New WindLight Viewer! (75173)

Download It Here!!!

We just keep beltin’ them out! Lots of good fixes in this one..

* VWR-3207: WindLight: Avatar Impostor attachments can’t be clicked or right-clicked
* VWR-3382: WindLight: Default underwater fog is too thick & murky
* VWR-3525: WindLight: Inworld snapshots are oddly squished
* VWR-3533: WindLight: “Show interface in snapshot” is broken
* VWR-3540: WindLight: Snapshots lack antialiasing
* Taking a snapshot will sometimes crash the viewer
* Water is missing in regions with Water Height >20 m with Basic Shaders on

Some notes on these bug fixes:

– You’ll notice that many (possibly all) of the snapshot errors have been taken care of.
– For the underwater fog problem, we’ve added a new slider called the Underwater Fog Modifier. This allows you to offset the underwater fog amount from its real, physically-accurate depiction to one that’s more fitting to your needs. (Translation – the opacity of the ocean, like the real ocean, looks the way it does from above by looking the way it does from below. But now you can tweak them to be separate- opaque from above, more transparent from below!) We’ve defaulted all the water settings to now be only 25% as opaque underwater as the surface properties above would dictate.

See the full list of open WindLight bugs.

As always, keep on doing a great job using, issue tracking/reporting, commenting on the viewer, and especially attending our WindLight office hours. These are at:

If you miss a session, transcripts are posted here.

Below you’ll find links to important info related to WindLight:

Have a great time lighting your worlds!!

Pastrami Linden and the WindLight Team

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123 Responses to New WindLight Viewer! (75173)

  1. Wolfie Waves says:

    Nice to see WindLight getting better and better. ^.^
    Keep it up guys! 🙂

  2. Strerak says:

    I love the windlight viewer and I’m happy to see that you’re rolling out fixes. I like the fact that you have multiple teams, one that works on Windlight another that works on Grid wide fixes. Great work so far! Keep it up!

  3. Lincoln Lightfoot says:

    The lindens heard the voices calling in the wilderness; “Fix the Crashes, Fix the Crashes”. The lindens ignored the voices.

  4. Robert0 Siemens says:

    Yes very nice so nice every time I log in I can not move

  5. Max Kleiber says:

    How about some office hours for people that live someplace other than Pacific time?

  6. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    I use windlight all the time now since its faster on my computer than the normal client. I’m glad your fixing it up and squashing the bugs in it. Bravo! to the windlight team and keep up the good work!

  7. Zi Ree says:

    Where can I find the Underwater slider? It seems to be missing at least in the Linux build.

  8. PennyWhistle Cameron says:

    I think its perfectly BITCHIN’ that the sky and water looks realistic. Now, I just hope that LL can realistically process my two credits that have been held up for weeks. I would like to teleport and not have every attachment sticking off my ass. I would like to be able to access my Lindens when I want them. I think its sweet as sugar that we can see stars again, but I’d find it much cuter if people could actually purchase items and recieve them, and after having received them rez them and actually KEEP THEM.

    My point is this…all these cutesy, pointless, worthless, useless bells and whistles don’t mean diddly to most of us. I guess it appeals to all the 15 year old boys still in the game, but most people I have met agree that Windlight makes the game draggy as hell, and causes ungodly crashes. Will I get it. No. No way, no how. It doesn’t inerest me. Getting paid for my work interests me. Can we now focus on processing everyone’s credits?

  9. Wolfie Waves says:

    @3 & 4

    This blog is for discussing the topic of each post. Bitching and whining about problems here is not what the blog is for. Not everyone have these problems you speak of. If you are having problems then post them to the JIRA as a bug report.

    With people constantly whining like immature little children it’s no wonder LL hardly every reply to peoples blog comments.

  10. Wolf Clinton says:

    I think windlight just brings me that little bit more in terms of my second life experience, so thanks for this.

    Also to the continual complainers. Think of the people on the windlight team as the eye specialists. Would you add them to the team treating your foot problems? Think about it…

  11. Wolfie Waves says:

    *giggles* That’s a good way to put it, Wolf Clinton 🙂

  12. PennyWhistle Cameron says:

    I posted what I thought of Windlight. I don’t think much of it. Glad you do, but I think its pointless, just like most of the new upgraded added features to dazzle. Bells and whistles are nice, but some of us have grown disgruntled waiting endless for the meat and potatoes aspect to get fixed.

    Its like more and more is added, and nothing is ever fixed — sort of like the office is being run by 15 year old boys.

    And sorry in advance to all of you who have a 15 year old boys mentality.

  13. Lion Ewry says:

    There is enough lag without this too. But you could get rid of a lot of that and maybe make this and voice worth using if you would get rid
    of the Alt Farms and Bots. Sorry. But I am getting angry about it and so are a lot of others here. I wish you would listen.

  14. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    #9 well said… I agree completely.

  15. Sammytha Paine says:

    And the fix for all new Nvidia beta drivers?????

  16. PennyWhistle Cameron says:

    Oh sorry, I didn’t realize this was a big butt kiss for LL. Let me repost…

    WAY TO GO GUYS! GREAT JOB! EVERYTHING YOU DO IS PERFECT! THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO!! The sky looks sooooooo beautyful, the water looks just like REAL water. OMG! I am getting all tingly just thinking about how marvelous it is, and I just love voice!!! All the boy avatars can tell me how pretty I am and I really hear them!!!! ITs just OTT! The Windlight team is just fantatasical! Technical genuises one and all! There is nothing I would change about this place!!!! Now, I must go admire my page again.

  17. Montana Corleone says:

    Actually I spend about 99% of my time looking at avs and textures which Windlight has messed up rather than the sky…

  18. Teddy Qinan says:

    I love windlight. When will it be in the main viewer?

  19. Teddy Qinan says:

    Oh and SHADOWS!! Please, please, please put Shadows in. 🙂

  20. Leslie says:

    Can you please focus on the main viewer for a while? For those of us that aren’t blessed by good computers?

  21. Adrianna says:

    The first few minutes I was in.. i thought hmmmm everything’s running smoothly… no lag, no weird lines or triangles.. everything looks nice.. then suddenly BAM! The viewer disappeared.

    I randomly crashed.

    Fix the random crash guys.. it’s getting very annoying. Not to mention how many thousand times it has crashed my comp this past few days.

