Phone and Foreign Language Email Support Update

 [UPDATE 7:50PM, Nov 16] Phone support service has been restored.

We’re experiencing a temporary service interruption in phone support. We expect it to be restored shortly.

Foreign language email support should be restored at this time.

Thanks as always for your support and understanding.


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18 Responses to Phone and Foreign Language Email Support Update

  1. Ls Gausman says:

    I need help and can´t find in support a answer .
    Anyone have login in my SL -account , have delet my inventory and my friendlist and take the money,I have only this information Transaction History

    Select a date range
    From: Include $L0 transactions?

    Download (all transactions between 2007-11-14 and 2007-11-17) (xml)

    # TN # Detail Debit Credit Balance
    1 603347800
    Date: 2007-11-14 15:14:06
    Type: Gift
    Region: Netia Southbeach
    Destination: Joel Brandenburg
    Totals: L$1,464 L$0

    I dont know this person and never give anyhting can u find this person and examine ? pls
    with best regards Ls Gausman

  2. Demeter Slade says:

    Well since your Jira won’t let me post again. I have a Problem. I seem to have a ghost in a Neighbor region and as soon as i fly into the direction i get tped to the Location of that ghost and can’t move anymore. as well as still several regions are OFFLINE.

  3. Captain Noarlunga says:


    i keep getting the same problem……there is an xml file getting corrupted on client side…….i had it last thursday and again today. Maybe support can look into it and refer to my live chat help with Leo last week.

  4. Mario Ellena Zaina says:

    Please help.due a complete ctash I lost my first and second name after only few days of joining. Can u help?

  5. Mario Ellena Zaina says:

    as I said I lost my first and second name of my subscription. PC crashed suddently before I made a back up
    Can u help me tu restore my subscription?
    Tanks, Regars

  6. Tatiana says:

    nescecito saber como posso criar minha propria casa , comercio , e até meu avatar , sei desenhar e progetar , mas não sei que script usar , e como obter permição para tais scripts, orientenme.

  7. Storyof Oh says:

    is anyone else tired of crashing on tp and tired of relogging to daily if not hourly network issue blogs? no comments, no recompense…no service …..

  8. Foxxe Wilder says:

    “We’re experiencing a temporary service interruption in phone support. We expect it to be restored shortly.”

    From what I’ve seen, that SHOULD read “We’re experiencing a incompetency service interruption in phone support. We expect it will be NEVER restored.”

    How about fixing that Logon problem you babbled you had fixed 5am slt????

  9. Borky Grid says:

    @ 8


    logins are screwed

    Another great weekend

    Could you give us tomorrow then please?

    Thanx a million

  10. Master Quatro says:

    Second Life has been anighmere to work in since yesterday’s changes. Crashing every other tp .. crashing on 75% of region crossing .. what is going on ???

  11. coventina dalgleish says:

    One might think an informed support group would pick some other time than a week end to again destroy the game.

    You are successful at one thing though, totally pissing off every person in the game.


  12. Lozlo Peng says:

    How about you stop closing comments, take up issues that are occuring right now and fix them. Like the connection issues to europian countries such as england and france – Especially when the grid population rises to 45k-50k.

  13. Lozlo Peng says:

    Oh yeah, and the bloody crash landing’s when we teleport to different regions. Wrost of all crashing then logging back in to find you’re staring at a screen of sky and water and our inventories won’t load.

  14. Renee Faulds says:


    You are exactly right – I have four ( premium account ) friends that just quit!!!

    Are you feeling proud Linden Labs!

  15. Anny Helsinki says:


    SL viewer 1.18.3 shows 42.862 ppl online

    windlight-viewer shows : 34.826

    seems different databases are used….. or the numbers are just a joke…. lol

  16. thegrimmling Snook says:

    The damn login and TPs are down again.

  17. Rascal Ratelle says:

    LOg ins are down, also experiencing connectivity issues with SL

  18. Hi,

    Several times now I have attempted to join from Copenhagen, via ethernet wireless LAN.

    All times I have never received a confirmation email return for me to activate the account.

    Kindly respond,

    Bent Lorentzen, PhD

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