Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview Reconfiguration – New Region List Coming!

The Second Life Beta Preview is being reconfigured for more flexibility and to enable the next phase of simulator validation for the new Havok4 simulator design. The beta preview environment will now be made up of two kinds of regions, core regions and resident testing regions.

Core regions have been selected to represent standard types of regions for basic feature validation (including sandboxes). These regions will be present at almost all times on the Beta Preview. The current Core Region list was developed in discussion with the Havok4 beta testers over the last couple of weeks, and is presented below. We may modify this list somewhat based on your feedback, so do not assume that this is unchangeable.

Resident Testing Regions will be copied from the Second Life main system in order to proof the behavior of specific resident-owned regions. We have completed a scheduling utility that makes copying an entire resident region, completely built as you see it on the main system, with all permissions and security settings, very easy to do.

The Beta Preview will be offline from 4:30 pm PST today until 7:00 pm PST today in order to reconfigure the system and bring up the new region list.

PLEASE NOTE: The map tiles on the beta preview may take a while to refresh, and since we are removing many regions and adding many others, the map may not initially represent the list of regions available. If you do not see a region on the map yet, you can set Preferences with “Show Start Location on Login Screen” checked, and then type the region name into the Start Location text box when you log in. By tomorrow the whole map should have reconfigured itself to match the new beta preview configuration.

An upcoming blog post will describe the new Havok4 Early Adopter Program, which is the beginning of Havok4-based simulators in use “in the wild” on the main Second Life system.

2007-12-18 7:40 pm PST Update: 27 of the regions on the Beta Preview did not restart correctly and we are working to resolve this problem. Rather than hold the entire grid offline, we have opened the beta grid for all access with the currently enabled regions, and continue work on the regions that did not restart.

2007-12-18 10:08 pm PST Update: All Beta Preview regions are now up and running. (oops corrected date/time stamp… late night conversion from Eastern to PST mistake… this was resolved last night, not this morning)


Orientation, Welcome and Help Islands
* Morris, Ahern, Bonifacio, Dore, Help Island
* Orientation Island 11 (main)
* Orientation Island 5 (TSL)
* TSL Volunteer Island

Mainland adjacent sims
* Blue, Mauve, Lime, Mocha

Combat Sandboxes
* Combat(sandbox) – Red Team’s HQ
* Combat(sandbox) Rausch
* Combat(sandbox) – Blue Team’s HQ
* Sandbox – Weapons Testing
* TSL Weapons Testing Sandbox

Vehicle Sandbox
* PSU CS199 (replaced Georgean by popular request)

* Periwinkle, Purple

PG Furry
* Lusk

General Sandboxes
* Sandbox Island 3 (TSL)
* Sandbox Island 4 (TSL)
* Sandbox Island
* Crash Me

Sailing Courses
* Haengbok, Jinsil, Sanchon
* Hahne, Jasckle, Hepum

* Abbotts (aviation)

Internal Test
* Bug Island (Dan’s – QA)
* Island for Misfit Toys
* Island for Unit Tests
* Lindenworld D


Sidewinder Linden
Havok4 Program Manager

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57 Responses to Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview Reconfiguration – New Region List Coming!

  1. Elendir Axon says:

    do we have any kind of eta till havok 4 will be moved to the main grid, i mean honestly a simple ‘we’re a 1/4th of the way there’ or, there’s still plenty to do, or its almost ready would be great not looking for a timetable just wondering where we are

  2. Want back in says:

    Sorry if it sounded like a complaint, that wasnt my intention, it was more asking the “old rats” for help. My pc spec is way over the requirements though, but still thanks.

    On topic, i think this is neat:

    “Resident Testing Regions will be copied from the Second Life main system in order to proof the behavior os specific resident-owned regions. We have completed a scheduling utility that makes copying an entire resident region, completely built as you see it on the main system, with all permissions and security settings, very easy to do.”

  3. Dougal Jacobs says:

    I’d like to point out that the sim “Lusk” is not affiliated with FurNation.

