Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) is now available

We’re getting closer to finalizing this viewer release! Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) is now available. Please go to the test software page to download to try out these pre-production viewers.

Bug fixes in Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2):

  • Fixed various XML errors related to the search feature, Windows & Linux only
  • Fixed VWR-3064: Land Search does not show Description Text for any parcel selected in Search
  • Fixed VWR-3084: Dramatic drop in frame rate after the first use of the new search engine.
  • Fixed VWR-3200: Classifieds Statistics in profile are broken

Note, this is not an update to the WindLight First Look viewer. Keep an eye on the First Look download page for updates. Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.18.5 Release Candidate“. Also, an updated source code drop is coming soon!

REMINDER: Release Candidates (RC) are intended for evaluation purposes. Please try them out only if you want to participate in the bug reporting process and identify issues before these become the default viewer. You can have both a Release Candidate and a production viewer installed on your computer at the same time, so if issues are encountered when testing an RC you can switch back to the production viewer.

Keep reading for more detailed information on the Search changes in this Release Candidate…

With today’s Release Candidate, you will see several changes to both the search website and client that improve search. First, you may notice we added a blurb about Search being “in beta” as we wanted to clarify that the new search is a work in progress. One of the most interesting things about the new search is that it is primarily web based, which means we can respond more quickly and without having to require a new download for some changes and improvements.

Since this is a work a progress, we’d love to hear from you! Please send any feedback you have to – we will be reading all of the feedback, although we may not respond to each inquiry. Thank you for your support, feedback and thoughts as we continue to develop and refine the new search.

New Search Features in 1.18.5 RC2

  • Lag Meter
    Some Residents may wonder where the little green and red meters from the top right hand corner have gone. They have been replaced by the Lag Meter, which can be found under the Help menu. The Lag Meter provides more information and possible solutions for what is happening in-world to cause slow frame rate and/or “lag”. It also helps determine whether the viewer, network or the simulator (server) is causing the issue.
  • Place Dialog
    The reworking of the Place Dialog brings several nice usability tweaks when interacting with places inworld. For example, if you click on a SLurl inworld or from the web, the dialog that opens include more information about the location you’ve selected – including photos or description.
  • Landmarks Easier to Use
    There is a very handy new feature with landmarks which allows you to double-click to teleport directly to the location. You can also still right-click and choose “teleport” if you’d prefer.
  • Classified Changes
    The top 8 classifieds (based upon price paid) are included on default Search All page when search is first opened. Classified results, based upon keyword matching, will also appear alongside the page(s) of results to your query. The classified results are based upon the same direct word search as is currently returned in the “Classified” tab. This may of course change in the future as we refine the classified returns.
  • Coordinates for Objects in Parcel Listings
    We have added the coordinate information for all objects currently listed as “Show in Search” on parcels. This information is shown at the end of each object listing. These coordinates are not currently linked directly to the location, but they may be in the future. We’d love your feedback on this issue in particular

Search Related Fixes:

  • Place Dialog
    Due to the place dialog reworking (see new features below for more information) there were several errors in the last release in the old search. The first caused the place dialog inside of the “old” search to not properly display the description field. The second caused the Teleport and Show on Map buttons to only work for the first item found in search. Both of these have been fixed with today’s Release Candidate.
  • Items Set for Sale Improperly
    Due to a temporary error in Second Life last year, some objects were improperly shown as for sale, could not be purchased and the owner could not uncheck the for sale checkbox (VWR-2908). These objects were incorrectly set to “Show in search” during the initial population of search. Owners have always been able to deselect the “Show in Search” toggle. There is a two part fix for the for-sale problem. With this release candidate owners of such objects will be able to edit the “For Sale” toggle on these objects manually. With the next server update (currently scheduled for some time in the next few weeks) all of these objects will be reset to not for sale and be removed from search automatically.
  • Classified Statistics
    The 1.18.5 release candidate incorrectly displays classified click statistics (teleport, show map, profile), often showing “0” or “1”. The clicks are properly recorded in our database, but do not display correctly. Internally we are tracking 1.18.5 classifieds clicks separately from 1.18.4 clicks because we want to ensure classified click-through rates are similar with the new search. If you are still using the 1.18.4 viewer, you will only see click statistics from residents who are using 1.18.4. When 1.18.5 is the required viewer, you will see the total number of clicks from all versions.
  • Groups Not Listed
    Many groups were incorrectly not being included in the new Search All. This is now fixed and all groups should now be indexed. If your group has been set to include in search for at least a day and has not yet appeared, please let us know.
  • Some Parcels Not Listed
    About 6% of all regions and their respective parcels were not included in the new search last week. This has been fixed. If your parcel has been set to Show in Search for longer than a day and it is still not appearing, please let us know.
  • XML Error Message
    The new search sometimes returned a XML “key not found” error message when it was not able to locate a search page. This has been fixed. If you receive this error, please push the “back” button and try a different search.
  • Upper Right Corner Searches
    The “All” panel search button sometimes was disabled when searches were started from the upper right corner search box. This is fixed.
  • Improper Display of Non-Roman Characters
    Non-Roman characters (including Russian, German, Japanese, etc) were not behaving properly in the new Search and resulted in the display of a corrupted result page. This has been fixed and you should now be able to search for non-Roman characters.
  • Linux Frame Rate
    When using the Linux client, there was a dramatic drop in frame rate after the first time you opened the new search. This has been fixed and should no longer occur.

Current Known Issues with Search

  • Avatars not Listed (VWR-3351)
    There is a known issue where some avatars are still not being included in the new search. We are working on this.
  • Some Characters not Searched (VWR-3388)
    Currently some searches with an “&” in the search query will not return properly. We should have a fix for this soon.
  • Google Pagination Error (VWR-3159)
    There is a known error with the Google Search Appliance where if you do a search that has many pages of results and view the results page by page, it will sometimes not show results past page 5. We are working with Google to resolve this issue.

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117 Responses to Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) is now available

  1. Taff Nouvelle says:

    My wife just downloaded, and is now feezing and crashing.

