[FINISHED] Reminder: Service Outage Planned for 11 December

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 2:40 pm PST]

Logins are open.  Come on in! 

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 1:57 pm PST]

We’re almost done. The support portal has been restored to service, and we’re aiming for a 2:30 pm opening.

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 12:35 pm PST]

From now until we re-open, access to the support portal may be problematic. What you get when you hit the page may vary between residents, but the bottom line is, support access isn’t reliable. This inconvenient behavior is part of the update work, and should clear up as we move into final testing.

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 11:45 pm PST]

The reversion is taking a bit more time than anticipated. Regrettably, we need to extend our projected downtime until 2 pm Pacific.

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 10:44 am PST]

We’re now projecting an additional hour of down time, with re-opening scheduled for noon PST. The bulk of the maintenance work has gone as planned. However, one component of the system update has failed validation testing and must be reverted. Once the reversion and validation retesting are complete, we’ll be ready to open logins again.

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 9:25 am PST]

The Second Life Beta Grid is now available. Happy testing!

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 8:43 am PST]

Land Store functionality is now restored. LindenX and other SL Website functionality should be up shortly. Grid update progress is going smoothly. Please check here for further updates. Thank you for your patience.

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 7:00 am PST]

Second Life Scheduled Maintenance has begun. Please check here for further updates. Thank you for your patience.

[UPDATED 11 Dec 07, 6:00 a.m. PST]

As part of the service outage, registration, LindeX, and the Land Store will be taken off line at 6:30 a.m. PST this morning, thirty minutes ahead of the other grid services.


[Originally posted 6 Dec, 3:30 PM Pacific]

Second Life will be unavailable on Tuesday, 11 December, from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. PST. (That’s 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. GMT.)

The outage will include both Live and Preview (Beta) grids.

During the downtime, we’ll be upgrading some databases and adding asset storage capacity. No changes to simulator code are scheduled, and no new viewer will be required when service is restored.

We apologize for the short notice on this, especially during the approach of the holiday season. We would’ve greatly preferred to give this a little more lead time, but asset storage capacity in particular is something we need to address sooner rather than later.

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150 Responses to [FINISHED] Reminder: Service Outage Planned for 11 December

  1. Ciaran Laval says:

    You guys sure love to tease us, come on, what’s this asset storage capacity aimed at? Is it due to rising numbers or is it to help with inventory loss? Both of those are positives!

    Is it a top secret project?

  2. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    YEAH TEAM! this is far past due i hope it goes well and we dont see as many losses and problems

  3. richard says:

    wow does this mean second life will not be working right for days?
    well it a tuesday so you have 3 days to fix what you screw up !!!!

  4. Silke says:

    Well. Aren’t there enough problems open to solve? Wish, the Lindens would answer one of my tickets. 😦
    Try to buy a region, but the webpage is showing an error in the script. Are all the leading figures out developing new features?
    Very desperate going to sleep now.

  5. kerunix Flan says:

    yay ! how many Terabyte now ? 🙂

  6. Redmoonblade says:

    Lol. If its a special questions ticket they arent gonna answer it any time soon. Thats why its called. Special questions.

  7. Sera Lok says:

    This sounds great! Is it possible you could also go ahead and roll out the fix for SVC-930, Prims set for sale – prices are incorrectly set when multiple prims taken to inventory and rezzed, considering it’s already internally fixed? It would be icing on the cake for a lot of us, I think. 🙂

  8. Silke says:

    Well. Just the question, why it is impossible to buy a region. Nothing special – i could repeat that error on multiple computers by now.

  9. Well… i’m getting tons of problems every new update for many many many days .. it make been in SL like just living in dead of wasted time. We just wish to have it stable any long it possible .. SL is growing fast and we are growing fast also learning and developing what we can learn. But we really need to have SL work without the frustrating issues like the crashing or rezzing or even teleporting problems :S

    anyways .. my best wishes to every new upgrade we shall always support SL.

  10. Istephanija Munro says:

    QUOTE “No changes to simulator code are scheduled”

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…. what is wrong with you?
    FIX SVC-930 – 1 month is more than enough.
    It is internally fixed, whats the waiting good for???
    The bugfix is is there, waiting any longer to deploy is turning from an honest mistake into sabotaging all SL merchants and Mall owner on purpose!

    That ain’t right! Actually thats just rude!

  11. Xplorer Cannoli says:

    I think to save frustration, I will plan on playing RL on Tuesday. Thank you LL for the heads up!!


  12. Taff Nouvelle says:

    This at least is something that is really badly needed, the asset server problems are a real pain, cant upload pics, cant open scripts, cant find items, dont have permissions on something I just made, the list goes on, Thanks for this fix . 🙂

  13. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    I really hope that this will get that “#¤5@£€ Asser cluster to respond in a timely fashion…

    It have really been the front figure for the LL slogan lately IMHO.

    “Thank you for your patience”

  14. Chica Indigo says:

    omg more crashes after that for sure 😦 It ALWAYS happen!

  15. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Tuesday is stipend day. Hope that’s being taken into account. 🙂

  16. Nikolai Kidd says:

    THANKS, :O
    Asset problems will be one less thnig to worry about. Now….about those TP’s into black holes that cause a relog…..

  17. Ann Otoole says:

    another week of grid issues while the damages are repaired.

  18. tull kit says:

    December 11? oh no… it is my RezDay…


  19. WarKirby says:

    Why no changes to simulator code? There are a lot of critical issues fixed internally and needing release, like


    When are you getting around to these?

  20. coventina dalgleish says:

    Why do you people always apologize we know you do not mean it anyway. Oh, and thank you for your patience, you wore that out long ago.

    Just make the statement we are doing this and if you want to say this is why we are doing this.

    There is just something about an organization and/or individual who always comes hat in hand whining that they are this and that. Are you people running business, most of the time I do wonder that. But then it does flow down hill does it not.

  21. Ron Crimson says:

    Just because no bugfixes or other changes are *scheduled on that particular day* doesn’t mean they won’t fix important bugs some other time instead, maybe even before the 11th. For f?!*’s sake, people, this is a HARDWARE UPGRADE and as such it’s a GOOD THING.

