[RESOLVED] If you can’t log in to the Support Portal at the moment…

This has been resolved, you should be able to access our Support Portal from any of our web servers.  We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for notifying us about this problem!

…chances are, you’re talking to Webserver #20. Among all of our Webservers, #20 has suddenly decided it’s not on speaking terms with the support portal login. The others are working fine.

If you’re getting an error message on the support page, please check the URL in your browser. It’ll probably look like: https://secure-web20.secondlife.com/community/support.php

We’ll get web20 sorted out soon. Meanwhile, for a workaround, please either manually edit the URL and replace “web20” with a lower designation between “web1” and “web19” or click here.

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