  2. Hewitt Huet says:

    I know not what others may think, but as for me …. I’m still running XD

    To me, “Release Candidate” means “software, bugs included”. SO freezing/crashing is not unexpected. That’s why it’s RC and not just “R”.

  3. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “Some Residents may wonder where the little green and red meters from the top right hand corner have gone. They have been replaced by the Lag Meter, which can be found under the Help menu.”

    Not acceptable. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Really. This is not acceptable. The Lag Meter provides less useful information and proposes “solutions” to non-problems. It also takes up WAY too much space. Get rid of that pointless “search box” and bring back the network meters.

  4. -N/A- says:

    1. WHY REMOVE THE RED AND GREEN BAR?! The Red And green bar is more than enuff to figure out its lagg, now we need to have a exta item up using more of the screen palce >:/
    havin hud atachments blocks more than enuff of the view, now we get more things, BHAAA!!!!

    2. why mess with the LMs? its so mutch more to do to map up a place, was so nicer you could dubbleclick the LM and press the Show on map button
    well this one might be livable

    but realy hope lindens make SL more like MS Word where you can add and remove stuff on tool bar, that would be REALY nice

  5. Hikaru Ling says:

    BRING BACK THE GREEN AND RED BARS! Or so help me, the chipmunk gets it *points a BFG9000 at the Chipmunk*

  6. Just downloaded, and so far it’s working well for me.

    The only problem I’ve run into is the new landmark system. Whenever I unpack boxes the landmark for the store I purchased from(when included as contents of the box, which is often the case) automatically comes up full sized and takes up half my screen. I have to close it to be able to get to anything else.

    When unpacking only a couple things, it’s not so bad. It’s only when trying to unpack a load of boxes that the constant popping up and closing of the large windows becomes a bit of an annoyance. It wasn’t nearly as much of an issue before, when the landmarks were small rectangular boxes that would go to the top left of the screen usually.

    I haven’t done much searching yet to see how to remedy this, it may have an option to fix it that I have yet to see on the current RC client. But also wanted to mention it, since I may not be the only person who is a little inconvenienced by this occurance.

    All in all, great job, Lindens!

  7. dave talamasca says:

    “Some Residents may wonder where the little green and red meters from the top right hand corner have gone. They have been replaced by the Lag Meter, which can be found under the Help menu.”

    Not acceptable. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Really. This is not acceptable. The Lag Meter provides less useful information and proposes “solutions” to non-problems. It also takes up WAY too much space. Get rid of that pointless “search box” and bring back the network meters.

    Erm… what? Militant much?
    Did you see the lag meter in action on Torleyface’s latest video? It’s priceless as far as I can tell. How many people have claimed “Argh! Lag! Stupid SL and LL the **%^&*&^” when all along if they’d just tweaked their draw distance they’d be fine?
    How the heck can two monitors compare to the new lag meter.

    Are you mad?

  8. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @7: it convinced me to turn off “automatically open” in preferences, so now I have to dig into my inventory to see textures and notecards people hand me. Now if the “recent items” tab actually worked, instead of showing me stuff that I got days and even weeks ago, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.

  9. magnus says:

    Windlight keeps crshing on me. I am running OS 10.4.10 and I hae super high end system. Yet everytime I log in in Windlilght it either crashes before I am fully logged in or it crashes within seconds of being rezz’d.
    I hope there are some answers before this thing goes live

  10. Daniel says:

    I use this release because it works better for me with Vista, for some reason when I use the normal client on Vista it changes all these things. Where this one doesnt make it bad 🙂

  11. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @11: Windlight has problems with the drivers in recent Macbook Pros. It works fine on my older model with the ATI chipset, it’s the nVidia chipset it’s got problems with. You need to bug apple to bug nVidia to fix it as well as filing (or voting for) appropriate bugs in jira.

  12. ZigZag Freenote says:

    /me joins the crowd and shouts “BRING BACK THE GREEN AND RED BARS!”

    Even, more, I want orange and blue bars as well:

    And the search box gone:

  13. The new features seem fine to me & it is not crashing or freezing much so far. Looking good so far.

    I don’t understand why people complain so much. I run 2 second life businesses and the only thing that really makes me feel blue is if a region goes down, and one did today but it was fixed quickly (thanks Dee).

  14. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 9 Argent Stonecutter

    You have to set the ‘recent items’ preferences up. I wondered about his for a while, I just got everything I’d ever bought in ‘recent items’. After I discovered you can set up the preferences it has only ever shown me what I have bought or received in the past 24 hours.

  15. Tony says:

    ” Avatars not Listed (VWR-3351)
    There is a known issue where some avatars are still not being included in the new search. We are working on this.”

    Can you please make this a feature rather than a bug and tell me how to get my avatar delisted from the new search please, seriously should have an opt out option on this.

    Besides that, is everyone on unhappy pills or something? It’s not all bad and some of it can be ironed out.

  16. Paula Langset says:

    Sorry Lindens and folks… what the new so called “lag meter” is totally missing is the information about bandwith. If you do remember, before you could set the bandwith slide by looking at the bandwith meter as you would do with an audio VU meter and an audio recording volume. Then you could easily monitor it and do additional setups. You cannot find this information anywhere now.

    You can use very different internet connections in different places. As SL doesn’t offer connection profiles, you have to set up manually bandwith when moving from one connection to another. Before, if I forgot, it was just obvious from the bandwith line going all-red or too low. Now you cannot find this information anywhere, not even in the statistics bar. It is very difficult there to visualise changes due to different bandwith setups, as line is ever moving and scale doesn’t even change with the bandwith slide position. Not to mention the space the statistics bar will take away from the screen, being additionally impossible to reposition.

    So if you want to remove the lag bar and replace it by the lag meter, altough it doesn’t seem to me anyone was asking for it at all, and although it uselessly takes a lot more of screen space, fair enough. But please give us back the unreplaceable bandwith bar.

  17. Rascal Ratelle says:

    the following issue NEEDS to be addressed:

  18. Taff Nouvelle says:

    looks like there is a big storm where my wife is, and that was the reason for the feezing and crashing, sorry LL :-))

  19. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @15 Dekka Raymaker

    Hmm, this sounds like a bug to me. I think by default it should be since last login. Or maybe you changed it a long time ago accidentally and forgot about it. But if Argent is having that problem too, it could be a pattern.

