[Resolved] Second Life Voice Issues

[10:18 AM PST] Issues with Second Life Voice have been resolved.  If you are unable to get voice to work properly, please try to disable/enable Voice Chat on the Edit Menu > Preferences > Voice Chat > click Enable/Disable check box.  If Voice still fails to connect, please relog SL.  Thank you for your patience.

[9:00 AM PST] The voice feature of Second Life is still currently experiencing issues. Our Ops Team is working on a resolution. We will keep you updated here on resolution progress. Thank you for your continued patience.

[6:38 AM PST] The situation is still unresolved. Apologies for the ongoing delay.

[5:38 AM PST] We’ve received an update that the situation should be resolved within the hour.

[5:11 AM PST] In-world voice remains down. We really do apologise about this and can assure you we’re pushing to restore it as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience whilst we chase this down.

[4:11 AM PST] The in-world voice facility has been offline since 2.06 AM PST and we are working to have this restored. Sorry for the loss of this function, we know you like to use it. It’ll be back as soon as possible.

Bear with us folks!

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