Age verification enters Grid-wide beta

The Age Verification feature (now available in beta) will be included in our release candidate today. This means that estate and parcel owners can now voluntarily flag their land if it contains adult content, and Residents can choose to access these restricted parcels by verifying that they are, in fact, adults. Age Verification is the latest of a number of tools and services to help Residents control and manage their own Second Life experiences.

As we’ve blogged several times before, age verification is strictly voluntary for Residents and landowners. Residents who do not choose to age-verify and don’t visit land marked by the landowner as restricted to age-verified Residents, will see no difference in their Second Life experiences.

Furthermore, please be assured no personal information that is supplied for age verification is stored or otherwise used by Linden Lab or its verification partner. For more information on our privacy policy, please go to

For Residents
If you choose to age-verify, simply go to and follow the on-screen instructions. Also, you will be able to age-verify multiple alt accounts, none of which will be visible in your profile.

For Estate Owners & Parcel Owners
Enforcing age verification on estates and parcels is voluntary.

Upon launch, the default setting will be to continue to allow all adults (verified and unverified) to access your land. We do encourage estate and parcel owners with adult-oriented content and activities (e.g. of an excessively violent or graphic sexual nature) to flag their land to be restricted to age-verified adults. Based on feedback from you and Concierge landowners on our first prototype, you’ll also see that we’ve made several changes to improve access management.

Whether you’re a Resident or landowner, age verification provides more confidence that in areas that require age verification, you are not engaging with minors in any inappropriate behaviors or providing them access to adult-oriented content.

Second Life is a platform that offers Residents around the world the ability to create content that is mature, sometimes uniquely so. As we continue to develop and improve this feature, we have to be sensitive to the complex social, cultural, legal and regulatory issues that go with being a global platform.

During the beta program, Age Verification is free to all estate and parcel owners and free to all Residents. No end date has been set for the beta.

Finally, since this is a beta feature, you may experience bugs or delays though we have every hope they will be minimal. We ask for your patience as we improve the functionality to be as smooth and user-friendly as possible. If you have issues, please utilize the Second Life Support Portal.

Thanks again for your feedback and helping us create the tools which shape your Second Life experience.

About Robin Linden

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151 Responses to Age verification enters Grid-wide beta

  1. Drako Nagorski says:

    And then SL burned… i simply suggest that no one flag their land…

  2. Susanne Pascale says:

    How about a clear, unambiguos definition of what constitutes :adult material” pper LL?

    THAT would be extremly helpful.


  3. Michael Fairplay says:

    When I went to the website above Internet explorer came at me with this warning. Sounds like a big problem already.

    The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website’s address.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
    We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
    Click here to close this webpage.
    Continue to this website (not recommended).
    More information

    If you arrived at this page by clicking a link, check the website address in the address bar to be sure that it is the address you were expecting.
    When going to a website with an address such as, try adding the ‘www’ to the address,
    If you choose to ignore this error and continue, do not enter private information into the website.

    For more information, see “Certificate Errors” in Internet Explorer Help.

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  5. Lillie Yifu says:

    It looks like we are going to find out how this all plays out.

  6. Drako Nagorski says:

    hmm we will consent, LL, to the verification… but 😛 should my info become available on the internet, im gonna sue. fair warning LL

  7. Gil Druart says:

    “During the beta program, Age Verification is free to all estate and parcel owners and free to all Residents. No end date has been set for the beta.”

    Once out of beta we intend to charge you suckers for a feature you voted against that is being added for our corporate ass-covering benefit and is quite possibly in breach of your local privacy legislation. This will improve your experience in ways that we can’t be bothered to explain to you. Have a nice day.

  8. Cinos Field says:

    99% of SL is against something. Linden Labs listens carefully.

    And then they implement it anyway.

  9. Sylver Bu says:

    Hopefully this will ensure that under aged solicitation is stopped. Too much stachatory*sp..? O.o* rape.

    This also paves the way for many new plans, that I hope LL will carry out…

  10. Tillie Ariantho says:

    1) Isn’t the main grid for adults only, anyway? If ever, age verification should be on account creation then to make sense.

    2) Many will have problems to verify there age, even *being* an adult, so problems will come…

    3) Many non-adults will have means to cheat around that verification.

    So where is the benefit of all this? All what happens is annoyance and trouble.

  11. Griffin Yeats says:

    I praise LL, if they can manage this correctly. I personally think all sandboxes except sandbox island should be flagged, and you will see an INSTANT reduction in the number of griefing problems. Why, you ask? Because all that free accounts did was open the gates to any minor who sees the homepage and wants to get access to some sort of material deemed “adult”. As if it were not tempting enough for them to break the rules entering an “over 18” world, LL went and provided them with the means to get INTO that world. This is a step in the right direction.

  12. Efemera Bisiani says:

    The link to the “partners” (Integrity/Aristotle?) privacy policy referenced on the age verification form simply redirects you right back to said form. You can’t honestly expect anyone to sign up without the option to review the specific policy of the company that will be handling our data?

  13. Drako Nagorski says:

    oh, sign up, but sue when your info is out on the internet

  14. Daman Tenk says:

    “Age Verification Failed”

    This system is —-. Fix it or remove it.

    Country of residence: Belgium
    Type of Verification: Both ID-card and Drivers License fail.

    I’m glad some decent SL residents are working on AgeLock. Let’s hope it becomes the standard and people refuse to use this retarded LL system.

  15. nina says:

    “As we’ve blogged several times before…”

    you forgot to link to this gem of a blog:

  16. Laraya Mills says:

    I have tried to verify my age with first a valid german ID- card and afterwards with a valid german passport. Both verifications failed, however both documents are valid (still for some years) and I have n o t moved to another place since years (what your system’s text offers as a possibility for failure). I support the idea of verification of age in order to protect minors from adult contents – but then….then it least it should work. Quite dissappointing this thing… greetz – Lara

  17. Shiva Aabye says:

    Why ist it, that my firefox shows me a certificate warning when I go to

    I don’t wanna log in on this page as long as it does.


  18. BillieScaggs says:

    Age Verification Failed!
    Lets see, i know who i am
    The state i live in knows who i am (i used my drivers license)
    I havent moved for over 5 years
    I know the last 4 of my SS#

    Using all the information above, it still says FAILED. You should change it from classification of Beta to “Feature” or “Jira fixed”. Beta gives the impression that the thing might actually work, while the rest of the world knows “Jira””Feature” or “Resolved” actually mean you used the virtual duct tape, but its still busted

  19. Alisha says:

    Why do these grid changing announcements seem to come out of this air. Yes, We all knew this was coming but not even a hint in the last 8 months.

    And what does this even matter with the Sheep “adult grid” coming in spring…..everything adult will flock to that grid or fail!

    Welcome to the new Teen grid everyone!!

    /Rant over


  20. Damona Rau says:

    Great, Age verification didn’t work with my identity card.
    LindenLabs, fix this please… or give a alternative for the verfication.
    Remember, there are alot of ppl without driver licence or passwort, identity card is the most common in germany.

    Fix it or you will loose many german ppl.

  21. blackcrow6667 Garmes says:

    They put a lot of work into this just to make it “voluntary”’s a curious thing.

  22. Drako Nagorski says:

    hmm which ID do we use? name on the account or name on the card?