    Well, I completely forgot that the filter for Recent Items is separated. Goody, now I can set it to 1 day. Yeah, Torley has that in video for sure, but at the time I was watching it I was focused on other things. Gee, he packs so much into a video, gotta watch it over and over again to catch everything 🙂

  20. Darius Lehane says:

    When will the XML-RPC service be fixed? When will the additional server come online. Can this be fixed BEFORE new features are added, please?

  21. Taff Nouvelle says:

    agreed there is a memory leak, I had problems with 1 gig ram, upgraded to 2, was better, upgraded to 3 gig RAm, no more problems.
    it woulkd be good if it can be fixed, but there is a workaround, add more RAM 🙂

  22. richard says:

    you gotta love second life !!!

  23. Argent Stonecutter says:


    Nice place to hide it. Looked all over the preferences, client settings, all the menus, didn’t see where to change the preferences for “recent items”. Until ZigZag noted that it was a *filter*. That’s not at all intuitive. Well, thanks, ZigZag. Pick anything you want from my store, IM me, I’ll drop it on you.

  24. How many people do you know that are NOT using windlight?

    Maybe you should join the Windlight and RC branches. You might get more actually testing this?

    Remember this when it has more bugs that a certain version of Windows released around the millenium and you ignored these comments.

    PS: Lag meter? who dreamed up that waste of window space? Lets have the bars back and lose the ‘Search’ bar. We have a search button already?

  25. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Now how do you get it to stop showing you empty folders?

    Ah. Set the filters, close the filter window, create a new inventory window, close the old one, and open recent items.


    Look, Linden Labs, if you even give us an option under Client->Character->Abbot and Costello->Who’s On First->Replace Search Box->Show network meters, so newbies don’t accidentally get rid of it and fail to see how proud you are of search… I’ll take it. Just let me get rid of that damn box and get the network meters back.

  26. Freespirit1 Freenote says:

    I have been using WindLight for two weeks now, and am quite impressed. As far as red bars, give me the lag meter any day. For me, no crashes, no complaints, no problems. Kudos for this wonderful new improvement Linden Labs. I hope to be along for the ride for a long time. 🙂

  27. U M says:

    “Fixed VWR-3084: Dramatic drop in frame rate after the first use of the new search engine. ”

    I called this one!

  28. Kate McLaglen says:

    THANKS FOR THE UPDATE to the release candidate… now i crash every few minutes… glad to see things have

  29. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @22 Taff Nouvelle – Fortunately RAM is cheap nowadays. Got myself 2 GIGs too. For many reasons. But that leak should be fixed, it affects performance too, I suppose. BTW, what do you do once SL grows to 1GB? Surely you don’t close it, it takes ages. Task manager, Processes, right click, End Process, Pooooof.

    @24 – Awwww, thanks Argent Stonecutter, I’ll stop by and find the most expensive thing :p …. Hope it isn’t a freebie store, lmao.

  30. Rex Cronon says:

    Removing “little green and red meters from the top right hand corner” and replacing them with the search text field and its icon the magnifying glass, don’t u think that might have been a premature decision? It would be understandable if the icon for search was added to the top left corner, but why do u have to add the text field too? If somebody wants to search they can click on the search icon. If u want to keep the top right corner the way it its at least give people a way to switch between seeing the search text field and the green and red meters. The new lag meter is a poor substitute for the “little green and red meters” as it takes too much space on the screen. If any more of this dialog boxes are added to the screen, it will no longer be a 3D viewing area, but will become filled with dialogs. Would people even be able to see the world around them anymore?
    I also hope that objects that were intended to be for sale by their creator will not be changed to not be for sale.

  31. Sean Heying says:

    Please bring back the bars, being on the screen all the time means you can quickly glance to see your bandwidth. Having to open the lag meter to see this is not ideal.

    Also the double click to TP from a landmark is not as good. I prefer to see the landmark, especially with the great new information, to make sure it’s the right one. I have gone to so many wrong places recently as I check my landmarks it’s not funny.

    Is there a resident UI panel? You know a group of people drawn from the resident community who advise you on UI changes? The Lindens just doing them themselves is not demonstrated as not ideal and not what WE want. We know how we use the world.

  32. ZigZag Freenote says:

    /me wants to join the UI panel

  33. JetZep Zabelin says:

    The reason I don’t like (sometimes) shopping is because it can take so long to find what you know is there!!! But now, we get “Coordinates for Objects in Parcel Listings” !

    Anyway, I really think RC’s are an important component in the best solution for making SL more stable.

    U.M. You’re famous now, which sometimes is just a liability if you aren’t also rich =) LOL

  34. JetZep Zabelin says:

    There is a “UI” panel, I think. You just have to find the right Linden’s office hour and go attend:

  35. Isabeau Imako says:

    I’m still using but judging by so many upbeat comments, I’m tempted to try.
    As for the little red and green meters, I rarely look at them.

  36. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    I for one would LIKE to be included in the Search database. First I wasn’t in there at all, and now it says I have declined to be included. I fixed that four or five days ago and I’m *still* not in there. I’d post a bug about it or submit a ticket, but since my fixed income doesn’t stretch far enough to cover an additional $10 for SL I’ve long learned not to wast my time trying to get it fixed.

  37. Vivienne says:

    12 Argent Stonecutter Says:

    “@11: Windlight has problems with the drivers in recent Macbook Pros. It works fine on my older model with the ATI chipset, it’s the nVidia chipset it’s got problems with. You need to bug apple to bug nVidia to fix it as well as filing (or voting for) appropriate bugs in jira.”

    it doesn´t work fine with ATI and 10.13.9.- Teleport by map crashes the viewer, avatars do not render, it flickers like mad, and in comparison to any other online 3D game the performance is still extremely poor. It actually didn´t work “fine” for any mac user i asked about it so far, regardless on which OS version and card it pretends to “run”.

