Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer RC1 Release Candidate Update

We just made Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer Release Candidate (RC1) available on the site. Please go to the test software page to download and try these pre-production viewers.

REMINDER: Release Candidates (RC) are intended for evaluation purposes. Please try them out only if you want to participate in the bug reporting process and identify issues before these become the default viewer. You can have both a Release Candidate and a production viewer installed on your computer at the same time, so if issues are encountered when testing an RC you can switch back to the production viewer.

In addition to the fixes and new features announced as part of Second Life 1.18.5 (RC0), the following updates have been made:


  • Search button always enabled in Search All panel
    • Empty searches show the classifieds splash page
  • Teleport is the first option listed for landmarks in inventory
  • You can now uncheck the for-sale check box for certain older objects that are marked for-sale but cannot actually be purchased (due to permissions: owner no-transfer, or for-sale copy but owner no-copy). See VWR-2908.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed search turning transparent instead of minimizing
  • Fixed VWR-3073: Right-clicking someone’s attachments to view profile loads (???) (???) instead
  • Fixed VWR-2908: Sale Item Search should not list certain kinds of items.

Please note we are still adjusting how we generate search results. We will be adding a “beta” label to the search page to indicate the results algorithm is not final.

Source code drop coming soon!

Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.18.5 Release Candidate“.


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117 Responses to Second Life 1.18.5 Viewer RC1 Release Candidate Update

  1. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Thanks Bridie !

    The RC has been looking OSSM

  2. The Windlight is the best things to be introduced to SL (^_^) Thank you very much!
    Great to see you fixing the bugs!
    A 32m draw distance would be nice option.
    Keep up the Great Work!

  3. Anny Helsinki says:

    why are different viewers and the website showing different User-numbers at same time?

  4. Gaybot Blessed says:

    Thank you for the new update, however, after installing this new Candidate viewer, I was able to log in once, now it is repeatedly saying “Login Failed” without further explanation. Also, my friend Gellan has brought about a minor bug to my attention in the Candidate viewer. When you double click on a gesture, and the following window opens, you are able to click on Preview to preview what a gesture does. After you press this button, the text (Preview) disappears.

  5. Wy don’t you guys go to hell with sl.
    Glad I’m not much anymore in the game.
    SL is the most redicilous childisch mess I’ve ever seen.
    I’m very rare online… first things that happens… crash.
    I give it up !

  6. Viktor says:

    I can’t even load the main website (, SecondLife Status ( or client login. Other web services, including this Blog, work though.

  7. Krimson Gray says:

    Well now, if logins, the asset server (including rezzing objects, opening scripts and loading attachments), and search functions would work, then there might be a reason to try the new viewer. Otherwise, why bother when SL has been breaking down more and more in the last week than in the last few months?

  8. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    whatever ya all just did broke the database cant rez no inventory ruthed cant move no search BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH will it ever END i wanty a working SL for christmas PLEAASE SANTA!!

  9. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> Pierre Beltran Says: Wy don’t you guys go to hell with sl. I give it up !

    Sorry to hear that Pierre. Whatever you do though, don’t give up the English lessons.

  10. Ron Crimson says:

    Hey #5, if you’re so sick of SL you’re welcome to lead the way to hell. I’m staying here in heaven, thankyouverymuch.


  11. Viktor says:

    Haha, the website Pierre links to says “No crashes, no wrong vector offsets, not going offline, etc.”
    Someone is a bit hypocritical arn’t they?

  12. Eddie says:

    @ #2 “A 32m draw distance would be nice option.”

    I second that, would really help with shopping.

  13. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Can we expect a heads-up on the absolutely atrocious service of late and the possible causes to login errors, rez failures, zero inventory contents, hippos on non-functioning friends lists, in fact just an appalling and abysmal service which is deteriorating on a daily basis.

    I’m quite sure you folks are hammer and tong trying to resolve this issues. Some communication to confirm that would be sterling.

    Oh. WindLight looks fabulous. At least I can take pretty screenshots.

  14. Hodgey Hogfather says:

    I can rez fine, but the object rezzed has no creator, no owner, and I can’t modify, copy, change, delete…do anything to it. Kinda frustrating, as it is something I made. This after having 3 failed attempts to login before making it in. Something is definately out of whack.

  15. Dragger Lok says:

    Have had serious log in issues since yesterday- find one mention of it on the blog? what good is this blog if it isn’t current, truthful, on top of things…. oh yeah windlight is pretty, I should have taken a picture when I was able to log in- woot

  16. I have just 2 cuestions..
    Why with new releases more things are broken?
    Things like in the begining or in old releases was fixed now are broken again?

  17. Cindy says:

    I love how #6 can’t load the SL website, grid status page or even this blog, but doesn’t stop him from writing a comment!!!

  18. Adult Minority says:

    Service bugs is not the worst of it!!! What about the influx of teenage noobies!!!! What ever happend to 18+. SL is a cesspool of dumb kids!!

  19. Edetano Allen says:

    We have lots of crashes while tp, shapes and clothes doesn’t dowload, hangs, chashes, lag… Linux users still have to do magic to get sound, and no video or voice chat avalaible. How good linden labs has fixed a checkbox.

  20. Pinto Schnyder says:

    I will the people complaining about the asset server issues cause that is really be were LL should be going overkill on improving to make SL be able to handle more content such.

  21. Viktor says:

    “Other web services, including this Blog, work though.”
    Please learn to read

  22. nika talaj says:

    I’ve tried Windlight on 2 computers, several sims, at different times of day. The default ambient light seems to make avatar skins, particularly light ones, look very flat, with harsh shadows. Personally, I am not in SL to look at the scenery – I spend most of my interacting/talking with other avies.

