’s not ideal, but we literally cannot please everybody.

  47. Jon Linden says:

    I am almost — almost — the fastest gun in the West, apparently

  48. Matthew Dowd says:

    @41 – I think the limit of the restriction is 50m above ground level. This applies to all restrictions including the age verification one – except for an explicit ban by named avatar.

    Jon – sorry, but next time I think you need to check the accuracy of the KB article of the week *before* blogging it!

  49. Jon Linden says:

    It’s more like I’m discovering things about our functionality that I wasn’t previously aware of; I’ve also decoupled the discussion of the Access and Ban tabs from skyboxes entirely, as they’re really two different things.

  50. Ciaran Laval says:

    In terms of privacy, your alt is your best friend.

  51. Barton Dowd says:

    How about Busym with the folowing checkboxes:

    Chats (Yes/No)
    IMs (Yes/No)
    Inventory (Yes/No)
    TP (Yes/No)
    All (Yes/No)

  52. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    If you log on to a furious flurry of messages just ignore them until you’re ready to log off….then tell everyone that LL is obviously screwed up for you because you only just got their message and have to run.
    Instead of blaming Canada, blame LL.
    As citizens of this fabulous place we believe that LL is responsible for everything and most people will easily believe that the screwups are LL’s.
    Cheers and Merry Ho Ho Ho.

  53. Taryn London says:

    Strangely enough, I just re-found that album in my collection last night (weezer – the blue album) and ripped all the songs to my hard drive. That very folder was open on the desktop as I opened this page. Listening to track 8 right now 🙂

  54. Gracie Foden says:

    Friends are priceless.
    One can answer an IM at their convenience. Messages are fun, important & can be sent to email.
    Keeping communication open is friendly, will not hurt feeings, one can explain a busy situation to others, put on a nice busy mode message & can always answer when they can. 🙂 🙂

  55. Nerxual Oh says:

    Second Life ain’t getting no better if you keep messing with it. When i first got on second life, all i need to worry about was the lag. Now, i have to worry about my huds disappearing, my avatar body part missing, my inventory items, lag, crashing every 10 or 20 mintues, rezzing and deleting items, logging in and out, teleporting and a lot more problems you lindens bring in. To put it more easier speaking. Second life is like a Hydra, you cut off one head, two more heads come out. Cut off those two heads, four more heads come out. Keep trying to fix second life, your getting more problems and it’s causing alot of problems for us, not only you. Keep screwing up and i’m not in second life no more. It’s not worth it being in second life if you keep this up. I’m glad you lindens are trying to fix second life but your making more and more worse. I hope second life gets better after this is year over, if not, i’m glad you, lindens are having a hard time with whatever second life affects you in a way as it does to me.

  56. elvisorbit says:

    @3 That’s what I want.
    There are times when I am on SL that I am in non SL work mode but relaxing and playing mode. I have my SL times posted in my profile but I still get the im and Tps asking me to come and help. I would love a feature to tun the IMs and not be in busy mode. But great article and thanks for it. Keep up to the good work!

  57. Get a copy of the group privacy object or script out of the wiki; you can also purchase orbs to bounce people when there are times in you flying sex hut you are trying for “privacy.”

    In all seriousness; did you forget the disclaimer you signed when you turned on your computer to use the internet? Privacy is forfeit.

  58. Felix Oxide says:

    Every single person i have blocked from seeing my online status IMs me the moment they log in as iff they can see me as online. Yes I know they can still see my online status if we share a group, but I am not talking about oonly a few people here. Offline should mean you aren’t seen at all otherwise it is useless. Sorry to sound short, but do you guys actually even use SL?

    It really is a pain to get any work done when you can’t build offline or simply completely block your online status.

  59. JL Roffo says:

    Wait a second… if your in busy mode and someone gives you something its not that its being actually rejected. The sender will receive the message that you declined it, and you wil have the same message, but the object/notecard whatever will be in your trashcan anyway. Which is a mess anyway, at least make the declined things ed up in a system folder called “Declined” or something like that.

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  61. Travis Lambert says:

    Jon – I appreciate that you’re trying to do a good thing by putting this knowledgebase article together. Inadvertently however, you’re somewhat stepping on a proverbial minefield here.

    There are a lot of SL residents that feel that privacy controls in Second Life have been sorely lacking for a long time. Suggestions *have* been made on the public issue tracker, however – there are always higher priorities, unfortunately. Take a look at the sheer number of proposals coalesced into SVC-241.