    Anyway, there are slightly better framerates, but only if you disable all the eye candy except basical stuff. There is still a long way to go until this gets from alpha to an acceptable beta on the Mac.

    You need Quartz Extreme (10.14 at least) for enabling most effects and i doubt that any card slower than the 9800 pro can handle this.

  38. Wyald Woolley says:

    All UI decisions are done by the offices of Borkit & Breakit while under the influence of too much haggis and mead. They get so pie-eyed that they can only vusually make out oversized text boxes, hence the 3D content blocking.

    Linden Labs is well aware that by blocking content there is less to draw and one’s frame rate goes up, minimizing the impact of Windlight on the average resident. The noobs won’t know better and the old timers will leave and everyone will be soooo happy.

    …and you thought LL didn’t know what they were doing when they added that unnecessarily huge communicate window.

  39. Alicia Sautereau says:

    agree with the rest, dump that junk or keep it as extra but bring back the frigging packet/speed bars back

    ditch the search bar as we have a big giant button saying “SEARCH”, you may use google, but don`t trash the UI more with useless junk, kthxbye

  40. Seth Ock says:

    I like the new Lag Meter for one reason: it’s optional. If everything seems to be running smoothly, you can turn it off and move on with your Second Life, but it’s there when you need it, and the flashing colors are sufficient to tune bandwidth by. Now, if only there was something more useful in the old meter’s place than a redundant search engine.

  41. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @39: I was referring to the two Macbook Pro versions. The older one with the ATI chipset, and the newer one with the nVidia chipset.

    Yes, you do need a 9800 or better to get good performance in SL. You need a 9800 or better to get good performance in SL on Windows, too. That’s not a Mac issue. The real Mac issue is that Macs are, unfortunately, pretty anemic computers for the money, and SL by its very nature requires something pretty beefy. That won’t change as long as SL allows resident-created content, and since that’s what pretty much makes SL what it is, well, that’s not going to change.

  42. Blood McMillan says:

    so what happens when a noob like me gets the 5 min tour on the new lag meter an goes through all the hoops (basicly turned every thing off) an still get red buttons?

  43. Sean Heying says:

    “Fixed VWR-3084: Dramatic drop in frame rate after the first use of the new search engine. ”

    Sorry LL, not fixed on the Mac. After using the new search the fram rate drops to 0.4 fps.

  44. Corut Minnelli says:

    I truly hope this viewer is optional as I don’t want it. I have enough problems without adding more.

  45. la le lu says:

    viavox for linux???

  46. Sling Trebuchet says:

    “Fixed VWR-3084: Dramatic drop in frame rate after the first use of the new search engine. ”

    When I see this pattern of ‘fix/new’ things breaking something that appears to have near-zero connection in function, I keep trying to imagine the LL software engineering process.

  47. Nad Gough says:


    ROFL – you sound like you really know yer stuff! That should end all discussion on that matter.

  48. Sameprobs Asalways says:

    map dead, search dead, no account balance

    Please check, thanx

  49. Weed says:

    no map, no search, no tp – snafu

  50. Fenleab says:

    ******THIS JUST IN!******


    (If you don’t understand the -stop- part, its like a telegram via morse :p XD)

  51. MR Little says:


    Run Hide!! something was done less than a hours and the freaking sky is falling.

    is the koolaid that good?

  52. U M says:

    “47 Sling Trebuchet Says:

    November 27th, 2007 at 1:07 AM PST
    “Fixed VWR-3084: Dramatic drop in frame rate after the first use of the new search engine. ”

    When I see this pattern of ‘fix/new’ things breaking something that appears to have near-zero connection in function, I keep trying to imagine the LL software engineering process.”

    Well they are not smart enought to deal with fixes like 180 degree or halfing of the avie. Or shoe in butt etc………………………..

  53. U M says:

    “40 Alicia Sautereau Says:

    November 26th, 2007 at 9:04 PM PST
    agree with the rest, dump that junk or keep it as extra but bring back the frigging packet/speed bars back”

    What? and say we are not cutting edge? fret the thought! shakeshead people that are always screaming for more features don`t understand that they need to fix what is broken rebroken, conting to be broken by grid monkeys……….they just don`t never learn how to do anything right.

  54. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @42: It’s nice that you have a reliable internet connection all to yourself… for many of us we never get to “turn it off and get on with our second life”. We need something that’ll keep us in touch with the network behavior ALL the time. And the lag meter can’t do that: even if we DO leave it up all the time it doesn’t provide any detail, so we have to use the even bigger control-shift-1 meters instead.

    @53: This isn’t something that’s “just happened”. VWR-3089 and VWR-3156 were created almost two weeks ago when this idiocy first showed up, VWR-3353 calls for improving the network meters instead of getting rid of them. And no, the lag meter is not an ‘improved’ meter, it’s an idiot light… idiot lights are fine for automatics but SL is a hand-cranked non-syncromesh manual-transmission steam car, if you don’t have a tach you’re never going to shift without grinding.

  55. spirit wingtips says:

    i’ve noticed using windlight that at some angles and sometimes when an area gets “busy” and laggy people disappear but i can still their nametag another thing is people may still be rezzing, where their avatar is i see everything from eyeballs (where the avatar is supposed to be) to who knows what else i’ve noticed this especially in clubs when dancing

  56. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @56: A lot of web sites have a “mobile friendly” mode where most of the graphics go away and you get plain text. Or they have an option to turn off the fancy hovertext and the like.

    SL is getting to that point. I want a mode where the windows are smaller, with more concentrated data, fewer “improved details”, and if you want to enhance SL add more user tools… like the ability to turn *any* inventory filter into a new tab, or even simple stuff like changing where minimized windows are docked(!)… and more scripting access to what’s already there… like llTeleportAgent* or llPlantSystem or llGetLinkPrimitiveParams/llSetLinkText or llHTMLDialog… so that we can make it “our world”. And commit to a plugin API so that third parties can implement their own lag meters (or whatever) without having to ship whole custom clients. And YOU can concentrate on improving performance and stability while WE do the “feature thing”.

    * With PERMISSION_TELEPORT only, automatically granted for attachments and for scripts owned by the parcel owner (throttled to one teleport per 10 seconds) so it can’t be abused by griefers.

