Knowledge Base Article of the Week #6: The Public Issue Tracker

Hi everyone, it’s Knowledge Base Article of the Week time again! The subject of this week’s KBAotW is Second Life’s Public Issue Tracker. The Issue Tracker is a complex and powerful tool; it enables anyone with a Second Life account to report bugs and suggest improvements to Second Life! It also allows you to search through existing issues, so you can comment and vote on the issues you think need the most attention.

Below the jump, I’ve compiled a list of resources to help you master the use of the Issue Tracker. If you’ve ever been unsure about how or where to report a bug, this post is for you!

Remember- links to the Knowledge Base will redirect you to the Support Portal, where you need to log in to proceed to the articles.

  • How to report bugs better: A blog post by Torley Linden, containing some really fantastic tips and tricks on how to use the Issue Tracker most effectively. He covers some excellent strategies for getting your issue noticed, and making sure you submit clear, actionable information.

You can find more articles about the Public Issue Tracker in the Knowledge Base, under Public Issue Tracker (JIRA).

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for the Knowledge Base, please stop by our used couch and information depot in Beaumont for our weekly Documentation Office Hours. Our new, relatively permanent time slot is 2pm PST, every Friday.

I hope to see you there!

Jeremy Linden

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39 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #6: The Public Issue Tracker

  1. Ari Blackthorne says:

    I don’t usually go in there unless there is something I’m passionate about. I figure most of the more juicy problems will get fixed pretty quickly. But this is a great tip – kudos, Jeremy!

  2. Alexandra Rucker says:

    You know that Fri @ 2pm is also Torley’s office hour, right? πŸ™‚

  3. phor darkstone says:

    the jira, where bugs go to be ignored.

  4. Eclaire Looming says:

    well right now vendors are not working you pay them but get nothing…maybe just maybe reliability ought to be an SL priority

  5. jim says:

    hey, track this issue… SL is down while yer posting this. GG.

  6. Blinders Off says:

    I’d like to make a COMMENT about COMMENTS, since in a way that’s an issue tracker concept.

    Lately LL has been using “Comments Closed” on a number of posts. “Find out why…” is supposed to make us feel at ease. But may I offer a thought:

    Just because LL doesn’t think an item could have pertinent comments doesn’t make it so.

    There may be some instances in which someone may be able to give LL some insight into a situation that someone over there has just plain missed. Again… when you close comments, you are sending a big message to your users that you don’t want to hear what they think.

    As an example, the ROLLING RESTART comments are closed at this moment. Which prevents me from asking in the proper area….

    “What is it about a rolling restart that would prevent my avatar from logging in at all… for an EXTENSIVE period of time?” (far longer than “ten minutes”).

  7. Lincoln Lightfoot says:

    Linden ignores issues when logged; I receive automated responses to crash issues, telling to do what I have already done. Why bother sending out a generic reply when the reply does absolutely no good? I crashed 5 times in about an hour last night and already 3 or 4 times today. Who cares about voting on enhancements when the basic package does not work!! Look at your numbers on crashes, it’s terrible that this problem continues and the crash problem is ignored.

    What did your survey say – better or worse; I bet worse based to the people I have chatted with.

  8. mimi says:

    Whats the use of reporting bugs when linden labs replies only to those issues that they like? Some issues with over 30 votes have not had a single reply from a linden in months

    I used to vote on jira.. but i feel that is is of no use when issues that bother many people don’t even get a reply..

    Issues like SVC-676 are a big problem for content creators on SL.. why do they get ignored?

  9. reddawnbade says:

    Again – another post about another set of tools that don’t work most of the time, are slow, not very user friendly and which don’t seem to accomplish anything anyway (many of the issues with the most votes on the jira have been open for months and months without resolution). And again posted while SL is hosed and none of the relevant blog posting have any real details yet all have comments closed.

    I have the same question as Blinders Off about log-ins as well as when I do log on I can’t tp anywhere. Not just to regions that are being restarted – but anywhere. I get logged out every time.

    Oh – and yes since I’m a concierge customer I can submit my issues and get a Linden to respond. But it’s always the same answers “Clear cache and relog” or “restart the region”. When that doesn’t work it becomes “it could be anything from – and an endless list of nonsense” – never any help that resolves the issue. I’d even settle for some simple honesty like “Well, SL is hosed right now and we just don’t know when it will be working right”.

  10. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @6 Blinders Off – Well, I was surprised, but the comments on the Rolling Restart are on…

  11. @8 I was thinking just the same thing Nic. I’d just finished reading part 2 and stumbled across the blog in rss.

