WindLight First Look Viewer update!

Download It Here!!!

Hello all! As a last minute treat before Thanksgiving (also known as Thursday and Friday to the rest of the world :)), we’ve managed to get in an update to the newly released WindLight First Look!

Issues fixed in this release (r74061):

* Uninstalling WindLight viewer now deletes settings_windlight.xml
* Fixed various Teleport and Show on Map bugs
* VWR-2030: Avatar only turns half-way in Appearance Mode
* VWR-2920: Sculptie LOD causes object to be deformed into a flattened sphere close while correct far
* VWR-3115: WindLight: Crash when shaders are turned off in Mouselook
* Fixed WindLight installer fails to clean out shader files when installing overtop of an old install
* Fixed 90 second delay before seeing anything on first run of client after install
* VWR-2164: Particle Alpha transition is done incorrectly
* Fixed Invisi-Shiny prims looking weird in WindLight (note- NOT Shiny in general, yet!)
* Fixed setting the WLSkyDetail debug setting too high crashes the viewer
* Fixed WindLight skydome polycount not appropriately accounted for in rendering stats
* Fixed Full-Bright HUD objects are not full-bright
* VWR-1609: disabling “Show Selection Beam” makes beam render incorrectly for others
* VWR-2834: Builds fail on with no mozlib
* More Help Buttons in Graphics Preferences
* Fixed WindLight: Cloud Scroll slider center should be 0 and could be simplified
* VWR-983: Particles -> Offscreen/hidden particles get extended life -> as of 1.16.x at least.
* VWR-2920: Sculptie LOD causes object to be deformed into a flattened sphere close while correct far

See the full list of open WindLight bugs.

Keep on doing a great job using, reporting, and commenting on the viewer. The next update should include more of the bugs you’ve found, since this current update is mostly catching all of the bugs *we* caught between submitting the initial First Look for tests and its release (aka bugs not “from the wild”). We’d also love to have you at our WindLight office hours. These are at:

If you miss a session, transcripts are posted here.

(Note that we will not be holding office hours this Thursday, Nov. 22nd, in honor of the delicious turkey.)

Thanks again for all of your positive feedback thus far. Below you’ll find links to important info related to WindLight:

Have a great time lighting your worlds!!

Pastrami and the WindLight Team

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151 Responses to WindLight First Look Viewer update!

  1. Kilik Liotta says:

    Beautiful; a new update that’s completely worthless to 75% of the community since we cannot log in.

  2. Thank you. Things seem a bit smoother now

  3. JacobAlan Markova says:

    OMG…an update on a viewer!!! Yeah, now…how about an update on how the fixing of logging in is going?

  4. Brendan Cale says:

    Wow this is great, a new viewer update that most people can’t see since we really can’t log in 😦

  5. Someone says:

    i agree with Kilik announce a new realease when grid is off or unable to log for a lot of residents is RIDICOLOUS

  6. Sean Heying says:

    The Leopard performance seems better than the 4fps of the first release but the world seems colder.

    It could be that all the ground textures are mega-ugly, where 4 used to blend nicely and organically the mid setting now covers all lower levels, bye to sand.

    The clarity and seeming lack of fog also means that regions look way smaller than they did.

    Has anyone else looked closely at a Linden Eucalyptus and seen it flicker at about 10hz? For two days I was wondering why i was getting severe headaches and looking at the trees showed why.

    Water and sky, lovely
    Ground and Linden trees bad

  7. At0m0 Beerbaum says:

    Another issue is that sometimes an area will quit loading new objects until you log out or teleport out of the area and teleport back in, or the voice settings window pops up when someone starts talking on voice (I cant seem to reproduce it, it just sort of happens..)
    Any word on if and when estate controls will effect windlight?

    I can think of some sims that would benefit from making their own custom windlight settings.

    Also, on top of glow effects, is it possible to add in rendered fire effects as well?

  8. summonercastaignede says:

    JacobAlan: Amen.

    /me sighs

  9. Eva says:

    This is surrealism.

  10. Kris says:

    Now now people, stop being so selfish with wanting to log in. Other users can log in so that should be good enough for you.

    ~bangs head on desk~

  11. Ellle Thursday says:

    ummm, wow.

    Is this really the time to announce this? *waits for the stampede*

  12. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    Woot! Well, I can log in okay… but I’m still noticing the “invisible avatars at high altitudes” issue.

    Shameless plug: come see what Windlight has done for my Cloud Chateau at Hina(22,22,750) =)

  13. peavy says:

    thanks for the new viewer,
    but that dont help that i cant log in.
    i have a major gig to to in 30 min 😦

  14. Alyx Sands says:

    75% can’t log in? I don’t think so. This inventory bug thing only affects fresh users I can log in with all five accounts (mine and my mum’s) stored on this computer, only the sixth, which was created about a month ago, can’t get in.

  15. At0m0 Beerbaum says:

    Also, add a slightly greener tint to the ocean, it’s way too blue.

  16. Earle Swenson says:

    This is a sad joke, as others have said. I do not know if it is just me, but the last version looked, well, terrible on my system, with SLI linked ATI Radeons. It is the only time turning on all graphics features looked worse in my experience on this system.

    But more, with all the login and performance issues of this last week, a treat would be STABILITY!!!!

    If you have people working on new features, I would pull them off that until you have a STABLE SYSTEM TO USE THEM ON!!!