  4. Michi Lumin says:

    Err, Sidewinder — Lusk is part of Luskwood, not FurNation. 🙂 Thanks

  5. Hiroaki says:

    @4 I guess thats what they will be telling us in the upcoming Adopter program introduction?

  6. Rav says:

    Um.. All furry sims are not about, as you put it, “pr0n”. In fact most, like Luskwood are very PG enforced. Besides, quite frankly, I’ve seen more human “pr0n” on SL than furry. Maybe take a good look at yourself.

  7. Corsi Mousehold says:

    Hey Wait a sec. FurNation …. Lusk? Lusk isn’t part of FurNation. Lusk is a mainland sim. FurNation is privately owned.

    But hey. If you want to try out a FurNation sim as a Havok4 … Prime.

  8. Aeper Jie says:

    Wow 3 tsl sims. you guys sure love us. and why must you temp us with all this cool Mg stuff..well porn should be banned from Sl. all you adults who say other wise can go to some Porn mmorpg. Sl is not your Yiff/Strip/*other things refering to this topic* Clubs

  9. Bryon says:

    Oh Mauve and Blue are being Havoked… Well if you are ejected from Mauve, Blue or Lusk on the preview grid, I guess that’s for real… I am getting dual queries on the banlink logs now…

    Sidewinder, if I understand correctly you are replicating the core regions on separate servers with their own separate resources…
    Are the servers class and configuration identical?

  10. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @ALL Sorry guys… Yes Lusk is not part of FurNation – did it really take that many posts to point it out? 🙂 I’ll be putting up a corrected list shortly. We have been pretty busy since a number of the regions did not restart correctly for some reason. The grid will be opened with the currently running regions enabled while we work through the rest of the list. /Sidewinder

  11. Ryu Darragh says:

    Furnation Prime? You should also add a copy ot Limbo, Cathedral or Eragon to the list. These may be lowly Private Islands, too, but they crash like a pinto with a full tank of gas in a rear end collision all the time..

    20 of our Wyrms (dragons to you mundanes) playing the “boing!” animation at once can crash a lightly loaded region like Eragon in minutes and Limbo and Cathedral crash 6 times a day!

    *boing!* *boing!* *boing!* *CRASH* :P~

  12. U M says:

    WOohooooooooooooooooo Havok4! YES

  13. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @17 Ryu: I will be blogging about the Early Adopter Program tomorrow (completely wiped out at this point today, sorry – 1:12am here :). If your Wryms are good crashers, please give them a whirl on one of the beta preview sandboxes or on Crash Me. Watch the blog fto find out how you can test your regions on Havok4 very soon.


  14. Will Webb says:

    I highly recommend adding Abbotts to the core list; it covers a whole range of aerial vehicles.

    Also, the Oak Grove sim carries the actual vehicle selling point for the vehicle sandbox, so you might want to add that one too.

  15. Mona says:

    And which regions are the extreme playgrounds to go wild? I mean, those that you fill with hundreds of toys to crash the sim:)) Crashme on the maingrid is always full!

  16. sakkaku says:

    sweet, rausch has been a hell pit the last few days and hopefully this will fix some things.

  17. lashek says:

    Very glad to hear about all this. Will be even happier once Havok4 becomes good enough to hit main grid 😀

  18. Foley Fitzpatrick says:

    Hey Aeper Jie by the way you said”all you adults”, it would make you think you are not yourself an adult in which case you shouldnt be playing second life anyway, and instead play teen second life,and as far as i know porn is not allowed there

  19. sakkaku says:


    Just because something is allowed doesn’t mean that it should be in every sim. I for one would like to be able to travel through most sims without having distractions littering the place.

    For the most part it isn’t a problem, porn stays where it should but there are often gross violations like ad farms or items in PG.

  20. Mako Minogue says:

    Sidewinder –

    I have created pure +Physics content that works fine in HAVOK1 but breaks in a most interesting manner in HAVOK4.