  12. Eclaire Looming says:

    nothing is working very well right now… when are they going to get it? …just before they go out of business? R-E-L-I-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y get it?

  13. Jeremy Linden says:

    @8 Nicholaz:

    I chose this topic for this week largely because of our recent WindLight and Release Candidate releases- We’ve been urging Residents to report bugs, but it’s been a long time since we showed them how. Though I’m sorry to say I hadn’t read your blog posts beforehand, I’m happy to see that you’ve been providing some thoughtful input on this subject!

  14. Angry Customer says:

    Jeremy, I don’t pay server fees on top of buying sims to find and have to report issues! Please stop insulting your customers asking them to report what you should have tested at the first place. I am fed up with your BS can’t do please help attitude LL. The beta period is over!! If you can’t do these things, hire someone who does… and hire testers for God’s sake.

    Lands are being taken off the search for weeks now. You better plan to refund land fees for the whole month. If you start messing with our lands and search options, you are going to have to be accountable for it…

    I am calling for a refund policy for your future mistakes and performance below 99% uptime. I can no longer tolerate paying and support the burden of your incompetence. Some of us are running a business. Run yours LL!!

  15. Eclaire Looming says:


    experience suggests LL may not be capable of understanding you, and the alternative explanation is they really don’t care

  16. Tony says:

    @15 if you don’t report bugs how are they going to know they exist? Support departments need customers to report bugs and problems.

    Unfortunately the Jira really isn’t a very straight forward process for customers. It’s cumbersome, it’s huge and some of the people who resolve the issues are rude and will put people off using it again.

    However it’s not the worst system in the world by a long shot. There should be a big disclaimer all over the place that it’s not for support issues, because people do post support issues there.

  17. Borat says:

    @6 I don’t blame LL for closing off comments, who in their right mind wants to listen to the constant whining and moaning that is going on?

    @15 Reports are not ignored im sure, do you even have the slightest idea how complex something like this application is? It’s no walk in the park keeping on top of the numerous issues that can and do occur, and no matter how much testing is done in-house, there will always be things that slip through the net once it’s released – just like every other application that is on the market. How many whiney comments have you left on the Microsoft website recently?

    There is never a single positive comment, it’s always moaning and bitching about something. If your not happy with it – leave it’s as simple as that. If you think you can do better then apply for a damn job and get it done, do something constructive for once.

  18. coventina dalgleish says:

    Bug Reports……………………………….


    The entire sub-structure of the game is a bug if you have not observed

    !! 1 month of non ending system problems that have not been repaired !!

    Just use this as your bug report

    Perhaps if you people took smaller steps you could walk first before falling down the stairs every time you fall down 3 flights of stairs and land on your faces.

    I still contend daily hourly interruptions for small fixes would be preferable to these rolling enema’s you seem so intent on administering to us. That would give you a clean slate every day and a confined environment to work in. This would also make fixing the items that should have worked the first time a chance, all be it small, of actually being corrected. Although , many of us do think you need to be confined in a small space and forced to contend with the product you have attempted to deliver.

    Again thank you for your attention , hello , hello hmmm

  19. Shai Khalifa says:

    @18. I’m sorry, but I beg to differ with you on this. I’ve been monitoring and contributing to blog posts here now for over a year, and I can say that whenever something really positive happens, the support far outweighs the denigration.

    However, having said that, just lately we seem to be once again seeing a return to the modus operandi for LL which existed months ago, and eventually gave rise to the Open Letter and all the attendant discussion.

    A lack of transparency and information, very late feedback on important issues – if any at all, decreasing grid performance etc. There are also the constant list of common breakages – Lindens not showing up, login problems, performance instability, freezes and crashes, inventory losses, vendor operation problems and other database-related issues.

    It would seem that LL is constantly trying to cope with upscaling on the fly – while in the background they work on an upgraded architecture.

    While I’m on that point. Can someone please confirm or deny the rumour that scripts will all need to be recompiled to comply with Havok when it’s released/imposed on us?

    πŸ™‚ Shai

  20. coventina dalgleish says:

    Oh hey BORAT time is coming for the better version just keep your eyes open. Also, something that functions well does not receive the mass of bad press that Second Life seems to generate. You must consider that we who have been here for a long time have seen the game actually function, and it is a joy when it does. Do not think that this game has gone unnoticed there are several state of the art projects in the creative stages and if the folks of Linden Lab can not get it together they will go the way of the inventor of the mouse and what was a fine operating system for the time. For the fact that we have to report bugs thats a good solution if the base structure functions. I am sure all of the Lindens are in the game from time to time and see the problems so just laying on layer on layer of the same bug is pointless. Bug reports work their best when it is a specific focused problem. This is a situation of total grid failure. I can’t count the number of times I see the message “Heavy lag detected” on a class 5 server with less than 4ms of top script times and a frame time less than 9ms. This happens 20 or 30 times a day. Yes I spend a lot of time on line…. There is no excuse for heavy lag when the system functions properly. Fortunately the Lindens have a hook, we have all made good world wide friends here, well most of us who are social, and to lose that is not acceptable, therefore we stay and endure the pain. I suppose sometimes masochism knows no limits ))

