The Fourth Annual Second Life Winter Festival

It’s time for the Second Life Winter Holiday Celebration! It kicks off the evening of Friday, December 14, and will close the evening of Friday, January 8. This year, we’re planning some of our traditional events, as well as brewing up a couple of new surprises.

Grid-Wide Snowball Fight

On Friday, 21 December, hunting season lasts all day long. Lindens will be in world here and there throughout the day, strolling about the countryside. (OK, running for their lives.) If you spot one, feel free to start a conversation by lobbing the biggest, slushiest snowball you can find. We’ll also have announced gatherings during the day. (If you’re short on snowballs, we’ll have dispensers with freebie snowball attachments!)

Resident Events

We’d like to build on last year’s theme of offering a central event registry for resident-hosted festival experiences.

We’re registering two types of experiences this year: Events and Venues. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Events have both a host and a duration. Venues can be un-hosted and enduring, and meant to function as self-guided tours, scenic vistas, places to relax, etc.
  2. Both must be broadly winter and/or holiday themed.
  3. Must be non-commercial (although sponsorship signs, kiosks, etc. are OK)
  4. Must abide by the Community Standards.
  5. Must occur during the Festival’s duration (14 Dec 07 – 4 Jan 08).
  6. Must be free of admission and accessible to all.

Within the next few days, we’ll provide details on registering your events and venues. And we’re still cooking up a few wintry goodies of our own.

Please stay tuned for more information!

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81 Responses to The Fourth Annual Second Life Winter Festival

  1. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    watch it lindens I will be ready (can I throw snow pies?) hehe

  2. Mar Dwi says:

    I and a few others are organising a SL wide festival of arts next year (probably in februari). The idea is more or less similar. We’ll ask all galleries, museums, theatres and other art related venues to host events. We’ll try to generate SL and RL media attention and want to show the SL art scene to all residents of SL.
    Is it possible to get some support from LL for this event? I’m thinking about an announcement similar to the one above.

  3. Sounds like a bunch o’ fun… Last year was a blast! Merry Christmas to ALL! (Hope the Lindens are wearing snowsuits!!! 😉

  4. Lukas Mensing says:

    aaaaah Good 🙂
    Will pathfinder be here too?
    Where is he gone by the way?

  5. Jed Gregg says:

    Can I Throw Yellow Snowballs 🙂

  6. ZigZag Freenote says:

    Only pink and green 🙂

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  8. At0m0 Beerbaum says:

    do the snowballs have to be THROWN?


  9. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Woei , The Lindens are going to be INWORLD 😀 Finally we are having a very stable Enviroment during the festival 😛

    Keep up with the good work !

  10. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I’m making snowball pies to cool your face when things get too hot

  11. Masuyo Aabye says:

    /me takes aim “heh heh heh”

  12. Inara Munro says:

    “grid wide” festivities?

    What’s the point? Yet again we can’t Tp anywhere with getting logged off; Linden transactions still bork out. No doubt, by the 21st things will still be the same, if not worse, given it’s a Friday – and we all know how “well” SL performs at weekends (the words “in need of” tend to get coupled with “an ICU”).

    So unless we’re lucky enough to have a Linden materialise on our front doorstep…snowballs, slushies, pies, 55mm recoiless rifles – all will all be in vain.

    And for those claiming I’m not entering into the Christmas spirit, yes, the constant (consistent, given may have been present for 12 months now) problems with SL _do_ make one cry, “Bah, humbug!” loudly and repeatedly in the direction of Linden Village & any of their ideas to make SL “fun”.

    How about simply making it stable for more than 2 days in every 12?

  13. geowhitfield says:

    Oooh hehehe snowball fight woohoo! Watch out Lindens! I gonna get you. Oooh can we chase them with mistletoe too? Hehehe ;D

  14. Terry Misfit says:

    woo hoo it took 12 response for this to go off topic…. is that a record? Looking forward to the snowball fight last year was fun. Happy holidays to all.

  15. zebadee says:

    Are you LL paying for it this year? or are a handful of residents going to foot the bill again?

  16. Kenis Sinister says:

    This is a new account but im not new to SL.
    That being said… there are more than few Lindens that I’d love to splat with a nice, slushy, snowball… good part is, they wont recognise this name!! Ha ha ha ha!!
    Watchout Lindens, were comming for you!!

  17. Hihihih, I can’t wait to see a Linden totally covered in snow whitw… get them back hihihih

  18. << grabs handfuls of snow 😉 If anyone wants to have christmas party at Pulse Industry contact me in world.
    Pulse Industry supports Winter Fest 4

  19. Dejan Martynov says:

    How about lindens put some combat meters on, will make snowball fight much more interesting*laughs hard

  20. Ann Otoole says:

    beware the yellericezookas!