    But none of you incessant whiners knows a GOOD THING if it gets shoved up your collective a$$es.

    If it were up to those residents in SL that are sick of you whiners, you’d all have been jailed or executed in-world by now. :-PPPP

  22. Laraya Mills says:

    I am perfectly fine with that outage, if the result should be that it is possible to use the teleport system 3 times in a row without being shot into the Nirwana of the Internet (just in order to give a specimen 🙂 )….
    Since capacities of the storage seem to be a major problem, I think increase of hardware sources really could help. Good luck to all of us
    greetz – Lara

  23. Tegg B says:

    “Ciaran Laval Says: You guys sure love to tease us, come on, what’s this asset storage capacity aimed at? Is it due to rising numbers or is it to help with inventory loss? Both of those are positives! Is it a top secret project?”
    More likely just more space for all the bots inventories and all the 20k inventory avatars slothing around the grid complaining about lag and logging problems 🙂

  24. extralab says:

    December 11 is also the day the Web 3 conference kicks off in Paris (this is probably one of the biggest web-based conferences in Europe).
    There are sessions involving virtual worlds, and coverage of Second Life. This is definitely not a good choice of day for a downtime.
    Would have made sense for you guys to check this out, as LL was showcasing SL there last year.

  25. Sudane Erato says:

    Why Tuesday?? Didn’t LL arrive at the extremely important decision, months and months ago, to perform all except the most emergency outages on Wednesdays?

    Folks, this was an extremely important decision on your part, arrived at after literally years of demonstrations by us that programs, events, businesses, classes… needed something *DEPENDABLE* to count on regarding scheduled downtime.

    As the person prior to me in this thread points out, big programs are often scheduled months in advance. I personally am involved with many educational programs and RL company programs, which *count* on scheduled outages to happen on Wednesday’s.

    There is no excuse for us to schedule important events of Wednesdays, since we have been aware of your policy that if scheduled and necessary outages occur, they will do so between the regular Wednesday hours.

    Likewise, there is no excuse for you to abandon this incredibly important policy. There seems like nothing in this announcement that suggests that it is an *immediate* and dire emergency.

    PLEASE! Move this event to the declared policy time of Wednesday, and, PLEASE, restate your commitment to this policy! As someone who does a great deal of work with RL organizations, this is critically important.

    Thanks for your attention to this.


  26. Raven Primeau says:

    Wishes you would explain a bit how this maintenance affects us numpties who dont do tech speak. Hoping its a good thing that will make my inventory load faster at least.

    *sets Tuesday evening aside for unscheduled extra work in RL*

    Best of luck with it, shame no bugginess being swatted at the same time though

  27. Doris Haller says:

    Am I right to have hope that this could reduce lag due to slow loading things from the asset servers?

    Or will they just be bigger and store more, but still slow? So they would load more things slow….

    I hope for the best

  28. Doris Haller says:

    I don’t know where I get that optimistic view from..

    I saw voice, search, windlight, age verification. Not all of it is bad, bat for me and many others all those have lower priority than
    bugfixing, stability, and performance.

    This is the first action in a long time that I noticed that MAY BE reduces lag.

    I am holding back any plans related to SL (like renting space, opening new shops, buying thing) at the moment because I am concerned that we will have more and more features that makes it impossible for me to use SL in whole.

    I really hope this will make things a bit better!!!!!!!

  29. Raven Primeau says:

    Offers Doris @28 a big hug 🙂 of course it will be slow, grey or missing image!

    On Wednesday it may be more colourful *in my dreams* lol

  30. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Relax people the source of the Tuesday power down announced themselves back at @18. We’re all gunnin’ for ya now Tull. Happy RD from LL 😆
    Just a reminder everybody to boycott the age verification beta …. tell them to get it working then maybe they’ll get the info. Don’t use our info to play with your digital buddies LL. It’s bad enough you don’t find CC info etc we gave you when we joined adequate, but to “test” security with real info ought to be a crime.
    ON topic…I am really hoping that this “planned” downtime will solve the high failure rate of saving and uploading scripts. It has gone through the roof lately!!

  31. Can’t help it, but something makes me think this one’s for storing the age verification data which is to be used in SL futurewise.
    Which leads to the conclusion that Age is an Asset 😉

  32. neville barton says:

    I like Tuesday downtime better than Wednesday.

    In UK it means not going to be able to do my 2 hours of r&R in SL this Tuesday

    But on Wednesday I’m on for at least 6 hours…no Wednesday downs please!!!

  33. Troy McLuhan says:

    The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (a real lab, like Linden Lab) has a major event scheduled for Tuesday at 9:00 AM PST (SL Time) – a nanotechnology seminar that involves both a RL and a SL audience. They felt comfortable scheduling the seminar on a Tuesday because while they know that the SL grid might crash at any moment, at least Linden Lab won’t schedule any downtime on Tuesday – scheduled downtimes happen on Wednesdays… don’t they?

    Maybe this was a typo and you really meant Wednesday?

  34. Diamanda Gustafson says:

    Hey – can we have our Library textures back while we’re at it?

  35. inacentaur says:

    drats, and Tuesdays are when Joe Linden’s fascinating grid talks happen at Dr Dobb’s.

  36. Chronic Skronski says:

    Typical. Bitch bitch bitch because the asset server is bogged down. Then bitch bitch bitch when a maintenance window is scheduled to work on that very problem. Merry christmas, whiners.

  37. U M says:

    Well if its anything tha is occuring now with failed TP and group Im the down time is well needed!