  22. LaeMiQian says:

    Funny how the whiners can’t get it into their thick heads that Windlight IS a bug fix – one that happens to look pretty too – as well as the eye-candy, it represents a major rewrite of the client-side render engine, the old one being rather decrepit and patch-upon-patched as these things tend to get after several years. A good number of client-side bugs likely CAN’T be effectively fixed on the old engine (at least not without more effort than is presently going into WindLight, which will then eliminate said bugs, or at least make them less difficult to eliminate).

    WindLight for me is still a little fragile, but that is to be expected in a pre-release software system (aka FirstLook). I am keeping an eye out for reproducible behaviour to report to JIRA. But crashing is not a problem now the crashes are clean: so I can just log strait back in (the mainline viewer tends to leave system resources locked up, needing a reboot).

  23. Thank you for your attention to the details in the client.
    Windlight has given outstanding views that produce great photographs!
    Keep up the good work ,,,=^_^=,,,

  24. Navigator Hax says:

    Again, WindLight is awesome, but mixing your peanut butter with my chocolate is not always a good thing… Such is the case with SL and WL… Both are great concepts by themselves, but put them together and the problems become monumental. There are way too many problems here, far too many for the daily user to ignore. and YET I encourage everyone to use WL and report the bugs. That’s the only way we can HELP to eliminate the problems.

    Let’s start off with the usual…. Just logged in with the new version of WL. Right off the bat, prims are missing.. Only parts of my buildings are showing up and yes, I have my settings MAXED out as usual…. No excuse for not seeing what I know is right in front of me, 10 Meters away, not 512 meters away.

    Video is STILL causing this client to crash. Can not record video using ANY of the browsers actually… Not just Windlight.

    Browser still hangs on QUIT…. and refuses to QUIT… oddly enough it quits if you breath on it, but not if you actually wish to QUIT the application…… That is simply , ummm.. silly.

    I love WL, and SL…… and would like to see this browser replace all of the other ill fated SL browsers out there, but PLEASE quit forcing us to download a new version unless the MAIN bugs have been eliminated… and the BIGGEST of all the bugs with WL IMHO is the fact that every time we are forced to download a new version, our USER MADE SKY settings are lost……. POOF in a flash of smoke, they are no more…. so why bother creating and customizing your sky settings if tomorrow, we will be forced to download another version of WL, that will only obliterate the settings we have already made and not grant us anything new or of importance. …… My time is precious, so please quit wasting it. Thank you! 🙂

  25. Dave says:

    “My time is precious, so please quit wasting it. Thank you!”

    A little ungrateful I think. Your lucky they even bother trying to fix the bugs.

  26. Penny Patton says:

    I love that these updates are coming so swiftly, however….must they be mandatory? I’d just logged out to check something, and when I went to log back in, it was telling me I needed this update to log in. I normally wouldn’t have a problem with that, but I started the download and it was crawling. I canceled out of the viewer update and went to the download page (since that’s always faster) and started downloading there.

    The download time is showing up in hours. I just want to log in to SL for the 45 minutes I have left before I need to run off to work tonight so I can get some work done.

    I understand that you want people to see the latest fixes, but now it seems I won’t be able to get in at all tonight.

  27. Navigator Hax says:

    HEY DAVE……. >>>Dave Says:

    A little ungrateful I think. Your lucky they even bother trying to fix the bugs.<<<


    Dave… considering I am one of the few actually paying to be here, own my own sim and have invested more money in LL than most users, I am not looking for any handouts… I am seeking a balance between enjoying SL and wishing to GOD I had never invested so much money here…. and to what end was your less than tactful comment, Dave? – lol…. hogwash!

  28. Pinto Schnyder says:

    I can say this GREAT JOB WINDLIGHT TEAM!!!!. I actually have usable frame rates an bandwidth in the WL unlike the standard one were its realy poor frame rate an lag up the wazoo. I don’t know why people are complaining here on the WL when they should be busy sending bug reports to the standard veiwer

  29. Tindo Shi says:

    WL looks great, I love the features, and I’d love to repalce the old SL browser.
    That is if it worked.
    Why do shiny things look like invisprims and why does my wanted look like the old viewer? Setting are all maxed (save for draw distance)
    I know my computer is good enough, (someone played Crysis on it the other day) so I blame WL.

  30. Aria Alexandria says:

    To those who say fix bugs fix bugs fix bugs on main viewer…
    People this will be the new main viewer they are fixing A LOT of GFX bugs that are present on the “main” viewer, wake the …. up…

    Plus to those who say them comp is too old, just disable atmospheric shaders guys, and welcome to windlight without windlight but working.

    This blog got so pathetic, I agree with #9.

    Back on topic, I would like to see an improvement and specially a source compiling on Mac os leopard.

  31. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Some of you posters are missing the point entirely – the new shiny features DRAW more people to the game on a daily basis, we’re now up to 45-50,000 concurrent users whereas about a year ago it was more like 20-25,000. If LL stops updating the graphics engine SL will slowly fade out of existence as other virtual worlds spend enormous amounts of time and money creating lucid experiences for their users, drawing our normal user base to THEIR virtual worlds. I’m not a big fan of crashes, lag and missing inventory but LL is really doing their best – which happens to be head and shoulders over any other virtual world I’ve lived in / visited.

    You guys want to moan about graphics and stability – why don’t you put some time into defending what’s really important – our right to free speech and individual will. Both of which Linden Labs have overstepped their jurisdiction recently.

    Beyond that, how about addressing the issue of VAT tax and it’s impact on many sectors of economy inside SL. I’m from the USA but this VAT tax has affected me just as much as it would any European. For instance, the VAT put my former land baron out of business – he held 32+ sims and was not turning a large profit because he always gave fair prices. In this situation – VAT turned his small monthly profit into a large monthly loss and when he realized it would not recover he had to sell everything. What did I lose? Any investment in time and money I had used to acquire and hold the land – much of which came from custom projects I was performing for the land baron. Not only did my land baron go under – it damn near put me under too. To me this seems more important than complaining about WindLight.

  32. Ohaku Rau says:

    Man i wish it worked,
    i egarly await the next update, my name is my name, if that makes sence, im me if ya needs anything…..ofcouse that happens to be tsl…^^

  33. johnny mann says:

    I love the rate bugs are being fixed and love the new Windlight features and the way SL looks with it.

    Please fix the search though. I used to sell 20-30 items a day and now I sell 2-3.

    It’s hurting the “medium class” in SL who cant shell out hundreds of thousands for classifieds and traffic via camping.


  34. Ben says:

    ah crap guys, you picked up that viewer hang bug that the old viewer had, every few minutes the thing locks up then catches up again.