  21. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    can I make a sentry gun that fires “Linden-seeking” snowballs an leave it on my land? Xp

  22. Marianne McCann says:

    Question on “non-commercial” – I’m involved with two sims (Livingtree and Del Aqua) that are doing big, big Yuletide things. But both also include a small amount of commercial goods, which help pay for their existence. I would *love* to have them included, but am wary of doing so. Are they SOL, or are there ways to address this in some way. I’d hate to see these spots left, um, out in the cold.

  23. Zack84 Burton says:

    Ahh the Winter Festival.. Favorite time of the SL year!! As a snow-region resident I had to start getting ready for this in October. Waiting patiently for that updated blog post with details on registering events/venues.

    Merry Christmas and happy first day of Hanukkah!

  24. elghinn masala says:

    OMG yay ^^ I was around for the one last year but I wasn’t as into SL as I am now, OMG this is going to be awsome

  25. I agree with Tigro, if the snowball attachment is mod-able I will give out copies that auto-target Lindens xD…

    I might even make a device that orbits around someone, pelting them with snowballs – snoBOT…

    All in good humor.

  26. kenny Stringer says:

    how about sim Release land to high Again !

  27. Vicero Lambert says:

    Woot should be fun 🙂

  28. kenny Stringer says:

    sim Release land to high Again !

  29. Nexii Malthus says:

    Woo, awesome! I am going to make fun scripted stuff hopefully, but mostly will be distracted to working on my TD game which is capable of coming to release state at the 21st =).

    (About sentries and auto-targeting…sensors don’t work on lindens as they have godmode always on.)

  30. Pol McLaglen says:

    Pies are more fun than snowballs.

    And if you can’t find a linden to throw one at, you could always eat it…


  31. Can’t we have the same type of listing service for the whole year? I do not fully understand the difference from the calendar, but if it is searchable, and allows for venues in addition to timed events, this should be available all year… perhaps that is part of the plans?

  32. Esse Bellman says:

    Nakiska yearly skiing competition .. well we had one last year, alas tradition. Any style invited! Cross your toes and hope to die.. 🙂

  33. Digital Digital says:

    Sounds like a total blast! Now I can’t wait for the estate owner parties!! Finally now that I am a estate owner I can join the parties!!!!!!!!!!

  34. bahiRD Oyen says:


    This is my first holiday season in Second Life and already I’m having a blast with the good cheer and holiday spirit that abounds.

    Times like even grid issues can’t damper the spirit… unless of course the spirit is just a damp to begin with. Then not much can help anyway :-0

    I have snowballs.. I have an infinite amount of snowballs. Lindens.. you can’t run far or fast enough.. you will be gotten!

    Thanks for the hard work your putting into making SL an outstanding, ever growing, never know what to expect next experience.

    For all the complaints.. where would we be without ya?

    Happy Holidays to one and all !!

    PS: You noticed that too huh Terry? lol

  35. Illyria Illyar says:

    I think the winter festival is a wonderful idea. And I would like to address the next comment to those nay-sayers who are complaining about the SL following the US/Europe weather. Well Linden Labs is based in the United States so it makes sense for SL to follow general patterns established in the United States. Get over it.

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  37. I have been living in a white, powdery wonderland for the last couple of weeks in SL… with ice-skating, dancing, snowball fights and more holiday cheer than you can poke a stick at (unless it’s a really long and twiggy stick). If it fits the criteria for venues there’s hot cocoa and eggnogg waiting for all….

    In God mode is it ok to eat the yellow snow?

  38. Marina Mincemeat says:

    Well to all you Bah Humbugs (Bah) and Merry Holidays and winter fun to all you Lindens who work so hard at our happiness and joyfull SL experiences! Am i off topic? I hope not LOL

  39. JL Roffo says:

    Cant we have ROCK dispensers instead of snowball dispensers ? 🙂

  40. kenny Stringer says:

    38 ya you Are Lidens dont Care as long as There paid look At Gabline issue they never fought it in us court They just Counted there monney !!!
    BA humbug !!!!

  41. Karyn says:

    My friend who introduced to me to SL works at LL. The snowballs are ready and she’s history! hehehe Only thing she could plow me with snowballs in RL! 🙂

  42. (gets giddy with holiday glee at the thought of holding a holiday based event.) Will the lindens decide to strike back with super LL powered snowballs of doom? 😉

  43. Ripley Oxbar says:

    “Second Life Winter Holiday Celebration HUH?” Is there a problem with saying what this season really is? “Christmas & New Years” for most of us non-politically correct types.