    Let’s get real. Your previous post talked about your new mission statement. All the more reason to focus on stability and being able to login, and improved network performance.

  17. stiZsEc says:

    I was just wondering in WindLight why i can’t get the water to look like in the pictures i have the latest driver for my 8800GTS and the latest for WindLight but the water looks plain, any help would be aprreciated.

  18. You do realize that Linden Labs has tons of people with tons of different qualifications, right? The network ops team probably wouldn’t be able to code a view, just like the viewer team probably wouldn’t be able to setup a new grid. If the heat were out, I wouldn’t be asking the guy painting my house, “WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT LOOK PRETTY WHEN IT’S COLD?!”

  19. Miles Sullivan says:

    Thats great, now how are we doing with the myriad problems with SL?

    NO… One…. Cares….

    This is just an attempt at an ooh shiny to push the problems off the login splash screen.

    Politics guys… politics… make it LOOK like Phillip himself has his sleeves rolled up and is fixing the problems too.

  20. Niecy Dominquez says:

    Gret I did the update….hmmmm any one besides me still cant log in? just asking…….and any pal folks…meet me on pal…we got things to talk bout

  21. Earle Swenson says:

    Sean, I have been in software engineering for over 20 years. I know full well what is involved in all the different areas, and I can assure you, if they do software development, then they can be better employed working on the stability issues, which are more than just network configuration. They can be putting effort into many code areas. So your comment about the heat and the painter simply shows your own ignorance of what skills are required in the different areas.

    Personally, with all the lag and performance issues this year, the biggest joke of all to me has been the release of voice. Yes, we have major lag issues and problems with too much information going over internal networks, so lets add even MORE to that load. That’s just poor planning and design.

  22. Kastro says:

    maybe if u worked more on fixing problems u wudnt be having 90% of ur SL comunity outrageously mad!
    Plus before u guys get rid of one Issue you’re already jumping into another issue releasing new stuff that im sure you’re not even sure if its successful.. if less problems came up we would honestly be more appreciative!!

  23. Sean Heying says:

    @21 Huh, are you talking to me in response to #6?

  24. Llis says:

    It’s so exiting but such a tease since i can’t log in yet, and from the looks of it, no body can. Please fix the logging issue the “Login Failed. The inventory system is currently unavailable” it’s so frustrating, Thanks.

  25. Kilik Liotta says:

    “[5:47PM PST] [UPDATE] The login error “Inventory system is currently unavailable” upon attempting to login is likely to last well into tomorrow. Further updates will be posted here as information becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience. – Kate “

  26. Kastro says:

    this is ridiculous… come on are u serious??? till tomorrow??
    and tomorrow its gonna be till monday… and than the windlight version is gonna bring more problems.. and those problems will be their main priority and next thing we know we wait a week… oh come on!! am I paying to waste my time????

  27. ac14 Hutson says:

    hate to be the bearer of bad news but less then 5 minutes with the new viewer and i insta crashed because of zooming out too far :/

  28. A nonnymouse says:

    I deliberately didn’t name names, to protect the identity of my ‘friend’

  29. TheBlack Box says:

    VWR-2920 fixed twice 🙂

    WindLight-Team: Good Job !

    Sculptors are in strong need of a small fix … lossless sculpt-texture uploads only works with much pain.

    (resizing and using the external uploader which is only available for windows)

  30. Grim says:

    When will we be able to log back in?

  31. Inevitably Stardust says:

    I won’t be downloading the latest Windlight release until i get home. But, the first Windlight release was amazing even on my underperforming Intel 945GM laptop graphics. On my home PC with a decent video card Windlight was so outstanding it transformed the entire SL experience!!!

  32. 23skidoo Outlander says:

    If Second Life is to ever be taken seriously it’s gotta resolve these apparently chronic login problems, lag, etc. I want to get involved in the community, but between lagging, the fact that several times this week I’ve either had the viewer crash on me or (along with everyone else) I’ve been unable to even log-in over the last 24 hours… To be blunt, Linden folks, I’d much rather you spent your time and effort making your infrastructure reliable than giving us pretty clouds and water effects. I could care less about that. I want to be able to log in and actually get involved. Right now it’s no more than a glitchy game to me.

  33. Thrax Trilam says:

    whats this when alt caming O.o the screen blacks out when you near other avs with the cam and locks the hud and crap

  34. badb0y dagger says:


  35. Asuka says:

    Strangely I can’t even make it to the login screen without crashing a few seconds after clicking the start up icon. Though it does work on another computer I have (one that has less memory and an older graphics card)

    Also to stiZsEc, when I first logged in the graphics settings were tuned way down. Go to preferences and set them to “ultra”. That may be the reason your seeing everything so plainly.

  36. badb0y dagger says:

    never mind i found out

  37. Hasmish Obzina says:

    Thanksgiving (also known as Thursday and Friday to the rest of the world :)).. And does it make you feel better or what? And Windlight has lots of memory leaks, guys…

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  39. badb0y dagger says:

    i cant log in it says ‘invtory system is currently unavailable’ wtf lol wat do i do?

  40. badb0y dagger says:

    this is a great start to my thanksgiven week

  41. Alyx Sands says:

    I downloaded it, I could login fine, and I was online without any crashes for two hours. Not EVERYONE is crashing. And my comp and graphics card is two years old.

