Tip of the Week #14: How to set multiple permissions easier

Did you know you can save yourself time & trouble by setting permissions for multiple inworld objects and inventory items? If you didn’t, this Tip of the Week which’ll save you time — “A popular question in my inbox served up with holiday cheer!” — is just for you!

If you’re curious about Second Life’s permissions system and why it matters to you, peruse our Knowledge Base Permissions articles (you’ll be asked to login if you haven’t already).

In other news, I’ve been working with Team WindLight to keep bringing you fresh updates. I’ve gotten into a lot of awesome conversations whose results have found their way onto our WindLight info-page, and we just had another LIVE & DIRECT inworld session today to discuss all thangs WindLight, y0 — thanx to those who came… and if you missed out, you can always check the transcripts. I’m going to keep updating our open bugs.

Related, in response to questions I get about our Issue Tracker — which Jeremy Linden posted about last week — I’m writing a guide on how I personally report bugs. It’s intended to be supplementary to our existing Quality Assurance docs, is very much a work-in-progress, and needs more pictures (and perhaps even a Tip of the Week in the future? 😉 ), but I like to share with you ahead of time so you can see how things… evolve.

Thank-you from the bottom of my prim heart for watching,

Fun with my autograph after vectorizing it (small)

Torley Linden is a Product Manager & more who regularly contributes to the Official Linden Blog. Torley’s enjoying using SLJiraStats to accelerate his work. See more Tips of the Week!

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46 Responses to Tip of the Week #14: How to set multiple permissions easier

  1. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    you sure are one happy linden hehe (you laugh almost as much as I do) Thank you for the tip about the multiple selections in the inventory for setting permission, that will come in handy especially for textures or well anything in large quantities

    happy holidays torley and keep the tips coming 🙂

  2. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    oops hit submit too quick, what about prim objects in inventory, can they be multiple selected in the inventory and do bulk settings or do they act the same as the stuff like textures (that can not be rezzed) also what if a prim object is multiple parts but adjusting permissions in the inventory, will it still be setting the permissions on all parts? (hope that makes sense) I have not tried setting permission while prims are in inventory and not logged in to test

  3. NullEnigma Javelin says:

    Is there a way to batch-set permissions on objects in your inventory? This would be a boon to avatar makers. If they tried to rez this many objects on land, they’d run out of prim-space fast. Thanks for this tip though!

  4. Sunni Jewell says:

    Hi, Torley: I love your tips of the week. I always learn something useful, even if I know a part of what you tip is on, I never know it all and I’ve picked up a lot of time saving and SL saving techniques from you! Please keep us with these, as they help to increase the SL experience, at least for me. 🙂

  5. Montana Corleone says:

    You mean if the settings stay, and don’t keep jumping back, or you have those slam bit probs that sometimes appear and sometimes don’t. Excuse me if I’m about as excited about Windlight as I was about Voice – NOT.

    I’d really like the newly recurring Group IM no permissions to post errors fixed, and all the other problems we’ve been asking fixes for for over a year…

  6. shaq Merlin says:


    What about the “For Sale” check-box? I remember I was trying this method few weeks ago and it’s not working for this “For Sale” check-box.

    Best Regards,

  7. Griffin Yeats says:

    Hey, this is a very good help for the newer creators who didn’t know this before, yet another awesome contribution by the most hyperactive linden on the grid.

    It is this kind of stuff that makes people feel better about being a part of this community, and takes our attention away from all of the more serious issues on this blog.

    By the way…where did you get the awesome turtle av?

    Oh and…my friend wants to know what you put in your coffee…lol.

  8. FallenAngel Erato says:

    hey nice info on setting multiple permissions even though i already knew months ago how to do it, my question is can you show me a way that once you set those permissions and pick the box back up into inventory make them stay? once you pick up any object you have put a mod permission on it goes back to only transfer once in inventory again….. not good

  9. Melanie Milland says:

    @8 Yes I have seen that too, really annoying. If the object has no mod contents, the prims’ parms will stay, but if it has no no-mod contents, then the inventory perms will always be no mod when a moddable object is taken
    Create a prim, make it mod/trans
    Take it
    It will be only trans

  10. Sweet Primrose says:

    Didn’t think you would also jump so eagerly into the effort to bury the age verification comments, Torley. 😦

    go ahead and delete this too, like they did with my other.

    Not Verifying
    Not Bluffing

    And probably now….

    ….Not Staying

  11. Rascal Ratelle says:

    The Following has NOT been addressed:

    What is the garuntee that this third party will
    respect the privacy laws and NOT store he info unless

    Is LL Monitoring this third party? Why should we
    entrust our privet info to a third party we know
    nothing about?

    What about security? how securer is this third party?
    Who do we hold accountable if a security breach occurs
    at the third party?

    What about third party credentials?

    I believe we have the Legal right to view those too.

    What garuntees do we have against Identity theft?