    People spend a lot to make their avies look good. It’s part of the appeal of SL, that everyone who wants to can be a beautiful human. Please fix Windlight default settings so avies look good on a wide variety of graphics cards.

  23. mac says:

    would be nice just to get sl up .. all gone T*Ts up again LL pull ya finger out you not noticed 10k peopl have just logged off ..

  24. Jaraziah says:

    Hmm lets see; crashed 3 times already in les then 30 min; great those updates…

  25. Quit Yur Bitchin' says:

    @ Post #5

    “Wy don’t you guys go to hell with sl.
    Glad I’m not much anymore in the game.
    SL is the most redicilous childisch mess I’ve ever seen.
    I’m very rare online… first things that happens… crash.
    I give it up !”

    /me waves goodbye

    1 down, many more to go.

  26. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    The Firstlight Client crashes before Log In Screen appears. Going to try this one and see if it has any mysterious anomolies.

  27. Demerzel Rau says:

    Windlight looked AWESOME! the one time I was able to log on with it. It was smooth and much less ‘viscous’ than the current and earlier releases. I liked the unified preference pane for graphics and the various presets. However, since the first login the candidate viewer crashes as soon as the cache preload concludes and clothing starts to download. I tried downloading a new copy and various other things (MacOS). Old viewer works “fine” though after my one experience with Windlight I feel encumbered by it.

  28. Storyof Oh says:

    A LL Christmas present of a tier free December would make up for all the outages and *%&@ we have had of late sucking the life blood out of what little business and content creation that is possible in SL at the moment and it rewards the premier accounts…freebies can …well….go camp….

  29. Ann Otoole says:

    right about now i suspect LL is trying to figure out how to avoid taking sl down for the rest of the week to rebuild the entire system and restore everyone’s accounts back to last thursday. multiple database crash recovery procedure did not appear to work out too well.

    but hey they tried to keep the place open. gratz on that. next time just close sl until you can bring in the right (high bill rate) database talent to fix it properly.

  30. Baz Eriksen says:

    I actually really agree with #29. What do us premium members get? We get to actually PAY to log in, as well as PAY to own the land that we can’t get to with these shoddy viewer releases. I have 3 different versions of SL on my computer right now and have had to rotate between them after every crash just to be able to get back in. Seems like the only things that consistantly works is Linden Labs ability to charge my credit card. Never do we hear a word about compensation for all of these problems only that they are “working” on it. I’ve just about had it, as well. People with free accounts really have no say in this issues, but us who pay hundereds of dollars a month should atleast be given something. With any other company, if you pay for a service and it’s not delievered, they take care of it…What makes LL above this rule? Just my point of view.

  31. SJ says:

    I liked the RC version, i wanted to update but it keeps on crashing on multiple files making it impossible to update….pity….it was a release i liked

  32. Brent Finn says:

    Thank you for windlight.. totally awesome on my system, problems? Try investing in a better computer/graphics card.. ‘drive a crappy car, you get a crappy drive’.. as for ‘free accounts’.. i have 4 and none are ” Premium Accounts” but somehow manage to spend a good $200.00 a month on items… possibly yours ??
    So stop crying and invest some of my money in a new computer… and have fun a little.. the sunsets are so beautiful !! /me *hugs LL !!

  33. shai Khalifa says:

    @Nika – 23 – I’m with you. I really don’t give a hoot about what the sky looks like – it’s always been fine with me – but people spend a lot of money to get their avi looking good. Windlight in its original form presented problems with how avatars were rendered, which was why I stopped using that First Look and went back to standard viewer. I didn’t like the hard look that Windlight gave to my avi in particular and everyone else in general. If it’s still a problem then the portrait photography businesses will not do well I fear.

    I’m not using this new version until things have calmed down a bit – but I find it interesting that someone feels in this version, as I did with that very first iteration – months ago.

  34. Foxxe Wilder says:

    #26. Hmm not with “the game”??
    Wow, he did not see the memo?
    SL ain’t a game. It doesn’t have rules or points.

    Man…. but in regards to LL’s “handling of the system problems”. Well when you hire teenage kids with all talk and no experience, what do you EXPECT? Quality?

    Yeah they suck Big time and deny the facts as often as US republicans go to war (aka every time they get a chance!)

  35. Blinders Off says:

    @19 Adult Minority: Well, here’s what happened. LL stopped requiring a credit card to register a membership. Then they said, “Oh you naughty kiddies, be sure and don’t log in unless you’re 18, because this is an ADULT board, and we know you won’t lie about your age, right?” That’s why there are so many kids online.

    I do sympathise with those who are not all that impressed with Windlight or all the other stuff LL is putting in the system.

    My primary question is: why are you bringing in stuff like Wingdlight when group chat isn’t even working right. What, your programmers can’t even get CHAT to function, and we’re supposed to trust our investments with LL bringing in something like Windlight?

    Know how to destroy a company? Put the visionaries in charge.

  36. Is this an update to Release Candidate or First Look (windlight)?

  37. Ludwig Prinz says:

    Windlight has great sky coloring and water ripple effects, but after each teleport I end up with my shoes and hair sticking up my butt. And the infamous double-teleports are back too. Way to go.

  38. Sweet Primrose says:

    I’m encouraged by all the progress LL has made lately. 🙂 Bring on the new features AND the fixes, we’re eager for it all.