  23. Colin Kiernan says:

    I don’t see why people are complaining about this feature. It is completely voluntary. If you don’t want to flag your land as adult content, then don’t. If you don’t want to verify your age, then don’t. If you haven’t verified your age and you want to go somewhere that is flagged as adult only, too bad. The person who owns that land doesn’t want you there. It isn’t Linden Lab’s fault. All LL is doing is providing more options for land owners. Some people would rather not have to face being sued because some kid snuck into their sim. This option will help prevent that.

  24. Marcus Antonelli says:

    This ranks right up there with “improved” search, which we didn’t need, voice which causes more problems than I can count, and the new UI which draws a hard vacuum.

    Fix the problems already. Stop with the feature bloat!!!!!!


  25. Selkit Diller says:

    I will be phoning billing momentarily to cancel my sims. You clearly have not listened to what residents want. This ends my three year stint hoping that this would remain ‘Your world, your imagination’. Clearly not.

  26. Cinos Field says:

    “I don’t see why people are complaining about this feature. It is completely voluntary.”

    NOW, yes. After the beta… well, it’ll still be voluntary in a way.

    But you get banned if you don’t do it.

  27. Drako Nagorski says:

    license* or SSN for that matter… i know people that have alts that use different names :/
    hell i do that with email as well… and just about any other game

  28. Alyx Sands says:

    Great. Neither my passport nor my ID card work.

  29. Shiva Aabye says:

    update @16, certificate error

    It seems that this only happens when you are already logged in.
    Page requested is “…bla”, cert-owner is “” – maybe removing “www! from the link would do it? not sure.


  30. 1. The age-verification form at has a link to “privacy policy here.” This is an anchor link (#) that only leads to the form itself.

    2. I’m submitting information that I already submitted with my credit card information. Why the redundancy?

    3. They need a driver’s license number??? I opted for the last 4 of my SSN.


    So, what age am I? Last I checked, I was 30.

  31. Damona Rau says:

    i have no problem to send a copy from my identity card as PDF to LindenLabs, because this online verification isn’t really save and it works only at 80% well. Provide me a email-address where i can pass the copy of my identity card and i will send it promptly.

  32. Stig Olafson says:

    And it didn’t work. Why am I not surprised?
    Believe me, if this thing doesn’t get fixed before it becomes mandatory – and I wouldn’t put that past LL – a hug number of people are going to pack upp and leave

  33. Ari says:


    Verify or stay off my island! LOL

    Hey, do I believe it’s genuine? That ‘Integrity’ actually verifies? That it actually works? Hell no. LOL

    I don’t care. It’s another tool for me to prevent griefers and 1-2-day n00bs out.

    Go go Lindens!

  34. blackcrow6667 Garmes says:

    I think once a certain number of people are on board with this, and it appears not such a big deal after all, they’ll make it mandatory.

    Besides, wants to needlessly restrict their audience especially, if they’re in SL to create a successful business?

  35. Musimba Yellowknife says:

    Can we have some details about this age verification system?
    Does Linden Lab still intend to use the same disreputable company that has “accidentally” shared private information with advertisers several times?
    Will the third party still require a social security number, which is illegal to require in whole or in part for this purpose?

  36. Wagahai Oddfellow says:

    So.. wife is immigrating to US, doesn’t have a SSN or driver’s license here.. no other options listed.. I think this falls under the normal “LL didn’t think this through before doing it” category. Perhaps Yoon can help clarify the process of denying people who are immigrating from being able to verify.

  37. Lale Pico says:

    “Our partner performing the age verification has published its privacy policy here.” I found this in the My Account section of the SL website.

    There is a link provided for me to click on to view the privacy policy of said “partner”, yet when I click on it, it takes me to the exact same page on which I clicked the link to view the policy.

    Anyone else having that problem? And can anyone direct me where to find this information?

  38. Whoo Ray! A dark day for griefers everywhere!

    As someone who runs an “adult” business, I cheer this. Credit Card was never a good option.

  39. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I’m not going to verify, and I’m not going to restrict access to my land based on verification status, and I am not going to comply in any other way with this regime. I hope I am not alone in this stance.

  40. Tony says:

    I’d be all for this if it was actually worth the paper it was written on. Unfortunately it’s hopelessly flawed and far less secure than payment info used. With payment info on file you get a paper record, with this you get nowt. So you’re not going to know someone else is using your info to be “verified” which means lots of verified minors with no paper trail.

    Nothing has been addressed with the flaws of this process in beta and now it’s getting rolled out further. Integrity cannot verify the details they ask many citizens outside of the United States by official means, which begs the question, why are they asking for those details?

    Verified status does not mean the person who went through the verification is over 18.

    So whereas I applaud the idea of verification, the execution is flawed. Trusting someone based on them being verified is undoubtedly very naive.

    You guys should have went back to the drawing board on this one. This is a recipe for disaster.

  41. LaeMiQian says:

    COMING SOON: race verification; height verification; weight verification; marital status verification; bust/’package’-size verification (with associated gender verification).


    I still want to know why I should verify through a company that advertises data for sale to US political bodies (and presumably anyone else with deep pockets)?

  42. Drake Tomsen says:

    Well, that worked flawlessly abeit one minor cert problem (which is fixable VERY simply), I am confirmed as an Adult, nice to know I exist on a database somewhere.

    And as an ex sim manager, it’s nice to know there is a tool which will stop stone dead most of the griefing attacks by simply allowing verified accounts only.

  43. rommie Vesta says:

    So, to recap:
    1) The verification page has security issues of it’s own.
    2) The “privacy policy” link simply redirects to the form (so no privacy policy in sight).
    3) Linden Labs STILL continues to sidestep or ignore the question of “how much will this cost me?”

    I’m all about trust. But, before I trust you with my information, you need to earn it by answering our questions, fixing these issues, and making this information readily available. Right now, it looks very shady. To be honest, it looks like Linden Lab is trying to hide something from me about the age-verification. That makes me uncomfortable and leads me to not want to it.


  44. Num Skall says:

    I took at look at it, figured that the last-4-ssn choice was the lesser of the evils and the validation failed. Considering I own the property where I reside and have done so for a score of years, the verification system is wrong. In view of the multitude of problems, not the least of which is its very existence, I seriously doubt I will ever be inclined to try it again. Sorry LL, you had your chance and you blew it.

  45. Deltango Vale says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid idea.

  46. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    well well, all of the options available is ILLEGAL for us in EU to transfer over the net to a 3rd party outside EU, so much for that fantastich worldwide solution.


  47. Lolita Abel says:


    It was a success for Aristotle. It failed because they didn’t know you – yet. Now they do. You just supplied them with info they obviously didn’t have! And their data-mining op gets ever larger with each new “failure”.

    Don’t you just love it?

  48. Sweet Primrose says:

    Ahh, just when I was beginning to feel good about SL again, having just celebrated my first rezz-day….. and we’re back to this identity “verification” charade. It verifies nothing except the level of addiction of your audience and protects no one from anything. Any teen currently on the grid (surprise surprise) has access to a parent’s ID, and, quite shockingly, even knows their parent’s name, address, and in which drawer the SSN card is kept….

    Surely I am not the only one here who had sex before age 18. The only sign that the experience scarred me was that I spend a lot of time in a virtual world called second life. Or used to…

    <—-not going to verify to visit a virtual world

  49. Judith Howley says:

    Guys, what a proof of uttter clumsiness!!

    You want to give us an age verification that wasn’t wanted, and when we want to try it out, what happens:

    * Security warning that the security certificate is not valid, and warning for possible phishing of personal data – WOW, that’s reassuring;
    * Change the country as I don’t live in the US – Crap, script errors and page asks me to debug – no I won’t debug – oh, I can’t select an estate that is in my Country, I only get the US States;
    * Ok heck, I’ll continue, let me select to what I want to be identified – hmmmmmm, blank drop down box, ok so my identity can’t be verified.