  35. Jennifer Simoni says:

    #20. I’m with you. My computer has great specs and the main viewer STILL crashes every 10-20 minutes because it eats up all the RAM (I have 2GB) and 512 on my Video card. I prefer functionality to aesthetics. Not a fan of Windlight or Voice, as I believe it’s unnecessary fluff.

  36. Vivienne says:

    Windlight offers much higher framerates and less client lag than any other viewer, which is great. Anyway, this is a TEST version, and still far away from any acceptable stability (But no one can honestly expect more from a test version). Nevertheless, promising.

  37. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! I use windlight as my main viewer and it has been running perfect since the first release 6 months and to the first new release a few weeks ago. Everything looks so pretty.

    What these whiners need to understand is that the windight team only knows programming. They cannot fix network issues as the network ops team cannot program windlight. They have plenty of resources working on other problems.

    Another thing is lag. Very rarely do I have server side like which would be LL fault. Only once in a while there is server side lag or asset server issues.

    These people need to get off their shitty DSL or crappy connections and upgrade those computers because i am sure their “LAG” is client side meaning their internet connection or their C-64 Computer.

  38. Max Kleiber says:

    I don’t get it…
    My graphics card won’t support windlight, but the images that have been posted don’t seem very attractive. The builds in the image at the top of this post look very dismal. That seems to be a common thread in all the images I’ve seen.
    But then again.. I never look at the sky, just what’s in it: the builds. I turn off clouds as soon as I log in.
    I never look at the water. I scuba dive, so I’m looking at what’s under it. Water level is only something to trigger my swimmer attachments.
    Unless there’s something about it creating better overall performance, windlight isn’t going very far toward prompting me to upgrade my graphics card.

  39. FireFox Bancroft says:

    If you’re going to beta test a new viewer and then complain about the bugs; maybe you should stick to the production viewer?

    Does no one here keep a copy of the production viewer on their machine? Am I the only one?

    On that note: those of you who are running the Windlight First Look and reporting on Jira, A big thank you, without you people Windlight Bug fixes wouldn’t be possible (actually they would still but they’d take longer).

  40. Mortus Allen says:

    Honestly people, if you are having issues with Windlight do like the others have suggested and repost the bugs, don’t whine! I am finding much superior performance in the new graphic engine. Yes my rigs can’t run the new shaders, but without them I am seeing vast performance and stability gains.

  41. Alyx Sands says:

    That sure is a fast update, thanks…but it’s quite annoying downloading every day ya know? 😉

  42. Vivienne says:


    Yes, this is really FAST, as long as athmospheric rendering is disabled. And it looks MUCH better even without this feature enabled. A major improvement, no doubt.

    Athmospheric rendering is still too bright for my taste and my graphic card is not able to handle this, anyway, Stability is just a matter of time.

    But one thing: I still HATE the communications window. Please LL, give us back the previous interface in Windlight!

  43. Alyx Sands says:

    #3: You didn’t quite get it, did you? THEY FIXED SOME CRASHS. Sheesh.

  44. Moskalev says:

    Has anyone been having problems with SL crashing whenever you log out? Not only does it crash, it takes my whole computer along with it 😛

    I have the most recent drivers for my video card and BIOS. But that doesn’t seem to be the problem since SL only crashes like that since two or two releases ago… I don’t even go on SL much anymore because of it…

    Anyway, congrats and thank you for fixing all those bugs, squish them dead!

  45. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You can reduce the effective contrast of the rendering by changing the relative amount of ambient light in the XML files. Unfortunately doing this through the environment editor is a long drawn out affair. We need a set of optional settings included that can be selected for a lower contrast world.

  46. Argent Stonecutter says:

    PS: don’t forget to vote for VWR-3156!

  47. Vivienne says:


    Same here, and i use a MAC. Seems to be a nasty cross platform bug. Teleporting is the otther big problem. But i am sure they´ll fix that.

  48. Buck says:

    @43 & @46: I’ve had a similar problem over the last couple of releases, but only SL would crash, not my whole puter, whenever I logged out. However, I’m really, really glad to see it seems to have been FIXED in this new version. Good going, LL! 🙂 🙂

  49. Wolf Zapedzki says:

    Umm…guys? Philip Linden posted a blog a short while back saying that after WindLight, they will indeed be focusing on the core problems everyone complains about. They do have a game plan. Please let them exacute it before you go burning them at the stake. Also, to people that go nuts crashing on this viewer…it’s a BETA. Beta = crashes. It’ll be OK, really it will. When you agree to TEST out a BETA, it’s so they can learn about our crashes via our JIRA reports to FIX them.

    Aside from that, keep up the great work, Lindens. I’m loving WindLight so far and all the “unnecessary bells and whistles” that have gone in in the last year. Like it or not, people are drawn in by pretty stuff. Do you think all these awesome next-gen console games would get good sales if they looked like crap?

  50. Paulo Dielli says:

    Please Lindens!

    You promised to fix the CRAZY HIGH CONTRAST between sun-lit and non-sun-lit textures (and avatars). But I don’t read anything about it anymore.


    Or else most textures are ruined 😦

  51. Erishkagal Serevi says:

    So many textures that are “shiny” just show up as clear. I also won’t ever download another viewer until I am forced to.

  52. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Performance seems a lot worse in this new viewer.

    But I can’t to a real test because you don’t let us run the old client.


  53. Michi Lumin says:

    As has been explained several times, that is a subjective aesthetic detail. You can change the contrast, gamma, and ambient light settings in Windlight to your own liking. Forcing flat lighting as default would simply be keeping everything the same.

    In other words, forcing everyone to flat, non-dynamic lighting (the old way) is probably not a good idea, if we actually want to make use of post-1998 3d lighting techniques.

    I also feel it makes less sense to “force” flat shading back, whereas with windlight, if you want to look like you’re at a 24/7 travelling hollywood photoshooot, there have been several guides posted on how to do this, including one right here:( )

    The point of Windlight isn’t to keep everything the same, and make it look like it used to. Windlight introduces higher dynamic range in lighting, and atmospheric shaders and lighting which actually act like a real “atmosphere”.

    At noon, the “sun” ( casts light on objects an avatars as if it were “noon.” At sunset, this same light source casts light upon the avatars at an oblique angle and a darker, reddish color (simulating filtering via the “atmosphere” – Proof is available: )

    At night, it is dark, because in theory, the sun is only 50% operational at any given time in regards to a spherical world.*

    Without light, there is darkness. Without darkness, one cannot learn to appreciate the light.