  39. Eric Renneville says:

    I see the Login Issues have been resolved, I’m from Australia and Still don’t seem to be able to log in or bring up the SL website :/, Sorry for posting this here but i can’t on the other one cause it don’t seem to be taking comments anymore

  40. Viktor says:

    I am from Australia too I have the exact same problems

  41. Eric Renneville says:

    I guess Us Aussies don’t fit in with the rest of the world lol. O well at least its resolved for everyone else, makes me feel a whole lot better lol.

  42. Viktor says:

    Can’t even access support portal, why do I bother with a premium account?
    Since we’re by our selves Eric and these morons can’t do anything what ISP are you with? I’m with Exetel myself and I can successfully ping and do a complete a tracert successfully. tries to redirect my to another page so it must be hitting the server but it doesn’t load, along with status page and front page so I don’t know what it could be

  43. Viktor says:

    It could be a DNS issue maybe, if I redirect my HTTP requests through an American proxy I can access the pages, of course we have no idea what the hell the Linden’s have done so we don’t know for sure

  44. Kinkykitty Tibbett says:

    yes the crashing , login failures and lag hell are annoying but hopely itll all settle down soon XD

  45. Masuyo Aabye says:

    has this RC got windlight in?

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  47. Waterflower Meadowbrook says:

    Try to rez an item it disappears from inventory, inventory folders sometimes open, often empty. Purchased items disappear, takes at least 3 tries to login, usually crash every 15-20mins then have to go through whole login rigamarole again. Rezzed items (like my house) suddenly disappear back into inventory, attempt to re-position something it disappears completely, and I’m not even in Australia! Bug reporting system is impossible to use unless you are systems analyst or programmer or native of geekspeak. SL has become hard work with all the stress and frustration that goes with it.

  48. John Source says:

    I also agree with #23, about avi’s not looking so good with the new windlight. With the current alpha viewer, the lightning on avi’s is kind of ‘basic’. Especially in ‘sunrise’ there are no particular shadows that make faces look kind of strange (and we all know skins make up for the lack of round shapes in faces). With this new windlight viewer, the shadows show the *actual* shapes of avatars, making the flawns in second life avatar shapes show up more.

    I especially miss this kind of ‘ basic’ lighting. If one for example has a store, all the space INSIDE this store will have this heavy-outside-sun-light/shadowing too.

  49. Lomgren Smalls says:

    @Blinders Off – again, you fail to realize just how a company like LL works. There are multiple groups working on different projects. A majority of the people there are working on finding and squashing bugs, but with the system they’ve designed, finding such bugs is not always easy.

    Other people have talent in other areas, and aren’t useful for finding bugs in group chat issues, not when there are already many people looking for said bugs. They work on other stuff, like Havok 4 and Windlight.

    People need to realize this.

  50. Viktor says:

    We do and we’re saying that we’d rather have resources allocated to Bug Fixing then Pretty Shaders and Lighting.
    Companies need to stop focusing on bloat and focus on QA.

  51. Dytska Vieria says:

    @#5, can I have your stuff (and your money)??? Sounds like typical client problems to me.

  52. Tegg B says:

    Hmm it’s getting better for me the crashes are less frequent, except for the windlight viewer which is awsome but still seems to have the crashes from a few versions back.
    It’s working pretty well with no loginin issues from Australia so perhaps some of you are too close? Or need to replace your 3 yo office spec machine run oddball operating systems and dump the freebie internet plan.

  53. Viktor says:

    nVidia 7600GTX, Core2Duo E6600, 2GB Ram, Tried Ubuntu and Windows XP (Same machine, dual boot), on ADSL2+.
    It’s was a connection problem from what I could tell so I even tried at work which uses a different ISP and was in a different suburb.
    I have to agree though, client crashes are less frequent but service side failures of different features are higher.

  54. Ann Otoole says:

    i would like the double talk and double pays to be fixed.
    i would like the double talk and double pays to be fixed.

    no i’m not on wireless and it affects a lot more than just chat and payments.
    no i’m not on wireless and it affects a lot more than just chat and payments.


  55. Linden Labs promotes SecondLife as a platform for “online collaboration” and “adds another dimension of online experience that can enhance your business.”
    They also highlight that the SecondLife infrastructure is already constructed and maintained reducing capital costs. “Anyone can build their own virtual world – it just takes a few years, a few dozen world-class engineers, and tens of millions of dollars. The Second Life Grid [already] offers a fully configurable virtual world experience…”.
    They also say also infer that SecondLife can be used to “teach soft skills, including training, and collaborative team building exercises”.

    Now this is all very well but how can a business invest into a platform or any ICT product if there are stability issues and support is poor? Even for Concierge clients. The drawback is companies will not use this service as seriously as Linden Labs will like, why? Because they are at the whim of Linden Labs and their Terms of Service when it comes to uptime and everything else to do with the service. They don’t have control over the infrastructure they are using. This increases a business’s reliance on support from Linden Labs when they already have thousands of other end-users to deal with.
    @50 “…but with the system they’ve designed, finding such bugs is not always easy”
    If their project’s structure is so complex and convoluted then maybe it’s time for a redesign instead of continuing the scope creep.
    Problem is we don’t know what they are doing or how they have done it, they say they are transparent and show us a bunch of service statistics (Some in themselves are damning) but they don’t readily tell us what is going wrong when something fails, it’s just a one-liner in a Blog post.
    On a more subjective note, I think it’s because most of the time they don’t know what has gone wrong and maybe that’s because they are always in a fire-fighting mode.