    Gents, please, this isn’t reassuring at all!!!!!!!!!
    And surely not to give my identity info to anyone. These are pages that will be from day 1 the ideal hacking location.

    Yeah, we can get all the personal information of anyone using a stupid page.

  50. Dracon Ascot says:

    We are warned not to give out out passwords even to friends for a game, But you want us to give our personal info to a bunch of strangers. In previouos posts you stated it only takes a couple minutes to verify, but the 3rd party will keep the info for 2 years.
    My credit card/verified paypal are proof I am an adult in order to enter and adult only grid. But then you say they aren’t proof I am an adlut once in the world. With all this doublespeak it appears those working at LL must be studying the book “1984”

  51. Taz Amat says:

    Feature is still under development. Understood and accepted.

    However, my feeling is that it will work for less than 50% of US residents and 0% of international residents.

    Honestly, I doubt the “final” version will be able to verify users from China, India, Sudan, Latvia, Algeria, or Thailand.

    I see this as a big problem. Don’t you agree?

  52. Tamara says:

    That is so wrong and stupid in so many levels…

    First: I thought the TOS stated clearly that SL Main Grid was for adults only, adults meaning people over 18, and that younger people had the Teen Grid to fool around. If that is true, then that age verification thing is useless. If a kid sneaks up on SL, then it’s the parent’s fault, not yours. If this isn’t true anymore, then it’d have been nice to inform us, so we can all move to a more friendly environnment.

    Second: the age verification system cannot verify anything or anyone accurately. I am highly doubting that even the US Federal governments would allow a company like LL or Aristotle/Integrity to get their greedy hands on the personal datas of their citizens. And I know for a fact that no european government will hand over any information on it’s citizens to you or Arostotle/Integrity or anyone else anywhere in the world. This is just against their laws and against the quite strict Internet safety policies they’ve been teaching the population all theses years.

    Third: You speak about dealing with the “legal and regulatory issues that go with being a global platform.” I am sorry to inform you that, as a european citizen, I am forbidden by the laws of the European Union and of my country to give out such informations to any company over the internet.

    Fourth: I have always been very edgy on giving out any private information about myself on the internet, as security can never be guaranteed, which means that, one day, someone might find a way to get them. All major sites got hacked, Amazon, E-Bay, even you. But you are asking far more informations than what any otehr big sites around there asks for. Pron sites only asks for CC informations to prove your age, why would LL ask for so much informations I feel like being interrogated by some police service?

    I tell you, if you do really implement these, then it will drive off a lot of people. Remember that 60% of your players are europeans. Europeans will not give you their infos, and they’ll simply move to another platform.

    The majority of your customer base told you they’re against that. You didn’t listened, as often. It ahd little effect on you the previous times. But maybe this time you stepped a bit too far away from us. Too bad… for you…

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  54. Tomato Contepomi says:

    And, lo and behold, as somebody who lives in a country which is not my own and where I am no citizen (not an uncommon fact for somebody who works in IT), I fail verification with both my passport and ID, using my actual true data. Grumble.

  55. Teddy Qinan says:

    I’d like to buy a cheap sim, so if anyone is handing their sim back to the Lindens over this, sell it to me cheap instead. 🙂

  56. JB Kraft says:

    I see, so I have to go to a site that has the wrong cert to put in the most personal of my particular numbers so I can safely go somewhere and find a bunch of questionable people with primmy crotch poles running around chasing pixelchix that prolly aren’t female at all? Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

  57. Hal says:

    I get a security certificate error trying to access the age-verification page and a warning “You might be connecting to a website that is pretending to be”.

    …and you expect me to divulge my personal information here?

  58. topmate says:

    Integrity/Aristotle sells data to US political campaigns.

    The USA is about to enter a Presidential election year.

    The Internet was a proven battleground in the last election and is likely to be even more important in the battle for hearts and minds in 08.

    SecondLife is (allegedly) the bleeding edge of the Internet, where its most active users may be reliably and regularly found and engaged with, perhaps even encouraged to engage with others.

    A step too far in suppositions? Perhaps, but it is an interesting supposition nonetheless,

    As for me, I’m delighted now that I sold my sim when I had the opportunity. Renewing my premium account? Sorry Lab, but I don’t think so. As an adult I prefer to spend my money with those who treat me as such and don’t insult my intelligence so blatantly and with such alarming regularity.

  59. Porsupah Ree says:

    Given LL’s traditional laissez-faire role in governing the grid, such a scheme marks something of a break. One plausible rationale that’s been put forward is Integrity’s offer of legal indemnity, though it’s unclear whether that insurance would extend to residents as well.

    Still, it’s apparent that LL is insistent on implementing this scheme, absolutely without modification, despite the justified privacy concerns expressed, the legitimacy of Integrity, and indeed, the legality of soliciting such information from citizens of countries other than the US.

    Deeply unfortunate.

  60. Alan says:

    In addition, if Linden Lab should ever file for bankruptcy or merge with another company, we may sell the information you provide to us on this site to a third party or share your personal information with any company with whom we merge.
    This is in LL’s privacy policy statement, So when LL goes bankrupt, and it will do so if it continues with these ill thought out plans, our personal information will be in the public domain. I am going to have to think really hard on this matter, it is a shame because I,like most residents, enjoy Second Life. Even all the bugs and crashes are part of the experience that I enjoy. But if I am leaving myself open to Identity theft then I wonder if I should pack my bags and leave.

  61. I Have just recently moved. Both addresses get me the big ol’ Failed.
    (I see others have had problems with this as well.)

    How dose this effect me? Not a whole lot. I do not go into areas that will be (Adult Verified). Although the fact that Linden Lab has screwed up this beta (It says Linden Lab will not send out my info but nothing about the company there partnered with.) and the Link to the Privacy Policy is broken!

    This is not some stupid bug effecting the client. This is something dealing with your paying customers information! A whole different ballpark here. Beta? WTF? this is not something you put into BETA!
    It is either not for public beta or final release.

    So Yeah. Where is the Blog Post telling us (Sorry we screwed up with your information! (Resolved))

    There is a heap of things that make the outcome of this more of a negative then a positive.

    Fix it.

    1. State the problems in front of Linden Lab
    2. Create a Path to Fix/Make right the things that have been done wrong.
    3. Work towards the goal on that path.

    That would fix it for me.

    Thank You,

  62. Lucifer Baphomet says:

    Whatever happened to reaponsible parenting…

    Any minors on the grid are here fraudulently…

    All this is doing is enabling minors access to the grid.

  63. For everyone who is applauding this measure, please for the rest of us, go now to try to validate yourself, and tell us if you were successful? You can’t enter your own Adult parcel, if the system fails your verification.

  64. Chris Gobo says:

    I am simply not going to verify until I am forced to by not being able to go to locations I want to. if none of the land owners turn this on no problem if they do then I will verify and maybe by then LL will have answered some of the questions we have. It is a good I idea I just want some of the questions above answered.

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  66. Despil Korobase says:

    Unsecure, and flawed. Is age verification good? Yes.
    Is this solution good? No. I asked the Ombudsman responsible for Private Data Protection and Privacy, and he said: well, it’s against the law to ask for such things.

    Cool, no? So, should I break the law now?
    Think. That’s the first step in every ‘project’. Gather info, constraints, possibilities, evaluate them, and THINK.