    (* One exception to this rule involves the ‘moon’, which is outside the scope of this blog entry.)

  54. U M says:

    After rading some of the fixes it looked like another badly done wrongy bugged reported update. Not all the bug were but OMG the others bluck!

  55. Extremely annoyed says:

    Sims still crash on a regular basis. The standard viewer crashes me at least 2-3 times a day. But no, let’s hurry and fix the COMPLETELY USELESS SNAPSHOT FEATURE IN A PREVIEW PLAYER.


    So far, Windlight as performed like trash on my system, with advanced ATI cards. I am not going to try it again. And if it becomes the standard viewer before the core system bugs are fixed, it will only show that LL cares only about flash and pretty pictures. Not about what really matters.

    Tell me LL, just how does Windlight meet your stated purpose of connecting people?

  56. Hevenz Vansant says:

    Bitch. Gripe. Complain.

    I think people have forgotten what BETA means and the ones saying i wont download or use windlight, why are you here wasting space?

    Kudos to the Windlight team for their efforts, for myself, Windlight runs better than the standard viewer in my OPINION ( before the angry people start flaming me ) with minimal extra resources on my end being used. Thanks for the quick updates for important bug fixes, keep them rolling out and take a break every so often.

    I’ve attended several meeting being a developer myself and appreciate the time you guys take to address my building, texture or other concerns, keep going guys, your headed in the right direction.

  57. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Horrays for the underwater fog adjustment! 🙂 🙂

    While I agree that we don’t need to go back to the very flat lighting of the old client, I still feel that the new defautls are too harsh, as to a LOT of people.

    Your example photos also make the common mistake of trying to compare photographic reality with reality reality. Sunsets that actually change the color of things are VERY rare. And the contrast levels by default in SL at noon are what a camera would see not what I see whan I routinely go to the beach…

    In the end though this probably doesn’t really matter because I(I hope) that the lighting models will be set by the sims owners themselves, and then if you don’t like ti you can override it any way you want as you say. I sill think that toning down the 9am, noon and 3pm hotness and shadows would eb the wayt o go though. I don’t like looking at the worldd as if it were shot on 35mm film and neither to an awful lot of others it seems as well. 🙂

  58. Re contrast kvetching:

    Go out into that really big room with the high ceiling that changes colors during the day, and look at the lighting. If it’s not overcast, SURPRISE! IT”S CRAZY HIGH CONTRAST.

    That’s why photographers use fill flash and reflectors, and take advantage of shade when they do outdoor photography, for portraiture at least.

    What you’re complaining about is that Windlight is just too darned realistic.

  59. Michi Lumin says:

    Really, Farallon? I’m not trying to be adversarial here, but i’ve done a LOT of sunset photography and, owing by the amount of white balance compensation i’ve had to take into account, sunses *absolutely do* change the color of things.

    Everything south of 525nm (greens and ‘below’) begin to fall off sharply, and histograms show a real spike in the red and orange parts of the spectrum.

    I just made a composite image, taking an “old renderer” av, at sunset, and placing it in a Windlight-lit sunset (same day settings) and the results are.. horrendous.

    Maybe it depends on what parts of the world you live in (often terrain can block light completely before you can be lit by a sunset, so then you may not get the orange effect); or in usually-cloudy areas, the clouds can act as a soft-box effect, but the sunset lighting we’re seeing now I *certainly* without a doubt, “will take it to my grave” is a hundred times more realistic, convincing, and immersive than the ‘old way’.

    There’s also science to back it. The reason the sky is blue is because the atmosphere scatters (and filters, diffuses) blue frequencies. At noon, there is a relatively thin layer of the atmosphere for the sun to travel through, and therefore the light is closer to white.

    At sunset, from your vantage point, the sun is at an extreme angle and has much, much more ‘blue filtering’ atmosphere to travel through. More blue gets filtered, and the result is orange light.

    In fact, a sunset can’t *not* change subjective color more towards the orange side of the spectrum. The blue frequencies -simply are not there-.

    Nonetheless, I know for -years- on SL, there are people who have “noon” set all the time. With windlight, people who don’t like sunsets can easily just pick a time of day and leave it at that 24/7.

    I really think we have an issue of things being the same for four years here, and suddenly a change is introduced and there’s simply resistance to change.

    Moreover, nobody’s forcing you to keep it if you dont like it. There are SO MANY options to change; anywhere from turning off basic and/or atmospheric shaders, to adjusting how the light looks (and eventually nailing that to your sim, if that’s your preference.)

    Second Life needs to stop looking like it’s running on an S3 ViRGE with Direct-X 2 for it to be taken more seriously. Down the line, once lighting is more advanced, we’ll probably see better mesh models and yes – according to LL, still, SpeedTree. (Remember, people said Havok would never happen, too.)

    As far as seams on avatars: Damn right I’m an av designer. Damn right you can see the seams now. But also, we’ve been moving to sculpties which really mitigate this problem. (I still don’t think prim avs look all that bad in the new lighting — really. Specularity is nice, and it gives them a heck of a lot more depth.)

    On the first release of WindLight, I logged in, and it was sunset. The first remark I made was, “Wow, it looks like this is actually a place, and we’re actually in it.”

    I find this strange that so many people are rallying against the new lighting (or perhaps the people who like it simply aren’t speaking up — and assuming it’s going to stay? [it may not.]) when i’m usually *the* most vocal detractor of damaging graphics changes.

    For SL to move forward we really have to start with a single step. And this is one that can mainly be customized. But I’d hate to see us go down a road where avatar attachments are lit differently than the avatar mesh, and both are lit differently than the landscape. I’d also hate to throw out the dynamic sunrises and sunsets in lieu of an ‘everything the same, all the time’ sort of flourescent, flat look.

  60. WarKirby says:

    Does this include the fixes from 1.18.6 RC0 ?

  61. Marianne McCann says:

    /me crosses fingers and downloads, hoping the snapshots work for her again

  62. Danball Tureaud says:

    * VWR-3162 (Believe fixed – please check this one out!): WindLight: Objects, avatars, and water sometimes disappear after zooming camera

    This is partially fixed. Avatars still disappear, and requires multiple relogs to get them to show up.

  63. U M says:

    “I think people have forgotten what BETA means and the ones saying i wont download or use windlight, why are you here wasting space?”