  42. Faydra Fairey says:

    This is getting ridiculous when are you going to fix logins I appreciate the fact that you are trying to make things look more realistic but the simple truth is what good does it do if you continuely can`t log in for one reason or another. This last inventory system unavailable issue is really taking an awful long time to fix.

  43. Tom says:

    Great stuff mate!!!!

    check out my blog:

  44. d.spitz says:

    Thank you Lindens!
    I love this supernatural windlight so much. You made a so good job.

    Cant you please stop yelp about problems an other team works on and im sure this network-team is doing their best to fix it.

  45. Kastro says:



  46. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Thank you Pastrami and everyone who helps develop this Windlight. Although I do understand there are always problems especially while things are in development, I love it.

  47. Ann Otoole says:

    can we bring in an outside firm to fix the grid?

    or should we all pitch in and get LL some grid viagra to help them “keep it up”?

  48. magnus says:

    I do not understand how people can be on line yet thouands cant get on because of a stupid error that has now been going on for about 9 hours. We are paying money for this. some of us have businesses in SL that are not being dealt with. This is BullS___T. Fix the goddamn problems and worry about Windlight upgrades when the system doesnt crash everyday. if you cant handle the volume limit the memberships or get more s ervers on line. I feel like i am flushing my money down the toilet.
    Thank you very much.

  49. Earle Swenson says:

    “We value free expression.” which, of course, is why comments are turned off on the blog entries reporting problems with the system, so they have an excuse for deleting entries in other blogs.

    I tried the new viewer, and while some things look good, avatars look worse to me then in the standard viewer, as does the ground and many objects. I have a 3.2 GHz quad Pentium with dual ATI Radeon X1950’s Crossfire cards linked together.

    Water looks great, the clouds and sky look terrible.

    Wish they would put their effort into the stability and performance, and save this for later. This is no holiday treat, more like a slap in the face of all those who had trouble logging in.

  50. shay says:


  51. Extremely annoyed says:

    This is insane. I have not been able to log in all day, and now not until sometime tomorrow (I am one of those hit by the Inventory system not available bug). I report it, and get a response back saying that my ticket as been closed as “Solved”. If I still cannot login, can someone from Linden Labs please explain how my ticket is SOLVED!?!?!

    I’ve spent the last decade writing internet applications professionally, and my company has NEVER allowed me to mark a bug as solved until it has been verified as fixed and released to the customers.

    But no, it’s a great treat to have a new graphics engine. Sorry, but I would like to be able to LOGIN and STAY LOGGED IN!!! I crash at least once a day, if not once an hour. I could care less about windlight, what good does it do if I can’t stay online long enough to see anything???

  52. Kastro says:

    Downgrading Account Back To Basic

  53. JZ says:

    OMG Major lag with this version. Help me i’m drowning in lag!!!
    Runs and does the Lindens 2 step and rolls back to previous version of Windlight!

  54. Sunny says:

    Gee, that “Inventory system is unavailable” pop-up has never looked so beautiful! Congrats LL! Nice to see that you’ve finally got your priorities straight. Releasing the Windlight update under these circumstances is a very encouraging move – the future of SL looks bright indeed!

  55. U M says:

    Ok, whatever some of the fixes are seen otehrs well.

    The halfing of the avie is now fixed? !WOOOhoooooooooooooo WAIT! I see it when i believe it!

  56. Vahlgan says:

    Your doing a great job and appreciate the work you place into it but please hurry on the error!! XD

  57. JubJub says:

    I agree. i have stats that say 10 out of last 16 days there have been extensive problems, preventing purchases, search, logins, TPing etc etc. Are these because of new features? or is base system still hugely unstable? Cause i pay money for this..lots. Where is ethics of paying for ads that cannot be found. Or paying for service that cannot be reached. I read lots of feel-good comments from Lindons…yet our ads do not get extended for days lost, and our monthly fees still happen on date… regardless of if we can login or not. Is this ethical?

  58. Sunny says:

    For those of you having trouble logging in: go to preferences, chose to pick you starting location, and try typing in different SL location names. Some sims seem to not be effected by the inventory problem. Worked for me.

  59. shay says:

    what sim you tp too

  60. HD1080i says:

    Still having issues with inventory login failures… it would be kind to get informed if my account is still in class 5 migration que, since i had set aside time to meet and accomplish some team things, I could have warned people that i might not be able to connect.

    anyhow, thanks for windlight – i get 40fps on a 4ghz dualcore with nVidia gt7600 into an HD Screen at 1920×1080 – and its better looking than a lot of so called HD tv shows comcast puts into the cable.

    BTW Verizon FIOS rocks with SL , its like a nobrainer to want SL if you have FIOS.

  61. Llis Kirax says:

    It’s quite simple when you think about it;

    1. Be responsible to work on the issues that are present now and stay focus on what they are instead of thinking of new ways to improve graphics or what not.

    If you have not fixed the issues of the system crashing on many many users of SL why would you bother to make something new, if the current SL has problems that you can not even solve why are you making new ones, it’s more likely to have problems as well.

    “I can assure you, if they do software development, then they can be better employed working on the stability issues, which are more than just network configuration”

    How can they develop something new without even fixing the current one, it makes absolutely no sense at all! You will just be developing a new software to which will have same issues, new ones, and so fort, so why don’t you just make SL stable and then perhaps you could work on something else so more people can become part of SL.