  57. Psistorm Ikura says:

    ah once again people flame rather than comment. fun times.
    regarding the topic of the lagmeter replacement:
    I agree on the point of this being a rather bad decision. the old lagmeter was simple and sleek and allowed an instant glance on important facts. I want the old design back, frankly, along with possibly a third bar for sim FPS. then you would have the critical infos (bandwidth, packetloss and sim FPS) all in one small place and could instantly tell if something was wrong.

    and personally, Im eagerly waiting for the fix for lossless sculpts. that was something that was supposed in 1.18.5, no?

  58. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @60: they’re saying the lossless fix will come in with the 1.18.6 *server* update, if I read the blog entries correctly.

  59. Timeless Prototype says:

    I can’t bring myself to use anything but Windlight anymore. Even with any glitches it has.

  60. Chaos Mohr says:

    Although I don’t like the placement of the search bar (maybe just resistance to change), all the complaining about the lag meter vs bars is kind of pointless in my opinion. SL has a great feature already built in for diagnosing lag, bandwidth, and packet loss problems called the Statistics bar: View > Statistics Bar, or Ctrl + Shift + 1. This handy tool is fantastic for diagnosing these kinds of problems and there is a great guide for what some of it does here: While the old bars, and lag meter show you if there might be an issue, the Statistics Bar actually helps you pinpoint what the issue is.

    The new search is slowly shaping up, and the latest viewer does seem more stable, especially on Vista. Now to get the bugs sorted in WL and we will be doing even better 🙂

  61. U M says:

    @60 I agree even with all the bug. beta testing is needed. and who better then those that been around to do it 🙂

  62. the bat says:

    Remove the surplus SEARCH on the top bar – replace them with the lag meter lights and replace the old bar meter — everybody is happy then .
    Having 2 “SEARCH” links is completely redundant and a waste of valuable screen real estate.

  63. Shyan Graves says:

    @57: Well said. I would appreciate such an approch! Give us more control over the viewer features as well, f.e something like llMemberOfGroup, llName2Key, llSetObjectPrize or all the other functions that will be so usefull to create cool stuff. Or give us the point where an object is touched to be able to use that instead of a extra prim for a button. And I agree that an API for features like search, lag-meter, sim info and so on would be great and could be done by the community! 🙂

  64. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @63: “SL has a great feature already built in for diagnosing lag, bandwidth, and packet loss problems called the Statistics bar: View > Statistics Bar, or Ctrl + Shift + 1.”

    Which is even bigger and obscures even more of the display than the lag meter. It’s a great tool, but it’s too big to leave open for alerts… it’s only useful after you already have a problem.

    “While the old bars, and the lag meter show you if there might be an issue,”

    The old bars did, yes. The lag meter doesn’t. First, it doesn’t adapt to circumstances… for me it treats acceptable frame rate as an error and doesn’t catch bad network conditions at all until it’s too late. Second, the lag meter is too big, it obscures too much of the screen to leave up all the time.

    Leave the lights up there, and click on them to toggle the lag meter for anyone who wants it. Replace the search box with… nothing, just leave more room for the parcel and region info.

  65. Zoe Forager says:


    Thanks Dakka. Been thinking this was a bug since the default was no longer set to since logoff. I can use my recent items again! HUG!

  66. Nik Woodget says:

    @ U M

    I aint getting at you, but I have one request. Instead of posting three comments (53, 54, 55) one after the other, could you include it all in one comment next time?

    plus little onelines like 62 when you already own the largest majority of comments on the blog is wasting comments for other people.

    I’ll say thanks anyway, whether or not you do as I ask 😛 Because I’m no one special and don’t expect you too. Just would be nice 🙂

    Anywho, on topic.

    I also agree that the packet loss and ping bar removal from the top right was not the best decision. It was useful for me also, to take a quick glance and see what (network wise) was causing an issue.
    If it had to be replaced I think instead, it should of been replaced with the three lights from the lag meter dialog. So we can just see what state its in, without having to have the dialog open. But if we wanted a more detailed explanation, we could open the dialog and see what it thinks the issue was.


  67. hatheadrickenbacker says:

    Unable to rez anything whatsoever out of my inventory

  68. U M says:

    anyone else having issues with the personal pics in profiles not showing for periods of time? Or massive drops in fps? With windlight.

  69. hatheadrickenbacker says:

    @38. I am ATI on the Macbook Pro and, as good as WindLight looks, you have to strip/reduce your current settings considerably and even then it never really gets back to the same level of performance.

    It is no wonder that LL had to introduce new features (such as avatar imposters) and do a in-depth turn-your-settings-down tutorial in conjunction with the WindLight rc release – it is a resource pig.

  70. Eva Rayn says:

    I NEED THE ORIGINAL BANDWIDTH/PACKET LOSS BARS IN PLACE OF THE STUPID SEARCH BAR. Numbers for bandwidth and packet loss when hovering over them is far, FAR more useful than the oversized, oversimplified, dumbed down “Red light, Green light” Lag meter. You can’t even move the thing to another spot on the UI. If I want a search bar…I press the search button, simple as that.

    It’s also on the Windlight client..which ticks me off to no end.

    If nothing else, this little “feature” has me feeling dumbed down.

  71. Maldoror Damone says:

    How sad. Now even the crash logger locks up. LMAO! What are you all doing over there?

  72. Youri Ashton says:

    I got in world not long ago after a long time being away (RL stuff to do), made a chair for my new project. Wanted to save it, so I used “Take” option. But this did not do it, the game crashed completely (Lagg? or just another grid glitch?) I came back in and found that the chair was NOT on the spot where i left it before the crash. I looked in the objects folder and nothing, directly I noticed a lot of my inventory is gone! My work of a long time is just plain gone! After several relogs and a clear catch I just found out that I still didnt have everything. Especially the project i was working on! I had only the stuff I had 2 months ago! So I can not finish it and also I lost my work which I put in a lot of time! Also things I boughed from SL exchange are gone! I really am P-off at the moment and totally not amused!