  21. Angry Customer says:

    @17 Your comment actually supports my claim. A developer-oriented bug tracking system is NOT the responsibility of a land owner/paying customer, filling out a support ticket is. I actually use JIRA when I can, but if you are asking me to take the time for every bug I see to look whether it was already reported on JIRA or not, fill the report accordingly like a developer and/or get votes to have it fixed, I am certainly not going to accept to be subject to this… It’s not my job. I pay LL and people who supposedly have the professional expertise to do that. The client may open source but the grid and land ownership is not. It’s a commercial product (i.e. a Sim cost the price of a computer with monthly fees) and it ought to be treated as such, empowering its customer instead of putting a constant strain on their business or worse. Businesses who cash in and fail to deliver the promised service get class action lawsuits in the RL world…

    @18. Sorry I don’t do Windows… perhaps you’re too used to Microsoft… and if I am being frank, it’s actually because I don’t want Linden Lab to become Microsoft. For the moment, they seem to do worse. I am not so much bitching but rather claiming the service pay for, in order for me to continue being constructive as I have been…

  22. Jeremy,

    JIRA seems to be just in the air …. appearing everywhere and with some fuzz kicked up on and inside issues themselves πŸ™‚


  23. U M says:

    I have good stories about JIRA…..very good……OMG how many do they have to read these days?

  24. Tony says:

    @22 I agree with you on the Jira. I thought your earlier comment implied you thought you should never report problems. If you’re reporting them then you are playing your part and as I said the Jira is cumbersome and not user friendly enough for end users.

  25. Anderson Philbin says:

    I work in a software development team for a living. It makes me totally disinclined to work as one of your unpaid testers. I expect you to work from support issues and your own blog entries to work out what needs fixing.

    Of course some people do like to think they’re contributing by adding issues to the jira. I shan’t criticise them.

    For the money you charge for the right to build objects on land, I expect you to deliver working software. 24×7

  26. Pepper Haas says:

    My husband is a software engineer and the lead architect on his team. When one of their customers reports a bug in their stuff, they are given an immediate fix OR a workaround until it is fixed. What they are NEVER told to do is, go to the website, report your bug there, look at it a lot, vote and maybe we’ll fix it. The Jira is an UNMITIGATED DISASTER of confusing entries only computer geeks can follow or understand. It does nothing to get any bugs fixed, witnes the bare fact that Group IM has been borked since April, thousands and thousands of avatars have reported it, voted on it, sent an open letter about it — AND IT’S STILL NOT FIXED

  27. Pepper Haas says:

    To Borat: It is your “shut up or leave” comments that are useless in these blogs.

  28. WiLLuMPJuH Gausman says:

    The JIRA is not based on any Customer Service Level Agreement you might feel entitled to. It’s a collaborative gathering for technical issues concerning SL and is initiated, controlled and managed by Lindenlab. I think prompt resolution of issues seem a strife for Lindenlab employees, but is obviously not a set goal.

    What Jeremy is saying is that you can use the JIRA to highlight issues by voting for them or comment on them. And in the proces the issues do get a priority level. He, or any other LLemp, however does not guarantee there will be an ASAP on the issues with the most votes.

  29. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @27 Pepper Haas – There are different kinds of software. Lives may depend on one and for those an approach you describe is essential. Other kinds of software is developed, fixed and improved using other approaches. Voting here is a kind of Customer Satisfaction Survey, with specific feedback on what is most desired. If there are no resources to fix it all, some priorities are needed. And with so many possibilities SL has, people will come up with so many bugs and improvements you can never handle them all anyway.

    The other thing is, we’ve seen “live with it or leave” suggestions from not so angry users. Well, it seems LL have built themselves an addictive world which many of us like so much we don’t want to seek another one. So, there is no real free market here, the choices are not comparable. Even if you find a better world, you’d be losing your friends (and most of the work you’ve put in). Things are happening to change that, but until then we’re pretty much stuck and at LL’s mercy. All we can do is beg to have some issues addressed before the others. Using whining, jira, office hours, or whatever one is comfortable with (though, the trend of Premium Accounts and the threat of many businesses closing down could help us here).