    Is there a person(s) who I can give the content to at LL so they can can beat on it or should I open a Jira ticket or other tech support method?


  21. Valradica Vale says:

    I am not quite clear on the concept being offered here for Resident Testing regions: does this mean that an owner can test his/her region on the beta grid if they desire? is there a limit to the number who can try this? How do we get dibs? Also, I did not see a response to the question about whether the server class will be replicated for each of the requested resident test regions.

  22. Pixel Frog says:

    I’ve just joined in Oct, is there any anticipated date when us newbies will get a chance to see Havok? Are they still using a copy of the grid from several months ago?

    OT, You people who are yapping about banning porn in SL, furries will be next on the list. 😛 To each his/her/its own, you ever heard that one? It’s always been my experience the more stink you make about something the more people will want to do it. The beauty of SL is that it’s so much like FL, if you don’t like it don’t look at it. Don’t impose your views on others.

  23. les says:

    Sorry i cant make all the meetings. Trying to make enough money to eat and all that.

    You’ve removed PSU CS199 This was the ONLY decent place to test vehicles. Right as you are entering vehicle testing stage. :/

    You’ve giving us Georgean for vehicle testing. This sim is just a bunch of hills like any other. If you guys want to develop a decent public vehicle testing area i’ll do it free.

    Until then please give us back a CLEAN sim with a race track prim surface to test. 🙂

    pick one…

    Mooz, PSU CS199, Snowpeach.

    Any of those 3 pure vehicle sims would be welcome and again make performance vehicle testing possible.

    On the topic of vehicle testing…Vehicle banking is still not working.

    Thanks for the effort.

    Les White, vehicle and race developer.

  24. Doris Haller says:

    I filed a Bugreport in JIRA that I only got on the beta-grid.
    I could not find a specific version ofr tag to mark it for HAVO, wouldn’t it help?
    Maybe I just didn’t find it ansd someone can moce it to the right place?


  25. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @29 Les: Would it make sense to just remove Georgean and replace it with PSU CS199? I’d be happy to do that, and was unaware of the issue you raised.



  26. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @Traxx: Please stop posting asset server problems here, they are off-topic and I have removed your comments to leave space for comments related to the beta grid reconfiguration and Havok4.



  27. Hey folx…………………………………..!
    I have sum important ratio(ratii?) to determine, assistance will be greatly appreciated….
    With regards to efficiency of communication between client>HUD/in world control of remote devices such as lighting for clubs via direct touch data and transfer over llListen and llLinkmessage, llSetLink……..etc:
    Listens often fail when subjected to high frequency input and link prims are limited by geometry, would it not be of benefit to create an elastic prim, after all, we already have flexi and mega. The end of a prim is already known from pos/size/rot calcs, could the end positions be attached at both Tx and Rx(avatar/controller>device) to create an “elastic” prim data transfer link? An invisible umbilical cord of sorts, immune from congestion and due to being invisible, the path needs not to be complex but could infact run around the outer edge of a sim(remember TRON, the right-angles???), like a cable network, attaching itself to avatars in the sim and carrying data around the edge 512m to the point of execution. Again, use basic avatar/object,sim position server data to initiate the network terminal. Groovy. Happy non specific(luciferian) “winterfest” tm.

  28. Aaron J. Freeman says:

    I didn’t stay in Mocha long enough to see a train rez, not knowing how long that would be, but notice that Mocha isn’t connected to Purple, where the train turns about. Olive would be a nice addition, and I seem to recall that Periwinkle somehow connects to Teal.

    Is there a sim border that crosses a sandbox? I think that would be handy for region crossing tests.


  29. Kadin Redgrave says:

    Havok 4… Sweet! Now, if they can only get that update out on the main grid before Havok 6 is in use everywhere else. I only say Havok 6, since Havok 5 is already being used.

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  31. michi lumin says:

    @37 — Kadin:

    From what I understand (and Sidewinder can correct me if i’m wrong):

    The change from Havok 1 -> Havok [2,3,4] is much more difficult than a future upgrade from Havok [2,3,4] -> [5,?6,?7,etc].