  56. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Children are so happy because they know how to play and have fun!! I likem I heard someone else say “life is a game”


  57. Laura18 Streeter says:

    I suppose comments about WindLight got in here so I’ll add mine. It looks great but after TP I take twice as long to rez as normally would. Not to mention my beautiful red hair from Analog – ana copper – is a cross between green and yellow and for a model that is not fun… Nobody looks at the sky at fashion shows. So I use another viewer for the job and WindLight for fun and exploring…

  58. U M says:

    don`t know what to think about this release.

  59. Sollie Villota says:

    Well then, I think the children that are posting here need to realize something.

    Linden Labs: What do they do?

    Well everything thinks LL just sits around with crummy programmers messing up their own programs. WRONG. Each and every one of you people that have posted in this blog: WHY DONT YOU MAKE SOMETHING BETTER IF ALL YOU CAN DO IS PISS AND MOAN? DURRR.

    Anyways, onto the next part of the Obviousness Rant.
    I’m quite pissed that I’d have to put OLD video drivers onto my computer, but why am I not complaining? Because what do you expect, its a TEST VIEWER. If you don’t like the way the TEST VIEWER is running, then run the viewer that is working perfectly. Is that really that hard to realize? Jeez.

    If you have bug issues, stop being lazy and go to the bug report, THATS WHY ITS THERE. If I were ANY Linden Lab’s employees, I wouldn’t even check these comments here in the Blog, ESPECIALLY for bug reports, GO REPORT YOUR BUGS AND PROBLEMS AT THE APPROPRIATE PLACE.

    You guys complain about KIDS and underaged ones playing SL, LOOK AT YOURSELVES. I know we’re all “guilty” of acting childish, but maybe you should try to grow up, pull the pants up and be the adult and look at LL from other perspectives, stop being so vindictive.

  60. Viktor says:


    “If you don’t like the way the TEST VIEWER is running, then run the viewer that is working perfectly.”
    But the stable release has issues too. It’s not just the RC/FirstLook client(s) which fail it’s the stable as well. Most of the service-side failures shouldn’t be the result of a using RC/FirstLook Client.

    Why don’t I make something better? Because that requires resources I don’t have, I don’t have millions of dollars and a team of dedicated developers and staff.

    I try to submit code to libsecondlife where I can and I submit bug reports/features requests for SecondLife and libsecondlife. However I can understand why some end-users don’t, they either don’t know about it or don’t know how to use the interface.

    “look at LL from other perspectives”
    Why should we? We’re the customers and end-users, at least give us something in order to create another perspective, like more information on what goes wrong all the time. We’re not asking for much.

    The only person here being childish is you and your reactionary dribble.

  61. U M says:

    Log in failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats going on now???????????????? can`t connect to simular!

  62. Borky Grid says:

    Would you be so kind to only say problems are resolved, if they actually are resolved…”unable to connect to simulator”

    As of lately you don´t even manage to keep the website up and running for one day in one piece…

    You don´t deserve to be called a company…You´re a big joke

  63. Borky Grid says:

    @ 60

    what on earth are you thinking?

    A company that can´t even keep their hp up for a day, is lame, sorry.

    Priorities are permanently set the wrong way. Who needs windlight & voice garbage, when the grid is unplayable and everyone sees their investments going down the drain.

    Whenever something happens beyond the maingrid, the maingrid is affected anyways, just like their admitting now.

    Every change introduces or reintroduces bugs, that make the sl experience worse.


  64. hiri nurmu says:

    @36 Blinder’s Off says “My primary question is: why are you bringing in stuff like Wingdlight when group chat isn’t even working right. What, your programmers can’t even get CHAT to function, and we’re supposed to trust our investments with LL bringing in something like Windlight?”

    Whilst I would agree that the Lindens do have version control issues, as a coder myself this sort of comment is deeply irritating because it completely misunderstands how developers work and the skill sets they have. Being a programmer isn’t really about just being able to string one set of statements after another, that’s sort of given, the real knowledge that makes a coder productive in environment X is deep understanding of the code she’s working with, the application interface calls associated with X, and the sort of algorithms they use.

    Think of it like being a medical Consutant. All consultants are Doctors and have medical training (by analogy know how to code) but you wouldn’t ask your Cardiologist to treat you for Cancer (by analogy get you 3D graphics coders to fix your database). Sure the Cardiologist could try, but he’d be highly unproductive while he got up to speed in Oncology before he treated you, well that or risk giving you the wrong treatment, and while he was doing so the people waiting for heart treatment would be stuck in the queue. Not a good use of resources and potentially dangerous to the patients.

    Handling teams of coders working on the same projects is hard, much harder than one coder writing one program – indeed handling this is one of the main features that distinguishes professional coders from amateurs. To do it you have to have well defined interfaces between blocks of code, clear specifications and integrated version control. The Windlight coders for example will most probably not even be working on the same codebase as the coders working on the new Search. Instead they’ll have taken a production version at point Y and added the Windlight code into that. Similarly the Search coders will have taken product version Z and be adding Search to that. Hopefully these all can be integrated back at any point into the main codestream because the interfaces are clean and don’t leak bugs, but that’s never guarenteed, hence you only do it periodically rather than continously update with new code from the main codebase as it becomes available. This also explains why a First Look B might have Bugs in it fixed by Production version B. techincally by definition a Release Candidate should have the latest build of everything, but I get the impression that this isn’t necessarily quite true with the Lindens and that wouldn’t be uncommon practice.

    Hopefully this might explain to you why comments ‘your programmers can’t do X so why should we think they can do Y’ are pretty pointless because it’s not the same set of coders working on the same set of code.