  38. Many reponses quikly close so I will respond here…. sorry about the off topic.

    Land prices:
    I’m in the business over almost a year now the avg. price per m2 L$
    is not being regulated by Linden at all. The prices on the economic
    stats say nothing about the inworld offers in any way.
    Most prices are between 20 – 40 L$ depending on the location
    (not talking about Island parcels as they are being leased by the
    estate owners actually and not sold – a hidden lease construction).
    And this is not bad. Land owners can make profit and buyers are
    more than happy with beauty land since it is a 1x investment.
    Again, I’m not talking about Islands/Private Estate since that is not
    a selling construction, but a hidde lease. For a theme or commerce
    they do just fine, but I’m talking about Mainland

    Economic crash ?
    Yes… The Search again crashes anything. Lowest prices are on the
    top of search results, consequently making it inpossible to exploit.
    Competition is now made completely unfair.
    When stuff is cheap is mostly shows. Ppl with some sensitivity for
    quality have a lot of problems to find the good stuff now !!
    Why should I open a store and loose money in SL ?
    It was possible to make some profits, but the Linden’s prefer to
    drive business out with the stupid Search that turns the whole
    economy up side down !

    In RL we were thinking about SL of a a new marketing tool for our
    recent started company. We have decided not to go forward on that
    issue since childs are running LL. It’s a highly unstable platform and
    uncontrolled on key economic factors + highly technically unstable.


  39. Pinkie Piek says:

    Are there problems again in inworld with tp,search,saldo,etc?? all is out now, cant do anything with it

  40. Brac Westerburg says:

    Oh cool, now maybe I’ll be able to log in without having to do it 4 + times. The last update did a number on my game.

  41. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    Any chance fixing the tp issue about 40 percent of the time I tp or map somewhere during the tp i get logged out of sl and so does my friends and customers they end up getting logged out of sl / region while trying to tp the past week

    it hurts business big time

  42. merciamcmahon says:

    yes in-world problems despite what the blog says are continuing several hours after ops said it was resolved. Concierge have now told ops to sort it, but the blog stays the same last time I looked. Assest servers gettting fixed tomorrow, about time. I had a purchase not delivered today because the asset server was too slow and I cannot set home or rez on group land I ahve permission to do these things on.

  43. Vladen Corvale says:

    Great news IF this will include a responsive asset server. If it’s all about more storage for even more assets without fixing the issue with the (at least apparently) bottlenecked connection to said servers, this is just covering the pile of crap with some brand new crap… heh.

  44. Dick Erde says:

    nice job, still can’t log in. “login packet not recieved from server” A+++ fix from earlier! was it hard changing the blog to read “unfixed” to “fixed” after playing some pool in the office?

  45. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Great !!!!!!!

    As if you didn t now at Linden that this so called maintenance was coming up … a maintenance is planned well ahead … if i in Rl am doing my job well ???? I always shedule the maintenance of the fleet well ahead … so my boss has cars to rent whenever the client needs them … (aren t we clients of you ???? )

    Once again a major holiday and Linden feels the need to mess up things for the SL citizen who has now time to be in SL …

    Did you test all what you are going to do in simulation for some time (not 1 hr but days …. i dare not to think that the answer would be NO ) ? Or do we again have to wait … for hours on end ??? after the so called end of Maintenance?????

    Didn t you see the drop of Logged in Citizens lately ????? How would that come ???? (see your title for this blog )

    Wanna bet that on wednesday their will be downtime too ??? I wage 2$L ….. 😆

  46. Dick Erde says:

    can you fraction the $2L into 0.2L cents? 😉 about what it’s worth!

  47. Contra Demonia says:

    In the comments on Age Verification there was a call for a boycott of all economic activity in SL on Tuesday. Right after that the unscheduled downtime was announced.

    Personally, I think its best to stick to the days that everyone is expecting, like Wednesdays. The boycott was going to be a flop anyway so I hope that didn’t factor into anyone’s decisions.

  48. I’m actually HAPPY that LL is adding resources to help us out. i mean, yes they screw up.. a lot, but now they are doing something to FIX something, and all you guys can do it bitch.

    kudos, I say, kudos. please let this fix my inventory

  49. Drako Nagorski says:

    id just like to LOL at aristotle… they dont take into account dead people… if you look in the latest blog post on IDV, look down the list to a post with a URL. open it and if its some green page about aristotle, youve hit it. in there is another link for Tupac somethin or other’s IDV info. btw, tupac is some dead rapper. to get his drivers license, search google for “tupac [whatever his last name is] drivers license”. first link, theres a pic in there of his license. 😛 just thought id let yall know

  50. Schizm Neutra says:


    Erm, this won’t mean more lag will it? Hope not…anyway I’ll try to look on the positive side!

  51. coventina dalgleish says:

    Who really cares you people can’t even keep teleport working. It is a crap shoot if you do not teleport the game tosses you

    Nice work you would think after 4 years you would have figured this out

  52. Joanne Sabre says:

    My thanks to Ron Crimson. Well put. Now, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

  53. Nickie N says:

    Err…will I be able to log into Second Life now? Its just not wanting to let me log in.

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  56. DR Dahlgren says:

    To be honest, this has me a bit concerned. There has been an ongoing degradation of the asset system for weeks now. Very slow and many failures. Upgrade of this system is sorely needed, so I hope this is a real solution and not just more drives, window candy at best.

    What has me concerned though, is the scheduled day. As posted above, Wed has been set aside by most of us who plan to use SL for critical events, as the day NOT to use. For LL to abandon that policy without any real notice can only mean one of two things IMHO:

    They simply don’t care how changes in policy affect those who use SL and plan this use based on what LL has told us is policy..


    The asset system was so borked, they were afraid it would not last another day without failure so severe, it had to be solved today.

    Either one sends shivers down my spin, but in truth, I think the first scenario is the most likely.

    I aplaud the efforts to repair or upgrade the system in a way that helps SL, but one more time, the motives and or concern LL shows for those who make this thing work leave me cold.

    Hope this is worth it…


  57. Carrie Grant says:

    With all these problems totally ruining merchants sales over the holiday period and the large amount of money a lot of people have spent with you in advertising – can a Linden please tell me if you plan to refund or extend classified adverts for another couple of weeks for free? Not that it will help much as we’ve lost a great deal of time on the run up to Christmas but at least it would be a gesture as they have been totally useless and unusable most of the time we have been paying for them.

