[RESOLVED] Network Failure Issues

[8:39 AM PST] Network Failure Issues in Second Life have been resolved.  Thank you for your patience.

[7:56 AM PST] Residents of Second Life may experience failed Teleports, slow or unsuccessful logins, issues with Region crossing, or their Region being down. Our Ops Team is working hard to fix these issues. We will update you here when further information is available. Thank you for your continued patience.

[12.06 AM PST] [RESOLVED] All regions should be up and running. There are still some background issues we are working on but Second Life should be running normally for residents. We truly appreciate your patience during difficult period and apologise for the hassle it may have caused you. – Matthew

[10:43 PM PST] Good news is most regions are now up. Approximately 40 regions are either not up yet or are up but not accessible. These regions are being worked on. Logins should be working properly. All services should be working properly. – Kate

[8:57 PM PST] We are still working to bring up the remaining regions. Some residents may experience login issues. Other services still experiencing difficulties include rezzing objects, teleporting, transactions, and landing points. We thank you for your patience. – Kate

[7:46 PM PST] Some regions are coming up now. We still have 275 regions down and are continuing to work on the remaining issues. – Kate

[7:28 PM PST] At this time there are still 1000+ regions down. These regions will remain down while the databases are being worked on. We expect this problem to be resolved soon and will keep you updated. – Kate

[6:59 PM PST] As the grid continues to settle there are still services and regions not up to speed. Purchases may be risky right now, as well as deeding land. Teleporting and landing points may not be working properly. We appreciate your patience while our engineers work to resolve these issues. – Kate

[6:37 PM PST] The root issue’s been fixed, but the grid is going through a bit of settling as some services come back up to full speed. Group memberships and find in particular should become more responsive over the next few minutes. If your L$ balance is incorrect, please relog before reporting it via Support. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[5.18 PM PST] Operations teams at the Lab and the co-location facility are working to address the DNS failures which are inhibiting logins and Website access.

Region crossings (both direct and TP) are also failing in world.

We’ll update as we get more info.

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