  65. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well tonight we have crippling background maintenance totally turning the game into, well to put it mildly, chicken poop again. The game seems to be beyond the talent of the staff at this point. If this were a business, oh wait it is, and was running like this the bank would be at the door along with the investors. I don’t know about the rest of you but I would not mind having them take the entire mess down for a day or two and find out where all the extension cords really go. Every other large game reserves at least 1 hour per day for total reset and maintenance. It seems to me they need time to catch their breath or the entire thing is going implode one day very soon. I would also suggest you keep your linden totals in game at that sum you can afford to lose. The days of walking around with several hundred thousand lindens are long gone. It seems to this old user that every supposed improvement since ver. 6.0, while introducing some great new items, sculs, flexy’s, wind light, no not voice there were no freeze lags before it. It seems we are in the Accretion disk and more rapidly approaching the point of no return, sorry to say. This is a wonderful environment too bad it does not perform as promised.

  66. Ann Otoole says:

    be careful. watch what you say. if you say something they don’t like they can turn on the double talk bit.
    be careful. watch what you say. if you say something they don’t like they can turn on the double talk bit.

    or even triple talk bit!
    or even triple talk bit!
    or even triple talk bit!

  67. Dora Leakey says:

    Hi guys
    Are you starving while playing SL??
    Fill out this form and help us to improve the quality of your second LIFE!

    See ya all!

  68. Persimmon Gjellerup says:

    It’s ironic, I get the poll that asks if my SL experience is getting better or worse, but it will not allow me to type in the text field that asks why.

    And for the record, my experience of Second Life is getting *worse and worse*. Constant crashes, worse lag than ever, freezing, downtime — we hear a lot of excuses, but we do not see improvement.

  69. Persimmon Gjellerup says:

    this is pathetic.

    the blog says “network issues are resolved” but I’ve spent the last half hour unable to log in.

  70. Zed Mighty says:

    #69 True so true…..
    It has gotten to the stage where I refuse to use upgraded viewers, fearing multiple crashes one after another, and now there is this unable to connect to simulator….with 29K already loged on.
    How can this be, is my extension cord from the Land of Oz not long enough?
    LL please restore my faith and come up with a viewer that works within the specs u specify….

  71. coventina dalgleish says:

    I, personally, do not give a hoot about the what the lindens care to do with my words if the are so immature that the truth hurts and is painful well so be it. I just call it the way I see it and it seems to this one that the vision has dimmed considerably. My comments to Philip are much more direct. With him I do not pull punches because if someone is not honest with you then you live in a dream world. As tonight log ins now fail from the US they seem to be fine from Europe, but hey this is the middle of the night here in the US of A and I suppose this is the time to be doing maintenance. Except that if nothing works here then the vendors are certainly not doing any business not that they have been screaming with sales lately with all of the problems. It will come to the level where it again will cost to play the game and at that time it becomes a moot point if it is worth continuing. Destroy the economy of the game and you remove a pleasure center for many of us. It has already been reflected in the glut of land on the market. Generous estimates have land use below 60% now. I do not know how it can continue with this lack of interest.
    I do enjoy this game and the world wide friends I have made and it gives me a pain to think that because individuals do not recognize their limitations that it might just be blowing in the wind. The other side of the coin are the corporate accounts, if we see the problems all the press releases conjured to make the situation look rosy will not keep the large accounts from saying well that was an interesting experiment call us when you have it working and we might consider it again. So in closing I wish the staff luck in their hopefully successful maintenance tonight , lets hope it brings a more peaceful world. But as I sit here listening to the battle music from Gladiator it appears that we are the Huns, not aware of the oncoming storm.

  72. ZigZag Freenote says:

    To LL: Enable the comments on problem announcements so ppl can complain there and not in threads where other things should be discussed, TY. Also, make a viewer update so it can display something else than GRID STATUS: ONLINE. Users don’t care for your definition of “grid”, they want to know if overall status is green.

    To those complaining about new features vs. bug fixes: Some developers are “no good” for fixing bugs. So new features will be developed even during crisis situations. Though, LL, how about having occasional “quality days” where Lindens would spend their time on the main grid and try to reproduce bugs?

    Otherwise, nice set of fixes for RC1. Those were serious. BTW, what is going on with SVC-930? Is there hope for it to make it into the release? Or is it server side?

    Oh, and fix the damn survey thing. Or remove it, I doubt it yielded relevant results. And yes, you can type in there, you just don’t see the cursor. Start typing and letters will appear…

  73. Borky Grid says:

    Could you please re assign the developers, who designed the classified debit routines to fix the basics…

    If nothing goes, your classifieds are always getting deducted on time…I am so happy for you, that you´re able to sustain your revenue flows.


  74. Mezz Quinnell says:

    # 72 – Coventina, its down in the UK too, well this part anyway !!!
    I can’t log on at the moment but hey I’ll go out for a walk instead 🙂

  75. dahrla pintens says:

    gratulations for the german tranlations in the menues
    but what i miss is something like “back to last sim”
    perhaps you find a solution to make a new tag for it

  76. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Now this is odd – my alt can log in but not full membership credit card waving me – “unable to connect to a simulator”. Same viewer too. Anothar romance down the drain lol

  77. Pepper Haas says:


  78. Anny Helsinki says:

    #78, what do u think, whats yours is?

    LL, please turn on the Simulators :))

    login failed
    unable to connect to a simulator

  79. Raven Primeau says:

    Once again I am NOT jealous that I am at work and dont have to sit through the debacle SL seems to be today. Last night (UK) time was bad enough I couldnt even change remove clothing and a relog to correct left me having to download the client once more to log back in to rejoin the sweet Angel who expected my swift return.