    It’s quite simple, fix the current issues, whatever they maybe! then move on to improving graphics, as many people have said ” I can care less about Windlight when i can’t log in” HELLO! doesn’t a bell ring when you hear that? I mean come on! you don’t have to be a genius to realized what is it that should be done!

    Now, as far as me saying “is quite simple” I’m referring to; STOP TRYING TO COME UP WITH A NEW SOFTWARE WHEN YOU HAVE ONE ALREADY THAT NEEDS WORK TO BE DONE TO IT!

    Thank you,

  62. Nate T. says:

    Okay, something went horribly wrong since the last WindLight viewer, now for some reason I can’t use Anti-Aliasing or everything is only rendered in 16-bit colors. What the heck could have gone so wrong? @_@

  63. Hitch Waco says:

    Hello every one. I was just able to get onto my account which I have been unable to access for hours on end. It seems That clearing the cache and restarting the application seems to work well. YOu may also want to try to start out in a different region as well. I hope that this has helped any one that has been having problems. You may still be experiencing problems but try to do the same thing over again if this happens. Hope you guys get back online back to your secondlifes. Ill tell you though. If this kinda stuff keeps happening Im leaving all together. There is no point in investing this much time in something only to have it fall apart at the seams. I hope the lindens get these issues resolved. They may want to try resetting the newer accounts who this is happening too. It may help alot.

  64. Alice says:

    Holy crap, I’m finally able to log in.

  65. Nate T. says:

    WHY THE EFF is the new windlight required? This version only runs in 16 bit colors on my PC, for whatever reason. I can’t just run the old version even though there was never an update to the OFFICIAL client? Sorry, you guys are just being morons now.

  66. Tulip Fairey says:

    how nice but……
    I am having sl withdrawls and i wont be home until tommorrow night i was really really hoping to be able to get online tonight cuz i cant tommorrow. is there a pill for Honestly, can we have an update on how much longer until this issue is fixed?

  67. Raina Milev says:

    both glad , and sad that others too have the same problems I do . Havent been able to tp for almost two weeks .. SL tells me to download this ” new ” Version …… yeeessshhhh
    A suggestion ………. a stable platform and system before new ones PLease …

  68. dorean belfire says:

    Thats great but how about us that just simple want to use out regular account could we get that workin sometime soon!

  69. Tryptofaa Sande says:

    Hmm, the large particle cloud on my tornado that usually forms evenly and gradually is now spat out randomly, and looks very patchy indeed! The particles also seem to reflect light incorrectly and very suddenly as you zoom in and out, dramatically changing shade. Agree with others, water and reflections are gorgeous, but the the default settings make the ground look terrible from morning to afternoon (totally over exposed white-out). I’ve been setting it to “Fine Day” for a drastic improvement, but can’t leave my view set anywhere between 8:30 am or 3pm.

  70. JubJub says:

    kay folks i got same download required…but only when i tried on ‘new’ windlight version… I tried an older version and logged in fine with no errors. Happily shopping/TPing/chatting for an hour now

  71. Midori Rotaru says:

    We seem to be confusing issues the windlight is seperate to the problems mentioned and by a team not connected.
    Had no problems with either of Windlight versions and they improce look feel dramatically.Yes make certain textures skins mine even look much worse that is the fault of those textures sure will catch up over time .Overall a excellent improvement conratulations.

  72. Renee Faulds says:

    [5:47PM PST] [UPDATE] The login error “Inventory system is currently unavailable” upon attempting to login is likely to last well into tomorrow. Further updates will be posted here as information becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience. – Kate

    Just dandy Kate

    Hurt business for another day!!!!

    Happy Holiday’s to you too bah!!!!

  73. Oz Spade says:

    Any update on a fix for issues with Macs? Still getting horrendous framerate with atmospheric stuff enabled, then a hard crash after a few seconds (and hard crashing on startup when enabled before login).

  74. Paulyta Miles says:

    What happend sl?? sl sucks in the last days, crashed, very very slow, please no more crashed!!!. I need a good second life!!! pleasee no more crashed, and not login pleaseee, no more slow………………..

  75. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    There definitely seems to be a couple of very strange new particle behaviors…

    #1 is reproducible if you turn away and turn back towards an emitter, you get the sputtery short-lived particle effect mentioned in @69 above…

    #2 particles with low alpha values seem far more opaque than they used to, ALPHA of 0.01 now seems roughly equivalent to what 0.1 was before.

    #3 I need to test more, but it seems that particle density is down

    #4 Particles with a RADIUS setting seem to be drawn very briefly on a path from the emitter TO the radius distance.

    #5 Identical particle displays are sometimes drastically different, sometimes they sputter, sometimes they seem to appear at a radius distance that wasn’t set… unable to find a repro for this aspect yet.

    If anyone wants to collaborate on nailing down exact descriptions of these with me before they go into JIRA, lemme know! =)

    … and folks, please stop beating on the windlight team for login issues, that’s like blaming your chiropractor for your car problems! 😀

  76. Calin McKinney says:

    Got in ok tonight with the viewer version 1.18.3(5). I agree with most to focus on grid stability before improving game features….but Windlight….WOW! What a different feel to the whole game with that lighting…I gazed at the sunlight reflecting off the ocean water from my skybox for about 2 minutes…just watching the ripples….really amazing guys. But….currently still using the older viewer version for most of gameplay and business…due to better stability. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Don’t get in trouble with your RL family sneaking out to your computer to play SL mid-way through your turkey feast! They all know what you are up to when you are gone too long!!