    I believe this is because the api became more or less “established” with 2, where the changes from 1 to “everything else” was quite a bit more major.

    I’m no authority on the matter but just trying to provide some insight, I believe future upgrades to newer versions will not be nearly as painful.

  32. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @YOU if you are posting off-topic comments… Please use this blog comment stream for ON TOPIC posts only – about the Second Life Beta Preview configuration (original topic of post) or the Havok4 project (project that is currently on the beta preview). Due to the high volume of noise I will be deleting all off-topic posts shortly. They do not help the Havok4 team to get the job done and get Havok4 out on the main system, which is something we all want.



  33. nimil says:

    open comments on the blog post pertaining to the comments you deleted and we’ll post where we’re supposed to. closing them does not help us communicate with you about topics we actually care about. i could give a damn about your physics engine when i can’t even log in or change my clothing.

  34. Traxx says:

    Well it seems i am not the only one who is being driven to this channel to put up a red flag about something, tho (rightfully so sidewinder) getting my post scorches(which wasnt a flame but a crie for help out of desperation) i just would like to know if LL is gonna put up some sort of communication channel for residents to report their losses to? as is at the moment i lost a 22k chime that was put down and 5 minutes later the warning got posted which is kinda auchie, LL put up a help channel related to this current issue where people can report their losses to get back what you dissapeared….

    About havok,

    Like earlier i indeed suggest to add Abbots since the wide aerial expertise would be an asset and a great test form.

  35. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @10 Byron:
    “Sidewinder, if I understand correctly you are replicating the core regions on separate servers with their own separate resources…
    Are the servers class and configuration identical?”

    The preview system is currently set up so that the same server class is used on the main system and the Beta Preview. Since the Beta Preview is not anywhere near the size of our main system, that means that we will rotate regions on to the preview for testing, and then off of once tested. As I mentioned I will be posting a separate blog entry with some more details about the program.



  36. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @12 Ryu: We may add other sims for testing later. These choices were made by region owners who are proofing the regions for their own testing. Again, I will be blogging about that program in a separate blog entry (hopefully later tonight). /Sidewinder

  37. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @15 Will: Abbotts is actually on the core list and is on the preview – it was missed in the blog post – my apologies. /Sidewinder

  38. kap Ultsch says:

    @ sidewinder

    Your are the only one how is available… from all Blog themes… sorry to you 🙂

  39. Burgess Miles says:

    –“Due to the high volume of noise I will be deleting all off-topic posts shortly. They do not help the Havok4 team to get the job done and get Havok4 out on the main system, which is something we all want.”–

    If the Havok team is reading this instead of working on the problem we’re in even more serious trouble than I thought. Of course people are using the only place available to air their frustration! Please open a means of communication where SL-users can let off steam! You might actually learn something along the way. Communication with your end users is absolutely essential.

  40. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @21 Mako: Please post any issues on the jira public issue tracker. Thanks! /Sidewinder

  41. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @22 Valradica: More info coming soon! There will be another blog post on the program as soon as I can get it finished. /Sidewinder

  42. Rex Cronon says:

    right now on beta there is no Rausch neither SWT(sandbox weapons testing). it also takes only a few hundred physical objects(less than 700) to slow physics fps to 18(in a havok4 sim). i can’t rezz anything from my inventory.
    how long until the main grid is up again?

  43. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @All concerned about the current outage: There are many people working on this issue and they are quite aware of the problem. Posting about it more here does not help to get the issues resolved, and they don’t need more folks to point out the obvious – “something is wrong”. Continued clutter on this topic does, however, make it harder for the Havok4 team to focus on getting Havok4 finished and “out the door”. Please be respectful and let’s focus on working the Havok4 issues so that we can get our new simulator design in widespread use. Thanks! /Sidewinder

  44. Storyof Oh says:

    Sidewinder leave us to whine about how wonderful havok is…if we can log in…and go help your mates get the grid back up 🙂

  45. sakkaku says:

    Maybe instead of trying to moderate this they should be working harder at making the grid working. A happy customer doesn’t complain, fix the problem and you wouldn’t have to be moderating your blog.