    Tries to find a bit of real wood in this artificial envirionment to touch in supersticious hope before I return home and attempt to log in.

  80. Pepper Haas says:

    I do not appreciate getting taken for “lazy” for discussing major bugs here on the blog page. It’s bad enough that Lindens have this attitude, fellow crashers should be more sympathetic. I HAVE filed bug reports, lots and lots and lots. I was one of the first people to report Group Chat was hopelessly borked, in April, and have reported that bug several times in the following months. I have reported and reported and reported. Is it fixed? NO

    So why should I bother? The Lindens are apparently stone deaf to any and all reports and posts that do not overflow with worship and praise of all they do. Blue Linden even kicked me off the Mentor group for stating that Abuse Reports do not deal effectively with ongoing griefing. They cannot handle the truth.

  81. Demeter Slade says:

    If a number of Programmers Developers and coders is Unable to do the task with the current ammount of resources at hand what is the only Logical Conclusion?


    I’m mildly disturbed about all the Bugs and Technical Problems going on arround SL the last couple of days. I don’t see a point in Investing in this Enviorment if nothing is to be done or Fixed. The Group Chats are Acting Stranger and Stranger from Every update. I can’t enter Second Life for 12 Hours now.
    Interessting i Missed my Job appointment here and other stuff. The Traffic counts of Comercial site going down groups bleed out. and soon it will be a shiny Windlight Enviorment with many shiny buildings and no one arround.
    An Online world is relaying on it’s residents so please start working out the issues. Cause no matter how nice you imply new features if it is nessecary to expirience that downtimes for it…. I don’t think it is worth the Price Paying it.

  82. Tracey Humphreys says:

    I feel left out! Why does Windlight work fine on my computer? I want something to moan about too!
    My avatar’s skin looks better using Windlook. Skies look more real, and water is AWESOME!
    Maybe the moaners should check their machines and connection meet the recommended spec., not just the minimum.

    I do have one gripe though – ever since I installed Windlight, the weather in RL UK has been cold and rainy. Please fix this, Lindens!

  83. Demeter Slade says:

    I never said it didn’t work.

    Oh and btw someone else noted that the Residents Online Tab didn’t change for over 1 and a half Hour…
    Still 27,661…
    Well whatever^^

  84. ZigZag Freenote says:


    We can try to explain it to the users that have no knowledge of software development and project management, but people will keep complaining. And with every right after all. They care about what they get, not how they get it.

    And while your analogy is good to some extent, we have many patients here. Some have complex diseases only specialists can cure, while others are bleeding. Both the cardiologist and the oncologist could help treat wounds, couldn’t they? And that would mean reproduce the bugs, do code reviews of the fixes and changes, help QA, analyze bug reports to get to know what is going on but may have been wrongfully filtered by the first level support.

  85. Ann Otoole says:

    i need to send files in response to an email from support. wouldn’t ya know it? the support portal is down and i just got the email from support!

  86. Dragger Lok says:

    Looks like logins are account specific, that is, I can log on my alt with no payment on file on two systems while my paid account can’t log in on either system… sounds like a griefer protection system gone bad.

  87. Chogan Radek says:

    Wow… This is my first post here, and there’s something y’all need to think about…

    Last I checked, Linden Lab was NOT a multi-billion dollar corporation. In fact, the level of service they’re able to provide based on their earnings is actually pretty amazing.

    Add to that, they’re providing this FREE to a great many people. The services would get better if everyone was forced to pay, but you have to balance that against evangilizing the technology. I can close my eyes and envision a day where you could choose an airline seat by walking thorugh a 3d version of a plane, and sitting down in a seat to see how it might feel… Walking thorugh a virtual model of a home you’re considering purchase of… All of this could be possible soon because of the hard work being done by the people at Linden.

    You have to remember, not all of this is about catering to residents, it’s also about research. By spending time in SL, we’re helping to forward technology, and maybe change the face of what we see online forever.

    So instead of complaining and arguing, remember that all of SL is really a big alpha test of something much more amazing that could be around the corner…

  88. Ric Mollor says:

    I’m seeing the exact same ‘27.661’ online at 5:30am SL time. Perhaps that number should be viewed with a bit of skepticism?

    The “Second Life Herald” is reporting that millions of Lindens have been counterfeited. Additionally, a griefing group recently boasted that they could create Lindens at will.

    Perhaps some emergency server side patching is being done this morning? :^)

    Unlimited counterfeit Lindens might be a bit bad for the already fragile Second Life economy.

  89. Well Chogan at 88 when you are paying 3500US$ a month tier fees and you cannot use your service for so far 4 hours perhaps I will lay some authority on what you say.
    Do not say they do not cater to residents. Island owners are residents and without their massive contribution this amazing business would not be here. So Linden Labs needs to stabilize what I pay so handsomely for and don’t you have the audacity to expect me not to complain when they deprive me of it.

  90. Maite McMahon says:

    umm… apart from not being able to log in: even sending my crash reports hasn’t been working since a few weeks now


  91. Chogan Radek says:

    Um… Femina at 90… Isn’t this conversation about a PRE-RELEASE viewer? Or are you just taking the time to rant off-topic?

    For whatever it’s worth, you are paying money to a lower-end company – that’s what it’s like dealing with a smaller vender like Linden. They’re no different than other smaller software firms – and from a strictly business point of view, 3k/month does not makes you a drop in the bucket.

    I’m not trying to imply that your 3500US$ is insignificant to you – I’m certain you work very hard for it. But unfortunately, you can’t expect from Linden the level of service you get from much larger companies.