  77. :/ :/

    [5:47PM PST] [UPDATE] The login error “Inventory system is currently unavailable” upon attempting to login is likely to last well into tomorrow. Further updates will be posted here as information becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience

    This is just terrible :/

  78. Kastro says:

    i can long in now… Too bad tp wont work for me
    6th day now and not 1 successful teleport

  79. Vitality Lollipop says:

    I still cannot get onto the Windlight Grid, crashes right away. Bummer sounds nice. I have no problems getting into game with regular version.

  80. Kastro says:

    and now i tried logging back in and it wont let me.. thats great

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  82. Kastro says:

    they think with the pocket not the brain!

  83. Nahona Nakamori says:

    Windlight or not, i still can’t login… and if i want complaint about my car problems to my chiropractor it’s my right. even if it’s not possible cause i haven’t car or chiropractor and even if people don’t care about my problems i have the strict right to talk about it. that’s freedom of speech!

  84. Kris Maruti says:

    Lovely … I can now upgrade to a viewer with WindLight, but I won’t be able to view any of that wonderful glory because I consistently get a “no_inventory_host” error (whatever the heck that means) every single time I try to log-in. And just in time for Thanksgiving, too, when I was going to have a few extra hours to play in Second Life. Thanks a bunch, guys. Fix one thing … break three.

    *sighs* I guess I’ll just drown my sorrows in some extra turkey and dressing, and then I can blame Linden Lab for me getting fat, too.

  85. Tegg B says:

    Kilik Liotta Says: Beautiful; a new update that’s completely worthless to 75% of the community since we cannot log in.

    Bull, 31k of residents is not 25% learn some basic maths

    @45, stop sreaming and go , we won’t miss over aggro people.

  86. dreamscape says:

    need to say, the windlight client is more stable than the default. since i use the windlight i have lesser crashes( 2 in ca. 8 hours), with the default , sometimes i got 3 in an hour. please, ppl, look at ur computersystem, often is the biggest problem the user.

    thx linden, keep up ur fantastic work.

  87. Yeah the windlight is working great for me too 🙂

  88. Kastro says:

    so thousands of ppl need new computers cause LL cant get their ish str8??? or are u part of the staff just leaving urself a nice comment???

  89. novoseclo dudek says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! SL…NOT WORKING!?!?!?!?! WHAT EVER WILL I DOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! sleep i guess…. for once…. so what kind of effect will this have when i dont show up for my job in SL? if i get fired, will i be reinversed all my time and effort to optain this job? oh well i guess im just a nobody avatar that simply request they dont screw with my relaxation on the DAY BEFORE BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!! i work at a mall in FL and i tell you i need to be FREAKING RELAXED TO GET ME PAST THIS FRIDAY!!!! but hey im nobody

  90. Kastro says:

    The new windlight wont even work properly
    after the 3 time i opened it it crashes with multiple Crash report pop ups… SL.. right now you suck… work a bit harder.. on the main page it doesnt say over a Million dollars US spent over the last 24 hours for nothing

  91. novoseclo dudek says:

    omg ok comment 86 RE: my system worked great yesterday night, trust me its sl fixing what aint broke, 87 RE: good im gladd YOUR having a wonderfull day… 88 RE: at fist i thought i couldnt say it better myself but i came up with this : SL= world built by user to there standered of beautiful, not springing RANDOM, USLESS, SERVER CRASHING, CRAP, on me… wow im pissed

  92. /me sings a serenade to the Lindens… “I love WindLight and my SL doesn’t suuuuck”


  93. novoseclo dudek says:

    re 92: so can i come over and play on your non suck *** computer?

  94. Adamas Carter says:

    Hey guys putting together the Linux version! It doesn’t work. I don’t know if the binaries are newer (the byte count is different), but it is reporting itself as the old version and therefore won’t run.

    Please fix, so I can see if the problems I was having with the old versions have been fixed.


  95. novoseclo dudek says:

    BUDLITES REAL MEN OF genius: heres to you SL, OH sultin of lagg, YOU single handedly ruined all hope in enjoying my day off. YOU SL have taken the world by storm to shut it down with one flicker of a captacular idea! congrats and thank you!!!!!!

  96. novoseclo dudek says:

    im worried about my inventory!!!!! omg what if it all got deleted lmao that would suck ahahaha it would ruin SL

  97. Jakyl Lightfoot says:

    Keep up the good work Lindens 😀 Had trouble at first, but upgrading the drivers to the Omega drivers fixed everything 😀

  98. Six Sick says:

    Many people are paying money.
    You are selling defective goods.

    Unnecessary voice chat and new viewer!

    You must concentrate only on the stability of the system.

  99. Tami Timeless says:

    The stats on ever increasing crashes and outages is astounding… something smells really foul around here…. but i digress….

    so far I’ve seen a handful of folks offer tricks they used to successfuly log in…. empty cache then roboot system, log in to different location as some locations not affected by this problem (no location given by the way), new accounts can’t log in, but old account can, old version has no problems new version does…. blah blah blah. None of this information helped or worked btw.