  58. Mykell Ackland says:

    I hope the ruddy Teleport issues (i.e. something like a 70% failure rate, and then kicking you out of SL when it does fail) will be fixed. That, and the annoying Group Chat bug where it never connects!

  59. Redux Decosta says:

    Beta’s down too huh? Can’t wait till sim source code is open so I can get work done during downtime.

    Actually I just noticed that it’s been a while since the grid had an extended outage. For a while there you guys were doin this like every week… things keep getting better, ty~! ^_^

    P.S. who and how much would I have to pay for some sort of executive special privilege to log in when the grid is down? ;x

  60. Hiroaki says:

    Tell us what it is about or we will rant! X)

  61. antonio asano says:

    There is ONE word I have for that! And I won’t say it here ! My new sim has just been delivered and I take a free day today to set it up ! You are CRAZY, this can NOT be REAL!!!

  62. Kwakkelde Kwak says:

    Good work…should i say finally? 🙂 Although it is a shame the grid is offline for an extensive period, if you ask me you can always do it for a better asset. Hopefully it’ll fix the ever growing little pains with tp, L$, inventory and such.

    Better take it off line and fix it than keeping the grid up and running and do your usual patchwork.

  63. Fos Dagger says:

    I’m all for Upgrades of the Hardware; go LL!

  64. U M says:

    Support tickets are getting to be a pain in the *********** O have 3 that have not been answered. Don`t expect a dream to come true soon.

  65. Raine Carver says:

    What are you going to do about teleport crashes. many of my friends and so do other residents are experiencing that! It’s getting pretty annoying when you teleport and crash immediately when arriving.

  66. Miles Corinthian says:

    I woke up this morning thinking it was Tuesday, only to find out it’s an SL Wednesday… hope that means Friday will get here sooner…..hmmm, what to do with my time? Maybe I’ll get out a Sharpie and re design my calander to better fit in with the ” new ” SL time….lol

    Peace out all

  67. Asset expansion is necessary and costly I suppose.
    If Linden Lab uses mathematical regression since Dec. 2006
    then the capacity in the future can be quiet reliable prognosed
    to stay ahead and not wait till the last possible moment to
    I have prognosed between 55000 – 60000 users online at the
    end of Dec. this year 3 months ago at peak usage…
    It’s where we are now indeed.

  68. Dovic Battery says:

    me thinks they are telling porky pies ( lies ) they gone christmas shopping and can’t trust us to play nice when they are gone, soooo they sent us outside to play till they get back.. i’m right arn’t i ?? admit it hehe.

  69. arlo weir says:

    Good! Every update is one more step closer to perfection! keep up the good work linden labs!

  70. Votslav Hax says:

    ..Ok.. I can live w/this..it’s been awhile since the last real service outage, and we know you would rather not…take your time… Do it rt..no pressure..and I’ll see you somewhere over the rainbow!

  71. Minni Trotter says:

    Happy Rez day Tull

  72. JaeMarie Tachikawa says:

    ::in vader voice:: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    eh, off to the next big waste of time…myspace.

  73. DD Otoole says:

    Have a nice day ppl, while LL are at work ^.^

  74. Lozlo Peng says:

    That was rude, atleast give us an IN-WORLD warning. ugh.

  75. Dasan Tigerpaw says:

    … a little in world warning would be nice.. some of us dont keep up with all this update times and stuff… you warn for rolling restarts.. why not a warning for taking the grid down, it would be a nice touch. thanks…

  76. Jinxy says:

    Hayyy, maybe some of you can shower, eat, and get some sleep now! ;p =]

    Hope this’ll fix my never ending Inventory probs. Woot. *CrossesFingers*

  77. FanFan Babii says:

    Keep up the good work and I really think that sooner is better then later too hehe
    CYA all soon again:) tihi

  78. Yann says:

    Come on guys!

    Don’t be so negative all the time.

    I’ve had my shares of troubles (and i still have some) but LL is doing their best in helping where they can. True, it takes a while before they answer with the support tickets, but dont expect to be the only one with problems, ya know?

    Yes, i crash too.
    Yes, i cannot TP all the time.
    Yes, i’ve got stuck inworld for two days. (SOLVED)
    Yes, i’ve been billed twice in a month. (SOLVED)
    Yes, some places are laggy.

    But i don’t complain. I know how hard LL is working and improving SL.
    And it takes some downtime in order to do that.

    Make some use of the downtime. Go wash your car, work in the garden, do the dishes, go shopping….or whatever….LOL!

    If you think you can do a better job instead of nagging all the time, then ask for a job at LL.


  79. Charlie Fraker says:

    Lozlo, they did, at quarter to 3 [GMT] which would have been 6:45 SLT

  80. Kimo Junot says:

    @#70…..Perfection????? LOL This is not the same SL I came into 19 months ago. It is full of bugs and crashes all the time..most of the time I feel like I am walking on ricepaper..just waiting for it to break again. But what good does complaining do anyways lol. I will just keep coming back in..keep building..keep getting frustrated..keep crashing..keep having fun..and keep making friends along the way..That is the SL Life! :o)

  81. Extrah Mayo says:

    😛 Thats messed up..little headway man – omg!

  82. theReelUC Hax says:

    Stop bickering. If you can’t handle being out of sl for 4 hours.,.. do yah think maybe its time to GET A REAL LIFE!

    … And what’s up with posting here anyways??? *wink.

  83. Trin Bailey says:

    Ok… I never saw any improvement after a shutdown of the grid… but if you say it is necessary… well…
    BUT FOR GOD’S SAKE !!!! Why don’t you plan these downtimes when us, poor stupid europeans, don’t USE it ? That is : from 5pm to 15pm ???????

  84. Wewe Shan says:

    i saw a lot of bad words against LL guys… maybe someone forget that those guys are working….

    message addressed to those that doesn’t understand nothing (in my language “un CAZZO!”) of computer technology and engeneer..

    go ahead guys.. goodwork from me..
    Wewe Shan

  85. Raban Laborde says:

    Asset server… Uh oh… no rezzing, no buying the next days until the broken things will be fixed. Hopefully my inventory will be untouched this time.