    But if one is going to complain, one should complain on-topic – such as (and this is my bigest problem with the viewers at this point): We need to fix the problem with memory leaks. It’s gotten better with the last two early releases, but I still crash multiple times a day as SL suddenly and without warning, eats all of my real and virtual memory – and this seems to happen when I pan my camera about…

  92. U M says:

    I finall was able to get to the support portal. logging in i going to be brave and try maybe having two rabbit feet I have luck……

    U sagi M usashi

  93. Burgess Miles says:

    Since there’s noplace else to air problems officially but here I have to say again that I’m utterly amazed that Lindens can’t make SL work for more than a couple of hours at a time! Shopkeepers can’t do business properly, a lot of owners I know have ran into problems due to the erractic performance of SL! And now things have collapsed again…2nd time today…I can’t log in…again…in the middle of trying to do business

  94. wiseguycapra says:

    sup burgess… small world uh?
    yeah some times this downtimes or login issues do your head in but you get used to it after a year haha.

  95. Storyof Oh says:

    with respect no one CAN rant ON TOPIC comments are always CLOSED.

    What amazes me is the description of the problems which pretty much describe the average days experience in SL over the past 6 months give or take the odd good day.

    We never get a bug dropping us a few Lindens in reward for our belief that one day…just one day it WILL work properly.

  96. ZigZag Freenote says:

    I’ll second Story Oh @ 96 by reposting a part of what I wrote earlier and hope to be at the end of the comments to get additional visibility 🙂

    To LL: Enable the comments on problem announcements so ppl can complain there and not in threads where other things should be discussed, TY. Also, make a viewer update so it can display something else than GRID STATUS: ONLINE. Users don’t care for your definition of “grid”, they want to know if overall status is green.

  97. ZigZag Freenote says:

    [Resolved] Second Life Support Portal Down
    Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 at 7:09 AM PST by: rheyalinden
    [7:16 AM PST] [Resolved] The Second Life Support Portal functionality has returned. Access to Live Chat and Ticket Submission has been restored. Thank you for your patience

    [Resolved] Background Maintenance affecting Second Life
    Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 at 12:44 AM PST by: Matthew Linden
    [7:29 AM PST] [Resolved] Issues stated below have been resolved.

    Could we get back on topic now? That is, if comments will be extended…

    And what can we say other than RC1 fixes issues from RC0, but 1.18.5 again brings features and broken enhancements instead of much wanted fixes. Why is there so much push for the new search? Sure, basing everything on traffic definitely resulted in some anomalies to put it mildly, but the new search will cause a ton of new methods known from the web, loads of keywords and all that. And a lot of suspicion if everything is clean or are there deals between LL and large companies or major customers.

    My idea for a modification of search would be to introduce a number of metrics similar to traffic, like average time spent, chat amount, number of prims, average price and so on. Basically the vendors would then not know what to work on and might let the things be, or chose one strategy, which would not necessarily be traffic. Traffic was a good idea and maybe it would be bad to lose it altogether. It just shouldn’t be THE criteria, that’s all.

  98. Snotty Smith says:

    What’s this? I am standing at an ATM, and all of this is rolling across the monitor? Who are these Lindens you speak of? What’s going on???

  99. Borky Grid says:

    @ 98

    Talking of traffic…The only ones winning from todays mess are the dead sims (camping (bots)), cose no one ever logs in or out there…

    Bravo LL, why didn´t you take the entire grid offline in situations like that? You creating very unnatural and unfair conditions here.

  100. ZigZag Freenote says:

    Give me some credit, Borky, I just put it ‘mildly’, I know all that. But a Google like search will have its own problems. Wanna know what I will do if the traffic is gone? Browse the map for the green dots. I want to see people, as simple as that. I hope traffic stays for now. Is it true that Popular Places will be extended to 100?

  101. Renee Faulds says:

    Residents 101 Comments

    Lindens 0 Comments

    We WIN !!!!

  102. Berry Steinhoff says:


    “Bravo LL, why didn´t you take the entire grid offline in situations like that? You creating very unnatural and unfair conditions here.”

    I completely agree, especially if reported attacks against the Linden economy and Grid are a real threat. You wouldn’t fix a car while the engine was running. The revenue lost by taking the Grid offline to fix and restore normal operations has to be less than the overall lost revenue from people quitting the game.

    You would think… but the “numbers” do not support that. I cannot fathom how 1.2 million US dollars have been spent during the last 24 hours, as touted on the official web site. So many problems, and so much unrest among paying Residents, yet according to the “numbers” the economy has not suffered from the recent spate of problems.

  103. Borky Grid says:

    @ 103

    really would be interesting to know, how much of the stated figures are double payments that seem to become a new phenomenon. People paying once, getting money deducted twice….Furthermore the resulting refunds.

    Furthermore people really paying twice cose they simply didn´t receive anything the first time they paid.

    Sure there are more things to consider & then see what´s left on “real” cashflow…

  104. johnny says:

    how about a refund for sim owners paying 295$+53$ in vat every month for their sims that arnt being maintained im bringing it up because you close my tickets with not even a comment

    get this everyone the one time i contacted support about the lag and constant crashing on my of the linden worker s went to my class 5 sim looked around and said all the lag and crashing may be caused by a bullet that froze in the sky and a weather machine

    lmao irl like if my sim cant handle a weather machine and a stuck bullet what good is it

  105. johnny says:

    how about charging us full price when you have it working properly

  106. Borky Grid says:

    Search down again…at least for me…Geez

    The worst day for businesses in months…How long will you keep this desasterous service up?

    and to have said something on topic:

    Just talking about a release candidate while the last 5 (10?) releases were totally screwed, is an utterly frustrating provocation by you.