  67. Rachel Darling says:

    It seems to me that LL have already provided us with a means to flag our content as “adult;” that is to say, we can flag a parcel as Mature. That being the case, it also seems to me to be LL’s responsibility to verify a resident’s age upon registration. Why should we pay for and trust a separate company to do this, particularly when their privacy policy is inaccessible and their security compliance is questionable.

    I’m curious about the ultimate point and purpose of this dubious feature. Is it so LL need not be responsible for holding resident information? Is it so they can avoid liability in case said information gets stolen? Avoid liability for minors accessing adult content, because LL’s own verification process is faulty? Is it so they can further define for us what constitutes “acceptable behavior” on the grid, and push out tbd non-corporate-friendly content?

    The suggestion that LL have cut a deal so that this third-party can provide our detailed information to political pollsters during an election year is an interesting — if alarming — thought as well.

    *looks harder for that posted privacy policy*

  68. Well, I was rather frustrated in my attempt to validate anything… After trying all documents out (none are accepted), I used the Driver’s License: it has a standard format (so it’s the same format as for the rest of Europe), everything that LL asks is neatly printed in block letters there (there is absolutely no way I can make a typo that way), and, well, the site refuses to validate me anyway.

    I’m trying to get more Portuguese residents to try it out. There might be a trick to it (eg. no accented characters, since they’re not shown on the Driver’s License either), like skipping a value or two, to make sure it validates correctly. So far, with several combinations, it didn’t work.

    I subscribe to @30 Damona Rau — an alternative way of getting validated if the silly Aristotle database doesn’t have any of my data there.

    Oh, yes, and what I’m doing might be illegal, but I’ll get validated by LL first, and face the local law-enforcing agencies later 🙂 One thing at a time… I work for a living in SL, I can’t afford to be shut out of it just because Aristotle’s database doesn’t work properly!

  69. alf lednev says:

    The process was painless, though a small point about Mandatory Fields “States” show up only US States. If the field is to mandatory how do non US Citzens comply? ( It works leaving blank but some text next to it may be a good idea explaining this)

    My main question is what happens next? is there a box ticked in your profile to say your verified?

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  71. Gina Masala says:

    Strange LL establishes an Age verification that no one wants. In the same way they leave accounts of people without legal age active. abuse reports in that case didn’t take any affect (Abuse: E:4907 P:1 |Rhein Tal| (Rhein Tal) [Age] {******* ***} “suspicion of age violation”)
    but I’ve got a warning because I am indicted to do some indecent things on a PG Sim named . , on a day I wasn’t online lol.
    Bye the way age verification don’t work for me (iam german too). Oh i must change my membership plan. i think monthly premium is better so I can run away each month if my second life experience gets to worse.

  72. Vanessa Sakai says:

    To test the age verifacation systym I set a small empty parcel to age restricted. I had a friend of mine (who has age verifided) try to enter it. She couln’t, it said for the parcel is restisrited to age verified. (she already is). It also asked her if she wanted to verify. It sent her to the age verify page which said that her age was already verified. LL needs to get the bugs out.

  73. Vincent Nacon says:

    YAY… about time!

  74. Sweet Primrose says:

    From the WIRED article:

    “But in reality, Aristotle’s site allowed anyone to register and purchase lists under a phony name and address. The site asked only for a name, the state where the buyer resided, an e-mail address and a phone number. Fields for mailing address and company name were optional.

    By registering first as Condoleezza Rice and then as Britney Spears, a Wired News reporter purchased two lists containing data on about 1,700 California voters and 900 South Carolina voters.”

    I’m making protest t-shirts and they will be available by tomorrow, free, in-world and at SLExchange. If anyone wants to distribute them, let me know. The first one says this:

    “Not verifying.
    Not bluffing.”

  75. rowancrisp says:

    Well, I verified.

    Of course, as I did so, I noted that with this step the Lindens have ensured that the SecondLife platform is unlikely to achieve even a fraction of the goals stated by Rosedale at SLCC: supplanting the Internet will be impossible if you cripple the supplanter by limiting its growth, as you will do with AV.

    The Internet achieved much of its growth through unfettered “adult” content and nigh-complete anonymity. This does not count.

    Combine this with steps against casinos (which frankly only affected me because my customer base dwindled due to less spending cash on some avatars), VAT implementation for European customers without previous notice, and rumors of prices rising in the new year.

    I have one thing to say:

    Good luck. You’ll need it.

  76. Ryanna Enfield says:

    Let me point out that, logging into the Adult Grid of Second Life while under the age of 18 is against the TOS in the first place. When you download SL, as well as sometimes at random when they deem a serious message needs to be sent out to the community, you are asked to agree to the TOS. I cannot think of any other game besides SL that verifies your age with your Social Security Number, Driver’s License, or Passport Info, except someone playing a very serious game of Identity Theft. I am not going to pay SL to verify my age when I’m well over 18 and have already given them other information that they requested previously in order to do this. I have very little faith in their ability to handle such sensitive information. Let me remind all of you about our credit card and password being compromised maybe a year back or so, forcing all residents to change their passwords. In addition, LL did away with any type of age verification in the first place and was not so concerned when they allowed for free accounts at the time. I find it funny that now they are going to make up for this by charging us and asking for private information to verify our age. Although I do understand the importance of verifying age, I think charging us to do it and requesting illegal information from us, ie: social security numbers, is the wrong way to go about it. Please think this through. The more I think about it, if my experience on SL continues to be hindered by more and more hoops I need to jump through just to TP to a sim, the more I’m inclined to move on to something different. Age Verification will not stop griefing. Griefers come in all ages, shapes and sizes. It would be interesting to see how many griefers that have been caught in SL actually were underage. Might be an interesting experiment. Here is another thing to think about.. If you go to an Adult Content Site on the web, what do they ask you? Yup, they want to know if you are over 18 and then they give you the whole deal about if you are not, could be subject to legal action spiel. But they have never asked me for my Social Security Number. In fact, why would I log into Second Life to see naked pixels, when I can just search the web?

    This is not the solution. Try again LL. What can the community do as a whole? Well Land Owners could simply not check the little box that says you must be age-verified to visit their land. How important are population numbers to you land owners? Might feel it a bit when the majority of people are not going to bother with age-verification. It is already against TOS to be on the Adult Grid and under-age. If a land owner does decide to only allow people who paid, and submitted DNA samples, then I recommend a complete boycott of their sim. This is what I intend to do. When I’m left with no where to go, and denied the things I enjoy about SL and the freedom to venture out into the community, I will leave SL and take my money with me. I suspect I’m not the only one.

  77. In order to preserve the freedom of those on here, and particularly those in countries where it is illegal to send proof, I shall of course be voluntarily making sure not to set any such thing on my own parcels.

    I shall leave from verifying for as long as I can, not because I like to pretend I’m not as old as I really am, but because I 1) disagree with the idea, but in the main because 2) I don’t trust the privacy policies of 3rd party companies as far as I can throw them.

    I leave the rest of you to choose wisely.

  78. A Very Sad Panda says:

    OK… Best I can see practically every response about of this is VERY negative.

    Please every user who wants to maintain a shred of privacy in the digital world REFUSE TO VERIFY OR FLAG YOUR LAND.

    I doubt that the verification company will leak data or otherwise compromise our identities to the public, but they still store the information and we have no idea what LL might be doing with it.

    As for cooperate ass-covering, everyone using the system has stated MULTIPLE times that they are at least 18 years old. If they are lying they have violated the contract and do not deserve any protection anyway.