    Frankly No we have not. But the way bug reports are being handled least some to believe nothing is gettig better inthe handling of them. I said this before i say it until we see Wind Light in the fianl release. I love it! BUT unless the coders and debuggers don`t follow steps for release well have more and more issues with windlight. Some of these bugs are just BS. Some are really a problem. But come on Halving of the AVIE is still happening. Prims inthe butt is still occuring. But what kind of fixes we get here shakeshead.

  64. leliel Mirihi says:

    This fixes the lockup on quit for me. And i also love how you can now change the draw distance in multiples of 8 instead of 32

  65. Marianne McCann says:

    Yay! Thankoo dev team (an Torley, or invaluable assistance), the snapshot works for me again!

  66. Ann Otoole says:

    @58 – millions of people have paid hundreds and in some cases thousands of US dollars on avatars. you expect us to toss it all and buy all new sculpty stuff you make right? nope. not happening. wl must render as rendering is currently done and then make it better. there is no alternative. this isnt a Luddite thing. its a matter of money.

  67. U M says:

    Nobody like to see depressing remarks posted onthe blog. But the sad facts are.Crashing is still occuring, freezing etc. Its well known that its “BETA” But that does not forgive some of the nasty and outright blunders occuring with old bug and new bugs at are causing even more problems. Whats is worse is people saying ” WONDERFUL JOB” well i do repect the builders of the clients, BUT I will not clap my hands for boo boos that are so bad it makes users depressed. Beta yes but we need a little more togetherness inthe builders minds to completley SMASH out bugs.

  68. leliel Mirihi says:

    @58 – Ann

    Windlight is making it better, you can tell by how easy it is to spot low quality textures now. The old client is like a par of foggy glasses, it blurred and smeared textures down the the lowest common denominator.

  69. Michi Lumin says:

    I’ve uploaded two comparison shots to the JIRA.

    One showing an “old” sunset-lit avatar “inserted” into a Windlight-lit scene, showing how disjointed it would look.

    Another, showing that windlight -can- make avatars look -better- than the old method. (i believe.)

  70. Michi Lumin says:

    sorry, here’s the other one:

  71. Michi Lumin says:

    @67 —

    Amen to that, leliel.

    @65, Anne, *have you tried this?*

    I find it interesting that people accuse me of “not being a texture artist” and “not being in the avatar business” — when I’ve sold over 40,000 avatars over the past four years, and texturing and avatars are THE primary thing I do in SL, and I’ve been doing that since 2003.

    Improved lighting allows for *more* possibilities with texturing and avatars, not less.

    It may take getting used to; and remember, this is modifiable on *both* sides, (client now, server soon.) It’s all customizable, and optionable.

    Going back to the old lighting method, or stapling avatars to low contrast, would *not* increase options.

  72. Pastrami Linden says:

    Aright, figured I’d step in on some of the issues here..

    1. Re: High contrast, wash out, etc. I’m with you. BELIEVE ME. It’s high on our list and it’s going to get fixed. Period. Look at the speed at which the other annoyances are getting nailed (water too murky being just one of the latest examples). Hang tight guys- we’re releasing like two updates a week! 🙂

    2. Re: Mandatory downloads of viewer. Yes, it has to be that way. It’s the only way we can keep accurate statistics and ensure everyone is reporting off of/experiencing the same codebase. I apologize for it causing inconvenience, but believe me, it’s what makes First Look work!

    3. Re: crashes, “this viewer sucks”, etc. etc. Here’s the breakdown- if your system is in the vast majority of those that works, you’re probably seeing performance and stability increases across the board. (Hence all the comments to that tune). BUT, if you have one of the problematic systems right now, you’re gonna crash. I admit. It’s like a choose your own adventure novel at this point. Pg. 37 is everything you’ve known before but now it’s better, slicker, faster, and more stable. Pg. 49 is a crash. But once you’ll be able to get to Pg. 37, you’ll love it, as it IS better than the previous viewer in a lot of ways. We’re working to make that page flip happen for you!

    Also in regards to that matter, I’ll be posting some statistics next week about average framerate and crash rate compared to the standard viewer. Real objective stuff. You’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

    4. Re: WHY AREN’T YOU FIXING THE CORE SYSTEM?!?! Ahh, teh sigh. 🙂 All I can say is, those who’ve written things to the tune of “not everyone is a database programmer”, “the whole package needs to move forward as a product”, “it takes a village to raise a virtual world” 🙂 or any other myriad things, you have it right. WindLight ain’t slowing down that development/fixing. We’re a small team. A very small team. And I can tell you, you don’t want us working on your inventory loss 😉

    Tis all for now!
    – Pastrami

  73. InsyX Piranha says:

    I think windlight is much easier and better to use than the reg sl. granted people are gonna move slower and render slower. Guys, this is hardware, and for the first time i am gonna say not LL fault lol. however, all is not lost since u can set the quality of vid with what u can handle. for expample, I have 4 geforce 8800gtx in my machine with 512 megs of ram each…of course i am gonna run in ultra with 1900×1200 view. If i use my laptop (the non gaming one) i am gonna run at “good” i think it is called…and with a view of 1024×768.

    now on to what needs to be fixed. Can u guys make it so i don’t tp into a skyboxed club and half the people are invisible and i only see thier tags. can u fix me having to get logged every 4th tp i do. also finally, u might wanna fix all the bugs we have since january til now. that would e great to do before making any more pretty changes. on that i agree with Penny. SL looks hot and i enjoy windlight, but maybe yall need to fix the core of this app before adding new stuff to it.

  74. Tegg B says:

    Performance seems better and it crashes less, good work 🙂

  75. June Oh says:

    Will this stop the yellow screen on log out and subseqent PC crashing , Nivdia 7000 series g/cards?

  76. Triz Aster says:

    Prims disappearing was better after the last update but has returned and is worse with this one. The underwater settings work well though.

    Windlight is beautiful.

  77. Triz Aster says:

    Sorry, should have said I am running with all settings on ultra and 512 distance with no problems except this (parts of our house and houses on neighbouring sims disappearing).

  78. U M says:

    All do repect Pastrami Linden,

    BUT isnt there a line which codes and builds know they are braking more parts then fixing them? I said this before nobody likes to bring out neg remarks ( well atleast I don`t) But Please can we get some of the older bugs fixed befoe applies newer worse bugs your are now creating. I don`t have a low end system by any means. I am mid to high range. Don`t you feel at times some of those bug reports ( thats if you even read them before submitting them to the debug people? That Indeed these bugs are NOT UI but user side?