  73. Matthew Dowd says:

    I’ll echo what everyone else has said – the Lag meter window is *not* a replacement for the old meters as

    a) it is yet another window in an already overcrowded space (and the default top right position is already over subscribed)
    b) it takes time to open from the help menu (and in too large to keep open)

    We *do* need some form of performance monitoring meters in the menu bar. Whether these are the return of the existing ones or new better ones, and whether these are in addition to or instead of a search box are points for discussion, but it should be clear to LL that some meters *are* needed. Please don’t just ignore the community yet again!

  74. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    My 2 cents about the lag meter…

    1) It’s too big, even when you shrink it down.
    2) The items are too far apart.

    I think the text should be removed and the dots placed in the menu bar then use roll-over windows or tool-tips to display any extra info (like stats).

  75. Satine Cortes says:


    You have been logged out of Second Life:
    The viewer has detected mangled network data indicative
    of a bad upstream network connection or an incomplete
    local installation of Second Life.

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if this resolves
    the issue.

    If the problem continues, see the Tech Support FAQ at:

    Click Continue to look at existing IM and chat.
    You will not be able to perform any other operations.
    Click Quit to exit Second Life immediately.

  76. U M says:

    Memory leak anyone? Crashing on rotation anyone? GEsh here we go again!

  77. Hewitt Huet says:

    Memory LEAK? Try waterfall, dude. All these viewers have terrible memory leaks. I wonder if any of the ‘thord party’ viewers have been aboe to correct it, I guess maybe not.

  78. Vivienne says:

    @ 42 Argent Stonecutter

    “The real Mac issue is that Macs are, unfortunately, pretty anemic computers for the money, and SL by its very nature requires something pretty beefy.”

    This is bare nonsense. I do not want to discuss this in detail. But. If SL needs something “beefy”, it needs – taking you by the word – at least an investment of 2000 US dollars (a beefy PC with LOTS of RAM and the latest and greatest video card). If this is the case, Phillip Linden and his “vision” of “connecting the world” is absurd. The WORLD does not run this “beefy” stuff, you know.

    “That won’t change as long as SL allows resident-created content, and since that’s what pretty much makes SL what it is, well, that’s not going to change.”

    Yes, user created content CAN be a problem. But instead of raising hardware demands to a ridiculous highest end Linden Lab would be better off by teaching the users on how to create content that does NOT cause the known problems. And a ban of the most lagging stuff like Temp Rezzers would help SL much more than the most beefy of the beefy machines.

  79. Satine Cortes says:

    yeah well whatever it is i have no clue.. came back from holidays and sat down infront of the comp.. happy to see my old friends again when boom.. wth… *cires*

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  81. pantaiputih korobase says:

    could i please have a second laptop for the lag meter, the statistics bar, the communication window and all my HUDs to be able to have a look at in world ‘caution: irony’

  82. Please do not finalize without windlight included. You will be wasting your efforts.

    Most residents (when will you call use ‘Guests’ like Disney does?) use Windlight client if possible.. or 18.3.5.

    Why would they use this client and lose windlight by choice?

  83. andy kidd says:

    fix Core
    Delete bum fluff

    rinse repeat

    @62 on what do you base that on?

  84. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @80: “This is bare nonsense. I do not want to discuss this in detail. But. If SL needs something “beefy”, it needs – taking you by the word – at least an investment of 2000 US dollars (a beefy PC with LOTS of RAM and the latest and greatest video card).”

    First off, I’m a Mac/UNIX guy, I’ve still got my first G3, as well as my an old G4, a Mac mini, and a Macbook Pro. I’m not anti-Mac, I’m just realistic.

    My PC is a year and a half old AMD 3800+ with 2GB and an nVidia 7600 with 256M. It cost me less than a Mac mini to put together and the hadware itself is definitely more powerful overall than anything Apple has had below the “Mac Pro” level until the last couple of hardware updates… the most recent Macbook Pro or iMac do beat it, but at well over twice the price. The “Mac Tax” is not cheap, but it’s the price you have to pay for an OS and applications that don’t suck.

    And if you have a recent MBP it’s not all Linden Labs’s fault, ir the residents. The bugs in the nVidia drivers for the latest MBP are known and well documented. That’s not a hardware issue: even my first generation MBP can run Sl smoothly, and with the corresponding settings Windlight is smoother than the old client. I don’t like everything about the look… we need more sliders on prims and avatars (like ‘reduce shiny by 80%’ and ‘set surface type to “matte”‘) to match Windlight’s capabilities… but I do like the feel.

  85. Bring back the RED & GREEN bars, or better yet make then PINK & GREEN to show Torley some love.

  86. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @61 Chaos Mohr – Yes, I have the statistics bar open all the time. But it occupies too much of my ‘second desktop’. I want to see and click in the world! Isn’t that why we are here for? That is why I want:

    Mini lag meter where the bars used to be:

    Statistics bar to be made more useful, a start would be:

    And the ability for ALT clicks to not hit the UI:
    (could start with the statistics bar first)

    @73 Matthew Dowd – You’re right on. We’re told this is the bleeding edge technology. I agree, it is. But as such, it has huge resource requirements and we need to be able to monitor that. With efficient tools, not some…. I don’t want to insult some poor programmer, so I’ll stop. We need those. Period.

  87. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    Agree the lag meter should be done on the old spot, and the search window there is total overkill. Uhhm and yes if your guys could make some options off the client screen with params, would be AWASOME!

  88. ZigZag Freenote says:

    🙂 I see now there is an explanation why service blog posts are closed for comment. Which reminds me:

    Everyone, could you use a name with your @number please? Blog is censored occasionally and therefore comes out of order.

    Back to the ‘comments closed’. Maybe you’re right about that, maybe you’re not. But, it is obvious people need to vent somewhere. Or even not vent, how about REPORT it. So, there should be a page on where users would report common failures:
    * Login failures, categorized by error/symptom
    * Errors like missing gestures and the like
    * Teleport failures (possibly with region from & region to)
    * Greymapped + region (I call that greymapped or greysighted, don’t confuse with redmapped, which I believe is typically caused by bad network).