    It would be much better to keep such downtimes on wednesday as LL decided to do long time ago. If LL want’s to get “big players” into the grid, these people need dependable outage times – nothing said about an emergency so this outage could have been performed tomorrow.

    Or has Linden an emergency and does not inform us? hm?


  86. Steve Rammidge says:

    At least I will get 3 hrs of sleep today!

  87. Extrah Mayo says:

    I’m tellin Santa!

  88. Dovic Battery says:

    i saw a warning in game, [6:44] Second Life: You will be logged off the system at 7:00am SLT for maintenance. See http://blog.secondlife.com for details
    anyhoo good luck to the team, they are doing what needs to be done to make things better for all of us.

  89. Grim says:

    eat? sleep? shower? WHAT?!!?

  90. Susanne Susa says:

    I like cheese!
    Oh, that’s probably off-topic… hmmm

    Ok, i got a suggestion for Second Life… how about rename it to:
    Several Unintended Computer Krashes Surprise
    Well, with a typo, but it abbreviates more on topic.

    Lag, poor script performance, sim crossing almost impossible, losing items, database errors, every day network errors, saving is not executed, asset server errors, all attachments to zero location, prim drifting, clothing not loading, crashes, etc etc etc. And this for over a year….

    Still I love SL.. can you believe it =)

  91. Hawkslight Eureka says:

    PLEASE tell me you’ll also fix the probs with Teleporting out/into SIMs? I can’t rarely ever get out of them because of the second to last update. I am a Mac-user and was really hoping that you would fix the problem soon.

    Just another thing…Not much of a warning if it is warned directly thirty minutes before the update. Not really planned and warned. Please try and advise of updates/fixes at least 24-48 hours ahead of time please?


  92. Hersul Lachman says:

    Complain, Complain, Complain.

    Did you all also do this when your Windows XP or Vista crashed?

    Even Microsoft builded the system step by step. LL is also doing this, a little slower but they are working on it.

    Get your bags and go a few hours to RL… They need you there.

  93. Friday Planer says:

    /me adopts a foetal position and rocks back and forth crying, “Oh god, the world went away. What am I gonna do? What am I gonna DO? Waaaaaahhhhh!”

  94. Susanne Susa says:

    Real life?
    oh this:

    AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, noooooooooo, dont let me go there!

  95. Lozlo Peng says:

    Charlie – Why didn’t I receive it then? Quarter to three isn’t good enough. Atleast a CLASSIC 5-1 minute warning (like they used to)
    Maybe I relogged at the time and missed the warning.
    One warning isn’t good enough, LL can’t expect people to know the grid is going down when they just logged on.

  96. yanti sands says:

    Well, i don’t know about you guys but i have some screwing to do…
    realy, making a closet… oh god.. with my screxdriver off course….see ya

  97. Theodore Montpark (look me up if you want a fight) says:

    I’m often ignorant of these things, so please excuse me if that is the case, but LL don’t seem to have made much effect to address the genuine concerns of those who are going to lose more money, more business, and more time because this has happened on a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday. It SEEMS like rather bad PR, and especially bad customer service, but then I’m always very happy to be proven wrong…

  98. Makwa Greenwood says:

    There was plenty of warning LL sent a warning out minutes before as well as posting on the log in screen. Yeah for upgrades!

  99. Bau Ur says:

    Thank you for giving good advance warning, and thank you for addressing the asset situation. Inventory loss upsets many people, especially those who are affected economically, even though SL never promised to be a marketplace and never promised we wouldn’t lose stuff, including money.

    If someone wants an uninterrupted 24 hour online marketplace, maybe they should go to EBay. I do get tired of people who throw fits because a necessary update might lose them the opportunity to sell three pair of fetish boots. I am very glad when an update fixes problems that impact building and creating. Recently I have had a lot of trouble with objects failing to rez and copies failing to appear for 15 or even 45 minutes, related, I believe, to asset servers. It will be nice to be able to build properly again.

  100. Ron Crimson says:

    “Joanne Sabre Says:
    December 10th, 2007 at 4:46 PM PST

    My thanks to Ron Crimson. Well put. Now, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!”

    *BIG GRIN* thanks Joanne. You just made my day. 😀 😀

  101. Lory says:

    Just how long will the maintainance take this time?

  102. Jimbo Spinnaker says:

    “Grid Maintenance – See Second Life Blog – We really mean it.”


  103. minxy warwick says:

    i would like to say you guys at LL are doing a great job,we need to have this fixed so good job i just wish you guys could have waited until wed hahaha

  104. Athena Rickena says:

    Thank you for the notecard reminder before logging us out. *smiles*

  105. kulalyle Anatine says:

    Oh really “asset storage capacity in particular is something we need to address sooner rather than later” thanks I hope every thing goes all right :h i know i should be happy we have SL but come on can we get a good fix here I know lets fix the virtual toilet So we go down with out a snag :o) h

  106. Winter Ventura says:


    Yanno I can’t really come up with anything to complain about. Any work done to the grid at this point is VITAL work. And I’ll gladly take the time off from working so that someone can go in and tighten the bolts holding the world together.

    I’m just frustrated cause I was building a really cool ship, and having fun doing it, and had to stop. Luckily the sandbox I was building in has no autoreturn, and is owned by friends.. so my work will most likely be there when I get back.

    I *DO* wish we had a good way to work offline… using the same building tools and whatnot. But I can watch a movie or two, or make some sketches while the grid is down.

    Basically, I’m cool with this, even though it caught me during prime building time.

  107. Tukker Waco says:

    I think i can put it really short what all the others already have said.

    FIX SL COMPLETELY (cos with just 1 maintenance all the probs wont be fixed…..)

  108. Arbella Dragonash says:

    I hope this will sort out TP problems…I’m fed up of being dumped into solid rock….usually on Thursdays or Fridays :s . I’ve had several times when I couldn’t stand up. Make a really good job of it…and if you “lose”
    a few griefers’ accounts I won’t say a word!

    PS An inworld timezone converter for those of us not on PST would be a huge help. GMT person here.