  79. Woop says:

    Only picked the windlight viewer up a day or two ago and I’m impressed. Works like a dream on my machine. Keep it rolling!

  80. Angel Sunset says:

    Some crashing issues in windlight are caused by NVidia “updating and optimizing” the drivers.

    The standard linux nvidia drivers give me all options and a stable SL.

    The 93.71 drivers for windows give me all options and a viewer that regularly crashes, sometimes taking the computer with it (previous windlight).

    The newer and beta drivers do not work for me, neither here nor in Flyff (occasional graphic tearing as if my card was wildly overclocked). Torley is apparently in touch with NVidia on the Very Visible Issues with the newer drivers.

    Windlight IS stable under windows with a NVidia 6800 GS /AMD Duron 1800 system, but not on a 7800 GS / AMD Athlon 2200 system (also prevoius version).

    And Windlight is ALL I use – because of the Water, and the sky… I really look forward to SL again, just cos I now live in a much more beautiful world.

  81. Masuyo Aabye says:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (3005 MHz)
    Memory: 2047 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.7056 Release
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 6/14464 (0.0%)

    Still won’t run the water shaders, enabled them in options but don’t enable in world, tried enabling water setting with no other shaders on but with no luck. Added to the jira issue/s.
    Not working with ati and vista isn’t any good. not everyone has an nvidia card or runs XP. i like Vista for dx10 and i like my card too.

  82. Ms Z says:

    I LOVE windlight but…what is going on with the shine levels on objects? Has anyone else noticed this? Glittery water…romantic sunsets wonderful-super thick cloudy wax like shine on stone, metal, ect umm…not good.

    Even on the lowest shine level setting, in windlight things look to have an original viewer medium or high level shine at noon time. A lot of builds people have made in the original viewer look different and like crap now. If this can be fixed I’ll love windlight even more. If it can’t well…there goes a lot of people’s builds.

    Ack and don’t get me started on scripted particles…in normal viewer a tea set looks to be steaming the tiniest bit. In windlight the tea is giving off so much steam it engulfs the cups and pots.

    With so many options upon how each individual can view in-world um…don’t cha think that maybe that’s going to a major pain in the butt for builders? I guess it will be beauty in the eye of viewer now? Great…

    But I have every confidence you will work all of the bugs out before introducing this to the main grid an eliminating the old way of viewing things. *smiles*

  83. Midnite Rambler says:

    This new update fixes all 3 of the main issues I had.
    Crashing when taking photos. Crashing on logout. And the horrible graphic glitches (those triangular artifacts).

    The only issues I am seeing now are that my friends list rarely loads, and my groups list shows none.
    And that group land listed as (???) issue is there again.
    They show fine in the standard viewer, so it is specific to the Windlight one.

  84. I am glad my invisible prims aren’t bright white and glowy-lookin’ anymore! However, shiny still only looks good to me when I have dynamic reflections enabled. >_<

    But hey- I am not complaining. WL still gets my vote for best SL improvement!

    More more more more!!! ^_^

  85. Paulo Dielli says:

    Quote Pastrami —> 1. Re: High contrast, wash out, etc. I’m with you. BELIEVE ME. It’s high on our list and it’s going to get fixed. Period. Look at the speed at which the other annoyances are getting nailed (water too murky being just one of the latest examples). Hang tight guys- we’re releasing like two updates a week! <—

    OOOOH PASTRAMI!!! You make me sooo happy! I really thought LL had forgotton about it or it was too difficult to fix. I agree with everybody that higher contrasts make a more realistic world, but the contrast now simply is too much and can’t be tuned down well enough with Gamma, Ambient or whatever other setting I tried.

    This is the best news I got today 🙂 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

  86. Murry says:

    I found it easy enough to fix the noon lighting but the thought of manualy tweaking all the times of day is just too dang much work for me..

    You can debate realism all you want but it seems like most peope dnt like the high contrast/washed out look and i have to agree. Thing is that you can fix it AND still retan the new lighting and shadowing effects.

    Have your cake and eat it too!? well SL does tend to traverse down the road of paradoxal impossibilities quite often.

  87. Ralph Doctorow says:

    This really looks a whole lot better, EXCELLENT work!!!

    Having said that, I do agree that the AV shadows are too strong. I’ve done some RL photographic portraiture and always wind up in PS softening the shadows so it looks like what people perceive. I think when we look at something our visual system automatically lightens the shadows and darken the highlights.

    The other thing that’s a bit weird is that when I’m wearing a top hat, the lighting on my face is as if I didn’t have a hat on at all. The top of my forehead is light, not dark. It appears as if there’s a light inside the hat.

    Could you do something like a tunable “full bright” setting for AV’s? What I’m imagining is a slider to set how dark an AV skin can get. For extra points, have 3, one for day, one for night, one for underwater.

  88. Hara Surya says:

    Well I’ve noticed Windlight working faster that the main viewer on my Linux box, other than the oft-mentioned and never-fixed memory leaks that plague SL in general.

  89. Ralph Doctorow says:

    Second topic: Underwater.

    WL is fantastic for underwater builds. This is going to open up an entirely new frontier in SL living and make water sims much more interesting.

    From the playing around I’ve done, I’ve just got a couple of suggestions, the first in my post above, some way to tune AV skin lighting when underwater. As it is, even with the fog down and light surroundings, AV faces look gray and cadaverish.

    The second is much lower priority, but could we have a texture that would have the effect of shutting off the WL water surface completely when looked through so it would look like a hole in the water? This would help a lot for entrances to underwater builds, submarines, boat bilges, etc.

    I suppose if that were possible, it would be possible to have a texture that looked like WL water surface for use in ponds, etc.

  90. Kathy Morellet says:

    Sure hope you can get to the bottom of the invisible avatar problem. It sure is a lot of fun hanging out with name tag bubbles.

  91. Zeroe Auer says:

    The contrast (as default) of Windlight is probably not “too high” on a purely technical level, but a monitor display does not accurately represent the way eyes perceive light in the real world. Monitors can not display a realistic contrast range without dramatic compression. Nor do they provide the neural adaption in the human visual system to colour temperature.

    Windlight should aim to provide a visual experience that replicates the perceptual experience of the real world, not duplicates the lighting of the real world. In the current incarnation, it is frankly hopelessly out. Setting ambient light to maximum and direct light very low helps considerably, but the default settings are painfully wrong. They produce a ridiculous perceived level of contrast between surfaces at slightly different angles to each other (which is why avatars and builds with prims meeting at any acute or obtuse angle look so bad) and the colour balancing is abysmal.