  46. Storyof Oh says:

    superb..the grid is fast….tp is fast…..rezzing is ultra fast……magnificent…oh and the grid is also empty! ….fantastic work Lindens :))….so can we crank up the power to have this performance always even with 50k members?

  47. mimi says:

    I think its not a bad thing Sidewinder deletes off topic issues.. he replies to so many questions about havoc4, thats a good thing!

    I guess if we would get replies to all topics that bothered us in many people wouldn’t post off topic but thats not Sidewinders fault, he puts a lot of effort in replying to his own topics and actually responds to questions, show that he cares about the questions.. Yay, 1-0 for the communication, good job!

    I wonder if havoc4 will change anything in the sales/buy/transactions that needs to be tested or will it remain unaffected by havoc4?

  48. Wolfie Waves says:

    Havok4 won’t affect sales and other transactions as Havok4 is the new physics engine. All that deals with is avatar movement, collisions, objects set to physical etc.

    Currently with Havok1 you can easily crash regions with physical objects but with a Havok4 region it is pretty difficult to bring a region down with physics.

    Also from what I understand, Havok1 is the main reason why a region only supports 15,000 prims and the physical linkset limit is 31, both due to a memory issue.

  49. Fab says:

    ok hmm.. I have a problem.. U know the issue that says SL was gonna be down because something something asset!!
    Well it is up and running.. but its not running properly.. soooo
    Ya… can u do something about that??

    by the way nice job on that new wind light version

  50. Tegg B says:

    “If the Havok team is reading this instead of working on the problem we’re in even more serious trouble than I thought.”
    And I suppose you think 10 people working on the current issues will work better with another 10 people who work in different fields and aren’t familiar with the main system poking at it blindly? Why not throw the cleaners and some accountants in to work on the problem too?
    Good job with Havok4, look forward to it as one step towards working vehicles in SL which would revive the near-dead vehicle building sector.

  51. Craig Solzhenitsyn says:

    Ty for the updated list

    the list seems rounded enough

    i did a 1024 prim test in a sandbox – and placed ‘cones’ and ‘pyramids’ beneth them – unfortunatly the phys engine didnt see the cylinders or cubes were ‘pointed’ and landed on where the face would be.

    i hope that makes sense…

    Also – as in ‘core’ sims – does this mean they will be ‘as if’ and not all open to being bought and building? so the vech test sims will not have 66 ‘house in a box’s rezzed all over it and vech’s can get around the sim?

    Truthfully i hope that a team within LL are also working on a Ver.2 of sl aswell – just like explorers and firefoxs and any other prog – add-ons and quickfixs can only last so long. This is not to downplay the Havok4 and other improvements added – this means for a Ver.2 it would be already tried and tested and can be implimented into the core script. Many may baulk at this idea of a Ver.2 buts its natural progression – when does a monkey with tools and language become human?

    Sl may still have webbed feet but its true form is visable.

  52. Traxx says:

    @28, an elastic prim now wow that would be something i would really be looking forward to, that would open up so much new possibilities and new entries for creativity and with havok that “might” be possible? swoons*

    Little warning to people out there, seems to be still some sluggishness wouldnt be surprised if something would blow up soon lol, jsut be carefull all and merry xmas!

  53. Sidewinder Linden says:

    Based on several requests, I have replaced Georgean with PSU CS199 so that we now have a racetrack region for vehicle testing on the Beta Preview. PSU CS199 is now up on the Beta Preview.



  54. Traxx says:

    thanks Sidewinder! time to race!!

  55. Sidewinder Linden says:

    Crash Me was just added to the core configuration on the Beta Preview… Have fun! /Sidewinder

  56. U M says:

    are you also beta testing problem islands that have beenhaving knew issues? There are a few that might be wanting on the list. Is it possible to add others?

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