    I guess it is useless to keep checking this blog for succesful tricks to get back to my second life…. those who got in are sipping margaritas pool side not thinking twice about those left out in the cold.

    Something tells me this is going well into the weekend and possibly next week…. its a holiday weekend!! wanna bet???

  100. novoseclo dudek says:

    re 98:no kidding this is how the U.S.A got started … one ass with one bad idea and thousands without a choice

  101. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Still broke on the ATi HD2900XT. shiny still apears semi transparent and water shaders/reflections do not enable, even in varying configurations. all shaders are enabled but it just isn’t working.
    Do i have to downgrade to be able to use this?

  102. novoseclo dudek says:

    101 Re: wtf where are you telepoting to? cuz… like i would love to get in.

  103. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Windlight is lovely yes…I miss my draw distance control and something has completely screwed up particle scripts as Jopsy pointed out they “sputter”, previously smooth texture transitions now jerk spasmodically and identical scripts behave differently.
    It really needs to be looked at.
    I trust somebody at LL is on the phone to the right people and the holiday overtime is not limited..because it ain’t Thanksgiving in my country.

  104. Masuyo Aabye says:

    i did have problems getting on, was patient and tried again and made it.

  105. Masuyo Aabye says:

    103 : there is a draw distance control. in the graphics preferences, click custom. the draw distance slider is at the top right corner of the box.

  106. Six Sick says:

    re 100.

    Shut up, freebie. Talk after paying money.

  107. hugsalot says:

    You know what folks? It’s not like everyone who works at Linden Labs have all the same skills and can therefore be changed around to work on a project or fix a problem. It’s not like some interchangeable group of people.

    They have a set number of people doing everything simultaneously. Yes it sucks not being able to login or if you can’t everything isn’t fully 100%. but just because there’s a handful of people working on the Wind light project DOESN’T MEAN they are ignoring the current problems right now.

    And it’s not as if these people who are working on the Windlight project could help out if the Lindens made them work on the problems we are having now. Adding more people to fix a problem doesn’t always work to solve it. It’s not like some RTS game you can assign more workers to build/fix something faster.

    Please people, have some sense of reality here, and shut up!

  108. novoseclo dudek says:

    You know six sick you have an awfully big mouth but nothing your saying is even halfway usefull infact…. i think you degressed any progression made here. you are apart of the problem in more or less words.

  109. Nack Barnes says:

    I love the Windlight viewer, the water for one thing is just amazing. And the new client is even better. There’s still quirks and I hope this gets fixed soon, but it’s a big positive step for SL in general.

    I haven’t seen anything on parcel owners being able to set preferences for their parcels, or saving windlight settings and handing them to other residents since way back in the first windlight blog posts. Is it possible to get some more information on this? Can a parcel owner (not whole sim owner, but parcel owner/renter) be able to set a default setting? Make it override? Will residents be able to override this default? These questions are crucial for us who run areas in SL.

  110. novoseclo dudek says:

    ha! that actualy makes sense! no realy. but honestly im bitching untill i can get on… its killing time.

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  112. Jayden B says:

    Gosh 109, I hope not. Can you imagine the horror of moving through SL when your settings arge changed every few meters!

    Sure for region and estate owners but not for just parcel owners.

  113. Zed Mighty says:

    ha, what can i say…nothing works, never has since the last suggests upgrade drivers..drivers automatically upgraded..don’t work..need to downgrade to old drivers..don’t support Vista…has the world come to an end!..

    Crash’s, wtf, how can u crash when u can’t log on…logon. no inventory oh no…..omg my life’ s gone..

    were do i get a refund….???

  114. novoseclo dudek says:

    113 ahahahaha i know .. what kind of reasuring message is NO INVENTORY… OMFG NO!

  115. Vivienne says:

    It is faster, it looks better.

    Nevertheless it does not work properly (Missing textures, avatars not rendering correctly, flickering, teleport by map crashes and and and). Low end and midrange system will not be able to handle the better looks, anyway, with this version of the viewer, but it renders faster than the standard viewer – which is progress even for the owners of these systems.

    This is a nice alpha and the basics are extremely promising, indeed. And for an alpha it is well done. Not more, not less.

  116. November Rain says:

    A haiku while you wait:

    Amazing Windlight
    Beautiful, Rippling Ocean
    Login Antichrist.

  117. elletolo says:

    Perfect…Second Life Democracy…!!!! Lot of bad and negative responses on the Long road behind, long road ahead and comments closed….What a wonderful example of a “Open Lab experience”…ah.ah.ah.!!!
    Just empty words…no explanations, no updates and we are all out!!
    Stop dreaming about Windlight and similar stuff and give us a more stable basic environment..!
    The title should have been: LONG, LONG, LONG ROAD AHEAD….!!!!

  118. DarkStorm says:

    Hi to all out there in no login land. Kind of hoping here that LL has a nightshift team and are working on the issues at present (I say nightshift team as I am in UK and its nearly 9am and STILL no SL). Now my concern not being from the USA is will LL actually take time out from their turkey today to get SL running?

  119. DarkStorm says:

    in answer to comment 117, how about no road ahead just diversion signs?

  120. November Rain says:

    The Great Windlight is updated,
    LL happily did say,
    but logging in, no inventory
    And so we cannot play.