    Windlight obviously has fantastic potential, but the settings really need the attention of someone with a good eye for colour balance and lighting. This is not a universal skillset by any stretch — and please, let’s not hear too many “I’ve done lots of photography and…” arguments. Ask any good photographic printer and they’ll tell you most of the photographers they’ve worked with have very little clue about what makes the final print look right! ;^)

    Mind you all this is a little moot to me. Until Windlight on my setup (vista, ATI x1000 series) even remotely works, it’s unusable. Fogging is totally broken making a gross pop-up effect, atmospheric shaders turn all shiny objects into invisiprims, and the water shading simply doesn’t work at all. Oh well.

  92. Arahan Claveau says:

    Windlight on the whole performs way better for me than the main viewer. I did comparison checks on my FPS in both clients in the same locations and Windlight managed double or even triple the FPS. Crashes do occur but don’t seem any more frequent than the main client.

    Windows XP
    Nvidia 8800gts 320mb
    AMD64 X2 4200+
    2GB Kingston ram

  93. Sedary Raymaker says:

    “We just keep beltin’ them out! ”

    I know, and it’s really irritating since they are mandatory upgrades. Having to either wait for a 72 MB download or revert to a different viewer after a crash stinks.

  94. Siona DeSantis says:

    *The Good*
    The sky and the water are fantastic. Sunsets are glorious. The ability to set the rising and setting of the sun to aproximate r/l is a nice feature. I use Windlight mostly for photography, at least “nature” photography. If you take a picture in Windlight it’s nice that it comes up in all its glory in the regular viewer.

    *The Bad*
    It slows me down too much to be able to rp with. The bizzare crashes and other assorted glitches. While the sky and the water are more realistic and beautiful in Windlight, what it does to avatars leaves something to be desired, the shadows are too dark, faces can’t be seen as clearly, in fact, I have a problem with a lot of the shadows it creates, walking into a dark room, it’s more difficult to see.

    Just my 2 cents worth. Not all bad, not all good, just like any project. I appreciate you work on it and I think it’s coming along nicely.

  95. Ricky Lucero says:

    First log on today I waited a minute or two, then turned around only to find that half the sim I was in had not loaded. As in, none of the objects were loading… I had to TP out and back in to get it to rez everything.

  96. pantaiputih korobase says:

    unfortunately, I still have no water reflections which were so fine in windlight. operating system vista, graphic card nvidia geo force 8400M GT, graphic card updated, many setting in grpahics tried out.
    anyone who can help me out to get water reflections back again, just IM me, thanks, panataiputih!

  97. Gerald Hykova says:

    good stuff! Any update on that VWR-3258 issue yet though? It looks like the issue got worse with the release of this update but it could be just with me. Anyway keep us informed.

  98. Lindal Kidd says:

    FIX THE TELEPORT BUG! It’s been reported at least three times in JIRA that I know of. It makes the WL viewer nearly unusable for me. VWR-3572, if I recall.

    re. 86 and 90: I agree. What we perceive is different from reality. WL lighting is “too real” and harsh.

    Indoor lighting: How about an object setting that could be applied to the root prim of a linkset? It would automatically adjust the WL settings for anyone within, say, 10 m to more closely simulate indoor lighting.

  99. Beatrix MacKay says:

    I’d like to have a overall ‘common’ gamma control slider in the preferences.
    I set Environment settings to use the Region default for the time / settings used there but for my impression the contrasts are way too harsh.
    A simple useful way like a common gamma control would be fine, so you not have to change to a special setting overriding the Region Settings the owner has made there to either have normal daycycle or a special mood he wants to achieve for his region.

  100. Tegg B says:

    ““We just keep beltin’ them out! ” I know, and it’s really irritating since they are mandatory upgrades. Having to either wait for a 72 MB download or revert to a different viewer after a crash stinks.”

    Hmm, you realise you can have 3 viewers installed at once, the standard, the RC, and Windlight? Hell, you could put each upgrade into a new folder of it’s own if you wanted and have 20 versions of SL to run. I have never had an unusable viewer yet, sure I get the memory leak crashes, but can live with them for a bit.
    I can run all 3 viewers at once even with seperate alts even for short periods.

  101. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Still is the only client that crashes at log-in screen on my machine.

    2Gigs RAM
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    2.16 GHz

  102. Rocky Merosi says:

    Ok so I just upgraded my video card and can I say OMG WOW!! Its a very considerable differance than what I was seeing using geforce 6800. Keep up the incredible work!!

    Second Life 1.18.5 (75173) Dec 6 2007 10:26:10 (Second Life WindLight)
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (Unknown model) (3192 MHz)
    Memory: 3071 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8600 GTS/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.1
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 23/12648 (0.2%

  103. Rat Barzane says:

    Despite some problems with textures/shiny etc… I really appreciate windlight… Im not running a top notch system (nowhere near in fact) But if I turn all the settings down it runs a lot better than the main viewer, so I appreciate it… If I need to do something that requires being able to see shiny or various other things that windlight causes problems with, i use the main viewer… If I am going to a crowded place and want to be able to move… I use windlight (on low settings)
    I don’t have frequent problems with inventory loss etc so I guess I am just lucky haha, but anyway.. just wanted to say both viewers have advantages and disadvantages and the overall problems are not ignored… SL is huge, with a huge population… more pressure every day… So I understand when there are hiccups 😀

  104. U M says:

    Each client is in its owner folder. If you are using Wind light, beta client, Release Candidate. Each hase their own folder set to their own factors. Nothing now here.

  105. mimi says:

    Theres a topic on JIRA (secondlifes official bug report site) about too harsh and dark avatar shadows on JIRA. You can help a lot by voting for it, because if has more votes, the lindens will give it more importance to fix it.

    Also theres a topic about letting SIM owners be able to change the default light settings for their own sims. This way everybody will be able to find a sim on which they like the light, and know that others in the same sim (with default settings) will see them the same way as they do. Having a choice for which light and shadows you prefer is always a good thing, so you might like to vote on this one as well:

    (for those who don’t know how to use jira, voting on jira is really easy, just login with your secondlife user name, read if you agree with the idea of the topic and on the left down corner click on “Vote for it if you wish it to be fixed”. No technical knowledge is needed to vote!)

  106. Argent Stonecutter says:

    New problems, and JIRA seems to be down:

    * Shiny objects are showing up as invisiprims.
    * Many objects, including HUD objects, are stuck at low LoD.