  109. Wilhem Writer says:

    ..Hi guys… We understand that it is mandatory to do some heavy maintenances…so have a good work.
    For Christmas, I found what could be the Linden Lab gift… Yessssss
    It could be a new “Search Engine” because i never find what i m searching with the one we use right now !
    Really, it could be a very useful improvement….

  110. Chelle says:

    When I joined SL just over a year ago SL worked great had no real problems, but back then the most people I ever saw online was about 8000 peak time, then Sl starts getting busy and I had to upgrade my pc as I was unable to walk or tp. Upgrade gets done costs a small fortune then SL is wonderful again, I no longer crash in a room with more than 3 people and for a while I was relatively lag free..
    Now Sl seems to be getting busier and the lag and all the old problems are back and if I want to stay in the game is it going to mean another costly upgrade?

  111. Chaves Shu says:

    Eeh great… i was snipering with some friends lol, every one was going offline and i relogged… caus internet spaced… lol when i came back noone was online… omg so empty… so i walked arround the space… (empty) and looked at the place where my friend layed.

    wel.. i hope thats not a big problem acctually… but kind of funny to see everyone is gone… gives the feelings ur walking arround Chernobyl… only here is no radioactivity… or something… =) well euhm i hope this mainterance is done quick… i want to get the action back until that i need to play Call Of Duty 4… or annother game…

    just want to say to the lindens… Take care and oh try to fix some bugs… cause there are allot in SL… have fun you all =)…

  112. WildEagle says:

    Wile i doubt this will go up i feel i must say my piece. Your working on assets servers which is good don’t get my wrong. But i have to agree with some of the others on this. Whats the point of saying sorry Linden labs? We have herd it time and time again. It has worn out it’s usefulness. In my RL job i can’t say i am sorry when things go wrong. Because when they do, it can kill people. So many times before we have herd, where sorry for this. We are sorry this caused this. I have been on SL for over 3 months now. All i see is, we are sorry we aren’t doing our jobs. I never get any response from LL about problems. I took me well over a hour and a half the other day to get a region back online, a region i don’t own but i admin in. It TOOK A PHONE CALL FROM THE OWNER TO GET YOU GUYS ON YOUR TOES. Even then it took well over 30 mins. How can we trust what you say, i am not a whining but merely stating the facts. I have support tickets still in que that have been there well over a month now, still no response from LL. I am happy your updating things I really am. I see you moving for a better stable environment, which is all the people want. People also want to be helped in a timely fashion. Face it some people are impatient like myself. I am happy to see you are slowly learning how to run things. I am happy you gave advance warning via a notice about the outage other then just killing everything and kicking us all offline. But still there are other problems to fix, I still haven’t gotten a response from LL about the missing items that i lost during that lovely DNS failure. I am afriad to put out things that are expensive on the sim now. I lost RL money and so did others, but we are never going to repaid instead we will just shovel more money into your hands to fix what was lost. Thats all we do, in spite of the complaining we will just shoveling money into the game till there is nothing left. SL is like a addiction to people. Face it people we are right, we just fall over and play dead because we just go on and find ways around things. SL is like an addiction to some, they can’t function in the RL world with out the game. So all the complaining might as well be for nothing really.

  113. Suu Miles says:


    Both main and beta grid down, and it ain’t Wednesday. So something for sure is borked worse than usually. I think I can remember having LL say that downtime is avoided and they prefer to fix things with the grid still running…

    I prefer having a downtime for once and then less lag (yeah, I know pigs DO fly in sl), a fixed search, working asset servers, no troubles with tps, L§s balance, vendors and inventory (to name just a few bugs that always come back no matter what)… And I guess being Tuesday now it takes at least two days for sl not being slow due to reloading caches etc.. so then imagine it being weekend again when we notice the lastest bugs, failure etc… and by Monday LL ops will work again behind the scenes while we struggle within sl again…

    @ 79
    I’m sorry.
    I am a customer, I bring money into the game, therefore I have the right to compain about things that don’t work. Even though I begin to feel we are more and more the guinea pigs for LL, like see how much pain they can endure before they start whining or leaving. WE customers don’t have the big picture behind (and I strongly hope the LL have one, even though I doubt we would like it if we knew it), maybe the teen and main grid become one and then LL sells sl off to someone else? Who knows?

    All I know is that I have become more and more suspicious about LL, their communication skills, the transparency behind everything and their ignorance towards their customers, us!

  114. Darkling Wise says:

    Like many others who have posted above, I have nothing of any worth to impart, whatsoever.

    However, as a concerned SL citizen I felt it important that I make myself heard on this matter.

    Indeed. More people should speak out about things they have no comment on. The Second World will be a much happier or sadder place for it.

    Keep it up! Whatever it is that’s up already.

    Darkling 🙂

  115. Zito Kamachi says:

    Upgrading some databases and adding asset storage capacity is good news but will it solve but will it solve the avatar friends list in(on & offline) indicator which freezes the avatar from time to time & sometimes crash? Another kink in the system is when i move the avatar foward & take my finger off the key the avatar keeps moving & sometimes i can have my finger on the foward key & get stuck. Good luck SL Team.

  116. OldBuilder Larsson says:

    I agree totally with #75 Lozlo. At least I saw no IN-WORLD warning, and I was online while this thread started, without a chance to know, so I was just thrown off the grid with a message that an Admin had logged me off. Wandering what I might have done wrong to earn that.

  117. KuteKelly says:

    I hope ya fix what wrong in SL very very soon. we are getting bored here out of our ritz. One more thing please get the tp fix.I am getting tired of crashing everytime i teleport somewhere.

  118. nomoresecrets says:

    Wed, Dec 12, 1am – 5am
    DescriptionSecond Life will be unavailable from 7:00am-11:00am (4 hours) for a planned service outage. We will be upgrading database software and adding additional asset storage. No simulator changes are being made, and no new viewer will be required following the outage. The Beta Test Grid will be unavailable during this time as well, but may be brought online partway through the outage depending on how the work goes. Watch http://blog.secondlife.com for more details.