  44. Nexii Malthus says:

    Yes, I am getting annoyed about that, why can’t we just call it christmas as we are all used to already instead of all this “Winter Holiday Celebration” thing constantly.

  45. Taryn London says:

    Snowballs with spam filling, coming right up! *goes off to plan who she’s gonna hunt down with them*

  46. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Sheesh, always got to find something to criticize…

    Jetzep throws a snow-pie into Nexii’s mouth.

  47. Alyx Sands says:

    #43: What’s that got to do with being politically correct??? Not everyone DOES do Christmas, you know. There ARE other religions around, and even (whoah!) atheists and stuff.
    Eid al Kebir is also during the same time, which will be MY festival of choice.

    *goes to find a pink and green snowball to taunt Torley with*

  48. Blue Soon says:

    Who will be the first to design a machine gun that shoots snowballs? Wasn’t there a Scott Baio movie with a similar idea in the 70’s?…

  49. Stephe Erhler says:

    I hope having an ice skate vendor at my Christmas themed -skate and date- park doesn’t exclude me? I can see not including like shopping malls but most people who host events and create venues in SL for people to enjoy still need to make a few lindens to spread around 🙂

    And this looked like a good place to include: If LL would police the event calender and remove or ban people who spam the calender with 24 hour yard sales using a dozen “events” a day, we could have a listed, 12 month long festival in second life, void of the people who use the event calender as free advertizing for their shopping malls.

    It’s against the TOS, there is a bold red warning about doing this when you list an event, yet absolutely nothing is done to enforce this. We have a classified system for advertizing these sorts of things, I wish LL would let someone on their staff spend a few minutes everyday working on this.

    Stephe Ehrler

  50. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Ah, the perfect way to list my 25-hour Marathon New Year’s Eve celebration! The plan is currently to do it pub-crawl style, with a different venue every 2-4 hours. Last year I DJed for 9 hours straight – this year, 25! New Year’s in every time zone on the planet! (if you’re interested in providing a venue for a time period, please let me know – and sorry, the 9:30pm-12:30am SLT slot is already taken.

  51. Angsty Rossini says:

    Well, as I live in the southern hemisphere, I guess I’m going to be having a summer beach holiday season party 🙂

    Can I kick sand at a Linden instead??


  52. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    Woot! Make sure some Lindens visit the TG – I have a few snowballs with Blue, Spike, Sabin, Pastrami and co.’s names on them >:)

  53. Sean Heying says:

    @ 11, better think twice about taking aim at a linden with even a snowball. The police blotter on December 4, right above their posting about “Kalico is for *****” had an entry for “Shooting a Linden”

  54. Prankster Loon says:

    Can it be free of admission and accessible to all “verified adults who have provided payment info or who have used payment info”? MWAHAHAH!!

  55. dru bracken says:

    Unite against Hemispherist oppression!!!!
    Throw watermelons, cherries and mangoes at your Lindens…..

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  57. Buck says:

    @55: Glad you mention watermelons. You can be sure we Melon Disciples (members of Watermelon Nation) will mercilessly hunt down Torley and pelt him with… OK, maybe not watermelons because those might hurt too much… but watermelon-sized snowballs.

  58. Damona Rau says:

    — Quote —
    On Friday, 21 December, hunting season lasts all day long. Lindens will be in world here and there throughout the day, strolling about the countryside. (OK, running for their lives.)
    — End Quote —

    After the new RC, not working age verification it would be better, if the Linden-Crew don’t walk through the grid. I’m sure that not one Linden will come to the private Estate where i have my Club, but on the 21. Dec. i will mark the parcel as unsafe, make the Landing Point in 210m and disable flying – and build a very big snowball cannon. but i believe the Linden-Crew has a override for this, too bad.

    Btw, the new Viewer is slow, logins working with a 50/50 chance and the age verification don’t work for german residents. Make this age verification mandatory and you will loose many many residents.

    And one more time: test your software BEFORE you deploy it and make sure, that the age verification system works for ALL residents, not for round about 40-50%.

  59. Igor Sarojinsky Odessa says:

    JetZep Zabelin, ty iz Odessy?

  60. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Lindens inworld ;… (don tuse snowballs or watermellons cose you could insult both the snowball or the watermellon)

    Click the AV … … Hit the right mouse button … lol


    Or you can start now by adding all Lindens too your BANlisting



    Lindens are dressed like Santa Claus with a STABLE and BUGFREE Second Life in their Goodybag ….