    Perhaps you could help us out by getting some internal conversations going within the Lab about the current set of privacy controls, and whether they warrant further attention.

    Thanks for the effort here regardless! 🙂

  62. Brieanne Bomazi says:

    Heres a tip for you folks…look around in your preferences.. you can change your busy status message to say anything you want..yes you still get IMs…but they get your *answering machine*, meaning you dont appear rude, but get anything important. As far as the missed inventory…it goes to your trash. As one that uses Busy mode ALOT…i simply make a habit to check my trash and *restore* any items i was supposed to recieve. Not fool proof, but works.

    I also think that the camera limits should be restricted on skyboxes…maybe by making camera distances at above 300M limited and no way around it…99% of people in SL set skyboxes at 300M+ and up…set that as a suggested height, limit camera zooms above that, and like the real world..set all flight zones between 50M & 250M above the ground…planes ect still fly, but people preserve their privacy. Of course if the asshats would simply stop trying to be nosy, wouldnt have this problem…WAKE UP PEOPLE…if you see a house or skybox 300+M up…stay out…common courtsey should tell you to mind your own.
    And while your at it…need to set it where new users are required to stay at orientation island long enough to learn the basics before releasing them inworld…require them to provide proof of basic SL use before you turn them loose.
    Just my few cents worth….

  63. 2k Suisei says:

    Even better would be to remove IM mode completely. This is supposed to be a 3D world where we all hang out, have fun and enjoy the oool graphics.

    It’s not supposed to be text based adventure game where we all sit staring at a window full of text. If we want to text chat then we can give our video cards a rest and go chat on IRC or AIM.

    IM mode sucks!.

    Say no to IMs!!

    Fight the system!!

    People power!!

    I like monkeys!!


    Wibbly wobbly doo dah!!

  64. 2k Suisei says:

    and if anybody is interested in joining me in my ‘Say no to IMs’ campaign then please IM me in-world for further info.


  65. Gospatrick Oxbar says:

    @20 there is a workaround to that. Make a small, transparent prim, and link the object to that, using it as the root prim. The edit function lists the maker of the root prim as the maker of the object, so you get the recognition for the work

  66. Naoki Ninetails says:

    I quite agree. My best friend has a little trouble avoiding certain people because they’ve figured out that they can just send her an IM to find out if she’s hiding. This means she absolutely can’t hide from them, and gets griped out if she doesn’t reply. We need help for when we REALLY want to be utterly alone for a while! Especially when we’re working and just don’t want to have to tell someone we don’t feel like talking. People always take offense, even though they can’t understand you’ve had to tell the same thing to six other people that hour. I’ve lost a couple of friends that way. True, they should understand, but VERY few people really seem to.

  67. Mo Hax says:

    I opened a ticket about this months ago and didn’t have the strength to keep it alive after Linden Labs arbitrarily said it “wasn’t an issue” (like so many other things):

    Even though many people came out in support of that ticket they just decided to close it. That ticket/request management business process really needs an overhaul. I have since given up submitting ANY JIRA tickets because of how they are handled. On that point Prokofy Neva is actually dead on in her criticism of the whole support ticket system.

    I hate to be a downer, but it is currently _impossible_ to have true me time. Believe me, I have tried–and I don’t just mean to run away from anyone. I need it to be able to get work done that improves the Second Life world and contributes to it.

    I refuse to ‘alt’, which is how most serious scripters accomplish ‘me’ time to be honest. It just doubles my work to do that. So I set ‘busy’ and hope people understand and that no one sents anything important and just decide that I will not provide any group participation while working, which is really really a shame. I loved being able to listen and provide input to support and other groups while coding, but you can’t on ‘busy’.

    This ‘tip’ is really a waste of your time to read with the current state of the Second Life client. Sorry.

  68. WoodBee Writer says:

    The only surefire way to get some privacy is to create an alt with zero social life. 😦 This would work quite well if said alt had access to her main’s inventory. It is so frustrating to log on with an alt to get a little building done and find that beautiful texture, part of a set for which you paid a fortune, is in your main’s inventory.

    I echo the sentiments of others on this board: if I’m in a class or at a social event I need chat, so Busy is not an option. I can deal with IMs from friends with a simple “in a class”, but the group IMs, especially the chatty groups, are a different matter. I would like to have the option to turn off separately, chat, IMs from individuals and IMs from groups.