    Do not f*ck up SL for those of us who wish to remain anonymous. And as for anyone who says that it is optional… just wait. If people start flagging their land the game will become useless for anyone who is unverified.

    If LL has the ultimate dream to create an open-source metaverse like internet, this is not the way to start. This is a blatant contradiction to all that LL has said about promoting open source. This truly has me concerned.

  79. Ceera Murakami says:

    Had no problems at all verifying all but one of my alts, and am leaving that one unverified to test parcel access restrictions with. Name, address and last four of my SSN worked fine. Didn’t even have to tell them my gender. (Though if they really are doing a decent cross-check, they knos that anyway.)

    This is an ADULT enviironment. Show your ID at the door, or go play at the skate park with the kiddies.

    If they misuse my data, I’ll sue them so bad their grandchildren will still be paying off the debt. I’m not worried.

  80. dave talamasca says:

    I don’t have a billion years to read all the posts to make sure no-one’s mentioned it before but, it is indeed possible for a UK resident to be an adult and have neither a passport, nor a drivers license. If LL expects me to pay money to get either of these (and they do both cost money) when my CC info should suffice (last I checked you needed to be 18 to obtain a credit card), well, they know where they can go huh?

  81. In the end it comes down to a simple question.

    Which matters to you the most… breaking the laws of your own country (where the courts decide your punishments? – assuming you’re not a victim of ID theft and get worse), or breaking the rules of an insignificant game provider, where the worst they can do to you is to stop you playing?

    I’ve made my choice.

  82. Well, Ceera. I showed my ID and true data and was denied access. I am not willing to forward to LL a copy of my scanned documents (as that would probably be illegal). So, i am out, unless a provision for people not living in their country of origin is added.

    I am in the mood of using profanity, but I am barely restricting myself right now.

  83. Hawthorne says:

    For those that want to know, I was successfully verified. Used SS number. And for the record, I’m not for or against it, I just wanted to see if I would have problems.

  84. nika talaj says:

    I see that from an LL public relations viewpoint, choosing Aristotle/Integrity is irreproachable.

    However, given their history and technical expertise, I doubt that Aristotle/Integrity can be trusted to maintain confidential the identity of those whom they verify, or to refrain from intrusive data mining of their clientele.

    I hope LL’s corporate partnership program is growing quickly; because one breach of confidentiality on Aristotle’s part, and we will see SL’s current customer base dwindle drastically.

  85. Lilly Margetts says:

    I Did not succeed verifying, after using a British drivers license and a Portuguese passport also, while i dont have anything against. It may damage the economy.

  86. Morden Winkler says:

    WHY do you require only the final four digits of American’s SSN, when you ask Canadians for their entire Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

    You might want to spend some time actually READING the website for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. I quote directly from the website:

    So, what can I do when asked for my SIN?

    Ask if you are required by law to provide it (see list below);

    Ask why the person needs it, how it will be used and to whom it will be given;

    Your SIN is not a piece of identification. If it is not required by law (and you are not satisfied with the explanation), tell the person you prefer not to use the SIN and offer other identification;

    If the organization refuses to give you the product or service unless you give your SIN, complain to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada;

    If you would like better legal protection for your SIN, call or write your federal Member of Parliament.


    In other words, once Canadians begin to complain to the federal privacy commissioner, you’re going to be getting lots of questions from the Canadian federal government.

  87. Redmoonblade says:

    Sorry if i feel that this is a stupid idea because:

    1. LL has got hacked before.
    2. Theres always a handfull of hackers that can steal info off the web. ( Some even make SERIOUS BUSINESS out of it)
    3. Everything is broken or on the verge of breaking.
    4. Their security is already being breached dayly.
    5. I agreed to the TOS that i was 18. <– Biggest reason of all

    Sorry you don’t trust me.

  88. Morden Winkler says:

    Note one sentence in the quote above, direct from Canada’s government:

    “Your SIN is not a piece of identification.”


  89. Jeska Linden says:

    Hey everyone, the security certificate message was due to the link starting with “https” instead of “http” and has since been fixed -sorry about that!

  90. Liny Odell says:

    Do TG residents that transfer get verified automatically as such we have to provide a pic of an ID card for prof that we are 18? If not then something needs to be done so that they are linked. And also with whom are you partnering with for the verification API? Also the fact that the check box says that you would search through publicly available files seams to me that our PRIVATE info is already leaked into hands it shouldn’t be at all. I myself am not going to go through the proses for it just yet as there are way to many bugs in it for me to think of it in the beta stage.


  91. Erishkagal Serevi says:

    “your world, your imagination” well as long as our imagination follows LL and the moral majority’s.
    Not to mention the fact that some people just like short avs.
    Nope cant have that! Someone might see you hugging and report you to the Linden Gestapo. Seriously, not to go all Godwin, but you guys might as well bust out the swastikas.

  92. nika talaj says:

    The forum thread to continue feedback is at:

    You need to have payment info on file to access the forums.

  93. Notecard Writer says:

    Complaints to the Canadian Office of the Privacy Commissioner

    If you believe you have a complaint under the Privacy Act or PIPEDA, submit it to us in writing at the following address:

    112 Kent Street
    Place de Ville
    Tower B, 3rd Floor
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 1H3

    Please include your full contact details in your letter, including your name, address and the telephone number where you can be reached, and provide as much detail as possible about your complaint.

    Note: The Office of the Privacy Commissioner does not process complaints via e-mail. Please submit your complaint by mail.


  94. Erishkagal Serevi says:

    This idea is bad bad bad. You want too much information. If you ask for age verification ar sign up, why do you even need this, unless you plan to sell the information…

  95. Alyx Sands says:

    #70, Gwyneth: I suspect the system has the same problem with German people who have umlauts in their name or address…no document I tried is working, no matter how I spell stuff.

  96. Shadowquine Maltz says:

    I’m pleased this is and hopefully will continue to be voluntary, even if it goes live.

    I don’t see that Linden Lab is, and I quote:

    “sensitive to the complex social, cultural, legal and regulatory issues that go with being a global platform.”

    I have heard from many of my friends, both in and out of the US that it is quite illegal to be asked for or provide some information required for this verification. From previous comments alone, I gather that it doesn’t even work for all. Many people that have frequented my establishment are from Germany, Russia, and many other countries besides the US. If they can’t get verified in a reasonable way, flagging my land would just slam the door in their faces.

    I feel there shouldn’t be a need for this feature, because my land is already flagged as Mature, in a sim flagged as Mature. People on this grid are already supposed to be verified as an adult BEFORE they can even log in to these Mature areas, or else they’re supposed to end up on the teen grid where everything is PG, Right? I always thought it safe to assume Linden Lab was making good on their policy that nobody over 18 is allowed access.

    I guess if they blocked users before they even get in, they could lose a lot of residents. Since that’s not acceptable, apparently the best course of action is to pass the responsibility to the people paying a lot of money to provide places for (assumed) adults to enjoy. Given the risk I’m not sure that everyone would keep paying.

    I will still pay, and I predict a significant negative impact from community backlash if I used this feature on my land. I cannot support this. This is entirely speculation and opinion on my part.

  97. Erishkagal Serevi says:

    Oh and just reinstall an old viewer…

  98. FAILED… >.>

    One would expect to have data of everyone coming into the states, but nooo, apparently my Passport number isn’t good enough?

    anyway… “Age Verification Failed”


  99. Edward Vellhi says:

    As anyone who has paid attention is aware, the word of a corporation not to abuse collected data is of dubious value. The word of a corporation to be able to control the behavior of another corporation (the age verifying service in this case) is not credible. I would feel _better_ about the situation if Linden Labs _were_ collecting the data itself. Your promises about your behavior being a lot more believable. Oh well.