    That was in the Calendar since 12/6 . so each could read it and plan what doing on this day. so dont say there was no warning.

    read the calendar for outages and updates, than u will be informed.


    Cant be too much, to read the informations, where they are stored.

    keep up the good work, LL.

  119. LillyBeth Filth says:

    I have to say, 90% of the Blogs feedback is negative and I feel this is because LL have closed all ‘open’ lines of communication down.
    I rang LL for the first time the other day and the Linden employee refered to me as LillyBeth rather than my real name. Ive also noticed LL collectively refer to us as ‘residents’ when in actual fact a good number of us are paying CUSTOMERS. I pay $220 a month for a service thats more than you pay for your electric, Gas, or telephone/Broadband service but compare the two in terms of customer care. When you are paying a lot of money for a service you do NOT expect to be left in the dark , have little to no customer service or care and be constantly refered to as residents or addressed by any name other than your REAL name.
    I have always maintained this theory that LL keep us as ‘residents’ rather than customers as refering to us as customers reinforces our belief that we are paying a real amoun of real money for a real service and as such expect a real approach to problems complaints and general customer care issues.
    I spoke to LL via Concierge regards issues about the new search and why my ” Show in Search for L$30 ” keeps unticking itself knocking my store off both search lists old and new. I was told ( and I quote ) ” Oh Its new to me this new search, heres a link to Search Help ” I explained I knew how it worked and had read all of that but it didnt cover the issues I had including the fact my media ( land snap shot ) wont load in the new ALL search either unlike all my competitors I have a tiny black box saying ‘ Snap Shot’
    My LOGO is very important in attracting new customers as it shows samples of our work in it.
    I hate to whine but seriously if you could just be treat with some respect as paying customers that are supporting LL’s business instead of guiniea pigs with no voice there would be less frustration all round and less negative feedbacks at the blog
    Watch…any minute now this feedback will be closed and removed for fear of potential new customers seeing it and being put off.
    Not that long ago someone with a lot of money had made a 1 page website complaining about all the issues in SL and warning ppl to research it before joining. When you typed in Second Life into google it came above LL Second Life so that guy must of been spitting mad to of spent the kind of money he had to achieve that position in google.
    The problem is LL have no competition as such. No fear of ppl going else where so they can afford to be laid back and play the games according to their ever changing rules. That wont always be the case and we will all see a massive difference in LLs treatment of its ‘ ressidents’ when theres a new kid on the block that ppl start moving over to. Their already on the horizon just a matter of ppl noticing and telling other. I for one wont leave SL but I will be pitching my tent in all and any other virtual worlds that are bound to take a stab at doing a better job that LL appear to be doing of late.
    It wasnt always this way. When SL was smaller there ‘was’ a more family type environment were Lindens walked amongst us and visited us at our land when we had problems. And then ppl started saying LL were dumping us for more RL business. I ignored the comments back then but have to say, they have built a huge brick wall between ‘ us & them ‘ over the last 12 months and the only communication we get is by way of public announcments alone.
    Its sad. Even poloticians have ppl below them visit you in your homes to try and humanize and build relations…relations between us and LL are so strained right now.
    None of this wil change until LL fear new blood. As yet theres none to worry about so we have to ” put up and shut up”

  120. blackcrow6667 Garmes says:

    You really need to build second-life addiction support into this site so we have somewhere to go .. just to point and click and stuff, with a similar client menu system, even if it does absolutely nothing.

    Oh, and that age verification .. yeah that still sucks!

  121. Rip Oxbar says:

    LL I have question. Why is it we always seem to system down time in the mornings PST. Why not put on a night shift to do this maintenance when necessary? Say like 1am to 3 am in the morning PST, when most people in North America are asleep. Oh! I ‘m sorry I forgot all about the Free SL accounts in the Second & Third Worlds. We really dont want to inconvenience those accounts now do we? Forget i asked anything!

  122. Trin Bailey says:

    No answer for #84 ???
    I am not surprised….

  123. Zee Pixel says:

    This was really crapily done guys. First you pulled this notice off of your blog yesterday. So I contacted concierge support and asked if the downtime had been changed and was told that if the notice had been pulled down then the downtime must have been canceled. Then I get in this morning only to discover the notice re-added and the system down. Nice way to keep your support staff informed so that they can give the customer correct information.

    Second Life needs protected windows of uptime. Like we can always expect the system down on a Wednesday, we need to always expect it to be up on a Monday, etc…

  124. Ecom Giant says:

    OK guys.. SL goes down from time to time, and even when its online.. the SL Search goes down to.. So since this happened to me twice several months ago.. I decided to create a FREE SL search site.. which you can list your products, services, land, etc.. all for free.. Go take a look, you might see someone you know. http://sl.gimmeweb.com

    VIDEO tutorial on how to add your FREE text link to our search engine.

  125. Milo Bellow says:

    @111 And Anyone Else Who Has A Good-Ole-Days Streak…

    1 Year Ago: SL Was Full Of Bugs And Lag And People
    2 Years Ago: SL Was Full Of Bugs And Lag And People
    3 Years Ago: SL Was Full Of Bugs And Lag And People


    Can You See A Pattern Building? =P

    “the more things change, the more things stay the same”

  126. Morten says:

    How can people be commenting on this on the 6th of december, when this message wasn’t even here the 10th?

  127. I have to ask. Why do you care if this maintenance is done on Tuesday, Wednesday or any other day? It’s important and needs to get done.

    Perhaps more to the point, it is NOT a surprise unless you’re too lazy to read notices on the login screen. This is a scheduled outage which was announced last week. You had plenty of time to reschedule meetings.

    I’m also curious as to what people are claiming this is a major holiday. December 11 is not a holiday, at least not in the United States where Second Life is based. Christmas does not begin until December 24. All the rest is merchants getting greedy as usual.

  128. richard says:

    lag,crash,lag,crash sitting in chair (rocking back and forth)lag,crash waiting for second life to come back,i hear voices in my head,second life is calling you,lag,crash.i feel much better now that the doctor put me on medication.