  107. Barbarra Blair says:

    It looks like the new video card requirements will toss me out of Second Life. I’ve already upgraded to the best card that my computer can take. What do I do now?

    I’m guessing that I’ll be missing you all.

  108. Balp Allen says:

    WOOT, And with code this time!!!

    Compiling…. Compiling…. Compile… Same error as in 74965, and a big core dum at start up… Code still noo good ;-(

  109. Selador Cellardoor says:

    My own feeling about windlight is that the emphasis seems to be more on flashy effects than upon realism (and that has been endemic since I joined sl more than four years ago).

    From my point of view (which is purely that of a user rather than an expert), these are the problems I have found with windlight:-

    1. There is no realistic distance fog. It is possible to set up smoggy or other effects, but with a draw distance of 256 m I find that distant buildings have chunks missing. If I try to set up a fog to disguise this, I get an unpleasant smoggy effect. The fog in the original viewer seems to me to be superior.

    2. The ‘Glow’ effect on prims looks awful to me. I don’t know whether in the hands of a skilled builder this might be a useful effect, but as a substitute for the original effect you get when lighting prims, it just doesn’t work. With some of the lighted objects I have made I am faced with either a drab surface or a fuzzy one.

    3. I have been struggling with the day editor. It seems to me that you have a real opportunity here to provide a realistic weather system. It is possible to set up a particular weather effect manually, but I would really love to see a certain random element built in. If we could put in parameters, and allow each day to have its own random settings within those limits, we would have a workable weather system, and this would be, IMO, a real breakthrough in the immersive qualities of sl.

    Windlight has shown the potential of what we could have. I do hope that care will be taken in its development, even if this takes time, so that we end up with something that will be, rather than an annoyance, something that will enhance the experience for everybody.

  110. Angus Mesmer says:

    I installed the latest Windlight viewer and have seen that the prims are still going invisible without any reason, but unlike the previous version, this latest crashes. A lot. And not only a disconnection from the server, leaving you unable to interact, those crashes close the entire window.
    The Texture tool doesn’t work properly anymore, prims still rotate on their own accord when duplicates though Shift-drag, building is getting more complicated with each “update”.

  111. U M says:

    Oh boy! group Im are NOT WORKING!

  112. Thor says:




  113. U M says:

    I am not sure about others, but again Group IM are not working, memory leakage is getting worse. invisable avies, objects not rezzing fully etc etc etc. Oh yes crashing

  114. Earle says:

    Pastrami – some objective numbers – Windlight runs at HALF the frame rate of the standard viewer. Windows XP, quad core Pentium, 4 Gb RAM, ATI high graphics cards. And it looks much worse as well. Always has.

    Also, as a software developer for over 20 years, decent software engineers can work on any part of the system. If your team is not capable of helping with the core issues facing SL, I have to wonder how capable they are of making the windlight viewer a reliable and worthwhile addition to the product line. I do not mean to sound insulting, but, well, you said we wouldn’t want your team working on our inventory losses. Then why do we want them working on anything important at all?

  115. Triz Aster says:

    The disappearing objects seems to be getting progressively worse … every time I log in more objects are gone 😮

  116. Lezbot Francheska says:

    I would suggest taking two pictures of something, one in Windlight, and nearly the same picture in the regular viewer. To be honest, the picture at the top of this blog post isn’t all that impressive. The sun looks like a flattened, red, fried egg. The rest of the sky kind of looks like a child went crazy with yellow and black magic markers all over a wall. This is disappointing because the sky is usually one of the greatest features of Windlight, apart from the beautiful water. The build in the picture looks great, and I particularly like the orange light reflecting off of the rocks.

    I will also suggest that the Windlight team focus on what looks good over what looks realistic. The funny thing about Second Life is that one of the closest things to compare it to is a game, however, there are no Bowsers, Koopa, racers, wild asians with blond hair to defeat, so what are we left with? socializing, shopping, building, selling, and sex If things don’t look good, what makes SL great will be ruined, and the sky and water wont save us. Try your best not to ruin what is already looks decent, and keep up the progress; it is appreciated.

  117. kabalyero says:

    Yes, objects disappear visually but not physically. I usually just relog to fix it but it’s kinda annoying to suddenly see your building without a wall. LOL!

  118. U M says:

    As some have said this is beta, its known to have problems. Thats why we have beta. But crashing on teleport etc etc tells us we need to have another fix and update.

  119. Needs work, but looks good so far. I make avatars and photograph them for ads and really like being able to use sliders to adjust the lighting conditions to make them look their best for photo sessions.

    With all the environment controls, light level, color, gamma, etc, you can make the lighting just about any way you like. There seems though to be issues with saving settings that I hope will be resolved soon.

    It appears that most of the complaints stem from the default settings not being to the liking of many people.

    With all this fancy sky graphics, would it be possible to give us Moon Phases?

  120. Slevin Despres says:

    NEW WINDLIGHT VIEWER HOORAY….. with my ATI 3850 GRAPHICS CARD 4 SPF….. yes SPF 4 seconds per frame to calculate 1 frame… same with normal viewer… its a freakin dia show… BLOODY HELL FIX IT PLEASE

  121. Sibera Janus says:

    Ecellent. I absolutely love windlight and how it operates. Odd slowness here or there but it works a charm other wise ^^ Keep up the good work ^^

  122. Wil Weir says:

    Yet another failed attempt to fix bugs. Nothing has been improved.
    Try to tp – get logged out. Invisible Avatars all around. Prims & textures failing to rezz…. the list goes on & on.
    The whole thing just makes the SL experience frustrating and annoying. I realise this is beta, but wouldn’t it be better to fix basic bugs *before you release it…. surely with the investment involved, Linden have the facility to test it, rather than release it & use paying customers as guinea pigs.
    Thank god you dont make aircraft !!

  123. Cherry Hainsworth says:

    I like:

    * The lag meter. Very useful for determining what effects my new particle/temp-rez/texture-switching/whatever scripted thingummy has on performance.

    * Improved image definition. I can’t quite work out what the difference is – but things look sharper.

    * The world light & water effects. The much-vaunted skies don’t seem any different though (I’m on a low-end machine).

    I dislike:

    * Local lighting still doesn’t emit light, which has ruined many carefully-designed environments.

    * Reduced client functionality. Hoping the full range of options will be restored in due course?

    * General script bugginess. But, hey, it’s a pre-release 😉

    Oh, and thanks for letting us try things out.
    Happy Christmas!

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