  100. phoenix Behemoth says:

    i have a big problem if this happens i’m from uk and 1 i don’t have a passport 2 i don’t have drivers license 3 if i wanted eather it would cost £45 thats for drivers licence, passport £72 is there any other way

  101. Hundred comments and still not closed? I am proud 🙂

  102. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    @68: When LL first enabled free accounts, there was a large clamouring in the official fora from some residents about how this would be the end of SL due to their inability to continue to offer adult-oriented material without fear of getting sued for it. Many pointed out that CC-verification isn’t age verification. The end result was this. A number of people asked for this feature, that’s why LL implemented it.

    As far as what the third party is going to do with the information provided, they’re going to check their database to make sure you provided it correctly. That’s how verification systems work: the system asks you questions IT ALREADY KNOWS THE ANSWERS TO, and verifies that you do indeed know the correct answers. It has to already have the correct data in order to verify that you are who you say you are. It’s entirely possible that yes, they will resell that data, but your participation or abstention from verification won’t change that, since they already have the data.

  103. Avariel Falcon says:

    As a UK resident I managed to verify using my NI number with the SIN number option. Its not really very user friendly for a UK resident though.

    Also it still asks you to select a US state even when you set UK as your country.

  104. @80 – If I don’t flag my land as adult, due to LL’s policies wouldn’t I be liable for minors entering it? I’m concerned about the legalities of this!

    Linden Labs, please, PLEASE take this beta down, fix the problems, and then please, PLEASE give detailed explanations – all in one blog post – without errors. We need to know ALL of the facts.

  105. Guru Ah says:

    Well I just verified, living in the UK. It failed at first, but then I tried my old address that I moved out of 17 months ago, and it worked. Not very encouraging. But at least the data won’t be of much use to identity thieves!

  106. Digital Digital says:

    This is going to be an amazing and very helpful feature, me being an estate owner, I am excited to utilize this tool. Hopefully this will help!

  107. Lenny Looming says:

    Heh, my 11 year old niece just “verified” herself as over 18 using your system. Imagine that…

  108. Musimba Yellowknife says:

    So Linden Labs wants us to give private information using a webpage that is not secure and has a suspect certificate. LL has signed up with Integrity/Aristotle even though they have “accidentally” sold the private information they collect on several occassions. After seeing what information is being required, i must suggest that absolutely no one in the United States use this verification system since it requires data that is illegal for LL or Integrity to ask for.
    I hope Linden Labs is putting several million dollars to the side for all the fines that many of the Attorney Generals will be charging LL. And I will be contacting my states attorney general’s office if LL requires this illegal verification system.

  109. Elise Fugazi says:

    Well it’s funny..that people know of how easy it is to hack into a easy it is to get identity theft yet you still verify with the risk for a virtual world that your info might leak. I have a stick up my butt about giving info to private companies and I know for sure that this will be the perfect opportunity for a hacker to come and do his work on LL. I’m not saying that age verfication isn’t a bad idea..but the way LL has gone about trying to verify is just wrong and illegal in most places. If I will be banned from some sims because I don’t verify so be it I might as well just leave but I will not give them my info.

  110. Lina Pussycat says:

    the certificate popup about another site is stating due to you clicking on it from a link that is seperate from that site in the first place. Your on a subdomain that doesnt have a direct security certificate on it and its common practice to warn that these changes happen so that you can check the url that its pointing to to make sure its one you recognize…. In this case it states that the other url is which obviously is correct now if it were a belonging to a site other then that i’d worry but clearly there is nothing to worry about its just a safety precaution built into browser to help keep people safe…

  111. Also, remember … the kids who got the CC number from their parents’ cards will be able to get the DL and SSN info from the same wallets/purses they got the CC from.

    This is beyond useless. Sigh.

  112. Kinzo Nurmi says:


    As an American living in Japan I cannot get verified. With such a broad base of international users, this is going to be hard to successfully implement.

  113. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    @90: Because it’s a piece of information you know and most other people don’t. How a verification system works is, it asks you questions it already knows the answer to, and you prove you are who you say you are by answering the questions correctly. It matters not one bit whether the questions have anything at all to do with what constitutes legal ID in your country or not. All that matters is that it’s a question that you could answer easily but most other couldn’t. It’s not foolproof, your employer probably knows the answers to these questions too, but what are the odds your employer is under 18 and needs to impersonate someone else to get access to pr0n? Same for your banker. You get the idea…

  114. Ciaran Laval says:

    @115 If Integrity had the information on Canadian Sin’s, or any other documentation that they’re asking for outside of the US, then they’d only be asking for part of it, like they do in the US.

    People are providing Integrity with information here and yet nobody from Integrity has told us why that is. Providing them with information is not a check, a check is them matching that information, but they sure as hell don’t have all the information they’re asking people to verify with.

  115. Sweet Primrose says:

    @115 It doesn’t take too much imagination to see that one group who would have the answers might, you know, be the underage kid in the house….

    If LL really cares only about identify verification, they should offer as an optional means “verification gamecards,” at my local electronics/game store. I’ll show my photo ID to the clerk behind the counter and he can see that I match right there on the spot…. then for a nominal fee, he’ll sell me the one-time-use verification gamecard. I go home, I scrub off the back and punch in the number when I log in to SL, and —dingdingding— I’m verified, without ANYONE ANYWHERE needing to collect or store my information. In fact, this is less likely to be cheated around than the method LL currently proposes!

  116. Dekka Raymaker says:

    so now we’ll have a form of legalised griefing?

    “Ari Says:
    December 5th, 2007 at 2:57 PM PST


    Verify or stay off my island! LOL

    Hey, do I believe it’s genuine? That ‘Integrity’ actually verifies? That it actually works? Hell no. LOL

    I don’t care.” <== exactly!

    imo give me a griefer who cares any day of the week

  117. Murry says:

    We have a mature grid, with payment info verified, and mature sims with the ability to mark a plot in it as mature. Mature marked profiles, ect…

    yet we need age verification now ontop of the myrid of other crap we already have in place?

    non adults arnt allowed on the main grid. period. We dont need age verification ontop of the payment info too. its redundant as hell.

  118. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Not going to do it, Big Brother.


  119. Ahalfa Carling says:

    OK, I`m a UK resident so –

    Social Insurance Number(SIN) – What the hell is that? – anything like my National insurance No?? (Oh, I had my NI number issued when I was 16, as do all kids who leave school at that age)

    Passport No – nope, not got a passport

    Personal Identification Number – ??????

    Identity Card – Nope, we dont have them in the UK – YET!!!

    Drivers License – dont need one – my partner is the driver in our relationship

    Last 4 SSN – ??????

    I`m pretty sure that I should have a box to tick as well on the form to say I give my consent for the data to be used by 3rd parties.

    Oh, my kids also know where my partner`s Driving License is kept – what`s to stop them from registering using it.


  120. Jane says:

    Lindens, it still want work. Different countries have different systems to verify the Licence. You make me worry, isnt that possible that US can make things who are working perfect from the start? I hope for the future that i would be possible, but the reality reminds me that it isnt so.