    I refuse to submit any of my privet info to The third
    party until you guys address ALL my concerns and
    questions regarding this issue.
    I do NOT feel safe nor secure releasing my privet info
    to a third party I know nothing about.

    How are we to submit our privet info? by photocopy? By
    Scanning into our computers and then E-mailing it?
    How much do free accounts have to pay? what about
    those of us unable to get a credit card for what ever
    reasons or can’t access pay-pal?

    Also it’s illegal for an online virtual world to
    require a users social security number for any reason.

    THere’s not a single piece of ID on that list that I feel I can trust SL with.

  12. hope antonelli says:

    should have known they’d bury age verification with a bunch of useless blogs. Ops normal for LL..

  13. Alaska Metro says:

    Anyone else notice Torley has LOVE NOTES in his inventory? LOL

  14. HealthStar says:

    When changing perms on nonrezz items from inventory like shown above, I have found that using a mouse recorder works wonders. Open the items up in the multi form shown in the video, move them to a particular place on the screen, i choose a corner so i can line it up properly. Use a mouse recorder to select perm, perm, close window, save that and then start running it as a loop. Boom, boom, boom, hands free.

  15. Kal says:

    If you continue to have problems verifying your identity, please go to the Second Life Support Portal and submit a ticket.

    Please attach electronic (scanned) copies of the following materials:

    Government issued identification that has your date of birth clearly displayed. This identification should be one or more of the following:
    Birth Certificate
    Driver’s License
    A utility bill with your name and address clearly displayed.

  16. Kal says:

    The Age Verification FAQ included this little gem concerning problems:

    “If you continue to have problems verifying your identity, please go to the Second Life Support Portal and submit a ticket. Please attach electronic (scanned) copies of the following materials:
    -Government issued identification that has your date of birth clearly displayed. This identification should be one or more of the following:
    Birth Certificate
    Driver’s License
    -A utility bill with your name and address clearly displayed.

    I am not the one in my household that pays the utility bills. Does this mean that I am desexualized?

  17. Kidd Krasner says:

    Cool info that I hadn’t known, but is it too much to ask for proper grammar in the title?

  18. Ann Otoole says:

    setting permissions on objects in inventory is stupid. don’t bother. you have to rez the object before the permissions become permanent. if you let something go out after setting permissions in inventory then don’t whine when it shows up in a BIAB.

    oh yea and boom goes the asset system. again. can we have a week without LL touching the system to make improvements please?

  19. Ben says:

    Suggestion for next tip of the week!

    Explain how objects/images/scripts inside are affected by the permissions of the object that holds them.

  20. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Hi Torley, still having problems with setting permissions and there is no way I can reproduce them, I am regularly going around all my items and having to reset permissions again and again.

    I checked what items where showing in search 4 or 5 days ago, and only half were, so I spent a good half hour clicking all items for sale to show up in search. 1 hour ago I checked search again, the outcome being I just spent another half hour selecting to show in search again, more than 50% of my items had changed permissions.

    Ok what’s really strange is that I have about 20 1 prim boxes, some with furniture in them and most with textures, I sell my stuff really cheap, so most boxes are marked up for sale between L$0 to L$1, is this something LL is doing to prevent ‘gaming’ in search?

  21. Blinders Off says:

    As always, a useful post Torley.

    Two thoughts:

    1. As Torley suggested, I would absolutely double-check permissions once you have used this “multiple-set” trick. If SL can’t multi-set textures and colors reliably (at this point), one should not expect it to reliably set permissions either. DOUBLE-CHECK.

    2. It’s a shame the multi-set function doesn’t work on items in inventory. It’s also a shame that we can’t see an objects’s CREATOR in inventory, nor the creator of an object that is WORN (requiring one to REZ it to ground, which often has undesirable results because of known SL permission-changing bugs… such as turning a mod/copy/notrans item to nomod/nocopy when rezzed).

    Again, these are basic, foundation-bugs that have gone unfixed for a very long time. So be careful out there people. These tricks are nice, but remember the platform is not reliable and double (even triple) check everything you do.

  22. Blinders Off says:

    Oh, scuse the double-post, but I forgot…

    3) Why don’t items in inventory show the same permissions they have when rezzed to ground. Quite often the “in-inventory” items have a different permissions setting than a “rezzed-to-ground” item.

    Bottom line: always rez an item to ground when checking permissions. The inventory permissions window is not reliable. One wonders why in at least 3 years, this known major bug has not been corrected.

  23. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thanks Torley. You sound like you have a cold this week! 🙂

  24. Cool !!

    Now impress me and tell me how to change all the permission on an object and all scripts, notecards and objects inside it?

  25. Gaea Niven says:

    Thanks Torley! More short cut keys pls!

  26. Awesome, didn’t know about the rezzed permission set trick!

  27. Mifune Thibaud says:

    All I want for Christmas … nice…didn’t know about that one. Mass permission setting for inventory inside linksets…pretty please?