  69. mimi says:

    Yes yes.. busy mode isn’t really adequate when your at someplace trying to socialise or build with friends, but need to concentrate on the place you are in, follow the conversations and IMs there, but just don’t want to be disturbed by IMs from the outsdide. Busy mode interferes with all all people trying to communicate, i’d love to have an option somewhere in between, where the people at the same/sim/place can normally conversate and IM you, but those from the outside would get a busy/away message or don’t see me at all.

    In the busy mode as it is now, you can’t read along to what happens in the place you are in unless you open the history window. This isn’t really conveniant since in a crowded place text goes fast, and the history window will take up a lot of your screen. When people near one try to start conversation in IM, they also get the “hey sorry I am busy message” and think you’re busy to talk at all while all you want is not to be disturbed by IMs from outsiders. When your colleague tries to send you a texture, he needs to warn for every texture you so can get out of busy mode, accept it and slip back in busy mode everytime just to keep away from IMs. Its not a huge problem like the bugs, but it *is* rather inconveniant. Beeing not busy for the people near you would be very nice.

    The biggest problem in the busy mode is, SL crashes quite a lot. If you irgnore the IMs in busy mode, you risk losing them when you crash, because you don’t know who messages you. Theres no way to retreive back the last 10-20 messages that were send to you.

  70. Lish Lach says:

    Jon Linden wrote:
    “The differences in height-effectiveness for the Access and Ban tabs came about as a result of a large volume of complaints from Residents who simply wanted to fly over (and through) land to which they weren’t explicitly granted access.”

    What’s doubly frustrating is that this compromise doesn’t even assure safe access to flying vehicles either. If a land parcel doesn’t have enough free prims to support the number of prims in your vehicle, you’ll get hosed regardless of the parcel’s access settings. In addition, the 5-minute auto-return policy on most parcels of Linden Protected Land is not nearly long enough to allow relaxed vehicle cruising across a sim.

    The way SL works now, vehicles are totally trainwrecked and unreliable. What LL should do to fix vehicles is to link any object you sit on to your avatar as if the object were an avatar attachment. This would eliminate the need to borrow prims from each parcel you travel over while you’re actually driving the object as a vehicle. And when not sat upon, the vehicle would simply revert to an ordinary object.

  71. We all need an OFFLINE private sandbox that we can work in… in peace. When we are ready, we hit Upload… The prim definations, textures, sounds etc are uploaded (Maybe with a warning as to cost)

    If we are totally OFFLINE when we are building privacy is assured… at least from SL. Now “real” life? That is your own business.

    Oh, I would like to see an “Inbox” for stuff sent to me. The obscurely named texture would be a lot easier to find. After a time it auto moves from your inbox to regular inv. That way, we could still get objects in busy mode, but they wouldn’t disturb anyone.

  72. Leanne Hamsun says:

    “You can control your online visibility on a per-friend basis in the Friends subtab of the Communicate window’s Contacts tab. Select a Resident’s name from the list and deselect the Can see my online status checkbox to hide your online status from that Resident.”

    Which is currently broken:

  73. Ric Mollor says:

    Another huge problem is the loss of all queued IMs and Group Messages when the client crashes. Consider the scenario of being online with SL and you step away from the PC for a bit. During that time several people IM you and you also receive a few group notices.

    When you sit down in front of the PC again SL has a crash. Those communications are lost without any way to retrieve them. This is completely unacceptable from a business standpoint and a serious block to the acceptance and usage of SL within a corporate environment. Businesses require 100% accountability of all communications.

  74. 2k Suisei says:

    @73 Ric: There’s an option to log all IMs to your hard drive. It’s far from ideal. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. If enabled, each avatar that contacts you has their very own log file.

  75. Mimi says:

    @74 all IMs are logged ut are in aphabetical order.. this means having to read through hundreds of notecards.. if they are captured at all on a complete crash.

  76. Amanda Ascot says:

    Brieanne @62: Ummm … bad idea for some of us. I manage a sim. I frequently do it from my own skybox at 700 meters, rather than walking around on the surface. I *need* to be able to cam to any point in the sim, and even select objects (or avatars, for that matter) at any distance, build, move things … basically carry out business without moving from my position. Limiting camming at any altitude would break this capability for many of us who need it for legitimate purposes. This is in the same category as banning megaprims and push scripts. Yes, there are things in SL that can be used for bad purposes, but we still need their functionality. The bottom line is that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy in Second Life. Don’t do anything, or say anything in open chat, that you don’t want other people observing. It’s that simple.