  61. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    OK..I got a snowball thrower at the Ice Palace in Burning Life..I am ready to roll.

    and now for my off-topic comment….tried the age verification link and got a warning “Domain Name Mismatch”..decided against trusting that // …is…. //…inspite of the “unlikely” in the warning.
    It just ain’t inspiring in the old trustworthy column folks.

    now DUCK!

  62. Frost Fargis says:

    Were in.. and looking forward to it..

    ya’ll come on out to the bear clan winter show . New and old are welcome.

    Boot Janus and Frost Fargis.

  63. Ellesar Bikcin says:

    Geeze…Can we alternate water ballons with snowballs?

    But….I cannot understand some of the the negativism shown here, either. Nothing as huge as this Realm is going to be perfect, and nobody has been forced to join or subscribe to it.

    I should think that a light-hearted and whimnsical effort on the Linden Lab’s part would be better appreciated. I’ll gladly plug a Linden with a snowball (or water ballon) and shake their hand afterward.

  64. Vonba Elcar says:

    Hee hee… Im ready when you are Lindens :)))
    Just don’t hide behind him … when your all out walking around …..cus he’s is my First Hit.

    So take care all :))

  65. Archie Lukas says:



    ……………………..would be sooooooooooooo helpful y’know

  66. Marly Milena says:

    Well,being an indoor girl myself, I can’t wait to have and places to curl up and sing carols and such. And fluffy slippers.

    I’ll be waiting for you when you come in out of the cold! 🙂

  67. Marly Milena says:

    Oops–once again–I didn’t realize that certain keys would obliterate text…

    Well, being an indoor girl, I am looking forward to curling up in front of a big fireplace with chestnuts roasting, maybe marshmallows, and having some fluffly slippers on. Singing carols would be nice, too.
    I will be waiting for you when you come in out of the cold!

  68. Artfox Daviau says:

    As an Australian, the winter festival occurs in our 39-42 degree temperatures with swimming on scorching beaches and the Santa sled I made is pulled by 2 white kangaroos, even tho both Santa and the sled are northern hemisphere and snow-based phenomena, and Santa wears a slouch hat. Pre Christmas we slip into a shopping centre partly to buy presents but mostly for air-conditioned heat relief. Christmas morning we open the presents before it gets too hot. Christmas dinner is usually baked and then we all lie around, filled to the gills, in front of the electric fan. The kids can’t swim for at least an hour after Chrissie dinner so they don’t get a cramp in the surf. We await the smell of bush fires burning up to the outskirts of our major cities. We watch or are bored by the cricket on TV, and the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race after Christmas… But as residents of this single planet, one thing we do have in common is the phase of the moon.

  69. This is excellent Teeple. Avatrian is definitely in. We love winter and we’re already setting up a venue to register for the festival. Do you know when the resident-hosted venue registration starts? Thanks!

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  71. Like Artfox, I’m a southern hemispherian (and an Aussie too)… I have never seen snow falling in real life… and I love the idea of a winter festival while I’m sweltering in the 38C+ (over 100F) heat.
    I have been decorating up a storm… can we pleeeeeeease start the festival now? 🙂

  72. anja says:

    to long
    speed up that maintenance!!!!!!

  73. Gale says:

    Grid wide snow ball fight You can count on me to be hunting the Torley linden, and Meta Linden , and Blue Linden And any other Linden I can find to splatter them with a million snow balls!RUN! RUN LINDENS! But I can not wait to clobber you! Mahuaaaaa and oh I have reallly good aim too!

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  75. Archie Lukas says:

    Typical Aussies to get it all ass backwards

    and they give us Poms a hard time, Phftttt !

  76. The Snowball Blaster HUD is a free toy, created especially for Winter Festival 2007 by the scripting elves at Temporal Gadgets. We hope that you enjoy using it to bring a little holiday “cheer” to your friends!

    The HUD is simple to use…just attach it to any hud position…it should look like a snowflake…

    Touch the HUD to activate it…it will scan for the closest avatars and show you a menu with their names. Choose a name from the list…and the HUD will rez a SNOWBALL BLASTER that will pummel them unmercifully…and then sweetly wish them a merry HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    The HUD will then offer them a notecard with a landmark where your victim can go to get their OWN Free Snowball Blaster…for a bit of holiday revenge!

    Come get your Own free Snowball Blaster HUD at Semoshi 128, 192, 69

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas,

    Temporal Mitra and Bopete Yossarian
    Temporal Gadgets

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