    And in that respect, jira is a good choice since you can vote. That said, please, do not abuse jira to whine in comments and do not post new issues before you’ve done the basic research on what is already in there. And yes, it is somewhat technically oriented (it was meant to be even more, I think). And it needs to be, to remain useful. If you’re not comfortable with it, let it be.

  30. Pepper Haas says:

    Thank you, Zigzag. I neither use nor abuse Jira since I don’t use it at all, except for in-game bug reporting. I don’t see any use to track it or vote on it since as you also point out, we are at the Linden’s whim and mercy and *nothing* we do makes a difference. That you would describe comments here as “whining” and “begging” speaks volumes. As far as I’m concerned, people are CRAZY to pay Lindens for service since they don’t get any. I have dealt with many software providers and Lindens are the ONLY ones that basically tell customers to do their own bug fixing or shut the hell up and leave. I repeat, Jira is an UNMITIGATED DISASTER; once people have submitted the bug report it should be LL job to work on it, to make customers do that work and vote is completely usesless, as witnessed by the fact that so many bugs reported and voted on, are still completely ignored.

  31. WiLLuMPJuH Gausman says:

    Nogmaals Pepper, er rust GEEN GARANTIE op het gebruik van de JIRA. Je frustratie is begrijpelijk. Echter, je ‘IF bugreports supplied an voted for by many users THEN immediate action should be taken by LL’ is uiteraard voor alle gebruikers wenselijk, maar zeker niet op afspraak gebaseerd ( er zit meer ‘recht’ in het melden van support-tickets). Het verwerken van de gerapporteerde zaken in JIRA ligt volledig in handen van LL. Het ‘Hou je smoel of vertrek’-gedrag is zeker waarneembaar hier in de posts en ergerlijk, maar uiteraard kun je dit niet ten laste leggen van LL-medewerkers.

    Sorry .. my two cents to Pepper in dutch.

  32. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @31 Pepper Haas – Sorry if my post sounded as directed towards you. The first paragraph was a response to your post, the rest was a comment on what is going on lately, in general.

    Again, jira is what it is. It will remain technical, but non-technical people can contribute too, by voting. I completely agree, some issues with high number of votes should have been resolved by now. Not all are easy, we should understand that. It’s not as simple as changing a broken part in your car.

    Still hoping for things to improve.

    P.S.: Ahhh, jira is back on-line, now I can finish what I have started earlier…

  33. WiLLuMPJuH Gausman says:

    Speaking of JIRA πŸ˜› … ofc my statement in dutch was also a great excuse to make an utopic IF THEN – statement without being a coder.. =^.^=

    Big mouth strikes again..

  34. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Jeremy, theres a wiki article that also

  35. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @borat – why do you think people complain in blogs like this? most likely as this is the easiest way trying to get the current problems recognized – as………….. support does not work well and jira is abs user unfriendly. so, the blog is the best places to get your emotions out. why do they complain? they may pay for this game or not nad most of them fulfill the minimum hardware requirements. when fulfilling the minimum requirements they expect that the game works for them, can you agree with this? unfortunately LL is not able to deliver what it promises, i.e. being able to play in world with hardware = minimum requirements or better. we just see a constant decrease in performance over the last couple of months. and: as we are loving that game and it’s potentials, we are just angry that we can not play it properly and that we do not see a LL masterplan to resolve the billions of issues. and: we need a channel to let our anger out in order to be nice and friendly once we manage to be in world again πŸ™‚
    don’t get me worng, I love positive attitude, but I truly can understand that people who have so many probs with loggin in, tp-ing, buying, selling etc etc complain aobut the current situation.
    so, pls do not blame them, be happy yourself as you seem to have all settings set right to be bale to survive in world.

    btw: I run a very new laptop since some weeks. no problems at the beginning, did not change any configurations, did not change software or hardware and still my SL performance dicreases and my laptop slowly changes into a heater when I run SL (means, I burn my legs while pplaying the game). my only conclusion to this is that it MUST be an SL issue and not a hardware or configuration issue why the performance of the game decreases.

    and yes, I am also am member of the ‘I love SL group’

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  37. Munji says:

    @36 pantaiputih korobase says: “I run a very new laptop since some weeks. no problems at the beginning, did not change any configurations, did not change software or hardware and still my SL performance dicreases and my laptop slowly changes into a heater when I run SL (means, I burn my legs while pplaying the game). my only conclusion to this is that it MUST be an SL issue and not a hardware or configuration issue why the performance of the game decreases.”
    You are so right, i have never had so many pc issues, as after i started sl. Its a shame, because it really IS a lovable “game”
    (been here for 1+ year)

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