    I have an alt that almost nobody knows about. It’s the only way I can get online and get *work* done without being deluged by IMs, TPs, and people popping in on me to visit. It’s a royal PITA keeping my main avatar inventory in sync with this one, and some things — expensive building/scripting tools make it impossible to do completely.

    We shouldn’t have to submit a request to the jira for an “offline” status function. This is such a no-brainer that I can’t believe it’s not already part of the system. Actually, I’ll take that back. I can believe it. Lindens don’t have to deal with these issues. They have the ability to make themselves *completely* invisible in Godmode — they don’t even show up on avatar radars. In other words, they have no idea, themselves, just how annoying it can be when you want some “me time” and can’t get it. They’ve never had to experience the situation.

  77. Killashandra Falta says:

    @63 & 64 Say no to IMs… to join the fight, IM you? Ummm…. Isn’t that kinda… against your own point?

  78. Darling Sieyes says:

    …for those of us who like to work…needing concentration…if sure would be kool if we could share our non transferrable objects with an alt…this alt can be our worker alt, not making friends, not joining groups except those which we know we wont be disturbed in the middle of a project…this way, we could schedule our work, social, play, etc…times…

  79. Stephe Ehrler says:

    I find much of this comical. If you really want to go into “Not answering the phone” mode, just ignore any IM’s being sent just like you do when you don’t answer the phone at home! Most people are smart enough to realize; if they send you an IM and you don’t respond, you’re either busy or AFK and they go do something else. If they refuse to understand, then maybe you need some new friends? We aren’t talking about ignoring someone for weeks here…

    As far as ‘privacy’, just don’t give people your RL info if you’re going to do things in SL that you want to keep “private” 🙂 If you -need- to do some things you don’t want associated with your main AV, (O.o) get yourself an alt. Maybe I just am not shy or don’t care what people think of me but I just don’t see the big deal here.

    All I’ve done is made a -Float text- tag for my avie that says “I’m busy working, please leave an IM”, no one has complained or thought that is rude. Most people again are smart enough to understand that you are busy working when they read that 🙂

    IMHO asking for some sort of total privacy with redundant backups of messages in case of a crash with automated responces etc is just MORE *fluff*. People tell SL to stop adding features and to fix bug, but then at the exact same time are telling them to add features?

    The only thing I do see as being strange is why does the system return offered inventory in busy mode? I think that should be removed then most people could just set busy mode without a concern and use something that is already in place but this sure isn’t a problem like the “side six” texture bug I’ve been dealing with for over a year is!

    Stephe Ehrler

  80. Yngwie Krogstad says:


    It is true that they’re logged according to the name of the sender. But have you changed your settings in that folder to sort by date instead of by name? This forces the most recently modified files to the very bottom of the list. Just jump down there and you’ve got all your new messages available. I know Windoze has this feature, and I can only assume it’s also available on the Mac and Linux systems.

  81. Very Keynes says:

    Wow, great debate all, lots of constructive comment and 99.9% on topic 🙂
    I won’t add my request list, as every point has already been covered and, I am sure that Jon is listening (one of the few that does).
    I chimed in to add that I have several Alt’s, not good for the economics stats, but the best way to get privacy, and it has got to the stage that my main account is for working and one of my alts is my main account for socialising. SL is almost self-indused Schizophrenia 🙂 I defiantly back the call for better privacy options, as it is it works for me, but I pity newcomers who build a business and a social life with only one account and no one to advise them in advance.

  82. Sean Heying says:

    > “The differences in height-effectiveness for the Access and Ban tabs came about as a result of a large volume of complaints from Residents who simply wanted to fly over (and through) land to which they weren’t explicitly granted access.”

    Gosh, how many people fly between sims compared to how many people have skyboxes?

    > “I’d imagine, then, that if you want to have a private room that’s in the sky, you’re stuck with keeping it at or below 50m. It’s not ideal, but we literally cannot please everybody.”

    Another statement that PROVES you never use SL, not only did you not know that access didn’t stretch to heaven like you say in a KB article but you think a skybox at 50M above mean ground is OK?


    I would love that access group only was like ban to heaven, who cares about planes, you can’t fly or travel between sims anyway. Those days stopped 4 years go, probably when “the vast majority of residents” wanted planes. Those days before direct TP when Teleports were forced.

    Time for a rethink… or maybe another option… on private estates make the access group go to infinity, after all there are covenants on estates when ban lines can’t be used.

    I would love to set one of my three sims to access my group only.

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