[RESOLVED] Asset System: Continued problems

[UPDATE 5:18 pm PST] System up and running. We have resolved all issues and the system is up and running now.

[UPDATE 5:00 pm PST] We are continuing to address this situation as quickly as possible. At this time, things are looking promising and we foresee a bright future very soon. Please remain patient and accept our apology. Again, we are working hard to resolve this situation. Thank you.

[UPDATE 4:00 pm PST] Please do not use inventory related actions at this time. We will keep you posted as this is resolved.

[UPDATE 3:35 PM PST] continued problems with asset system functionality. At this time, there continues to be a work-in-progress issue with this and should be repaired soon. We will keep you posted as soon as this matter is resolved.

[UPDATE 2:25 PM PST] Operations has restored the asset system to full functionality. We’ll announce an ALL CLEAR in world as well.

[UPDATE 2:02 PM PST] We’re re-opening general logins, but we’re still investigating. If you log in before we finalize this issue, we again suggest that you refrain from rezzing or transferring valuable (no-copy) assets. We’re also broadcasting this warning in world.

[UPDATE 1:55 PM PST] Operations is continuing assessment and repair of the asset system. Logins are currently restricted to Lindens only. We’ll keep you posted.


A grid shutdown is imminent. We regret both the short notice and the inconvenience, but we must address the asset system without resident load. We’ll keep you updated, and will have things back open ASAP.


Operations is investigating a slowdown in the asset system. This is affecting multiple regions, and can manifest in a number of ways, including:

  • Inability to save notecards
  • Inability to compile scripts
  • Rezzed objects refusing to return to inventory.

We’re still scoping this issue, and will keep you updated as we move past diagnosis and toward resolution. Until the scope of this issue is clear, we strongly suggest you avoid rezzing or transferring valuable (no-copy) assets or L$.

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