    Speaking of which … why the hell is there no DIALOG when REDMAPPED?! Submitted

    Back to the report page. This would give the people some satisfaction or even a feeling they’re contributing. Would give LL an additional sensor, which could trigger off sooner than your existing monitors. And would open possibilities to do some correlation for sporadic issues.

    For the residents to get a feel of the shape of the services, there should be statistics, similar to some on
    * like # of reports in last five minutes, trends, averages, top issues

    * There should be explanations of possible causes
    * An acknowledged issue would link to blog post
    * Everything would be nicely coupled with an improved grid status page:

    Sigh. Does Santa bring bug fixes and lil useful features?

  89. Doris Haller says:

    The Lag Meter can’t replace the package loss and bandwidth bars, because it only measures the package loss and this is just red/green, while the others showed us how many package I lost (sorry, I promise I’ll find them) and how much bandwidth was needed to lose the packages.

    The search button is fine to click before I type..

    Please have a half-day and think about all context menues.. the TP for instance needs
    – “Teleport to”… this is now assigned to a “open” function
    – “Open” .. this is what happens when you click “teleport” atm
    – “Show on map” (does not exist in the pop-up menu now)
    – and the standards like cut, copy, delete…

    But BEFORE you do that… reduce the lag and make the system stable.

    A question about the new search: does it make any sense to place an add and pay more to get on the top of the search results? I don’t see why I should pay more than 1l$ for an ad, since the sorting seems no longer depend on it. Do I miss something?

  90. Sharron Schuman says:

    *shakes my head in wonder and dismay*
    Please Linden Gods and Goddesses, listen to us. Is there any one in SL that was here before the @#!## Communication bar was dropped on us like it? I want my screen back!!!! I want the flexibility of the old system for friend list. I want to see the world not lots of windows that have a limit on how much you can shrink them. Give us some flexibility on setting up our own UI if you guys can’t understand what we are all bitchin about.
    Please, please please. would it help if I offered a burnt sacrifice of a pile of pc’s?

  91. JB Kraft says:

    Please bring back the red/green bars or make them optional. I don’t want that lag meter window on my screen, it is just useless. I would never use the search thing up there anyway.

  92. Ninamori Writer says:

    i dont mind so much all the crap you guys give us, but when i cant tell when i crash and waste time buildign or scripting it makes me ANGRY you ‘lag meter’ is HUGE compared to the size it was before and takes up way to much room on my screen, SHRINK IT!!! or get rid of the search box and put it in a drop down window like everything else. most people dont even know where the lag meter is or dont use it all. WHAT were you guys thinking??

  93. Zazas Oz says:

    When are you guys going to address the vender bug?? I’m positive other designers are as tired as I am about haveing to reprice all thier vendors each time we pull them out of our inventory. This is a Major Issue!! Please Please do something about this bug. We were so hopeing it would be addresses by now.

  94. Ziffle Babblebrobs says:

    I would like to have to old bars back. And, more cowbell.

  95. You guys are determined to not listen to us when we ask for the bandwidth & packet loss meters back, just to shove search all on us when we are displeased with search all and it is an inefficient way to actually find something you want.

    I reiterate that if people really need a magnifying glass to know that they can search, then put it on the button that is ALREADY THERE, and let Search pop up the way it currently does now, with all the tabs visible.

    Yes, we may use the lag meter, but it’s not a quick look to the corner away and takes up too much space to keep open all the time. The statistics bar is even worse.

    And Doris, #89, I have a jira open for that.

    I find it offensive that people who pay for visibility get buried behind people who just pound the keywords in their ad when one is only looking for classified ads. I certainly will be happy to cut back on the few thousand L I spend on inworld advertising if that is case, and will put in what is basically a barely-descriptive ad that is chock full of my target keywords. I bet Naughty, Bliss Gardens, X2, etc. will be happy to know they can cut their ad budgets by the tens of thousands.

  96. U M says:

    ” ‘thord party’ viewers add corrected this bug” ????????

    Frankly not. Because the codes that LL releases are the same ones that are bugged to start with. Example the memory leak Joke we are all subjected too.

    As for the lag meter i love it. If you want more stats go to the stats bar ctrl shift 1 (hold all togther ) and you have a better reading then those twoo little eretions that use to occure ( joking)…..and no its the lag meter NOT better then the pocketloss meter…… read your stats and you have better reading…..experience users tell one this fact.

  97. LZ says:

    I like the old seach. Now it looks toooooo busy

  98. Jeska Linden says:

    Hey everyone, thanks for all of the comments and feedback on the Lag Meter – we are listening and I will be discussing this with the search team.

  99. Youri Ashton says:

    still have the problem with my inventory, looks like i have most things back but my latest creation is gone! 2 hours down teh drain :*( Laggmeter btw? havnt noticed anything else then it going baserk. Have nothing more then lagg attacks all the time (more then usually and so badly then i even get disconnected for it! my connection is perfect, so that is no problem. it’s something in the game, lagg leak? euhm.. more waterfall like someone said. Might be a point of attention, specially since it keeps coming up the lagg problem unfortunatly.

  100. Just my two bits here… but the last few RC’s leak memory like a sieve. I can watch them chew up prodigious amounts of RAM until they crash. 1.4GB’s of RAM is not uncommon.

    Programs should be memory stable. Not grow until they crash. I don’t see how these can be release candidates with these sorts of memory leaks.

  101. Koroz Kline says:

    To @1 “My wife just downloaded, and is now feezing and crashing.

    DONT WORRY…. my wife has been like that for years !!!! o.O

    Nice to see the Search bugs being addressed during the RC testing – work in progress – nice one 😀

  102. Swan says:

    Co-Ordinates of objects for sale – don’t allow direct teleporting!

    Surely those are the co-ordinates of objects? Teleporting to them will result in being stuck in objects…

    People set up welcome areas, plan the layout of stores. Having a list of objects for sale is plenty, I think.

  103. Dovic Battery says:

    i tested this new version and had to take it off as no rotating animations worked. i have skaters on my frozen pond going round and round but nothing moves so went back to Second Life 1.18.4 (3) Nov 7 2007 11:13:48 (Second Life Release).

