[Resolved] Background Maintenance affecting Second Life

[7:29 AM PST] [Resolved] Issues stated below have been resolved.[5:00 AM PST] Our engineers are still working on the problem. This is also affecting the support portal.

[3:44 AM PST] Our engineers are continuing to work on the problems and are rolling out a fix at present. We hope to update you very soon.

[2:44 AM PST] Residents may still be encountering various difficulties in-world and in logging in at this time. There appear to be additional technical complications at present. Apologies for the ongoing inconvenience. Our engineers are working hard to resolve the situation.

[1:44 AM PST] The difficulties are continuing at present. Thank you for your patience while we look into this.

[12:44 AM PST] Residents may be experiencing slow-down in-world or some difficulty in logging in at present as well as possible in-world problems with search.

This is a temporary outcome of some essential maintenance we are carrying out in the background and should be resolved soon. Apologies for any impact this is having on your enjoyment of Second Life.

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