    Good people fought and fussed
    over duties and things to be done,
    but in the end forgot one thing,
    we’re here to have some fun.

  121. Aru Krasey says:

    Hi are you totally crazy at LL?

    Nothing works since days and you still got capacities to push this windlight crap?

    Stop this now!

    Who needs that garbage?

    Since you started promoting this release candidate, everythings is totally screwed.

    Tier Refunds!!!! Classified Refunds!!! Lost Revenue Compensation!!!

    NOW !

  122. TJ Ay says:

    Looks like I am having the exact right hardware for the WL Viewer.
    It is beautiful, works like a charme, even in a 2640 resolution with everything on, very nice. Ground isn’t flat anymore when the sun sets and the water, the water is very cool. Sorry for all others, but there are computer which can display the WLV and do not have crashes all the time.


  123. Anthony77777 Bandit says:

    With Windlight Shiny things have lost any kind of realism (se bug VWR-3307)and other bugs related with this one…….this will make us trash cars,bikes, and any prim jewel.

  124. Masami Kuramoto says:

    I totally agree with TJ Ay (#122). Those who complain about Windlight performance issues should keep in mind that the graphics card that came out second best in the SL GPU performance comparison can be had for $100. And those who complain about their viewer crashing within 5 minutes after login should consider running Linux instead of Windows. SL on Linux with a dual core CPU and an Nvidia 7900 will make Windlight run smoothly at “ultra” and enable you to capture full-screen video at the same time. These things are available now, and they don’t cost a fortune any more.

  125. Totally Hopeless says:

    Yeah, one more thing that still works

    The classified debits!

    You must be totally out of your mind LL, to charge us for this….

    I will now stop putting time into sl activities and start helping German Customer Protection organisations to make fire under your incompetent asses

  126. Raul Crimson says:

    Ok, thanks for the update, Windlight is beautiful, but pls, Pastrami, keep working on it, still too much problems.
    Anyway, i’d love to see soon aome post about the Asset server problems, personally i think is more important than Windlight.

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  128. Raul Crimson says:

    Thanks, November Rain, for the poems and haikus, the best way to critizise with a smile.

  129. Pingback: WindLight First Look Viewer update! « Official Linden Blog « A Crimson world

  130. Psistorm Ikura says:

    @18 YES! finally someone who thinks like I do! XD

    so cmon people, relax and remember that the network people are out there working on fixes, whilst the others do what they are qualified for, ok folks?

    and ontopic: thats a sweet update, Ill install and test it right away =D

  131. Someone says:

    If some Linden is reading this blog can tell us how is situation about login ?
    thanks -.-

  132. Paulo Dielli says:

    Ohhh I was hoping you fixed the brightness of textures already, but I guess you didn’t. Please take care of that as soon as possible (also shiny). The absurd high contrast really spoils the otherwise beautiful Windlight experience for me so far.

    Thank you.

  133. WiLLuMPJuH Gausman says:

    All i can say : “Come on , baby … you are beautiful … i love you .. i need you. Keep on going, keep on living, keep your heart beating …. keep us there , pls. “

  134. Andy Burton says:

    When will people understand that software development is not like writing Excel sheets and that a graphics specialist can’t be pushed into the database group of developers. LL has departments each working parallel to improve SL. You can’t move people to other departments to fix things asap!!!
    Next time when somebody has a defect electric stove call the plumber to fix it when all electricians are busy or maybe a carpenter would be nice too.
    Some people should think a bit before always complaining about new features. This is a preview viewer and we should expect problems with it. The viewer development is separated from the other pieces of SL. Keep this in mind when calling the viewer devs to fix a login issue.

  135. Sonja Felisimo says:

    For all who can’t log in because of the NO INVENTORY problem….try this url as log in start location………Trouble 154,189,750…….

    After trying hundreds of sims I have logged in 10 times now at this sim…….seems it doesn’t have this problem………..

    Hope this helps some people………:) it worked for me……good luck ;)….

    BTW LL would be interesting if you would post the reason why this log in problem has happened………but as usual you just blind us with new features as if to divert from the problem……….hahaha and theres a blog post here from Phil Linden saying you are gonna communicate and be more open………….LMAO……ROFL….. GOOD START I SAY…………….

  136. sloopy cooder says:

    I sure hope that the WL team is working on stability as the number 1 priority, performance as #2, and glitzy features LAST. As we can see from the backend server team, stability clearly was NOT a priority when it came down to design and implementation….

    Is LL a business or not? Does the LL exec team have what it takes to take SL to the next level? As a pre-paid for a year premium member who dropped nearly $200 on SL this month alone, I have serious doubts… WL is all nice and fine but the existing viewer is not stable at all either.

    But the back-end seems to be where the majority of problems lie. The LL executive team needs to make some hard decisions. Keep the staff that is currently incapable of keeping basic networking / DNS functioning, or find some new talent that actually HAS talent. Business HAS to comes before personal friendships if you want your business to survive. SL is mostly open source. A competitor that comes along with a RELIABLE alternative will destroy LL / SL in a month.

  137. V Petrov says:

    Ok guys, thanks for your patience, you will be able to log in again soon, thanks for your patience, and maybe you can have, thanks for your patience, a week with no issues, thanks for your patience. We hope the new server update, thanks for your patience, give you more features, thanks for your patience, but also a more stable grid.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Hey Lindens! Do you realize that “thanks for your patience” is meaningless now???? 1 or 2 times is ok, but I lost the count how many “thanks for your patience” I could find in your recent posts.