  129. Lol Atyou says:

    I didn’t think there’d be this many people whining about a few hours of downtime. Jesus, people, relax and enjoy first life for a change. Surely you have other things to do. I love how people get so upset about a few hours downtime though. Hahahaha. Enjoy SL. =)

  130. nomoresecrets says:

    #122, since when a minority tell the mass in a democracy, what is to do?

    oh, i forgot, usa isnt any longer a democracy.

  131. Chesle says:

    Taking the Grids down is fine – as long as it never happens again. By the way, if you delete the assets that are already lost, you probably wouldn’t need to add any more capacity for years.

  132. Andromeda says:

    Thanks for time in GMT!! 🙂

  133. Susanne Susa says:

    @126, at least LL cannot be accused for being inconsistent. =)

  134. Theodore Montpark (look me up if you want a fight) says:

    Can we not have a stand-alone version of the SL client/server for home PCs so that we can prepare/test builds and scripts offline? This would be especially helpful in these sorts of situations, and may also reduce the volume of crap people are keeping in their online inventories.

  135. Milo Bellow says:

    Tee Hee 🙂

  136. Guy says:

    Yann… 2 out of 5 is good?

    I check the headlines everytime I crash and start the client back up and this “upgrade” came as news to me. Maybe the Lindens can create a notice in the client like they have for the beta previews to keep people up to date on outages….

    And no… in the real world people don’t read google docs or expect to search to find out information…

    But lets cross our fingers and hope this downtime actually accomplishes something and we don’t see a blog of [Investigating] [resolved] [thought it was resolved] [sorry guys, now its really resolved] leading into the weekend….

  137. kulalyle Anatine says:

    i havnt been here that long about 6 months but what i can see is that the wall betwwen us and LL is that some of us give LL the shaft riped off taken advataged of they ruined are relationship with LL we just have to deal with it LL is just protecting its self from all the abuse scams highted complantes rollback rollback im this im that please ban his account im a non profit all the stuuf they deal with cost them money money that cant go back itto making SL stronger maybe a better surrport will come soon we can hope….

  138. AEON says:

    Wow.. what kind of half ass data shop do you guys run? 3000+ servers and u don’t appear to run clustering or mirrored fail overs? Then phasing in changes and doing hot swaps.. Christ its amature hour..

    Hell even mom and pop Hosting services figured that out.. and Linux has been able to handle it for years.

    Maybe you should hire some actual engineers to go with ur coders.

    If u alienate the customers and don’t prove stability to business, your toast.. Remember the boom? Dump a lot of VC cash with no pay back and Avitars will be doing car commercials like that sock puppet.

  139. simba fuhr says:

    stop crying about the lags and problems !!!
    if you can do it better, do it better !!
    nobody will stop you when you try to create a own world like SL…

    also, dont cry about the problems, help to fix them, stop camping, stop griefing, stop using open listeners, clean up your inventory.
    you can do many things to increase the performance !!

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  141. Broccoli Curry says:

    Thank you Linden Lab for screwing up a major presentation of SL that was due afternoon UK … right slap bang when you decided to pick maintanance time.

    ONE HOUR notice is simply not good enough. We know to avoid wednesdays, so why screw it around this week?

    I thought that “full grid downtime” was no longer required?


  142. Riven Homewood says:

    I sure would have like better notice given for this! I wasw inworld last night, and I didn’t see anything posted on the login page about it. One notice 5 days earlier isn’t enough notice for a total shutdown.

    I had given up reading the outage calendar, because the outages that affected me never seemed to be listed there. Now you have a major planned outage, and that’s the only notice we are given. Come on, folks.

    I have a university class today. I have paid for this class. So far as I know, the instructor expected to hold class at the normal time today.

  143. LillyBeth Filth says:

    Lol Atyou Quote:
    “I didn’t think there’d be this many people whining about a few hours of downtime. Jesus, people, relax and enjoy first life for a change. Surely you have other things to do. I love how people get so upset about a few hours downtime though. Hahahaha. Enjoy SL. =)”

    It depends on what your goals and ambitions are in SL Lol, if your a shopper/clubber/explorer on a free account, fine. No big deal it can all wait till another day.
    If your paying premium acct fees, land fees in excess of $250 to $1000 per month to run your business then its a totally different game.
    SL is not a game There are lots of games online to ‘play’ to quote LL’s marketing pitch Second Life is a metaverse with a real dollar worth of millions of dollars per day as residents buy and sell content created in world.

    Thats why ppl get pissed

  144. nomoresecrets says:

    #137, Guy, the Calendar is located on the SL-page.


    » See our new Second Life Planned Outages Calendar.

    Cannot be too hard, to look sometimes at it, if SL is that important for a “business”



  146. Rebecca Hastings says:

    This is beyong far the worse thing you could do at this time why not do it while we are asleep hmm? Why must we wait to log on.
    We have things to run in s.l land that will expire in days and we cant enjoy what time we have with it because of s.l has to be down. I think its in justice by far. If you could have it up sooner then 11 that would be great. if not. then I will have the biggest members who pay to you on a strike.

  147. Shylah says:

    I have kids and yes you can not see what kids do all the time.But I do not have a PC in there rooms..I have a password on the PC..Only I no.And about having a CC to get on SL..OK that is good..But now you can buy a CC and put 20 on it and get on SL.Anyone can do it MY 14 year old dose it..So how will that help..Have you seen the thing on TV..WOW and are kids set there everyday looking at that..I do not have TV in there rooms.We have moves so we no what are kids are looking at.My son come home from off the bus one day at 5 years old asking me “why do girl suck on *&^&” I ask him who told you that.and it come from some kids that was 11,13 and a 15 year old boys and that said that to a 11 year old girl..So come on we all need to get together not just on SL but all over in your homes school and the net..and look what are kids are doing..

  148. U M says:

    people are bitching about down time? Ok the UK people bitch the USA people bitch but there are those taht are Asia that feels it too. I Don`t care about Down Time its needed.

  149. Martha Saunders says:

    Ack, I want it back up now! ^^, Miss it already.

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