  121. Lina Pussycat says:

    The info asked for is the last 4 digits of your social security number or your drivers liscense number legally they can ask for it as some employers will ask you this information to make sure you are who you say you are or that your not in the country illegally. You also get asked this information at hospitals on occasion and its given out other places as well…. I assure you that what integrity does is perfectly legal under U.S law however it may violate the rights in some contries to ask for certain information.

    These numbers are out there for verification purposes. I’ve put my social security number on hospital forms and have given out more info to a hospital then I have to LL.

    The page in question is secure and if LL do in fact sell any of the info or integrity does then they would be in violation i assure you and they would be sued…. As far as the site not being secure it is you can check your browser if the page in question is secure quite easily.

    People quite often panic when they see a popup like that but if you’d actually bother reading the entire thing it clearly states that the other url the certificate (SSL Certifcate) belongs to is in fact…. As this is a subdomain or seperate site the SSL Certificate doesnt apply to the blog so when accessing the url thru the link on this page it will give a warning display about the certificate belonging to a differient site. The site is secure and has a padlock on the site itself signifying an SSL certificate is on the page. This certificate provide 256 bit encryption of the data on the page

  122. TulsaLen Troncon says:

    What a joke. I provided my address and last 4 of my SS#. I just called a friend who has a SL account and just out of the blue asked what the last 4 of his sosh was and he blurted it out.

    With a few keystrokes I just verified him. Now what if I had just created a new account and I was 14 and used his name and address to register? I’d have just verified him as me and I’d now be a 14 year old with a “verified” account.

    I’m 35 btw… But what if………

  123. Does anyone complaining have a clue what “Beta” means? It means that it is guaranteed to have problems. Sheeeze. You caught them with their secure server certificate down. Naughty Naughty. Give them a break.

  124. Not My Name says:

    (If you’re wondering, I’m not using my name on this post because last time I dared to admit I appreciated having an age verify option in lieu of none at all, I was harassed for it in-world by several different people. Nice. Real nice, folks.)

    As a sim owner, I plan to only use this flag for renters who want me to set it on their lot. It’s just good customer service for me to allow that request, IMO.

    But if I were working as an “adult” entertainer in SL, or looking for a RL boy/girlfriend, I would be glad to have this as a small added measure of security.

    Yes, kids can always sneak by, just like they can show a fake ID at a bar in RL. (Well, perhaps it’s a bit more secure than that, as in this case it must be a real ID.)

    But that’s no reason to deny everyone the option of “carding” people to see if they managed to acquire the “over 18” flag.

    And when some kid’s parents freak out and call the cops because you (for example) suggested meeting up in RL or typed “porn” at their kid…

    Of course it’s not a bulletproof legal defense, but better than having your only defense be “Uh I didn’t know! She said she was 18! She violated the TOS!”

    I speak from indirect experience; a friend of mine had to fight legal charges as a result of that exact situation on another game. No, they had no case… but the girl’s parents were CONVINCED he was a dangerous intarweb predator who was specifically seeking children, and they were very aggressive about getting him in trouble.

    If he’d had an age verify option, he could have at least demonstrated that he was indeed looking for an adult.

  125. Jane says:


    In Switzerland ID card numbers would be checked with the last 18 signs. Ask me if you want, im gladly to help 😉

  126. Jane says:

    US law’s dont affect regulations in other country’s!! Remember this!!

  127. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    @113: The law doesn’t require you to use foolproof means to verify someone’s age, it merely requires reasonable means. Of course, what’s reasonable is a matter of opinion. But to use the local bar as an example, if they ask you if you’re 21 and you say yes, despite being only 17, they’re still liable for serving alcohol to a minor, even though you told them you weren’t. OTOH, if they ask to see some ID and you show them a fake ID, or your 21-year old sister’s ID, and fool them into serving you, then they are *not* responsible for serving you. They made a reasonable attempt at verification, the fact that it wasn’t foolproof doesn’t make them now liable for being fooled.

    Your own example is much like the second case above. “He said he was 18” isn’t a valid excuse by law, but “he presented ID which I had know way of knowing wasn’t his” is a valid excuse. It makes you the victim of fraud rather than the perpetrator of corrupting a minor.

    The point is NOT to come up with foolproof method of verification, because there ain’t no such thing, nor do we really care. The point is to come up with a way to show reasonable effort to comply with the law. It’s utterly stupid, but that’s not LL’s fault — write your congressman and get the laws changed if you want to fix that.

  128. Danball Tureaud says:

    Its about darn time this was introduced. Now, if this works properly, no more underaged residents on the mature grid.

    Also… 😛 to anyone who failed verification because that means you probably used false info to create your account or your not really a resident of Second Life.

  129. Winter Ventura says:

    …and thus arrived the beginning of the end.

    20 years ago.. Companies like AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve got all hung up in the micromanagement of their services. Coming out of a decade of “Bulletin Boards”, these “online services” got very heavy handed with their content management. The more layers of prtection and santization they added, the more isolated their members became.

    By the early 90’s, being a user of these services was a joke. It seems while those systems had become so focussed on protection and content.. others had gone around them, and created “The Internet”. While AOL users were still using “keywords”, the rest of us were viewing webpages.

    While it’s true that AOL thrived, it didn’t do so without a lot of changes, and buying and selling and the company changing hands more than a few times.. and there were many times when AOL looked like it was going to crash and burn. Meanwhile, on the “Real” internet, everyone viewed AOL users as a joke.. using a santized “family safe” version of the internet… their internet connections were frequently unable to access content, and their users (most often griefers.. even back then) were often banned by ISP. When they complained that it was unfair that their whole ISP was banned from things.. we’d just say “Hey, Oh Well!” (A, O L!)

    Does LL really hope to be the next “AOL?” It makes a certain sense from a corporate standpoint.. but in terms of commerce, content creation, and actual users.. more people on the web don’t use AOL, than people who do.

    In terms of internet service, AOL is no longer the market leader. Now AOL Time Warner is just a huge soulless megacorporation like any other. Internet is just a footnote to their history.

    I’ll be glad when the REAL 3d internet starts, so I can get off the santized, police-state that is SL.

  130. Dolphphun. I have tried every 15 minutes for 2 hours to no avail. Problem is: citizenship is never asked, only residence!

  131. Serenity Semple says:

    I can’t even get SL to function right. Why should I put my very important personal information in the hands of a company that cannot even handle itself properly?

  132. Gala Alva says:

    the reason they are doing this, is probably because of the ageplay incident that happend around 6 month ago in world and LL got major beef from the press/ german tv ARD.

    they are trying to cover their …., but at the same time, LL you are using some shady 3rd partie service that is one not secure and as you can see, the majority don’t like it/ wont do it.

    LL should make it mandatory to have CC signups only, it would eliminate the ” growing ” camp bots, and show proof that we are all of legal age. there are always slips in the system having a minor using its CC info from its parents but, these flaws are everywhere, in every game there is out there.
    the way it is now, the 3rd partie website is just not acceptable. CC info should be first thing to be required to open an LL account.

  133. Drako Nagorski says:

    ah LL, poor little LL….

    fix it or dont use it.

    for all the residents, just dont verify and dont mark parcels as mature.

  134. atlwolf says:

    > Also, you will be able to age-verify multiple alt accounts, none of which will be visible in your profile.

    Ok, where or how?

  135. Ciaran Laval says:

    @130 “Its about darn time this was introduced. Now, if this works properly, no more underaged residents on the mature grid.”

    Hahahaha that’s the funniest thing I’ve read so far. We’re going to see more kids and many of them verified. This system does not work with regards to verifying someone is over 18, it’s hopelessly flawed. This isn’t about keeping minors off the grid, that’s a complete smokescreen.