    Thanks for your continuous patience in paying us a lot of money to have a poor service.

  138. Dovic Battery says:

    downloaded the latest windlight and on the whole i think it’s awesome.. however no matter how i tweak the settings from the lowest to the highest and move sliders around, one problem i have is
    under the ocean i can’t see a thing it’s soooo dark lol.. there is coral and brightly coloured fish to see but down there i’m blind..
    i know my system isn’t anywhere near up to date and could be a lot better.. i have recently downloaded the latest drivers for my graphics card dated Nov 7th ..

    Name NVIDIA GeForce 6200
    PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0221&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_A1\4&3525EC23&0&0008
    Adapter Type GeForce 6200, NVIDIA compatible
    Adapter Description NVIDIA GeForce 6200
    Adapter RAM 256.00 MB (268,435,456 bytes)
    Installed Drivers nv4_disp.dll
    Driver Version
    INF File oem8.inf (nv4_NV3x section)
    Color Planes 1
    Color Table Entries 4294967296
    Resolution 1024 x 768 x 85 hertz
    Bits/Pixel 32
    Memory Address 0xD7000000-0xD7FFFFFF
    Memory Address 0xE0000000-0xEFFFFFFF
    Memory Address 0xD6000000-0xD7FFFFFF
    IRQ Channel IRQ 11
    I/O Port 0x000003B0-0x000003BB
    I/O Port 0x000003C0-0x000003DF
    Memory Address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF
    Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\nv4_mini.sys (, 6.54 MB (6,854,464 bytes), 04/10/2007 18:14)

    maybe santa will bring me a new puter this year ? prolly not think he lost my addy lmao

  139. V Petrov says:

    BTW, Why all recent issue posts have comments off? Are you getting tired to listen us?

  140. Cindy says:

    Sighs… LL the water in the new viewer doesn’t work for me… Only the skies… But I HATE your new windlight!!! Your LINDEN TREES look like CRAP in them!!!

    And BTW I am in the dark again (like we all are). After one post of honesty (witch resultated in enormous positive post) again you try to cover up all the boo boo, and throw in the post about your crapy new viewer… GRRRRRR when are you guys gonna learn… We want CLEARITY and HONESTY… And I promiss you if you do, people will have MORE patience you allways refere too. Frankly that sentence anoys the shit out of me. Patience for WHAT? TELL US, and do not leave us in the dark with vage post we cannot respond to!!!

  141. Psistorm Ikura says:

    the issues have comments off because they used to be swamped by meaningless hate-flames against LL and their employees…

    doesnt help much that the trolls spread to the other blog-posts now, sadly. I mean, Im all for well-formulated critique, but people who wont stop and think for a minute rather than yelling “OMG O NOZ! MAEK TINGS WERK NAO!!!!!!111” – well.. those p*** me off big time.
    its like they made it their destiny to remind LL in the most childish and immature ways that there are errors that need fixing – get a life, people 😛
    vent in the forums but for heavens sake try and stay on topic in the blog discussions…

  142. Thor says:

    ATI CARDS & VISTA, not fixed.

  143. Griffin Westland says:

    Hi guys, i have had the login problem for 2 days now but i tried the location posted by Sonja Felisimo #135 and it does work. well, it worked for me anyway.

    BIG HUG FOR SONJA!!!!!!!! thanks for the info.

    have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone ❤

  144. Ok, finally got logged in.
    Here is how I did it….

    I noticed each time I got the login error my progress bar moved just a little…
    so I continued to login repeatedly until the progress bar was nearly full.
    And on the last login attempt I got in when the bar was completed….
    Well – I hope this will help some of you other people trying to get back in.
    I am seriously jonesing for SL time – completing my construction and tutorials as well as taking care of my SL businesses. Missed 2 important client appointments last night cause I couldn’t log in…but oh well – good luck to all who are still trying to get logged in….

    Stop by and see me when you get in….

  145. Voodoo Schnyder says:

    It lags a lot less… but I crash a lot more and when I roll my camera around too much, specially with the ‘disbale constrains’ feature, half of the prims of the sim are eaten, they turn invisible and i cant see them. I have to relog after that when it happens

  146. ac14 Hutson says:

    for me it seems that it crashes LESS, it used to be whenever i looked at a prim the wrong way the viewer would crash, this seems to be fixed for the most part.with the settings all the way down my framerates are actually faster then with the normal viewer. if you cant log in for some reason try logging in from anotehr region because i have never not been able to log in for an extended period of time.

  147. Richard says:

    It’s still to bright.
    So again i cannot use it. why do the not fix the brightness first.

  148. Sufi Aya says:

    Hmmm…if my cable company is out for 12 hours or more, I get a credit…for us PAYING customers, can we expect a L$ or $ credit when this situation is corrected? Not holding my breath, but that would be the LEAST they could do.

  149. Phoenix says:

    saw that, but didnt work for me

  150. Phoenix says:

    noticed that too but didnt work for me.

  151. Zavian Quinnell says:

    Well in either viewer I can not log in still due to that Inventory error. This is just sad as it has been close to 24 hours since this all started. Come SL, fix your issues!!!!

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