  104. Totally Hopeless says:

    Would you please cut the crap and finally fix the basics! Just woke up check my mails. What do i find? Complaints by angry customers:

    1.) Hi I just payed one of your vendors $250, $400 for the xxxxx and the xxxxxx and never recived them

    2.) have payd for xxxxxxxxxx -250 L IT IS NOT IN MY INVENTORY and this is not ferst time. if i dont get product or mony back i will send a report please finde a solution

    Just checking my records and by the looks of it, there were at least 2 more cases like that.

    That is just 1 night!

    I am so fed up with your ignorance LL. Fix the product deliveries and stop messing around with WL, search and screw voice as well. I am tired of getting all those complaints because you´re so incapable

    Damn you

  105. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    Last weekend about every 2 minutes I’d be completely frozen for about 10 seconds… I couldn’t chat or move – I could see other people chatting… Unable to rez too. Oh, and it’s my land so it’s not someone freezing me.

    Ofcourse I opened the lag meter but even when I couldn’t do anything – it was all green. So if it’s not client, not network, and not server… what was it?

    I too would like to see the old bars back in the right-top corner. Maybe give us an option to choose what to see there. And fix the lag meter because it’s definately not always showing where lag is originated – in fact it reported no issues at all while I was stuck.

  106. Pepper Haas says:

    Since they won’t allow comments on the “Group IM not working/fixed” blog, I will say it here: Group IM has not worked right since April. So don’t tell me it’s a recent issue, and PLEASE don’t lie to us saying it’s fixed, in any way. It’s not. It’s been borked for over half a year and all our appeals to get it put back to what it was before you all started messing with the grid to put voice in, have been in vain.

  107. Anderson Philbin says:

    I have to apologise. I haven’t tested the RC code at all because I’ve been playing the with the Windlight releases. I don’t care about the pretty skies, what I see is the Windlight builds are the most stable clients under Vista64 that I’ve seen yet. I think the nVidia video drivers still crash but now they actually recover and I can continue.

    I think you should skip and go straight to Windlight. Oh, and the lag meter is useless. Lose it.

  108. Erishkagal Serevi says:

    Why oh why are you making a new viewer when you just made one that is full of holes and issues? This makes no sense to me whatsoever. Now I could understand if it was a completely new version with everything fixed from the current one. But it’s not. It has a ton of unneeded new features, that will bring up a host of issues on their own. We don’t need more hud space taken up with this meter. We already have a good meter. What your residents, you know the ones that make you richer everyday, want is more attachment points, and upgrades to your servers to allow more to go on without issues. All you do with those new features is take away from us, and eventually, very soon, people will go elsewhere and Linden Labs will fade into memory. I can’t believe that is what you want. Listen to the residents, just listen.

  109. Sabine Geiger says:

    I have this question by the introducing of the WL viewer and it isnt posted ,,, so I ask again.
    Why is it that LL does maintenance each week when SL is running reasonable fine but now it runs realy crapy for weeks LL didnt do any maintenance for over 10 weeks, why are you busy building new problems without solving the old ones? and last I pay 200 USD tear each month for maintenance do I get that back as you didnt do any maintenance for the last ten weeks?

  110. Remmy Riggles says:

    I’m new to second life..just installed today, however when I try to log in it goes thru the paces and then crashes when the progress bar reaches the very end of the precaching process. I have went into prefrences and lowered all the detail settings ect. Does anyone have any Ideas on what the problem may be?? I’m running a new laptop w/

    windows vista
    1.46 dual core processers
    2gb physical memory
    128mb intel graphics (up to 358mb mobil intel graphics media accelerator x3100)

    any help would be greatly appericated…thanks

  111. Tabliopa Underwood says:

    just a littl thought on te old bandwidth gauge.

    when u park up somewhere by urself then bandwidth get throttled back ya. it just tick tick tick because u not need much when u on ur own.

    but when another avi come within range of u then bandwidth jump ya. even when they cloaked. so is like early warning system k. i have a superduper shield/scanner but with old gauge i not much have to engage shield or even wear. but now gauge is gone ??? so i now have to wear shield/scanner lots more than b4 and it add load 2 my computer. an sumtimes othr ppl can still hide from my scanner. but they not abl 2 hide their bandwidth use from old gauge which always show big jump wen sum1 is there in range of u.

    mayb this not a really good reason mayb ??? i don’t kno. but is sumthing i found really useful. if is possible ??? i like to see old gauge come back pls.

    thx =)

  112. Rodrigo says:

    como eu conscigo fazer cadastro no second life
    quem souber porfavor ajuda ai
    manda o link pro meu e-mail

  113. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @109 Remmy Riggles – Check:

    I fear that the 965 chipset might fall into the unsupported category “Intel Extreme”.

    Actually, one can see that on the supported list, only 945 is mentioned, while in the unsupported list it says not supported are “less than 945” + “Intel Extreme”. I have a feeling that the latter are all greater than 945, but I am no expert on Intel chips.

    Maybe it should simply say any other than 945. It was a surprise to me that even this was added. Not so long ago no Intel chips were supported. But it’s not necessarily SL’s fault. It’s probably just that Intel has too many bugs in their drivers. But I can see a lot of unhappy owners of new notebooks…

  114. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @97 Jeska Linden

    One more thing about the meters. I suppose if they are removed, the following page needs to be updated:

    Or maybe not, I see it’s completely outdated anyway. I see the following does not mention the meters, but statistics bar:

    On the other hand, LL has so far neglected the statistics bar, for example:

    Since the statistics bar is getting more and more attention lately, I believe it could use some work. At least, VWR-1515 should be reopened if not reconsidered. I don’t think that such things should be closed and written off.

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  116. Edde Edman says:

    About the new search

    In my opinion this new search will destroy small bunisess.
    Is good only for the big companies with the top 8 PAID ADs.
    New people on the SL is the biggest commerce there and they will go only for this 8 top big ads.
    The SL will loose a lot of users becouse a lot of business will broken. Very bad this Ideia of the pictures of the 8 top paid ads.

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