    Put every new feature on hold including windlight, search & IDV and finally focus on getting the grid stabilised

    I also wonder why the actual fathers of this game, don´t speak up and bring at least an apology. ANY other company on this world with a public exposure like yours and being a dilemma like you, would have its boss stepping up and say something…SOMETHING!!!

    Something that tries to connect to the public, to restore trust and to give an outlook on what will be done to overcome the problems. Admitting failures in listing to its customers, (small fish) investors & critics

    Your silence speaks for itself & lets your attempt to communicate to us a few weeks ago, look totally superficial.

    Nothing seems to be left of all the good intentions. Instead you´re just going ahead as planned months or even years ago…Impose windlight and other unneeded things on the residents.

    When will you learn?

  107. shai Khalifa says:

    For all those waving the shut-down flag – LL used to take the grid down for maintenance regularly – lots of people whined about it, but it was tried for a while.

    That seems to have stopped entirely, and replaced with rolling restarts. Take a look at the Planned Outages Calendar for this month – only restarts planned.

    I don’t know what would be better – rolling restarts means the grid stays up for the world at large to play – and we all deal with any resulting bugs on the fly
    the grid is taken offline and we all deal with major problems and new bugs for then ensuing 4 days before 3 days of relative stability before the next round of down-time and so on.

    Personally, I prefer the rolling restarts – but either way – problematic inworld time seems to exceed problem-free.

    ….. and still I keep coming back – for over a year now – still live as much in sl as in rl as it’s become my social network and hobby.

    Following the Open Letter and a lot of criticism of LL a few months ago, they undertook to be more open, and Philip Linden even said publicly that there would be a change in focus to concentrate on getting a stable environment rather than adding shiny.

    Where the hell did that go???? Isn’t Philip leading the charge any more??? Though I do agree that the Search methodology needed upgrading.

  108. Foxxe Wilder says:

    I honestly don’t see WHY you bothered to release that one… nothing works at all. Oh sure you can log in… big F’ing Deal! As a dancer I can’t work because I can’t dress, undress, walk properly have any huds — NOTHING.

    Guys, put the LSD away and try to use your heads. This is MORE than JUST a SCREW UP!! This puts you in line for moron of the century (just behind the US president and his moronic butt buddy, the Canadian Prime Minister!!!

  109. Zi Ree says:

    Read the blog. There is a new entry that acknowledges the slowdowns. This is not a problem with the new release, it’s a grid problem.

    People really should first be required to LEARN before they are allowed to whine like that :/

  110. WarKirby says:

    I suspect the release candidate won’t get much attention at the moment, given that we have windlight to play with.

    Also, for those of you wanting a 32m draw distance, it’s already there. Just very well hidden.

    press ctrl+alt+shift+d to geet the client menu. Then go in there and select Debug Settings.

    Type Renderfarclip into the box, and then type the draw distance you want into the number field that appears. You can set it as low as 0 if you like, but that just makes the whole world grey. I don’te recommend anything lower than 16.

  111. coventina dalgleish says:

    Linden Lab did not used to take the grid down for maintenance they took it down to upload new viewers before they figured out how to present live viewer up dates now we receive rolling enemas. The grid has never been taken down for true maintenance, but this seems like a good idea an hour a day to load small updates and test them instead of two weeks worth of coding that has many ingrained problems. The reason everyone complains here is that they do not open the other topics to comments therefore the open topic drifts away from the designated purpose.

  112. Melanie Milland says:

    Ok, on topic!

    Windlight seems to have a lot of issues still. The way some avies look, the rendering on lower end GPU’s, the frame rates.
    Generally, it is the shape of things to come, but I do think estate controls to set a certain (possibly custom) preset are needed. We need to be able to design a sim with a certain lighting scenario, and then share that view with others.
    So, I believe it needs such controls, so when you TP into such a sim, your Windlight will take on the estate settings – and the, if you’re not satisfied, you can change it manually.

    Search – I believe traffic needs to be removed completely. Everyone knows traffic is gamed by the residents with the big money – popular places is useless, unless you’re looking for a sex club!
    Camping needs to become a thing of the past, that means traffic needs to go!
    I can already hear the campers(=beggars) whine, but, if you camp, you will just start _working_ for your lindens now.
    With “work” I mean any in world activity that requires your _personal_ time, not your CPU time.

    So, I would like the parcel traffic count to be taken away. Popular places should be ranked by the results from the ubiquitous voting stations.
    Making these changes will give the advantage back to the creative people, rather than the rich people. It would at the same time curb the waste of bandwidth and leeching of sim and asset resources campers are causing.

    Well, that’s my $.02, bite me!

  113. add arida says:

    after having a crash ive problens to log in, need up to one houre to get access or i was loged in but i cant move forward, backward. up ur down i can only turn around
    the same happend if i try to log in with 1.18.4

  114. add arida says:

    i was benn kicked out by a chrash its need at least 4 houres that i be able to relogg again but than all my inventorry were away the folders in the list are there but they are empty

  115. Michaelangelo Montague says:

    Has anyone experienced any problems with their display on downloading new versions of SL? I have gotten 3 verticle hairlines that are a display issue and each one of them occurred on SL shortly after installing a new version. I didnt connect the possibility of the display problem and SL till now so Id like to know if anyone else has encountered a display or monitor problem shortly (within a few days) of installing an upgraded version of SL.

  116. Moral Majority says:

    I’m not having any problems with Second Life.

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