  136. Neural says:

    So, Jeska, or any other Linden pretending to care, do you mind responding to the statement made near the top of the replies by Drako Nagorski? Because I totally agree with him.
    I’d like to know what your planned legal excuse will be when the information on who knows how many users is purchased and then redistributed to God knows who because of this farce of “age verification”.
    You, the Lindens, have droned on and on about how secure it is, and it’s safe and all that. I don’t think you will be able to hide behind your precious ToS when peoples real life information is at stake. You’ve made a habit out of lying, distracting, and bluffing in regards to problems with SL and the related issues brought up by it’s users, but now you are messing with RL info.

    Here’s an idea, for starters, why not have Philip, Robin, and the other top level people at Linden Lab sign up for age verification too? PROVE to the users that you are willing to put your money where your mouth is, put your REAL information on the line, and provide a method that individual users can verify that it has been done.
    If Phillip and the other executives at Linden Lab don’t have the guts to do that, you have no place in requiring other users to do so.

    I place a high probability that none of the people who run Linden Lab will dare put their Real Life information into the age verification system, because it’s probably not nearly as secure as they claim.

  137. chmarr walcott says:

    data protection act of the uk is all i can say

    Data may only be used for the specific purposes for which it was collected.

    Data must not be disclosed to other parties without the consent of the individual whom it is about, unless there is legislation or other overriding legitimate reason to share the information (for example, the prevention or detection of crime). It is an offence for Other Parties to obtain this personal data without authorisation.

    Individuals have a right of access to the information held about them, subject to certain exceptions (for example, information held for the prevention or detection of crime).

    Personal information may be kept for no longer than is necessary.
    Personal information may not be transmitted outside the EEA unless the individual whom it is about has consented or adequate protection is in place, for example by the use of a prescribed form of contract to govern the transmission of the data.

    Subject to some exceptions for organisations that only do very simple processing, and for domestic use, all entities that process personal information must register with the Information Commissioner.

    Entities holding personal information are required to have adequate security measures in place. Those include technical measures (such as firewalls) and organisational measures (such as staff training).

    The Act covers any data which can be used to identify a living person. This includes names, birthday and anniversary dates, addresses, telephone numbers, Fax numbers, e-mail addresses etc. It only applies to that data which is held, or intended to be held, on computers (‘equipment operating automatically in response to instructions given for that purpose’), or held in a ‘relevant filing system’.

    Personal data shall not be transferred to a country or territory outside the European Economic Area unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection for the rights and freedoms of data subjects in relation to the processing of personal data.


  138. Drako Nagorski says:

    So, Jeska, or any other Linden pretending to care, do you mind responding to the statement made near the top of the replies by Drako Nagorski? Because I totally agree with him.

    YAY 😀 some support!

  139. shug says:

    You have bugger all chance of verfying your age if you live outside of the United States. The verification page doesn’t support states from the country in which I reside and constantly fails. Shame that – certainly was able to verify my credit card quick enough when I upgraded to premium quite a few moons ago. GO GLOBAL.

  140. Sling Trebuchet says:

    This is an ADULT environment. Show your parents ID at the door, and go play at the BSDM dungeon or Gor slave market with the other kiddies and adults.

  141. Joe Brynner says:

    Doesn’t work for me, I just get “failed”, and passport is the only thing I got for identification.

    by the way, are characters like “ß” allowed?

  142. Tigey Honey says:

    someone needs to fire a lawyer that suggested this – bye bye SL I have had enough of the lagg, and false promises – you should all stop and ask yourselves when is enough enough, this has just become a joke. you treat your customers like cattle, if SL has done anything lately, it is prove how much people will let themselves get pushed around. why should we stay, nothing works
    last one out, shut off the lights

  143. Morden Winkler says:



    Asking for a SIN, which technically not illegal, is a BIG blunder. That’s the key which pulls together ALL your information compiled by the federal government. I suspect there are going to be a stream of formal complaints made to the Privacy Commissioner about this.

    There is not ONE piece of information on that drop-down list that I feel comfortable giving to Second Life. I’d rather skip the adult parts than give up this much of my privacy.

    Also, according to Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. businesses must supply you with a product or a service even if you refuse consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information unless that information is essential to the transaction.


  144. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    Well LL, my age verification FAILED with both the last 4 digits of my SS number and my VALID drivers license! No, I’m not in another country, I’m in the US.

    How am I supposed to verify now ??

  145. chrisse Zabelin says:

    bad idea Linden Labs!
    1st of all that does not work by me…
    Jeska Linden Says:

    December 5th, 2007 at 4:04 PM PST
    Hey everyone, the security certificate message was due to the link starting with “https” instead of “http” and has since been fixed -sorry about that!

    and no statement to the other users that are angry?
    it does not work… and till you LL fixed it all we can not enter regions who set that right?
    yeaaw where is the post a few days before to notificate us? you forgot that or what?

    well SL is anyway an ADULD GRID so why an age verification? There was a Teen Grid b4….

    that is really stuipt im sorry….

    please LINDEN LAB at least you could write a Statement to that!
    wont work
    its not needet
    99% of all SL residents dont like it

    many SL residents will leave SL… you dont even ask us what we want? we write an email with 400 people to support with ONE idea about SL what 99.9 % of users would LOVE! you only write “we are sorry that we are not able to do that at the moment please let us know if we can do anything for you” that makes real sence you dont think so? rofl

    well everyone i asked would be happy about this idea (what i wont explain here now) but you dont care…
    so LL one questiuon….. do you really care aout all the residents?

    SL should be “MADE BY RESIDENTS – FOR RESIDENTS” or is that wrong???? well you better should listen what ALL OF THE RESIDENTS want here in SL and not what you want or what you think or like…. SL should be everything what most of the residents like…

    or maby another stupit idea of me
    did you ever thought about Fixing all the bugs before you add more and more and more features? well SL lags, crashes then came voice… sl crashes, laggs, unable to login, and there was Windlight… then SL laggs, SL Crashes, unable to connect to dns server, and IF u can login always… tp doesnt work, money is shown as loading and so on….. then came now the age verification….
    WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NEXT??? new features? really helpful lindens sure…. bugs getting more, features getting more, and bugs ever more the before….

    and now an age verification that doesnt work by 40 – 50 % of the residents

    do you MAKE the bugs only that you can work more?

    really lindens i dont understand that

  146. Suri Cassady says:

    While I am all for the protection of minors, I, like many of you, have a problem with giving out my personal information. With all the failed verifications going on now I don’t know if I should attempt this until it’s resolved. I recommend using AgeLock as an alternative.

  147. reuben steuben says:

    So my question is: will Linden Labs Flag the New Search Engine with adult content or is it ok for kids to view adult content as long as its Linden Showing it?

    Maybe your thinking Children won’t know what sculpted Genitals are?

  148. Dana Hickman says:

    I am wondering how deep this verification “beta” goes as far as inworld access. It says it’s tied to the new RC viewer in the first line of the blog, and that residents can now flag adult parcels because of that. My question is… Where does that leave the millions of residents using much older viewers? I, myself, am using the ancient 1.18.2(1) viewer (the last mandatory upgrade/first main grid voice) because it’s been rock solid stable for me. If this beta is live, and my viewer doesnt support it… Am I now going to have to make the choice of either staying with this solid client and probably being banned from my favorite dance clubs/shops/etc.., or be forced to update to the newest RC client with windlight and all its bugs and possibly not be able to get into SL at all?

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