  28. Damen Hax says:

    Should have guessed it was only holding shift.. o well, yay for the horribly repetitive extremely mundane tasks some of us face here in sL =]

    An idea for a future tip/tips,
    -how to make it so if you’re flying when you log off(or crash), you are flying when you log back in.
    -how to replace the default sound(s) fore when rezzing things or typing etc..

    Hope you have a good1

  29. Ron Crimson says:

    Blinders Off: you don’t have to rez things in-world that are worn as attachments. Wear them as you normally would, then rightclick them and go through the pie menus until you find “Inspect”. Voila, you’ll (usually) find the creator’s name for every single prim that the object consists off (with the root prim listed at the top) and that’s it!

    Damen Hax: those are good ideas for future TotW’s… there already is a setting in the Debug menu that allows you to save the ‘flying’ state between relogs (I think it’s actually on by default, have you tried?) – and as for changing the default sounds, you can do that via the Debug menu too, all you need to do is find each sound event and change the UUID associated with it (you can upload your own sounds and make a note of the UUIDs assigned to them). 🙂

  30. Ron Crimson says:

    Oh, and Torley…

    You must have listened to me last time as this is the first TotW in a while that’s been under 5 minutes!

    Good boy!! LOL 😀

  31. SL Player™ says:

    #11 Cry your eyes out on the forums it all been said and heard before it’s no new news…blah blah blah

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  33. remus Wilber says:

    for those asking about the permissions been different when in inventory to when rezzed, especially when it contains something like a no mod script.

    it will always show in inventory ANY negative permissions associated with the object, whether it be one script out of a hundred, or the door to a house or anything. if there is even one item that is no mod/tran/copy, thats what it will show you in the inventory. if unsure about something, rez it out and check the individual perms.

    I use a script when building thats no mod, so all my items show up as no mod when in inventory cuase of thet, but when rezzed, I can and do do anything I like to em, I just can’t play with that script

  34. I love watching your weekly tips, Torley.

    It did sound like you might have had a bit of a cold(I know your voice well :)), I hope you feel better soon if that’s the case.

    Thank you for your tips and work, happy holidays Torley! 🙂

  35. would also be nice if something that had full perms and was locked, diddnt then suddenly become not salelable and then when you unlink it it totally deltes iself

  36. Olish Yalin says:

    So nice and usefull video tutorial as always !

    Many thanks again Torley for your help !

  37. NEXT WEEK'S TIP says:

    How to successfully become a marketting pawn by releasing your personal information to a marketting company that will sell you like a $10 hooker to anyone that wants it.


    How to Uninstall SL after refusing to support this blantant data mining operation. Guess what folks, if you tried it, and failed, congratulations. They now have your data. And will want more before they call you VERIFIED.

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  39. Nefertiti Nefarious says:

    “Did you know you can save yourself time & trouble by setting permissions for multiple inworld objects and inventory items? ”

    NO! And because you insist on posting it just as a video, and not text and video, I still don’t know how to do this.

  40. Creem says:

    I’ve heard a rumor that the next version of the viewer (1.19) will have a revamped interface for setting permissions, including the ability to select an object and recursively set the permissions on the object and everything in its inventory. Is there any truth behind this rumor? I really hope so, because this would save a boatload of time and improve security when preparing a full-permission object for sale!

    Also, I’m curious as to whether texture permissions will disappear completely at some point, since right now they’re pretty bogus (you can easily get a “restricted” texture’s key multiple ways, and then apply that texture to as many objects as you like without any permissions restrictions). Thanks for the info!

  41. Tag Torley! I thought you might have fun with this.


  42. Lavender Arrow says:

    Relevant JIRA feature request: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-593

  43. Valerie Rosewood says:

    Very Good tutorial, the part with the textures is what interests me. I already do it the way Torley showes, however, it’s still a pain to do it for hundreds of textures a month (I publish 6 SL magazines with over 100 pages in each one). I wish there was a group permission changer for textures, or to allow them to be set when batch uploading them. I know others would find this useful as well.

    Thank you for the Video.

  44. Bellini Cazalet says:

    Thank you Torley. I love your TOTWs … they’re always interesing, informative, and just plain fun. Are there transcripts available for each of the TOTWs you’ve done? I really need the written word in my hot little hand before anything sinks into my brain. Let’s face it, as my grey cells get greyer, I find myself saying more often than not “ok, now what did he say to do?” Now if I have a transcript, I can read exactly what you said. *smile*

    Please keep up the good work, it really is appreciated.
    Be well, Bellini.

  45. Let me get this out of the way real quick (in answer to the many other current thread postings)…I am not for age verification but I did it. Why? Well…gee…even though this is an adult virtual world for adults only kids love to try to go where they are not suppose to. Admit to the fact that probably half of us tried to access something before we were 18 on the internet. I am not for having to “conform” to “the man”, but alas, it is just the way things work. (as for the using this to bury age verify threads…that is the silliest thing I have heard all day!)

    And on a POST RELATED note. Thanks for the tutorial Torley! I always look forward to your posts. 😀

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